i am obsessed with these plushies

“I am completely and totally in love with Big Hero 6 and I don’t even know why! There are so many flaws within the film that I could pin point such as the antagonist being predictable, but I can’t help but love it! Like literally I have the movie on DVD and I can seriously watch the it over and over again and not get bored of it. I even have a lot of merchandise of them like a Baymax plushie, a customize baymax sweater, baymax dress, the POP toys, the manga and etc…I think I’m obsessed!”

fruity-tuity  asked:

Can we see a close up of that Zora's Sapphire necklace?

They’re from Sanshee!!!! These are the same folks who made the Nug, Mabari, and Elcor plushies; Grey Warden scarves and rings; Paragon/Renegade earrings; Pokémon Gym Badges; and like A GAZILLION OTHER AMAZING THINGS like jewelry and shirts and pins and 8D

I am obsessed with them. Not only do I adore their CUTE AMAZING PLUSHIES (I even have a big mabari and alt color mabari and SQUEAKY NUGNUG), but they hit the perfect level with their geeky accessories that I just love throwing on a Royal Star necklace or Rupee Earrings or whatnot to work with whatever other clothing I’m wearing, as you saw in the selfie. AND THEIR STUFF IS SO GOOOODDDDD like the scarves are comfy and the shirts are great and seriously GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY I LOVE THOSE GUYS SO MUCH

Full disclosure, I’m also friends with the cool peeps who work there, but I’d been drooling over their merch since I first discovered the Nug and Mabari plush and Mass Effect earrings at PAX 2013. Now that I’m friends with them, I’m just even more shameless about telling everyone to spend their money there. Because seriously, you should.

And I’m just saying, they’re totally making more Dragon Age stuff. I have seen it. It’s coming. And I want all of iiiitttttttt 8D