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WHat is the story about the dorm address and the chickens i haven't heard it before, please tell!

Oh boy anon have you been missing out. The toy chicken saga is probably my favourite bts story it is pure gold! so sit back and enjoy 

Basically this all happened on twitter

bts became obsessed with some gaming app called crossy road

and i’ve never played it but i assume the chicken is the mascot or something. so anyways bts really really liked this game especially the plushy chickens so they tweeted out their actual real life exact dorm addresses (edit: I’ve been told this is actually big hits company address not their dorms! Sorry for the confusion) to the creator of the game begging for chicken plushies. i am dead serious.

but it gets better!! so bts do get their plushies and look how happy they are

and once they’ve gotten what the needed they actually go and UNFOLLOW the creator of the game.

and the poor man didn’t even notice until someone pointed it out.

so yeah bts wanted the chicken plushies so badly they tweeted out their private dorm address for them and once they got the plushies they unfollowed the creator of the app. i am not even kidding. seriously you can’t make this stuff up. only bts. 

ML Fluff Month Day 28 - I Got This...

I Got This For You, but…

Rated: G

Pairing: Adrinette. 

For: @miraculousfluffmonth


Day 1 / Day 29

“Adrien, she’s going to hate it.”

His heart dropped into his stomach. “What?”

Alya pinched the bridge of her nose in frustration. “It’s your first Valentine’s together, and you don’t even know that Marinette isn’t a Ladybug fan?”

Gaping at her, he shook his head. “Who isn’t a Ladybug fan!?” Why would Marinette not want a present that was designed literally for her alter ego? What was Alya getting at!?

Alya let out a grumble. “Oh, my God, Agreste. Marinette adores Chat Noir, not Ladybug. She’s a Chat Noir fan. She appreciates Ladybug, but the way she talks about Chat Noir is like a true, obsessed fan.” She began counting on her fingers as she listed off evidence to him. “She always defends Chat Noir when anyone says he’s less than, she has so many green eyed black cat plushies, and has designed so many Chat Noir inspired outfits, I can’t even tell you how many. How have you not noticed?”

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NCT dream reaction to you getting surgery

Mark- When you told him he’d freak out. He would call his mom for advice on what to do because he had never been a caretaking position before (okay none of these boys have). He would also ask Taeyong to take him to the convenience store to get a bunch of stuff his mom told him would help. He also would definitely go with you to the surgery and would probably bring one of his hyungs to drive both of you there and back. Also to make him feel better while you’re in surgery but he won’t admit that. He would definitely be the worst one about seeing you after surgery. He would be crying so much seeing a person he loved so much not being able to do anything or respond. He would hold your hand so tight and when you woke up you would be like, “Mark stop holding my hand it hurts.” He would be apologetic but he’s just glad you’re okay. Post surgery he’d be a little better but still pretty bad. He’d be so scared to do anything and we all know how terrible his cooking his so Taeyong, Doyoung, and takeout food to the rescue. Also he would so visit you after school everyday. Also remember the plushie. Can’t forget the massive teddy bear.

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Renjun- Little Renjun would be so heartbroken. He didn’t want to think about you like that. He didn’t want you to be in pain, but he knew that although the surgery would be painful you would be in more pain without it. He would probably get you a massive Moomin plushie and candy for after surgery. He would come visit you after your surgery whether that was in the hospital or your house he didn’t care, he just wanted to see you and make sure you were okay. He would probably make sure you have everything you need and would probably talk to your mom to see if he could help with anything. Once you got back to school he would help you get around, not caring if he was late for his classes. He wanted to make sure that you got to your classes safe. He would also definitely talk to his mom and would probably give you a bunch of herbal teas to help.

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Jeno- He would definitely take it the best out of all of them. He would just be more worried about you going under anesthesia then the actual surgery. He knows the doctor is well trained and knows what he’s doing but what happens if you don’t wake up from surgery? That would be his main concern. After discussing his fears with his mom and his Hyungs he would feel more comfortable but would still express his fears to you. After a lot of reassuring from you that nothing would go wrong with the anesthesia he would be a lot more calm about the whole thing. He would be texting you the entire day making sure that he knew what was going on. He even asked your mom to text him from your phone how the surgery went and how long you were going to have to stay at the hospital for so he would know when to visit. He would get you some candy and a plushie that you had mentioned you had wanted sometime earlier (another idols plushie or a specific character plushie). The next weekend after your surgery he would get a bunch of your favorite movies and you two would marthon them for the following two days.

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Haechan- He would act so cocky like he wasn’t worried in the slightest. But this poor baby. He would be a nervous reck. He would forget to do his homework because he zoned off worrying about your surgery. Just like Mark he had never been in the caretaker position before so he was even more lost than Mark. But he wouldn’t ask his Hyungs for help. Nope. Haechan was indepent. Or so he thought. On the day of your surgery while he was at school he would probably be in class when you text him that you were going to be put under the anesthesia in five minutes he would excuse himself from the class and go into the bathroom and freak out. Maybe even cry a little (he would never admit that to you though). Since your surgery was the end of the day Haechan may or may not have skipped last period to buy you a massive teddy bear and box of your favorite candy. He texted you asking if you were at your house or still at the hospital and your mom saw it and let him know you were still at the hospital and what room. After he got there you had woken up but still very out of it. He still made sure to give you a peck on your cheek though before giving you the teddy bear and the candy. And you best believe that everyday after school until you came back he would visit you.

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Jaemin- NaNa would be worried but would try not to express it. He didn’t want him being worried to worry you more. He already knew you didn’t want the surgery done so he knew that himself being nervous wouldn’t help. Because he normally walked home with, you one day before the surgery after walking you home he would ask if he could talk to your mom. You would be confused but got your Mom for him to speak to. He would ask her about what they were going to do, how long it would it, recovery time afterward, everything he wanted to ask you but didn’t want to worry you by asking. After he’d thank you Mom for the information he would head back to the dorm. Though he felt a little better having more information about the whole surgery he would still ask his mom for advice, not wanting to bother his hyungs with questions. He would take what his mom told him to heart making sure to try and be supportive throughout the whole ordeal and make sure that he took good care of you after. Stocking up on your favorite candy, movies, some bath bombs and a cute little plushie. Don’t forget to mention he would definitely give you one of his shirts to wear after the surgery. He would visit you as soon as possible after surgery and every single day after school.

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Chenle- He would take it very hard. Being the second youngest in the group he was still young and didn’t really know how to process the information. He would automatically go to his Hyungs for advice and what to do. He would be so nervous from the day you told him until you texted him everything went well. He would do anything for you and made sure you knew that especially leading up to your surgery date. He understood why you needed the surgery but he still didn’t want you to have it. He just hoped your injury would heal naturally but after explaining to him it wouldn’t he came to terms with it and tried his best to understand what was going to be happening. Again, just like the other boys it would be plushie and candy galore. The entire day of your surgery he would feel so nervous it started to affect him physically. Renjun would be the first to notice and then when he realised what day it was he would try his best to help calm his nerves and made sure he still ate his food and not just worrying about you the entire day. After surgery he would visit you as soon as possible. He would also sing to you, anything you wanted him to sing, he would. He wanted to see you happy after such a stressful day, even though it was more stressful on him than you. He would probably be a little more hesitant than the other boys to visit you after school everyday. He wanted to make sure that you had your rest and he didn’t want to interfere with that, but if you asked him to visit you he would be there as soon as he could.

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Jisung- Poor baby Jisungie. He would be the most nervous out of everyone for an obvious reason. He was so young. Nobody he knew has had surgery before. He would be stressed out of his mind. Dancing an unhealthy amount to keep his mind off of it. After you explained what the doctors were going to do it just made things worse. The thought of what they had to do to fix the pain you were in just sounded horrible. He would call his mom asking for all the advice she had and he would also turn to his hyungs for emotional support. The other boys actually started to have a serious concern about Jisung being so worried about your surgery. No matter how many times you, his hyungs, or his mom told him everything would be okay he wouldn’t believe it until he saw you out of surgery himself. He would try but fail to convince his hyungs to let him stay home from school to go with you to your surgery. After surgery he would be like all the others and get you a plushie and candy. Also during his unhealthy amount of dancing leading up to your surgery he had perfected many of his sunbaenims dances so he would dance them for after you had gotten out and he saw you were okay. Like Chenle he would be very hesitant to visit you everyday not wanting to seem obsessive. But he would have no problem coming over when you asked him too.

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A/N: I am getting surgery on the 9th of January which is what inspired me to create this


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Genre: Fluff
Characters: You X Chanyeol (EXO)
Word count: 1760

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Dear young people who are dreading becoming adults,

I am a grown adult who writes fanfiction for fun and has social anxiety and sleeps with a plushy because I get lonely at night and has never gone on a date and pretends to have not gotten a text because I feel awkward about not responding and obsessively watches TV because I care about the characters and I talk to myself and I refuse to buy an umbrella because I love the rain even though I live in a place where it rains year-round and I dance around in my room to music and need my dad’s help to do my taxes and sometimes I get shy and stutter and sometimes I will forget to leave my house for days at a time and I still have nightmares that make me wish I could crawl into bed with my mom

BUT I am also the mom-friend who will actually cook a whole meal just to make sure that everyone had enough to eat today and I will get up at three in the morning to drive for hours just to pick you up from wherever you got stranded at this ridiculous hour and I let friends stay in my house for months at a time because they got kicked out of their own homes and I make speeches to huge crowds on a regular basis even though I have speech anxiety and  I am responsible enough to keep animals and small children alive and I do theatre in my spare time with a bunch of complete nerds

SO growing up does not mean putting away childish things and becoming serious. It just means that you can make yourself into what you want to be.

“I am completely and totally in love with Big Hero 6 and I don’t even know why! There are so many flaws within the film that I could pin point such as the antagonist being predictable, but I can’t help but love it! Like literally I have the movie on DVD and I can seriously watch the it over and over again and not get bored of it. I even have a lot of merchandise of them like a Baymax plushie, a customize baymax sweater, baymax dress, the POP toys, the manga and etc…I think I’m obsessed!”

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Can we see a close up of that Zora's Sapphire necklace?

They’re from Sanshee!!!! These are the same folks who made the Nug, Mabari, and Elcor plushies; Grey Warden scarves and rings; Paragon/Renegade earrings; Pokémon Gym Badges; and like A GAZILLION OTHER AMAZING THINGS like jewelry and shirts and pins and 8D

I am obsessed with them. Not only do I adore their CUTE AMAZING PLUSHIES (I even have a big mabari and alt color mabari and SQUEAKY NUGNUG), but they hit the perfect level with their geeky accessories that I just love throwing on a Royal Star necklace or Rupee Earrings or whatnot to work with whatever other clothing I’m wearing, as you saw in the selfie. AND THEIR STUFF IS SO GOOOODDDDD like the scarves are comfy and the shirts are great and seriously GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY I LOVE THOSE GUYS SO MUCH

Full disclosure, I’m also friends with the cool peeps who work there, but I’d been drooling over their merch since I first discovered the Nug and Mabari plush and Mass Effect earrings at PAX 2013. Now that I’m friends with them, I’m just even more shameless about telling everyone to spend their money there. Because seriously, you should.

And I’m just saying, they’re totally making more Dragon Age stuff. I have seen it. It’s coming. And I want all of iiiitttttttt 8D