i am obsessed with his hair ok

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my pal ur gonna make this lil artist cry thank u very much i still cannot believe people like my art ;~;

ok so, u gave me the best thing when u asked for 308 because its sunset colours and those colours are my l i f e so for that ily

anyways, have a surprised Kylo (idk he looks surprised or awed?? either way i think he look gr8) and an unfairly cute Hux with his stupid hair and stupid face

!!! im very happy with these omg

i may be slow at getting to u (my sincerest apologies), but come send me requests, either off this palette challenge or lil prompts in general!! i only ask that u read the tags on the palette post <3

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hello ok so i had a sormik dream last night and it really made me want to read something fluffy with sorey really liking mikleos hair and carressing it and stuff (//^//^//) mainly becuase i am obsessed with his hair and i am trash, but if you could write something like this it would make me sooo happy! Love the concept of this blog btw, I'll definitely stick around! Thank you for your time<3

And I finally sat down and did this. Finals are the actual worst and SoreMiku fluff is the obvious solution. So I hope this is to your liking, Anon! I restarted this three times and went through four ideas so please like it okay thanks

::Modern AU:: (because the canonical version of this that I wrote was more fluffy sad than fluffy cute and also Netflix and Cuddle for life)

x Sassy Shepherd

The living room was dark by the time the credits started rolling, the only light coming from the TV in front of them. Aired out chips bags and an empty popcorn bowl had taken up residence on the coffee table, along with glasses that had long since been drained of drink. Dirty plates and forks were carefully discarded on the floor, the two of them having been too comfortable and lazy to get up and put them in the dishwasher. But the room always looked as such on movie night, and while it was messy, it was routine, and they didn’t mind in the slightest.

Sorey stretched his arms above his head. “Man, that one was good. Definitely going to have to watch that again,” he said. He reached behind him and grabbed the remote off the back of the sofa, beginning to scroll through the menu screen again. “It’s suggesting that one we were looking at earlier. You wanna watch that one next?” The room stayed quiet, the only sound the barely audible clicks from pressing the buttons on the remote. “Mikleo?” No response. Sorey propped himself up on an elbow. “Hey, if you don’t want to watch it—“ He let his voice trail off as he gazed down at his friend.

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50 Shades of Grey: Some Thoughts

I feel some pressure for this to be meaningful, but I also have to leave in an hour to make my THIGHS FUCKING BURN AT A BALLET BARRE.  This is going to be nonsense. Here I go.

50 Shades of Grey is so easy to understand. Anyone who tries to parse through it is an idiot, and you should tell them so. It’s a fairy tale. It’s not even a fairy tale for adults. It’s a fairy tale for like the little 4-year-old girl who lives inside of you. The one you didn’t even realize got turned on, back in the day, when your daddy spanked you. You can take it seriously, or you can approach it like my friend Stephanie.

“I’m gonna wait til my dad comes back in town and see with him,” she told me this morning.

Anyway, so I never read the books. My sister one time read me passages from them when we were stuck in traffic in the Bronx. It made me sort of grossed out not because they were that dirty, but rather because my sister was reading them to me while smoking a cigarette. At 32, I’ve at least acted on most of the sexual scenes from the book, if not thought about them. Only instead of a rich 27-year-old billionaire, my fantasies involve a gigantic black man….or Caleb. Definitely Caleb. Definitely not Jamie Dornan.

Here’s what the story is. A sweet and innocent English lit major named Anastasia going to school in Portland meets Christian Grey. She interviews him for the college newspaper. He’s like, “Yeah, I’ll give you an interview, I’m a billionaire but I literally never work, I just am constantly changing outfits.” Then he becomes obsessed with her because…wait for it…SHE’S A FUCKING VIRGIN! They have sex, he introduces her into his “secret world,” he is literally around ALL of the time, he buys her shit, he takes her on magic adventures, he stalks her and then they fall in love, happily ever after! She never gives him fellatio — cooties! — but he goes down on her every single time they get naked. HE EVEN BRAIDS HER HAIR. 

Ok, now replace Anastasia with a plump middle-aged white woman eating a jumbo bag of Peanut M&Ms, and you have the real subject of the story, E.L. James, the author.

Christian Grey is some sick combination of the prom king at her high school, her step-father, her Uncle Jim and Robert Kincaid in “Bridges of Madison County.” Only rather than being themselves, they are just richer, better versions of themselves that love her and want to treat her like a princess.

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Final day of the countdown and I am ending with the other man who is the reason I joined Tumblr… YES Michael Fassbender!!! 

First of all, thank you to each and every one of you for sending me your birthday wishes… You guys have no idea what this all means to me… You, my followers (as well as the students, parents and close colleagues I had to say goodbye to yesterday) made me realize that good people still exist in this world. And you made me realize that I should focus more on the positive energy given to me by good people and to forget the toxic emotional vampires who are doing whatever they can to break me. This is probably the best gift I have ever gotten for my birthday. And for this I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! 

Ok, let’s talk about FASSY BABY!!! Should I really elaborate here on why I am obsessed with him??? The perfect chiseled face. The drop dead gorgeous body. The ginger hair. The scruff. The striking blue eyes. The accent. His dorky personality. The bromance with James. Seriously I could go on but you get the picture, right!!! 

So all of you thank you for enjoying and liking my countdown posts cuz I enjoyed doing it. It was a labor of love that I thought I would share with you all. 

P.S. I saw something on Facebook today and I may have a bonus tomorrow… There is somebody else I have to mention… Can’t forget him… :-P

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ok but u know Bucky has nightmares after all the brainwashing and such. how do u think he and Steve deal w them like comforting afterwards?

aw man I am so obsessed with this idea tbh. 

obviously, Bucky has awful night terrors. There are so many nights when he wakes up sweating and screaming and kicking against Steve. Heavy, ragged breathing and feeling desperately for the man next to him. Within seconds Steve is up and holding Bucky to him, one hand rubbing his back gently and the other carding through his hair. And he’s speaking softly into Bucky’s ear, It’s okay, Buck. I’m here, do you want to talk about it?

And sometimes Bucky just shakes his head, and Steve can feel the tears dropping onto his chest. So he just holds him, shushing him calmly, kissing the top of his head and just repeating, it’s okay, over and over. He holds Bucky against him as they lay back down, respecting his wish to not speak and just whispering sweet nothings against him until Bucky is sleeping soundly. Steve stays awake longer, feeling Bucky whimper and cry in his sleep, but as Steve continues running his hand along Bucky’s back the whimpers fade away and only a few tears more fall. And once he knows Bucky is okay, Steve can finally let himself sleep. 

Other times, Bucky is muttering and babbling about all the innocent people he had to kill. He was a president Steve, he had kids and I killed him and it’s my fault. And, oh god Steve she was only five years old and they made me kill her and she never even got to live. I did that, it’s my fault, I hurt them, I killed them. Steve, I-I..I didn’t mean to, I didn’t want to. And then he’s not even stringing sentences together anymore, just crying against Steve and incoherently saying words and dates. Steve just holds him for the rest of the night, eventually taking him into the living room and putting on a movie. He lets Bucky lie on him, Steve’s arms wrapped around his trembling body, and Bucky’s arms are curled under him, metal hand remaining still on Steve’s chest and his real one stroking back and forth atop the soft skin. They lie there together for most of the night, Steve drifting off once Bucky assures him he’s alright. And Bucky eventually falls asleep when the movie ends, and he gets to see the happy ending. 

The worst nights though, are when Bucky pulls away from Steve, his eyes red and terrified. It was you, Steve. I killed you. He covers his face with his hands, falling into Steve when he pulls him back. For the rest of the night Bucky is inconsolable no matter how many times Steve tries to comfort him. It’s okay, Buck. You didn’t. I’m right here and I love you. I love you more than anything and I know you love me. I know. It’s okay, were together after all this time and that’s the way it was meant to be. I love you. But Bucky is still crying against Steve, all night. And they sit there until the sun comes up. By that time Bucky is holding Steve’s hand tighter than ever, still curled into him. Steve is holding onto Bucky tightly, returning every I love you that he knows Bucky needs to say. And all the next day Bucky is quieter than normal around Steve, but everywhere they go he’s still holding tight to Steve’s hand, a small voice in the back of his mind telling him that if he lets go, Steve might be gone forever. One day he hopes that the voice will go away.

And eventually, it does. 

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