i am obsessed with her style

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As weird as it sounds, I am mildly obsessed the style of Purpur's eyebrows

She had to shape-shift her bangs shorter just to make this gif for you. 

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bsd really got me into learning about the rl authors, but ive been having trouble finding stuff about the japanese authors. do you have any recommendations for where i could start?

Ahhhh, I’m flattered you came to ask here for suggestions!  I don’t think I’m the best person to ask, honestly, but I’ll do my best to help! Since you said it was BSD that got you interested, most of my recommendations will be from the Japanese authors featured in the series~

Short Stories

This is only to get you started, a bit of a sampler for what some of the literary greats have to offer.

Rashomon & In a Grove by Akutagawa Ryuunosuke

– Akutagawa is the master of short stories, so there can be no better starter when it comes to dipping your toes in when it comes to Japanese literature. Most of Akutagawa’s works deal with exposing the egotism of man and the flaws of the human spirit. His writing may be elegant and refined, but to others it comes off as unfeeling and cerebral; you’ll have to find out for yourself where you stand.

Beneath the Cherry Trees by Kajii Motojirou

– “There are bodies buried beneath the cherry trees!” This line from one of Kajii’s most famous works is often quoted, probably because it associates the ephemeral sakura with the grotesque. Sakaguchi Ango also wrote a story with the same title, but I find Kajii’s to be the more memorable one between the two.

Separate Ways by Higuchi Ichiyou

– BSD may have you fooled, but Higuchi is actually an extremely popular literary figure in Japan, due to both the quality of her work and her all too short life. “Separate Ways” is quite a short read, but it has a heartbreaking realism most stories twice its length can’t even hope to touch.

The Human Chair by Edogawa Ranpo

– And now, we enter the surreal. Though more known for being the originator of modern mystery stories in Japan, Edogawa was also considered a master of gothic horror. Be warned, this story can be disturbing so skip this if you have a faint heart! (As an aside, Ito Junji put a spin on the tale and published a oneshot inspired by “The Human Chair“ a few years back.)

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So I’ve been trying to write a book for years and I am completely obsessed with it. I thought that having an artwork of the characters I’m writing about would serve me as motivation and inspiration, and it totally does. I couldn’t commission any other artist than @may12324 . I love her unique style and for fantasy characters I knew she wasn’t going to fail. She portrayed my characters way better than what I pictured in my head. I can’t stop staring at them.

Follow her ( @may12324 ) and check the rest of her art. She’s amazing!!


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As I sit in the back of the classroom, I watch her. I watch her as she works on her math homework two rows in front and three sets to the right of me. And I wonder why I am so captivated by her. It’s because Y/N Y/L/N is perfect. Her hair is beautifully styled and her clothes compliment her body gorgeously.

“Jug snap out of it. You’re staring again,“ I turn to my left to see my friend Archie talking to me.

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one subtle, yet also stark difference between gmw and andi mack is… the kids are dressed like KIDS! take andi’s chill overall shorts and sneakers outfit, for example! riley and maya were legit wearing 6 inch chunky heels to school!!! they had the funkiest clothes and perfectly styled hair, etc. granted, lizzie mcguire had cool outfits and wacky hairstyles, but it still felt “young.” i’m 23 and I’d watch gmw and look at their outfits and think “oh wow… is this how middle schoolers are dressing these days?! am i THAT out of touch? because this doesn’t seem normal/relatable…” I think Disney got amber’s look on point though. it’s very basic 2k17 instagram-obsessed freshman in comparison to andi and her friends, lol.

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I'm a bit confused. Two girls are running this account?

Hey!! So the two of us (Bridge and Krish) are besties and late last year in the middle of one of our lectures we were like “hey let’s make a SJM tumblr” and then dorianthekinkymf was born

Just some housekeeping:

  • Asks: whoever is answering will use #krish or #bridge so you kinda know who it is
  • Posts: if there is a long tag rant LOL we will use #krish or #bridge
  • DMs: with private messages, whoever starts the conversation will state whoever you are speaking to at the start, and then that one person will continue the conversation. There won’t be any switching hahah coz that would be confusing af 

Introducing ourselves!! 


So if you’ve been around our blog a bit you will have noticed that there are a lot of Dorian obsession/love posts. I take full responsibility for these. He is my husband. He is my princeling. We are in love. I also love my crackship Fenrian and quietly cackle to myself as i create random af text posts about them. 

I absolutely adore SJM’s writing style. Like i opened TOG and immediately knew that I had arrived at my new obsession. After reading about 2 chapters of TOG i proceeded to buy the rest of the series. Also her STRONG. BADASS. FEMALE. CHARACTERS. The confidence that Celaena has in herself gives me life. We need more characters who don’t need the confirmation of men to think they’re pretty and smart and funny and perfect just the way they are!!

Random things about me: I am obsessed with period dramas (Jane Austen and Downton Abbey are my faves), TV shows in general, tennis, the Royal Family (UK), and just love hanging with all my friends and making new ones!! So feel free to shoot me a message or tag me in stuff because it makes me happy <3


Hey! I’m Bridge! If you notice a long rant in the tags about Rowan, its 10000% likely that was me. I’m in love with him all the things he says and his actions, and “to whatever end” omfg he is so sexy and sweet and I’m already about to cry tears of happiness and pain already.  

ANYWAY my Rowan obsession aside I fell in love with SJM books through Celaena and Aelin and just how much of a badass character she is and her confidence in herself which i absolutely love! 

I also wrote the alternative ACOWAR HC, so I formally apologise for my sadistic side, I just really love endings that are just heatbreakingly tragic sometimes. 

Some things that you should know about me are that I love all things Disney and pink (basically I’m a 8 years old at heart) play a few instruments and am really into music and love my friends more than anything else in this world! Please say hi! I love meeting new ppl here!

fanfic author appreciation day!!

i honestly had no idea this was a thing before today, but i am absolutely here for giving love. i know i haven’t been around long and i don’t have very much up and i’m not on very often, but i really appreciate this community for always making me feel accepted and loved and not a day goes by where i am not so utterly appreciative of everything i learn and gain from being a writer here and being surrounded by so many incredible writers all the time. i really adore every single one of you, even if we haven’t spoken much. i love you guys <3

just to let you know though that i have never done this before and this honestly isn’t in any particular order it’s all a big ole messy mess just like me :))

@minigum ~ I LOVE GUMI SOMETHING FIERCE!! THERE ARE NO WORDS FOR HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS GIRLIE!!!! CAUSE I DO!!! I ADORE YOU SO SO MUCH!!!! i still can’t fucking believe that we were once just little anons on the same tumblr and now here we are. you honest to god brighten my day up so much, and even if i am terrible at responding, i always hold your messages to me very close to my heart and you are so patient with me and we literally are so similar. i adore you and you make me feel so soft and comfy and uGH you’re my sweet babe and your writing makes me want to curl into a ball and wail cause it overwhelms me with so many feeling aHH i love you a whole lot baby <33

@spcywolf ~ i’m not gonna lie but without v, i wouldn’t actually have this blog. she’s one of the very big reasons i was inspired to even make a writing blog. she’s also a goddess and i aspire to be at her level of characterization and prose. there’s something about her writing that is so weirdly fragile and invokes so many feelings and makes my heart lurch around a whole lot. anywho, v is so sweet and soft and i love her a crazy amount

@versigny ~ i have looked up to kap as a writer for so so long. i first found her blog and devoured most of her fics in one sitting. i instantly fell absolutely in love with everything she writes. aND THEN I WAS BLESSED TO MEET HER and she literally is so sweet and wild and kind and loud and wonderful and honestly what a cutie i love an entire kappy

@tayegi ~ i still feel bad about the hella awkward hug we had lmao but!!! chemistry partner is the first fic i read on tumblr (regarding kpop lmao) and honestly how blessed am i to have that fic as the one that welcomes me into this world. i just adore how real lu’s writing is. she doesn’t sugarcoat anything and she isn’t afraid to include the awkward moments. and she gives the reader strong personalities and quirks and flaws and aHH i just adore her writing

@warmau ~ i remember chatting with my best friend and her talking about this au she was reading and i recognized your monsta x college au so quickly we were literally both obsessing over your writing at the same time lmao. but i love you style and your characterization of people is so spot on and hilariously in character and i love how you write for so many people but still manage to give everyone their own very distinct personalities and oh man you just inspire me so much

@brokeandjetlagged ~ oh man you don’t know how psyched i was when i stumbled upon your treasure trove of xiumin fics. your fics all have the perfect mix of drama and comedy and it’s so realistic and just know that your model!taeyun fic will always have a special place in my heart i am shooketh

@hitchhikingbabeh (it won’t let me tag you??) ~ you tagged me in your own post for today and i was honestly so shook?? first i didn’t recognize you but then i went to your masterlist and realized i had literally read most of it and i just??? i didn’t follow you for some reason??? i am so surprised honestly cause i blazed through your masterlist when i first found you wtf is wrong with me ugh it’s so good you’re so good it’s unrEAL

there is so much more i wanna write for everyone else, but i’m actually falling asleep right now lol. so please just know that i love and adore every single one of you. you guys constantly inspire to keep on writing even though i have been in a bit of this weird rut right now. you’re all so amazing and wonderful and there’s some of you i haven’t gotten the chance to speak to or get to know but just know that i do love and look up to every single one of you:

@sebuntease // @svt-husbands // @onlylovekpop // @noir0neko // @baeseoul // @markerifics // @svt-stories // @imaginethesedorks // @yoonminnings // @gukvory // @17mounteens // @hearts-of-paper // @jinkimon // @chimmy-joos // @hansolmates // @wen-junehui // @inktae // @seoulscapes 

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May I have a microfic? Prompt: "but it said no tears shampoo!"

Sure can!
Warning: puns ahead.

There were a lot of ghosts out there, and they had a near infinite range of obsessions. If you thought the Box Ghost was the oddest ghost in Amity…

…Well, you’d be wrong.

“I am Lori Elle!” the glowing spook announced, tendrils of hair spread like octopus tentacles, keeping her airborne above the salon she was terrorizing with telekinesis and various glowing hair products. “Face my frizzy fury!”

“My hair!” came a shout from the corner, where Paulina and Star huddled, clutching their heads. Paulina’s hair was full of sudsy foam, making it frizz out, while Star’s blonde locks seemed to be styled with a stray shot of glowing mousse, and was now shaped to look like… antlers. 

Danny was torn–He didn’t know whether to be delighted at the hair puns, or annoyed that he wasn’t the one making them.

“Yo hairball!” he called, sweeping up to gain high ground. Lori Elle’s hair parted so her black eyes could peer through the bangs at him. He jerked his thumb. “How bout we make like your hair and split?”

“How dare you!” The ghost shrieked, hair tendrils wrapping around nearby bottles of hair bleach. She hurtled them at her foe. “DYE!”

“Unoriginal,” Danny scorned, dodging.

She continued to chuck whatever she could nab off the shelves; hair brushes, curling irons, hair dryers, conditioner and shampoo of all colors. Dodging, Danny snatched two bottles out of the air, popping open the lids, and squeezed them at her eyes.

“Augh!!” Lori Elle clutched her face in agony, crying, hair whirling about her, directionless. “You’ll pay for this!”

“Thermos,” Danny called, hand up like a catcher’s glove. One of his teammates, hidden in the chaos below, tossed it neatly into his palm. Aiming it, he informed her, “No one’s going toupee for this but you.” 

Lori Elle screamed as the swirling vacuum of light drew her in, and her shriek was almost loud enough to drown out a roomful of groans at his last pun.

Danny capped the thermos, satisfied, and floated to the ground. Paulina, never one to be deterred when her hero was around, ran over to greet him, trying to tame her wild soapy hair as she went.

“That was amazing! You’re amazing!” she gushed, latching onto his arm as he clipped the thermos to his belt. “How did you know how to distract her?”

“Oh, hair care products almost always have false advertising,” he quipped, unable to resist a pun even in the face of his crush. He showed her the Johnson&Johnson bottle, grinning. “And this one says no tears shampoo.”

(”It’s… it’s tears, Danny,” Jazz said when they got home. “As in, rips and tears–”

“Just let me have this,” Danny replied.)

Help me with my writer’s block: send me a prompt, get a microfic.

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idk if you're still invested in this ship but if you are PLEASE MORE CHARLOTTE AND HENRY HEADCANNONS (from henry danger) plsss i'm begging

just 4 u anon and bc u asked so nice ill do more 

ur so cute come off anon so we can talk abt this ship more pls im so lonely 

- charlotte loves horror movies but henry hates them. They compromise so that when they see a scary movie they have to go watch something light hearted and fun like a kid’s show or cartoon. 

- i am obsessed w the idea that after a school dance or something charlotte’s feet hurt so badly from the heels that henry tries to carry her bridal style only he isn’t strong enough so he just gives her a piggy back ride instead

- a frequent date spot is them going to the animal shelter and just playing with puppies 

- one time on henry’s birthday she tried to make him a pasta dinner and like she nearly burnt down the house so instead they raided their local 7/11 and after eating 3 packs of combos, a liter of diet pepsi, airhead extremes, and a frozen pizza they fell asleep on the couch. henry recalls it as one of his best birthdays. 

- HENRY LOVES TO TAKE SELFIES and charlotte is camera shy. there are at least 30 selfies where his arm is around her and he’s sporting a huge grin where charlotte is putting her hand over the camera or ducking out of frame. 

- they probably are always making stupid bets like henry will be like “charlotte, bet you I can eat 40 fries in 2 minutes.” and Charlotte has to be like, “No, you will literally throw up.” 



Photography: Benjo Arwas / Styling: Matthew Hensley / Hair+MUA: Nicole Chew @ Art Department / Words: Anna Lei

Whenever I bring up Netflix’s Emmy-nominated hit series “Orange is the New Black,” everyone ecstatically responds with, “OMG, ‘Orange is the New Black’ is the best show ever. I’m obsessed!” And at the mention of Poussey, I am met with: “She is my FAVORITE character! I love her so much!” 

It’s hard not to fangirl over the sassy Poussey with her tough, buzz-cut exterior and soft-hearted interior, so when I was assigned to interview the actor behind the character, I had high expectations - Samira Wiley did not disappoint. 


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Goldgraves Headcanon:

Percival Graves is the type of dapper fella who’s aesthetic is honed to a sharp edge, from his slicked, silver-black hair to the cut of his pristine robes - even down to the simple gold cufflinks monogrammed with a neat ‘PG’.

Tina’s style is simple, practical and ‘workable’. She’s lovely, easy on the eyes, almost too easy, nothing quite catches your eye except the tiny flicker of gold coiled snugly around her neck. Hard to imagine Miss Tina Goldstein wearing such a dime piece- a choker seems a bit trendy for her classic style but it’s dainty and simple, just like her. And it wraps around her throat like a lovers grasp in the best way.

If you look closely on the little golden disk that hangs from it there’s a familiar ‘PG’ stamped into it.

People think it stands for Porpentina Goldstein.

It doesn’t.

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Ok. I've recently become quite obsessed with Hades/Persephone and I CRAVE all fanart/books that I can find but I'm not sure where to start. I've finished reveiver of many and am starting on destroyer of light, what else should I look into? Ah danke!

Hey! So to preface, my preferences for Hades/Persephone have been very, very specific. I’ve consumed a variety of books and fanart and webcomics, but I love these two in particular:

  1. Asphodelon’s art. I love her style and how she’s depicted Persephone.
  2. Hades’ Holiday, a webcomic by elvishness. Also a big fan of her style and modern day designs of  Hades and Persephone.

I haven’t liked any other Hades/Persephone book beyond Receiver of Many, so I can’t recommend any other book as wholeheartedly. However, you can also find a list of recommended books by Rachel Alexander herself here! Maybe you’ll find something that catches your eye.


For anyone who thinks that Karin was some godsend for Sasuke but mostly

Heres your proof in order
1)The meeting I was telling about. She does exactly as I told you. Taking off her glasses and getting a sultry look in her eye.
She is trying to be sexy, shes invading his space. This is one of the numerous times she tries to get him alone.
2)her wanting to lick sasuke.

3)Her think a bloody Sasuke is hot. Shes totally not thinking sexualy. Shes thinking of how the sun is too hot at the moment.

4)it was ravage as this is the offical english translation. And the “like crazy” part only adds to the sexual understones unless shes gonna force Sasuke to look at hers for hours.

5)The next three is Sasuke’s totally disgrad for her. I didnt get the part where she meekly agrees to the second of the three or what he told Sakura when she came. But yea it basically is free to admit that taka was a means to an end for him.

6)totally forgot about this part but again this is not healthy thinking. He left her for dead. But it felt good to her. Wtf.

7) Towards the bottom of the profile, it says - 彼を我が物にする隙を狙い続けている。Which translates to “She continues aiming at the chance of making [Sasuke] hers.

There is also a page from the english translation of the databook that calls her love dangerous and asks why shes so obsessed with Sasuke. As well as Showing the bloody shirt part. As I am on mobile i cant add pics to text. But I friend pointed me towards a blog that has this.

But yeah. I drew all this in Kishimoto’s style and these arent offical manga panels. I fooled you.in case you didnt get that it was sarcasm.

Why am I obsessed with Rumiko Takahashi’s work?

I absolutely love her work! I adore all the anime and manga she’s done as well. I find myself looking at more art on here done by her, than anyone else. Well…because I search for it, haha! I keep calling her my favorite artist. There’s just something I love about her style, and it always inspires me. I need to draw some of her characters when I get the chance, I can’t resist! Here I am up looking at her manga art work, and I should be sleeping…but nope. She’s always going to be my favorite artist and mangaka! ♡