i am obsessed with her rn

Am I the only one who is seriously obsessed w their dog? I mean I’m high rn but I’m like about to cry about how much I love her and how cute she is and how sweet and cuddly she is?! She’s perfect I just love her a lot


Talking about cake…

This is the cake I made for @simicrapcrepes birthday!
(visit that blog,it’s hella artsy and emo and has alot of mcr xDDD)

The Story behind the cake:
Simi is totally obsessed with MCR rn,because the- ahem! *coughs* …realization of certain things (As you can see,this blog is absolutely trigger free xD)
just hit her again and…well…*coughs*…
hahaha…now she can’t stop talking about them,it’s really cute ^w^
So “what kinda cake should I make?”
Well,DUH,MCR,that’s what!!!
@i-am-a-watermelon helped,came up with using this pic and redrew it
so it would be easier for me to turn it into chocolate.
(ALSO recommending her blog for basically the same reasons stated above xD)

The cake itself turned out extremely delicious this time,even though it came out waaaay flatter than it usually does (weird but nice xD)
I used a recipe for a japanese christmas cake with strawberries and added matcha to the whipped cream (that’s why it’s green this time)

My friend really loved it and I hope so do you x3