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Different types of SMIRKS~

Ah, the smirk. Every young adult novel, teenage girl and fanfiction’s favorite and overused verb to use for a male character because a man who has that smug and infuriating smile is unbelievably attractive to the female audience for some reason.

Out of curiosity, I googled up the exact definition of the word “smirk” and they defined it as “smile in an irritatingly smug, conceited, or silly way.”

I was annoyed with how they had such a generalizing and basic description because growing up, I have seen this word used for all sorts of context and each time, there is a new, hidden meaning behind that smile/sneer/leer. 



1) The cliche I-Am-Better-Than-You-And-I-Will-Make-Sure-You-Know-It Smirk

This smirk is the one most often used and thought of when people hear the word. You know that one person you’re competing with whether it be sports, exam scores, martial arts, etc? And that one smile that shows that they know they’re just better, smarter and more skilled than you in every way? That is smirk number 1 right there.

2) The I-Am-A-Sassy-And-Snarky-Bastard Smirk

You see that annoying and utterly majestic guy sitting in front of you? Maybe a thought crossed his mind or you probably said something embarrassingly stupid. Either way, he will always have a smart-ass response for you along with a sarcastic or dry smile to accompany it, knowing he had just roasted you and you need some ice for that burn. That is smirk number 2. 

3) The Amused-Half-Smile Smirk

This smirk does not necessarily have a negative connotation. You probably entertained that guy in some way that he can’t help but crack a smile of pure and genuine amusement. If not entertainment, you or someone had made that person change their opinion of you and especially in a positive manner. Somehow, smirk number 3 is just so charming and can induce stomach flutters, you really cannot get mad. 

4) The Crooked-Smile Smirk

This smirk is solely reserved for flirting and hooking up. That awkward yet cute smile he flashes you when he thinks he looks cool while trying to buy you a drink. It can show some teeth, but not an outright grin. That is smirk number 4. 

5) The I-Have-The-Upper-Hand-And-You-Fucked-Up-Smirk

You are in deep shit when you see this smirk. Unlike smirk number 1, your life is probably in danger here and you are on the losing end against a chess-master. You lost. Everything went according to his plans and now you are in the palm of his hands and at his mercy. That dangerous and sinister smile is smirk number 5.

6) The I-Am-Eye-Sexing-You-Smirk

See that dirty and perverted guy who looks like he is fucking your body by just looking at you? You see that shameless and horny smile while you receive nudes from him? This smile can either make you want to hop into bed with him or just run with goosebumps. That is smirk number 6. 

7) The I-Fucked-Up Smirk

You are fine. The guy seemingly confident and haughty is clearly not. Not when that weird and supposed smirk looks strained and he is sweating bullets. That’s right. He messed up in this game between the two of you and he is trying to put up a brave front, but failing miserably. That is smirk number 7.

8) The Cheshire-Cat-Grin Smirk

He just trolled and manipulated you real good and he is having a grand time seeing you struggle your way out of problems. He will dodge any question or demands you have and he will always have that mischievous, I-am-up-to-no-good look on his face. Overall, clearly untrustworthy. That is smirk number 8. 

9) The I-Am-About-To-Kick-Your-Ass-Real-Good Smirk

Run. You won’t get that far, but it was worth a try. Smirk number 9 is just downright full of bloodlust and murder is going to happen. 

10) The I-Am-Hot-As-Hell-And-I-Know-It Smirk

He is sexy. He knows it. He is handsome. He knows it. He has fangirls dropping to their knees at the sight of him. He knows it. If he wasn’t let’s say, a serial killer, he could have been a supermodel…and he knows it.
It’s written all over his face. That overconfident and cheeky smile is smirk number 9. 

And that wraps things up. Feel free to add more~


*Jisoo hiding in a closet on the phone*

Jisoo: You heard what I said…Don’t play with me..when do I ever back down from a challenge?

*Jennie rips door open and takes Jisoos phone*
Jennie: AH HA! I knew you were cheating on me!

Jisoo: Babe, it’s not what you think. I’m just ordering chicken.

Jennie: HA as if I’ll believe-
Guy on the phone: Uh ma'am? I know you wanted the number 7 but that feeds about 9 people?

*Jisoo snatches the phone back*
Jisoo: I meant what I said, give me my chicken!

i was tagged by @cypherr for a ‘get to know me’ tag!! which is perfect bc i love talkin bout myself!! tysm erin!!!! 💝

nicknames: qiu, yue, cho

gender: idek tbh lmao…… 

star sign: scorpio♏︎

height: 5′3!! i think!! i jus found out my friend who is only like an inch shorter than me is 5′1 so i might be 5′2!! (but i hope not bc i like the number 3)

time right now: 9:27 am

last thing i googled: how to delete a gmail account (im silly bc it said it rite in front of me ‘delete account’)

fav bands: bts, thirty seconds to mars, the 1975, day6, of monsters and men, galileo galilei (im still sad bout them), architecture in tokyo, femm

favourite solo artists: nicki, bey, kendrick lamar, willow smith, kilo kish, damien rice, halsey, stevie nicks, david bowie

song stuck in my head: we dont talk anymore but the jkook ver

last film i watched: the blob (1988)

last tv show i watched: rick and morty i think??? its been a long time since i watched tv lmao

when did you create your blog? i remade earlier ths year i think but ive been on tumblr in general since like 2012

what stuff do you post? kpop mostly…. also stuff i think is pretty

when did your blog reach its peak? i jus remade a few months ago so i dnt think it has yet!

do you have any other blogs? @vvitches is my sideblog! its p much an archive for witchy things like spells, sigils, etc

do you get asks regularly? not rlly, but if i evr reblog an ask game or smthng i get a lot more than im used to!! (tysm ilyall)

why did you choose your url?: to match w my soulmate @ilujoy 

following: 321

posts: 3498

hogwarts house: slytherin !! when i tell ppl hufflepuff is my fave house they gimme this look 😮

pokemon team: mystic

favorite colors: pink!!!! all colours tho tbh!!!!

average hrs of sleep: 7 maybe? 8?

lucky numbers: 3!!!

favorite characters: UM CHO CHANG….. jk rowling did her dirty but i still love her…… she deserved better……… 

what are you wearing right now? leggings and a like artsy t shirt???? its my pajamas

how many blankets do you sleep with? 1 lmao its too hot in sydney

dream job: music composer/producer and/or actor

dream trip: all over!!!! probably fujian china and venice

im tagging @warmjins @bgyuna @tttae @ilujoy @safesins @lovbhobi @zunie @jihyoistheloml (pls tell me if u dont want me to tag u!!)

BtN 1.9 advice

Need advice from the fic writers out there.  I am absolutely stuck on writing By the Numbers 1.9.  The obvious choice is that because this is officially the “Blake PTSD episode” to write something angsty on that.  Easily done except this is well treaded territory by myself and others.  But there are limited other directions to go in.  I thought a gold rush story but the gold history in this ep only goes back 3 years so I’d have to badly stretch the material and linking it back to the episode would be tricky.  I didn’t want to start making up characters from whole cloth for this story series, at least not as the main character.  Any suggestions?  I don’t want to skip it or go out of order, but 1.9 is a wall standing between me and the more interesting stories of S2.

chibiwolf999  asked:

6,9,24, and 27 plz ^w^

6.  What’s your lucky number? 42, because I am forever Douglas Adams trash. I will forever keep the single fortune cookie fortune I actually managed to get with that number.

9. How tall are you? 5′3″. I am short as heck!

24. Baths or showers? I go with showers, but only because I love baths too much. I’m that person that takes 6 hour baths because I bring a book and read the entire thing in there. 

27. Would you like to be a big celebrity? I’d like to be a youtuber, and my roommate and I have an idea for a channel, but that’s the full extent of celebrity I want. I would hate to be like, a rock star. So little privacy!

Thank you for the questions, buddy buddy good pal!


Nanoblock Rockman

This is one of the coolest things I have ever gotten. From the packaging down to the actual set inside - it’s just perfection. The price is a little up there as expected with Nanoblocks (and the license itself), but it is totally deserving of your money and the time set aside to actually build the set. I am going to have to look for Cutman now.

Bethyl party AU because why the hell not

Everyone was drunk, and Jimmy was staring at her from across the room. Again.

Beth couldn’t believe her luck. Of course she would accidentally have too many shots of tequila on the one night that they went to a party in Jimmy’s neighborhood. She should have thought it through. But now here she was, trying to stay upright in her booted heels, surrounded by inebriated strangers. Even Maggie had abandoned her to go find Glenn somewhere in the house.

Not that Beth missed Jimmy at all – she had been the one to end it, but he had been…difficult about it. He’s just a big whiny baby, she thought to herself with a giggle and a hiccup. But then she noticed him leering at her drunkenly from across the room, and quickly stopped smiling. It was actually kinda creepy.

Beth felt a hand on her shoulder and spun on the spot, making herself dizzy.

Strong hands caught her as she started to fall, straightening her back up and keeping a steady grasp on one of her arms to help her balance. She got a glimpse of piercing blue eyes peeking out behind a tangle of dark, messy hair. Oh wow.

“’M sorry, it’s just that I wanted to tell you…that guy over there’s been lookin’ at you funny all night. And not in a nice way… didn’t mean to make ya fall.”

Beth focused on steadying her breath – this guy was gorgeous. He was probably a little older than her, and certainly scruffy, but something about him made her feel calm. He was dressed all in black, a leather jacket over his wide shoulders, and a cigarette resting behind one ear. He was sexy, and Beth had to physically stop herself from staring open mouthed.

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1. Jeremy Irvine as Daniel Grigori (Fallen)

2. Max Irons as Jared Howe (The Host)

3. Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace Wayland (City of Bones)

4. Ansel Elgort as Augustus Waters (The Fault In Our Stars)

5. Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark (The Hunger Games)

6. Dylan O'Brien as Thomas (The Maze Runner)

7. Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson (Percy Jackscon)

8. Alex Pettyfer as John Smith (I Am Number Four)

9. Theo James as Four (Divergent)

Tonights Gossip Girl: AMAZING!


The whole Chair scene left me breathless, I love how they dont have to even touch or say words and we can feel what is in the room.

When he said she would be a good mother I was practically crying, it is to perfect for words.

But I am still so confused with the whole paternity test thing? so louis read it or not? are we just supposed to asume that he read it and it said it was his? why was he not questioning the fact that blair must have cheated on him therefore not knowing if the child was his? or is this all supposed to leave the door open for baby bass?

Blair looked so sad and alone and fragile sitting in a blanket in the lounge. I couldnt help but feel this was reflecting what her relationship with louis is like. She just looked so abandoned, and I wanted Chuck to hold her.

AND THE RING! when he left it outside I was like NOOO! I will not settle for any other ring on Blairs finger. That is the ring he almost DIED protecting! but then I realised that if it can be stolen in prague and find its way back to Chuck then it will definitly find its way back to him again. IT IS FATE.

AND THE PROMO! ahhhh the kiss! I cannot wait for next week!


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1. What’s your name?


2. When is your birthday?

November, 14th

3. Where are you from?


4. Have a crush?


5. What’s your favorite color?


6. Write something in caps?


7. Got a favorite band/artist?


8. Favorite number? 


9. Favorite drink?

Apricot juice (I am a kid)

10. Tag Ten People:

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Can people stop sayings stuff like “stop focusing on the ships omgglfkfg. These writers have worked their butts off to tell their amazing story and send influential messages about heavy topics that kids should learn about! Ugh!!?? It’s like you don’t even care!”

Thing is, we do care. We appreciate all we’ve been given by the writers and have been from the start. We weren’t born Lucaya/Rucas/Riarkle/Joshaya shippers. No, we fell in love with the show for the characters, relationships, comedy, themes and the fact that it’s the sequel to Boy Meets World (that is if you’ve watched it). We just grew to love shipping some of the characters together and fantasize about them and ish. Doesn’t make us obsessive little belittling douchebags. (the correct term is ‘trash’)

Ok but real talk, Humans are very curious beings. We like to analyze, predict, make up many different scenarios and express how we feel (be it in words, videos or art) about something that interests us.
Can we make up any type of possible scenarios with messages delivered through the media? No.

Can we predict or overanalyze what’s already been explained? Hell no.

Can we watch the episode and think to ourselves ‘props to the writers for addressing a very touchy subject for kids to learn and understand’?
Yes. Yes we can.

Nobody said I have to write a paper every week and discuss the everyday topics Girl Meets World teaches in each of their episodes using mass communication. No. Because I’ll probably end up sounding repetitive after essay number 9 anyway.

Thank you I am fcking sleep deprived and it’s 3 a.m.

Things I’ve learnt since I began NaNoWriMo

This is my first year doing NaNoWriMo and at first, when I heard about the idea, I was equal parts intrigued and petrified. I love writing but when I see a clock ticking and telling me to write an original story, I freeze. Since I’ve started this contest though, I have had the most liberating realizations:

1. I would love to lose this contest. I am not kidding you. I would actually love to do that because I want to write this novel the way I would write my autobiography. I know now that I will not be satisfied with 50k words or just a month to grow this environment I am creating. I am ready to lose this contest so that I can do this for a few more months.

2. There is nothing wrong with being uncomfortable. Discomfort brings out the most deeply hidden skills in you. You learn to innovate when you’re outside your comfort zone.

3. Editing always comes secondary to writing. First write. Write like you would fly - freely. You can edit once you have landed somewhere.

4. Worldbuilding is the best gift you can give yourself.

5. Dead-ends are my jam. I work best when I hit dead-ends.

6. When you are wrong and you feel it in your gut, accept it to yourself. Learning something or relearning something is a breath of fresh air.

7. Characters are your friends. Treat them with respect.

8. This is a contest for creations. It is not a judge of creators. I am more than the number of words I have written.

9. There are ideas EVERYWHERE. 

10. Language is important but it is not everything. Write what you feel comfortable with. You don’t want to be fancy? Don’t be fancy. Your story will still survive because of the storyline. 

It took me all of three days to realize that my novel is bigger than this contest. For that, I wish to thank this platform.

Ten/Rose AU: Cup of Sugar {5/6}

Pairing: Ten/Rose
Genre: Alternate Universe
Rating: Teen. Adult later!
Summary: A series of mysterious parcels continue to be incorrectly delivered to Rose’s new flat - it turns out they belong to her next door neighbour, a constantly absent, much-gossiped-about Detective Inspector. Rose soon befriends the D.I, but their growing attraction to each other is continually interrupted by his work and more.

A/N: I know that pepper spray/mace is illegal in the U.K. and carrying/using it would have legal repercussions, but for the purposes of this story, please pretend otherwise. Thanks!

Thank you so much to anniviech, gallifreyslostson and lostinfic for their input on this chapter. It was invaluable and I needed all the help I could get. I mean I thought the emergency number for the UK was 1-1-9. I am hopeless.

Prelude | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | AO3

Chapter Five:

“Sorry about running off the other day,” Rose said into her mobile, curled up on her sofa in her oldest pair of sweatpants and a vest top that had holes in the hem around the back. She tried thinking of an excuse, but couldn’t come up with one. Mickey had probably recognized the D.I. and put two and two together anyway. The last thing she wanted was to talk about it, though, so she left the apology unaccompanied by explanation.

“That’s okay,” said Martha, while in the background Mickey could be heard saying ‘no it’s not’ followed by an exaggerated 'ow’, probably from the slap to the arm his girlfriend had likely given him. “Ignore him. He’s just cross  Arsenal are losing. Are you alright, Rose?”

“Just tired,” Rose replied, wishing Martha weren’t quite so observant. “Feeling a bit crampy.”

“Ah. Well, if you need a prescription for strong painkillers, you know who to ask.”

“Really?” asked Rose. In the muffled background, Mickey’s voice distantly echoed, 'what, really?’

“That was a joke,” said Martha. “Just a joke.”

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letsharksbite-deactivated201408  asked:

"That's dirty"

Send me “that’s dirty” and I will generate a number for what my muse will say to yours.

Random Number Generator: 9

Am I being too forward?

Even though he thought she was okay with this, he had to ask her to make sure. “Are you sure you’re okay with this?” he whispered in her ear, holding her closer to him. “I’m not being too forward, am I?”