i am nowhere near creative

I am no special. I am nowhere near perfection. I’m just a simple girl who doesn’t even know how to tie her shoe laces properly. A girl who can’t stand in front of a large crowd without her hands shaking nor her knees trembling. Just a girl who can’t survive a day without her eyeglasses, books and coffee. A girl who doesn’t talk a lot however overthink too much. There are times when she cries herself to sleep then wake up next morning like nothing happened. You see? I’m not special. I’m just a boring girl who loves to compare everybody’s eyes into sunset or ocean but her own eyes to a void gorged with abyss- because that’s just how she sees it. She sees herself as a walking disaster; a fremd odd peculiar dandelion at the middle of a garden full of frabjous tulips. But despite all that, one thing is for sure.. She knows how to love. She’s selfless and benevolent. Oh god, she loves other people so much that she already forgot how to love her own damn self.
—  humdrum // concealedpersona