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prettiest boy alive continues to be unbelievably pretty

And from the very bottom of my heart, from the deepest place your words touched and cut and hurt and destroyed, after four fucking months of nothing but shedding tears for our lost love

I felt the flowers begin to grow back.

—  Moving On

Derek finds Will on a beach in Maine, just as the sun is beginning to set, and when he gets out of his car, he’s struck once again with how fucking beautiful Will looks.

The orange glow the sunset is casting makes his hair look almost gold, matching the dark yellow of the flannel he was wearing (and with a jolt, Derek realizes that the flannel is his, one he hadn’t seen in ages, just a little big on Will).

Will’s sweats are rolled up to his knees, sand flecked up his shins and covering his feet, and he looks more loose and at home than Derek has seen him in a long while, and he’s almost sure if he could see Will’s face, there would be a small smile on his face as he looks out on the water.

But then again, Derek can never be sure of what Will’s thinking, even after all these years.

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1) I am autistic. There is nowhere that I end and autism begins.

2) Ordinary sights, sounds or touches may be difficult or painful for me. Please be understanding if I ask you to turn the volume down, turn the light off, or not to touch me without warning.

3) If I didn’t catch what you said, it may not be because I’m not listening. I sometimes have trouble processing spoken language, especially when there is background noise.

4) I like routines because I know what to expect. It’s best to not spring surprises on me.

5) Don’t ask me, “Everybody else can do X, so why can’t you?” I am not like “everybody else.” I may not even be like other autistic people.

6) I may have difficulty asking for what I need due to difficulties getting the words out or even just due to anxiety. I don’t mind if you ask me if I need something; just don’t do it every five minutes.

7) I learn better when I can learn MY way. Most people do, even those who aren’t autistic.

8) Just because I’m not making eye contact doesn’t mean I’m not paying attention.

9) Just because I’m autistic doesn’t mean I don’t want to have friends. However, I’m an introvert, and I need time alone to recharge.

10) Ask me about my special interest, but be prepared for a monologue.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: I am going to have to sit in the theater and watch as Lightning McQueen gets in the most horrific crash of his life. I am going to have to watch as he flips through the air uncontrollably, on fire, with pieces of his body being torn off as he smashes into the ground. I am going to have to watch as he gets torn apart on the racetrack and slams into the wall. I am going to have to watch as all of his friends and family watch this happen in horrified silence and are powerless to do anything. I am going to have to watch as Lightning gets ripped apart in the most terrifying and life-threatening event of his entire career. I am going to have to watch all of this knowing that he fears crashes. I am going to have to watch all of this knowing that he fears crashes AND that he can feel every. single. second of it. No I am not crying.

anonymous asked:

Peridot's height is absolutely not the same do you have eyes??????

yeah is not the most consistent ever Mr.Sarcastic fruity goo (I would really appreciate if you could ask things nicer), but all the characters have this little height inconsistencies and Peridot is not “getting smaller”.

Hey is not my fault you are swallowing so much discourse, be nice jfc, its not that hard.

It’s like, 2AM and I just thought of a crazy idea.

It probably would never work and I’m sitting here freaking out for no reason because of it. I’ve never tried anything even a quarter as ambitious as this. I’m having insecurities and anxiety even making a post to suggest it. Which is why I’m putting it under a cut.  If there’s not enough interest or attention to this, I’ll probably just end up deleting this post.

Why am I not in bed sleeping? I tried to go to bed but instead my brain came up with this dumb scheme.

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Imagine Daycare Teacher! Izuku and Single Hero Dad! Bakugou


A good wholesome AU where Izuku decides that the best way he can be a hero for the people is to be the best mentor/teacher™ to all kids at this Daycare like #1 Big Brother! Being a daycare teacher gives him an oppurtunity to help anyone and everyone he can, especially the children! These kiddos either call him Izu-nii or Izu-sensei.

In this universe, Bakugou has a child. The origin of the mother is unknown (I’d like to say she died from childbirth because I’m a cruel person). As a single father, he is forced to raise his child until they are old enough to go to day care which gives him the perfect opportunity to drop them off so he can go back to his hero duties (he took a maternal leave aaa).

Bakugou’s child becomes super attached to Izuku and these two hit off really well. (At some point, like any kid would, he declares to be Izuku’s future spouse while the daycare teacher laughs it off). For the the first few months, Bakugou grows curious whenever his child talks about (more like GUSHES) about this “Izu-nii”. Then that curiosity turns into jealousy because fUCK THAT GUY I WILL BE MY CHILD’S NUMBER ONE. 

One day when Bakgou is picking up, he asks to meet “Izu-nii” only to come face-to-face with Izuku. Suddenly years of GUILT AND PAIN drop on Bakugou.

From that point, it’ll be Izuku and Bakugou’s journey toward reconciliation!

Izuku is super wary and un-trusting of Bakugou at first, but he’ll soften up eventually! 

a comparison
  • what aesthetic, on-screen studyblr looks like: going to cafes to study, drinking enough water, reading in your spare time, everything is neat and organized
  • what it looks like behind the screen: staying home all week because holy fuck i procrastinated too much, messy and rushed notes, not getting nearly enough sleep
Please reblog if you could genuinely date someone who was overweight even if their curves aren’t in all the right places, and even if they aren’t JUST a little chubby.

I hate making ‘reblog if’ posts, but I really need to prove something to myself.