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↳ andrew minyard & neil josten, all for the game

Can you believe I’ve been tagging all my TMFU posts with “I’ll just sit here and wait for a sequel” for almost 2 years and now the sequel is in the works???!


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2017 Phan

I like how the phandom has decided that 2017 is the year Dan and Phil will come out, move and get a dog (also possibly get married but like honestly isn’t that supposed to happen in 2022?). And whenever Dan and Phil say they’ll do anything (upload a video, do a joint lveshow etc) we get really excited and we’re like ‘YES, this is IT, guys. They are coming out as a couple. They are anouncing that they got a puppy, they got engaged and that they will soon move. I know it. I just KNOW it. I CAN FEEL IT!’. And then it ends up being just another pleasant, domestic, funny video and we just stand there like ‘wut’ for a bit and then we find a new thing to scream about (eg THEY WERE NOT WEARING ANY PANTS)

More Than Beneficial Part 3

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Michael Gray x Reader

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4 (coming soon)

Send in requests or feedback: x

~warnings: fluff, angst, swearing, fighting, and crying.~

Prompt: You and Michael get into a fight.

A/N: This probably isn’t the best thing I have ever written but I’m honestly just trying to get back into the swing of things. Either way I hope you enjoy it. I didn’t really know where to end it but the next part will probably be a Michael POV of getting the reader home and putting the reader to sleep. I still keep getting loads of followers, so welcome if you are new and thank you for all the support if you are a recurring reader. Feedback would be so much appreciated as I kind of feel like my account died and am feeling pretty unmotivated as of right now. Besides that thank you all for the likes/reblogs feel free to comment or send in a request. I have a prompt list floating around somewhere on my blog. (I’m pretty sure it’s tagged prompt list.) The next thing I’m thinking of writing is probably a smut of some kind. (One of the John requests I’ve received.) Okay now I’m just rambling haha. I hope you all enjoy. Leave Feedback :)

Your body was pressed between the random man and a tall standing table, as you stared up at him. He was quite handsome and seemed like the business type. A kind guy with little to no dirt on him. The type of guy who worked a clean job, having not done a single illegal thing in his life. His name was Frank or Fred or something of that caliber, but it didn’t really matter. Too bad you didn’t aim for the nice and neat guys because this one seemed quite the catch. All you knew or cared about was that it was getting to Michael and that’s all you were looking to do. Your hand played at his arm as you made flirty conversation. Leading the conversation into one that allowed you to put your hands in his blonde hair. Complimenting him on his glassy blue eyes and his white toothed grin. His words were smooth like a salesman but with the genuinity of a boy. You leaned up to whisper into the man’s ear looking across the room at Michael to see how much of his attention you had. Michael’s eyes didn’t move from you, observing your every move. 

Within a few seconds Michael was walking toward the two of you. Michael had this unwavering confidence, something you always found super alluring about him. If he was on edge he did a good job hiding it. He was fearless ever since he had become a more active member of the Peaky Blinders. 

The man placed a kiss on your hand while he continued to talk sweet nothings to you. His hands moved to your hips as he gave you a twinkling smile. It wasn’t until when he felt Michael’s eyes on the two of you, that he shifted his focus to Michael. 

“Did you need something?” The man questioned, not rudely but genuinely wanting to know what he wanted, looking at Michael who just stood leaning against the table you were pressed against.

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Seriously don’t know what’s funnier. Ikoma getting thrown onto the train, or him being cradled in Suzuki’s arms as Ayame shakes her head and smiles.


hello♥ i was tagged by @danielkkang aaaaaand @kihyunsabs for the bias selfie thing, thank you so much my beautiful sweethearts! but now you all have to handle my face sakshsjdh everytime i do this and look for some jooheon selfies i always think HE NEEDS TO UPLOAD MORE?!!? I NEED MORE PICS OF HIS BEAUTIFUL FACE. and i thought red haired jooheon matchs with my lipstick lol.

so, i don’t know who i tagged last time so i will just tag some? and you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to! ♥  and sorry when i annoy you with tagging you askjsnjsdb I’M SO SORRY ;;;;

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HAPPY SELFIE WEDNESDAY —- (so basically hey a reason to selfie!!!)

So, funny story. I went to fill out my dry erase board last night with my goals, but I couldn’t find my dry erase markers. I KNOW i pulled them out of storage purposefully to have for this reason, but heavens knows where they went.

So, I decided that I would go to the store on my lunch break and buy a pack (besides I need makeup remover anyways) —-

Well wouldn’t you know it…as I am pulling stuff out of the fridge to make my lunch today, I look up and BAM there is the whole pack. So, redo and goals will be written up tomorrow.

I have decided to that next week will be my official start of these goals, and they will carry on too next month as well.

I also decided on two more things:

1) I was having the pumpkin spice frappuccino I never got to have on ym birthday weekend since I got sick (SO HELLO LOVELY DRINK OF DELIGHT)

2) Too attempt to weigh myself this morning on my uneven floor. Now while I know the scale is off by maybe a few pounds, I am just going to go with it. I mean it’s not like it spouting out I ma 400 lbs. Lmao So, it can’t be that off. Anyways I am happy to report I am at 305lbs —- which is actually a lovely surprise for me. I am less then I had in my head……so i am happy for this to be a starting point for me to get going with things again.

Anyways, that is enough ramblings and I hope you all have a lovely Wednesday!!! *muah*

(Side note: I really hate the tag “getting back on track” for myself. I have typed it too many times this year, and when I attempt to type it now I literally cringe. I am not getting back on track, I ma just continuing on with my healthy life)

On Tangled AU related asks

Hey guys! Just wanted to tell you guys that I’ve organized and still am organizing my tags. Tangled AU related asks are now gonna be tagged Tangled AU asks. So if you asked me a Tangled AU related question in the askbox and I haven’t answered it in more than 2-3 days, then assume that the answer to your question probably lies withing that tag. Sorry if this causes some confusion. I just felt like too much asks were piling up on my blog.

Thank you for your understanding and support ^^

Tagging game

ASDFGHJK Thank you so much @oftrickstersandmoose for tagging me and saying that about my blog!! That’s sooo sweet <333

I am going to do this thing, even though no one probably cares that much… Still, I will use this opportunity to tell everyone that reads this that THEY ARE AWESOME AND SIMPLY SOME ADORABLE CUTE LITTLE ANGELS ^-^

Nickname: Riri (no one actually calls me like that, but I found out it’s another abbreviation of my name so I love it =)) )
Gender: Fangirl (that’s it. That’s my gender. Forget about female, I am a fan-femme ❤︎)   
Star Sign: Libra ^^ (the most indecisive person ever, I admit it) 
Height: a bit more than 5ft 1′ I think? (I know, I know… I am literally a shrimp! But at least I get to stay in front of tall people and watch better everything XD)
Time: time…time is irreversible.. the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole… But, yeah, it’s about midnight here, if that’s the question =)  
Birthday: Oct 1st  ❤︎
Favourite Bands: *pulls out powerpoint project* Are you sure of this?? *brings pictures and merchandise* jk XD My favorite band EVER will forever be Fall out boy I love them SO much,my wonderful adorable obsession!! <333 I also love mcr (my babies asdfghjk), p!atd, bvb, Green Day, AC/DC, Def Leppard, Rolling stones, Led Zeppelin, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Skid Row, The Offspring, The Beatles, Journey, Metallica, Gnr, Whitesnake, Foreigner, Boston,CCR, Van Halen, BOC, Asia, lynyrd skynyrd, alice cooper, Eagles… The list can go on till tomorrow :)) Also, a special mentioning would be Abba and Modern Talking <333 and, of course, my second favorite band (I shamelessly admit I have 90 songs of them on my phone device), QUEEN XD
Favourite Solo Artists: hard to choose, uggh… My favorite singer used to be Celine Dion, so… I also love Kylie Minogue, Michael Bolton, Cyndi Lauper, Bryan Adams, Barbra streisand, Amy Grant, Bob Dylan, Elvis, too many to think of right now… Could I add Richard too?? =)) (even though he always says he is NOT a musician, his voice is wonderful aaaahh *sighs*) 
Song Stuck in My Head: “All star” by Smash Mouth! It’s kind of making me feel more confident though, but it’s annoyingly catchy… Oh and yeah, how could I forget about “anyway you want it” by Journey, it got stuck in my mind for a whole week, I am so glad I got over it 
Last Movie I Watched: Forrest Gump =) (watched it today, I admit I have cried a lot to it, and now I have only southern accents stuck in my head heeelp)
Last Show I Watched: Big Bang Theory <33 (I adore sitcoms) I was trying to see if I can get to watch more Star Trek on tv, but instead I saw this :)
When did I create my blog?: umm…My main one, I think around October last year?? And this secondary little thing that made my life better, I think sometime in May :))
What do I post? Post or reblog?: Both? =)) I reblog brilliant posts and I write anything that comes into my mind about Gabe <3 Also, I just simply adore making photo edits, gifs and stuff like that with him, so…
Last Thing I Googled: it’s actually “sunburnt” because I got one during hiking yesterday, so I needed to know how to treat it better XD (I am so glad I didn’t have to do this game earlier, when my last thing was “how to burn people”, I assure you I am not a psychopath hehhe… Even though it was annoying that google was showing results for “good comebacks”, not actually burning people alive…)
Any other blogs?: Hells yeah. Not many though. My main one where I haven’t posted anything for six months, a side blog with nice book quotes and nature landscapes that finally turned into a fandom one (oops!!) and one with song lyrics where I make photo edits and post mostly fob and mcr lyrics because when I don’t find them on google I must make them by myself :D  But here I have most of my followers <33
Do you get asks?: Umm…Nope, never got one, only messages, but happily waiting for some =) 
The Story Behind My Username: *coughs*……it was, my darlings, the summer of 2017 when me meets the other inner me and I’m like “yo, I know about music” and the other me is like “yo, I know more about music!! ”, “that’s impossible! Do you wanna start a side blog? We’ll call it after your new favorite song ever that makes your heart sing and melt in the same time because of the most adorable mellow sweet feathered golden angel, that small tiny muffin who ruined your life” and I was like “yeah that’s cool” and that’s it XD Actually, I came up with the idea of this blog when I realized how obsessed I was with Gabe and at 2 AM I was creating gifs just to post them here, and the only logical username that came in my mind was this, I just love the heat of the moment!!! <33 *starts humming while eating a candy bar and sobbing in a corner*
Following: 155! ;D
Favourite Color: GREEN! Grass green, cyclam, turquoise, that coral red-orange wonderful thing, blue violet, sunflower bright yellow (guess why ;)))…
Average Hours of Sleep: probably eight hours. Sometimes 6, sometimes 11… Two weeks ago I slept only one hour, yesterday 12, so it depends XD
Lucky Number: 111 <3 Not lucky, but favorite one I guess :)) But usually all my lucky numbers contain “1” so… I also love 21, dunno why
Instruments: Fountain pen. JUST KIDDING! If it means musical instruments, I used to play piano and violin, but now I only know a bit to play the national anthem, that’s all… Currently I am into guitar, I have been trying for six months to learn how to play it from youtube tutorials, I can play couple of chords ;D
What I’m wearing right now: whoa easy there, tagging game! (just a joke again, sorry ^-^) It’s actually only a dress with green and pink floral print because summer nights when you don’t want to go to sleep, just to stare at the stars, hum songs and spend time on tumblr, that’s why :) I just find dresses easier to wear when the heat outside overwhelms you
How many blankets do I sleep with?: umm… Like now, during summer? Only a white sheet, it’s too hot (even though I sometimes want to go back to my warm blanket in case of monster night attacks). But on winter I can sleep with two wool blankets or even more… :) 
Dream Job: Cardiothoracic Surgeon or any kind of doctor in general :)) It’s been my dream since I was two, I just love anatomy…<3 (probably I shouldn’t add my temporary dreams too, like becoming an actress, a Broadway singer, a detective or a novel writer and artist, should I?^^) 
Dream Trip: aaah hard to say, but I think it would be a road trip in Arizona or any western desert part in general, while driving an old rusty convertible car (preferably an impala, of course), watching the ruby sun going down into the lakes painted on the azure sky and the stars sparkling brightly at night, feeling the freedom air and humming old rock songs (and singing “take it easy” when I get to Winslow, AZ :D)… Also, another dream trip would be in my favorite cities: NYC (to see Tiffany’s and Broadway :)), Paris (mainly the opera house and get to sing “bonjour Paris” like in Funny Face) and Rome (driving  a scouter or riding a vintage bike on the old streets, while picking ruby geraniums and singing Dean Martin songs aahh). Also, a trip to provence where I can dance through the lavender fields, the Alpes with warm small cottages or Greece would be wonderful (as long as I can admire the landscapes and the local culture with not so many people around… ^^)
Favourite Food: grilled chicken with french fries and any kind of dessert (chocolate especially)<33 Also a bunch of sour soups, pasta, fish, meat, pizza and hamburgers, jam with butter and honey, cereals with milk, bacon and eggs, meatballs, chicken soup with dumplings, boiled potatoes with butter and parsley, pancakes, and this list could go on and on…. (now I got hungry ugh…)
Nationality: Romanian :) (this should explain the “sour soup” thing) 
Favourite Song Right Now: umm…*trying to make up my mind while sweating nervously* Probably still the heat of the moment, or Tiffany Blews by fob… But right now, I mean really RIGHT NOW, I think it would be “don’t stop believing” it’s so uplifting and purely…gorgeous :)

Sorry for the long post, in real life I never speak up, yet, here, I am a chatter box oops >.<

Now, the ceremony of tagging people! *drums beating*… Aaaand the nominees are….LEONARDO DiCAPRIO!! (SOORY just a silly joke ^^) Now, for real, I am tagging :  @scarlettwinchester23  ( ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ) , @sabriel-fanboy-83, @akhuna01, @hunters-hiraeth, @tricksterxangel, @lisiblack, @chaotictrickster, @quaker-wtf-lass and any other cinnamon roll that wants to do this, but I know you won’t do it unless I tag you, so, here you are : @that-sweet-person-who-read-my-ramblings-and-wants-to-do-this-game-too  ❤︎  You have been officially tagged ;) 

I love you all so much!! <3

alright i’ve had this idea rackin in my brain for a while and honestly i’m just so tired and my eyes are all bleugh from having to read a lame thing for class I might as well spend some 3 am time talkin about it. idk maybe when I get some free time I’ll actually write the dang thing but moving on

So basically this is an idea where Deku and Ochako’s place is a bit reversed, in the sense that this time it’s Ochako in the hospital bed having fought for her life as a hero and Deku sitting by worried AF for her. Why is she in the bed? Dunno, going by current story placement, maybe some shit went down against Overhaul. But for her a very similar thing happened to her like what’s happened to Deku like seven times over

Her body moved before she had time to think.

Basically I’m sayin Ochako ran mad like Izuku has so many times, but this time to pull a Deku and save him. But just like old Dek she was also pretty beat up.

So basically what went through my head would be like Deku spends each day after classes right by Ochako’s side, making sure he’s right there when she wakes up. And I’m saying he just straight up will not move like the doctors just give up at some point about telling him to leave and even All Might can’t get him to budge. He’s that deep.

I also had this idea brewing in my head like way before i really caught up with the manga so I didn’t really know of Bakugou becoming slightly less of a douche so like an idea where he’d just come in like ‘what’s wrong deku that bitch not up yet?’ all asshole like would happen and Deku would have NONE of that shit and nearly OFA break Kacchan’s arm in a fit of rage. But now obviously that seems a bit much even for Kacchan but like i said, had this idea before i finished the mango :p

i dunno how this thing would end but probably something sweet with Ochako waking up and seeing Izuku just sleeping next to her bed looking a mess and somethin idk XD

anyways yeah that’s my 3 am ramblings I’ma go pass out now =w=

Get To Know Me Tag

I was tagged by @jincrocsmeup thank you sweetheart <33333

Rules: Answer 30 questions then tag blogs that you would like to get to know!

Time Right Now: 9:43 am

Nicknames: Bels, Belsy, Salty, Aunty, Mom, Mama

Gender: Salt

Star Sign: Scorpio

Height: Just under 5′ like 151 cm

Birthday: October 25th

Favorite Solo Artists: Kehlani, Rihanna, Janelle Monae, CL, Olivia O’Brien, Lorde, Chance the Rapper

Favorite Bands: BTS

Songs Stuck In My Head: Mothica - Mark My Words, Empty - Olivia O’Brien

Last Show Watched: Gosh.. I… haven’t watched anything. Two Moons?

When Did I Create My Blog: last year

What Do I Post: BTS, self-deprecation, aesthetic, rambling

Last Thing I Googled: Butterfly lyrics

Do You Have Other Blogs: I have BTS ask blogs

Do You Get Asks: Sometimes and I love you all so very very much!! You’re all angels. <333

Why Did You Choose Your URL: It’s from an adiba/a6 post during Thanksgiving where she captioned a picture of suga, hobi, and tae and said they look like the aunts who come to the family reunion for the drama (I’m paraphrasing)

Following: 500+

Followers: 9 and that’s 9 too many everybody unfollow me and let me scream into the void by myself

Favorite Colors: black + pastels (esp blue, purple, teal)

Lucky Number: 7

Average Hours Of Sleep: 6-0

Instruments: I can play the carrot whistle no I can’t

What Am I Wearing: a black shirt with a skull in it and bright pink shorts

How Many Blankets I Sleep With: 1

Dream Job: Wedding planner/Artist/Writer/Professor

Dream Trip: Europe, SK

Favorite Food: I’m really missing tortas

Nationality: American, but I live in Japan

Favorite Song Right Now: Kehlani ft. Chance - The Way

Tag, you’re it!

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Thank you for your writing and your blog ^^ I'm really happy to discover them. I have a question if you don't mind: do you have any ships in the HP Next Gen? Are you maybe planning to write about them? (To clarify: it's not a request, I'm complitely fascinated with your writing already as pure wolfstar trash that I am, sooo just curiuous :>)

Hi there! Thanks for the ask! I’m happy to hear you enjoy my ramblings :)

I never read The Cursed Child (and have no plans to) so I don’t really have enough context to ship any of the next gen kids. I do have a soft spot for Teddy/James Sirius (post-school once the age gap isn’t creepy), but I honestly have no idea where that came from, and I’m not invested enough to write about them.

Not that you asked, but here are a few stories that I’ll be working on in the near future. If anyone has a preference on what they’d like to see, let me know!

-Skinny dipping one-shot for this week’s introvert prompt (should be posted tomorrow)

-Smutty one-shot for a past introvert prompt (this one is half-written, but I’ve finally gotten a burst of inspiration and will be wrapping it up soon)

-Magical AU where Remus is a lifeguard at the beach where James and Sirius are vacationing (this one is already outlined)

-More in my Wolfstar/Flonks co-parenting Teddy AU 

-More in my Phillyverse AU 

-Lie Low at Lupin’s/OOTP Wolfstar get-together fic, with Flonks as a side pairing

-Palo Alto follow-up, Lily POV, focusing on how Harry gets tossed into the mix

-Alt Ed follow-up, Horcrux hunting with the potential for Jegulily

-Hogwarts era AU where Sirius is sorted into Slytherin

-Of course @bastardsirius and I are still working on our Skam AU <3

-And of course, I’ll be writing for the @introvert-club weekly prompts when I have the time and inspiration! 

anonymous asked:

Pls don't overwork yourself and take care of your eyes!!

I am trying not to - it’s why I haven’t been so present here lately, lol. 

My eyes ache a bit now, so I may do some other stuff, but still try to get things done, like for my ‘zines or whatever. 

Just like all my shit involves my eyes anyway. Anime, reading, drawing, gaming. 

Thank you for your concern though anon, I appreciate it ^^

anonymous asked:

do you know any spells to strengthen relationships or ease depression? ive been depressed and noticed ive been neglecting my gf. i don't want to risk making her unhappy just because i am but i dont have the energy or emotional capacity to show her I love her in the ways that she'll understand it like ill try to write love notes and embrace her but they're so empty because I just can't feel anything right now sorry for rambling but i can't afford treatment right now and I don't know what to

Check my “mentally ill witch” tag for easing depression and you can search “love strengthening spell” in tumblr and find lots for what you’re looking for! I wish you the best ^.^

anonymous asked:

Did you ever post Camille, especially Camille nudes before Harry was linked to her? I've never seen what people are talking about when they talk about blogs and Harry stans doing this, until now, where it's been days in a row of Camille content where there was none before.

So if you’ve followed my tag and post meltdowns, one of the photos I’ve reblogged I’ve been like, hardcore in love with for a long time and never knew who it was. So yes, I’ve reblogged pictures of Camille (on a sideblog, here’s even a #receipt). BUT, even if I didn’t…. who cares? This isn’t really necessary to answer your ask, but I’m getting real tired of people acting like it’s awful to like a model because you find out about them from hanging out with Harry.

I love models, I reblog about models and fashion all the time. I usually find out about models from my friends, or from seeing them reblogged somewhere on tumblr, or –shocker– seeing them hanging out with other celebrities! I see them with someone I know, I think “wow they’re beautiful,” and I look them up and reblog a bunch of pictures. People have become fans of tons of different people just because they’re friends with Harry. I’m an American who doesn’t listen to British radio but I adore and reblog Nick Grimshaw, and I became invested in him purely because he’s friends with Harry. No one cares, no come comes at me being like “why are you stanning Nick you’re American you wouldn’t know who he was without Harry!!!111!!! ”. People also talk about Xander all the time, just cause he’s friends with Harry. I even reblogged random pictures of Waseem, I don’t even know really who he is or what he does, but he’s friends with Harry and posted cute pics so I reblog them! People had URL’s dedicated to Mitch (and Tom, and Fionn, and etc etc) before we even heard the guy say 2 words, and no one cared. 

There’s literally nothing weird about becoming a fan of someone because you learn about them from Harry and decide you like their photos or their social media or anything else. And nobody treats it as weird, unless it’s a model that Harry’s maybe dating. Then all the sudden it’s awful and terrible and we’re stanning a rando we’d never know about without Harry! Barring the fact that Camille is literally a really successful model who’s led major campaigns and walked in major fashion shows (stop devaluing models’ work, but that’s another story), how most people are treating Camille is the exact same way people have treated everyone else around Harry. You wouldn’t know who Mitch or Sarah or Clare or Xander or Waseem, and honesty for me, Nick or a ton of others, were it not for them knowing Harry. It’s almost like… people just freak the fuck out about women around Harry who are models… kinda Makes You Think™