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hey so i know you do head canons and i was wondering if you'd write an andreil one about them adopting a kid thanks

i have this issue where i start headcanons and they end up being fics so enjoy

  • Okay so Neil and Andrew are on the same professional Exy team
  • They live in like the small urban part of Missouri or something, and they have a lot of free time because it’s the off season
  • So Andrew goes to the library every afternoon like clockwork
    • He’s studying up on law and entertaining the idea of going to law school after they retire 
    • Neil tags along sometimes and loves browsing the crime/mystery section
  • The library workers recognize them as the famous exy-playing assholes, but they’re all older women who have nothing better to do than gossip behind the desk
  • Mary, the senior librarian, runs the children’s programs during the summer and makes sure to invite all the kids from the nearby elementary school
  • It’s raining pretty hard outside when Neil and Andrew stumble in one afternoon during Mary’s dramatic reading of The Fox and the Hound
  • Andrew saunters off upstairs while Neil heads to the bathroom so he can wring out their wet raincoats 
    • (Nicky got them matching raincoats for Christmas that year, insisting that he needed to “keep up the theme”)
    • (Andrew refuses to wear the matching red rain boots)
  • Neil hears muffled crying from one of the stalls, interrupted every now and then by a small hiccup
  • He knocks hesitantly on the stall door
  • “I’m in here!” the kid shouts
  • “Everything okay?”
  • “Uh.. yeah,” he sniffles, “I think”

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Leading Suspects - Chapter 2

Chapter 1 can be found here


“Unf,” I grunt as I startle awake, arms flailing as I try to catch myself before falling out of my chair. Blinking and rubbing the shitty sleep from my eyes, I stand out of my chair a little so I can check on Madge. She’s still fast asleep, facing the wall, her beautiful face bruised. I know from what the nurses told me when I arrived that the worst of the bruises on her face rests over a cracked cheekbone, and that they extend down her torso over her ribs, one of which is also cracked.

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  • When your dog is being awesome in public and doing everything you trained him perfectly: "Everybody stop what your doing and look at my incredible puppy! He's soooooo lovely! Feast your eyes peasants, cause we're fabulous! He should get an award for being the greatest service dog to ever live. Everything is awesome!"
  • When your dog is having an off day and being a total butthead: "Dear God please strike me down now. Let the earth open up beneath me and swallow me whole. If anyone ever looks at me again I will melt into a puddle of viscera on the floor. I am garbage; I have sinned and I am truly garbage. I have failed everything and everyone. The earth will now spontaneously combust into a ball of flames and magma all because of my terrible training."

@9panda11 requested a jealous s/o who wants affection from their boyfriend, and here’s part 2 ! with Leo, Mika, Shinobu and Natsume !

Leo :

There he goes again. Sitting on the ground and scribbling on the walls like a particularly rebellious five-year old. He’s humming too, not even registering the pile of blank music scores you left nearby for him to use.

“Leo—“ you start, but he immediately shushes you, eyes throwing daggers your way.

“Shhhh ! Can’t you see I’m busy ?! Sheesh, us geniuses are treated like garbage these days…” You feel another headache coming. How are you going to clean that up ? No, as much as you just want peace and calm, you can’t let him draw on the walls of your house.

“Listen, Leo, I just gave you music scores, can’t you use them—“

“I said shhhh ! What if the inspiration suddenly—“ He gasps, eyes wide open, then lets out a long pained yowl and you rush his way, worried he’d accidentally hurt himself yet again.

“Are you alright, Leo ?” You’re on the verge of panicking, examining his hands carefully to see where he’s hurt. Turns out he’s completely okay, now gripping his hair with both hands and rolling on the floor, letting out what appear to be genuine sobs.

“The inspiration…. ! It’s… It just flew away ! What am I going to do now… I failed you, Mozart ! Pardon me, Vivaldi… !” You softly bite your lip, somehow feeling guilty now. Maybe it’s really your fault ? How could you make up for it… ? At a loss for words, you opt to just sit on the floor beside him and speak your feelings.

“I’m sorry, Leo… I didn’t want to, uh, break your concentration or anything. Can I help somehow… ?” He doesn’t even look up at you, still crying a puddle on your floor and rolling around. Dirty clothes don’t seem to be his biggest concern. Worried he might hold a grudge against you, you suddenly add : “You know I’d do anything for you…”

You almost jump in surprise when he suddenly bounces back to his feet, eyes bright and lips stretched in a wide smile. “That’s it ! ‘I’d do anything for you’, that’s exactly it ! I won’t lose to you, after all, Mozart !” And with a happy laugh, he’s back at it again, completely ignoring you. You look at him scribbling (on the music sheets, this time) with a sigh and just go back to sit on the couch.

To be honest, it’s not what you were expecting when Leo said he had a day off and he wanted to spend it with you. But then again, what can you even expect from someone as unpredictable as him… You can’t resist and steal another glance at him : he’s still humming and composing his new masterpiece, seemingly very comfortable on the cold and hard floor. It seems you completely disappeared from his world… and it makes you more than a little jealous.

It’s not that you mind him being so happy writing songs, really… It just seems it’s the only thing on his mind. Well, he can be affectionate out of the blue but it’s still pretty rare. You can’t help but sometimes wonder if he truly loves you as much as you do… You sneak another look at him : he’s still composing. He looks a little bit more frustrated, though. How long until he gets angry and starts to complain about suddenly disappeared inspiration ? Not that you’d wish for it to happen, but… if he could come and spend a little moment with you, you wouldn’t exactly be against the idea…

Maybe there is a god and maybe he’s heard you, because Leo suddenly stops writing, now pouting unhappily. Ah, looks like art block struck again… He tries to get back to it, but just frowns and shakes his head vigorously. He doesn’t seem to be pleased with what he just wrote… That’s the perfect occasion : you get to both comfort him and get some attention from him ! You’re already up, sitting next to him again and hugging him tightly from behind.

“Did inspiration leave again ?” you whisper, your hands slipping in the ventral pocket of his hoodie. He just nods weakly, staring at the floor. You can’t help but giggle when he starts pouting again and leave a kiss on his cheek, smiling when he nuzzles into your touch for a moment.

“Yeah. Left just like that : poof, no more inspiration.” He sighs, but quickly gets back to smiling when your lips start trailing down his neck, and he promptly adds : “Aaah, not there, I’m so ticklish !” Of course, you don’t listen and start blowing raspberries against his neck. His giggles are probably your favorite sound : they’re so bright and happy…

But before you can torture him much longer, he turns over so that he’s facing you and hugs you close, fingers drawing weird patterns only he can decipher on your back.

“Missed you”, he whispers, his bright green eyes looking happily into yours. You can only smile at that, and kiss the tip of his nose.

“Missed you too, Leo.”

Mika :

To be honest, you’re sometimes wishing your boyfriend wasn’t as much of a hard worker.

After giving his all during Valkyrie training, he left to his part-time job, only to come back at your place in time for dinner. Naturally, he helped you with the chores, before reviewing the choreography for Valkyrie’s upcoming live. He quickly hit the shower and is now sitting at the kitchen table, working hard at sewing his costume. You’re sitting on the couch, reading a book while he works, but soon realize how late it’s getting and get up, stretching.

“Mika, are you coming to bed ? You’ve had a long day, right ?” He just nods absently in response, still trying to figure out where he should put his needle next. Well, he still looks busy. You smile at him before leaving to take a shower yourself. The hot water works wonder on your tired muscles, and you smile when you spot Mika’s shower gel, which he brought along with the rest of his stuff, sitting primly in a corner. Once you get out of the bathroom, in your pajamas and feeling refreshed, you come back to the kitchen. Mika’s still here, facing away from you. He’s diligently sewing.

“Aren’t you tired ?” you ask, coming near him to stroke his shoulder gently. To be honest, he felt quite… off, tonight. He hasn’t been speaking a lot, seeming elsewhere. You thought he was just busy, or tired, but now that you notice his leg twitching nervously under the table, you can’t help but worry about him.

To your surprise, your boyfriend just shakes his head at your question. The dark circles under his eyes look more prominent than ever, though… Is he lying ? Could he really be that busy ? Your eyes fall on the costume he’s sewing : it’s just his good old Valkyrie costume. You still try to engage a conversation with him, your fingers caressing his back.

“Are you mending your costume ? Did you damage it or something… ?” You don’t really see why he would be sewing it otherwise, and when he suddenly turns his head away from you, you know you’ve hit bullseye. So he damaged his costume, huh… Well, Shu can be pretty scary when someone rips something he’s sewn himself, so you’re not that surprised Mika would want to mend it as soon as possible.

But still… You glance at the clock, wincing when you see the time. It’s really getting late, and you’re worried about your boyfriend… He needs sleep badly, you can just see it clear as day on his face. Yet he’s still stubbornly doing his best, fingers clumsily working on the fabric.

“Come on, Mika. You need to sleep. We’ll think about your costume tomorrow, okay ? It can wait—“ He suddenly interrupts you, fist tightly gripping the dark red fabric.

“No, it can’t.” Your eyes slightly widen : it’s not often you hear him raise his voice…

“But you’re going to feel awful tomorrow ! Besides it’s fine, it’s just your good old costume ! Trust me, it can wait a bit—“

“No !” He downright shouted this time. You’re faintly aware of little droplets falling on the fabric, darkening it.

“But Mika—“ You shyly try to speak, and he interrupts you yet again, even louder.

“Ya just don’t get it ! Ya don’t know how much that costume means ta me !” He abruptly sniffles, and when he looks up at you, you can see he’s angry. Maybe at you, maybe at himself… Hurt, you just turn your back to him and go back to the couch, picking up your book and sitting with your back to him.

“Fine. Do whatever you want. It’s not my business.” He doesn’t answer, and you can hear the fabric softly rustling again as he works on it. At first, you’re focused on your book, determined not to let what just happened get to you. But as minutes pass, you’re starting to feel awful.

You invited Mika to your place to make sure he gets some food and rest, and now you just argued with him over a costume… ? Besides, maybe he’s right and maybe you don’t understand the value this costume has to him… But to your credit, you were just worrying about him ! And he’s been pretty cold with you tonight, focused more on idol work than on you. Maybe that made you a bit on edge and you’re a bit jealous too…

You sneak a glance at him : he’s still sewing, but doesn’t seem very pleased with himself. Eventually, he turns a hesitant gaze at you and gasps when he catches you looking. He immediately turns away, and you’re left to smile. Maybe it’s not too late to make up…

When you get up to join him, he stands up in his turn, putting his needle away and shyly rushing to your arms. He hugs you tight, closing his eyes when you kiss him gently. Your thumb brushes against his wet cheek, and he’s smiling at you when you softly move away.

“Sorry. I’ve been a lil’ on edge tonight… and a bit cold ta ya too.” He lets out an awkward little laugh that dies instantly in his throat when you kiss him again.

“It’s fine, me too. Maybe I was a bit jealous…” He shakes his head, stroking your back.

“Nah, really, ‘ts all my fault. Let’s just go ta bed, okay ? It’s as ya say, I’m really tired…” He yawns suddenly, emphasizing what he just said, and you just smile before taking his hand in his, leading him to your bed.

After all, you could really use some warm cuddles tonight…

Shinobu :

Well. That was definitely not what you expected when you called Shinobu and told him you’d be alone at your place tonight. Oh, he sure came rushing, happier than ever to spend time with you. But he also came with a huge bag, which you now realized was full of ninja props.

“And this is how I perform my Fire Breathing Jutsu ! I can show you how it works too—“ He’s already inching a plastic bottle filled with a weird liquid you can’t identify to his mouth, and you barely manage to stop him in time…

“No no no, don’t worry, I’m, uh… good. Besides, isn’t it dangerous ?” He looks a bit relieved at your interruption, putting the bottle away.

“Well, it does tend to get a bit fire-y !” His eyes are twinkling happily, maybe at the mention of fire… Or maybe just because he’s happy to show you all his tricks.

“No ‘fire-y’ stuff in my house, Shinobu.” You’ve seen him starting small fires at school often enough to know this is a terrible idea. He shakes his head dejectedly, rummaging through his huge backpack.

“This is a shame, I won’t be able to show you my Jumping Through A Ring Of Fire Jutsu… What could I show you… Oh, this one is fairly inoffensive ! Maybe !” You incredulously mouth that last part again. Maybe… ? Well, your phone is sitting on your lap, ready to call 911 should an emergency arise, so you’ll probably be fine.

“Is there an immediate risk for anyone involved ?” you hesitantly ask as he gets a large cloth ready. What is he going to use that for, you wonder…

“Normally it should be fine, but being a ninja is a risky profession !” He’s proudly swelling out his chest with those words, and you smile encouragingly at him while he gets his cloth ready. This is definitely not what you were expecting, but if it makes him happy… Once he’s done hiding behind the large cloth, you can only raise an eyebrow.

“This one is fairly impressive, if I do say so myself ! Three, two, one…” You distinctly hear him taking a sharp, steadying breath before he suddenly shouts : “Invisibility Jutsu !” He suddenly drops the cloth, leaping to the ground and rolling under the table to hide there. You hesitantly clap, unsure if the technique is already over or if there’s something else that’s supposed to happen.

Shinobu proudly gets out from under the table, cheeks the faintest bit of pink. “This technique is very effective, isn’t it ? I am myself in awe every time I use it !” He beams at you, and you find his smile is contagious.

“You still can’t completely disappear, I take it ?” you ask with a giggle. He vigorously nods, looking very pleased of himself regardless.

“Unfortunately, actual invisibility is an impossible feat to achieve, but I think I am getting pretty close to the real thing !” You kind of want to tease him and ask him what happens if there’s no table to hide under nearby, but he’s already looking into his bag again. Another trick ? As much as you love them, mainly because your boyfriend is so happy to show them to you, you find yourself wanting a quiet, peaceful moment spent cuddling him instead…

“Shinobu ?” You call out to him, but he doesn’t seem to hear you. He’s already in his own little world… He puts the cloth back in his bag before getting a pocket mirror out.

“How about I show you my Cloning Jutsu now ?” You eye the pocket mirror, barely repressing a smile. As much as you want to see this one, you have other plans.

“Shinobu, wait a moment. Can I show you one of my own techniques ?” He just stays there, dumbfounded, for a moment. When he finally fully assimilates what you just said, he’s excitedly bouncing on his feet.

“Were you training too… ? How amazing, I have always dreamt to form a ninja duo with you ! I’m all ears !” He hurriedly comes to sit next to you on the couch, gesturing for you to get up and show him your tricks. You just shake your head and stay seated, taking his hand in yours. He jumps a bit at the sudden contact, and you find yourself whispering.

“I need your hand for this one… I call it Entrancing Jutsu.” He nods, already completely enthralled by your presence. Perfect. You lean to him, inching your face closer to his with each passing second. His cheeks are getting increasingly redder, but he bravely holds his ground and carefully observes you, eager to see your “trick”. That’s when you suddenly kiss him.

He lets out a muffled yelp, clearly panicking, but you put a hand on his cheek and gently stroke it. Your other hand is still holding his, and your thumb is soothingly tracing circles on the back of Shinobu’s hand. Your trick works wonders and he soon relaxes into the kiss, shyly squeezing his eyes shut. When you try to get away, he leans into you and gently pecks your lips again, before looking up at you. His cheeks look so hot they could be melting any second…

You can’t help but laugh when he confusedly puts a trembling hand on his lips, as if to check what just happened was real.

“So, you liked it ? Isn’t this technique just the best ?” you tease him, smiling when he hesitantly nods before timidly hugging you.

“It was v-very good. I think you’d make for a very talented ninja…”

Natsume :

You can’t help but feel you’ve walked right in the lion’s den. And said lion is looking at you with an amused little smile.

When Natsume offered you come at his house on a Saturday, you accepted innocently enough. Who wouldn’t be happy at the prospect of spending time with their boyfriend ? Certainly not you.

The only thing is, he doesn’t seem to be paying any attention to you. He’s been sitting at his desk, busy working on a new experiment ever since you arrived. So you’re just sitting on his bed awkwardly, waiting for something, anything, to happen.

Noticing you’re wriggling uneasily, Natsume turns to you with a devilish little smile, one that almost makes you think he’s doing all this on purpose.

“I’m awfully sorry. If I had known I would be so busy, I wouldn’t have offered you come here.” You smile at him, shaking your head.

“No, it’s okay, Natsume, I understand ! It’s just—“ Oh, he already turned back to his work. Well, so much for that. You’re left looking at his bedroom, intrigued by his decoration choices. A newspaper cut on the wall catches your eye, displaying a middle-aged woman in typical fortune-teller gear smiling mysteriously at the camera. She looks a lot like Natsume…

On the shelves, you find a lot of books about the paranormal and spirituality. There seem to be an awful lot of candles and weird symbols too… What is that in that plastic jar over there ? You throw a quick look at Natsume, wondering if he’d mind if you go and have a look. He turns to you for a split-second and gives you a little smile. You guess it means you’re good to go.
You find a lot of jars, most of them containing dried plants. What does he use those for… ?

“They’re for witchcraft rituals.” You jump a bit in surprise when you hear him suddenly speaking. When you turn to him, his back is still turned to you. How the hell did he see you ? You suddenly meet a pair of golden eyes in a mirror on his desk, convenient angled so that he could see you. He smirks at you briefly, before seemingly going back to his experiment.
This whole room feels like a movie set. Worried you’re going to find something even weirder, you just go back to sit on the bed.

Now that your curiosity is satiated, you’re feeling pretty bored. You can’t help but wonder if that was his intention… Well, you did come for Natsume, so it’s understandable you’d feel a bit lonely if he doesn’t pay any attention to you, right… ? You sneak another glance at Natsume : he’s still working silently. What you can’t see is that his smirk hasn’t left, far from it…

A short moment later, you put your phone on the bed with a sigh. You did try to get busy playing a game, but you’re still feeling lonely. Now you just want Natsume to be done so that you can spend time with him… Maybe you could cook together ? Or play games ! Wait, that’s not a good idea, he wins every single time. Well, it’s still fun even when he wins.

“Natsume ?” you hesitantly ask. His hands stop mid-gesture, indicating he’s listening to you. “When will you be done with this… ?”

You swear you just heard him chuckle for a split second. “I’m afraid I need another few hours before I complete this project.” Your eyes widen immediately at his response. What ? What kind of science experiment takes hours to complete ? By now, you’re almost sure he’s just toying with you.

And that gives you an idea. If he’s toying with you, you’re going to show him you can toy with him too. You nonchalantly remove your jacket, exposing a bit more skin. Natsume’s shoulders barely even stiffen, but he did react… You tug a bit on your top, then run a hand in your hair. When you start softly biting your lip, your hear the sound of glass hitting glass, and your boyfriend barely manages to catch the test tube he almost dropped.

That’s no good. Determined to push it a step further, you lay on Natsume’s bed, hugging his pillow to your chest. It smells faintly like him… You tilt your head to the side, looking pleadingly into the small mirror you can see on Natsume’s desk. You meet his golden eyes for just a second before he hastily looks away. So he was staring, huh…

“Natsume… Come and cuddle with me ?” His hand is slightly trembling as he’s trying to carefully put a drop of whatever’s the liquid in the vial he’s holding into another tube. You can tell he’s trying his hardest not to look into the mirror again. Looks like you still need to try a bit harder…

You get up suddenly, walking towards his desk. He’s still working, but it looks like he’s waiting for you. Not wasting time, you tightly hug him from behind, pressing your chest against his back.

“Natsume… I’m feeling lonely…” You pout, before hiding your face in his neck and leaving a few kisses there, like he’s so fond of doing to you… He just puts the vial he’s holding on the desk before spinning his chair to face you, taking you on his lap in a swift movement. He’s still smirking, but the tip of his ears is just the slightest bit of pink.

“What exactly are you trying to do, hm ?” He whispers those words very close to your ear, softly blowing in it to tickle you and chuckling when you try to move away from him. Try is the word : he’s holding you so tight you can’t move…

“Now you’ve caught my attention, little kitten… But I wonder, aren’t going to regret it ?” He’s still smiling, but his eyes are serious, and he’s looming over your neck threateningly.

And when his lips suddenly dive onto your skin, hands tight around your waist to prevent you to move, you know he’s not letting you go away until he’s satisfied.

( I’m freaking out)
This is litteraly the cutest thing I’ve seen today and now I an a puddle of mess on the floor and I just can’t function properly. I was supposed to go out and buy some cereals how the hell am I supposed to do that.
I have no context on that pic so if someone can elaborate for me that would be awesome! Credits to the owner, I did found it on Tumblr but I freaked out so much I forgot my own name.

Maybe it’s the angle. I don’t know. I’m in love with this pic 😭😭

Vanilla Tangerine and Shortbread - Henry and Nora

@whimsicalscientist​ gave me the prompt “And then he tickled her just where he knew he would get the reaction he wanted.” Un-betaed. Vaguely proofread.

Read the rest of Henry and Nora’s adventures here.

Nora laughed as she curled tighter around the pint of vanilla tangerine and shortbread Häagen-Dazs. “No, you can’t have it!” she squealed, as she squirmed away from Henry on their bed. “It’s mine!”

“Oh, come on, sunshine, give me a bite.” He nipped at her exposed thigh. Her nightshirt—actually one of his t-shirts that she had requisitioned—had ridden up in her attempt to escape his clutches.

She laughed and squirmed further away. “Go get your own.” She took a quick bite, shoving the spoon in her mouth as he lunged for it. Henry growled in mock frustration, and then he tickled her just where he knew he would get the reaction he wanted. That one spot right under her arms was the only place she was reliably ticklish. She shrieked and shoved his hands away, letting go of the ice cream for one crucial second. He snatched the container and rolled, right off the bed. His extensive stunt training helped me land on his feet, and he stood triumphant, clutching the frozen pint.

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Can I just say that two days later upon rewatch I still cry happy tears at the CS wedding? From the looks on their faces, to the vows, to the gentle way they hold hands and exchange rings, to their for all eternity I do’s, to their first kiss as husband and wife, and to the entire dance and music scene… I am just a puddle on the floor even now.

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I’m watching Sherlock related interviews, and so youtube recommended me this one:

It’s old, I’ve seen it before, but I watched it now and I want to ask the void of Tumblr a couple of rhetorical questions for purely scientific purposes (this post isn’t supposed to make sense).

Do you also feel like you’re melting when you watch this?

Like one moment there’s you in front of your computer and then she’s talking, her voice is perfect and you feel like you melting into a puddle and you just can’t help it. 

And you shiver. 

And breath catches in your throat.

And you’re thinking “What is she?

Am I the only one who has that kind of reaction to her?

Now imagine me when I rewatch Scandal in Belgravia which is my favourite episode of Sherlock. There’s that scene when Irene says Please. I have to literally wipe myself from the floor and put myself into cold environment for indefinite amount of time to crystallise back into a solid form each time I watch that scene. And the episode is full of it.

I dream of seeing Lara in a play one day, because what a way to die, huh?

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Whoo! Just finished chapter 29 and I am currently a puddle on the floor because FLUFF. They're so cute!!!! I wonder if they're gonna have to explain their whole story to their parents if the topic of "being too serious too early in the relationship" ever pops up.

They will tell their story someday.

Or Alya will tell it at their wedding.

(Originally I was going to have the story end with Alya writing up an article on how they got together for a Valentine’s edition of Zag Weekly. Plans have changed now. XD)

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6 for Delpad

6. meeting at a coffee shop au


Launchpad gaped in horror at the mess he’d just made. He hadn’t even seen the small female duck standing next to him while he was getting cream and sugar for his coffee, and now it was too late. He’d carelessly bumped her with his elbow, causing her to drop her cup. Now the empty cup lay in a puddle on the floor between their feet.

“Oh my gosh!” Launchpad cried. “I am so, so sorry, miss! That was completely my fault! I didn’t see you down there!”

The female duck raised her hands to calm him down. “Don’t worry about it, it’s just coffee! I’ll get another one.”

He shook his head. “No, I’ll buy you a new one! Please, I owe you after making such a mess.”

She was about to say ‘no’ but he was looking at her with such pleading puppy eyes that she just couldn’t say it. “Well, I guess if you want to…”

“Yes, I do!” Launchpad said, smiling brightly. “Wait right here, I’ll go get it!” He took off before she could tell him what her order was, and he didn’t realize he’d forgotten to ask until after he was at the register. “Uh, miss?” he called back over his shoulder. “What kind of drink did you want?”

“A tall mocha latte!” she called back from her spot.

Launchpad smiled and repeated the order to the barista. “One tall mocha latte, please!”

The barista typed the order into the computer. “Yes, sir. And who is this order for?”

Launchpad opened his beak to answer and realized he didn’t know. “Uh, miss?” he called over his shoulder again. “What’s your name?”

By now everyone else in the shop was visibly annoyed with him. Except for her. She was actually giggling. 

“It’s Della!” she replied.

“Della!” Launchpad echoed. “It’s for Della,” he added to the barista. Then he turned back to Della. “That’s a nice name!”

Della tried to muffle her giggles behind her hands. 

Things I have been reading 2016 review...

I know that 2016 has been a bit of a shit year, we have lost some remarkable people, seen some ridiculous events which never should have happened and felt quite a lot of fear BUT we have also had huge outpourings of love, examples of amazing athletic ability and some fabulous creative people have given us some fantastic fic so here is my 2016 round up for you featuring some of my favourite fics of 2016.

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10 Amazing Writers You Should Go Follow:

There are so many wonderfully talented writers out there who have helped and inspired me this year so here are just 10 of them (it was really hard to just put 10) but really these 10 and everyone who has made it onto my rec list this year is well worth a follow so go check out…











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Dean: I Fucking Knew It –  @dancingalone21 Confused Dean is adorable and I love the relationship between him and Sam in this one. Fantastically written.

Sam: The T-Shirt - @lipstickandwhiskey I am totally into Sam fluff at the moment and this is brilliant.

Cas: Enough@willowing-love  A little bit of Cas that may break your heart.

Gabe: Buy One Get One Free @murdochinthetardis If ever Gabe needed to possess someone then I totally volunteer for that.  A beautifully written Gabriel who is swiftly becoming my angel of choice (Just don’t let Cas know)

Lucifer: Confusion and Awkwardness - @sdavid09  So now I have a thing for Lucifer, or more of a thing for Lucifer. This is so beautifully written and cute.

Crowley: Magic Crowley - @kittenofdoomage Take Crowley, take Magic Mike, put them together and this awesomeness is what you get.

Balthazar: Interrupting Fate - @wayward-mirage  There should be more Balthazar, this is fantastic but may break your heart.


Until Eternity - @faith-in-dean I was never really one for Benny but this series is so adorable you can’t help but love him. 

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow - @impalapossible  This series is amazing and I am currently a puddle of tears on the floor waiting for the next bit.  Teen! Dean is really well written and I have never wanted to punch John more than I have reading this.

Fresh Start -  @like-a-bag-of-potatoes  This is a fantastic little series and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

A Little Too Late Series – Gabriel x Reader @lucifersagents  A wonderful little series that has me checking my notifications for the next update.

Choosing You – Dean x Reader @writingbeautifulmen This series is fantastic.  Dean is brilliantly written and the roller-coaster of emotions it sends you on is just awesome.

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Steve: Tinder Gone Wrong - @mangosoldier  A little bit of Steve that will brighten up your day.

Bucky: Hair Ties - @buckyssinbin This made me fall a little bit more in love with Bucky.  

Sam:Impressions - @beccaanne814-blog  Sam Wilson is such a smoothy and there should be more of these because this was so on point.

Tony: Almost - @mellifluous-melodramas The characterization of Tony in this one is just gorgeous.

T’Challa:Long Overdue - @softcorehippos this is so lovely and I just melted a little reading it.

Scott:  Shake Your Head Yes - @bovaria   I didn’t realise I was missing Scott Lang fic in my life until I read this.  I dare you to read this and not have a bit of a crush on Scott after.

Pietro: Turning The Tables - @hymnofthevalkyries This is brilliant, I do love a bit of Mr Maximoff.


The Lonely Tree – Steve x Reader @sarahwroteathing Steve is so sweet in this one and I love the whole concept of this series.

For Your Convenience –  @brighterlights AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! This entire series is just so cute and sweet and oh man this is exactly how I would be in this situation! Fabulous, just fabulous.

Friends Like Ours Series –  @brighterlights I can’t even begin to describe how much I adore this series! Go read it right now!

Are We There Yet - @mangosoldier . I have no words to describe how much I am loving this little series.  A road trip with Steve, Sam and Bucky! This is funny and sweet and just beautiful.

Postcards@sebbytrash This series is so sweet and beautifully written.

My Type - @romanovoff   I love this little series about which of the Avengers the reader would go for.  Each part is just so funny and cute and each character is really well observed.

Alternate “You”niverse@marvelandassociates I found this little gem, binge read it until the early hours of the morning and am now craving the next part.  A great concept and so well written.

By Royal Decree - @bovaria Bucky is being a dick, Steve is being amazing, this totally has me torn.

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Star Trek:

Kirk: We are, aren’t we?@castielohcastiel This made me melt.  All the characters in this were written so perfectly, definitely one of my favourites.

Bones: Echos on the Enterprise - @bkwrm523  Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.  I do have a thing for Bones right now and in this one he is filthy.

Scotty: Jaylah and Jim Pushing You and Scotty Together - @youre-on-a-starship  For all you Scotty girls out there this is just sooooo fluffy!! Everytime I read this it makes me grin. 


Ribbons – @kilismaiden . I’m not generally a Kirk girl but this little series has me hooked.  I love how she writes him and the story is super sweet.

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Other Fandoms and Fics:

Decode - @vintagevalentinexx  - After binge reading the story so far I may be a little bit in love with Mycroft Holmes. Fantastic characterisation and gripping story, please go read this, it is worth it.

Amends -  @mywritingsblog  Seb x reader AND Tom Hiddleston x reader.  I am soooooo addicted to this little gem of a series!! Tom or Seb? Seb or Tom? Choices choices.

Sunscreen – Richard Speight Jr x Reader - @wayward-mirage This lovely little bit of fluffiness is well worth a read.

Complete and Total Idiot - @wayward-mirage  writes THE BEST Rich fics and I invite you all into my fluffy little pillow fort to drown in the pit that is my Richard Speight Jr obsession.

When I was eight years
old I found my mom crying in
the bathroom because
my father decided to not
only touch her body but
many more.

When I was twelve years
old I found myself crying
in a cold smelly honey bucket
because I was ashamed of
the way he touched me
and the things he did
without my permission.

When I was 16 years old
I found myself in a puddle
of blood on the bathroom floor
because the mean things
they would say about me
followed me home and
overtook my thoughts and

Now I am 18 years old and
I have cried more tears than
I can count and I have screamed
louder internally than I ever
did externally but I survived
and I am still here, that’s all that
counts. No one can take that from me.
No one can take that from you.

—  Open Letter
Just Tonight

Pairing: Royai

Summary: In their shared hospital room, Roy and Riza confront the realties of the aftermath in darkness.

Excerpt: “I can still see you there on the ground in all that blood.” Her skin went from burning to freezing in an instant as his wavering voice continued. “You know, that’s all I can see right now.”

Word Count: 2,762

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I hate allowing myself to rant but here’s the thing

So today I had my car die in the middle of a busy intersection, had to get it towed and deal with a police officer. I have to figure out what’s wrong with it, pay for that and the tow, or possibly even begin looking for a new vehicle to purchase for myself. That was stressful enough for me today and I have been handling it well given my own personal struggles. And so this is going to sound silly, but the final straw of this day was finding out that my father threw my car keys onto my signed Japanese Breakfast cassette that I got when I met her and broke the case in three places. And I know it’s not a big deal, but it’s something I value and now it is broken to top off my entire day and I just want to melt into a puddle of frustration on the floor because I am trying so immensely hard to just keep a good attitude, but everything is just so hard right now. I’m just very pressed right now and I needed to spill it out somewhere. “please be easy on me”, I scream into the void



But seriously, ugh at how precious this! Booth and Christine exchanging ILYs <3 I’m also always struck by how much Sunnie really does look like and act like Booth & Brennan’s daughter, I will forever be amazed at the excellent casting. And not only in the appearance department, she’s always so perfect with either Emily or David. Often, family scenes on tv with young children seem awkward because it can understandably be difficult to click with child actors but that’s never been a problem with B&B family scenes! On the contrary, they feel so real!

(Also, I wish Bones would get more credit for how well they incorporated kids into the show. Babies are supposedly a huge NO-NO on tv but Bones has handled it beautifully. B&B’s kids haven’t taken over the show but neither are you left wondering if they exist, the balance is perfect. And the emphasis has always been first on B&B as a couple (their love for each other) and then their parenting- this distinction is important. But anyway, I know expecting Bones to get any credit for anything in today’s tv landscape is a hopeless pipe dream…)

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For the Zootopia drabbles can you do one where Judy got seriously injured during one of there police missions and she's in the hospital bed sleeping and nick is by her side confessing his love to her :)

Sick (A Wildehopps fluff fic)

Feeling utterly exhausted, Nick held onto the length of his muzzle, dejectedly lifting it within the his hands. His fingers anxiously tapped against it, as the fox permitted his shoulders to droop. With a torn heart, he furrowed his brows in pain and stared forlornly at the broken body before him. Needless to say, he would have gladly taken the form’s position; the calm figure belonged to one of the world’s greatest cops, Officer Judy Hopps, his most precious partner and friend. She kept her eyes closed with her long lashes brushing softly against her cheeks. They fluttered beautifully, much akin to the sensation that Nick usually felt whether he looked at her. However, now all he felt was dread; worry, fear, and utter regret. The male should have been able to make it to her in time. Why hadn’t he been able to make it to her in time?!

He could only mentally berate himself, as his whole soul ached for the poor heavily injured bunny before him. Her back was lain still upon the cold hardness of her hospital bed with her tiny nose slowly inhaling deep but somewhat shaky breaths.

Judy appeared so fragile and small. Never had the fox witnessed her so lifeless and dead to the world. Blinking past his tears, Nick could still remember the sight of blood; so much blood. It had spilled out in a spine chilling, throat closing puddle; it seeped outward, surrounding the fallen form of his beloved Judy.

He stared forlornly at her sleeping features, dankly taking in her pale complexion. It floored him. Even now, despite the harrowing circumstances, his rabbit friend was absolutely beautiful. She was his happiness; she was all he had left. The raw truth of this made his resolve break, and the fox’s heart went out to her. God, did he wish he could take away her pain.

“I am so sorry, Carrots…" his voice carried out into the thickening silence, and he closed his orbs in shame, “You didn’t deserve this, kid. You didn’t deserve any of this. I was a fool; a freaking idiot for even thinking about letting you out of my sight for a second.”

Taking in a weary breath, Nick continued to anxiously babble, “I mean, I thought that it was safe. I was so sure. How was I supposed to know that she had a gun? I had no idea that you would end up getting shot… Otherwise, I would have never let you come. It should have been me. I should have been the one to take a bullet. You’re special, Carrots. You’re too sweet and good. You are always so kind and wonderful, while I’m… not.“

The words that he spoke to himself lingered within the walls of Judy’s hospital room, and the fox blinked as a sudden thought struck him. Then, he placed a single paw close to one of hers. He tenderly feathered against the side of her open paw for a long moment, before he finally laid it gently beside her.

“Still, you make me want to be better. You make me want to try. You push me to be good and to help others, and I love that about you, Judy.“

The fox deftly gulped and eventually mumbled, “What I’m basically trying to say is that… I love you, Carrots… but I think I’m in love with you, too.”

Nick glared at the floor beneath him, until he felt the sudden weight and gradual warmth of her paw encircling around his own. Judy simply tangled their fingers together. Sending the ceiling above her a softhearted smile, the kind but tired bunny took in a shallow breath and carefully squeezed his hand.

“I know you do, you dumb fox,” the bleary-eyed female gave a withered and extremely pained but content giggle, “Coincidentally, I love you, too.”

Imagine Shaw teaching Root how to use a sniper rifle

She takes Root to a relatively small airport that’s old and abandoned and conveniently out of the way of any other living thing. She sets up a bunch of paper targets and rubber dummies all over the place and they march through the surrounding woods and up to a hill that gives them a really good view of the hangar and the runway with its cracked pavement that has weeds growing everywhere.

Shaw and Root are lying prone at the top of the hill and she’s trying to teach Root how to line up a shot and explaining how she has to take wind and distance and other factors into consideration and reminds her to hold her breath before pulling the trigger.

Root, it turns out, is not good at sniping. At all. And Shaw is trying really hard not to get annoyed and frustrated with her because “I’ve shown you how to do this least 20 times already, Root. Maybe if you paid more attention instead of trying to get in my pants.” And Root is like “This is my first time, Sameen. Maybe if you gave me some actual hands on training,” and smirks before biting her lip. Shaw just shakes her head and watches as Root brushes hair out of her face and tucks it behind her ears for the third time in five minutes. Shaw tells her that she needs to invest in more hair ties and less zip ties. Root just gives her a look that says ‘Do really want me to do that? Do you? Really?’ and it makes Shaw laugh despite herself. Then she’s like “Alright. Let’s get down to business.” Root is about to say something suggestive but Shaw is like “Shut up and shoot before I kill you.” And so Root adjusts the gun, and Shaw’s hand that was resting on Root’s hip absentmindedly finds its way under Root’s shirt, to the small of her back, thumb stroking the soft skin there all while she watches Root aim down the sights, quietly reminding her to hold her breath before pulling the trigger.

Root pouts after she misses yet another target for the 100th time. Shaw just sighs before kissing her and says “You’ll get it eventually.“ Pauses before adding, “Maybe.”