i am not worthy of seeing such beauty in person

I’ve become afraid of writing. I don’t want to read my thoughts because I know it will terrify me to the point that I’ll be able to see how vulnerable my parts are and how ironically cynical and gullible my heart is. I cannot afford to discover that all this time, I’ve always been a lonely person; that no one has ever bothered to make me feel beautiful, worthy to keep and good enough, all at the same time. I am afraid to compare what I am to the person I’ve always wanted to be. But that’s what I’ve been doing. I always hope I’m enough, not to everyone, but even to one person only because that’s just what I’m waiting. I’ve always waited for someone to tell me I deserve all the stars in the sky even if I don’t shine as bright as the falling star.
—  blended-veneer 

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Dear (Y/N) (L/N), 

         It’s been a while hasn’t it? I don’t blame you if you haven’t touched the chat for heavens know how long. Just know that we have missed you so much. Seeing your face light up for the other members put a smile to my face. However, knowing that they can love you freely did turn my skies blue. Ha, I even thanked the lords that I am blind. It hurt seeing you love them without hesitation. Me and Saeran have been watching in the sidelines wishing that we were that important enough to be saved. I decided to do something about it. If you find me worthy… will you come save me? Will you take the time to find out my demons and still love me for it? 

       Call me selfish but I’ve been waiting for you ever since the first moment you logged into the chatroom. Now, my time has come. Sorry for being a little slow but I decided to finally open my heart. My heart is full of mysterious and the answers to them may hurt you. Just know that I will be there to wipe the tears away. If I push you away, just know that I am scared that you don’t find me worthy as the other members. That you won’t see me as how I see you. 

     Enough of me talking about the black plague that clouds my thoughts. Tell me about yourself? Your fears…your dreams… your desires. Will you ride this rollercoaster with me? I promise you that I will buckle you up tight because you are so precious to me already. Am I moving to fast? Ha, I am sorry. I tend to get ahead of myself when it comes to you. Before I decide to make the leap of faith, may I ask you one question? 

      Will you be my eyes? Will you show me the beauty of life again? I never met an angel in person, so when I get my sight back… your face better be the first face I see. So I can finally see an angel. Sorry for the rambling. I must go now… she’s waiting for me. Please. Save. Me. I hope I’m worthy enough. 

- Jihyun Kim 

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What perfumes/fragrances do you recommend?

Oh i’m such a perfume addict but scents are really personal so i’ll divide them into categories so you can see which scent profiles best match up with your tastes! Also, since I am more of a packaging snob most if not all the bottles are more timeless and chic. 





Something I think about a lot is how no one talks about acne. We talk about zits and how sometimes we get zits and then they go away and everything is fine. But acne is different. Acne is so hard. Acne is painful. For me and others, it is sometimes literally physically painful, and definitely mentally painful. There were so many days when I would cry and cry wondering why my skin looked like this when everyone around me seemed to have perfect skin. I genuinely thought my skin would never be clear again. I felt like using makeup to cover it made me a liar, I felt like I was tricking everyone. Almost no one knew the extent of my acne because I never had a bare face around anyone.

The stigma of acne is horrible. It afflicts so many people but it’s something we barely see.

I struggled with acne for over a year. It took two years for my skin to fully recover. I hated the way I looked. I tried everything. And ultimately, I found some things that worked, but a lot that didn’t. My acne is gone now, and I feel lucky that I was able to find something that helped it disappear, but ultimately, for a lot of people, it’s not that easy. And being honest about it is something that’s important so we can stop hating ourselves for something that we can’t control. I hated it. But I want to share these because pretending I never had acne is useless.

With or without acne, you are a beautiful and worthy person. You might feel like people will be disgusted if they see your acne, but the truth is that the worthwhile people will love you just the same. You can wear makeup and cover your acne and it does not make you any less beautiful than someone with perfect skin.

Acne is hard. But it is not defining of who you are. It does not make you less of a person. And if you ever need to talk to someone who has experienced the entire spectrum of acne, I am here to talk. Just wanted to put this out there to remind you that if you have acne, I’ve been there, you’re not alone.

Never Be Alone (Part 1/?)

“I’m already in tears.” I gasped as I wiped my eye, hoping no makeup would smear down my cheeks. Soft chuckles came from our family and friends. “Shawn, when we met I was broken and I felt worthless. I had just gotten out of a terrible relationship, that had been hurting me and my daughter mentally and physically. I kept thinking about how no one would love me and my daughter with everything they have. Until I met you. You changed everything I thought about myself and my daughter. You showed us that we can be loved, we can be cared for. You brought back the happiness into myself and Arielle. I couldn’t have asked for a better father for my daughter and I couldn’t ask for a better husband. You make me a better person, you make me feel loved, you always know how to cheer me up when I’m not feeling myself, and most importantly you accept me for who I am.

I love how you sing Arielle to sleep with her favorite song of yours. I adore seeing your smile whenever you catch Arielle or I singing one of your songs. I love coming home to see you and Arielle on the couch asleep, with Beauty and the Best playing on the TV. Shawn you make me feel worthy, you give me a purpose to fight even in the hardest of times. I want us to be the happiest we can be throughout our long life together. I love you and I’m so grateful to be standing up here in front of our family and friends, to finally marry my best friend.”

Three years before…

I sat down on the bed with hot tears rolling down my cheeks. Rubbing my daughter’s back slowly, trying to soothe her cries. She was in pain that I never wanted my daughter to ever suffer from. “Shut her up!” A loud raspy voice came from the other room. This only made her tears worse. I pulled her up and became face to face with her. Her teary emerald eyes break my heart. “Arie I need you to stop crying please.” I begged while wiping a tear that fell on her cheek. She hesitantly nodded her head as she rested her head on my shoulder. I ran my hand soothingly over her back, calming her with my best attempts.

“I’m going to the bar.” His voice was loud, and frightened Arielle. It frightened me too. His voice gradually became more aggressive over the past two years of Arielle’s life.  Once I heard the door slam and stood up with Arielle in my arms. I frantically looked around the room for something to take with me. I needed to get out of this apartment. I grabbed two outfits for Arielle, and her stuffed monkey. She would never fall asleep without that monkey. She named it Mickey. I hurried out of the room and out of the small apartment. He hated when we left the apartment without him with us. But we needed to get away from him. For Arielle’s safety.

At first I didn’t know where I was going. I was just walking as far away from that place filled with haunting memories. My feet were trailing quickly down the concrete paths. Arielle asked several times where we were going but I was lost in my own head space. I felt bad not answering her, but all I could think about was how am I going to get there. People were giving us strange looks, we looked a mess. We had been living in a terrible apartment. With cockroaches everywhere, the bed would always give me back pain after sleeping. We also had no running water at the apartment. Showering was limited while living there.

I didn’t realize where I had walked until the familiar smell of coffee filled my nostrils. I looked down at my feet and the recognizable cracked concrete steps were below me. I looked around the yard, noticing how the yard looked the exact same way it did two years ago. Arielle still had a confused look on her features as I walked hesitantly up the steps. I didn’t know what time it was, I didn’t have a phone. After I told my mom about me getting pregnant. She made me leave our house. She never wanted me to talk to our family again. She told me I was a disappointment to our family. I didn’t want to come back here. But I had to, I didn’t have money for a hotel, or a motel for that matter.

“Ashlea?” She asked softly, with shock evident in her voice. For some reason I missed hearing her voice. But the memory of her yelling at me to get out was still in my head. I stood at the front step, holding my confused two year old daughter in my arms. I formed a soft smile on my lips as I looked at my mom for the first time in a long time. I didn’t want to smile, but seeing her smile made me want to smile. Her hair contained more grey hairs since the last time I saw her. She had some more wrinkles on her face, her under eyes looked darker.


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sTAPH OMG NO WAIT GIVE ME A MOMENT– MY FACE CAN ONLY HANDLE SO MUCH SMILING ALL IN ONE NIGHT JKFGJKDRGJKDJK SERIOUSLY!!  AAH– TH A NKYOUUUuuuU I’m actually kindda really flustered rn omg am I really worthy of such a nice message I cant fathom i’M rEALLY happy to see others share the same ships/fandoms I’m head deep in rn lmao aaahhhH ; ; mAY YOUR DAYS BE AS EQUALLY BLESSED TY AGAIN 

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My partner left me and my heart is broken But I look at myself and see so much beauty inside and out, and I hope everyone out there with a broken heart also realize that they are worthy and fucking beautiful!

I am publishing this ask, because I think it’s lovely.

I am so sorry Anon, that your partner left and that you’re hurting because of it. But I think you are a wonderful person to turn that outward and think of others and what you can do to make them feel better.

To those with broken hearts right now, listen to Anon, because they are right. You ARE worthy and fucking beautiful!

Like a good and pure starfish that makes delicious cupcakes to share with its starfish friends!

- The Slightly Aggressive Affirmer

I think one of the big reasons someone gets a photoshoot done is the way it should make you feel. I think the photography team would agree that much of their work is less in the physical creation and more in the intangible goal of “creating something that makes you feel good about yourself.” And images like this last longer, certainly, than the vague memory of “one night ten years ago I looked really good.” Pictures are documentation of that brief feeling and expert aids at supporting the recall of that feeling.

The shoot was fun. I enjoyed myself. As a transman, it’s always fun to play dress up. My dysphoria loves to rear its ugly head at the most inopportune times though and did so because it was my project (it’s worlds better when I don’t have the expectations). But overall, it was easy and nice to work with talented people. And the response of others has been to say how lovely, that I should be so happy with it.

But… I am not.

It is through no criticism or fault of the photography team that made magic happen. But I look at this image and feel disappointment. I see this picture and think “I failed.”

And when I say “I failed” it is not that I failed at being what I set out to be. When I say “I failed,” I mean something far more personally nuanced than mere visible results. I look at that image and say, “if you are so (lovely, stately, photogenic, etc etc etc, choose your own adjective), then why could you never be enough?”

I wanted to be enough for my family. That image is what they always wanted of me (at the cost of my health and happiness), but even when I delivered, it wasn’t good enough. They would find something else to nitpick and criticize and tell me I didn’t bother to try.

I wanted to be enough for my prior relationships. For some, this image threatened them. They wanted the plain boy next door and this image most certainly is not that. It wasn’t enough that I tried to be what they needed because as long as this image existed, they were not partners; they were competitors.

I wanted to be enough for my ambitions. It doesn’t seem to matter what I do or how I train or how I try to represent. I am neither traditional enough nor avant garde enough. Even with the photo shoot, I realize – even for something that comes as easily to me and seems so much fun – I am neither beautiful enough nor handsome enough. I am not anything that anyone has found worthy of exploration or investment.

I see this image of me and think, “what do I have to do?” because everything I have done… it hasn’t been enough.

Makeup: Jennifer Pincelli
Hair: Cat Monster
Model: Valtinen
(me) Photography: Laura Biddle

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Listen, you wanted Alex feels? I'll give you Alex feels! He feels inadequate because he was a glorified trucker for the MCRN, instead of a fighter pilot., but he's more talented than he knows. He cares so. damn. much. He beats himself up to make sure he can save people. He cares about his family. He cares about each person who gets's added to the family. He is sexy as hell, even with that tummy pad they give Cas to wear. He know's he's made mistakes, and he wants to atone for them. I love Alex.

I was going to get upset that you came into my house with these feels but then I had to check myself because I asked for it.

Alex cares so much and it’s coming from such a genuine, if a little conflicted, place that I sometimes can’t handle it. This is a dude who is going to run, and re-run, simulations until nights turns into early mornings because he’s going to do everything in his power to prevent himself from making a call that ends with people dying. And even though that’s not possible, he’s going to sit at the screen until he understands exactly what went wrong, where a different call could have been made, because he owes people that, even if he owes it to himself to take it easy on himself. Someone who picks up on Amos’ distress, and even though Amos pushes him away, going as far as threatening him, Alex isn’t deterred, he just changes tactics. Reels himself in and bakes a god damn lasagna because no, this isn’t over Amos; I’m still here, now take this because it’s starting to burn the tips of my fingers.

And what’s so interesting, and it kills me that we likely won’t explore this until season 3, is for someone who cares about people so much, who yearns to connect with people, and is, as Anvar describes him, ‘a family man,’ he isolates himself. He doesn’t have any friends on the Cant, and he allows himself to become this background character until he can’t anymore. And that kind of coincides with his journey of self-worth and self-discovery because as he begins to find out who he is, and he realizes: you know what, I am good at this, he starts to feel like he’s worthy of the family he’s been forced into, and you see him start reaching out, and not only bringing everyone together, but also assuming his role more and more, and it’s just so beautiful, okay!

And let’s talk about his confidence and his piloting skills because not enough people do. Look at how he takes charge in 2x11. Tell me you didn’t, for a second, think that the Roci was a person, or at least this sentient thing and they were actually working together. That’s how connected he is to the ship. And he jumps straight into the thick of things, doesn’t he? Because he finally feels like he’s in his element, and he is. This is Alex coming into his own and it shows in every strategic decision he makes.

And all of this is going to come together to give him the little shove he needs to start making the amends he needs to and I’m just so ready for his journey, but I’m so sad that it’s so far away!

i feel like the main problem with the self esteem/self confidence movement is the way it is being approached. saying “everyone is beautiful” sounds like bs and even a little kid knows that. self esteem shouldn’t be about thinking yourself to be beautiful and flawless. very, Very few people truly see themselves that way. imo the self esteem movement instead should be about liking yourself and letting yourself enjoy life Despite your flaws. no one is perfect, everyone has personality flaws, physical flaws, etc. but teaching people to be able to say “yes, i have awkward teeth and im overdramatic, but i still am worthy of love and capable of anything i want to do” is far more self assuring than “we’re all beautiful!!1!”.

things my mum told me when she found out i've been starving myself

•she still loves me more than anything
•she’s sad that i don’t love myself
•she wants me to see myself the way she sees me
•she thinks i’m beautiful and perfect and flawless
•she thinks i’m special and important
•she looks up to me a lot
•she wishes she were like me when she was my age
•i am loyal and compassionate and even though more than half my friend emotionally abuse me, i still stand by them and continue to love them, even if they don’t deserve it
•i don’t know how to hate someone because i am so caring and loving
•i’m the kindest, most humble person she’s ever met
•i am worthy

and then she went to the store and bought me my favorite cereal

SSAM Roman Week Day 6! Yay!
Theme: A Victorious Celebration
Challenge: a) Roman invites Thomas and his sides to a fancy ball! If Roman had to design their outfits, what would they look like?

SSAM was created by @cefmua56 so go there to show Roman some love, or see what Patton will be upto next week.
I am by no means a fashion designer so I borrowed some outfits and altered them to match each sides color scheme.

Logan is wearing Beast from Beauty and the Beast’s suit from the final dance in his black and blue color scheme that I think the design of the suit suits Logan’s personality quite nicely.

Virgil is wearing Damien Bloodmarch from Dream Daddy’s everday outfit with the only alteration being a higher collar. It’s fancy and ball worthy, but also fits Virgil’s image.

Patton is wearing the standard blue dad suit. That one that he kept from his high school prom and whipped out for his reunion. Yeah that’s the immediate idea that came to mind for Patton. My oen in his normal blue also decided to explode sooo…yeah.

Roman is wearing the Welcome to the Black Parade outfit in his red and gold color scheme, and he’s wearing it proud. I don’t know why I thought that outfit for Roman, but I think it works. (Virgil also facepalmed, but is internally dying from fanboying while PTSD of the G note plays in his head.)

Finally we have Thomas who is wearing the onepiece gold suit he posted on Twitter when he was going for an audition. He’s rocking it.
Now as for Dialogue:

Logan: (Adequate. Though the Beast?)
Virgil secretly digging it: (Damien Bloodmarch? Really Roman?)
Patton: (Aw! This looks great, Kiddo!)
Virgil: (Dude, we’re going to a *Ball*! Not joining the Black Parade! Get back in your lane!)

Roman: Please! We look fabulous!)
Thomas: (Roman? Isn’t this just from my audition?)

a yuri-centric analysis of ep. 12

OK I NEED TO SAY ME A THING, but I think it’s very much intentional, that most of the skaters’ thoughts or themes relate to, parallels or act as foils to viktor, yuuri and yuri.

I don’t mean to diminish otabek’s thoughts and his own motivations(!!!) of course but I felt like it was really a huge momentous move on kubo’s part to introduce his character, have him established as someone who has looked beyond yuri’s demeanor to see the soldier that our smol child was, see him for his drive and determination rather than the greatly misconceived images people associate him with, and have his thoughts build up to his performance in what was a very emotionally conflicting and shocking moment for yuri

everything under the cut:

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@anna-something A model I am honored is following me?? No for real, I’m super happy you find my tiny crumb of a blog worthy, seeing all the beautiful things you post (Appreciation Posts that make me cryyyy) and how many people you know. You’re like the gorgeous and kind popular girl who just told the awkward introvert that her hair looks nice ;; Thanksssss

Yeah, you’re an amazing person and wonderful blog, you’re super cool, bless you for the stuff you do. BLESS OK.

Send me a Tumblr user’s url and I’ll tell you what I think of them!

Starks, vengeance, and Needle

This is partly a response to this post on asoiafuniversity, but it ended up being 80% tangent and not really reblog material. But the post hit on a lot of interesting topics about vengeance, violence, and Stark identity.

I disagree with the premise that this is a book-to-show adaptation problem, and especially not one of Benioff and Weiss missing the point. How does one watch that scene - Arya’s lip quivering in her young little face, the Stark theme (the actual saddest violins in the world) swelling over the lapping waves, ending with a cut to the weirwood face, the weeping eyes of the old gods looking down on her, the whole sequence sandwiched between scenes of her brother and her sister back in the North - and think that it was made without consideration of what it means for Arya to be a Stark? Admittedly I’m not generally big on authorial intent, but I find it bizarre to give more weight to one throw-off comment in an interview than to every single choice that went into the construction of such a memorable scene.

Still, to each their own. More substantively, though, I think it really undersells the complexity of both book and show to try and compartmentalize the bad (vengeance) from the good (sentiment). 

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2013 >>>>>2017
I am extremely proud of my commitment, determination, consistency and strength. I am proud of my passion and all of the goals I have met.
Although, the girl in the second picture is no better than the girl in the first. All you can see is the physical transformation. Both are me and both are beautiful and worthy. When I found fitness, I thought it would make me more confident. I thought I would love myself more. What I didn’t account for is that I would become more aware of my ‘flaws’ and much more critical of my body. I am constantly worrying that I’m not doing enough. I’m constantly worried that my body isn’t changing. The girl in the first picture would never talk down to her body in the way that I find myself doing lately. Health is not just about the physical aspect, health is also about what’s in your mind and the way to you speak to yourself. You need to have a healthy mind in order to truly love yourself. People look at me and say that I look physically ‘fit’ and 'healthy’, but they can’t hear the way I talk down to my body. You can never tell a person’s health or confidence solely by the way they look. Some days I am confident and I do love the way I look and some days I get so frustrated with my body when it doesn’t look the way I think it should. I want to be able to say positive things to myself no matter what. My body is my home.
You can love fitness more than anything in the world but to be a healthy person you need to love yourself from the inside. I have made many physical changes but now It’s time for me to start having a healthy mind too.

self care to the signs!
  • Aries: please take a nap! you have already proven yourself; remember, great leaders all took naps from Winston Churchill to Abraham Lincoln. take a little time for your sleep.
  • Taurus: don't be ashamed that you need alone time and peace and quiet! sometimes that's all you need to make the things in your head make sense. it's okay.
  • Gemini: it is important for you to make a schedule for yourself! it is okay if you can't take on the world all the time. you have a better chance of getting all those crazy dreams done if you make a plan.
  • Cancer: take a deep breath and delete the contacts of people who hurt you. i know it's hard to let go, but you're gonna dwell on that forever. it's okay to leave behind mean people! new ones will come to you; you're a sweetheart.
  • Leo: you don't have to be in charge all the time, and it can be exhausting for you if you're always trying to bring your a-game! people love you. lean back and let someone else take the wheel and you'll feel better.
  • Virgo: you might feel bad for not opening up to a lot of people, but that's okay! make yourself some tea and watch a good movie. you don't need to be around people all the time.
  • Libra: you look fine. don't fuss about that too much, because no matter what you do and what you wear, you're gorgeous. it's okay!
  • Scorpio: it is okay to feel like things are closing in, but remember that your imagination is a mean place to be. take a step back; was that really worth obsessing over? you're doing great and no one hates you.
  • Sagittarius: you're a nice person even if you don't think that you are all the time. take the time to treat yourself! eat a bowl of ice cream! punch a pillow! buy an expensive dress and work it.
  • Capricorn: people can't see that you're scared unless you tell them. i know it's scary, but reach out for help. your plans will fall into place better afterwards!
  • Aquarius: don't let yourself get bored, because you know you feel worse when you do. look up a video game you played as a kid, write a poem, take a walk. just don't let yourself lose stimulation!
  • Pisces: you are worthy of all the love that you give and then some. you are a beautiful person, and anyone who says otherwise is completely incorrect- including yourself.

I’m out here. Clean eyebrows. Clear skin. Pearly white teeth. Healthy hair. Making that money. Spreading love, radiating positivity. Giving back, payin’ it forward. Eatin’ good. Unfazed by what doesn’t concern me. Loyal and honest to those I love. Reminding important people just how important they are. Complimenting strangers. More importantly, complimenting myself. Constantly learning from my mistakes. Attempting to better recognize and take responsibility for my faults. Diminishing my pride. More than willing to improve as a person. Intaking knowledge. Broadening my horizons, trying to see the world from multiple perspectives. Leaving my comfort zone, reducing my ignorance. Feeling genuine happiness for the success of others. Reminding myself that I am worthy. I am important. I am beautiful. I am unique. I am powerful. I am a game-changer. Having me is a privilege, and losing me is a great loss. Staying low-key, silent but observant. Counting my blessings. Trusting my struggles. Hoping the world throws it all back at me one day soon. And when it does, I’ll be more than ready to embrace it with open arms.

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If makeup doesn't look good on me does that mean I'm just ugly? I'm really self conscious about my face. I wang to wear makeup, like foundation (I wear eyeliner and mascara right now) but I don't feel prettier with my acne scars, nor without them :/

Hell no! It absolutely does not mean you are ugly. You are just self conscious so that makes you feel uncomfortable with navigating your face. This is ok. That doesn’t make you ugly. It makes you self-aware. Everyone feels ugly at one point or another. You are under no obligation to wear foundation or anything else as a means of making you more beautiful. Like, let’s think about what you mean by beautiful. What makes something beautiful to you? And what makes you feel happy and comfortable and proud to be who you are? These can be the same things. I totally get the double-bind of acne…. for me I kind of just ignore them and focus on other aspects of my face I find more interesting. I really like shaping my eyebrows and highlighter, for example. Eyebrows shape my intentions for the day, the thicker the more stuff I have to get done. And I like illuminator and like spending time deciding where I want it on my face, and watching it draw light to the contours of my face, it helps me understand how the body can look so infinitely different depending on the way the light reaches it. It can be very familiar to you but when you see it in new ways, it becomes this stranger – I find that kind of disconnect very interesting, and I use highlighter to remind myself I am not done knowing myself. This makes me beautiful. Or not beautiful – not in like, a “wow i’m so pretty everyone also must find me attractive” – but valuable, to me, and worthy of respect and admiration from people I want to surround myself with. Which is an idea of beauty I can advocate for. Makeup is interesting, you need to navigate it personally for it to be fun, I think. You might find it more fruitful to understand people are going to tell you a million things about yourself but its up to you to listen. Maybe you just haven’t found the makeup that “suits” you. We are never done exploring techniques and colors and textures in makeup, really, and the same goes for our relationship to knowing ourselves. 


I know this video has been posted already but I really want and need to say how I feel about this scene and overall drama.

Yamada Ryosuke has proven the extraordinary caliber he has as an actor, every emotion he portrayed was executed to perfection and conveyed flawlessly, he without a doubt knows how to work the camera and can portray so many different characters and emotions in one drama. From a happy and hopeful Yu, to a hopeless romantic and a hard working businessman and ultimately a heartbroken man.

This scene showed us his romantic side and how beautiful it was. The kiss on the forehead really filled my heart with happiness as I personally see that affection as heart stopping and pure, the way he nuzzled Hirona’s (oops, misspelled her name at first) face with shyness and overall happiness reflected the real shyness they both probably felt during the moment. To be honest I was satisfied to see no awkwardness with hands or even the kiss, it was all comfortable and smooth and I really enjoyed that detail.

I am elated to finally see this side of him and I’m hoping new doors open for him through this drama. I’m hoping more romantic and serious roles come his way, even as a Johnnys idol I hope someone out there sees his amazing talent and give him more award worthy roles.

Say what you want about Yamada Ryosuke, hate him as Edward Elric or idol, but never doubt his talent and beautiful personality 💖

Oh how I wish he could somehow see our support and love we have for him as international fans from Tumblr, I really do.

どうぞおからだおたいせつに 山田さん。😌