i am not very happy with the way this gifset turned out


I like things that are eye-openers, I like learning, I like experiencing, and I said that I enjoy coming upon new things. And so I am the type to try everything. That way, I can inform the people that I like and I can be of help. When people say they’ll do something, I can recount my experience and that will help them. I think that also includes how I see the world. So I think I will challenge all kinds of things.

— wishing my prince & my one and only sehun a very happy birthday ♡ (12.04)

The future - and it is showing us this loud and clear

This episode was amazing. After flailing and basically shouting all day I am so happy and so excited that I joined tumblr - the quality of posts today has been excellent, both humorous and inciteful and I LOVE YOU ALL :)

I hope its ok I’m going to tag a few great posts in this to reference as I don’t want to go over stuff other people have already meta-d about so excellently!

This episode, titled the future, seems to me to be Dabb basically telling us what he wants for the next part of the show, the “better way” that he wants to take it.

So here are my main bullet points that I will expand on a little below and link those excellent posts to where relevant:

A. Sam 

Sam is clearly portrayed again, recurrently as the researcher, the “brains” of the operation (before you say ‘Dean is so clever though!’ I’m just pointing out Sam’s love of the scholarly side of things and how this is where he fits). Sam’s endgame must now be to head up the MoL/hunter network in this respect.

B. Sam and Dean 

They work so well as a team here, Sam putting a tracker in Cas’s phone while he’s distracted by Dean, researching v whatever Dean was doing (maybe making a pining mixtape along the lines of “all by myself” and “I miss you” “please come home”, BUT they are shown as different people, with different interests, skills and relationships - with Cas for example, & not codependent. Again hammering this home in this episode. THANK YOU DABB, GLYNN & BERENS.


This whole episode is one big love fest. We went from one ‘wow I can’t believe they just did that!’ to the next to the next with hardly enough time for us to catch out breath! WHAT WAS THIS EPISODE?!

OK, so we have :

1. My Romeo & Juliet / Gaze up Trope Balcony Meta.

2. The Mixtape Meta, another EXPLICIT romantic trope by @drsilverfish.

3. The Dean “keep it” parallels, the first one that came to my mind was Arwen (another human+ / eternal being who decided to relinquish immortality couple):

Aragon: this belongs to you.
Arwen: keep it, it was a gift… it is mine to give to whom I will, like my heart.

But also all the other ‘gift’ tropes, the standard romantic trope that when a couple breaks up you return the gifts…. I think Cas wasn’t sure he was going to be forgiven, after Dean’s outburst in the war room, so he goes to return the cassette, but Dean does forgive him nearly instantaneously, which actually makes it even worse that he has to steal the colt straight after…

5. The difference between Sastiel and Destiel again emphasised, more and more this season. I don’t think I even have to detail this, just, basically the whole episode shows this.

6. This magnificent gifset by @magnificent-winged-beast which shows the difference between Dean’s angst at actually watching the colt get destroyed and the potential killing of Cas…

Slight aside - Performing!Dean. 

This magnificent gifset that shows Dean’s facade coming down, he doesn’t even attempt to make it sound less ‘gay’ when he tells Sam that Cas came to his room, played him and took the colt from his secret hiding place under his pillow, he even looks down before he says it like he KNOWS how it is going to sound but says it anyway. 

source: @yourfavoritedirector.

And Sam doesn’t even flinch. YES THANK YOU DABB, GLYNN & BERENS!

4. SO…WHY is Dean still doing everything he did for Cas during this episode and still defending him to Sam even though he appeared pissed and Cas repeatedly betrayed him?

Well, in 12x12 Cas said “I love you”, clearly understood by Dean (and Sam to be directed at Dean). There was no real reciprocation though from Dean, other than Dean family-zoning him and Sam’s fantastic “we are doing this for you, Cas”. 

So regarding Dean, Cas is hurt and believes it isn’t reciprocated. Now Dean is pissed and still using the WE card at every turn, so what is a celestial being to do? Cas assumes this is the end, that there is no hope, he returns the mixed tape. BUT Dean says no keep it, this is NOT the end. 

Cas understands that this is therefore not the end, but it is complicated. He explains that he wanted to “come back with a win for you…. for myself”. He wants this for Dean and for himself, this is very important, everything he is doing now and in the future is NOT all about Dean, there is his own agency and morality involved here too.

For Cas, when it comes to it, he wants this reciprocation of his love of course, but right now he has bigger fish to fry and really he wants to protect Sam and Dean and save the world

Now, going back to the “what the hell is wrong with you man?” followed by an awkward silence…. and where Cas then goes to return the gift. Yes, Cas feels that he has said his piece in 12x12 and is rebuffed, but meanwhile Dean is struggling with what Cas has said and everything else that is going on. He has a lot on his plate, not only Cas but his own personal history, his deep seated issues that he is clearly working on this season (see all the performing!Dean facade crumbling meta going around), his issues around his mother, the BMoL, Lucifer, the nephilim…. I mean that is a lot for an emotionally healthy person let a lone DEAN WINCHESTER.

Dean is trying to say / show how he feels he’s just rubbish at it, but he’s getting better!

“We?” “Yes dumbass, WE.” This is his forgiveness. And it is betrayed just moments later. But does this stop him trusting Cas again? NO.

THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. For their dynamic, to show that they still do ultimately trust each other.


Oh, and I just need to add how desperate I am for Sam to turn to Dean soon and just say “No, Dean, this is between you and Cas, stop bringing me into this”. PLEASE I SWEAR I WILL BE GOOD! I mean, how repeated, consistent and out of place it was (I mean, not only to shippers, I think anyone would think it was out of place the way it was portrayed in their personal conversation in Dean’s room) - this has got to be addressed, no?!

 5. A better way

So. What does this mean moving forwards?

Well, firstly, I have moved from being 85% sure Destiel would be endgame to about 95% sure. Lets be real. This episode cements this. Whether you like it or not, it’s happening.

So, what is the better way?

Overall, it seems that Dabb wants to move things forwards. And his key points all season are Free Will, breaking from past repressions and negative influences, moving forwards with what the characters choose and want for their endgame and for sure now endgame Destiel.

I have in the past speculated about quite a lot of stuff, some right and some… still to be seen and some not right, but the overall arc speculation that I saw foreshadowed since early season 12 is RIGHT ON TRACK.

Now, the question is will Dabb go backwards and go to the old, standard SPN ways where probably Dean and Cas will be separated, Cas will be wrong again in his trust in the nephilim - it WILL be evil (rehash of s6 and s8) and he will need to be ‘broken’ from the mind control by Dean in a stronger crypt scene etc etc etc.

Or will he move forwards, onto a “better way”? Will we get another s11 ‘happy ending’? Where it appears all good but there is still stuff going on behind the scenes for s13… Or maybe a not so happy ending but that ultimately will be resolved happily? 

Maybe the baby has it’s grace removed (so glad this is an option it was driving me insane that they hadn’t mentioned it by now!) OR it’s not evil at all! it’s the ANTI-anti-Christ, it chose Cas because he is Lucifer’s mirror in that he LOVES Humanity. I mean, the whole point of the show is agency, free will and not being forced to follow the result of your parentage / past ….especially this season with Sam and Dean’s arcs….

Maybe human!Cas, potential hunter Daddies, Cas staying at home calling Dean while he’s out on MOTW hunts with Sam being all “Dean there’s poop everywhere, I’m sorry it got on your favourite shirt, but please please come home this is so hard!” “OK babe, don’t worry, we’ll be back tomorrow, the case was a milk run!” when actually Dean nearly died and Sammy saved the day and…. etc because really? what are we supposed to think from that motel scene? With Cas smiling all cute and using the world “righteous” when talking about the kids future guardian?! (and Kelly survives if we are going to be extra nice).

Maybe Lucifer will die / be dealt with and it is the MoL that are the big bad next year…..aiding the overall future arc of TFW as leaders of the MoL/Hunter collaboration (Chuck I hope so).

Or will it be a mix of the two?

Well my money is on that it will be a mix….  


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Have you ever done an analysis on the gifset you just reblogged, with Phil saying 'You loved it, you wanna do it more'? When I first watched that moment I thought it was very flirtatious, the sort of thing that (back then) they wouldn't have normally said anywhere except at home with the cameras off

Could you pls talk about the you loved it iconic moment? I believe there’s not much to say apart from the obvious teasing and giggling but I still adore to read your opinions and what you believe they thought during that kind of moments ♡

ugh wow BLESS both of you for asking about this moment, bc i am truly emotional over how much i love this moment and really the whole scene that precedes it with phil quizzing dan about dragon words. you might think i don’t have a lot to say but like,,, do you know me?? ?? ?? naturally, i have SO MANY FEELINGS ABOUT THIS and am hAPPY to ramble about it at length. 

this video came out a few months before i started watching dan and phil and i remember going on an odyssey of watching all of their videos and seeing this moment and thinking that it felt so substantially different to any other particular scene from their vids in the past few years. and i decided that it’s because it is one of the only times where dan treats one of phil’s questionable remarks/innuendos as though it’s directly being addressed to him (bc it literally is lol) and he reacts accordingly (that blush!!!! the averted eyes!! !) when i first saw it i couldn’t decide if i thought it was super fucking cute or just horrifically cringe and awkward (i still kind of think it is the latter tbh, because something about it makes you, the viewer, really aware that THEY are really aware of the camera and the audience and you can physically feel them being constrained by this amorphous audience gaze in that moment). i settled on it being both though–that awkwardness is definitely there, where they’re flirting but they’re doing it in a somewhat stiff manner and dan is clearly searching for a sarcastic reply to phil’s “you wanna do it more,” in order to turn it into a typical ‘weird phil/normal dan’ exchange. this is why he starts saying “alright–that’s–that was–” but he’s clearly a bit too flustered to come up with anything witty and dismissive. so then there’s a really obvious jump cut and it’s just ,,, so good. cute that phil succeeded in making dan so flustered and just sat there gently giggling about it in his very phil way, cute that dan was so blush and giggly too, and then super fuckin cute and significant that they decided to LEAVE THIS WHOLE ExCHANGE IN THE VID and happily share it with us. i mean looking back on it now there’s hardly anything remarkable about it in comparison to all of the ridiculous and blatant flirting they get up to these days on dapg, but for that time it seems like the decision to not cut that part out was a big one. 

regarding the lil quiz scene before it … damn. some actual Gold. i feel like dan was genuinely surprised by phil introducing this bit (as in, it wasn’t pre-planned at all) and i love how candid his reaction to it feels. i think that the lack of preparedness for it is the reason that dan seems unable to even slightly conceal his fondness throughout. it’s just bursting out of him no matter how much he bites down on his smile, and it’s so fucking cute. the way he almost proudly is like ‘if you’re wondering what it’s like to be phil’s friend in any social situation … he comes prepared with icebreakers,’ to underscore how creative and funny phil is. THE LEVEL OF WARMTH AND SOFTNESS IN HIS VOICE and the cute, disgruntled exasperation when he’s like “that’s a phil” in response to “skeen,” it’s so!!!!!!!! ! !! ! ! the really intense way he just stares at phil with a tiny smile when phil is wrapping up the quiz and saying “come for the game leave with some knowledge.” ahhhhhh. dan tried so hard to maintain that sarcastic veneer of like,, ‘phil wtf u and ur weird ideas this is so dumb wtf it’s taking the momentum out of the game wtf i’m going to roll my eyes so hard they fall out w t f’ but like in actuality it is one of the softest things i have ever seen. it really reminds me of one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE dnp videos: the great baby animal quiz. i used to watch this ALL THE TIME when i was sick or sad bc it’s a solid 2 and a half minutes of some of the softest bants they’ve ever had, and dan just blatantly adoring the shit out of phil and his animal facts :( they are so cute and good and nice :(

CSBB Artist Spotlight: seastarved

Today’s Captain Swan Big Bang Spotlight features @seastarved​!

What kinds of artwork do you make?

Manips, gifs and graphics.

What’s your favorite thing about creating artwork?

It’s soothing for me. It’s a way for me to be creative even when I’m incredibly stressed. I can’t seem to make words happen when I’m stressed out but photoshop is my little safe haven where I can mess around, make people make out and write little snippets of poetry or words and sort of combine them and try to tell a story that way.

What’s one of your greatest strengths when it comes to creating artwork?

Hmm, I’m not sure tbh. I guess, I like that I am confident enough in my skills as a writer to try and use those skills when I do more visual art as well? I like that I can complement both forms of art with one another, I suppose.

What’s something you’ve always wanted to try your hand at, but haven’t had a chance yet?

I want to try making those incredible AU gifsets that some people make. They’re like little movies and I’m always so so in awe of how wonderful they are.

If you participated in the first Captain Swan Big Bang, what was the experience like for you? What are you looking forward to this time around?

I was a writer first time around and had to drop out unfortunately because my story got far too long–I’m still writing it in fact haha!– and life got in the way. But it was a fun experience! This time, I’m looking forward to making some fun manips :D

First Artwork: http://seastarved.tumblr.com/post/132294677468/swan-song-come-along-and-listen-for-the

Making that image was a labour of love :D I knew what I wanted it to look like and I would work on it between writing words for the story and I’m quite happy with the way it turned out, like Killian stepping out of the frame to take Emma’s hand.

Second Artwork: http://seastarved.tumblr.com/post/100427728423/this-is-how-you-fall-in-love

One of my first more ambitious efforts. I like the layout of it? And I’m quite proud of that rose I got to bloom on there haha!

Third Artwork: http://seastarved.tumblr.com/post/101102490773/may-i-have-this-dance-redo-of-this-manip

Because this is a redo of my first ever manip which tbf was a complete disaster haha! It’s not a very complicated piece of work. I have done so many more that are far more complex but this one holds a special place in my heart because it showed me just how far I’d come you know?

Check out seastarved on Tumblr - FFnet - AO3

LEGION Recap: 1x01

Last spring when I was getting mildly sloshed off cheap French rosés and falling in love with the X-Men, I did not know it was because my compass heart had swung unerringly to the superhero franchise that, in its infinite batshit whimsy, would see fit to produce an eight-episode kaleidoscopic mutant concept piece less than one year later, as if the surrealist inventive fuckery inherent in the X-Men universe had just been waiting for me, DTF.

And then Legion had to wait for me a bit more, as historically I’ve only ever managed to watch one TV show at a time. Why? BECAUSE I DO NOTHING BY HALVES, SON. And presently I am still lost in space with my beloved golden-hearts on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

But then I saw a gifset of what looked like Jemaine Clement in a pale suit on some sort of Mylar-draped soundstage, and that was fucking it. I could feel a give in my ribs as I was pulled toward my true north, to Legion, to the show seemingly made out of scraps and spangles fished out of my own head.

So let’s do it. Let’s do two shows at once. Let’s see what my capacity for sustained enthusiasm actually is. Let’s open up all the valves, let’s set fire to tears, LET’S GO.

Legion - Season 1, ‘Chapter 1’

Wooouuuld you like this show to begin with a deeply stylized growing-up montage set to “Happy Jack” by The Who, hyper-slo-mo snapshots all centered in frame, quaint and retro until our boy hits age of onset and begins screaming it into a distorted symmetrical Wes Anderson nightmare? Hohoho, would I.


Troubled kid grows into troubled man, until his big haunted eyes see no more hope, and he tries to hang himself with an electrical cord, which sparks like synapses (!!! guys) into a sparkling candle on a cupcake — his birthday. Thirty-odd complete revolutions around the sun for David, the last five spent inside this mental institution, which outfits its patients in burnt orange track jackets with yellow stripes, because THE SIXTIES, groovy.

Dan Stevens does a pretty passable American accent, it turns out. His most amazing transformation is still when he left his second chin in Downton Abbey and suddenly looked like his own hot evil twin, but this is good too.

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King Edmund and King Caspian loved each other very much, but it took them a long time to realize it.

Caspian felt like he let down the Narnians when he was tempted by the White Witch. Though he felt ashamed when he saw Edmund. Like he disappointed him. He felt like he should say something. Caspian walked in on Edmund laying on his back, his fingers gliding along a book. Caspian was memorized by his gentle fingers and calm face. He realized he was staring and then coughed.
“Oh! Caspian,” Edmund was surprised. He stood up to greet Caspian. He wanted to keep laying down but wanted to show respect. “What do you need?” He asked nicely. He showed no sign of anger towards Caspian, which threw him off.
“I wish to apologize for my actions earlier. It was stupid and I was acting like a child,” Caspian didn’t know he started to cry, he must have been more upset than he thought. His fists were clenched tightly making his knuckles go white. Edmund approached him placing his soft hand on his fist, making him let go and relax.
“You don’t need to apologize. I understand. Don’t be ashamed to cry. It’s okay,” Edmund smiled sweetly and whipped a tear off his cheek.

Caspian was stressed after his argument with Peter. Some of the stress wore off on Edmund. It didn’t show on Edmund as much since he learned how to handle stress long ago. During the heat Edmund called Caspian a child, Peter too. He didn’t mean it, but Caspian couldn’t let it go. Edmund couldn’t stand listening to them fight.
“Hey!” Caspian shouted. Edmund stopped walking away but didn’t turn around. “Look at me!” His voice was quieter, but still harsh. Edmund turned around his cheeks were flushed red.
“You know you should really respect me, I’m a king,” Edmund said trying to calm down. Caspian marched toward him.
“Take it back, I am not a child. Edmund,” Caspian had a tone of warning in his voice.
“Only if you stop being one,” Edmund stepped closer. So he was centimeters away from Caspian. Caspian couldn’t say anything, he stared down at Edmund in frustration. He looked into his eyes. With a huff Caspian stomped away.

The battle raged on, both Edmund and Caspian fought very bravely. Caspian felt small and weak compared to Edmund, one of the greatest swordsman in Narnia. Caspian stared at Edmund swinging and slashing. Slash by slash Edmund was getting closer to Caspian, yet he did not move. Caspian heard yelling behind him when he turned around a man was charging him with a sword. Caspian froze, not prepared at all. Suddenly Edmund jumped in front of him, stabbing the man in the belly, hard. Edmund turned around to look at Caspian, whose mouth was slightly open in amazement. “Watch yourself prince,” Edmund winked.

“Have you ever been in love Edmund?” The battle was over and Edmund and Caspian were exhausted, stripping themselves of their armor. They took deep breathes and sat down next to each other.
“Does food count?” Edmund smirked. Caspian let out a small laugh.
“I wish,” Caspian replied.
“I don’t think so, have you?”
“Same as you, I wouldn’t know. But, I think I’ve felt it sense you…you and your siblings have showed up,” Caspian had to save himself from admitting himself to Edmund.
“What, with Susan? I know she’s been starring at you for a while,” Edmund asked.
Caspian looked at Edmund, “No. Um, I think with…you,” Caspian confessed. He quickly looked away from Edmund, cheeks burning.
“With me?” Edmund asked. He looked past Caspian, thinking, and then back at Caspian who wasn’t looking at him. Edmund softly grabbed Caspian’s cheek to turn him towards him. He gently placed his lips on his.

Caspian grew to be more confident, not as quiet as the man Edmund first met. Edmund didn’t mind though he liked it. He way happy Caspian finally came out of his shell. The two kings had fallen madly in love, they could stare at each other all day, duel all day, kiss all day. One of Edmunds favorite things to with Caspian was swimming in a big blue ocean. He could swim with the “Caspian Sea”. Caspian was just like the sea, strong and fierce, but also calm and enchanting. Edmund was like the sky, free and rewarding, but strong and brave. The Just King and Seafarer King had fallen in love, like the sky and the sea. Always there and waiting for each other, but yet they couldn’t touch. 

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Your tags on your last post intrigued me. What's your analysis of yoonjin's relationship?

Going under a cut because I already know this is going to be a monster post……. of word vomit.

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Review - 13x24

Hey guys, @jordan202 here. This is going to be a quicker one. Since it’s the last installment of the season, let’s wrap it up assessing the entire episode, but keeping the focus on Omelia of course.

I have to say that, compared to 13x23, this episode didn’t excite me as much. Sure, we got amazing moments, especially for Omelia, but I think this whole thing probably would have worked out better as a two hour season finale. In all honesty, I thought 13x23 was a bit more exciting. I could be biased by the fact that we had a huge Omelia turning point from ep 22 to 23 and a much smoother transition to 24, but I think the pace of last week’s episode was more intense.

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Was talking with Stacey razorsharpquill about this gifset of Matt Bomer on Ellen, which then turned to Sam giving Cooper stripping lessons with Kurt, Blaine, and Elliott watching.  Seriously, that is the entire jist of this and it’s all Stacey’s fault.  ~1000 words of ridiculous.

He’d only been gone thirty minutes.

Apparently thirty minutes was all that was needed for everything to go straight to weird.

Blaine stood, wide eyed and slack jawed, in the doorway to the apartment he shared with Kurt.  He’d gone out to get dinner, leaving Kurt and Elliott chatting about ideas for a new band, and Cooper regaling Sam with stories about acting gigs he’d gotten in LA and suggestions for Sam’s burgeoning modeling career.  Everything was normal

Thirty minutes later, and Sam and Cooper were in nothing but boxer briefs, dry humping the air, with Kurt and Elliott on the couch watching them intently.

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you and me...

So, I saw this gifset by blowmiakisscolin, based on this post by fergus80 and well, this kinda wrote itself. I am 100% on board that beffudled AU Hook very well could have believed that Henry was his son. I took that headcanon and ran with it…

Days, then weeks, passing slowly at first and then all at once, no nearer to finding her or the whereabouts of Merlin. Every day they try a new land, helped by Ariel, sometimes even Ursula, always returning to Storybrooke with nothing but more questions. Finding Camelot abandoned shaking even Henry to the core, his fierce belief that this was where the answers would lie being ripped from him and settling the first sign of hopelessness behind his young eyes. Killian wishes he knew how to help the lad, his fierce desire to have Henry see him as his family growing stronger, despite the reason he would ever be so feeling further and further away.  

When the dreams start, he tries to find a way to hold on to the way they make him feel when he wakes, grasping for the shreds of the man who believed enough to sacrifice it all in hopes of something better. In his dreams, he doesn’t die. The cold steel of the Prince’s sword stays on the cobblestones as the man himself struggles to find his footing. The Evil Snow is rendered powerless by Emma, her light magic reappearing in her palms as she reaches out to protect him, this other version of him, who she seems to love despite his incessant bumbling. And then there’s Henry, who looks at him like a son does a father, with trust and awe and…love. Henry believes in this man, teaches him that he is better than this world has written for him and shows him the path to being a hero. This Killian, he doesn’t hold back from Henry, stands by Emma’s side as her partner and Henry’s parent, never questions that this is his place. He is happy, they are happy. They are a family.

But then sleep ends, grim reality rising with the sun and Emma is still gone and Henry is not his. The ache in his heart for the life in his dreams grows, fighting against the guilt and self-loathing licking in the corners each time he traces her name etched into the dagger. He’s holding the jagged metal in his hands when Henry comes to him, ducking into his cabin without a knock, but with a fierce look behind his eyes.

“Killian, we have to save my Mom.”

“I know lad, what do you think we’ve been trying to do?”

“No, we have to do it. You and me.”

“Henry, what are you saying, son?”

“Everyone else has someone, a family to fall back on if we never find her. They’ve learned to live without her before, spent years never expecting to see her again. You and me, our family doesn’t exist without Emma. We need her more than they do. We’ll fight harder, go to the end of the world for her. I just need you to believe that we can do it, together.”

You and me, our family doesn’t exist without Emma.

Killian sees the boy from his dreams in Henry at this moment, the truest believer, the hero in him looming larger than his teenage frame can contain. Feeling energized for the first time in weeks, Killian stands and gives the dagger one last look before locking it away and turning to face the lad.

“I offer my ship and my services, young sir.”

Part 2

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Please, please, please~ a compilation of jealous jongin or sad jongin because someone is touching my man or territorial jongin bc have to protect what's mine. Or anything that ticks jongin off because no other man shall have kyungsoo's attention but him. i love you. omg thank you

i love u too anon! and ur welcum heheh, anyway, lets get started (since prob this shit is gonna be long im gonna put this keep reading option from now on bc some ppl have complained lol sorry about that)

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wait guys if Andrew is pretty much a confirmed Space Nerd™ then it is pretty safe to assume that he’s a big Star Wars fan right???? (I’m listening to Yoda and The Force okay sue me) because we know he knows the media classics and Star Wars is a media/galactic classic and I am 6385274% here for this 

  • little Andrew identified so hard with Han and Luke because he was alone and angry and so not going to deal with your shit ((he shipped them so hard I stg OTP)) ((also helped him figure out that maybe Leia in her slave attire didn’t really affect him as much as a sweaty Luke training with Yoda))
  • he watched most of the series with Cass though, and moving past the heartache of never being able to be with her and watch marathon after marathon of their favorite movies together was really hard for Andrew
  • but then his cousin ((and the foxes)) happened
  • this is one of the things that helped Andrew bond with Nicky bc Nicky is the only person willing to sit through a whole marathon of sci-fi family drama ((lbr he just wants to see Andrew happy))
  • Andrew makes SW references all the time to annoy Aaron and the first time Matt witnessed one he choked on his coffee and immediately ran to the girls who dO NOT BELIVE YOU MATT I NEED TO SEE THIS FOR MYSELF 

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astynomi  asked:

*curtsies* Hello Duke! I have a question I think you’ll enjoy. I was wondering what your opinion of Jane Eyre is as a feminist novel. I find the composition profoundly misogynistic. Why does Jane have no female support? The other female characters are EITHER obstacles to Jane’s happiness- two-dimensionally bad (Mrs Reed, headmistress), petty by virtue of class (Mrs Fairfax, Reed sisters) or in order to be a foil for Jane (Blanche)- OR entirely non-sexualised (the Rivers, Helen). (continued)

(pt2) Helen in particular: I don’t think it’s a coincidence that she’s, essentially, fridged. I think Bronte’s hatred for Constantin Heger’s wife made her feel that women could be men’s equal, but not all women were up to the challenge. It’s sad, because I don’t think Jane Eyre IS a case of awkward friendless young woman overawed into flinging herself at brooding older male (HE’S the head-over-heels dork who pours his heart out), it’s so much more; but it almost begs to inspire that stereotype.

(not really part of question) I’ve been musing over this a while; I saw a gifset of Helen Burns which reminded me of it to the point of wanting to discuss it with someone who knows their shit, and as I gather you share my love of Jane Eyre (I have read it in English and French, and watched at least 5 adaptations) I thought you might enjoy thinking about it XD. I love Jane & Rochester so much (I LOVE that she tells him where to shove that ‘birdcage’ shit) but I do think they transcend the novel.

*Curtsies* Ooh, yes. Okay (tagging you @astynomi because I know it took me forever to answer this and I’m SO SORRY) I will first and foremost admit that I love Jane Eyre so I am a little biased. But I think it’s difficult to say it’s feminist or it’s not. Sometimes I think we forget that the overwhelmingly misogynistic worldview that existed in the centuries prior to ours affected the women as much as the men: women were taught that they were mentally inferior, and I’m sure a great number of them believed it, because it’s extremely difficult to unlearn what you grow up thinking is simply the natural, actual way of the world. (Lookin’ at you, Catholic school.) 

Now, Charlotte Brontë obviously wasn’t under this illusion, but I think her book acknowledges that a lot of women were, and Jane is the contrast to that. Jane is the one saying, “Girls, wake up, put down the knitting and let’s go.” I think she sets a very jarring example for the Rivers girls–who are for the most part good people, despite their being a little too submissive to their brother–but I also think they’re kind of meant to be a positive female influence to balance the earlier, negative female presences in Jane’s life. They’re going to provide the adult friendship she didn’t get to have with Helen. 

And I think her relationships with both St. John and Rochester reflect her independence. (Spoiler alerts ahead.) She consciously turns down a very good offer of marriage from a young, handsome guy because she’d rather marry this fucking weird and sort of ugly older man because he loves her and he challenges her intellectually. But the key thing is she has no problem telling Rochester to step the fuck off when he’s being overbearing, and he does eventually get it. The wife locked up in the attic who finally breaks loose and burns his big house down? If that’s not a metaphor for learning not be controlling and manipulative towards women I don’t know what is. It’s framed in a way that we’re still able to like him–because said wife in the attic was a fucking witch before he shut her up in there–but I think the moral is still present. At the end of the story, Jane is 100% the one in control of their relationship. She chooses to come find him and be with him and I think he will spend the rest of his life thinking about how lucky he is. He has already figured out how remarkable she is. (Can we talk about this line? “I was for a while troubled with a haunting fear that if I handled the flower freely its bloom would fade—the sweet charm of freshness would leave it. I did not then know that it was no transitory blossom, but rather the radiant resemblance of one, cut in an indestructible gem.” Fucking hell. I’ll take that over ‘You’re too good to be true’ any day.) But now this man is not only desperately in love with her but he is literally never going to take her for granted. He learned that lesson the hard way.

So, last thing: Rochester’s wife and the other negative portrayals of women. I think this is partly a case of unlikable male characters being ‘interesting’ and unlikable female characters just being bitches. Early in Jane’s life, everyone sucks and gender is kind of incidental. I didn’t read that as Charlotte saying, “All women are petty and vapid except Jane.” I read that as her saying, “Everyone in Jane’s life is petty and vapid and she needs to GFTO.” Because the men that surround her early on are just as bad as the women. So for the sake of playing devil’s advocate, I think you could actually make the opposite argument: that Bronte is actually all the more feminist because she shows a variety of female characters, and a lot of them are not the likable simpering bimbos that a lot of other people were (and still are) writing. Her women are real. Unpleasant, maybe, sometimes, but certainly three-dimensional. 

Anyway that’s my two dollars cents. Sorry this took me so long to get to! I wanted to do it justice when I wasn’t buried in schoolwork.


Summary: Dean Winchester was used as a DNA print for underground organization Manticore. When the well known hunter is also being hunted by the FBI, Manticore takes matters on their own hands. Sending his own clone, X5 4-9-2 a.k.a Alec McDowell.

Author: deanwinchester-af

Words: 1.4k

Beta: @sleep-silent-angel

Warnings: None.

A/N: Sequel of Mirrors. This fics are inspired by this gifset AU/Crossover SPN x Dark Angel. It was so much fun to write and exciting since it’s something new for me. I love Alec and I love Dean, I don’t think there was another better way to mix this great characters together. I’m very happy y’all liked the first one, hope y’al like this one too. (It will be the last one of this ‘fic’) Feedback is always very appreciated it ♥


Alec re-adjusted his finger on the trigger of the gun. Glaring at the older reflection of himself, it was an odd feeling, like watching a vivid form of reflection of his mirror looking back at him. Alec couldn’t keep a steady pulse, he understood the orders and what needed to be done. The longer Dean looked into the same shade of green eyes, the more troubled Alec had with firing his Glock pistol.

“Come on, kid.” Dean snapped, his brows furrowed, “You don’t want to do this,”

Alec clenched his jaw, tightening his grip on the Glock. He was seconds away from pulling the trigger. Dean sighed, licking his lips, clenching his jaw and maintaining his serious face.


Alec’s and Dean’s heads jolted at Max’s voice. Her eyes were wide as she hesitantly approached the scene. She pursed her lips into a thin smile, her eyes never leavings Alec as she reached him. Alec frowned in confusion, shaking his head slowly yet maintaining the gun leveled at Dean.

“What are you doing here, Max?”

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Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 10 (feat. my shameless fangirling)

Okay, since our crappy internet connection isn’t cooperating (and I can’t make any gifsets) with me again, I’m just gonna dump all my fangirling feels here. I need a fucking outlet for all the feels this episode had given me. I’M NOT SORRY

Brace yourselves, because this is going to be one long-ass post full of my nonsensical nonsense.

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How on earth are people upset with Hae Soo?

My girl is killing it with her logic, consistency, and sheer fucking will.

The drama has already established that Hae Soo is a compulsive fixer that can’t turn away from a person in pain. She fixed the Crown Prince when she shouldn’t have. Wang So wasn’t even fucking talking to her because he was still petulantly punishing her for the birthday party incident (in which she played no part) when she made the choice to save his ass by seeking him out and putting on his makeup. Because Hae Soo, despite being betrayed by people in her past, is a naturally compassionate person. That’s why Wang So liked her in the first place.

[The irony of the same people who were screaming at Hae Soo last week to just “get over” and forgive Wang So’s assaulting her (despite her protests, pleas, tears, and whimpers), screaming at her today for forgiving Wook’s not saving her- is so great it cannot be measured. We do not possess the technology. The same quality that people are furious about today, is the only reason she doesn’t currently hate Wang So to the marrow of his bones for what he did to her last week. ]

So of course she missed Wook. Wook, for a very long time, represented safety to her. Of course she also wants to be missed by him, he was the person to whom she felt the closest. Just as Court Lady Oh felt reassured in the end knowing that one person remembered her, it was enough for Hae Soo that Wook- even if he could not save her- missed her.

I find it interesting that both princes so completely misread what Hae Soo wants. She tells Wook she misses him, and he gives her a laundry list of reasons why he couldn’t see her: because he had nothing to offer her, no solutions, no position of safety. And Hae Soo responds “I still missed you.” For her, the emotional connection is what she missed. Wang So might say “She’s my person” but Hae Soo has refuted that, and it’s clear from her behavior that, for Hae Soo, Wook was her person- he was the one she missed. And all she wanted to know was that she was missed equally by him. And when he starts to plot and plan- she tells him to quit it.

And then there’s So, who seems to think he knows what Soo wants- to marry him and run away. (Despite the fact that she’s never really expressed a strong desire to be anywhere near him.) Who- despite being witness to some of the most articulate explanations of why a woman can simultaneously care about someone and yet not want to marry them that a drama heroine has ever been blessed enough to speak aloud- still doesn’t get that Hae Soo can care about his happiness (she was very upset when she saw him wearing a mask she knows is a sign of his self-loathing) and yet still doesn’t feel comfortable being near him.  Which is really a fucking shame because drama girls may never again get to say so frequently and so well “Not interested in that. Really, not interested.”. She’s dropping pearls here and he’s just not listening to a word she says.

“Did I stutter?”

Wang So, were you dropped on your head as an infant?Probably because in their next scene he tries to get her to marry him. Which she, of course, refuses.

Anyway- Hae Soo has made it painfully clear that while she doesn’t want Wang So to be in pain or danger, neither does she actually feel safe, happy, or comfortable around him. They have consistently written her this way and for that at least I am grateful. I wish she wasn’t being stalked by an idiot, but we all have our crosses to bear.

The one y’all need to be pissed off at in Wang So for utterly and completely failing to listen to or comprehend the lovely words that are coming out of her mouth. She hasn’t been acting any differently than she has all drama. It’s not Hae Soo’s fault Wang So is such a moron.

cosmonoughts  asked:

your response made me realize something really important about the nouis dynamic. niall likes have louis for support and encouragement and louis likes being able to support and encourage people. also they are both aware of this and they indulge each other. like i can see niall asking lou for advice bc he knows it will make him feel important and i can see louis encouraging niall just because it's his instinct at this stage. nouis!!








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I made a gifset for Jeonghan’s birthday, but what sort of writer would i be if i didn’t write at least a little thing for my biases special day!?

however this is more for us in celebration of him and the blessing that is his birth than for jeonghan himself (jeonghan please like my gifset i made it with love) it turned out longer than i expected.. oops.. i hope you enjoy it anyways!

1867 words of made up variety show birthday bliss (jihan)

“So we hear it’s your birthday today Jeonghan?" 

The MC asks slyly like he knows something Jeonghan doesn’t know. It takes him a back a little, he wasn’t expecting anything to be brought up during filming. He’d intended to treat it like a normal day and maybe if they had time, have a small cake and quiet celebration with the members after filming and practice. So he hasn’t prepared himself at all. Now he’s nervous. 

Birthdays aren’t safe for idols. 

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Towels & Damp Spots (Olicity, Explicit)

(Ya’ll - this videothis gifseti am not alright)


Felicity jumped at the abrupt shout from the bathroom. She poked her head out of the bedroom where she’d been hanging up her dry cleaning and narrowed her eyes at the bathroom door. She’d heard the shower shut off a second ago, heard the sound of the rings being pulled back, the brush of the shower curtain, and then…

Oliver whipped the bathroom door open, holding his towel banded low on his hips, still dripping wet and came straight for her. Felicity bit the inside of her lip at the look of dismay on his face - he was not happy… and she knew why.

His hair was still matted with water and droplets leaked down his cheek, over his jaw, and… well, everywhere. Her eyes followed a few of the droplets - he was glimmering in the sunlight coming through the window behind her, and despite the angry bull look he was currently giving her, she felt the deep tug of desire because… well, because it was Oliver and he was naked under there - before looking back up at him.

She raised her eyebrows - innocently - when he stopped in front of her, glaring.

“What?” she asked.

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profounddelena-deactivated20150  asked:

I was wondering why so many ship Bamon. Like, genuinely curious, and a lot of the responses I get are geared toward Stefan and Elena being back together. But I also want to know what some of your top ten or twenty reasons are to ship Bamon? That obviously does not include Stelena?

In my experience, shipping Bamon isn’t inherently tied to shipping any other pairing. Some Bamon shippers also ship SE, but many ship SC (there’s even a ship name for that foursome, Belvafore), and many are like me and aren’t really invested in either of those ships.

Bamon shippers get asked the question “Why do you ship Bamon?” a lot. To the point where it feels kind of insulting, lol, as if the ship is somehow unfathomable for no apparent reason. But you’ve asked politely, and it’s not like I’m about to pass up the chance to talk about Bamon…

Top 10 or 20 reasons might be too much considering how long-winded I am, but let’s see:

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