i am not very happy with the colouring but oh well


i am so flipping happy right now. Like you guys have no idea. i finally have my day collar from kittensplaypenshop!!!!💕💕 i waited for what seemed like YEAAAARS (i’m a very impatient kitten, heheh) and while i was just waking up, it came in the mail :3 i was so happy i INSTANTLY woke up. It is so much more perfect than i had imagined it to be. The length and colour is just.. Well perfect! i love how it feels and i don’t ever want to take it off. 💗 i already have a collar, but i can’t always wear it around company. So now i has something to still remind me that my Daddy loves me very very much whilst still wearing around people whom make me uncomfortable, hahah. and i have KPP to thank for that. Thank you so much. 💗 i am so pleased with this store and i can’t wait until i’m able to buy my ear and tail set!!🎀💕