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@cryingcucumber​ - Mai Li - 21 - She/Her or They/Them -  lesbian demiromantic ace questioning nonbinary -  Korean/Ashkenazi 

I’m a media studies nerd with a love of video games, a toy collector, a hobbyist artist, and a recent college grad. I’m cryingcucumber on tumblr, come talk to me about the social impact of video games or other nerd stuff!

@europa-io - Europa - 21 - She/Her - Aro/Ace - Indian 

I go by Europa, she/her pronouns are good with me and I’m 21 years old. I’m proudly aromantic and asexual. I’m Indian but I was born in South Africa, and I’m currently living in Australia. I’m doing my Bachelor of Science in Maths and Physics currently. I love space, astronomy and all things Maths, especially topology. As for hobbies, I enjoy reading, games, anime/manga, drawing/painting (I’m terrible at it though), playing with my dog Samson and drinking tea. I’m europa-io on tumblr if you ever want someone to talk to.  

@kuraihonofullmeta​ / @thelordofdarknes - Vlad - 17 - She/Her - Quoiromantic Asexual - African-American

I’m Vlad and my pronouns are she/her. I am only weeks away from 18 and I am a possibly non binary quoiromantic asexual, who has some type of attraction to females and female aligned individuals. I am an African-American, living in America. I am a quite boring individual, whose interests include anime, most of the shows on the SyFy channel, Dungeons and Dragons, Harry Potter, most movies from the MCU (except Captain America) and other books/movies/shows of science fiction and fantasy subject matter, so long as it has action in it.

@mooncake24 - Sofia - 16 - She/Her - Cis Alloromantic Ace - Native American

Hello, I’m Sofia a 16 year old who goes by she/her pronouns and I am a cis alloromantic ace ( though things may change, I am still figuring myself but I will always be ace). I am a proud Native American, who was born in San Francisco but is being primarily raised in Houston. I live for memes and nerding out over the things I love such as comics/anime/cartoons,history and medicine. My dream is to one day become a surgeon and to open my own hospital.

@se-anubis​ - Se-Anubis - 19 - He/Him or They/Them -  Agender Asexual Aromantic Panalterous - African-American

Hello, I’m Se-Anubis, a 19 year old Agender Asexual Aromantic Panalterous Black guy. I use he/him or they/them pronouns, but it doesn’t really matter to me. Originally from Louisiana, I’ve lived pretty much everywhere in the Southern US. Big anime fan, but I love most animation, even in America. If you see a HC for a cartoon or book that you’ve never heard of, it was probably me, lol.

@stardust-rain - Alex - 27 - She/Her - Aromantic Asexual - Chinese

I’m stardust (or Alex), I’m a 1.5 generation Chinese diaspora who grew up in Sweden, recently finished my MA and am currently working in Hong Kong. I like reading, space, cities, urban fantasy and audio drama and occasionally going on long rants about politics and representation.

Extra thanks to @uncontinuous for the original idea. 


Holy SMOKES that’s a looooong post!!

So, @min-play​ made those skelebros reactions to alcohol, and it got me thinking! (It’s dangerous to think, I know) because I always thought US!Papyrus as a regular stoner, and with a big heart for sweets, he would probably make some “funny” brownies.

My friend @thelongshorts​ came up with the idea that Sans just becomes other alternate universes of himself, ESPECIALLY UT!Sans since he’s so chill and sleepy and punny :> But also UF!Sans because your mood can swing so much when you’re high.

I’ve NEVER made anything this long! Proud of myself *runs around in circles*


Chapter 02 - Part II - :

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- Prologue

- AU blog


Due the renovations in house, the updates are going to be slower for a while. 

Also, to all who already started to like/fangurl over the interaction between these two nerdy scientists, I am so sorry.  :3 Sometimes, just like how much this is so related to us in real life, fictional characters have their limits as well. So yes, unfortunately, this is the purpose of story and has to happen at some point. :>

do you even see this shit? Do you? This is helvetica. Helvetica fuckwit Neue asslord 55 Roman. Do you see how the 5 is all crammed up the ass of the one? Get in there, 5. Fuck. #rimming. Meanwhile, the 00 pair is chilling five feet apart because they’re not gay. #nohomo

I hate helvetica. Words fail me. No, that’s a lie, I’ve got plenty: you think comic sans is bad? At least it kerns without drama. I am using Flexisign, which gives me kerning override modes that are absolutely broadsword swinging brutal, and that still isn’t enough to make helvetica behave. Helvetica is a white woman who doesn’t like her chin length bob and wants to speak to the manager. There is no way to satisfy this font. It is the worst.

When I die, and hand kerning over 1000 signs will probably do it, because even when kerned well it’s still ugly, literally we’re polishing a turd here,

please put helvetica on my headstone.

Absolutely do this. I will rise from my own ashes like a phoenix of fuck this font, and there will be fire. If you are among the spared, aka people who understand that helvetica is bullshit and you really need to use anything else, avenir, ANYTHING (except Arial, seriously, fuck you for even asking that),

It’s possible, but no promises, that you will be able to weave a web of Bleeding Cowboys to contain me, because that drama ass font with all its guyliner never fails to make me laugh.



This is sooo amazing!! oh gaaaahhhhd. Ik I haven’t been postin much here ‘n I’m sorry about dat. I just drew some little comic of Guzik answering some of asks on UT!Amino ‘n on DA. But, let’s set all of that aside for a while n celebrate for us reaching 200+ followers here XDD

Thankies so so much!!

Here r some doodles! I’m sorry If their crappy. I kinda was rlly tired doing some of these shtuff—— waht ‘am I saying. I’m always full blown tired XD


Thankies again o much for 200+ followers!

Hope u like!

See you around!


Inktober Day 14 +15

…all of us have done that one embarrassing thing in front of our crush.

I drew this at four in the morning. I’ll regret sleepy-inking this later. What am I doing. Imma sleep now. Good night. Bye.

Arrow Cast icons - San Diego Comic Con 2017

It took me lot of time to make all of this, and even if I am not happy of every icons I made, I hope you will love them. If you want icons with pics I didn’t use, I can gladly make some for you, just ask me I don’t bite. Or if you want me to add some doodles on some icons, I am here.

Icon Request Opened

  • 200x200 px
  • Please like/reblog if taking & don’t repost.
  • Credit isn’t necessary, just don’t claim it as yours.
  • Feel free to use

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anonymous asked:

WHOA, okay. So, I would just like to clarify for a second, if you don't mind. Gaster and Intern Sans are trying to replicate human souls, but can't get the traits to stick together correctly, so they used the blasters to stabilize them. MONSTER souls, however, are made of the same traits, but are weaker, causing them to neutralize and turn white. Am I right? (Awesome comic BTW)

You’re on the right track. As of where we are in the story, it’s more that Sans didn’t really think there was a problem with his soul because the two particular traits happen to look normal monster soul color when combined.

More will be explained =D


You feel your sins crawling on your back

In a totally unrelated coincidence, I can’t decide if I’m going to use my Fangamer coupon on the Space shirt or the plush because, thanks life, I can’t afford both right now. Am I letting a skeleton toy influence my purchasing choices?

You betcha

*phew* Finally page 3 is done!! Man I am soooo slow at drawing!! Thank you everyone for the support!! And thank you to BoneMouse for the amazing fanfic Three of a kind and the sequel Striptionary! I really recommend checking it out if you haven’t read it yet! Σd(≧ω≦*)

First page



Original story

Sequel: Striptionary

whitemagenodel-deactivated20170  asked:

I think you would have Ferruginous Hawk wings. <3

i fuckin cant. ivhe been laughing at these creatures for at least 2 days

every single photo of these fuckers is a reaction image waiting to be made.
and someones gotta do it, so here i am, using my infinite photoshop knowledge for shitty edits. another good deed done.

‘say that to my fuckin face, helen’

^ i made another self portrait

but i used comic sans. cant be too nice or itll destroy the balance.

But their wings do look awesome

When you talk about how important your profile picture change is and use the first two photos you had in your computer the day after

(Disappointed the font isn’t comic sans though)

Janet Varney, the talented voice of Korra and all-around amazing human, forwarded Mike and me copies of this absolutely incredible book a few weeks ago. It is a collection of letters written to Mike, Janet, Seychelle Gabriel (the talented voice of Asami and similarly all-around amazing human), me, and often the extended crews of Korra and Avatar, from a community of people on the sub-reddit /r/Korrasami (my apologies if I didn’t use the correct lingo there, as I am reddit illiterate). I gather this community existed and grew throughout the run of the series, but all of these letters (peppered with charming fan art) were written in the wake of the series finale with the intention of binding them together in a book as a gift for us. The project was spearheaded by Dispari, featuring cover art by DrakyX. 

Mike and I had lunch about a week ago and discussed the book. We both said the same things: how we were completely overwhelmed and touched, and how we were taking our time going through this dense document, reading just a few of the letters each day. There really is no other way to process them. They are all so packed with such personal, powerful, touching messages, predominantly from people in the LGBTQ community, from all over the world. In fact, it is so raw and overwhelming that I don’t know if I will ever be able to fully process the impact our series has had on the many people who have reached out to us. 

I was planning on waiting until I had gotten through the entire book before posting about it, but there is a strong likelihood I will be meeting some of the contributors to this beautiful project this coming weekend at San Diego Comic Con. In that event, I want all of you to know beforehand just how moved I am by this collective gesture. I struggle to put it into words… at least ones that will come close to matching the power of what I have read so far. Some of you who wrote letters expressed a similar loss for words and difficulty distilling your feelings down to a simple letter, so I will just say what those of you said: THANK YOU. 

I wish you all love, acceptance, perseverance, and peace.