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Monsta X Reaction to their S/O being molested as a child by their teacher


Anon: Hi, I would like to request a heavy reaction. How would the members react to their gf telling them they were molested as a child by their teacher? Is this okay? Thank you.

Hi! Here is your request. You're right - this is quite a heavy topic and should be taken seriously. I’ve put a keep reading thingy because it’s something very sensitive and upsetting, so read at your own risk okay! In now way, am I trying to romanticize molesting people or finding out or whatever either! Sorry it’s so late too! 

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Chase Ross, a great inspiration and the first trans guy I ever watched is getting censored. I am not exaggerating when i say that Chase has been a part of my life for nearly 3 years now. That is how much he matters.

His packer reviews which are NOT SEX TOYS are getting flagged and age restricted. He can’t monetize them and this is his job. He could get his channel taken down. Please WATCH THE VIDEO because he explains is all in detail.

I am in tears. If Chase leaves the community then the world is seriously fucked. You can’t censor us. This is not ok.

I can’t believe I’ve gotten this far. This is actually the most followers I’ve gotten on any blog I’ve ever written on, and I’ve had at least one of those blogs for over a year. 

When I came into this community, I was really scared that I wouldn’t be able to write anymore. I had taken an 18 month hiatus from all of my creative hobbies, and I didn’t talk to anyone I had previously written with anymore. 

And yet, I was welcomed with open arms. I was shocked and grateful that everyone was so kind, and I still am. I seriously can’t thank anybody enough for the experience I’ve had in this community.

To commemorate this, I’m going to be doing a couple of things. First, I’m going to be learning, singing, and sharing up to five songs that people suggest. Second, and most excitingly, I’m going to be picking three people to receive Lush products when my tax return comes in, off of the lushusa website. 

WINNER ONE will be able to pick one item under $20.
WINNER TWO will be able to pick one item under $15. 
WINNER THREE will be able to pick one item under $10. 

The RULES are as follows–

  1. You must be FOLLOWING ME. This is a giveaway to celebrate my friends and followers. 
  2. You can’t unfollow me right after the giveaway is over. Dude, wtf? Dick move. 
  3. You must be a roleplay blog. This is to celebrate the community which has been so welcoming these last few months. 
  4. You can like and reblog once to a blog. For my own sanity. Please. A like and a reblog each count as an entry. 
  5. A song suggestion in the reply feature of this post also counts as an entry! Why not? 

This whole process is going to last three-ish weeks. The soft end date is going to be March 1, 2017. It may end early or late depending on when my tax returns come. 

Thanks for a great past few months, and here’s to great months ahead!

Good luck!

unpopular opinion: i really dislike that discord exists. i like the gaming aspect, better than what Steam ever did, but…

a scary thing about astrology is when the basic and evasive elements are taken too seriously, like sun sign compatibility

people centering on being one sign, and matching up only with people born with certain other signs, all while rejecting the notion that we have particles of every sign inside, just expressing at different points. say for instance, “I am a Capricorn and I could never ever be with an Aries because ….. and they broke my heart and…” It’s alarming. It would be better off astrology not known at all really

the second is that astrology is very powerful and potentially destructive in the wrong hands. hitler used a team of astrologers, and there was nothing benefic about that work, it was not the work of god. nancy reagan used electional astrology to the campaign’s advantage, corporations use economic astrology. many politicians consult with astrologers. J.P Morgan says that, ‘Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do’, and while we have the superficial, pop astrology consuming the surface, which is cool and fun and playful, but also met with contempt by those looking for logic or something deeper, maintaining astrology’s bubblegum facade is good for keeping it’s properties out of the hands of the masses and in the hands of those in command, who know its facilities, who revere it, and who use it to control and corrupt

Journal Archive: SUDDEN DEATH!!!

[Originally posted Nov 18, 2005]  

Yesterday morning, I woke up with chocolate all over my kimono and a headache. I can’t tell you how. I certainly can’t even tell you why. But I can show you how it started…suffice it to say, drink was taken, pies were baked, and I am a Victorian slut: 

I also vaguely recall a poetry reading, a game of vintage dress up, and homemade tattoos. And fun with my seriously tattered Victorian umbrella (lucky me). What follows is undoubtedly the best picture the world has EVER SEEN:

The last time my manager was over, I played him my new Opheliac tracks and he said that “listening to EA just isn’t right unless you’re reading a PlayBoy at the same time”, and retrieved the one we have strategically placed for maximum guest discomfort on the coffee table. Thus, we found it still in my room and read all the articles:

I have a dream, Charisma, a dream…no one understands but you…

How do things like this even get on my camera? On second thought, I think I’ve found my new album cover:

After a morning’s recovery, I went to my friend’s where we made wild mushroom risotto and spinach with pine nuts. Why can’t I have that every day? We were going to make bread, but didn’t have enough flour. Cruel god.
Now, I’m well aware this looks rather like dog vomit here, but I promise you that it was in fact divine to the point of criminal:

Remember Leo? I would marry this dog if it were legal:

I don’t know that I’d ever had truffle oil before, but it went in the risotto. As did the wine. Except for the gallon I drank:

Then GK suggested that we assist my winter goal of increasing my internal body temperature by having a hot sauce tasting. It’s like a wine tasting, but you get burned instead of drunk. Isn’t that a perverse idea? I think so:

There was one in particular called “Sudden Death,” which I was particularly amused by because of the label. See on the bottom where it says “Feel Alive”? WTF?:

In any case, the tasting proved nearly fatal.

But! Wanna hear genius? I came home with tongue still partially intact only to take a sip of positively mother fucking boiling tea and scald my tongue 3rd degree burn style. It was the TEA that took me down, the fucking TEA. Is that not irony?

Guess where we’re going tonight? I can’t tell you, but it’s dark, loud, and bloomers will be worn. Tell you tomorrow, you sassy brioche!

With love and fishnet shattering cold,

I don’t need Fat Acceptance.


Because I realize that my weight is to be taken seriously, I am about 230 right now and this is the heaviest I have ever been. I used to be a very tiny woman but things happened in my life and it caused bad patterns to form within my life. But the thing is, I am now strong enough to stop this, and so are you.

I used to sit here scrolling through this tag figuring out “Wow why can’t I have this much confidence?” or “Wow these girls are so beautiful and I’m not?” Well, I finally realized that the reason I don’t have much confidence is because I AM NOT MY SELF ANYMORE. I HAD BECAME A SLAVE TO FOOD. It has been a week now and I am now eating like I used to when I was a smaller woman and I feel fantastic. No sodas, no high fat and sugary foods, no going out and getting take out every week. None of that. Let me tell you something, It has only been ONE week and I feel so fucking amazing and alive because I have also been moving a ton more as well,

You DON’T NEED FAT ACCEPTANCE EITHER. You need to be HEALTHY. Being obese is disgusting and its not beautiful what so ever. Please do something about it before it’s too late, because you sit here thinking you wont get that big and before you know it, you are on “My 600 Pound Life” on TLC. From one Fat person to another. Please do something and if you need help please seek it. Life is too short and you’re just making it shorter by accepting your disorder.

Now, I must go for my 5 mile jog. What will you be doing? Hopefully you’ll be changing yourself for the better or, just sit on your ass and mope why people don’t think you’re pretty and the only person that thinks you’re attractive is your mother and the Fat Acceptance group. It’s time to do something. and a great time to start is Now.

  • Me: im suffering in every sense of the word and im never going to be okay i never was okay this is the most pain ive ever felt and i want to die so i wont have to deal with this anymore
  • Me literally less than thirty seconds later: ...it seems ive been cured

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not you too? everybody's talking about cheeky nando's and everybody else is asking what it is, and even after googling I still HAVE NO IDEA???? some British people are saying its a joke, some are saying it's real. you explained the nectar points thing, so explain this for real please?????

Okay, calm down, friend. I understand your confusion, but ease off the question marks???? Though I am reluctant to add further to this silly meme, I’ll do what I can. While it’s more of an indescribable essence than a concept that can be grasped with mere words, I think I can help you gain a better understanding:

1. Ignore that Urban Dictionary definition that starts with “a phrase used by fuckboys…”. I mean, besides the fact that nobody who uses the phrase “fuckboy” should ever be taken seriously, this is incorrect and appears to have been written by someone on the outskirts of lad culture, jealous of never having been able to partake in #banter with the #lads.

2. The etymology of a “cheeky nandos” is a hard one to get a grasp on if it’s your first foray into #lad culture. See, you’re better off getting a grasp on a few precursory terms first. Let’s begin with “tactical chunder” (difficulty: easy). Though it shares no common words, a tactical chunder is the very essence of cheekiness. You’re having a particularly #banterous night on the town with the lads, perhaps abusing various cocktails of illicit substances. You feel that twinge in your gut, that faint haze in your head - you just know you may well be facing a whitey down the line. That’s the tipping point: a lad’s gotta do what a lad’s gotta do. First off, you have to inform as many of your friends as possible that you’re off for a tactical chunder - it is, in itself, a very banterous move. So you head to the toilets, you lock yourself in, and you preemptively chunder. You chunder til you can chunder no more, then you walk out with your head held high, met with a hearty “wheyyyy” from your lads in arms. That’s cheeky.

3. If you’ve grasped that, you can move on to the “cheeky wank” (difficulty: intermediate). This shares a common word, clearly, but it’s slightly easier to understand given that the nominal cheekiness of a wank is inherently easier to get a grip on (see that pun there? that’s banter). Jump back a few hours from that tactical chunder. You’re getting ready for a banterous night out with the lads, who are downstairs having pre-drinks. The taxi arrives in 10 minutes, just enough time for a cheeky wank. No time to boot up the computer, you just grab your phone and open up your finely-crafted wank bank (you all have one, don’t deny). So you’re on the toilet with your phone in one hand as close to your face as possible, expertly using your thumb to slide between some classic Lucy Pinder pinups and a few choice selections saved from Louise’s “Malia 2013″ facebook album, gracefully tilting it back and forth as pictures change from portrait and landscape. You finish at the exact same moment as the taxi beeps to signify its arrival (or even if you don’t, that’s what you tell the lads for some top banter. And yes, you have to tell the lads. Otherwise it’s not cheeky, it’s just sad). 

4. Okay, if you’ve grasped those two, you should have a decent understanding of the very essence of cheekiness. You’re ready for a cheeky nandos (difficulty: lad). So you’ve arrived in town with the lads a bit earlier than planned, you’ve divvied up the taxi fare, and you’re looking for somewhere to eat (unless fucking Ricky is with you, at which point he’ll have uttered the sacred challenge of “eating is cheating”, a vile threat to your masculinity in which everyone suffers. Fuck Ricky). There’s a Spoons nearby, but it’s not Thursday so curry club is out of the question, there’s no time for an indian, and you can’t go to a proper restaurant with the lads in tow (that would be gay). So the best choice is a cheeky nandos.

With this precursory knowledge, I’d say this post gives the best idea of how the rest of a cheeky nandos transpires. Piri-piri is poured, banter is decanted, you try your best not to lock eyes with Marcus because he popped into your head at the last second of your cheeky wank, and even though lad culture tends to unapologetically straddle the fine line between banter and full-blown homosexuality, you’re having trouble finding a way to banterously brush off the fact that you think he might be the one…

when men express emotions vs. when women express emotions
  • a man: I am sad because my gf hurt my feels.
  • his community: OMG what a bitch!! your feelings are valid man! let's listen to drake and go fuck some sluts to help you get over that whore!
  • a man: I am angry at this thing that I feel is unjust.
  • his community: woah dude! we totally take your anger seriously. you're right, there's a problem and it should be fixed, just vent man.
  • a man: this woman made me feel guilty for laughing at sexist jokes. she made me feel guilty for expressing my happiness.
  • his community: wow what a cunt! you shouldn't feel guilty about anything ever! you're allowed to feel joy at women's expense!
  • a man: so I raped this chick because she made me feel overwhelmed with lust
  • his community: this should be taken seriously and empathized with, he's a victim of manipulation.
  • a woman: I am sad, angry, and frustrated about the injustice that I have been suffering for the way I was born
  • her community: WOAH THERE. CALM DOWN. this is NOT how you SHOULD be feeling. let me tell you that you are over reacting, your feelings are completely invalid and wrong, and you have just taken things the total wrong way. wow women's emotions make no sense at all and women can't understand logic and reason. everything she expressed should NOT be taken seriously under any circumstances.

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I'm not disagreeing with anything, but I am curious. Erin denies that she's dating Holtz while Abby says she is. Why is Abby's word taken as canon when Erin's isn't? Wouldn't Erin know if she was dating someone or not?

I don’t believe that holtzbert is or has ever been canon unfortunately, as much as I’d like that, but I think that Abby says she is dating holtz because she sees how holtz is always flirting with her, and how much chemistry the two have. I don’t think she meant it seriously because Erin then says she’s dating the receptionist (Kevin) when she isn’t.

I also think Abby knows how much Dr Gorin influences holtz so maybe she was just trying to make her feel less embarrassed by Erin’s clear reaction that they weren’t, if that makes sense?

Imagine: A game of Jeopardy! The losing contestant answers Final Jeopardy with the question: “What is anarcho-capitalism?” Alex Trebek announces that the contestant is wrong, but then sees – and announces, with a gasp, that they have wagered -$1,000,000. The flummoxed host, now sweating, reveals that no one has ever wagered a negative amount of money. The contestant grins. Their competitors stare, mouths agape, now knowing that they have seen the Devil. The teary-eyed Alex Trebek claims that since the ghost of Merv Griffin demanded that all wagers be taken seriously, he must grant the contestant one million dollars for their wrong answer. “That’s not enough, Alex,” the reigning champion claims. “I am the host now. Give me your microphone… and your tie.”

Made in the AM - One Direction

If you had told me five years ago that One Direction would release an album that felt timeless, I probably would have laughed and said “okay, sure yeah.” and then continued my dance party to What Makes You Beautiful.

But after four years of hard work, determination, and incredible writing sessions where they’ve allowed their musical influences to fully shine through, Made in the AM was born. 

Written almost entirely after Zayn Malik’s abrupt departure in March, this album has a fair few people who are just “casual” fans questioning why they were ever put under the boyband label, rather then be counted as a vocalist group, and the stigma around boybands prevents them from being taken seriously as musicians. Which, unfortunately, means that their music is written off as just basic pop when that’s not the case.

Which presents us with a problem: the majority of critics (and the majority of the population) are dismissive of them because they have an audience that is mainly female. The recent reviews haven’t been fair to the band, clearly echoing the thoughts and feelings of the reviewers. I in no way can give an unbiased review, however, I fell as though the Billboard review was absolutely disgusting, and did nothing but insult everything the band has built.

This album is their most classic, their most timeless, and I think that it could be here to stay, if people gave it the chance it deserves. It has something for everyone, and the entire record has clear influences that ring through. They’re incredible songwriters, they sing just as well as they write, and even though their sound individually is unique, they’re just as cohesive as a unit.

It also seems to have been written to showcase all of their vocals, rather than just focus on a certain few members. Part of me thinks that this is due to Zayn’s departure, because without him there’s more room on the tracks for everyone to have their own opportunity to shine. Specifically, Louis and Niall, who have both had their solo time cut short on previous albums.

If we’re going to compare and contrast these albums, we can also look at the structure of the tracks. Four and Midnight Memories were written for stadium play. Their tracks were big, entertaining, made for performing in the venues they were. This is totally different. These are songs they wanted to write, just so they could write them. Julian Bunetta, one of the main members on their songwriting team, said that they were very much aware that they were going on a break while writing, and it’s clear.

With all albums, though, there are tracks that don’t belong, so I’m not going to spending time talking about Drag Me Down (which is a track that should have been put on Four), Infinity (which I reviewed here) and Perfect (which is a Take Me Home era love song that’s not really a love song). Interestingly enough, they were placed at the beginning of the album instead of spread through out. It makes it easier to skip them to get to the good bits.

Hey Angel opens with a church-like organ (since I had a religious experience listening to this album, this makes sense), and then blends into a Verve-like power track that’s a strong opening, and sets the whole tone for the album. There was no other track they could have started this album with, and have it have the same effect that it does. Liam has chill-inducing backing vocals, and they sing through the chorus strongly. I’ll get back to you on a lyrical analysis.

End of the Day  took a bit of time to grow on me because of how it’s structured. It starts quickly, then the chorus turns into some sort of ballad. It’s an interesting listen, almost a bit jarring, but once you give it a bit of time it’s catchy, the hook sticks with you, and lyrically it’s a great track. I don’t think it’s my favourite, but it’s seriously catchy and the hook stays in your head for ages.

If I could Fly is the most beautiful love song I’ve ever heard. There’s so much importance in it, and it shows how much love Harry Styles has in his heart. It’s incredible that he can put himself into a situation so well, and then manage to write their version of Journey’s Faithfully. I actually haven’t heard a love song quite like this in such a long time. Every lyric is beautiful, and paired with their vocals, no other band could have done this song and had it come out as special.

Long Way Down makes me hope to god that Noel Gallagher is shitting himself because of how much this track feels like Oasis. Maybe not lyrically, but the backing track and vocals are strikingly similar to that of Champagne Supernova, and it has this slow build throughout the track that just gets you. Niall and Louis’ vocals are heavily showcased, which is an amazing thing, because they practically own the song. The structure is the coolest part, though. You’ve got that slow, slow, slow build and then it’s at it’s peak and then at the end it just drops off into nothing.

Never Enough is such a tune. Like this song is such a tune, it’s amazing. It’s so fun and something you just want to dance to. I don’t know what makes it so good, it just is. Like it is just a great song, and their vocals are so good. If I had to give an influence for it, it would be Fleetwood Mac meets Phil Collins, probably. It’s got the underlying drumbeats and the trumpets of Fleetwood Mac, but then it’s got the upbeat nature of Phil Collins’ In the Jungle.

Olivia, the perfect mix between The Beatles’ Penny Lane and Elenore by the Turtles, is the most classic rock feeling track on the album. It’s got a happy, uplifting feeling and the most cheerful lyrics. The strings were done at Abbey Road, which is amazing in itself, and it opens with a bit of talking, like they’re discussing the technicalities of the track. Harry’s vocals also fit so well, he’s got this smooth voice that just sort of floats on the track.

What a Feeling is my personal favourite on the album, and I absolutely cannot get enough. It’s got an amazing, sexy, groove to it, and I think that comes from the Fleetwood Mac influence, but that’s not even what stands out. What stands out is their stacked harmonies on the chorus, and the lyrics. The lyrics paint a picture of someone who’s been gone for ages, and they finally get back to the one they’ve been missing and how good that feels, and the song gives you that feeling. It makes your heart swell and you stop in your tracks to give it a listen. 

Love You Goodbye could be counted amongst generic break up songs with more of a personal touch. The lyrics do a much better job at painting a picture of how you feel when you see an ex -or even a person you used to be friends with- again. It throws you into this world of not knowing where the lines blur, how it feels to be nothing to someone who was once your everything. (louis’ high note though???)

I Want to Write You A Song is probably the cutest, simplest song on the album, but the lyrics hold so much meaning. It’s also the coolest, production wise, because if you listen close enough you can hear a pencil scratching on paper, and you can hear the slide on the guitar strings (which is something I absolutely love). Their vocals are also so soft, and so loving, it’s just a warm feeling in your chest, something that makes you want to settle down in front of a fire and have someone play it for you on a guitar.

History is one of the coolest songs, lyrically, because it seems like it’s having three conversations at the same time but they’re all saying the same thing. The first version of the conversation, would be the band amongst themselves. The second version, would be the fans talking to the band. The third version is the dialogue between the band and the fans, and how we’re a team and we’re in this together and we’re gonna hold on because together we’re unstoppable.

Temporary Fix has more of an upbeat nature, but it’s so obviously an answer to Alive and No Control. It’s basically telling the story of a friends with benefits situation, and it does all of this without degrading the female catalyst in this relationship or whatever it is. There’s so many songs that slut-shame, and this one just isn’t like that. It also isn’t a song that talks about the friendzone, it’s not about pressuring anyone into anything. It’s just a song about two people having casual sex because they want to.

Walking in the Wind was heavily influenced by Paul Simon’s Graceland, and you can immediately tell that much. I think, though, it’s one of those songs you want to play while you’re driving in a car in the summertime with the top down and your best friend is next to you laughing. I get a lot of feeling when I hear this song, and I think that’s the only way I can describe it. I can only really tell you how it makes me feel because it’s one of the ones you just have to hear.

Wolves is a song that i absolutely love. It’s got a really great groove to it, and it’s another one of the songs where they stack their harmonies and showcase their vocals individually and as a group. It’s got a slowed-down “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” feel, and you just want to be able to dance to it. Another thing about it that’s really awesome is the “Oooo’s” spread throughout the chorus and backing vocals because it’s like they tried to sound like wolves during the track.

AM is my absolute favourite, and it’s because it’s simple, but the lyrics hold so much for me. This song is friends sitting in a room and starting out by shit talking, and then everything turns into the Big Things in life. It’s the nights you’re up and don’t want to go to bed because you don’t want to have to stop talking, especially after everything you’ve been saying to each other. It’s the hopes and dreams of a drunken mind coming to life. It’s everything a twenty something needs.

This album was the perfect way to end an incredible five year trek, and the promise of better things to come when they’re refreshed and back to writing and recording in 2017. I’m so excited to hear what else they’ve got up their sleeves, and I’m excited to hear what their individual endeavours bring to the table when they’re all back together.

Made in the AM is available for preorder through every major music retailer, and will be officially released on 13. November.

Favourite Tracks: AM, Long Way Down, What A Feeling, Walking in the Wind, If I Could Fly.

ENFP confession #48

I feel like amongst many of my friends I joke a lot and I am pretty funny and social. However, I getting the feeling from them that I am pure comical relief and not to be taken seriously- even when I am driven to tears from social anxiety and school. Despite that, I care so, so much about all of my friends, more than I know they will ever care about me. Knowing that makes me miserable. And when I try to detach myself from my friends, I find it even more difficult, because I crave connections with people. I feel stuck between being introverted and extroverted.

Ohohoh~ The time has come again! Actually, it’s been awhile since I’ve done this … (shhh- its not because I’ve been swamped with summer school) But let’s get started, shall we? (°∀°)ゝ”

Hey guys! It’s Kitty here (゚ω゚;), cryin’ about how late she is in celebrating reacher her follower milestone!!!! :^)  I mean seriously tho… 800+ of y’all still decided to follow me? Σ(・口・) Like wow. Even though I am still on this point in tumblr, I still can’t believe people would even like my content. My dash is the messiest ever … it could be about kpop then suddenly, I would be hit with feels and well..the rest are history. I want to sincerely thank each and everyone of y’all from the bottom of my heart (シ_ _)シ. Sorry I haven’t been on much or what not … School has literally taken over my life (´ヘ`;), BUT! I’m in summer break now (⊙ꇴ⊙) So, Yah know … I’m free n’ all now =) 

First, I’d love to thank God for everything He has done for me…. He has given me so much blessings… to name a few~ヽ(ヅ)ノ

  1.  7/31/16- I got to meet BTS, the men that has changed my perspective on music and made me smile more than anyone else.
  2. 8/15/16- After a year, I finally passed and got my driving license to drive (YAY! INDEPENDENCE!)
  3. 7/30/16- I got to shake hands with DEAN and boyyyyyyyyy, lemme tell you… He’s the most nicest artist I’ve ever met. Gentleman goals 
  4. 7/31/16- I fell in love with MONSTA X and ASTRO (KCON made this possible~)
  5. 8/21/16- I found out I have straight A’s from taking 4 Summer Classes :-)
  7. 7/30/16- I got to meet my KAKAO loves @basilthecreeper & @monikarp & @parkjongins(<–Blakeeu, we did ‘meet’ in SKYPE and in spirit…. I still count you LOLOL) I love you guys so much ! ;-; i really wish we can meet up again soon ~)

And that’s only some of July & August things~ So with that, I’d like to continue the rest of this post ≖‿≖ 

ಠ_ರೃ For my Kings n’ Queens: ಠ_ರೃOkay, first of all… I’d love to apologize to each and everyone of you. I know I’m really terrible with communication and all but I just really want you guys to always know that I am here for you and I’m all ears and I love y’all so much. Thank you putting up with my dummy self and yeah :-) I don’t know how to really thank y’all for showing support and all. Just know, y’all have a special place in my heart ~ I LOVE YOU. Thank you for even spending a second to talk to me. I appreciate it… alot 

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@debrenner​ - LOVE :d OHMYDAYS. IT’S BEEN FOREVER SINCE WE’VE TALKED BUT LOOK! HEHE I’M STILL WORKING HARD ON MY ART :) I still wanna thank you for supporting my art. Youre awesome! Let’s catch up soon~] [ @sehunsdancesoloinlotto​ & @kurosentoki  - thank you guys so much for your concern in my past note :’) I really appreciate it and it truly means a lot to me…. To what you guys said, I’ll truly put it into consideration and again.. thanks for even spending a second to it >< Even though I dont deserve, I still wanna thank you ~]

An HD Version of my art :-) 

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The biggest thank you ever to @padawanparent​ for all of the cheerleading and encouraging on this. Seriously. You are the best.

So I am slightly late for @absentlyabbie​‘s actual birthday, but since you’ve decided to claim the entire weekend, HAPPY BIRTHDAY WIFE. I love you very much.

Felicity opened the cabinet next to kitchen, her eyes scanning along the different board games that had been placed in it. She really should have taken Tommy up on his offer to actually go through and organize the games when he had made it, instead of blowing it off. Because really, after three years of biweekly board game nights, they had somehow managed to accumulate a massive amount of different games.

A few were the types of games that Tommy would buy on a whim with strange names, and even stranger rules, that they only played once or twice before moving on to more established ones. They had a few staples, games like Scrabble or Monopoly, that they played more often than not. The ones that at some point they added changed the rules to, making things up as they went to keep the game going or to throw a twist into the standard play.

She let her fingers run along the edges of the boxes on what Oliver had labeled the Monopoly shelf. Felicity was the one that had started collecting the different editions at some point. She was rather helpless at walking away from any different version of the game. Tommy had even found a Starling City edition that had been made in the early 90s at some point, she thoroughly enjoyed buying both Merlyn Global and Queen Consolidated from under them. It was a special treat when either of them would go bankrupt from landing on those properties.

But her finger moved right past that version, and past the multiple cartoon and movie tie-in editions, and right to the regular edition of Monopoly. Only she knew that it wasn’t quite the original. No, this was the boardgame that she and Tommy had spent hours on coming up with new chance cards. Designing acts and punishments for the cards that would drive Oliver insane, and a few that would drive the two of them crazy as well.

It wasn’t a game that they had played in awhile. But it was the one game that came with an almost guarantee of time spent together. And considering that the last three game nights had either ended earlier, or missed entirely, Felicity was feeling a little selfish. It never failed to amaze her that even with living together, they still managed to miss each other more often than not, running on entirely different schedules.

Between Felicity’s schedule during the day running the recently merged Merlyn and Queen Enterprises, Oliver’s nightlife protecting the city and Tommy’s current project of opening a new nightclub in Central City, it felt as if their entire relationship had stalled. Their conversations had become focused entirely on discussions of locations in Central City, the stress of all of the executive meetings Felicity was having to host and attend, and Oliver’s fear and unease at the sudden drop in crime on the streets, and what that meant for them if a bigger, stronger underground force was biding time until they were strong enough to rise up. They never had a chance to focus on them, only on what their lives were outside of them.

Their morning routine quickly became disrupted, the earlier Felicity had to leave for work, the later Tommy and Oliver seemed to come home. Generally, Felicity spent most of her morning trying to quietly go through her routine to prepare for the day just as Tommy and Oliver began to unwind. It was those mornings, when Tommy and Oliver came home as she finished showering and were in bed as she came out of the bathroom to get dressed, that she found it the hardest to leave. Because surely the company wouldn’t fall apart if she missed just one day? But the company was Tommy and Oliver’s, and they trusted her with it, and she took that extremely seriously. So she did her best to resist the urge to get back into bed with them on those mornings, limiting herself to just a few minutes of watching them settle in, before kissing them and heading to work. It was something she was finding to be more difficult the more time they spent apart.

Which was why tonight was so important. It was why she had taken the afternoon off from work, specifically making sure that she had everything she would need to have read and prepared for Monday complete. She was not going to spend any more time than absolutely necessary thinking about the company. She was going to remind Tommy and Oliver, remind herself, why they worked, and why it was important that they spend time together. Time where they were able to just be them. And if the easiest, and if she was being honest, most fun way of doing that was by playing a sexified version of Monopoly.

Well, so be it.

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Lead Me Not To Temptation

TITLE: Lead Me Not to Temptation

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Nineteen

AUTHOR: wolfpawn


Imagine being chosen to be Loki’s wife, and while at first you loath the idea, you came around and actually fall in love with Loki, and he falls in love with you. But the day before the wedding, Odin changes the arrangement and suddenly you’re being whisked away to marry Thor instead. You and Loki manage to have a secret affair and things are perfect, until you fall pregnant.

RATING: Mature

NOTES: This is a work of fiction, what I write in this is not in anyway to be taken as advice for something like this. NEVER EVER do something like this to someone, it is the cruelest thing in the world to ever do. I actually know people, my own father included that this was done to. Seriously, don’t do it! 

“And you are certain?” Kari stared back at the healer.

“I am.” Eir looked at her sympathetically.


“Every elixir has a duration period, and that one has clearly ended. His Majesty has not left you as alone as you may have thought.” Eir stated. “What would you have me do, we can deal with it now before his return if you would like, I will say nothing.”

“No.” Kari placed her hand on her stomach. “I need some time to think.”

“I understand; when is the king back from Vanaheim?”

“I am not sure, those who opposed King Roan have been dealt with, and so the time he is there now is of his own choosing. Most of the army is back, it is mostly him, Loki and his friends there now.”

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in defense of the trash lord

ok i just finished my star wars marathon and

I LOVE ANAKIN SKYWALKER and I am in pain forever. I love this little proud dramatic boy who’s so full of rage and fear and love SO MUCH. 

Seriously I will fight anyone saying he’s overdramatic and whiny like bitch he went through fucking hell. He was raised as a slave with a mother who loved him more than anything, yet he was already a fucking genius at mechanics and a great pilot. He was taken away from his mother, not knowing when or even if he would see her again, only comforted by the feeling that he was going to become one of the greatest jedi ever known (as qui-gon said). Then he’s already greeted with distrust by the council, he’s too old, his future is uncertain blabla, only reluctantly allowing Obi-wan to train him. He’s A CHILD literaly been freed from a childhood of servitude, been told he’s the Chosen One, yet almost all the jedi treat him like a vaguely threatening pest, hell I would be bitter and feisty too if I had to train in such an environment. He’s proud, yes, but who wouldn’t when they’ve been told they’re the Chosen One ? 

Anakin is so full of love, not the spiritual jedi love, but the passionate  unconditional one, the one he has for his mother and Padmé. The fact that this love is perceived as a threatening, wrong thing by the jedi is essentially what leads to Anakin’s downfall. Because he can’t help it. He cannot listen to Yoda’s advice, to just detach himself from the one he loves. It fucking breaks my heart when, just after his mother dies, he says to Padmé he’s always been good at fixing things yet he couldn’t save her. It’s so child-like to believe that he should be able to cheat death like he used to fix old machines as a kid yet it really shows how damaged and innocent he really is underneath all this boyish confidence. How can you not be fucked up for life after this ? Of course he’s terrified of losing Padmé when he starts having the same nightmares that announced Shmi’s death before, of course he’s torn. I mean come on on the “good” side he has the jedi who only ever treated him with vague dislike and open distrust from the very fucking start, who continue to ignore him and reject him everytime he tries to make a move, his only friend among them is Obi-Wan and even him refuses to really acknowledge him before it’s too late. Palpatine comforts him, tells him his anger and his love (two of his most defining traits that are always condemned by the jedi) are not wrong, he tells him he can save Padmé, Palpatine tells him what he always wanted Obi-Wan to tell him. Of course it’s too good to be true but Anakin is fucking terrified of losing the last person in the world that he loves and who loves him (like he genuily feels that only Padmé and Palpatine care about him, call that whiny if you want but it fucking kills me to think about how terribly lonely he must feel in his darkest hours), what else could he do ? You can see he’s torn even after killing Mace Windu but the hope of saving Padmé is what binds him to the dark side. 

I will forever rant over how the jedi handled this like for people who claim that empathy and universal love is their motto they fucking butchered Anakin and are as responsible for his demise than Palpatine is, if not more. Until the fucking end they ignore him and dismiss him, even when it’s clear that he’s on a tightrope between the light and dark. HE FUCKING WENT TO MACE WINDU TO TELL HIM PALPATINE WAS A SITH and still Mace forbids him the only thing he asks. Anakin was couragous and good enough to betray Palpatine in one last attempt to gain the jedi’s trust but no, they treat him like a treacherous child once more. Don’t even get me started on fucking Obi-Wan because for someone who is supposed to have trained him, to know him, to be his fucking brother, he’s fucking blind and stupid.

Anakin is flawed, I’m not at all denying that. But he’s also a fucking good person, someone who loved people so deeply and, in a way, so purely that it ended up blinding him. His unconditional love for Padmé and their child is what redeems him in the very end. So no, Anakin Skywalker is not a whiny baby who ruined everything with his tantrums and nightmares, let’s even admit he was overreacting (which he was not, he had premonitions and his mother died in his arms but you know whatever) is that a fucking reason for the jedi to treat him the way they did ? the boy is clearly mentally ill jesus christ whether his fears were irrational or not he had the right to be treated as a fucking human being with feelings. He was denied the right to love, the was denied the right to be scared, he was denied the right to be angry. Of course he went mad. He was a beautiful person who got turned into a fucking monster by both sides, the light and the dark. 

(also i will also fight anyone saying Hayden Christensen was bad)

Dear Louis,

You are the sweetest, most caring, genuine, kind and strong willed person I’ve ever seen. You have a big heart and you protect everyone around you while making sure everyone feels important, loved and taken care of. It’s pretty clear and inspiring that your family comes first always and you are an amazing example to your younger siblings and other fans who see you.

I am so proud of you for everything you’ve accomplished in and out of the band and how confident you have become putting yourself out there every day and taking one day at a time. Thanks for never taking things too seriously, pushing boundaries and for sharing your song writing and heart with the world. I understand I only get to see you/hear about your thoughts and feelings through media for the most part but I KNOW you are a good person and you have tons and tons to offer the world.

Your voice is so important and strong in more ways than one. You take time to get to know organizations, people, and causes that you feel important to give back to. We can all see that you do what you do just to make someone’s spirit a little bit brighter and happier and to show them that someone is thinking of them and they are important. You take on every project 100% and put your whole heart into it and it only shows how determined and smart you are. I am completely honored to be a fan of yours and I just hope that the world shows you respect and kindness like you show the world. I hope you know how loved you are and how many peoples’ hearts you’ve touched along your way.

I cannot wait to see what else you do in the future and what you’re going to be involved with next because I know it will be a genuine act of kindness and I wish you the best of luck; I hope you know I’m rooting for you :)