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Hey guys!!! So I think now is the perfect time to say thank you to all of you…These past few days have been hell and honestly i was almost about to do some stupid besides just erasing my blogs…something stupid against my life and honestly I managed to stop myself before I could have done something regrettable. I cried for days in my room because my life is a complete mess and I have so many problems not only with my parents, abuse and financially. I have been dealing with that for years to the point that i’m so emotionally drained and physically exhausted especially now with how sick and fragile of health I am to the point of almost dying in the hospital….

but all of you have been nothing but kind and patient and lovely and I can’t believe how supportive and nice all of you are. I want to change and look at life more positively. I know everything seems horrible, but I’ve always trued to look forward to another day. I realized that life is important and that even when it all seems like shit, it will get better. I appreciate all of you so much for always checking up on me and making sure I’m always loved and appreciated…I don’t know where i’d be without the support! And so in order to take the initiative to start fresh and with a new outlook, and not many people actually know the true reason why i did this…but i decided to cut my hair to my shoulders and dye it after years of having it long. I think this really helps me cope better and truly feel a weight off my shoulders. I’m gonna try my best to keep trying to improve and again thank you thank you so so much for all the love.

Sincerely, Crystal

Here’s some ugly selfie’s of my hair!)

Special thanks to @ask-bts-stuff @ask-cosplayer-tae @askbongtan @askminfamily @askjimjamjiminnie @ask-nerve-bts @ask-neverland-bts @aikochaaaan @ask-bts-au @ask-witch-jiminie @ask-deer-suga for encouraging me with sweet messages and the love

SARAH! TABBY! NICHOLE! KAELA! BELS! CAMI! thank you for sending me private messages and talking me out for making decisions i could regret. I appreciate it with the bottom of my heart. I would be nothing without you guys anf omg im such a zap i love you guys <3 <3<3

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#omg if you’re a white person and you read this don’t then talk about how triggered you like goddamn #if you ARE triggered by this and need to talk to someone about try doing it privately #otherwise just keep it to yourself#once you’re calm or calm-ish just go through your posts and see for yourself if you’re doing that shit #examine your responses when you see posts like that #then #don’t do the thing #racism #anxiety #white people wanna be oppressed so bad #i’m white and i have an idea bout what kind of privilege that affords me even if i don’t see the full scope of it #and occasionally i am a Fragile White #instead of making a post about it (i did once and then like immediately took it down because I realized it was a dick move) #i talked to someone about it in private and stepped back and reexamined myself #it’s not hard folks #otterly queueless


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♖: Having their hair washed by the other Sith Power Couple

“I’m not as fragile as you think I am,” Shirenne grumbles, settling further down into the frankly unreasonable froth of bubbles, arms folded over her still-growing belly. “I can still take a damn bath without your help.”

Vitya grins before leaning down and kissing her cheek. “Shush, ‘Ren, and let me spoil you,” he says. He gently pushes her up a little, dragging a bar of soap across her shoulders, down the curve of her back. 

This had been a mutual decision, the bathroom—an actual room with a bath, as well as the standard refresher just across the hall. They’d agreed that after everything, they both deserved a little luxury in the form of wasting the hours away underwater. The actual bath is a recess in the floor, a few meters away from a window that stretches from ceiling to floor and wall to wall, overlooking the storm and gloom of Kaas City from a considerable enough height that even the most determined of voyeurs would decide to ignore. 

These past few months, the bath has been getting considerably more usage than either of them had anticipated. Vitya guides his wife back into a more reclined position, taking her by the hand and scrubbing, gently, along the length of her arm. As she breathes, her sense relaxed despite her irritation with him, her stomach rises and falls above the bubbles—and if Vitya focuses, he can feel the faint flicker of the two little minds growing within.

“Being spoiled doesn’t suit me well,” Shirenne says, leaning her head back against the rim of the tub.

“I think you wear flagrant opulence beautifully, my love,” Vitya says, moving to wash her other arm. “As beautifully as you wear everything else, of course.”
Shirenne rolls her eyes. Her other hand falls below the water—

—and snaps back up, splashing Vitya square in the face with a spray of soapy, bubbly bathwater. Spluttering, Vitya does his best to dry himself off with his own arm, with little success.

“You’re ridiculous,” she says, shaking her head, but there’s a fondness in her voice that he’s found hard to miss now that he knows the tone.

“And you love me,” Vitya replies, turning her head with his free hand and pressing a kiss to her lips.

“And I love you,” Shirenne mumbles against his mouth, and he can feel her smiling.

Vitya places his hand on her shoulder and guides her forward, placing the soap in a tin off to the side. In its place he retrieves a small bottle of shampoo, which he’d had picked up from a little shop on Alderaan. The moment he thumbs open the cap, a rich floral smell wafts through the air, blending with the faint woodland scents from the other soaps and oils he’s laid out around the edge of the tub. He pours a small amount of pale blue liquid into his palm before rubbing both hands together until the suds start to come out through the gaps between his fingers.

“Lean back, my love,” Vitya murmurs, gently massaging the lather into her scalp.

Shirenne hums as she obliges, eyelids slipping shut and her sense falling deeper and deeper into calm contentment. Vitya cards his fingers through her hair, singing softly to her without thought. As if they can hear him, or as if responding to their mother’s serenity, the light of those twin minds flickering in Shirenne’s womb fades into a gentle glow, like embers of a fire left to burn through the night.

When he’s sure that he’s spread the lather as much as he possibly can, Vitya gently pushes Shirenne forward again, and she yawns. She keeps her eyes closed as he cups his palms below the water and brings it up above her head, the suds trickling down her back as he rinses the shampoo from her hair.

Outside, a bolt of lightning cuts through the sky, its brilliance filling the room with pale light for but a moment. The low rumble of thunder follows, shuddering through the floor beneath them. The ever-present storm of Dromund Kaas rolls on, clouds churning and sparking with chaos.

But inside, for this single moment, there is peace.

Kim Namjoon’s dimples appreciation~












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Seriously, I just wanna poke his cheek and make him smile on purpose just to see those cute dimples~ ♥

Butches and "Fragile masculinity"

As a butch woman I am uncomfortable when people suggest that I should wear characteristically feminine clothes or should have proper feminine interests. I recoil from that shit. I have been uncomfortable with femininity since childhood, and I have been told that I am doing womanhood “wrong” since childhood. Seems like most people nowadays would be quick to attribute my discomfort with femininity to my so-called “fragile masculinity”. I promise you that gnc and butch women aren’t uncomfortable because we have the “fragile” masculinity that men do–we are uncomfortable because being socialized as a woman is inherently traumatizing and compulsory femininity is a huge part of that. This is obviously not every woman’s experience but patriarchy’s violence manifests in different ways for different women and that’s not all that difficult to understand.

So stop insinuating that the experience of a gender non-conforming woman is anything like that of a man! Men have “fragile masculinity” i.e. disgust when femininity is applied to them because they are socialized to fucking hate women. The worst thing a man can be is like a woman because women are dirt to him. On the other hand, I have discomfort and disgust with femininity because girls are forced to be feminine and I’ll never get over the amount of pressure put on me to be feminine and take up less space and just to shut up in my short lifetime. Its awful and its dehumanizing. There is a HUGE difference here. Compulsory femininity is traumatizing, butches aren’t fucking “fragile” like men and when you say this you sound like an idiot or like you’ve never actually interacted with a butch.

I bought a 3 euro gouache pack from the supermarket near my house and the moment I opened it I knew immediately that everything will be left in ruin

anw gas mask

I am really really emotionally fragile about the idea of Harry just perusing the aisles at his local grocery store, little basket in hand, gently picking up a carton of organic farm fresh eggs… reaching for some milk and checking the expiration date…. standing in front of an assortment of green vegetables deciding whether he wants kale or brussel sprouts for dinner….. it’s beautifully mundane but I bet he looks like an angel doing it and I’m in pain

excuse me...

i have these moments where i just hear something by taylor or read about something she’s done and there’s a part of me that wants to be calm and relaxed but this other part of me always wins and i end up an ugly crying mess because of her and that’s where i am right now. i have no idea why ive been feeling the way i have lately but the second i heard that old Untouchable performance all of the tears and all of the feelings just like……..,.,,,,,,,,,… made me crumble???? i still spend some days wondering how someone as sweet and generous and hard working as taylor ends up getting her name dragged through the mud when literally all she wants to do is make people happy as much as she can whether it’s with her music or just her presence. i dont understand. im so lost like can someone draw a map for me because we’ve all practically watched her grow up and be so many different versions of herself. from the awkward dork to the strongest she can be in the spotlight and then there’s the sweet little fairy and you just know that no matter what version of her she’s being, she’s trying to be human and she is. it’s so hard to remember this with celebrities because we put them in these glass cases never to be touched but left to fade from the camera flashes like these priceless masterpieces. but there’s a reason it seems so easy to imagine yourself stopping at starbucks for coffee after a day of shopping or drinking wine on a roof and spilling secrets like…..she’s so real. she is actually like,,,,,,not just a concept, you know? i wish there were more people like her and i wish there were more of her in me. it used to be this thing of like wishing i was in her position (because c’mon like who doesnt want to be talented, rich, and beautiful) but now i find myself wanting to make other people’s days a little better somehow, everyday. it’s that chain reaction situation that makes her such a great person because the more good you put into the world, the better it gets and it’s such a terrible place so the smallest things make it just a little easier to live in and i dont know. she’s such a bright light. i find myself listening to her more and thinking of her when she’s not around and it’s not a painful ‘i miss you’ anymore it’s more like a safety blanket, remembering days when i began to pay attention to her and nights when my mom wouldnt know what to do when i cried about just one line in her songs. i sound so pathetic right now but i really love taylor swift and honestly days like today where i feel like im on an island and no one can hear or see me, somehow she makes me feel like it’s more of a vacation from the outside world than isolation. idk but like……taylor swift was a very good idea.

  • fallout, the first three hours: i am a small fragile flower, i will die if the wind changes
  • fallout, hour forty: i'm king thick dick of fuck you mountain and i will successfully melee this behemoth with a replica cartoon character's axe while wearing a submariner's hat

I am a fragile person,I can easily be hate affected…but!
I actually enjoy drawing Ayano ship with male rival,if I don’t draw it, who will draw it?I will not stop
You know, no one to Ayano as a girl in need of love,they know her as a monster…but even the monster she was a girl.
Because yandere dev did not add “Dere’s personality” to ayano in the game,and constantly stressed that Ayano is not a good person

I liked yandere this personality before I liked Ayano,such as like Yuno, Fuyou Kaede(They don’t always look like yan(dere),even very popular in school)
and I’m just one who draws the fan art,I can not control my drawing ayano isn’t yandere or only dere

I just want to prove that I love ayano like a normal girl