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I was tagged by @hollyashton and @niasusanto to do this. I am pretty curious what I’d get based on this because my music is super diverse. So here it goes! Thanks for tagging me guys :)

Rules: You can tell a lot about a person by the songs they listen to. Put your music player on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that come up. Afterwards, tag other people to do this.

1) Goodbye by Who Is Fancy

2) Love Yourself by Justin Bieber 

3) Cliff Edges (Lash Remix) - Hayley Kiyoko

4) Lovumba by Daddy Yankee

5) 2 AM (Remix) by Adrian Marcel ft. Sage The Gemini & Problem

6) Unsteady by X Ambassadors

7) Roses by The Chainsmokers feat. ROZES

8) Wavy by Ty Dolla $ign feat. Joe Moses

9) The Hum (Radio Edit) by Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike and Unmet Ozcan 

10) Limbo by Daddy Yankee

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Tutorial: Change the color of Tumblr’s New Audio player

Hi guys, so you may have noticed Tumblr has a brand new audio player and I, personally, am very uncomfortable with the color it has, especially when it just doesn’t match with the theme’s color scheme.

So, this is what your audio player originally looks like:

First, you have to install jQuery to your theme. Add this snippet before the </head> tag:

<script src="//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7.1/jquery.min.js"></script>

Then, all you need to do is add this code before the </head> tag: (remember to change “#c3dfdf” to whatever color you want!)

$(document).ready(function() {
$('iframe.tumblr_audio_player').load( function() {
.append($("<style type='text/css'> .audio-player{background:#c3dfdf !important} </style>"));

and here’s the result:

By the way, if there appears to have a huge gap under your audio player, all you need to do is add a height to your audio player like this:

<div style="height: 85px">{AudioEmbed-500}</div>

Hopefully this could give your blog better audio posts!

We make it a two-player game ! 🎧🎮👾


in football, players don’t say “i love you,” they murder their dearest life partners on the pitch, and i think that’s really beautiful

Have a tide-me-over-doodle.

I’ve got a fair few WoW commissions on the way, which I am excited about because it’s sooo nice to do something different and I’m super appreciative of all the people who’ve complimented me and enjoyed my style!

This is No’elle’antu a mix-breed troll primal. I’ve done some pretty extensive RP with her and her player and it’s been pretty enjoyable!

Naturally I wanted to give her a doodle and see how she looked in my head on paper.

She’s got no tumblr handle to tag, but she does play on WrA and is definitely worth getting to know!

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Hi, I've really enjoyed all of Designation Miracle, especially how you write Midorima/Takao! I have a few questions: One, will there be more of them? A short of them dealing with couple things (and Midorima being a Miracle, of course) would be wonderful. Also, what are your thoughts on the first game between Serin and Rakuzan after Furi and Akashi become a couple? If they face off, how does it go? Thank you very much! I've really enjoyed your work. -V

“OK, team, we have an important issue discuss before this game,” Nebuya states during their pre-game huddle. “Namely, the fact that two out of five starters want to bone someone on the Seirin team.”

“Ooh, better make that three,” Reo says.

Mibuchi,” Nebuya exclaims, sounding extraordinarily betrayed.

Reo shrugs. “I’m not confessing undying love or anything. I’m just saying, if we’re drawing the line between people who have and have not had prolonged sexual fantasies about someone on the Seirin team, then I definitely fall on the side of the haves.”

No one here needed to know that,” Nebuya says.

“Dude, this is feeling a little homophobic,” Hayama says. “Just because I have a crush on Izuki doesn’t mean I can’t play right. I’ve been attracted to lots of people we play against and we always win.”

“Hey, I’m not homophobic!” Nebuya insists. “This is a justifiable concern! After we lost to Seirin last year, you got super horny, and I’m just saying, that compromises things.”

“I don’t see how, I get horny over lots of stuff,” Hayama says. “Like winning; winning makes me super horny. Either way, this game ends with me wanting to bang.”

“OK, I’m not sitting next to you on the bus when we head home,” Nebuya says.

“Homophobe,” Hayama declares.

“I’m not! I’m trying to look after the team!”

“Kota-chan will be fine,” Reo says. “The bigger problem is Sei-chan.”

“Excuse me,” Akashi says, his voice polite and vaguely threatening, “Absolutely nothing will ever get in my way of pursuing victory.”

“You’re kind of whipped, dude,” Nebuya says, “Are you really going to claim you can crush Seirin if your boy starts crying?”

“Furihata is not going to cry,” Akashi says, still with that menacing tone that even the most hardened of men would flinch away from. Then he smiles serenely and says, “And I think I will quite enjoy consoling him through their loss.”

“Oooh, Sei-chan, you’re such an ‘S,’” Reo says.

“My sexual proclivities are not up for discussion before a game,” Akashi says. “Nebuya, your complaint has been registered and we will file it away for further review at a later point.”

“What, like at a club meeting? Item one, discuss appropriate levels of sexual arousal during a basketball game?” Nebuya asks.

“I really miss not being a starter,” Matsushima Yoshito, newest Power Forward on the Rakuzan team, says sadly. “These kinds of things never came up on the bench.”

“Well, we miss Mayuzumi, he was a lot sassier. You need to up your sass, Power Forward,” Hayama says.

“Are you guys done yet?” Shirogane demands, breaking up their huddle for tip-off.

A/N: Thank you, anon-friend! I am glad you enjoy this series! I am sure there will be plenty more MidoTaka in future shorts. All things considered, I probably should have done a MidoTaka short for you here, but Rakuzan, once again, took control over things. The answer to your second question is, no, I don’t really think it would be much of a problem, everyone cares about basketball far too much to let love get in the way of things, but some players felt they had justifiable concerns =D

Different Towns

Originally posted by campbellsaunderrs

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam
Word count: 1,495
Warnings: swearing
Request: @lovetusk original idea was cute little weechesters on halloween. Dean bringing Sam around trick or treating and trying to make it a good time for him.
but for love, can maybe make it that it’s reader seeing him every few years, like maybe her parents move around a lot for other reasons, and every so often, she finds herself in the same town as them, and she has a crush on dean, then meets him as a grown man when shes working a bar or something and admits she’s seen him around since he was a kid and still likes him ?

Skipping down the street, you were humming happily. At 5 years old, your biggest complaint was not enough sprinkles on your ice cream. You were wearing your favorite pink tutu skirt, white stockings, cowgirl boots, and a white glittery top. Your hair hung over your shoulders in braids.

Your parents weren’t far behind you, so there was no reason for you to be scared. Seeing a little boy that you didn’t recognize, you smiled and waved at him. Your attention was too focused on him that you failed to see the rock that caught your boot.

Down you went. Skinning your knee, dirtying your stockings, and scraping your hands. “Ow, ow, ow!” You sat there, tearing up.

Although your parents were rushing over, it was an older boy that got their first. “Are you okay, princess?” He asked with a small smile.

“It hurts.” You sniffed, showing him where a small pebble was stuck to your palm. Your Y/E/C eyes looked into his green ones.

He made a face. “Yeah, my little brother has that happen a lot.” He told you. Your parents slowed a bit when they saw that he was distracting you. “You’re pretty tough for a girl.” He teased you, earning the meanest glare that your small face could muster. “I’m Dean. What’s your name?”

Your mother smiled softly, seeing that he was getting anything he could that was stuck to your hands. “Y/N.” You told him.

“Well, Y/N, look at that.” Dean grinned, showing you where the pebble had been. “Be more careful, next time you might not have a brave knight around.” He stood up, helping you as well. “Take care, princess.” He waved, walking off, shoving his hands in his pockets.

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ok so we’ve seen a LOT of NPCs of griffin’s, and they all feel like just that– griffin’s characters. not to downplay how amazing they all are by calling them “just an NPC,”  but they definitely feel like griffin’s creations.

 but like, listening to episode 61, lup felt like… not one of them. she almost feels like it was someone else’s player character, a character that we’d been listening to the adventures of all along, and now griffin is just taking over for her narration. she just feels so unique and just stands out so much, even though we’ve only really had a couple episodes with her. 

OMGCP Womenfest Day 1 -- Alicia Zimmermann

So I’m going to try to write something for each day of the Women of Check, Please! Festival @omgcpwomenfest. This is my attempt for Day 1 (it’s still the 4th where I am!). I honestly probably would not ever have written anything focused on Alicia Zimmermann on my own, but I really enjoyed writing this so I’m glad I had a reason to!


Neither Bob nor Alicia go to parents’ weekend Jack’s freshman year–he asks them not to, and their therapist has discussed the importance of respecting his boundaries wherever possible, so they stay home even though Alicia would have liked to go to the alumni reception. But his sophomore year Jack asks them two weeks out whether they’re planning to come or not, and Alicia’s commitments can be rescheduled so she goes.

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You know, I really have to wonder why there aren’t more people who hate Paul, and the way his rivalry with Ash was portrayed (especially in later DP). 

Actually no I don’t, because the answer is obviously that there’s nothing better in Pokeani. If DP falls we’re left with a two decade long show with zero actual good examples of a long term, well developed rivalry, so I doubt most people are even willing to consider the fact that DP could in fact, be bad in that regard as well. 

But recently I’ve been having some doubts over the whole thing, (for a reason I can explain privately if you must know), and the fact that I never thought about it like this is baffling to me. Paul ABUSES Pokemon. Maybe not each one of them, it was only really shown with Chimchar, but still, he does that. The fact that he HAS done that is enough. Why doesn’t the narrative punish him for it? Why do none of the characters in the show hate him for it? People usually praise the show for taking the morally grey route and showing us that Ash’s way of training isn’t the only acceptable one. But…Paul’s method ISN’T acceptable. He should have his trainer licence revoked, every character in the show, including his brother who is a BREEDER (aka super close to Pokemon in a very non competitive way), should hate his guts for the way he treats these living things. Brock being all “they’re two sides of the same coin” in the league is insane, how is Paul in any way similar to Ash outside of wanting to be the best trainer (that whole message was always iffy for me anyway cause you know, pretty much any other league competitor could fit that bill as well)?

Sure the battles are great, but the narrative never punishing Paul for what he did (losing in the league isn’t enough especially when it earned him Ash’s friendship) and the weak reason for him becoming the way he was combine for some really morally questionable decisions by the writers, and make me wonder how much do THEY themselves consider Pokemon to be actual living beings, how much do they actually stand behind the messages of their own show? Paul is a great foil for Ash, and a great representation of a real world Pokemon player, but someone like him should not, for all intents and purposes, be allowed to just keep doing what they do as a trainer in the Pokemon world, he should not be allowed to do better than Charmander’s or Tepig’s trainers just because he’s a good battler.

Am I in the wrong, am I overreacting? I know I have a lot of mutuals who are big Paul fans, I love you guys and don’t want you to feel offended by this, I’m hoping to generate some actual discussion on this topic.

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things without links are wips, so they are things I’m definitely working on and intending to post.

jeon jungkook x reader

☁️ oneshots / scenarios

+ hyper reaction ⇢ college au + rugby player!jk

☁️ untitled blurb things (1 = oldest)

  1. You’re on your period and he has no idea what’s he doing.
  2. You want your phone back. He wants a kiss.
  3. He reaches for your left hand instead of your right.
  4. When you’re older than him but the same age as his brother.

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'Redemption' is an interesting way to tag your posts about the caps win. If the caps were my team I wouldn't be too proud of how they went about 'redeeming' themselves.

I mean, if I were you, I wouldn’t be too proud of being an anonymous dick to someone else’s inbox, but YMMV.

But, real talk: I tagged one posta single post that I reblogged from the official Capitals tumblr, of the OTGWG with “redemption well sorta.” I go out of my way not to tag non-Capitals teams/players in my posts. So if you’re reading me and my tags directly for hockey, well, I am 99% Capitals content and have never been otherwise. I am not showing up in your team’s tags; I have no desire to be there. So, honeybunch, my darling, my salty, ill-mannered, suspected-Yinzer delight, the choice to read me? It’s all on you. The unfollow button is right over there. I won’t notice or care if you choose to make use of it; just don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you.

And yeah, since you asked– I am pretty proud of Shattenkirk for managing a good play to (partially) redeem his poor play earlier in the game and series. That’s exactly what you meant too, right?

Fic Authors Self Rec

When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)

I was tagged by @earlgreyer1 (thank you! <3)

Caught Looking:  Fandom:  Dragon Age.  Pairing:  Anders/Garrett Hawke. I know you’re all shocked by this one, but this entire fic series is my absolute favorite thing I’ve ever written, the main fic in particular. For those who haven’t read it, Garrett Hawke is a baker who falls in love with Anders, a famous professional baseball player. If the only thing I am ever known for is writing this fic, I’m happy.

Cock Shot:  Fandom:  Dragon Age.  Pairing: Anders/Garrett Hawke. This is part of my Caught Looking series, but it’s probably my favorite of the one-shots. Garrett unintentionally excites Anders a little too much before a game thanks to a dripping ice cream cone and a bare chest. Anders decides to have a little fun with it when they get home. I love the scene at the ballpark itself and then the sex in the main part of the fic is some of my favorite that I’ve written. 

It’s a Small World:  Fandom:  Dragon Age.  Pairing: Anders/male Hawke. This is probably the one and only kidfic you will ever see me write but I love this one lol. It always makes me smile. Anders is a preschool teacher who is dating Garrett Hawke, the father of one of his students. They’ve been keeping their relationship secret from her…or so they think. 

Welcome Home:  Fandom:  Fallout 4.  Pairing: maleSoSu/Deacon.  This is the first non-Dragon Age fic I ever wrote, so it has a special place in my heart. Luke (my SoSu) has been away from Sanctuary for weeks, leaving Deacon behind. When he returns he finds he has a surprise waiting for him. I love Deacon so much and I’m eternally bitter we couldn’t romance him. It was a lot of fun writing them both. 

Four Times:  Fandom: Dragon Age.  Pairing: Blackwall/Josephine. This one probably is a surprise! It’s one of my least popular works but I changed my style quite a bit for this one and it’s very short (only a little over 700 words). Blackwall is pining over Josephine and he may be a little more obvious about it than he realizes. I thought it was sweet and I have a soft spot for Blackwall, so this one always stuck out to me. 

Idk who’s done this and who hasn’t, so um, if you want to… @phoenix-firemage , @warriormaggie , @therealmnemo , @un-shit-yourself, @kyluxtrashcompactor and anyone else who feels like it! Feel free to use me as your tag :) 


Want new-and-exciting plots for your character? Long to reach out to more of your followers, but don’t know where to start? Fear not! Fill out this form and give your RP partners both present and future all the of juicy jumping off points they need to help you get your characters acquainted.

Be sure to tag the players whose characters YOU want more cues to interact with, and repost, don’t reblog! Feel free to add or remove sections as you see fit. Template here.

Mun name:Leesh
OOC Contact: IM / Skype / Discord (upon request). I am quite chatty once I get to know someone.

Who the heck is my muse anyway:

Jubilation Lee has been many different things from a young mutant in the X-Men (and later at the Massachusetts Academy in Gen X) to depowered mutant trying to find her way (as a tech-empowered field leader Wondra of the vigilante group New Warriors) to young vampire single mom trying to figure out how to adult and vampire and X-Men all at the same time. Recently (in RP) she has joined a new group of Avengers called Avengers International and her X-gene has reactivated, causing some hiccups with her vampirism.

Points of interest:

  • PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Jubilee doesn’t quite look human anymore. Her eyes are a little too blue, her skin is a little too pale and smooth (old scars aside), her ears and canine teeth are a little pointed. But it’s probably nothing. Her eyes absolutely didn’t just flash a dangerous shade of red at you.
  • SOMETHING AIN’T RIGHT: Physical appearances aside there’s something that just isn’t right about her. She seems normal enough, cheery even when she’s with friends but people can’t seem to shake that little feeling that maybe they should be worried about her. Like one would feel if they were being hunted by a predator in the woods. It’s probably nothing. 
  • HOLY CRAP HYPERSENSES: Jubilee’s senses are extremely keen, on par with Logan’s at the very least. As a vampire, all of Jubilee’s senses are heightened beyond superhuman capability. She can hear individual heartbeats in a building, identify someone by scent, sense changes in a person’s physiology. She can literally smell fear. If there is something about your character (not human for example or powered individual) that you think her hyper senses should be able to pick up, please let me know. The comics have been pretty inconsistent with this ability of hers but it’s kind of an important vampire mythos and I keep it firmly intact here at all times.
  • THE EYES HAVE IT: Jubilee’s eyes are blue when her vampiric features aren’t in play (and really blue when her mutant powers are in play, like glowing blue, a side effect that developed when they came back). Already an unusual feature in their own right, they seem a bit more intense than they should. When her vampiric features are in play, they generally tend to be red irises that glow a bit. When she’s mad or in attack mode they can shift between red and black, fully red, and fully black depending on how mad she is and how much her vampiric nature is in control.
  • FANGS FOR THE MEMORIES: Jubilee’s canine teeth are a little pointier than most. But in more advanced vampiric forms they can range from the top and bottom canine fangs (getting as long as 3 inches long) up to twelve fangs with the incisors and molars on either side of her canines also grow sharp.
  • COMICS HEAVY FOCUS: While I have other verses I love exploring, I do take heavily from the comics and that means everything. I don’t pick and choose certain parts from Jubilee’s history (though I’ve corrected the stupid deaging shit, she is permanently stuck as an 18-year-old physically but is currently 25 years of age). I also have some very heavy headcanons that factor into this blog. I have been developing my take on Jubilee for almost 5 years now so I am very fond of how she’s come along.

What they’ve been up to recently:

  • FIRE IN THE SKY: Jubilee has recently been trying to reconcile who she was with who she’s become. Her mutant powers returning (after a nasty stint as the horseman of death) have thrown her for a loop. Not only does Jubilee have to relearn self-control with her powers (the vampirism acted as a booster to her X-Gene) Jubilee had her vampiric thirst pretty much managed but now she has to take in more “juice” to keep her battery going thanks to the added powers. It’s been problematic.

Where to find them:

  • Central Park, New York
  • Brooklyn, New York
  • Los Angeles, California
  • The nearest mall

Current plans:

  • GLASS PEOPLE: Canonically speaking, Jubilee’s killer instinct is worse than both Logan’s and Laura’s. That is to say, it’s really mcfreaking bad. She’s had a sure fire way to take care of it in the past, a method shown to her by the Forgiven. The only problem is, her method of quelling that instinct and finding peace in herself is no longer an option. She’s been trying to ignore it but it keeps scratching at her head and she’s feeling extra sensitive to everything around her. While looking for alternative ways to keep it in check (and yes, she’s tried the Danger Room, thank you for the suggestion) she’s been having these awful nightmares that may or may not be connected where she’s surrounded by glass people with all their veins on display. The sleep deprivation from avoiding the nightmares has NOT been helping. 
  • GENERATION X: Jubilee, mother, X-Man, teacher? Who thought this was a good idea? Jubilee is in charge of the students who don’t quite fit the mold to become the next X-Men and definitely should not be ambassadors for mutantkind. So Jubilee’s gotta teach them the best thing she can. Survival. 

Desired interactions:

  • FRIENDSHIPS: Jubilee loves making friends okay? Come be her friend. Come be her bestest friend. Let her take you to the mall. Talk Blondie with her. Let her show you her totally not hipster at all vinyl collection. Let her talk fashion and art with you. And also let her platonically snuggle you because she is a snuggle bug.
  • CONFLICT: Jubilee is really opinionated. Politically, musically, fashionably. Like she’s got an opinion on everything and she’ll tell you exactly what it is. There’s also some people she’s just not going to like and as great as friends are, I love conflict just as much. We can’t be sunshine and roses all the time. Let’s be frenemies, enemies, I don’t care. Let’s agree to not agree to disagree. Fite me.

Offered interactions:

  • COMPANION: Jubilee is totes magotes down to be a partner in (fighting) crime. Or in shopping. Or in chewing out some fucking asshole. Girl is always dtf (down to fight).
  • COUNSELOR/MENTOR: Having worked as a school counselor and helping around the school, Jubilee is always willing to listen to your problems and give you advice. Even if it’s advice she doesn’t follow herself. She’s also great to mentor younger heroes. Come, let the wolf mama adopt you.
  • SHELTER: Jubilee is a little more willing to shelter you if you’re going through a time because she’s been there. She knows what it’s like and she’s a little more forgiving in times like this. So let her host you somewhere for the night if you need it. 

Current open post/s:

Don’t have any right now, but note all opens and all starter calls are mutuals only.

Anything else?:

  • THIS BLOG DOES NOT SHIP WITH X-23: I used to ship it but RP ruined it for me and honestly I view them as sisters. Nor do I ship her with any of the older X-Men who were part of the 90′s core teams (or any of the older X-Men period. That’s her family, dudes. No.)
  • THAT SAID: Jubilee is pansexual on this blog with a heavy preference for older guys and strong women. Just remember that there is no wrong way to be bi or pan, lovelies. 

Tagged by: @alterphase thank you this was so helpful to fill out.

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_Want new-and-exciting plots for your character? Long to reach out to more of your followers, but don’t know where to start? Fear not! Fill out this form and give your RP partners both present and future all the of juicy jumping off points they need to help you get your characters acquainted.

Be sure to tag the players whose characters YOU want more cues to interact with, and **repost, don’t reblog! **Feel free to add or remove sections as you see fit. Template here.

**Mun name: Chloe~

OOC Contact: Tumblr IM, Skype, Discord. Feel free to shoot me an IM if you want to add me on Skype or Discord. Keep in mind, however, that I am more active on Discord.

Who the heck is my muse anyway:

Who the heck is my muse? This is Apollo Justice. He is a defence attorney, and depending on whatever verse you fancy using, he’s either working at the Wright Anything Agency in Los Angeles, or running Justice Law Offices in the Kingdom of Khura’in [a small country located between Nepal and India]. While he may come off as aloof and snarky, he’s generally a friendly guy and respects those who show the same respect to him. However, he has little patience for shenanigans and tends to try and act mature in these matters.

My main verse is Apollo at the end of Dual Destinies, where he is working for Phoenix Wright and works alongside fellow lawyer Athena Cykes. I tend to use this verse a lot more because it’s a lot easier for interaction, because hello, anyone could be hanging around Los Angeles and come across this loud-mouthed chicken dude. However, if you want Apollo at the end of Spirit of Justice, I can most certainly work around that too!

Points of interest:

Lawyering: The main point to consider is Apollo is a lawyer. He carries his last time with pride, and will often offer to help people who are in trouble. Though he’ll keep his work related issues out of his personal life, it doesn’t mean he won’t use his Chords of Steel or Objection! outside of work. If your muse happens to be in a spot of bother with a crime they didn’t commit, Apollo can always offer to defend them.

Bracelet + Perceive: Apollo has the power to detect when people are lying to him through a small form of psychic tell-spotting. His bracelet is a perfect fit on his wrist, so when someone is attempting to pull the wool over his eyes, he’ll react to their tension, which in turn causes the bracelet to feel tense around his wrist. If he feels like pressing someone on their lie, he’ll enter a state of perceiving, which enables him to find out what exactly their tell is.

Family: Family is a tough subject for Apollo to deal with. His real parents are gone, whether dead or missing, his foster father is no longer with him, and those he looks up to as a parental figure have their own issues as well. However, if he considers you family and you’re there for him, you’ll bet that he’ll be extremely grateful. He’s a bit of a snarky pain in the ass, and some things don’t really amuse him, but at the end of the day, he’s only living up to his Only Sane Man status.

Dragons: Apollo is following the legacy of his foster father, Dhurke, by running Justice Law Offices in Khura’in. The Defiant Dragons was once a group dedicated to rebelling against the reign of Queen Ga’ran and the Defense Culpability Act, and wanted defendants a chance to get a fair trial in the kingdom. Apollo has a lot of dragon-themed items on him, and even has a tattoo associated with the Defiant Dragons on his left hand. A dragon never yields, after all.

Interests: Apollo might not show it, but he looooooves, manga, anime, sci-fi movies, gore, a lot of things really. The sci-fi and gore manga and anime really catches his eye, as does for movies and tv-shows as well. Give him Doctor Who or Pacific Rim, maybe Berserk or Akira and he’ll definitely be on board with all of that.

What they’ve been up to recently: That depends on the verse! 

DD Verse: Apollo is sorting out the aftermath of the Phantom case, and working to sort out a couple of cases between the timelines of DD and SoJ. 

SoJ Verse: Apollo is building up his law office in Khura’in, and trying to find new lawyers to recruit within his office.

Where to find them:

DD Verse: You can find Apollo sorting out paperwork or doing…non-lawyery stuff in the Wright Anything Agency. He’ll also be roaming around Los Angeles as well, whether he’s on his day off and doing a bit of shopping or investigating something for his newest court case. He lives in an apartment not too far away from the agency. Another few places you might find him is the courthouse, a library or even a cafe having a tea and a piece of cake; he’s a sucker for that stuff.

SoJ Verse: Apollo will most likely be found in his office sorting out paperwork or actually doing lawyery stuff. He doesn’t leave unless he really needs to, and actually uses the same building as his home as well, though he keeps his work life and personal life quite separate. You might find him wandering around the bazaar or the temples depending if he’s investigating or just having a chill day, but Justice Law Offices is where he’ll most likely be.

Current plans:

DD Verse: Get more experience as a lawyer, really. He might branch out and go to different places to do some studying there, and maybe even get dragged into some trouble if he comes across it.

SoJ Verse: Sort out the legal system in Khura’in. Apollo will not rest until every defendant can expect a fair trial with no Defense Culpability act. He has no time to branch out and will often be stuck with a ton of paperwork.

Desired interactions: Apollo is all for hanging out with people he knows, but he’s always willing to branch out and make friends with new people if they so desire. He’s got a streak for running into trouble, however, so if he runs into somebody who’s looking for a fight, or perhaps something that might cause him trouble, that works too.

I’d like to see some interactions with AA characters Apollo never met in canon! I wonder if he’d get along with any of them. :o

And crossover muses are definitely something I want to see more of as well! Apollo finding himself in their world is something I find hilarious but I love it at the same time. <3

Offered interactions: If y’all want to arrange a pre-established relationship, I am so down with that. Maybe your muse is an old friend from high school, a past client, a neighbour or someone Apollo met down at his various hanging out spots; it doesn’t matter, I’m all for it! First meetings are also good too, I don’t mind that~ Apollo is generally respectful and kind, but if you get to know him a bit more, or you’re trying to mess with him, he’ll end up being a bit snarky,

Overall, approach him in his little hangout places! Need a lawyer? Go to the agency/his office. Maybe someone to talk to? It just so happens that he always sits on his own in a cafe, maybe your drink got messed with his? Approach him on the street, the shop, stop by his apartment, come to his office, he’s open for anything, really~

Current open post/s: All of my open starters are tagged with [;;open starter] or [;;open i guess], depending on what mood I was in during the day haha. You’re always welcome to use anything in my [;;inbox] tag for interactions, or just throw me an open starter and I’ll respond to that too!

Anything else?: Apollo might be a snarky pain in the ass, but if you make the effort, trust me, you won’t regret it.

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Want new-and-exciting plots for your character? Long to reach out to more of your followers, but don’t know where to start? Fear not! Fill out this form and give your RP partners both present and future all the of juicyjumping off points they need to help you get your characters acquainted.

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Mun name: Maya
OOC Contact:
 IMs && Inbox. I am really picky to who I give my Discord && Skype.

Who the heck is my muse anyway:

Mrs. Brisby is the main protagonist of the film “The Secret of NIMH”, directed by Don Bluth.

Mrs. Brisby is a widowed field mouse, after the farmer’s cat killed her husband, Jonathan Brisby. She, along with her four children Teresa, Martin, Timothy and Cynthia live under a block, in the middle of a field of Fitzgibbon’s.

Points of interest:

The field mouse is very tiny && bright red cape is the first thing people spot. Being a mother of 4 around ages of 4 to 12 she is very family oriented && BUSY. Always going for something. To some, she might appear even overly old fashioned, way too polite and careful but that’s how she was taught. For such a grey mouse she still shows her charm.

What they’ve been up to recently:

Currently, her life is pretty much settled down. For now.  Depending on verse she might have moved to more urban areas, facing more challenges for her everyday life. Along with jumping into travels with other characters. Her heart yearns for adventure.

Where to find them:

Field mouses are naturally found around fields and farm houses. Sometimes forests. Originally, she lives near the farm house of Fitzgibbon’s. But due to possible threats and circumstances, she might have to consider moving. Also, verse depended.

Current plans:

(Post-Canon) Group of Rats escaped in wild, it is clear the NIMH wouldn’t just let it pass. Logically thinking, such animals would have. perhaps “ a negative affect ” on biodiversity over breeding and growing. Mrs. Brisby’s children carry the mutation inherit from their father. For a reason, she becomes far more concerned for their safety.

Plan a travel to Thornvalley. It must happen.


Desired interactions:

(Once I get over the work load…)

I am open for all kinds of interactions, friends, enemies, loves… however the chemistry works.  

Other parent muses… omg yes.
Muses who aren’t good with kids but still try. omg yes.

I’m really looking forward interactions in between The Secret of NIMH canon characters! I just really REALLY love the idea of extending what happens after the film! The pre plotted things feel so… sweet but the other hand it can turn really sad too && adssasad I love it.

MICE && RATS generally! Mice interactions are just asdasdassa. LOVE IT. The Great Mouse detective I loved that film. With rats it can be either friendly or… bad ( in nature mice can even fall in prey && even in film she was VERY cautious )

In fact, almost any anthropomorphic muse I see it working. Looney Toons, The American Tail, Zootopia, Sing… etc. I was a big fan of Sly Cooper && R&C. I have much more modern verses for Mrs. Brisby to set her into more suitable environment.

Offered interactions:

(Does your character make clothes? Fix things? Challenge passers-by to battle? Steal people’s lunch money? What scenarios can your character offer that other players might be interested in?)

Mrs. Brisby is naturally cautious. She is a field mouse. A prey animal driven by her instincts for survival. However, she isn’t prejudiced to get to know someone if she is given enough space and a chance. Timidness doesn’t stop her from telling her opinion but she is alway seeking for a diplomatic way to solve things. Generally, she is warm and kind character for someone to meet. Trustworthy and always willing to help.

She has been over the loss, and near death herself. She knows how hard life can hit someone. Grown through her experiences, she is ready to begin a new chapter in her life. In a form of new acquaintances, even relationship. New adventures with much more confidence.

The mun has no triggers. I really encourage people to not to hesitate with dark topics either if that is something the rp might lead to. The film itself handles very dark themes. Being 24 and of age, how ever, smut is something I might not write but I REALLY love ships.

Current open post/s:

I do not have open starters. Whenever I post a meme, don’t hesitate. If we are mutuals you are the most welcome! Even go && like my starter calls! ( writing up starters take more time tbh. Unless you wish to come && plot with me! )

Anything else?:

I live Greenwich time + 2:00. So yeah… I tend to miss the most active time on dash people post memes && might appear inactive to some. I am super shy to approach people, but I try my best to get over it. I am highly open for ideas && plots too!

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Too many to list! But I hope this is helpful! If we are mutuals I WANT to rp with you. <3

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So let’s go: 
1. I am totally obsessed with Gilmore Girls atm.
2. I am Team Logan btw.
3. But my favorite character is probably Finn. And Michel. And Emily.
4. I really love the Moldova song from this year’s ESC. Must have listened to it about 50 times since Saturday…
5. My favorite football player of all time is Toni Kroos but I’m not really a fan of Real.
6. Today I spent some time at my uni’s teddy bear hospital and it was so much fun. 
7. I hate public transportation and that’s why I ride my bike literally every day unless it’s snowing.
8. I’m everything but not a morning person.
9. I’m super bad at making decisions. 
10. E.g. I think about cutting my hair for 5 months now…
11. I’d love to be born 20 years earlier.

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hellwizards  asked:

are you still doing headcanons? orchestra au or band au?

a psa for everyone:  everything in my prompt me tag is always and forever valid for one (1) fic upon receipt.  if it’s an older one, you’ll probably just have to remind me/copy and paste the whole prompt.

also how did you know i was/still am a massive band nerd??

  • cosima plays something loud.  she’s either a trumpet player or a very talented saxophone player.  possibly started on sax, learned all of them, and decided to try a trumpet.  while the instrument is inherently loud, she learns how to tame it and is quite good.  she prefers playing in the jazz band to anything.
  • delphine started with piano lessons when she was small, her mother thought she would be some kind of classical musician.  she picks up percussion in middle school.  orchestral percussion isn’t her thing, but that’s the class she signed up for.  she really just loves wailing on any kind of drum.  it’s a good stress reliever.
  • shay plays the french horn.  she’s been first chair since freshman year.  everybody always says it’s bc it’s talent (which it is) but she always says it’s because she picked one instrument and stuck with it.  which, okay, sass much?
  • they all start hanging out because of marching band, the great music unifier.  delphine plays the quads.  She Likes to Hit Them Hard bc of Stress.  Shay plays mellophone.  she is the only one so the drill instructor is going grey bc he never knows where to put her for drills.  cosima plays tenor sax and hangs out with the low brass kids.  they are the Problem Section.
  • they put together a group, the three of them and a bassist.  delphine on piano or drums depending on the piece, scott on bass or drums, cosima on tenor, and shay on french horn.  they play weddings, small get togethers, and the like with their smooth jazz stylings.  they continue into college, staying fairly local, but none of them are music majors.  it’s just something to do while hanging out.

why is it always yours that get long??

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1.  Take Me To Church - Hozier

2.  Drag me Down - One Direction 

3. Beautiful Accident OST - Suho and Chen

4. Twinkle - Girls Generation TTS 

5. Treat You Better - Shawn Mendes

6. One Last Time - Ariana Grande

7. Hush - Miss A

8. Worth it - Fifth Harmony (ft. Kid Ink) 

9. For Life - EXO

10. Evanesce - Super Junior 

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