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Have you ever really thought about how many users there are on tumblr? On ao3? Wattpad? Have you ever stopped to think about how many people are in your fandom? How that shy girl in the back of the class could be reading gay fanfiction right now? How that one football player sitting with his phone in his lap could be reblogging bxb fanart? Hell, even your teacher could spend their free time on tumblr! Fans are all around us and we have no idea. 

Tutorial: Change the color of Tumblr’s New Audio player

Hi guys, so you may have noticed Tumblr has a brand new audio player and I, personally, am very uncomfortable with the color it has, especially when it just doesn’t match with the theme’s color scheme.

So, this is what your audio player originally looks like:

First, you have to install jQuery to your theme. Add this snippet before the </head> tag:

<script src="//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7.1/jquery.min.js"></script>

Then, all you need to do is add this code before the </head> tag: (remember to change “#c3dfdf” to whatever color you want!)

$(document).ready(function() {
$('iframe.tumblr_audio_player').load( function() {
.append($("<style type='text/css'> .audio-player{background:#c3dfdf !important} </style>"));

and here’s the result:

By the way, if there appears to have a huge gap under your audio player, all you need to do is add a height to your audio player like this:

<div style="height: 85px">{AudioEmbed-500}</div>

Hopefully this could give your blog better audio posts!


in football, players don’t say “i love you,” they murder their dearest life partners on the pitch, and i think that’s really beautiful

We make it a two-player game ! 🎧🎮👾

all u ppl saying kravitz would be a football player… how can you look at that boy. that nerd. and think. “this is a jock.” kravitz is a NERD and he is in the pit orchestra and also probably the marching band. this is not a boy who wears a letterman jacket!! i am SORRY. 

Have a tide-me-over-doodle.

I’ve got a fair few WoW commissions on the way, which I am excited about because it’s sooo nice to do something different and I’m super appreciative of all the people who’ve complimented me and enjoyed my style!

This is No’elle’antu a mix-breed troll primal. I’ve done some pretty extensive RP with her and her player and it’s been pretty enjoyable!

Naturally I wanted to give her a doodle and see how she looked in my head on paper.

She’s got no tumblr handle to tag, but she does play on WrA and is definitely worth getting to know!

anonymous asked:

Hi, I've really enjoyed all of Designation Miracle, especially how you write Midorima/Takao! I have a few questions: One, will there be more of them? A short of them dealing with couple things (and Midorima being a Miracle, of course) would be wonderful. Also, what are your thoughts on the first game between Serin and Rakuzan after Furi and Akashi become a couple? If they face off, how does it go? Thank you very much! I've really enjoyed your work. -V

“OK, team, we have an important issue discuss before this game,” Nebuya states during their pre-game huddle. “Namely, the fact that two out of five starters want to bone someone on the Seirin team.”

“Ooh, better make that three,” Reo says.

Mibuchi,” Nebuya exclaims, sounding extraordinarily betrayed.

Reo shrugs. “I’m not confessing undying love or anything. I’m just saying, if we’re drawing the line between people who have and have not had prolonged sexual fantasies about someone on the Seirin team, then I definitely fall on the side of the haves.”

No one here needed to know that,” Nebuya says.

“Dude, this is feeling a little homophobic,” Hayama says. “Just because I have a crush on Izuki doesn’t mean I can’t play right. I’ve been attracted to lots of people we play against and we always win.”

“Hey, I’m not homophobic!” Nebuya insists. “This is a justifiable concern! After we lost to Seirin last year, you got super horny, and I’m just saying, that compromises things.”

“I don’t see how, I get horny over lots of stuff,” Hayama says. “Like winning; winning makes me super horny. Either way, this game ends with me wanting to bang.”

“OK, I’m not sitting next to you on the bus when we head home,” Nebuya says.

“Homophobe,” Hayama declares.

“I’m not! I’m trying to look after the team!”

“Kota-chan will be fine,” Reo says. “The bigger problem is Sei-chan.”

“Excuse me,” Akashi says, his voice polite and vaguely threatening, “Absolutely nothing will ever get in my way of pursuing victory.”

“You’re kind of whipped, dude,” Nebuya says, “Are you really going to claim you can crush Seirin if your boy starts crying?”

“Furihata is not going to cry,” Akashi says, still with that menacing tone that even the most hardened of men would flinch away from. Then he smiles serenely and says, “And I think I will quite enjoy consoling him through their loss.”

“Oooh, Sei-chan, you’re such an ‘S,’” Reo says.

“My sexual proclivities are not up for discussion before a game,” Akashi says. “Nebuya, your complaint has been registered and we will file it away for further review at a later point.”

“What, like at a club meeting? Item one, discuss appropriate levels of sexual arousal during a basketball game?” Nebuya asks.

“I really miss not being a starter,” Matsushima Yoshito, newest Power Forward on the Rakuzan team, says sadly. “These kinds of things never came up on the bench.”

“Well, we miss Mayuzumi, he was a lot sassier. You need to up your sass, Power Forward,” Hayama says.

“Are you guys done yet?” Shirogane demands, breaking up their huddle for tip-off.

A/N: Thank you, anon-friend! I am glad you enjoy this series! I am sure there will be plenty more MidoTaka in future shorts. All things considered, I probably should have done a MidoTaka short for you here, but Rakuzan, once again, took control over things. The answer to your second question is, no, I don’t really think it would be much of a problem, everyone cares about basketball far too much to let love get in the way of things, but some players felt they had justifiable concerns =D

OMGCP Womenfest Day 1 -- Alicia Zimmermann

So I’m going to try to write something for each day of the Women of Check, Please! Festival @omgcpwomenfest. This is my attempt for Day 1 (it’s still the 4th where I am!). I honestly probably would not ever have written anything focused on Alicia Zimmermann on my own, but I really enjoyed writing this so I’m glad I had a reason to!


Neither Bob nor Alicia go to parents’ weekend Jack’s freshman year–he asks them not to, and their therapist has discussed the importance of respecting his boundaries wherever possible, so they stay home even though Alicia would have liked to go to the alumni reception. But his sophomore year Jack asks them two weeks out whether they’re planning to come or not, and Alicia’s commitments can be rescheduled so she goes.

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ok so we’ve seen a LOT of NPCs of griffin’s, and they all feel like just that– griffin’s characters. not to downplay how amazing they all are by calling them “just an NPC,”  but they definitely feel like griffin’s creations.

 but like, listening to episode 61, lup felt like… not one of them. she almost feels like it was someone else’s player character, a character that we’d been listening to the adventures of all along, and now griffin is just taking over for her narration. she just feels so unique and just stands out so much, even though we’ve only really had a couple episodes with her. 

You know, I really have to wonder why there aren’t more people who hate Paul, and the way his rivalry with Ash was portrayed (especially in later DP). 

Actually no I don’t, because the answer is obviously that there’s nothing better in Pokeani. If DP falls we’re left with a two decade long show with zero actual good examples of a long term, well developed rivalry, so I doubt most people are even willing to consider the fact that DP could in fact, be bad in that regard as well. 

But recently I’ve been having some doubts over the whole thing, (for a reason I can explain privately if you must know), and the fact that I never thought about it like this is baffling to me. Paul ABUSES Pokemon. Maybe not each one of them, it was only really shown with Chimchar, but still, he does that. The fact that he HAS done that is enough. Why doesn’t the narrative punish him for it? Why do none of the characters in the show hate him for it? People usually praise the show for taking the morally grey route and showing us that Ash’s way of training isn’t the only acceptable one. But…Paul’s method ISN’T acceptable. He should have his trainer licence revoked, every character in the show, including his brother who is a BREEDER (aka super close to Pokemon in a very non competitive way), should hate his guts for the way he treats these living things. Brock being all “they’re two sides of the same coin” in the league is insane, how is Paul in any way similar to Ash outside of wanting to be the best trainer (that whole message was always iffy for me anyway cause you know, pretty much any other league competitor could fit that bill as well)?

Sure the battles are great, but the narrative never punishing Paul for what he did (losing in the league isn’t enough especially when it earned him Ash’s friendship) and the weak reason for him becoming the way he was combine for some really morally questionable decisions by the writers, and make me wonder how much do THEY themselves consider Pokemon to be actual living beings, how much do they actually stand behind the messages of their own show? Paul is a great foil for Ash, and a great representation of a real world Pokemon player, but someone like him should not, for all intents and purposes, be allowed to just keep doing what they do as a trainer in the Pokemon world, he should not be allowed to do better than Charmander’s or Tepig’s trainers just because he’s a good battler.

Am I in the wrong, am I overreacting? I know I have a lot of mutuals who are big Paul fans, I love you guys and don’t want you to feel offended by this, I’m hoping to generate some actual discussion on this topic.

Ok here’s a list of all the bachelors/bachelorettes from okamidenden, pls give me feedback about any characters that should be added/removed

(All characters are romanceable by both male and female players)

Princess Fuse


Female demons:
Spider queen

Male demons:
Crimson helm

(Demons are romanceable immediately after they are defeated, with the exception of ninetails, who you can start wooing as soon as you meet possessed rao)

Out of the Park (Finale)

Part Fifteen
Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader
Word Count: 2010
Warnings: None.


Your name: submit What is this?

A/N: Thank you to everyone who loved this series like I do! There is plenty to come – check out the Coming Soon section on my masterlist for hints at what I have planned!

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Thoughts about Chara

I don’t write big text posts often to this blog, but today I desided to do this, and not without a reason.
For most of the time I do not communicate much with Undertale fandom on any resources, because I am very picky about my favorite kid. I prefer to be an active part of only one Undertale community on vk.com, because I am pretty comfortable with those people. And I got kinda used to the fact that people around me do not think that Chara is a murderer.
However yesterday I was shocked when I went to several Undertale blogs in Chara-related tags… So many people think they are the guilty in the No Mercy Run…
Like… Why?..
Chara tells us (as a player), that all those efforts and determination were not theirs BUT OURS.
Chara constantly reminds us about OUR sins.
Chara HELPS US by giving Frisk their memories of their own last moments.
Yes, they wanted to kill humans on surface, to free the monsters and maybe to revenge. They hated humanity… BUT NOT THE MONSTERS.
They loved their family they loved Asriel. And they still love them. They show up right after Flowey’s death. To stop player. From killing others.
They could easily just let the player reset (‘cause Flowey is dead and will not show up to destroy Asgore’s soul) and let Frisk go on surface… But they did not. They stopped player and made them (you) leave the game and not go back that easily. Because THE PLAYER is a real monster. A horrible monster, who kills for fun and out of curiosity, and tries to blame others for their own sins.
It was not Chara, who went looking for others, trying to kill EVERYONE, spending hours on it. It was YOU

(and also… Why so many people draw Chara in blood?.. Monsters don’t have blood…….)

This tag is a mess.

People think they are real hot shit in here it’s actually so funny…

People are acting so high and mighty belittling other people.

All I said was I think that the reason behind Dom getting nominated was strictly a game move because she’s absolutely a brilliant player w a great social game and some people see her as a wild card. All I am saying is if you were playing against somebody like that, wouldnt you feel intimidated ?! Like what? Sorry I don’t sit home in bed all day watching the feeds and writing down every single word these house guests say. Some of you people act like if she’s nominated or evicted it’s racist- no it’s the fucking game of big brother aka get out your biggest targets…

There have been some racist remarks by other people by no means am I disregarding that. But to make assumptions and pointing the finger directly to racism is a little absurd. Think about it from a game perspective.

Returning to continue to beat this dead horse:

Hussie drawing attention to the format differences is pretty interesting, particularly as I’d often seen ‘but all the kids strife’ as counterarguments to accusations of abuse. Now, I’m basing this on my memory, but all the other kids’ strife scenes with their guardians are interactive flashes. The player can click through as many times as they want and then abscond. As Hussie notes, Dave’s strife pages are not like this. The player, and Dave, have no agency to select moves or escape. They have to take it. Dave is also the only kid that looks physically damaged at the conclusion of the strife. It is definitely portrayed through the form in a different way than the others.

ash-mun replied to your post: // Just keeping everyone updated on these since I…

Did I mention that all these mood boards are AWESOME?

I AM SLAIN. I didn’t expect anyone to really like these boards, but I’m so happy that everyone seems to be enjoying them.  💙 💙 They’re super fun for me to make and get to know other player’s characters by creating, so it’s a good exercise anyway…

But what really matters is that those I make them for are happy and comments like this just dfupgrefnh I die a small happy death. The tags I’ve seen too just fill my heart with joy, ngl

Hello! This is just a reminder to everyone that BEFORE posting your own starter, you must go through the starter tag and reply to the ones already there to ensure people do not feel left out or ignored as I know it can be disheartening when people don’t reply. Everyone must be tracking the correct tags and checking them regularly to ensure they haven’t missed out on any starters or important notices. Below, I have listed some starters which do not have many notes, so I am asking for ALL PLAYERS to please reply to as many of these as possible. 

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We adopted the time stream

Context: Our party has been closing rifts in the sky as they lead to this terrible plane of existence that wants to kill everyone and everything. During our adventure to close the one we came across a problem with the rift being in the past. A sentient time travel device helped us out. Our sorcerer also has a bad habit of adopting things. What follows was one of the best things ever:

Sorcerer: So Gateway (the time stream device) is broken?

DM: Well yes……

Sorcerer: I am honor bound to ask them if they want to travel with us then

DM rolls for something and throws his hands up in the air

DM: This is why we can’t have sentient things….. you adopt them ALL!

At this point the rest of the party is in hysterics at the thought of all of time being kept in our Sorcerers pocket

My Bias(es)’ Tag(s)

See what I did there ^ lolol. Also, I cheat in these games bc I cheat in all my games. HATE THE GAME NOT THE PLAYER.

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  1. ma mannn
  4. okay but all I could think about is how much I wanted to bite those pouty lips
  7. loml
  8. I love Min Yoongi
  9. I love him so much it hurts
  10. I literally saw this picture first and ran around my house screaming so loud my dogs started barking
  12. I don’t need to kill you Yoongi does that by himself
  13. I would keep this on loop for my entire life
  14. there’s a shadow of a beard?? | and I actually am not fond of how itchy it feels??? | but | he looks so good??? | why is Min Yoongi making a liar outta me yo
  15. soft bad boy Yoongi is my weakness


  1. when the mochi booty drops and the world ends
  2. if Jimin is killing me I’m dragging someone down with me
  4. I love him | smmmm
  6. omgomgomg I need oxygen | where’s my inhaler
  7. unmm I’m crying he’s a literal angel wow
  9. insert perv face emoji
  10. I mean I have two ovaries so they’ve learned to share
  11. he looks like he came from the heavens to impregnate me
  12. I just | I’m not okay
  14. I feel attacked
  15. yall I’m screaming look at that gaze | it’s killer