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Cas’s remarks on glimpsing tumblr:

“Why do all these people say fluff is killing them? I don’t get it.”

*tilts head, squinting until his nose bumps the screen as he finds another porn manip/drawing* Then, whispering: “how do they knooow?”

*spends an hour scrolling through a kitty tumblr*

“What does avacado toast have to do with anything?”

*spends another hour scrolling through a puppy tumblr*

“Hey!” *stabs screen with finger* “it’s me” *stabs a graphic edit* “there I am again!” *reapeats, growing excited* “again!” *stabs a pic with a trench coat before noticing it’s a kissing pic.* “Oh.” *turns red, scrolling down, but has a smile*

*Reblogs the 10,000th picture of Dean/Jensen that he’s found that day. Slams his hand down on the keyboard, breaking the enter key in half.* : “Another!”

After a long pause, and a scowl down at his clothes: “Does everybody hate my trench coat?”

underused fcs y’all are still ignoring in 2017

it’s the year 2017 and y’all still use the same old fcs so show the fcs below some love and idk.. start making resources for them/use them instead of the same 10 everyone uses

*before anyone wants to send hate, i ain’t hating on any fc. i’m just letting people know that alts and other fcs are available and if you do wanna send hate, i’ll block your ass faster than the speed of light so think about it.*

  • elliot fletcher - i know trans people are barely used in the first place but he’s got so many resources? what’s the excuse? oh that’s right there are none.
  • dylan sprayberry - he’s 19 now and teen wolf 6b was shot when he was 18 so start whipping out the icons, gif icons and gif packs out now. i’ve started but… i’m so busy #rip
  • hailee steinfeld - scream favouritism all you want at me but she’s not used much despite her numerous resources????? she’s gorgeous, fits the 18-25 age bracket the rpc loves, can act and sing (genuinely)
  • chis pine - he’s being appreciated more but he’s still the most underappreciated chris. he’s got plenty of resources and quite honestly he’s probably the best chris ever. so let’s all appreciate and use him more
  • paris berelc - she’s being ignored in 2017???? sad. she’s gonna be the star of a netflix show coming out in 2018 so rpc i expect gif icons upon gif icons and packs upon packs when it releases. and in the mean time, a quick look in her gif icons and gif hunt tag will tell you she has plenty of resources
  • any k-pop/c-pop/j-pop fc that isn’t bts, blackpink etc - there are directories dedicated to them and a lot of helpers/gif packs as well… so what’s y’all excuses here?
  • scott eastwood - … … … i don’t understand why he’s underused… he’s white, good looking, cis male and has plenty of resources. he’s pretty much rpc clickbait???????????? and before y’all cry “but aGE1!!!!!111!!!11″ yes that’s true but rpc fave matt daddario is a year and a half younger than him. don’t believe me? look it up.
  • kelli berglund - she’s so pretty. and i’ve made 1,025 gifs of her. no that’s not an exaggeration and that’s not counting others in her tag. so once again, start using her.
  • luca hostelle - she’s a beautiful redhead with a decent amount of resources who should be appreciated as much as kat and madelaine. and if you’re tired of the token redheads then luca is a brilliant option
  • olivia holt - my wife and actual queen lenora aka @oliviaholtz has made so, so many gifs of olivia holt and yet… y’all are fixated on using nicola peltz, gigi hadid and dove cameron as your blonde fcs????? sad. anywho, she’s gonna be in cloak and dagger so….. you know the drill
  • vajen van den bosch - not only has lenora spent hours upon hours giffing olivia, she and alexis over on @alexcsofrp having spent hours upon hours iconning, gif iconning and gif making stuff for her. so like………… 
  • the descendants cast minus dove - y’all ate up dove so quickly but the rest of the cast??? like i see sofia used sure but the others. zilch. and china anne mcclain is gonna be black lightning and the others have plenty of gif packs you can use.
  • mateus ward - peel your eyes away from co/le sp/ro/use and look at him. he’s got a few independent movie projects coming out so like if his disney gifs aren’t doing it for you then look somewhere else. look his filmography up and see what you can download and start making resources
  • keke palmer - rpc, zendaya isn’t your only black fc option. keke (and china) are beautiful alternatives that should be used more often. she was huge when scream queens came out but now… zilch.
  • alberto rosende - somehow him and harry aren’t used in rps??? which is shock considering the popularity of their shadowhunters’ cast mates???? that should change asap honestly
  • harry shum jr - another fc y’all are sleeping on!!!! everyone calls m/al/ec amazing and all that (which they are) but when it comes to playing him *crickets chirp* 
  • cody christian - any native needs to be played more but he’s someone i can think off right now. he’s really good looking and he’s been in a whole bunch of things too and is a cinnamon roll

there’s probably more but this is all my tired brain can think off right now. 

once-upon-a-ghost-story  asked:

I absolutely love the Regency Au, I spent three hours going through the tag and reading everything about it! If it's okay, what're Steve and Bucky's reactions to Tony's pregnancy? And how do they win back their forgiveness after hurting Tony's feelings?

Anonymous said:But now we’ve gotta know how and when Tony does tell them he’s pregnant!!! So many cliff hangers! Lol Glad the boys are all making up now :) Anonymous said:Angst Angst so much Angst!!!! How could you??! (No I am just kidding! Hit me with all the angst!) So when does Tony tell Bucky and Steve about the baby? And how do they react to it??! Your Regency AU is Life!!!!

Anonymous said:!!!!! Regency AU!!! The way Bucky started sobbing. Omg. I cannot. The feels. When does Tony tell them about the pregnancy?? How do they react? I’m imagining a whole load of them panicking/getting over excited over every little thing



Anonymous said:freaking out cuz baby!!! omg what happens next?! im like crying and flailing here!! how do they get over such a big thing for bucky and then making it up to tony! and how does he tell them about the baby?!

shadowedsoulforever said:Ahh! I am absolutely loving the Regency AU! The angst about Bucky and the apology/fix it was amazing! However, now I am curious, how and when does Tony tell Steve and Bucky about his pregnancy? Please!? 😍😆

Anonymous said:How does tony tell them about the baby in the regency au!?!? I’m totally obsessed with this au!!!!

Anonymous said:Regency AU: How does Tony tell Bucky and Steve about the baby!?What are their individual responses? Is Tony nervous about being pregnant? Are they nervous about his health?

Anonymous said:Soooo…. How does Steve earn Tony’s forgiveness? :D Lovin this!!

Well, Tony’s actually willing to tell the boys about the baby immediately because he feels it’s something they should know, but then Bucky starts sobbing and he thinks now isn’t the time. So he spends the next few days just getting Bucky settled (back in their room!) and hovering when Helen or Bruce change his bandages. (“Would you like to do this?” Helen asks snidely, and Tony brightens at the idea. “No,” Bruce cuts in, making Tony deflate. “I don’t see why he couldn’t,” Steve reasons, and then Bruce glares at him and he continues, “You know what you’re right that’s an absolutely awful idea. Silly me.”)

Bucky doesn’t have to do much to get Tony to forgive him. Tony has decided he gets a pass because almost his entire arm had to be amputated. Also because Bucky cried and cried until he couldn’t cry anymore and Tony can’t imagine all the turmoil Bucky went through knowing that he had been changed irreparably and fearing that Tony wouldn’t want him anymore, as if Tony cared about that kind of thing. Steve, on the other hand, waits on Tony hand and foot, which Tony appreciates, because that means he can cuddle with Bucky more since Bucky is still confined to bed rest. (“Help me escape,” Bucky begs him. “Tony, please.” “But Bruce said you need to stay in bed,” Tony insists. “That’s why I said escape, honey.” “…But Bruce said…” Bucky flops back onto the pile of pillows Tony had been fussing over with a sigh, lifting his remaining arm. Tony squeaks happily and cuddles up against him, wrapping his arms around Bucky’s waist. Bucky can’t really complain.) Steve even learns how to draw a bath for Tony. The servants hate it but they appreciate that Steve is trying to make it up to Tony (the servants have Opinions about what happened between the three of them but are smart enough not to voice them).

So Steve draws a bath, a little excited because Bucky has healed enough that he’s been approved for actual baths instead of the sponge-baths he’d previously had to suffer through. (Not that he’d suffered much when Tony had demanded to take over the sponge-baths. Steve might be a little jealous about how much attention Bucky had received during those sponge-baths. Maybe Steve should get injured. Just a little.) So they wrap the stump of Bucky’s arm in cheesecloth with beeswax on it to keep it from getting too wet and ease him into the tub. And then Steve helps Tony undressed to ease him into the tub as well. Tony slips but it’s okay because Steve has him–he always helps Tony into the bath now–and oh. Oh, at this angle it almost looks like–but that’s ridiculous. Steve squints at Tony’s stomach suspiciously, but eventually allows him into the tub the rest of the way.

“I’ll see if it can be let out,” Steve overhears one day, and peeks into Tony’s closet. The seamstress was carefully holding one of Tony’s dresses closed behind him. It looked a little tight. Not that Tony’s bodices left a lot to the imagination anyway but… normally he didn’t have to have people hold his dress shut. But then, Tony hadn’t been as active as he usually was. He’d taken to sitting with Bucky instead of going on rides or sparring with Steve. Perhaps being sedentary was making him gain a little weight. HMM.

Bucky grunts as Tony slips out of his arm late at night. He dozes as he waits for Tony, but realizes with a jolt that Tony has not come back for quite some time. And now that he’s awake, he can hear retching. Bucky tries to wake Steve but he’s on his left, lying half on top of him, and ever since the war ended Steve has slept like the dead, probably to make up for all the nights he was too frightened to sleep. Luckily Tony emerges from the bathroom just in time to keep Bucky from walloping Steve on the head. “Are you okay, sweetheart?” Bucky asks, concerned, and holds his arm out to him. Tony curls up against his side and sighs. “’m fine.” “You were gone quite a while,” Bucky says, trying to wheedle a little more information out of him. “I guess something at dinner disagreed with me,” Tony offers, shrugging. “And then I had to pee.” Bucky accepts it. But now he notices Tony escaping to the bathroom a little more often than usual. HMM.

Bucky and Steve both notice Sarah giving Tony these meaningful glances when she comes to visit them, too. Well, she’s always given Tony meaningful glances, but Tony usually looked more confused by them than understanding. Now the looks he gives Sarah in response actually seem to carry an answer to her wordless questions. They wonder if this is what Tony feels like when Steve and Bucky talk to each other with their eyebrows. They will have to stop doing that. This doesn’t feel very good, actually. Then Sarah starts pulling Tony aside to talk to him and Tony always looks embarrassed. HMM.

So one day, when Steve is helping Bucky wrestle himself into a shirt so Tony can pin the empty arm up out of the way, Tony swallows thickly and says, “So, um, it’s been a while since we’ve… been intimate.” Bucky grunts. “Not quite sure I’m up to it yet, sweetheart.” Tony blushes. “That’s not what I meant!” “Oh, honey, if you want to read your erotic novels, you can,” Steve answers absently. Tony chokes. They knew about those?! “I mean–I–That’s not–” Steve and Bucky turn to face him in confusion because he sounds almost upset.

Tony looks mortified but he presses on anyway. “We–we haven’t been intimate for a while!” Steve and Bucky nod slowly. “So I’ve–been able to notice–things.” Steve and Bucky look nervous. Tony can feel his own nerves getting frazzled with anxiety. “Things about my… my body!” Steve and Bucky look concerned at this. “Oh you idiots,” Tony says. “I’m with child.” Steve and Bucky immediately look down at his stomach. “The dresses,” Steve gasps. “The retching,” Bucky gasps. They look at each other, then gasp together, “Ma.” Tony blinks at them owlishly.

Then Steve surges to his feet, grabs Tony around the waist, and spins him in a circle, shouting, “A baby!” Tony laughs helplessly, reaching down to grab his wrists. “Yes, a baby!” Bucky squirms out of the mountain of pillows propping him up and onto his feet. Steve helpfully sets Tony on his feet so Bucky can cup his cheek, leaning down to press their foreheads together as he whispers, “A baby.” Tony smiles shyly, dropping his gaze from Bucky’s eyes to his chin in embarrassment. “Yes.” “Do you think,” Bucky begins, then stops, choked up a little. “…Do you think I’ll still be able to hold the baby?” “Of course, Buck,” Steve cuts in when Tony is too stricken to answer. “You only need one arm, really. Babies are small. And there’s–there’s time! We’ll have time to get your arm strengthened up again.”

Tony blushes a little and takes Bucky’s hand between both of his own. “Maybe–maybe you can get back to the strength you had before the–um, accident. When you–when you could lift me with one arm.” Bucky raises an eyebrow at him, unable to help a disbelieving smile. “I–if you can lift me, you can definitely hold a baby!” Tony sputters, embarrassed, and squeaks when Bucky takes a step toward him. He squeaks again when he backs into Steve, who wastes no time crowding him back up against Bucky. “Been a while since we were intimate indeed,” Steve says in amusement, and Bucky laughs. Tony hides his flushed face against Bucky’s chest and tries not to giggle when they tickle him to try to get him to stop hiding.

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Am I the only one excited to hear what Tormund says about Dany to Jon after the look he gave her when she saved them all? 😂

I am ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT lmao I think it’s going to be one of my favorite conversations in the series. 

To clarify: we have no confirmation of such a conversation existing. I just tagged spoilers because of Tormund seeing Dany at all. 


EDIT :: Provided some proof of what I’m dealing with


I’m gonna have to ask for donations or commissions again I’m so sorry that I’m struggling to get a job (I’m tried SO hard to get this vet job) I’ve been a failure every month and never have enough for groceries and rent and fucking tater is crapping blood again and not eating a lot.. I’m about to lose my mind,, seriously haven’t felt this depressed … I am trying my best to progress on commissions by at last drawing them out on paper for y'all. Im so sorry for the wait.

Donation / email /paypal: kaitecrowe@hotmail.com Patreon : pistachiozombie Commissions: under #commissions tag (I’m on mobile sorry) Thank you so much,,please signal boost

I fail to understand how some people can measure love through no. of episodes aired ! For you, it was just 4 episodes, and for them? Eeerrr, who knows they must have been together at dragonstone for weeks and months! Show makers aren’t going show you every interaction or how many moments it took them to fall in love! It is for you to figure it out that they don’t own a time machine! Duh! Sansa even pointed out that Jon didn’t write to her for weeks! Funny as no one noticed that.

I started watching GOT almost a month back. I never had interest before my friend recommended it as she wanted a partner to marathon the seasons (LOL). I saw their parallel lives unfold in the 1st episode and so on, and realized that at one point of time they will come together. And no, I didn’t even stop to check online that they already met each other in season 7, so there was no way I could have shipped them from the start! Nearly choked myself when Melisandre asked Danerys to summon Jon!

At first, I was utterly shocked as to how some ardent GOT fans who have been watching & reading series from 7 years and 20 years (books) didn’t see this coming?!! Iam not mad anymore that they have haters (becoz haters are gonna hate) and call their chemistry forced but the fact that those ardent GOT fans didn’t realize that their  Ice & Fire are Jon & Danerys is really, really sad!

It is sad but does that give me the right to impose my views or my likes on them? No. I don’t want to do that.

Some speak about the lack of connection and chemistry? Ha, Of course, you can’t see it if you have never understood their parallel lives! *Sigh* Chemistry does have some contribution of actors but majorly it is your emotions, your connection with their story. I never shipped jonsa, dany/jorah/darrio or any other couple in GOT, but no it doesn’t mean that they don’t have chemistry/connection. We should not be thinking about your ship or vice versa because you and I should be busy loving our own even if they’re not together anymore. If you don’t agree… don’t ship. Simple. Why spend your time in our tags? Incest, forced chemistry, Mad queen, Cheater king, Intention of Allegiance, Sex is too early! Like…STOP! We know our ship better! Thank you very much!

Jonerys shipper, please don’t feel disheartened to see the hate! You should pat yourself because you chose to see their journey together despite never sharing the screen even once for 6 seasons! Even if they have a bittersweet ending, I don’t care because I just feel blessed to see them together as fire & ice and people will sing their song for years to come!  *Phew* I am done with all the hate!  

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Dear Anon, who is probably not @o0o-chibaken-o0o, @noeeon or @bixgirl1 at all, no never would it be them, lololololol, 

Would you like visual pornography? Because in that case, I’d like to introduce you to Pornhub, which you might find educational and interesting. if you would like written porn, I would like to introduce you to the AO3 Drarry tag, which is quite…stimulating reading. Yes. Quite.

I hope you find what you’re looking for! And I also hope that I share you interest in pornography when I hit 87! Good for you! Sex is brilliant at EVERY age. 

Just ask Martha. I’m sure she’ll definitely agree.

I Guess I Need to Explain

Most of my current followers were around for the perplexing incidents of last week when someone went full loco because I run a Daenerys-positive blog, and harassed me for hours from a total of close to 20 different blog handles. 

When I would block one, another would surface to come at me. The initial posts were reblogs of my content about Daenerys in which the person reblogging called me a” bitch”, a “fucking idiot”, and a racist among other things. So of course I blocked. But the person was not pleased that I blocked them and thus used these sideblogs to tag me relentlessly in similar posts and make call-out posts about me, as well as sending me DMs saying that since I refused to argue/fight back I must “know [they’re] right.” I also received anon messages during this time urging me to kill myself. 

There was nothing I could do to make this stop as the person had a seemingly endless supply of blog handles for this specific purpose. It was not a fun night for me. I warned the person that if they didn’t stop, I would report them and post their URLs that I was aware of to get help from my followers. The person didn’t stop, so I did those things.

Eventually the harassment stopped. Today, one of these blogs is apparently making a post in which the blogger is threatening to end their life. This is absolutely tragic and I hope with all my heart that it isn’t true. In the event that this is genuine, I replied to the person’s post and attempted to talk them down. Whatever may have happened between us, everyone deserves life and no one should end it, especially not over something like this. 

But I am making this post because the post in question tags me and doesn’t tell an accurate story of the events of last week, claiming that this person was bullied by my followers and myself. Since this morning, I have gotten more messages than I can count either attacking me or asking me to save this person’s life. 

I have no idea what the truth is on their side of things but I do know that I did not bully this user and was defending myself as is anyone’s right. I’ve tagged the staff, reported it, and tried to make a reconciliation reply to the person in case this isn’t a bluff because I know what a serious issue suicide is and I would be absolutely devastated if this person was moved to such an act over a feud about Game of Thrones of all things. 

But I hope you guys can understand that I will also set the record straight because I do not appreciate having my character defamed this way. This blog is very important to me. It has brought me a lot of joy and friends. I don’t want my experience here to end because of whatever is going on currently. 


Things I as an ELP fan pledge to do

There’s a lot of love and goodness on this site in regards to the ELP fandom. But I would like us to be a model fandom. Someone critic once said the only ones stupider than the band themselves were the fans. Let’s prove them wrong on both counts. Therefore: 

  •  I will do my best to remain respectful in my comments about all three’s looks. Greg Lake has been dragged for his appearance or objectified ENOUGH.
    • That is not to say that being attracted to them is wrong. It’s wonderful to be and is quite understandable. But if there’s something I would feel uncomfortable saying in the presence of Aaron Emerson, Damon Emerson, Mari Kawaguchi, Elinor Lund, Regina Lake, Natasha Lake, or Carissa Palmer, I will keep it somewhat private.
    • If I do in fact have the urge to share something NSFW or even suspect looking, I will tag it as such. I am not asking for a fandom purge here, because that would be wrong, many of us on this site are adults, and this is not 1620s New England. But I will tag it appropriately. 
  • I will not send other fans anon hate. I will not send them public hate. If I disagree, which some of us will at some point because we are only human, I will remain respectful. This goes for all fandoms and all issues. 
    •  I will not ever suggest someone commit an act of violence against themselves. This goes for all fandoms. This goes for all issues. We lost one of our brightest stars in part perhaps to this. Whenever I see ELP fans taking part in this behavior it makes me ill. We ought to do better.
  • I will quote my sources and cite them. If there is a rumor I will try to link it to the source. There are enough lies out there about each of them. I won’t be part of the problem. 
  • I will be receptive to the ideas and opinions of others. Should I disagree, I will discuss with them in a civil manner. 
  • I will not knowingly perpetuate falsehoods and work toward contributing to a more complete and truthful picture.
  •  I will ask for permission if I know a source of a photo/fanart/anything. If someone comes to me claiming something I have posted is theirs, I will not be an asshole. I will apologize and give them credit, or else remove it.
  • Teasing is fine. Teasing is fun. Mean-spirited teasing is not. 
  • Most importantly, if I dislike something someone in the band wrote/said/did, I will be mature about it. They too are only human, and I can think of examples from all three. But again, I will be mature about my disagreements. I will not use language I would’ve used in a fight on the playground in elementary school.

Feel free to reblog this, and add to it as you will. 

In what amounts to a marvelous distraction @secret-skin tagged me in a lovely meme. Putting music on shuffle and then listing the 10 first songs. Also kinda in a bind so I am using the songs I have saved on spotify which is hilarious because I only accidentally save things. Not even kidding. And occasionally I go back and unsave all of them.
 Anywho, 10 random songs:
1. “Game of Pricks” by Guided by Voices.
2. “Feathers” by The Twilight Singers
3. “Soon Go” by Frightened Rabbit
4. “Old 45′s” by Chromeo
5. “Ghost Rider” by Suicide
6. “Psychonaut Lib.1″ by Fields of the Nephilim
7. “Biggest Fan” by Voxtrot
8. "Reason to Believe” Live,  by Bruce Springsteen
9. “Nebraska” Live, by Bruce Springsteen
10. "Velcro” by Bell X1 

fun fun fun. 
Well, tagging some folks who I hope will enjoy this:
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I was at the Nanbaka panel at Afest this morning, where the English VAs for Jyugo, Uno, Hajime, Noriko, Mao, and Hitoshi did a Q&A.


•Jyugo and Uno’s VAs hardcore ship Jyuno. They say they are husbandos.

•Jyugo’s VA ships Seitarou with Kuu, but everybody else on the panel shipped Seitarou with Hitoshi.

•Hitoshi’s VA says that Hitoshi has incredible endurance in the bedroom. Headcanon accepted.

•Some of them shipped Jyugo x Hajime.

•I also got a picture with Hitoshi’s VA because I was cosplaying as Guang-Hong, and he also dubs Guang-Hong. I am still in fandom heaven from that experience. Nothing can make this day bad for me.

I have pictures and videos that will be uploaded when I get home. I hope you all appreciate this!

Tagged so you can see this cause I think you’ll appreciate it: @a-lesnikova @nanbakathenumbers @nanbakapersonals @nanbahcs @nanbaka-headcanons @prettybluechild @mlgshipping @unobaka @tatistuffs

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rec anon: yay! anyone with for any of those categories except for kpop, would be nice please, thank you ❤

a lot of my friends are multifandom so I’ll rec you some of them and then some more specific people

i cant emphasis enough on the fact that everyone needs to follow @kunstpause @liamxryder @adobabe @lunarmelodies @aishitaeru cuz they’re just the best people and no kidding im who i am today because of them. they’re all heavy with Mulitfandoms and activism, but liamxryder is the only one who doesnt, or very seldomly posts kpop. i think lol

and then for more specific intrests there’s

@knifeofdaudwall, @outsidexboxofficial, @outsidextra @junkrat-3-trash @achryathesecond all my go-to’s for gaming if im not finding it in the tags. tho only outsidexbox and outsidextra are official gaming blogs

@hellyeahteensuperheroes @timmyjaybird @dapandabanda @superheroesincolor for comics and comic related fun times

@voltronlaundryday @sir-scandalous @bext-k @dailybnha @unbreakable-red-riot @relatablepicturesofkacchan @sugarmagic @owls-are-scary for all things tv shows and memes, really. i mean they post other things but thats what i follow them for. mostly its Voltron and BNHA cuz im still getting back into anime after a long stint away in im too cool for that shitsville. but im getting over it

oh and obviously, the love of my life 
@sharkfactoftheday @sharky-sharks @gentlesharks 

because you should always love sharks 

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any chance you might recommend some blogs similar to yours? :^)

@bio-punk has excellent science content and beautiful photos, @dreamlogic runs another functional library of obscurities, salt and light; @lavenderial colorcodes her posts in a similar way to how i do, @millesbianfalcon has several tags that have inspired my own 

(bear in mind, all of these people are better at blogging than i am, and you may feel an immediate urge to jump ship and follow them instead. i can’t say i would blame you 💖)

play a fanart game with me!

hello darlings! I am a terrible artist, but I have jack daniels, some paper, and a set of colored pencils my friend gave me for Christmas, and I’m gonna drunkenly draw my favorite babies and I think all of u should join me!

Anyone want to get drunk and color with me? We can post them with a tag! #drunkfanartchallenge or smthing THAT’S RIGHT I ADDED THE WORD CHALLENGE, IT’S A CHALLENGE NOW

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I am crying. I was trying to delete a secondary blog and accidentally deleted my main one. Everything is gone. Everything, including my art blog. I don't know what to do. I've never been this devastated.

Oh my god, that’s horrible.  Okay- first of all, you write asking for people who had you friended there to re-friend you here, rebuild your list that way.  Look through your tag, see if you can regather your art there, and/or reupload from your backups if you have them.  Breathe.  This is not the end of the world, it just feels that way for a moment- we all still love you and will find you again.

Tag Game

Tagged by @evelinaonline

One insecurity:

I feel like people always hate me despite them saying otherwise.

Two fears:

Losing my family/friends

Deep water/large objects in water for whatever reason.

Three turn ons:


Into the same things as I am

Dark hair

Four life goals:

Become an accomploshed artist

Pet all the dogs in the world

Be successful in life

Be awake without being tired for fucking once.

Five things I like: (I forgot what I liked it took me like a solid 6 minutes to come up with this)

Madara Uchiha

Im literally in love with Revali


Birds (Amplified with the release of the Rito 😂)

Video games

Six weaknesses:

Just like @evelinaonline, Revali.

My depression

My anxiety as well

My carpal tunnel in both fucking hands

Im pretty stubborn

Im not too trusting unless Ive known you for a while.

Seven things I love:


The Legend of zelda (BOTW especially and all its characters)


My friends (includ8ng internet friends of course)



Harry Potter

Tag 8 people: I dont know 8 people why would you do this to me

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