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Sherlock x Chubby!Reader

Request: Could you do a SherlockxChubby!reader where shes really insecure and he assures her shes perfect and fluffy stuff like kissing and cuddles


Your alarm clock went off far to early for your tastes. You groaned, “Ugh…” You got up and got ready for your day with John and Sherlock. John and his family were family friends of yours growing up and he invited you a few years back to join him and Sherlock in their line of work. You couldn’t help but linger in front of the mirror before walking out of your flat. It’s not that you were an elephant, it’s just that you had a fuller figure than the average woman; a figure with little areas that protruded out.

Arriving at Sherlock’s flat you let yourself in and went upstairs to get briefed on the newest case. “No new case today Y/N,” Sherlock said reading your thoughts.

“Why not?”

“Because we have a party being thrown for us by what’s his name from wherever it is that requires us to attend,” he retorted.

“It’s at 7 tonight. Sherlock and I will take a cab to your place at 6:30,” John chimed in from his chair.

“What exactly am I suppose to wear to this thing? All I have in my closet are jeans, T-shirts, and a couple pairs of nice pants and blouses.”

“Mary thought ahead and got a dress for you last night while we were out. I hung it up on the bathroom door.”

“You married a good one John,” you smiled at him. “I have some errands to run then before tonight,” you grabbed the dress off of the door. “I’ll see you both at 6:30 then.”

“Bye, Y/N.” “Yes, goodbye Y/N,” the farewells followed you out of the flat door.


You had successfully completed your errands, which included getting real food for your pantry, and were putting the final touches on your makeup. There was a knock at your door, you ran to it quickly rushing John and Sherlock in. “You guys are early!”

“Or you are running late,” Sherlock retorted. Although he wouldn’t admit you were tied with John for the title of best friend. “Very funny Sherly. Just give me one second to put on my dress and heels and then we are good to go.” Going back into your bathroom you looked at the bag hanging from the door. You unzipped the bag and looked at the dress, you hadn’t had time to try it on and it made you a little nervous but Mary knew you, and more importantly your size, so she must have done good picking out a dress. You slipped the black dress on and looked in the mirror. It was a little bit tighter than what you would have picked out, and a tad bit shorter. “Mary you’re going to kill me…” you muttered, “too late to turn back now.” You slipped on your heels and left the bathroom. You were uncomfortable and hoped it wasn’t obvious. “Alright boys, let’s go.”

“You look very nice, Y/N,” John complimented you.

“Yes, Y/N, you look very nice. Now let’s go, I don’t want to be late,” Sherlock lead you all down to the cab.


You were able to shake off most of your nerves as the night went on but how you looked in your dress still plagued your thoughts. The drinks sure helped you forget for a while though. Now that the party was ending you grabbed your coat and made your way out to find a cab. “Y/N,” you knew that monotone voice anywhere.

“Yes Sherly?”

“You recommended that movie about those superhumans to me last week and I rented it. Would you like to watch it with me tonight. That party was so boring I would actually like to have something actually entertaining.”

“The Avengers, Sherlock. Superheroes not superhumans,” you laughed. “I’d like that.”

The drive back was fun with Sherlock. Everyone on the streets was analyzed by you both, jokes were cracked about the party and the people who attended, and you even got Sherlock to agree to stop for Chinese takeout. You arrived back at 221B and got some plates out for the food. “If I eat one more thing this dress is going to pop open,” you thought to yourself.

“You shouldn’t regard yourself like that.”

“What Sherly?”

“I analyze people for a living, it was easy to read you before the party…and during the party…and just now. You look very nice. Not just tonight in the dress but always, even in those things you call sweatpants.”

“Sherlock, I don’t know-”

“Beauty is not a scientifically accurate description for the appearance of someone. I believe that beauty is nothing more than a superficial term used to tell someone if they look acceptable or not in the eyes of someone else; but, if I did believe in the concept of beauty, I would absolutely deem you beautiful.”

“You’re sweet you know that. I know you don’t like people to think that of you but you are.”

He walked over to you and gave you something rare, a hug. “Beautiful.” He kissed your forehead. “I put some of my pajamas on my bed for you to change into.”

“You know me so well.”

Wildest dream ( Liam Dunbar) + A/N

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Liam x Reader

Y/N - Your name ; Y/L/N - Your last name

Summary: Promposals are happening, but does is happen to Y/N too?

Warning: fluff at the end


GUYS!! I entered the #Wattys2016 !! It would literally mean EVERYTHING if you could ote for this book. I put so much effort in every Story and I love to write every little adventure the Characters go through!  Thank you guys so much for letting me live my little writing dream.  

All the love Sam (:

Wattpad username: SamiraXO


3rd Person

“Are you sure that Lydia will fall for this?”, Stiles asks, obviously nervous.

“I am certain Stiles.”


“Shut up Stiles. I will handle it. I’m her best friend and you can count on me when I say, that everything will turn out the way you want it to.”, Y/N tries to calm him down.

Stiles runs his sweaty fingers through his hair and wipes them off right onto his favourite plaid shirt. The green- blue one Lydia said would suit him best.

“Okay, I’m gonna go and get her now. Is everything and everybody ready?”, Y/N asks the pack, which helped Stiles with the whole planning of this big step.

“Yup.”, they all answer simultaneously.

As Y/N leaves she takes one more look in Liam’s direction and smiles back at him, when she caught him watching her leaving the library.


“Lydia, there are so many mysteries we solved. Would you help me solve this one and go to Prom with me?”, Stiles asks resolute, but with a dorky smile.

Y/N watches Lydia falling into Stiles arms and hugging him as answer. Oh, how she wishes that would be her and Stiles would be Liam.


“That was so cute. I can’t believe he actually did it!”, Y/N says excited while doing a partner experiment with Liam during chemics.

“Sure.”, Liam mumbles back and scratches the back of his head which makes Y/N really insecure. She doesn’t know what to say next, because the fear of saying someting risky is huge.

“Are you going to Prom this year?”, he hesitantly asks, looking at the bubbling lilac fluid they created.

She blushes but tries to hide the redness on her chubby cheeks, but fails.

“Uhm, since nobody really asked me to go to Prom I think I will spend this one with my lovely couch and Pizza”, Y/n laughs it off and tries to convince herself that eating Pizza would be better than going to Prom.

“Wow that sounds sad.”, Liam replys.

“How about you? Do you go to Prom?”

“Hm, I don’t know. I guess not since I don’t really see a point in it.”

Sadness builds up in her mind.


Y/N remembers falling for Liam. The day she developed those intense feelings for him, was the day she saw him crying. Yes, he cried the strong Liam Dunbar whined like a little baby. Y/N was walking down the stairs at Scotts house, where the Pack met up. She saw him sitting there all alone with tears in his eyes.

“What’s wrong Liam?”, she asks while sitting next to him. He whipes away his tears.

“N-nothing. You can go down to the others. Really I’m fine.”

“Tell me what’s wrong Liam.”, Y/N says in a stern voice.

“I don’t know what is wrong lately. I can’t sleep. I guess I’m just overacting right now. God, this is so embarrassing”, he explains.

A moment of silence.

“ And-and I am so hard on myself to prove that I can be a good addition to this pack. I don’t want to let you guys down after all that has happened. I feel like whatever I do it’s not good enough.”, tears stream down his face again, but Y/N whipes them away with her sleeve.

“Listen, you are enough. Everybody sees how much you care about us and we appreciate you so much I can’t even explain. You are enough!”, she holds on to his hands and looks him deep into his eyes.

After a while he answers with a thank you and hugs her tight.

Y/N and Liam became closer friends than they have been before this conversation. They spent every free minute together. They were inseparable.

Rumours about an ongoing relationship between them were the reason why the strong bond they had broke. He suddenly stopped talking to her. He stopped responding to text messages. He completely shut her out.


Y/N still asks herself why he would do that. She always thought that Liam would have feeling for her, just like she had for him. But the way he denied every question about those rumors showed the opposite.

Y/N always hoped to spend her Prom with him.


“Dude are you crazy? The way she looks at you everyday is pretty obvious. I hear that she was miserable when you stopped talking to her. ”, Mason says.

“I heard that too.”, Scott agrees.

“But-but I thought she would not feel the way I feel for her. She never said anything about those relationship rumors. It thought she thought they were awkward.”

“And I think you think too much.”, Stiles rolls his eyes.

“Y/N is completely in love with you. Everybody can see it… except for you, I guess. Come on puppy. Show her how much you like her.”, he packs Liam by his shoulders to show him how serious he was.

“Well… what should I do then?”


A knock on the door disturbs the girls night Y/N was having with Lydia,Kira and Malia.

“Who could that be?”, Kira asks in a strange voice.

“Hm I don’t know?”, Lydia answers enthusiatic.

“Y/N go and open the door.”

“Ugh why me?”, she groans

“Because it’s your house, silly.”, Malia replies.


Y/N gets up and walks to the door.

“I did not order anyth-”, she opens the door and sees him standing there in a suit and a Pizzabox in his hand.

“Liam?Hey.”, she greets him quite confused.

“Hey. Look Y/N, I know we didn’t- I didn’t talk to you the past few weeks. I’m sorry I really am. I really really want to talk to you about it but firstly I have to do something.”

Liams opens the Pizzabox, revealing Y/N’s favourite kind of Pizza. Before she was able to read what was written in black ink at the top of the box, Liam looks her in the eyes.

“Y/N I know this is cheesy, but will you go to Prom with me?”

Never in my wildest dream have I ever thought, that this would happen!

Underwear? Underwear.

Disclaimer: Hiro Mashima owns all of Fairy Tail and every single one of its characters. I’m just anime trash with a dream and a laptop. 

Pairing: GrayLu

Rated: T

Summary: The holidays are in full swing, and a certain pair on Team Natsu are requested for a Magnolia Fair. With “Christmas Spirit” in the air, maybe the two will do more than complete the job request. And who knew a pair of underwear could act as a catalyst?  

Authors Note: So, I’m pretty sure I’m the worse Secret Santa alive because this is ten days late and I was given the most precious, sweetest human being to write a gift for. @magerain sweetheart, I cannot tell you how sorry I am that this is so late. But without further adieu, here is your gift, and I can only hope I’ll be able to fully make it up to you someday.

P.S. This is my first time writing GrayLu and my first time writing Canon verse. Hopefully it’s not terribly OOC!

Underwear was quickly becoming a theme in Lucy Heartfilia’s life.

It was the garment she modeled in Sorcerer Weekly photo spreads. It was the clothing item that always seemed to be destroyed, leaving her nude on various missions.  It was one of the first words a certain ice mage had said to her. The infamous greeting of, “Excuse me Miss, can I please borrow your underwear?” never leaving her mind.

Yes, that was correct, underwear was quickly becoming more and more relevant in Lucy’s life.

But she supposed that made sense, being close friends with a man like Gray Fullbuster.

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A golden Curse

Title: A golden Curse

Word Count: 1560

Characters: Reader x Dean, Sam

A/N: I came up with this Idea while listening to Gold from Imagine Dragons. I had this scene in my head and I really wanted to write something out of it. So yes, here it is Part 1 of the Gold Series. 

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Apple Pie always reminded you of home and your Mom and Dad. A safe and warm place with a fire in the fireplace and the laugh of children.
Something you had not seen anymore since you were five years old.
With a sad smile on your lips you looked over to the Window of the Café you were working in. All the Pie and Cakes that you had baked in the early morning hours were lying there. Waiting for someone to buy and surprise a beloved person with them.
Cherrie Pie, Apple Pie, Chocolate Cookie Cake. All decorated with golden ornaments and sweet gold decorations.
Your Pie and Cakes kind of became the Café’s Identification and what started as a hobby was now part of your job. Standing behind the counter in the afternoon and baking in the kitchen in the early hours of the day. It was your daily routine. Something that helped you to keep going.

»Are you daydreaming again?«, your coworker Betty asked and gave you a suspicious glare. You shook your head and looked away from the Window, away from the Cake that reminded you of home. 

»I was not daydreaming«, you declared and continued cleaning the coffee machine. There weren’t many guests in the Sunshine Café this morning and you had not much to do.
Betty was still standing next to you, watching each step you did while chewing on her own lip. You liked Betty, you liked her a lot. She was always nice to the customers and the other coworkers. She was pretty and it was easy to talk to her. But you weren’t friends. Not because she didn’t wanted to be your friend. No, because you didn’t wanted to. You didn’t wanted any friends.
You would only hurt them. 

»You are going to rip out a piece of your lip if you go on with that«, you pointed at her lip and frightened when you saw your bare left hand. You weren’t wearing your gloves. The ones that protected you and everyone who was standing close to you. 

»Are you looking for these?« a manly voice asked and you looked into the direction the voice had come from.
A man, in the end of his twenties, were standing on the other side of the counter and pointed at the left, transparent glove that was lying next to the coffee machine. You didn’t even remember that you had took it off.

»Thank you«, you simply said and put the glove back on your hand where it belonged. You looked up to face the guy again and were overwhelmed by his stunning green eyes. The most beautiful eyes you had ever seen. 

»So what can I get you?«, you added and put on the friendliest smile you had. The Man smiled back in an instant and a comforting heat spread though your belly. The safe feeling of home was there again. 

»My brother there«, the man pointed at one of the tables, which had been empty only a few minutes before. A younger man was sitting on the window-facing side. He was too tall so his legs didn’t fit under the table and his hair was longer and darker than the ones of his brother. 

»My brother there want’s something healthy but I take one of those babies over there«, the green eyes guy pointed at the already cut into pieces apple pie.
A pie lover. You could see it in the way he was looking at the sweet sin. 

»Alright then«, you smiled and started preparing a tablet with a vegetable roll and a slice of Apple Pie. »You want something to drink aswell?«

»Ugh«, the man replied and looked over his shoulder to his brother, who mouthed ‘Coke’. You laughed and put a glass of coke on the tablet and handed it over to the green eyed customer and started calculating the price.

»That makes 5,30.« He handed you ten bucks and for a single moments your hands touched . You could feel his rough skin through your gloves.
A firework inflamed in your chest and your cheeks turned red. The guy looked amazed as well and just stared at you.
Your hands still touched and you immediately hated yourself for not being able to touch him without your gloves.
You’d never be able to do that.


Although the coin was dirty and covered with mud you could see that it was once golden and shiny. It was lying between the flower bed of your mom and it was the prettiest thing you’d ever seen in your entire five years long life. Your little chubby hands tried to reach out for the coin but you couldn’t grap it. It was stuck in the dirt and it took you the entire afternoon to free it. It was almost bigger than your hand and looked like something a pirate had lost a hundred years ago.
Your best friend Patrick would freak out if he knew that you owned a real gold coin from Captain Hook! 

»Y/N what have you done?«, your mother asked when you were back into your small apartment and gave you an angry look. »Look at you! All covered in dirt. How am I supposed to get it out of your clothes?« 
Little did she knew that she would never get the chance to clean anything ever again.

»Your Daddy comes home from his trip tomorrow. How do you wanna explain to him that you look like Nessie the Loch Ness Monster?« 

She just shook her head and then started laughing. She wanted to grab you by your arms and swirl you through the air but you ran away from her. Laughing.
For you, your Mommy was your super hero. The best person in the world. She’d protect you from any monsters. Even Nessie.

»Look Mommy!«, you remembered the Pirate Coin in your pockets and showed it to your Mom. »I found it in the garden. It’s from a real pirate.«
She made big eyes and reached out for the coin because she wanted to take it into her own hands. You hid it behind your back. 

»Captain Hook doesn’t likes it if Mommy touches his Gold«, you said and yawned. It was late. Too late for a five year old.

»Bed time!«, your Mom whispered and you crossed your arms infront of your little body. 

»I’m not tired Mommy«, you yawned again and rubbed over your eyes. You went into the bathroom and  brushed your teeth. You also cleaned the Coin which was later lying under your pillow. 

»Good night Mommy«, you said and she smiled at you. You loved the way she smiled. When she smiled all your little worries were forgotten and the world was okay again. 

You smiled back and she leaned towards to place a kiss on your forhead. The Moment where her lips touched your skin a horrified expression formed on her face.
She stumbled backwards, fell to the ground and immediately turned into Gold.
It was the last time you’d ever seen her. 


You looked down on your hands which were hidden in the gloves. Since you were five years old and had found that damn Coin everything you touched turned to gold. Everything except the clothes you were wearing. The gloves protected not only you, no they also protected everyone else around you.
Like this man.
You let your hand sink and looked away. Looked over to the pie and cakes who were the only things you touched with bare hands. The gold ornaments and decorations were unique. It was the only positive thing about this damn curse. You were able to do fantastic things with cake dough.

»Please go out with me«, the man suddenly said and pulled you out of your thoughts. 

You had not noticed that he was still standing infront of you. None of the customers had ever talked to you as much as he did.
The gloves made you different and you never tried to explain it. A young woman who was able to turn everything to gold? They would have send you away.
The thought of a date with such an good looking dude made your cheeks turn more red, if that was even possible. He was so  attractive that just by looking at him you felt butterflies forming in your stomach.
But you shook your head. You’d never been on a date due to the curse of not being able to touch anything and you’d never kissed anyone. You were sure that you were damned to live a lonely life.

»Why not?«, the man asked and raised an eyebrow. He was not going to let you go away with only a simple move of your head.

»I don’t even know your name«, it was the first thing that came to your mind. It was stupid but he grinned and held out his hand which you refused to take.
The gloves could stand the contact with objects but a touch with an other human was always a risk. 

His smile didn’t vanished like you thought it would.
No, it got bigger. His bright smile had the same effect as your moms. Deep inside you you felt the urge to smile back.

»I’m Dean. And I really would like to go out with you.«

You sighed but nodded. This wouldn’t end well. You felt it.

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Get Here

Elmo’s memory is terrible. For one, he usually missed our dinner dates because of Adventure time. Last week, he forgot where he puts his phone that I waited for his text that took forever. Yesterday, he went to 5th Ave. when we’ve talked about having lunch at a newly opened Japanese restaurant in 15th street.

Elmo’s memory is terrible. But I love him for that.

It’s 4 in the afternoon and this warm cup of mocha is keeping me delighted. As I indulge myself on every page of this book, I never really thought of the time. The plot is getting interesting. The strings of every climactic scenes are making me excited. And in,




2…. 1.

“Waaahhh.” I freaked out as the thunder sounds shook every hair in me. “Oh my god.” my eyes widened as the clouds went from sky blue to dark, gloomy, sad , rotten cotton candies.

And then the wind.. It almost blew that poor ladies umbrella, upside down and her skirt is messed up really bad. The temperature got colder. I shivered in an almost freezing tenderness.

“I better go.” I’ve told myself as I picked up my stuff and quickly run at the nearest bus stop. The afternoon got worst when the rain suddenly soaked me like I was pushed on the pool.

“Like seriously?”

I ran, and made it to the shed. Wet and annoyed. I fished for my phone and got even irritated when I still haven’t got any reply from Elmo.

Again, Elmo’s memory is terrible. He once again forgot to pick me up at the coffee shop and now I’m soaking wet and the weather is mad as hell.

“Ugh. Elmo Moses Magalona.”

I dialed his number. Twice. Thrice. Four times. Until my battery got empty and the streets are starting to get flood. I panicked for a bit which caused for my phone to drop and I swear if I see Elmo Magalona right now, I will punch his cute silly rounded face with so much passion.

I went up on of the shed’s bench. I was almost hopeless. I even tried the rain dance, which is ridiculous because I’m doing something that I am not even sure what’s the purpose of such.

Minutes. More minutes. Ok, 10 minutes felt like 10 hours. I was getting myself ready for a serious flood run not until a car passed by and God knows why but it managed to shower me with flood water even more. Like more.

I was about to cry, as tears starts to form in my eyes. I sat on one of the bench and my feet soaked in a two inch flood. Yes, I’m that melodramatic awhile ago.

I closed my eyes and wished for miracle. I am hopeless.

“Basang sisiw!” a familiar voice awakened my being and then an umbrella is protecting me for further raindrops. “Pinag-alala mo ko ah.”

He sounded really worried with a hint of tease. “Sabi na kasing mag antay ka sa coffee shop eh.”

I gave him a look that in a matter of seconds turned into a sense of comfort. I hugged him tight not even worrying that he might get wet because of me. But the best part, he hugged back like he was really sorry and glad that I’m okay.

I told you. Elmo’s memory is terrible, but I love him for that.

“Aray.” I pulled away and gave him soft punches and punched his chubby cheeks. “Bakit?” he asked, giving me a boastful smirk.

“Kala ko, mastranded na ko dito eh.”

“Hahayaan ko ba yun?”

“Bakit kasi na late ka?”

“Di ko naman kasi alam na uulan.”

“Eh bakit nga kasi na late ka?”

“Because of this..” he hand me a stem of a white rose. “I’m on my way when I passed by that shrub of red roses and in that bush, a white one stood out. I don’t know why, but when I saw it. It was like seeing you for the first time. You just stood out among the rest and told myself I you are the one…

…. Happy 4th Anniversary to us, Julie.”

- - -

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This wound up being longer than I meant it to be! Whoops! Hope you still like it~~

You Surprised Me
Pairing: Hijack
Word Count: 1828
Warnings: Not very scary costumes, Jack almost says a cuss word, Hiccup gets punched in the face and gets a nosebleed

Astrid stomped into the back room, clipboard and pen in hand. It clashed a bit with the blood-splattered viking get-up she was wearing.

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