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A couple months back talented voice actress Hynden Walch was asking artist to submit a composition drawing for her and her work. Being the fan (of Teen Titans) that I was I was more than willing to do a piece for her (the second image) and she was more than thankful for it. She even asked me to email it to her.

However months later I started thinking on it again and realized I kind of rushed the design (I did because I thought I was on a time limit for it) and tweeted her again asking if I do submit a redraw and she approved. So I got to work and even though school wore me down I was able to get another one done the next month and I am much happier with this version (as was she I hope)

I wanted to make sure she got it and liked it before thinking about posting it myself since I technically gave it to her.


Feet of Clay Feet of Clay Feet of Claaaaaaaaaaay I have been looking forward to this one for a long time!

Here’s another of these weird covers. I’m actually really fond of these designs; most of the library’s copies looked like this so they were my first point of reference for the novels for a long time.

This one is in much better shape than Men at Arms but it’s got some pretty significant water damage. I lent it to a friend and then her fish bowl spilled and everything on her desk was a casualty. (The fish lived though) I am comforted by the knowledge that Pterry enjoyed the idea that his books would get dropped in the bath; I’m not sure what he’d think about fish bowls but it can’t have been much worse.


I’ve got a love-hate relationship with this project…and I may have definitely bitten off more than I can chew.

I am in love with the Neon Highway AU @mittiepaul and @bitterbrokenbones are doing (seriously go check out their artwork and playlists for it it’s rad) and I love the clothing designs they’ve come up with. Actually translating those designs onto their 3d models though is turning into a bit of a Blender nightmare. The weight paints on the shoulder area is functional, but ultimately being held together by hopes and dreams.

Not really sure if I’ll end up scrapping the fanart I had planned, but I’m learning a lot about what not to do so ultimately it’s not a total failure even if I end up dropping it later.

This doodle has been sitting in my WIP folder for about a month and I’m too tired to finish off his hand properly so this will have to do. I think the original concept was they were reconciling after a squabble they had during a mission? I am not too sure anymore. lol

While I like the composition and posing of the subjects for this drawing I think from now on I’m going to be depicting them at about the same height with Boruto only a hair taller (though in his eyes it’s more like a foot).


Steve and Rory love each other dearly, but they don’t really hang with the same crowds at school. (Steve doesn’t want his bad reputation to bother Rory.)

Steve adores Lane, though. They talk about music and he makes sure she knows she can always rifle through his CD collection, even when he’s not home.

80% of the signs in Star’s Hallow are painted or have been renovated by Steve. Pretty much all the posters and announcements for town festivals have been designed by Steve. He also makes extra cash painting murals and houses.

Steve is weirdly capable of handing Taylor, because he can be painfully earnest about town hall meetings.

Steve draws the way Rory reads: with utter concentration.

All of Stars Hallow thinks Steve and Bucky are boyfriends, about 5 years before they actually become boyfriends.

Lorelai and Steve finally have a deal where she makes him a bingosheet and if he keeps quiet and crosses off the things instead of arguing and gets bingo, they can go to Luke’s for coffee and whatever he wants for breakfast the next day. (They pretty much do that anyway, but Steve knows it’s important to his mother and sister that he shut up sometimes so he just sits fuming as he crosses off ‘classist comment’ and ‘obnoxious comment on punk hair’.)

Imagine Lorelai giving Steve the sex talk. (There is at least one mention of not getting pregnant in there. Probably several.)

Steve going through a plaid grunge-y phase until someone asked him why he was dressed as Luke. Then he may have tone down the plaid a little.

Bucky sneaks in through Steve’s window all the time. Steve and Bucky are the only ones who think nobody knows. (Meanwhile Lorelai is all: let’s turn the TV up so we can pretend we can’t hear Steve and Bucky.)

Pretty much every complaint Rory has about mean kids is followed by Steve going: want me to kick their ass? It’s their in-joke because 1) Steve would totally try it if she said yes. 2) Steve would promptly get his ass whooped. 3) This is why Rory never says yes.

Luke keeps the ‘coffee stunts growth’ comments to a mimimum when Steve is around because with Steve it’s probably true.

Bucky Barnes is Miss Patty’s favourite.

Sometimes Steve thinks that he’s the reason Lorelai hasn’t bought her inn yet, or the reason she has to borrrow money from her parents. He was sick a lot as a kid (still is sick a lot) and his trips to the hospital and ER and medication and surgeries were really fucking expensive.

The first time Lorelai bailed Steve out of jail he was 15 and arrested at a gay rights protest for defending someone (aka putting his face between someone’s fist and another protester). She got him a milkshake at Luke’s afterwards.

There’s a cute piggybank on the mantle which says ‘Steve’s Bail Fund’.

Luke has a system for Steve. Bailed out? Mocha-coffee milkshake. Black eye? Pie. Busted nose? Doughnuts. Looks like he’ll fall over because he’s sick but refusing to go lie down? Luke’s special spicy soup. (He keeps a container in the freezer especially for Steve and he will never, ever admit that.)

Rory and Steve going to museums together.

Bucky Barnes lurking on the porch every Friday so that when Steve comes home from Friday Night Dinners they can take a walk and he can rant for an hour and Bucky can stare at him in adoration. Lorelai and Rory are so very grateful.

Steve has a very weird relationship with his grandparents. He’s not as kind and sweet as Rory, he’s not going to Chilton, his Tiny Angry Chihuahua Of Justice rears up at every comment they make at Lorelai, he mutters under his breath about the one percent and classism and sexism during dinner. Sometimes he’s too sick to go to dinner and he’s pretty sure his grandparents think he’s faking, which makes him even angrier. He is utterly, utterly shocked one day when they arrange for him to get a behind the scenes tour of a museum he loves because they know the curator or something.

Bucky and Steve being super giant adorable dorks at all the Stars Hallow festivals. Steve dyes his punk hair festive colours. Bucky wins him stuffed animals. Steve volunteers to help carry things which really means he’s volunteering Bucky mosty.

Steve gets into an amazing small libral arts college because he has a giant extensive portfolio full of work he did for Stars Hallow, along with portraits of a lot of the people who live there and gorgeous watercolours of the scenery.

The time Miss Patty offered to be a nude model is one Steve would like to never ever talk about ever again.

The time Bucky offered he also does not talk about but for very different reasons.


*cough cough*
I am getting obsessed over something i have created. Help!
A romantic, cozy picture.


@fuzzyredpants said // who roleplays their frisk XD;

frisk sees this all the time… though amily normally doesn’t notice her… g!sans makes sure they don’t do anything too bad with the kiddo watching ;)


Background info about the characters:
G!sans is married to Amily (aka one of the previous fallen human/the green soul) and they adopted frisk as their child.

Amily is an original character created by me :)
GasterSans design created by borurou.

Tiara Boobowski - Sonic Skyline AU
Design Idea

So for @drawloverlala Sonic Skyline AU, I am not sure if she or anyone else has done a Tiara  version but here was one of my own thinking.

I see Tiara being about Amy’s age for this, so that’s why she looks a tad kid like (though the whole AU design makes them look kiddish and cute so theres that)

I see her little staff being able to grow in length using the power of the jewel on top of it. So it’s not always so small and stubby. I sort of fused her two different designs I have seen. I made her shirt into a small poncho like article of clothing. I change her regular pants/shorts under her skirt into a more body suit to go under the poncho like thing. Her shoes are based on one version of the shoes where they were mostly white with red soles, I change it up a but obviously. I like to think when the staff is longer she can spin it very fast and hover or float for short periods of time.

I haven’t been posting much but that may change here soon I’m still unsure.