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Wow, already 5 years, half a decade. I don’t know what to say. My gif’ing activity went down hill in 2015 for sure though. In 2015, I was so caught up and interested in other things, that I forgot about my dream, to pursue in graphic designing. Man I wish I hadn’t stopped, but I am so happy that there are still people, my mutuals, my friends, my followers here. So lastly, I say, thank you so much for 5 years! Thank you for not forgetting about me! and i am sorry about this really shitty follow forever, i haven’t gotten into my grove yet x)

Lena x reader (I could use a little bit of you right now)

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Request: Lena x reader : where you’re kara’s sibling and lena has a crush on you

a/n: this prompt was so fun to mess around with, so thank you for that!!! I feel like there was so much potential for ALL the dumb ideas and I just got so excited. Also, just assume you’re Alex’s biological sibling or something, nothing too deep. You’re a fam and it’s happy, that’s it LOL. I just absolutely love the Danvers sisters dynamic, and how much better is it if you get a little part in it too?

I’m a really big fan of Lena falling for someone who has pretty much the most Mundane daily routine. Like, her entire life is so full of Greatness and Legacy and constant threats of being killed, but really? Imagine being the person who gives Lena that so very desired sense of normalcy, and being the one to balance her life out like that. Imagine her coming home from L-Corp and just being able to be ordinary. I like that a lot, I think Lena deserves that

- - - - -

There are two facts you can rely on in life and it follows as such: 1. you’re about as adorably oblivious as your older sister, Kara. 2. Your other sister, Alex, will stop at absolutely nothing to constantly remind you of that aforementioned fact.

You weren’t the prone to getting hit by errant cars or finding yourself dealing with shady people type of clueless - you would in fact say you are a bit too aware of your surroundings for that, a lot in part having to do with having an alien and also a special forces secret agent in the family. But that’s all technicalities.

You wouldn’t even argue with your annoying big sister, Alex, if she’d ever say you were oblivious when it came to taking a hint and realizing that people were hitting on you - it seemingly took a lot for you to realize that, and that left for a plethora of laughable situations in retrospect whenever the three of you went out together.

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New EqG outfits for new series have finally gotten a full picture. What say you of their quality o' auteur of EqG design?

Ooooooh not bad!

I’m loving Rainbow’s jacket/hood look. Mixed feelings about the leggings or tights or yoga pants or whatever the heck they are. Good color, but I feel like the lack of something to break up that large area is a bit problematic. And I’m gonna miss the skorts.

Fluttershy’s new outfit is objectively infinitely better. I still kinda feel like she should be wearing long sleeves and a long dress (when she’s not doing animal care anyway)–but I suppose that’s more the incredibly timid and modest Fluttershy of the early season, whereas she’s more confident these days, so it works. And she’s doing the bare-shoulders/halter-top that just slays me. God she looks cute.

AJ’s top looks no different, but eh, I guess that’s fine. Her boots are similar but they lost the weird giant shape they used to have (same could be said of all the girls, but her new boots are especially nice, so I mentioned it here). I still feel like she needs jeans. She needs them, like, way more than RD needs pants, I just have a hard time seeing AJ wearing anything less than practical on an average day. Having said that, the new skirt is definitely an improvement over the old one; It’s following the rule of thirds with a lot of good details like seems and flare to break up the kind of bland shape it used to have.

Pinkie’s looks good as far as I can see. Like AJ, her new skirt is way more detailed and elaborate than the bland simple shape of before–and also more unique to distinguish it from the other girls skirts (the similar silhouettes was kind of a issue before). Her top looks cute, but maybe a bit simple? Hard to say without seeing more. Loving the bow though.

Twilight’s is…eh. I dunno. I think I hate it actually. I hate the puffy shoulders, for sure, and every single Twilight design has them; and I’ve disliked every single one to varying degrees. With the sole partial exception of the Crystal Prep uniform she used to have–and that was the best look for her. I wish they had done something similar to that. But honestly…this looks like the worst. Boring lack of color/value contrast. And horizontal stripes are like, the most obvious of fashion faux paus, so I don’t know what anyone was thinking there. Big disappointment here.

Rarity’s seems good but I literally can’t see any significant portion of it. No more to say on that until I see more.

Sunset’s is absolutely the best of this lot though. I can find literally nothing to complain about it. Sunset’s unique blend of traditionally masculine and traditional feminine fashions has always been completely on point, and there’s no exception here. Loving the unique skirt, and always the leather jacket/boots combo. At the worst, I feel like she might benefit from something to break up the big empty area of her legs, but it’s a minor thing and I honestly am not convinced it would actually improve her design for sure.

When doing character design for a whole cast, it’s always important to make sure that they look good together as well as apart–and it’s especially important to make sure they all have unique and compelling silhouettes. Previous designs kinda dropped the ball on that 2nd one but these designs freakin nailed it. They did away with the homogenized boots and skirts of the first movie and really let each girl’s own style take on a life of it’s own.

With the exception of Twilight and the lack of anything Rarity, I’d say they did a damn good job.

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Just... Now you talk about rare pairs. Maybe not the really rarest, but hell do I love (GiriPan), AmeViet and LietBel. Especially Nyo LietBel. A lot. Dunno why but I LOVE their Nyo designs. AmeViet is for sure a bit more rare I think, but I LOVE THE POTENTIAL. The personalities fit so well, I think. Serious, hardworking though slightly insecure girl who could still kick your bum if needed but is too polite to do so and rude, happy, outgoing blondy kickass dude. Sweet af.

I have seen those pairings! And actually I am surprised they’re not considered more popular. Especially in the case of Giripan and LietBel

-Admin Jack

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I'm planning on getting a Miku Greatest Idol scale figure for Christmas and seeing as you have one I wanted to ask if it's a nice quality figurine.

I’d say it is yeah! It has a really cute and colourful design with some great sculpting for the clothes and hair movement and nice little touches here and there (I love the nails being painted and the keytar having actual strings you can move and pluck though you can’t make any music with them of course).

I’d definitely recommend it as a scale figure even for someone who isn’t a huge Miku fan, most scale figures are pretty highly priced including this one, but I think it is worth the price though if you can get it on sale it’d be better.

Here’s an album of pics I took of mine if you wanna browse it.


I’ve been seeing so many Christians sharing their testimonies on here and despite the often liberal, anti-Christian environment on this website, they’ve received positive feedback and it’s been encouraging to so many people.  

I think people want authenticity from Christians, who aren’t afraid to share their struggles, regardless of how it may be received.  That said, I won’t be intimidated any longer. I think God is calling me to share this with you, and I hope my story encourages you. 

I was born a premature twin baby at 23 weeks, weighing 1 pound and six ounces. My twin brother, Jesse, unfortunately didn’t survive, and for the first few months of my life, no one was sure that I would, either. But God saved me.  He allowed me to live for a reason, and has a plan for me. Despite having mild cerebral palsy and a non-verbal learning disorder, I am still capable of accomplishing things, as I am a college graduate and a 1st degree black belt in Tae Kwon-do.  

I was saved at an early age. Born in a Christian home, I accepted Christ in my life around age four.  We always went to church growing up, and I still go to this day. I’ve sought to honor Christ all my life, but it hasn’t been easy. 

As I entered high school, I started developing feelings towards the same-sex. I wasn’t sure what to make of it at first, but I soon began to realize that I was attracted towards other guys (as well as girls, but more-so guys).  Here’s the thing though. These feelings? They’re NOT who I am.  I am a Child of God.  I am a new creation. I am dead to sin, and alive in Christ.  Yes, I believe homosexuality to be sin because it’s against God’s design for our lives. I didn’t make it up and don’t get to argue about it.  Truthfully, I have no real desire for a relationship sexual-or-otherwise with anyone of the same sex. I hope to one day being with the woman God has planned for me. For me, the attraction is more that I see a man who I think looks more attractive than me, more muscular, better hair etc, and I start to lust after him, it’s not that I’m seeking a relationship. 

Now, I imagine some of you reading this will call me homophobic or self-hating. It may seem that way to you, but that’s not the case. I’m self-denying, and that’s not the same as self-hating. In order to follow Christ, Christians are called to “deny themselves, take up their crosses and follow Christ” (Matthew 6:24). If you aren’t willing to do that, you’re not a believer. If you’re a homosexual who has chosen to embrace their feelings and let them define you, I don’t hate you. I love you because God loved you, so much that He gave His Son to die for you.  

Homosexuality is a choice because while you can’t control the feelings, you can most certainly control how you choose to respond to them. Embracing them as part of you is not your only choice. You may think I’m miserable because I’m denying myself of these feelings, but I’m not because of the hope that I have in Christ. I’ve heard such amazing stories of people who were living openly gay and God got hold of them and completely transformed their lives. There is freedom.

I want to next address my admiration of Dylan and Cole Sprouse. Yes, at one point, I did lust and fantasize over them, but no longer. God has transformed how I see them. I think it was Dylan’s nudes that brought me to tumblr, and I admit I lusted after that, but now I don’t want any part of it anymore. What I intended for evil, God used for good. Praise Him!

I can’t say with 100% certainty that once in a while I won’t think they look attractive in a photo, but I don’t let it go to a place of lust. I don’t try to gratify myself by dehumanizing them because I care about them too much as people. I recognize and care about their humanity, and most importantly, I care about their souls. God has brought so many wonderful people into my life through the Sprouse Twin fanbase, and I’m so incredibly grateful how I’ve gotten to minister to them, and I’m praying that Dylan and Cole will come to know Christ as well. For them in particular, I think I identify with them because I admire how close they are with each other, and I kind of wish I had that. I see in them perhaps what I could’ve had with my twin brother Jesse, had he survived, but it wasn’t God’s will and I will see him in Heaven.

I’m not perfect, I still mess up, I still struggle with looking at pornographic images and give in to worry, but I’m learning to “take every thought captive to make it obedient to Christ.” 2 Corinthians 10:5. Call me a hypocrite if you wish, but I’m grateful for how God is working in my life, and I am confident He will heal me of everything I struggle with the more I seek Him.  

I hope this encourages you.  But it’s not about me, it’s about Him and His glory. Thank You, Jesus.  

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes.” Romans 1:16

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For the ship thing Stenbrough

Who would throw the other in the pool: Bill would throw Stan. Stan would be standing and chatting with someone and Bill would throw him in then immediately jump in and grab him and hold him.
Who is the better carer when the other is sick: Bill is a great care taker. He hold’s Stan, rubs his back, and pets his head when he is throwing up. And he makes some bomb ass chicken noodle soup, like fuck is it good.
Who would force the other to do extreme sports with them: I dont really feel like either of them would do extreme sports. Bill would probably be the most open to trying them though. 
Who would cook the better romantic dinner: Stan cooks the best romantic dinners. Even though Bill is the better cook Stan just makes sure that everything is perfect and nails the Romantic Dinner’s every damn time.
Who would build the blanket fort in the living room: Bill would start it but Stan would make it technical and organized, they’d have a very well designed fort by the end cause Stan would want everything to be symmetrical and perfect.
Who would have the best holiday ideas: Still do not know what this means, but I am gonna say Stan. In my opinion he cares more deeply about traditions and cares more about the holidays so he makes all their plans.
Who would need to clean out the other’s stuff to make room for their own: Stan has to clean out Bill’s room. Stan give everything its right place and makes enough room for everything he needs.

Dearly Beloved

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I had no intentions of writing anything for Miraculous Ladybug, but I made the mistake of going to the grocery store after reading all those Teacher AU asks.  By the time I returned home, I had bread, ice cream, and this entire idea mapped out in my head.  

So here’s 1500 words of Miraculous Ladybug, Teacher AU style


Edit: I had to delete the first version because I could only see it half the time.  Whatevs, tumblr

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A couple months back talented voice actress Hynden Walch was asking artist to submit a composition drawing for her and her work. Being the fan (of Teen Titans) that I was I was more than willing to do a piece for her (the second image) and she was more than thankful for it. She even asked me to email it to her.

However months later I started thinking on it again and realized I kind of rushed the design (I did because I thought I was on a time limit for it) and tweeted her again asking if I do submit a redraw and she approved. So I got to work and even though school wore me down I was able to get another one done the next month and I am much happier with this version (as was she I hope)

I wanted to make sure she got it and liked it before thinking about posting it myself since I technically gave it to her.


Ive only posted 3 designs! Jeez, y'all work fast!
Many thanks to all of you for your support! I could gush on and on about how much all of this means to me, and how happy i am that people seem excited about my silly designs based off of dux and deux’s handywork, but im going to cut to the point - I want to do something to give back to you guys.

Im doing a 3-winner raffle to celebrate!

-please be sure you’ve at least checked out @warriorsredux and @warriorsredeux , seeing as they are, yknow, the main driving force behind this blog too
- rb this post to enter! Only 1 rb will count towards entering, keep that in mind!
- no nsfw blogs can enter, sorry! (I dont know why you would want to though?)
-Raffle ends at 150 reblogs (not likes!) Or in 3 weeks, whicever is first

What I will draw:
-simple mechs
-ocs (human or animal or whatever)
- characters from warriors
What I will not draw:
-anything that could be considered racially or culturally insensitive
- anything over-complex, i dont have a lot of free time!

Winner 1:
-1 colored/ simple shaded drawing of their choice
- one ‘sketch sheet’ of the oc or character they wish!

Winner 2
- 1 flat-colored sketch
- sketch sheet of the oc or character they wish

Winner 3
-sketch sheet of the character or oc they wish

Guys, gals, nb pals.

I wanna talk about a Dan and Phil and what they might reveal on Friday.

So First I just wanna say I am not a ‘THEY ARE REVEALING PHAN’ person, you always have people thinking every announcement is going to be phan and honestly it sorta annoys me sometimes for sure but…










Okay let’s be serious. It’s probably not a wedding, but I do think it’s phan.

So the reason I think this is because of the things @optimistphan brought up about being personal, his head being down, blinking a lot, ‘something we’ve wanted to tell you guys’, it’s going to be a personal announcement. It’s ‘their’ decision like it’s ‘their’ relationship, it’s ‘their’ life, they’ve wanted to tell us. I also think that the graphic design thing is sorta a joke because he said it the graphic design part not so seriously, also he knows that the first part would be pure phan hinting, he’s done yt for eight years and has been shipped with Phil so long he knows what to say to not cause phan commotion. So yeah I don’t have a lot of theory making experience and I know I’m hitting you guys with a ship theory but still.

This doodle has been sitting in my WIP folder for about a month and I’m too tired to finish off his hand properly so this will have to do. I think the original concept was they were reconciling after a squabble they had during a mission? I am not too sure anymore. lol

While I like the composition and posing of the subjects for this drawing I think from now on I’m going to be depicting them at about the same height with Boruto only a hair taller (though in his eyes it’s more like a foot).

Project Runway 16.12

I missed episode 11.  Sorry.  Glad Margarita was saved.  

It’s a winter challenge.  Am I the only person in the world who wears socks?

When I hear the judges are fawning over some of these, I have one of those moments where I think I have absolutely no flipping clue about fashion.

I miss Michael Kors and his biting quips in the judging.

I am really happy to see how the all-size models, gender-nonspecific, and designing for modesty have held on through the whole season.  It’s a new fashion world, and is finally responding to the real human shape.

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minimoonstar replied to your post: Star Trek: Discovery - Ep 9

I’m gonna watch it til end S1 bc I’m 200% sure Fuller’s original plan was to bring it back to whatever *his* idea of Star Trek is, and even if that plan is not entirely followed I know I’ll be able to discern it and am interested in doing so? Bets are off thereafter though.

Siiiiighhh, no you’re right, and I’ve definitely thought about that as a possible shape for this thing at multiple points so far, but mostly it makes me feel very tired because I’m like, again you want me to spend all this time watching something deliberately designed to be difficult for me in order to experience some grand payoff at the end, in this, the year of Twin Peaks: The Return? I’m about tapped out, dudes.

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Saw that you reblogged that one Ouma theory where he wears his scarf to hide a chain on his neck. How about some Oumami with Amami finding out about that? Of course you don't gotta do that, just a thought! I also wanted to just say that you're really amazing at writing so many fics and I always get excited when I see that you've posted a new one! They're incredible, but I do hope you can take some nice breaks inbetween too cuz that looks like a lot of work.

Based on a theory by @hellofriend304 (Read it here! 030)


Usually, Amami kept to himself, minding his own business and not butting into anyone else’s, but, there was something rather concerning to him.

It was Ouma Kokichi, the self-proclaimed leader and supposed SHSL Supreme Ruler of a shadowy organisation. The boy was cheery and had a bright smile, but there was a sense of something sinister lurking behind that happy façade of his, something genuinely scary behind that pure smile. It wasn’t just the feeling that Ouma gave off though, no, Amami noted that there was something more here. He clothes for one, were quite unusual.

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Ah okay!! Matchup then? I’m a gay male, average height and a little chubby. I’m really into punk music and being an overall rebel but once you get past all that I’m actually really sweet. I’m an artist (painting, music, and video game designing). Currently though I work at an animal shelter. I own a lot of taboo pets like snakes, tarantulas, and lizards. My favorite animal is a shark, my favorite color is black, and my favorite season is Halloween. I just really like boys and black,, Thanks!!

(Ok, i must apologize but this is the only match up i will do. Im not too sure about doing matchups all the time- i love them but i am kind of uncomfortable making them for some reason. I hope you can understand ;-; )

I would have to say that you and Anti would get along quite well. He loves your rebellious attitude and often likes to play with your animals, thinking they are the coolest lil monsters ever. You will also make this entitie’s day if you draw him… just an fyi..

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i'm having a chemistry presentation soon and i don't know what to do with my powerpoint. please help meeee

Hey! You can either use it as a visual aid so just have some pictures which support what you’re saying and give people something to look at. Sometimes it is better to have just images or a video so you aren’t relying on the slide. Or you could do a bullet point list of summarised points that you’re speaking about. It gives your audience a little more to engage with! Try not to write everything though - I think generally you aren’t really supposed to have all your content on the slide :-) Hope this helps! I am sure your powerpoint will be okay! I usually search for design inspiration on Google or Pinterest when I’m planning mine out xx


I’ve got a love-hate relationship with this project…and I may have definitely bitten off more than I can chew.

I am in love with the Neon Highway AU @mittiepaul and @bitterbrokenbones are doing (seriously go check out their artwork and playlists for it it’s rad) and I love the clothing designs they’ve come up with. Actually translating those designs onto their 3d models though is turning into a bit of a Blender nightmare. The weight paints on the shoulder area is functional, but ultimately being held together by hopes and dreams.

Not really sure if I’ll end up scrapping the fanart I had planned, but I’m learning a lot about what not to do so ultimately it’s not a total failure even if I end up dropping it later.

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I arrived pretty late to the young justice fandom, (about last fall..?) what are some interesting/crazy events that happened while it was on and the fandom was still active?

gosh you missed out on one hell of a ride friend

(so I originally started typing, but then I suddenly had a big wall of text so for SIMPLICITY’S SAKE I’ll be redoing this with (hopefully) small bullet points for all the things that are slowly coming back to me. Feel free to come back and ask more about certain bullets, because omg I could go into depth about all of them and I doubt you want a giant wall of text that I am very capable of producing…and look I’ve already done so, dammit)

Season 1

  • THE MOLE THEORIES: When Sportsmaster ‘let slip’ that there was a mole, as you can imagine TONS of theories and speculation broke out. I remember there being some pretty amusing ones.
  • Combats/YJ Twitter RP/Valentines Day: In 2011, combats’ Robin and Kid Flash roleplayers did a storyline on Valentine’s day that went viral, fandomwise. You can check it out here. There was so much fanart. So much.
  • Aside from the Birdflash, just the combats group in general was fantastic. The extras were my faves, they had a Sphere, Wolf, M’gann’s bioship…even Roy’s hat that he threw down on the floor in the first episode. I am still laughing that that was a thing that happened.

Season 2 (I remember a whole lot more from this season, cause I was more active)

  • News of the timeskip + season 2: No one knew what to make of it, but the response wasn’t really positive. We had spent an entire 26 episodes growing attached to this group of characters and suddenly we were gonna be shot 6 years into the future. (we eventually got used to it though, seeing as the original gang was still there…kinda)
  • This image and this image. Also went along with the news of season 2. The first one was especially fun cause everyone was trying to pin down who each of the silhouette’s were.
  • “One will Rise, One will Fall, One will Die”: Can’t remember if this was released with the S2 news, or the video game. Either way, people went nuts theorizing who fit which.
  • Blue Beetle/Impulse Ship Name Vote: There was a fandom wide vote on the ‘official’ name for Blue Beetle and Impulse. Bluepulse won. Other contestants were SpeedBuggy and Chicken Wheezies. Personally, as hilarious as the latter one is, I’m glad it didn’t take hold cause I can’t spell ‘Wheezies consistently for the life of me.

General/No Season 3 :(

  • The Fandom Wide Liveblogs: Some user (can’t remember who) was gracious enough to stream the episodes online as they were airing on the East coast. I got up at 4AM, being on HST, just to watch. It was really kinda cool to be switching between Tumblr and the stream to see all the amusing comments people would make and just how FAST they would spread.
  • THE DREADED HIATUSES: Everybody went fucking nuts and it was hilarious. Kinda think when it’s 1PM and you pulled an all-nighter the night before and everything is hilarious but also you eventually break down and cry because you’re so tired? That’s the best way I can describe the atmosphere then.We got the short end of the stick when it came to hiatuses. This post sums them all up pretty well. I look at the SU fandom rn and I am just…lmao yall can deal with 1 month, trust me.
  • The “Cancellation”: Never before have I seen so many people so motivated to save a TV show. Tons of people sent in letters and made calls to CN. Some even made Reach bottles to send to CN, sometimes with blue roses inside to help show support Green Lantern: TAS as well. (GL:TAS was aired alongside YJ on DC Nation, they were our less popular brother-in-arms) I saw someone even made a replica Aya helmet to send to them and it was just…wow.
  • #HeroesNeverDie: We actually managed to make a tag for supporting YJ and GL:TAS trending worldwide on Twitter. There were a bunch of other ones as well (symbiosi, crashthemonitor, etc) but that was the most significant one.
  • SMGO.tv: I’m not sure if it was YJ that brought about this short lived company, but at the very least it made it VERY popular. SMGO (The Show Must Go On) was a site designed for fans to crowdfund (kinda like Kickstarter) to bring back shows that were cancelled. For a while this was all anyone was talking about, we were so sure that this would work. We actually crashed their site twice. It eventually got shut down though as they didn’t have permission to do so from WB.

…and HOLY TAMOLE would you look at that, I managed to make a giant wall of text anyways. I am so sorry anon. There are LOADS more things that happened, but these are some of the big things that I remember. I’m sure as I post this though, others might add on other fun things that happened.