i am not stalking her


So about a month and a half ago this girl messages me and tells me she hooked up with my boyfriend and went on date with him in November of 2015, Me and my boyfriend were not together at that time so I told her so, her obviously trying to break us up after not talking to him for over a year, randomly stalking his facebook profile….

Fast forward to yesterday, my boyfriend and I were doing this research thing and you get paid for it and all this fun jazz…

Well guess who else was there?

the bitch that tried to break me and my boyfriend up.

We were stuck in a confined space together for an hour and fifteen minutes, and do you want to know the best part about that?

I didn’t even know it was HER!

My boyfriend and her were freaking out, she left early, probably not wanting to deal with us.

And here I am, not knowing who she is because I didn’t stalk her facebook and Instagram profiles like she did with me because she waned to get back with a fling from OVER A YEAR AGO.

After I left my boyfriend told me what happened and I started CRYING LAUGHING.



‘  Dean: Okay dude, I know you love her and stuff but is it really necessary that we stalk her?

   Dean asked as he pulled his head back into the Impala.

   Sam: I am just worried about her.

   Dean: She just went to grab a coffee with her friend. And may I add a girlfriend? Why are we even here? It’s creepy man.

   Sam: This is not creepy. I am not stalking her. Not stalking. Just keeping an eye out.

  Dean: Oh so when you were googling her name for keeping an eye out?

  Sam: I was wondering what kind of information is out about her!

  Dean: In 17th page of google. Dude no body looks past the second page!    ‘


Phoebe Tonkin Appreciation Week
DAY 2: July 21st ✿ Favourite Phoebe’s quote(s)
But as I said the show, hopefully, will be on for a long time and we can really tell stories and not just like throw out story lines to appease people. I think you wanna kinda really- the pay off really needs to be worth it at the end.