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jieun is tired of your shit


So about a month and a half ago this girl messages me and tells me she hooked up with my boyfriend and went on date with him in November of 2015, Me and my boyfriend were not together at that time so I told her so, her obviously trying to break us up after not talking to him for over a year, randomly stalking his facebook profile….

Fast forward to yesterday, my boyfriend and I were doing this research thing and you get paid for it and all this fun jazz…

Well guess who else was there?

the bitch that tried to break me and my boyfriend up.

We were stuck in a confined space together for an hour and fifteen minutes, and do you want to know the best part about that?

I didn’t even know it was HER!

My boyfriend and her were freaking out, she left early, probably not wanting to deal with us.

And here I am, not knowing who she is because I didn’t stalk her facebook and Instagram profiles like she did with me because she waned to get back with a fling from OVER A YEAR AGO.

After I left my boyfriend told me what happened and I started CRYING LAUGHING.


How autistic!Groot deals with mental ages people...

Have some ‘Groot’ pwnage.

Groot let Gamora lead his hand to the red handle. She guided him through pulling the handle upward, revealing a spiraling silver rod, and pushed it back down again. It let off a satisfying clanking noise. The pumping motion set the top spinning. If he pumped it more, it spun faster. When whirling, the top’s white lines blurred the colors into a continuous spectrum.

Amusement rumbled in Groot’s throat as he watched the top spin and travel along the shelf until it bumped the raised edge. Such a marvel of physics! It began wobbling on its axis until it came to a stop.

Groot set his data pad down and cranked the top again. He bent as close as he dared to watch the colors blur. Such remarkable beauty in something so simple! Unable to contain himself, he clapped his hands together and allowed himself another delighted laugh.

“…oh, now isn’t that precious,” said a woman’s voice.

Gamora twisted and replied, “Are you speaking to me?”

“Mmhmm. It’s so sweet that you bring people like him out into the world like this. He must have the mind of a three year old child…is he difficult to handle?”

Suddenly, Groot found himself standing up straight and peering over his shoulder at the Kree woman. Embarrassment twisted at his innards– this stranger saw him being himself and voiced the worst assumption possible.

“…my daughter’s youngest is ‘slow’ and has the mind of a– hello! You must have heard us talking about you…” she spoke at him in a talking-to-babies voice before returning her attention to a practically-squirming Gamora, “he functions very well for someone with a three year old’s mentality.”

Groot’s embarrassment quickly became anguish. His three-syllable growl was met with one of those fond smiles that didn’t take his mood seriously. He snatched up his data pad and typed as quickly as his fingers allowed.

You functions very well for an ignorance ass-faces. Nobody is a child traps in an adults body no matter what kinds of brains they has! A child has a child’s minds and an adults has an adults minds. Now talks to me likes I am an adults.

The woman’s 'aren’t-you-cute’ smile dropped like someone punched her in the stomach. Groot stared at the wrinkle forming between her eyebrows.

“Rude,” she snapped and immediately stalked away.

I am GROOT!” Groot shouted, but his calling her an ignorant jerk went without being heard or understood.

Gamora’s mouth dropped open. She looked up at Groot and waved her hands as though silently asking if that conversation actually happened. He frowned, then nodded. Oh yes, it certainly did!

– “It Takes A Forest”

In case you missed it, this is my Valentine’s Day Gift Exchange drabble for the lovely Steph - aka @klarolinedrabbles - Happy Valentine’s Day! Well you asked for fluffy goodness and I hope I delivered (the toothache I have is telling me I did though, unless that’s all that Valentine’s chocolate).

Synopsis: Caroline Forbes considers herself one of the best fundraisers in New York City but reclusive billionaire Klaus Mikaelson has always been out of her reach. Not one to give up easily, she decides that the upcoming Valentine’s Charity Ball is her perfect chance to make him realise what’s really important in life but she might find out more than she ever expected.

Try a Little Tenderness

“You’re doing what now?” Katherine asked through the car speaker. Caroline didn’t need to see the brunette to know what her shocked expression looked like. They’d been best friends for about seventeen years now, so it kind of came with the territory.

“You see this is why I didn’t tell you where I was going until I’d at least passed through Queens,” she replied, staring at the road ahead thinking this was a very different destination to her summers spent on Coney Island growing up.

“Because you knew I’d tell you what a bad idea this was, roomie,” she drawled. “While I admire your dogged determination Care, I think the state of New York would consider this type of activity illegal.”

“And how did you come to that conclusion?”

“Stalking is illegal in all fifty states, including ours,” she drawled and Caroline could tell she was rolling her eyes now.

“I am not stalking him.”

“So, how exactly do you explain the fact you tracked his movements, jumped in your car and followed him on vacation? I think when business people escape to the Hamptons, albeit during the middle of winter, it’s for some sort of rest and relaxation Care, not to be hounded by fundraisers for their upcoming charity events.”

“Number one, I didn’t need to track anyone. It’s not difficult to find even the most private people given the exorbitant amount of media there is these days ,” she scoffed. “And number two, did you ever think I needed to escape the city for some rest and relaxation myself?”

“No. Although this latest stunt tells me that maybe you might need some kind of therapy.”

“Fine,” Caroline scowled ignoring her comments and placing her sunglasses over her eyes to shield the invading light. “It’s for a good cause, Kat.”

“I’m not saying it isn’t,” she agreed. “However, that’s your justification for everything. Just because you think that, it doesn’t mean everyone else does.”

“Exactly what’s wrong with today’s society,” Caroline muttered. “Look, I just think if I went to him and explained myself Klaus Mikaelson would understand that donating to the upcoming Valentine’s Gala would make a difference to so many kids with cancer.”

“I think your multitude of emails and phone calls to his office have already done that.”

“And obviously it failed because I’ve heard nothing back. Which is exactly why a face-to-face meeting is required.”

“So, why don’t you make an appointment like normal people do instead of stalking billionaires at their vacation residences?”

“Because his secretary is ignoring my calls,” she growled. “I haven’t even met Lexi Branson but she seems to have it in for me for some reason.”

“Might have something to do with all that phone stalking,” Katherine teased. “Did you ever consider maybe taking no for an answer?”

Caroline didn’t like the word no, in fact it just made her more determined to succeed and probably why she was so good at her job. Caroline considered herself one of the best and most persistent charity fundraisers in New York, if not the whole East Coast. She’d recently taken a new job at a Children’s Cancer foundation and was determined to make a difference. That included raising as much money as possible for their upcoming Valentine’s Ball.

She’d been considerably successful so far but Caroline always like to push herself harder and that meant trying to convince one of Manhattan’s most reclusive billionaires that this was a cause worth donating towards. It wasn’t her first attempt; she’d tried on two earlier occasions with different charities but failed. To be honest she was surprised someone of his status didn’t donate already, a fact that didn’t sit well with her at all. She didn’t like to judge but given how much he was worth Caroline couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t give back to those less fortunate.

The one thing you could say about Caroline was that she was thorough in her research and she’d read every available article and biography on Niklaus Mikaelson. The second child of four siblings, born in England to meagre beginnings but after completing high school he’d won a scholarship to Oxford to study law where he’d graduated first in his class. He moved to the US and obtained a subsequent Master’s degree in Business Administration at Harvard only to start his own computer business months later. That business would net him $12 million in the first year of operations. The profits only increased each subsequent year. Becoming a millionaire was easy and his billionaire status was confirmed only five years later.

Caroline understood money, it was her job after all but she knew the real motivations for donating to anything came from a deeper place. Unfortunately in his case Klaus didn’t seem to have any at all from what she had seen. He always came across so aloof in the few interviews she’d watched, almost like it was a chore having to converse with people. Caroline wasn’t surprised but it didn’t stop her from wanting to know what made him tick. Unfortunately google wasn’t going to tell her what she wanted. The one thing she did know from the internet was that he was gorgeous, with those crimson lips and dirty blonde curls. How could someone so good looking be so arrogant? It seemed a shame but Caroline figured you couldn’t have everything.

That’s why she’d decided after being stonewalled by his office again that she needed another approach. Some might have considered it stalking but she considered it business, surely if anyone could understand that concept it was him.

“Oh that’s Bonnie calling in, I’m going to connect her,” Katherine interrupted. Caroline rolled her eyes knowing this wasn’t a coincidence, no doubt Katherine had sent her a sneaky text while they’d been talking.

“Does anyone know where my calm and rational friend has gone? She’s about five nine with blonde hair and blue eyes, was last seen driving crazily out of Manhattan an hour ago?”

“I’m perfectly calm Bonnie,” Caroline huffed. “Some people would consider this plan a masterful stroke of genius.”

“Or crazy, depending on who you ask,” Katherine drawled. “So, I’m curious what are you planning to do when you get there, Care? Play next door neighbour and ask to borrow a cup of sugar?”

“I have no intention of lying.”

“Oh, I get it you’re going to say you just happened to be in the neighbourhood and thought you’d stop by?” Bonnie asked.

“Yeah, cause I’m sure he’d believe that,” she baulked.

“So, how are you going to penetrate the Mikaelson mansion? Tell me you have some kind of plan in place?”

“Of course I do, Bon. Do you know who you’re talking to? I’m going to just knock on the front door and introduce myself,” she gulped, thinking just how lame that sounded aloud. She’d planned to come up with something on the drive and decided to blame her lack of preparedness on Katherine and now Bonnie’s impromptu phone interrogation.

“Please tell me you have something more creative than that? You don’t just knock on doors in Southampton. They have high walls, big gates, security cameras and an angry German Shepard if you’re really lucky.”

“You seem to forget just how charming I can be, Katherine,” she argued. “They don’t call me one of the best fundraisers in the City for nothing.”

“I’m not saying you aren’t but it’s pretty obvious this guy is immune to your charms given his constant refusal to meet with you.”

“Oh yea of little faith, Kitty Kat,” she scoffed. “Not only will I put on my best charm I’m also wearing THE dress.”

“The red Stella McCartney?” Bonnie gasped.

“And the black Louboutins,” she grinned knowingly.

“But you only break those out when…”

“It’s an emergency.” Caroline didn’t like to use her sexuality, in fact she only did when it was absolutely the very last resort and she figured the circumstances called for a little designer intervention. Her attire was equal parts business like and sexy as hell.

“If Klaus Mikaelson doesn’t agree to see you in that ensemble then he’s either gay or really, really stupid.”

“I guess we’ll wait and see,” she murmured. “I really should get going, ladies. You know as fun as this weird phone frientervention has been.”

“Play some Eye of the Tiger, that’s what I always do before a case,” she explained. Katherine’s win-loss ratio in the courtroom was impressive so Caroline figured she might take her up on the advice and began to search for some Survivor in her music library.

“Good luck,” they both replied in unison before disconnecting. Before Caroline could play the Rocky anthem and get her head into the game, her phone beeped indicating a new text message. She eyed it curiously, noticing his name appear. She certainly had to hand it to all her besties, they certainly had her back.

“Knock him dead, gorgeous.” Caroline grinned at Enzo’s words. She should have been angry at Kat for telling him and Bonnie but Caroline needed all the encouragement she could garner. It was only then the phone beeped again. “P.S. If you find any hot, available millionaires give them my number.” She rolled her eyes; he always had an ulterior motive when it came to women. She turned up the volume losing herself in the music as she drove closer to her destination.

Forty-five minutes later, Caroline found herself turning down Meadow Lane in Southampton, immediately she was intimidated. She knew this was millionaires (or in many cases billionaires) row but had never seen it personally. The houses were as much spectacular as they were enormous and she was in awe of the architecture as much as the grand, impressive grounds each boasted. She almost missed his at number 96 and had to apply the brakes quickly before she ventured too far off course. Caroline thought they were all gorgeous but his was especially picturesque. A brilliant, white, multi-story residence with royal blue accents that blended in with the surrounding area but Caroline knew that was only the beginning of its appeal. She inhaled deeply, wondering just what she was doing here. She’d been so determined but seeing his house had stunned her slightly.

Caroline lifted her head, determined not to let some billionaire get in the way of what was important. She pulled her Prius into his driveway, and was met with a guard housed at the entrance.

“Hello, I’m here to see Mr Klaus Mikaelson.”

“And you are?” He asked searching his clipboard seriously.

“Caroline, Caroline Forbes,” she gulped knowing she wouldn’t be on his list.

“You’re not on the list Miss Forbes, so I’m going to have to ask you to leave,” he instructed, his emotionless expression not changing as he said it.

“But I just need to see him for a few minutes,” she objected, ready to go into the spiel she’d practiced on the way down. “It’s a business matter.”

“No buts, you need to leave the premises straight away,” he replied dismissively. Caroline was stuck for words; she’d half considered getting out of her car to model her outfit but knew this grouch would be unmoved.

She reversed begrudgingly, uttering a few colourful terms as she did it. She looked to the road ahead, dreading the drive back and annoyed at her failure with him yet again. She didn’t come all this way for nothing. Caroline noticed a gate to the property as she drove along the side street. Maybe she could make her own entrance? Klaus Mikaelson would surely give her points for originality. Either that or he’d have her arrested. Caroline decided on that option, hoping that Enzo, Bonnie and Katherine could pool together the proceeds for bail if not.

The gate had a keypad on the side, Caroline realised that she had no idea what the code would be. She wracked her brain thinking about all she knew of the billionaire without many results forthcoming. Caroline thought it was hopeless but decided to enter something anyway, what did she have to lose? She entered the digits she knew so well. One. Two. Zero. Seven. It was her birthday. What she wasn’t expecting was the click as the gate opened.

As much as she wanted to question his choice and the fact she guessed correctly, Caroline pushed the gate and stepped onto the manicured lawn in awe. Caroline wasn’t expecting such an easy entry but here she was looking up at the foreboding property. If she turned up at the front door what was she supposed to say? I just broke into your house but I promise I’m not a burglar? Caroline hadn’t figured out what she’d do at that point. She really needed to stop being so impulsive, it only seemed to get her in trouble.

Before she could walk any further, a white husky approached, eyeing her curiously. Even with Katherine’s earlier warnings she hadn’t worked out what she would do in this situation, if only she had some dog treats to bribe him with. “Hey, gorgeous,” Caroline cooed, attempting to make friends with the majestic looking dog. “I’m not going to hurt you.” What Caroline wasn’t expecting was for the dog to sidle up beside her and nuzzle its nose into her leg for a pat. Some guard dog this was, not that she was complaining. She gave him a long rub relishing in his adorable affection.

“Wolf always has been a sucker for a pretty face,” someone observed, startling her slightly. She looked up into his curious brown eyes, glad the first person she came across after breaking in wasn’t the blonde and blue eyed owner. “Now, you don’t look like our gardener,” he enquired. He was gorgeous for sure standing at just over six foot with brown hair and a cheeky smile.

“I could be,” she argued, knowing how stupid it sounded as soon as she said it.

“So, what are your care instructions for these daisies then?”

“Just leave them be, urgh they’ll die soon enough,” Caroline offered feebly, looking at the suffering plants. She never really considered herself much of a gardener given the number of plants she’d subsequently killed over the years.

“Brutal,” he said. “But I like your style. So, do you make it a habit of breaking and entering?”

“This is my first time actually,” she admitted, deciding she had no choice. “And surprisingly easier than I thought it would be. But you, uh, might want to change your gate code, god knows who could just walk on in.”

“You’re either here to see Rebekah, Niklaus or Elijah. I’m not sure why you’d waste time on any of my siblings. Just FYI they don’t put out very easily, far too uptight for their own good.”

“Which means you obviously do. Is that supposed to impress me or something?” Caroline drawled knowingly and he let out a chuckle.

“I think you should be a bit nicer given I could call the police and tell them some crazy blonde pretending to be a gardener broke into my brother’s house.”

“I’m not crazy, well most of the time,” she conceded. “I’m Caroline Forbes and by the sounds of it you must be Kol Mikaelson.”

“I see my reputation precedes me,” he grinned. “So, enough about me. What exactly are you doing here, darling?”

“It’s actually work related,” she explained.

“I’m listening.”

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anonymous asked:

honestly do u ever notice or care when u see someone just going through ur blog liking and reblogging shit from days ago?? because i love to do that with ur blog and i feel like so awkward like "she's gonna think I'm stalking her"!! why am i like this

nooo ur so cute its ok jhljnkhly;g i don’t even notice! my notifs are always really busy anyways ilu

Light Stalking


Jon, 5:46 AM: she’s back

Jon, 5:46 AM: i mean, it’s only been two days that she missed but still

Jon, 5:46 AM: maybe i should wave

Jon, 5:46 AM: no, that’s stupid

Sam, 5:46 AM: do you know what time it is? some of us don’t have to get up before the sun to run with our dogs

Jon, 5:47 AM: did i not tell you i got moved to a later shift? bc i have that night class now, Mormont said i could stop working so early

Sam, 5:47 AM: if you got moved to a later shift then why are you still going to the park before 6 am?

Sam, 5:47 AM: wait

Sam, 5:47 AM: seven hells

Sam, 5:47 AM: you pathetic git

Jon, 5:47 AM: if i don’t come this early, i won’t see her


Sam, 5:48 AM: Gilly says “grow a pair and talk to her or leave the poor girl alone before you scare her”

Jon, 5:48 AM: i’m not stalking her! i just like seeing her. i’m not scaring her

Sam, 5:49 AM: a big, well-muscled, dark, male stranger with a dog the size of a wolf staring at her is going to scare her sooner or later. even if she doesn’t find you intimidating, she probably WILL find Ghost intimidating

Jon, 5:50 AM: you think i’m well muscled, do you

Sam, 5:50 AM: stop avoiding the point

Jon, 5:50 AM: her dog’s as big as Ghost, she’s not going to find him scary

Jon, 5:50 AM: in fact, Lady is the one that growled at Ghost a couple of days ago for getting too close

Jon, 5:50 AM: so if anything, i should be scared of Lady

Sam, 5:51 AM: so you have talked to her before

Jon, 5:51 AM: no, why?

Sam, 5:51 AM: then how do you know her dog’s name is Lady?

Jon, 5:52 AM: i overheard her calling for her when Lady jumped in the stream about two miles in on the trail

Sam, 5:52 AM: …

Sam, 5:52 AM: so you follow her on her run with her dog now, too

Sam, 5:52 AM: JON

Sam, 5:52 AM: AGAIN


Jon, 5:54 AM: you are being dramatic

Sam, 5:54 AM: no, i am not. you’ve been ass over tit for this girl for weeks now, but you’ve never said a word to her

Sam, 5:54 AM: given how much you talk about her (which is all the time), i can only imagine how much you STARE at her while you are FOLLOWING her along the trails close enough to LISTEN to her every word

Sam, 5:54 AM: she’s a woman alone on a hiking path with a big man and his big dog following her for weeks and NEVER SAYING A WORD

Jon, 5:59 AM: when you put it that way, it does sound bad

Sam, 6:00 AM: it is BAD so talk to her and fix it

Jon, 6:04 AM: gods

Jon, 6:04 AM:  i’ve been stalking her

Jon, 6:04 AM: i didn’t mean to. i just…

Jon, 6:04 AM: seeing her smile in the morning made the rest of my day brighter. i just liked starting my day with her smile

Sam, 6:05 AM: then talk to her! tell her that!

Sam, 6:05 AM:  gilly says that was right romantic

Jon 6:06 AM: i can’t talk to her

Jon, 6:06 AM: that would probably make her so uncomfortable at this point

Jon, 6:06 AM: bc i have apparently been stalking her like a creepy idiot

Sam, 6:06 AM: what no

Sam, 6:06 AM: tell her what you just told me, it’ll be fine

Jon, 6:07 AM: i already left the park

Jon, 6:07 AM: i’m not going back

Sam, 6:08 AM: GO BACK

Sam, 6:08 AM: you like this girl. i haven’t seen you this gone since ygritte and YOU HAVEN’T EVEN TALKED TO HER YET

Sam, 6:08 AM: don’t throw this away, it’s worth giving it a shot

Jon, 6:09 AM: i’m not going to be that guy that follows her around and then forces her to talk to me

Jon, 6:09 AM: i didn’t even realize how i was acting or how it must have looked to her

Jon, 6:09 AM: i’m not that guy. i won’t be that guy

Sam, 6:10 AM: you are not that guy. you said you kept coming back for her smiles. if she was smiling, then she can’t have found you scary

Sam, 6:10 AM: you’re not a guy like Theon who wouldn’t notice when a girl was scared, Jon

Jon, 6:11 AM: leave it, Sam. it’s done

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The Bar

One shot made for anon.

Request:Anon asked Could I have a Richard x reader where rich has literally been pining after them for months and all his friends know but he’s to shy around them to do anything? But eventually he grabs the reader and gets too shy to say anything so he just kisses them and and and I need fluff tbh

Author Note: I am sorry if this is complete crap. I hope it has enough fluff if not feel free to message me and I will make another. I will make another until you die of fluffiness. :)

You stood cleaning out some glasses listening to the three men behind you.

“Richard, come on man just ask her out,” The taller man basically pleaded.

“Ask who out?” The bearded blonde feigned ignorance.

“You know exactly who, Richard Speight. The reason we have been coming to this bar almost three times a week for the last two months even though it is ridiculously out of our way and not even that great,” the short one who actually protested but agreed to everything said.

“We all know you want the bartender. You have been pining after her for two months now and come whenever she is working, you are basically stalking her,” the tall one joked.

“I am not stalking her,” the man named Richard replied flatly.

“What can I get for you guys? Your usual?” You interrupted the three arguing regulars. You had asked around about them and everyone said they only showed up on the three days you worked most.

“Yes that would be great,” the blonde man spoke with a slight tint of red to his face.

You had been wondering if their conversation had been about you but you had to be sure there was another girl working this bar tonight, time to find out for sure.

You grabbed the three of them their usual beers and popped off the tops, “My name is Y/N by the way.”

“Hello Y/N. My name is Matt, the man on the end there is Robbie and this fellow here is Richard,” the man spoke with a grin.

You focused your attention on the cutest one there. “Hello, Richard. Can I get you anything else,” you flashed your most flirty smile.

“U-u-uh no,” he stuttered out.

They were definitely talking about you, you smiled to yourself. You had dated some but no one had caught your eye in the last year and a half. This guy was something different though, he didn’t hit on you like all the others. You had talked to him on several occasions about each other’s lives.

You knew he was an actor but never went into much detail over it and he knew you bartended a couple days a week while being a senior in college. You also knew he was way older than you but that didn’t matter.

“Hey Y/N my friend Richard here has a question for you,” Rob called.

“Yes?” you smiled at Richard.

“I don’t have a question they are just being idiots.”

“Well okay then,” your smile fell a bit, “Call if you really do need something.”

You walked out behind the bar to grab some of the abandoned drinks lying about the bar. You were walking passed the guys when you tripped. You embraced yourself for the impact of the dirty floor when someone caught you.  

You were propped back up and you turned to face your savior whose arm was still wrapped around you.

“Thank you,” you whispered shyly since Richard’s eyes were boring into your own.

“My God you are beautiful,” he answered back.

Neither of you spoke again while simply just staring at each other. He looked as if he was finally going to ask you out, but nothing escaped his open lips. Another moment went by while nothing was said you could tell the whole bar was staring at the two of you but nothing happened until he quickly pressed his lips to yours.

When you didn’t respond he pulled away, a look of fear on his face. You didn’t want him to get the wrong idea and all you wanted was his warm lips back on yours, so you did the only thing you could think of, you kissed him.

You both just stood there kissing each other only pulling back for quick and sudden breaths before locking lips once again.

“So are they dating now?” Rob asked Matt confused.

Matt shrugged, “I am not really sure what just happened, but it has to be a good thing right?”

Richard finally spoke, “Would you like to go out sometime?”

“Yes,” you answered a bit breathless.

I’m Worried

Y/N pushes her food around her plate, frowning down at it, but not actually picking any up with her fork.

“Love, you need to eat.” Joe’s soft tone carries across the table to her, and she lifts her eyes to meet his concerned ones.

“I’m not hungry.”

“You said that at lunch.”

“I’m still not hungry.” She shrugs, pushing the plate away finally.

He sighs, leaning back in his chair, staring at her from his spot.

“What’s going on with you lately?”


“Then why do you barely eat anything?” He leans forward on both arms against the table, his stare hard. “And don’t try to deny it, Y/N. I’ve noticed. And I’m worried.”

“Don’t be.” She stands from the table, taking her food into the kitchen. “There’s nothing wrong.”

“You are so frustrating!” Joe jumps to his feet, following her. “Why won’t you just talk to me? I’m right here!”

“Just drop it!”




“Well stop.”

He rocks back on his feet, shock evident on his face.


“You heard me.” Y/N mumbles, brushing past him.

Joe stands there for a moment before he turns and follows her, finding her in the bedroom.


“Just go away.” He sees her lift a hand, wiping away tears.

“Not until you talk to me.”

“About what, Joe?! You want to know why I haven’t been eating?! Because I’ve been gaining too much weight. And people are noticing. I read your bloody comments, and that’s all everyone can talk about. Is how fat I am now. There. Happy?!”

“No!” He stalks forward, hands coming up to her arms. “Why would you starving yourself make me happy? Gods, Y/N. I wish you would ignore them. There is nothing wrong with you. I don’t care if you’ve gained some weight or not. You are still beautiful. So please, stop.”

“I just…”

“I know, love.” Joe pulls her into a hug, and Y/N grips his shirt tightly, all the pent up emotion flowing out of her, both of them sinking to the floor as he comforts her. “Don’t listen to them though. Listen to me. And I’m telling you that you do not need to hurt yourself, because I love you.”

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” She mumbles into his chest.

A while later, they’ve shifted so Joe’s back is against their bed, with Y/N’s curled up against his chest, arms around each other.

“You really need to just talk to me about these things, love.”

“I know. I should have.”

“And please, ignore the comments.”

“I’ll try.”

“And never tell me to stop loving you.”

“I don’t think you’d listen anyways.” She lifts her head to meet his eyes, smiling up at him.

“No, probably not.” He smiles in return, brushing her hair out of her face. “You’re stuck with me.”

“There is one thing I don’t understand though…” Y/N mumbles, settling back against his chest.

“What’s that?”

“Well, I’ve still been gaining weight like crazy.”

“If I were Zoe, I’d say your pregnant.” Joe jokes, chuckling softly. “That’s her go to response for everything when it comes to us.” When he finishes speaking, he realizes that the body in his arms is tense. “Y/N?”

“What day is it?”

“Uhm, Thursday?”

“No, the date, you idiot.” She moves quickly, standing from their spot and looking around for her phone.

“The 14th.” He blinks, watching her move around quickly. “What’s wrong?”

Y/N’s eyes widen as she looks at her phone, before lifting her gaze to meet Joe’s again.

“There’s a chance your sister may actually be right this time.”

Excuse me? What were you doing over at her house and WHY do you feel compelled to post that you went there all over social media? You were awfully close there with her too. Did you somehow forget that you’re mine? Your messages from the other night made it pretty clear that you wanted me instead. So why are you all touchy feely with her? Am I not enough for you?


‘  Dean: Okay dude, I know you love her and stuff but is it really necessary that we stalk her?

   Dean asked as he pulled his head back into the Impala.

   Sam: I am just worried about her.

   Dean: She just went to grab a coffee with her friend. And may I add a girlfriend? Why are we even here? It’s creepy man.

   Sam: This is not creepy. I am not stalking her. Not stalking. Just keeping an eye out.

  Dean: Oh so when you were googling her name for keeping an eye out?

  Sam: I was wondering what kind of information is out about her!

  Dean: In 17th page of google. Dude no body looks past the second page!    ‘

Drabble Prompt: #3

goldcaught: Caroline daughter of Senator Elizabeth Forbes, Klaus CEO of a private security job, Best Man for The Job. (Person must pose as their significant other…)

So I hope this meets your expectations, Hun. Again, no smut cause still at work…

“What was that?” Klaus snarled as he slammed into her house behind her. Caroline spun, swiping at the fall of her hair, the ruined up-do that she’d so carefully arranged that afternoon. Fingers searching through her curls for pins, she barely refrained from throwing them at his face childishly.

“Don’t you yell at me,” Caroline ground out, eyes snapping, face flushed. “What do you think that was? He had a gun pointed at my mom and since her bodyguards were all busy holding their own dicks, I did what needed to be done.”

“He almost shot you.” Klaus said slowly, face flushed with rage. “Do you understand how easily he could have killed you? Standing in front of the Senator?”

Caroline rolled her eyes, stepping out of her heels. “I fail to see why you are acting like this. Mom is safe, the gunman is in custody, the press for this should be amazing and you get to go home, back to your company. Win, win.”

Every part of him locked up, except his eyes. They blazed at her, his jaw working as he clearly struggled to contain himself. His hands slid to tie, fingers working to untie the knot. “Is that what you think?”

For one moment, unease flared in her gut. To cover it, she tossed the pins from her hair onto her mantel and shrugged. “You’ve been pretty blunt about the entire situation, which I generally appreciate in a person, but you can go now.”

The dismissal hung between them and she waited. Caroline fully expected him to walk out, never to be seen again. She’d told Stefan this was a bad idea. Had repeated it multiple times. The entire premise was stupid, having someone come in to pose as her boyfriend to protect her from a madman with a gun who was targeting her mom, not her.

But her mother - her freaking mother - had agreed with them. And Klaus Mikaelson, old college friend of Stefan’s, CEO of some security group had just watched and smiled.

“Don’t worry about it, sweetheart. I’m sure you don’t have anything I can’t handle.”

So she’d smiled back with teeth. “Okay. Fine. But I withhold the right to say I told you so.”

The last week had been torture. Him wearing a jeans and Henley combo, professional ice nothing could crack between them. She’d hated the attraction she felt anyway - the urge to strangle him with those damn necklaces leaving her hands fisted at her side more than once.

And he’d just watched, smile knowing and unwilling to crack. Well, fine. She’d gone down this path once, had her heart stomped on. She didn’t need that a second time.

The sound of his jacket hitting a chair startled her.

“No,” Klaus’ voice cut into the charged silence, and she turned in surprise. He watched her, gaze calculating. “Not yet.”

Caroline arched a brow. “Oh?”

“A man doesn’t just walk away when a woman wears a dress like that, Caroline. Much less a dress picked out for him.”

Alright, so maybe the dress wasn’t exactly fair. Caroline was willing to concede that she hadn’t thought the entire thing through as much as she should’ve. But God, those dimples cutting into his cheeks as his eyes had laughed at her, that slightly condescending sweetheart murmured in that accent. Please. She was pretty, not stupid.

Except, all night she’d felt Klaus on her skin; had surprised herself with the heat in her gut when he’d looked at her when she’d met him in her foyer. The way he’d startled at her appearance - black dress, red heels, red lips, hair curled and pinned to perfection - the ice of her irritation nearly cracking at the way his pupils had gone wide; that subtle parting of his lips, as he breathed in her perfume.

That awareness, the unexpected need that moved in her blood was only made worse by the drag of his calloused fingers catching on her skin through strategic cutouts. But how was a girl to plan for Klaus Mikaelson in a tux? Fitted, his tux followed the narrow, lean lines of him to perfection; her heels put them at eye level and God, she wanted to bite that smirk. Catch that bottom lip and roll it between her teeth until he gasped.

His eyes told he knew what she was thinking and they dared her. Klaus had made no pretense of watching her lips, eyes lowering deliberately to burn along her skin. Caroline was tempted, oh so tempted, to see what exactly Klaus thought he could handle.

But that’d be just playing into his assumptions and like hell. The Bodyguard might have been an interesting troupe, but no. She’d been down that route with Tyler, and look how that’d blown up in her face.

“You’re feeling mean,” Stefan had commented as he handed her a flute of champagne, eyes amused.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Stefan rolled his eyes. “Caroline - I’m your friend, not blind. That’s not the dress you you planned on a week ago.”

She took sip, lowered her lashes. “He called me sweetheart.”

“So, your revenge is what?” Stefan gestured with a hand. “Tempt him with sin and then walk away?”

Caroline smiled at him, blinked her eyes wide. “He said he could handle whatever I threw at him. We both know I’m just here for my pretty face, to support my mom.”

Stefan let out a long sigh. “I thought it might be something like that. Don’t ruin him.”

“Really?” Caroline shook her head. “To ruin something, it has to matter. He’s made his opinion pretty well know about me in the last few days. And you know what Stefan, I’m not at all amused that you think I’d only wear this dress for revenge.”

“Caroline…” Stefan said slowly, face slightly alarmed. “What are you planning?”

She smiled at him, letting it curve across her face and into her eyes. Just to watch him sweat. Once she was sure he’d a million panicked contingencies in his mind, she looped her arm with his. Squeezed his arm.

“Nothing. Tonight is about my mom, I’d never ruin that. We’re going to get through tonight, your strange British BFF will go back to his life, and I’ll get to concentrate on running mom’s campaign without this nonsense.”

Stefan kissed the top of her head. “If you say so, Care.”

She stepped away and laughed. “When am I ever wrong?”

And now Caroline had a seething, irate man in her living room who was looking at her as if he could swallow her whole. Whose entire demeanor was such a drastic change from everything else she’d seen from him that she felt off balance.

“You’re being presumptuous.”

“Am I?” Klaus asked as he stalked towards her. “Tell me something Caroline, show me I’m wrong. Because your eyes have been an invitation all night. And this dress? Stefan had no idea when he called you sin.”

Caroline straightened her spine. “Eavesdropping is rude.”

He laughed, reached for the cuff links on his shirt. Unhooked them. “You can’t ruin what you’ve already wrecked love. Your goddamn smile, your fucking gorgeous eyes and that mind of yours.”

Caroline stared at him, brows bunching together as he dropped the cufflinks on the mantel. “You’ve spent the entire week either laughing at me or scowling.”

“Do you know what I told Stefan when I accepted this job? Piece of cake. Bodyguard jobs like this were a dime a dozen when I first started, and not once have I ever been tempted to break my rule of being involved. Not once.” He laughed lowly, bending to unlaced his shoes; toe them off. “And there you were, so fucking perfect. I told myself that you were just like the rest - a name on a page, a pretty face to admire.”

Caroline watched him stand, curled her lips in a mocking smile. But her heart was pounding, skin flushed. “Getting comfortable?”

“Oh sweetheart,” his eyes gleamed, the warm indulgence a contrast to the amusement of before. “You want me as much as I want you.”

“Presumptions.” She retorted, body held tight as he stepped close. The bite of his cologne, the heat of his skin was temptation.

“I plan to wreck you, as you’ve ruined me. I want to slid under your skin, brand my touch into your marrow - until we’re both drowning in this together.” Klaus touched her cheek, fingertips gentle. “Tell me you don’t want this. Tell me that you weren’t imagining my lips on yours, my hands on your skin.”

Caroline’s breath hitched in her chest, caught in her throat. He’d dropped those iron shields, looked at her determination, adoration. He was showing her the truth behind his facade of aloofness and mocking amusement. That she’d dug in and took root, bothered him as much as he’d irritated her.

She licked her lips and his eyes darkened.

“Because when I saw you fling yourself in front of your mother, my heart stopped.” Klaus cupped her face. “Tell me no, now, Caroline. Otherwise, I’m taking you upstairs to check over ever part of you, to assure myself you’re not so much as scratched. I’m going to peel this seduction of a dress off your body and show you just how much I want this. You.”

She touched the scruff on his cheek, that five o'clock shadow he never fully lost. “No.”

His eyes went blank and she traced his lips. “I wasn’t imaging kissing you - I was thinking about how I could sink my teeth into your damn smirk. I thought about out how I’d like fist my hands in those necklaces of yours with you under me; pinned to my desk chair; unable to touch while I took.”

Klaus stared at her, body shuddering at the image she’d painted. “Your office is mostly glass.”

Caroline bit the curve of her lip as she smiled, watched him from lowered lashes. “Still think you can handle whatever I dish out, Mikaelson?”

He lowered his head, smile wide and hot. “Let’s see what you’ve got, love.”

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Just general people you read from would be fine!! :D

Okay love ^^ haha I also have a tag that says reads and that’s where I reblog the fics I like for rereads hehe but hmm let us go down my follow list, for some unknown reason I don’t follow a lot of people so idk if this is at all comprehensive.. maybe I’m just picky or too lazy to find more LOL 

an-exotic-writer ahh the A-1 since Day 1, I’ve been reading her works since the beginning of my days as a fangirl and they just keep getting bETTER, lovely blog, lovely person, I’m her cupcake too tho ^3^ 

babyitsbts // babyitsfiction idk which one she runs on these days but I LOVE her scenarios as well ^^ haha I think I read all through her stuff in one sitting esp the wolf exo ones 

duizhangdeluxe I actually found Amanda on AFF bc of her Blanc et Nior series?? and then stalked down her tumblr and now I am in love with her muses, beautiful soul, I am a hardcore fan. 

dvehyun I believe I found Gabs somewhere the jimin smut tag LMAO I still remember reading her work and being so amazed and impressed and thought wow I really hope I can develop my writing like that, her vamp AU gives me chills. 

eungyus // nam-jihyun my MIN, my sunshine, my hope, my founder hahah she’s the person that raised me in this cold cold world of tumblr hahahh I love her writing, she is the first person I have ever requested anything from and I’m so glad I did ;-; okay she’s great at writing dark themes but when she writes fluff its so perfect *sobs for days ily* 

exoticarmy127 MY FIRST TUMBLR FRIEND AND UNNIE WHO I LOVE DEEPLY. I adore all of her stories, they have their own life in them esp Laws of Motion and Attraction. I cannot deny my love for professor V my goodness. 

jiminsnips my Kenna, I’m lowkey salty bc she’s never on these days hahahaha! but that aside I love her scenarios, esp the ones for her challenge which I lowkey attempted several times 

krismebaobei idk if they’re still really active but Fei will give you all the feels ;_; I love her scenarios so much, once again, been reading since the days the skies were one 

min-tokkiwriter ahhh I haven’t read from her recently but I’m pretty sure I have read all her older works, one of the few shinee scenario blogs I seem to follow LOL 

minearebigger same as above comment, simply bc I usually don’t read many ship type fics?? …. although her jongtae aus are indeed quite tempting 

monchims *lays oneself on ground and rolls around* Okay Cherry is one of the main reasons I started to write in the first place? Hahah even non fandom wise I find her words beautiful and put together in such a way that it intrigued me to learn how to do so myself hahah.  I  really really like A+++ also her hypotheticals// compilations are fun to read they just escalate until she just walks away XD 

palpitate-hyperventilate Jo is soooooo GOALS A F I love her writing, it took me a while to get used to her style but maybe that’s why I appreciate it so much, I love it, it makes me think, it makes me pause and wonder and ughhhhh so inspired every time I read her writing its just a masterpiece T.T  

thesammtimes Sam my goodness I love her scenarios. I don;t remeber much about it because I discovered sam at like 2am in the middle of a fic reading marathon on my phone but they are A+ quality. *2pm voice* 10 out of 10 

soul-scenarios idk if they’re active (again) I’m sorry anon but umm This unnie made me cry so. many. times. like her scenarios are a mix of angst and fluff and they always get that heart clenchy feeling that I love ahhh ;;

theboyswhomwelove duuudeee I stalked Laura even before I got a tumblr, The Trophy was one of the first few fics I started reading and omg I’m so so glad I did, I love her, and her style of writing, just the character development is always so smooth yet complex. the tru sempai. 

whisperedscenarios I luvvvv but I haven’t been able to read much recently but I know back in the days when she was an admin I JUST LOVED ALL THEIR WORKS. it was absolutely adorable and I really should catch up on my reading bc I’m sure her scenarios are still nice <3 

xiuminipple idk man Jackie makes me question what I’m doing with my life when we’re the same age //i think// her writing is so nice like seriously beautiful and so… realistic?? Her Kai College AU and Chanyeol high school AU  are my absolute FAVS. so witty and just all together really enjoyable. 

thereaderwriter also one of the few ones I have known since the beginning of my fangirl career. I love that she writes and puts songs on her scenarios bc she’s the reason I started doing so? Like I’m pretty sure she introduced me to so many songs which are my favorites now like A Good Boy by Baek Ah Yeon and Intoxicated by the Cab and one distinct one for me is her Luhan one where OC is a photographer haha I LOVE IT 

theyreallbiasruiners WAIT NO WAIT YOU CANNOT ABSOLUTELY NOT FORGET THIS ONE PERSON OKAY. She is my irl friend and my other half and the reason I HAVE MADE IT THIS FAR. she doesn’t post much and don’t let her scare you off lmao BUT SHE DA BAE. 

yeahhhh okay that was longer than I expected but before I follow someone I usually stalk them for a long reasonable amount of time LOL SO I JUST GUSH when it comes to the ones I follow because they are goals and I hope to be able to have such distinct style like them one day T.T and yay happy reading anon I wish you rainbows and sparkles and all the feels <3 

Al-Saheem Meets Felicity Smoak PROMPT FICLET #6

Anonymous said: What do you think would happen if Al Sahim met Felicity Smoak?

So, I didn’t know if this was a prompt or a question, lol, but I couldn’t get it out of my head. So, here it is, wayyyyy more melodramatic than I thought possible. Hope it didn’t disappoint. 

He stayed hidden in the dark like the shadow he was now, just a faceless ghost who left nothing behind but a name. A name that was an echo from a different life, a name that was a reminder of who he used to be but was not anymore. Al-Saheem. The Arrow. 

It had been ages and it had been yesterday. He had stopped thinking about it now, shut the lid on those box of memories tight and thrown away the key somewhere he could never find it. He had ceased to be a man. He was just a symbol. Just a shadow. Just a ghost.

A noise alerted him to someone’s presence on the roof, and he retreated farther into the corner, waiting for whoever it was to leave so he could get down to business, in a city that was nothing but another target for him, a city that was also the echo of a different life. 

He watched her walk across the roof to the rail, gulping in breaths of air, her chest heaving with every inhale, her sun-spun hair in a ponytail, her glasses perched on her nose, her mouth blood red. 

Her color was threatening to fill the void in him. Her glow was threatening his shadows. And he knew how Sarab must have felt that night long ago on top of a mountain. 

He felt detached, like watching something on a film, removed from the character, removed from that embodiment of his past. He was removed and he had someone to kill. Turning to leave, he took silent steps towards the edge of the building, deciding to wait somewhere else when a gasp stopped him.

He looked around to see her eyes latched onto his retreating figure, clad all in black with nothing but the eyes visible. He saw the recognition strike her face, as she took two steps forward. But that recognition was wrong. He was not that man anymore.

“It’s you,” she whispered, her eyes glistening with emotions that were dead to him. He didn’t speak, just stared back with dead eyes, like his dead heart.


He didn’t even blink. The name meant nothing to him. The name was nothing to him. Nothing except another casualty.

Turning around to leave again, he halted at her loud, angry voice, the one that used to amuse the other him once upon a time. He did not even twitch at it.

“Don’t you dare walk away from me!”

He neutrally looked back at her, waiting for her to finish whatever so he would go. He perhaps, didn’t realize, that nothing was forcing him to stay.

“Come home, Oliver.”

Had he still had a heart, it would perhaps have been moved by the way her voice quivered, the way her eyes widened pleadingly at him. But his heart was locked away in that box he had shoved away.

“I am Al-Saheem,” he clarified, firmly.

“Al-Saheem, my ass!”

He felt the first twinge of surprise at her vehemence. 

“You wanted to stick around and play with the new group, you did. Now it’s time you came home because I am sick of missing you and I am done stalking you while you ninja your way around the world!”

Her entire being was lit up with a fire that was seeping heat into his bones, very, very slowly. This warmth was dangerous to him. He was dangerous to her. 

He took one step away and her voice reached him once more. “Oliver!”

“Oliver does not exist anymore,” he firmly pushed back. “All that is here is Al-Saheem.”

A distant part of him recognized that look in her eyes, that look which held challenge and honesty all in one. She folded her arms across her chest and tilted her head at him.

“If that is true, then Al-Saheem would not give a shit if I jump off this building, would he?” 

Something close to his lungs tightened in his chest at the words, his hands clenching into fists beside him. The wait for his response was obvious in her face, her eyes going from hopeful to disappointed to determined in a blink.

With a resolute nod to herself, she took a step back, towards the railing, eyes on him. His jaw clenched.

She took another step back. His knees shook with the effort to hold still, to keep himself in place.

Another step back. His forefinger and thumb started rubbing furiously, his gut churning.

Another step back. His breathing was erratic now. 

She was so close to the rails now that she would plunge to her death if she even tripped. And in that one second, when her foot lifted to take that final step, tears dripping down her cheeks, her entire body shaking, her eyes still waiting for him to react, in that one second he realized he already did.

He was already reacting when he shouldn’t, still able to read so clearly in her what he did not in himself, still anchored to her so much that he couldn’t leave, still seeking her light like the banished moth that he was. He had locked away a box and thrown away what he thought had been the key. It wasn’t. She was. She was the key.

She recognized him when he refused to recognize himself, she saw in his eyes what he could not see in the mirror anymore, she still believed in him when there was nothing to believe in.

Her foot got closer to the rail and his dormant, not dead heart screamed with a vengeance to stop her, to drag her back from the edge just like she always did with him. Al-Saheem or not, whoever he was had no existence without her. She had to live. She had to breathe. 

With one final breath, he let go on the identity he had been clinging to so tightly, he let go with one errant tear, he let go with only one prayer on his lips.


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Phoebe Tonkin Appreciation Week
DAY 2: July 21st ✿ Favourite Phoebe’s quote(s)
But as I said the show, hopefully, will be on for a long time and we can really tell stories and not just like throw out story lines to appease people. I think you wanna kinda really- the pay off really needs to be worth it at the end.

Sometime in the future.....

Maybe Caroline and Klaus are careful/cautious friends, reconnected, so much has changed in their lives. But the fact remains, they still want to know each other. They go for walks.

Originally posted by lifeofvampirediaries

For little strolls or drinks and just chat for minutes that stretch into hours. bidding their time.

Waiting for someone to reach out. To touch and have that touch linger. Maybe a look. A small glance lasting longer than it ought to.


Originally posted by nicol93rih

To see if maybe, just maybe there’s something there that was there before. Maybe something more. 

Originally posted by misssampson

The flutter of her eyes. The curve of his smile. The last moment they see each other that day lingering until they get to do it all over again.

Originally posted by kcismyreligion

The way he chats about her currently nonexistent love life with their friends. Yes. Their friends.

Originally posted by josephmorgan-originals

The way she pours him a drink when he comes over and she cleans up her kitchen after he’s made a mess of it cooking for them.

If only to keep from telling him. Three words. Three small words.

Originally posted by klaussified

Worse. So much worse. When he imposes on her place demanding he stay over because someone poses a threat against her safety.

Even worse. When her home is invaded and he protects her.

Originally posted by originalgroupie

How could she hate him for it? Blame him? No. She simply loves him. All of him. His faults. Like loving her in return. Quietly. 

Originally posted by queen-bonnie-bennett

Unlike before. More so.  How he shows it plunges at her undead heart.

In the way he watches her. How he holds her when they dance. When he knows he’s been staring too long but he can’t quite look away.

Originally posted by seriouslyniklaus

Their story isn’t over. They both know it. They know it when their friends bring up the unsettled tension that fills the room. 

Originally posted by smoldyland

The sparks that fly when they are seated together. The small bubble that forms around them as they banter and flirt.

How they forget about everyone else. 

Originally posted by princess-of-the-worlds

And everyone just watches. Like it’s their favorite show with their favorite couple on screen with no commercial breaks. 

Originally posted by mysticfahlls

And they all wait. Wait for that one moment. That big moment. The one everyone pictures in their head and plays out so beautifully on the screen.

Originally posted by blakesgrifffin

But it never happens. Two years pass. Nothing. Nothing but missed chances.

Exasperation ensues and one day they meet like any other day. Nothing out of the ordinary. Not really.

And snap. Eyes boring into one another until she looks down completely flustered.

Originally posted by klarolinesource

Frustrated and she walks off. And he finds himself reliving so much of their past as he follows after her.

Originally posted by lifeofvampirediaries

Whoosh. She stops. He stops. “I need a drink,” she mutters. Whoosh. She’s gone. 

Whoosh. She’s gone. He chuckles. “Just like old times.” he utters and whoosh. And she’s before him drink in hand looking unamused by his appearance.

Originally posted by vampire-blondie

So he says the one thing that would make this scene utterly complete. “I suppose this scene is appropriate.”

She raises a brow to him in question, “Drinks. Our thing.” he nearly whispers. And she smiles. Oh, how that smile warms him.

Originally posted by niklausxcaroline

“I suppose. Something things never changes,” she agrees with a sway of her head, “Some feelings too,” he adds under her breath surprising him.

“I think some feelings have changed.” Her face falls at his words.

Originally posted by femfuck

“Your feelings for me. I think you’ve made your peace with them.” he clarifies. Hand over his heart. Index finger tapping over his chest once.

“You mean how I love you?” she whispers gulping audibly as he deliberately walks to her. How he leaves no doubt he’s coming for her.

Originally posted by theappleisthefruit

“Yes, But more than that. Now you’ve accepted how irrevocably in love with you I am.” he says as he stalks towards her.

“How unhinged I am when another looks your way.” he murmurs, “How hard it is to keep my distance. How long I’ve craved your touch, your blood. the feel of your body pressed to mine.”

Originally posted by maevelin

“You talk as if I’ve been away. I’m right here. I see you everyday.” she mumbles because she knows it’s different.

Looking. Touching. It was different with an acknowledgment of love. So she reaches up. She touches him. Cups his cheek, his neck. Caressing softly.

Much like the first time.

Originally posted by mysticfahlls

He smiles remembering too. And it’s soft, their first kiss. Chaste and loving. Savoring. Lips trembling. Eyes fluttering shut. Incandescence. Home.

Originally posted by weshipklaroline

His lips. His tongue. Their movement alone. Bliss. Words. Pointless.
No thoughts required as she took his hand.

Originally posted by colorlessmidnight

Pleasure. Enticement. Those words held them captive. 

Originally posted by painfulblisss

As he lead her to the bedroom until the backs of his knees hit the edge of the bed as he tugged off her dress. Kissed her again.

Originally posted by god-please-save-my-soul

She moaned into his mouth as she ripped at his shirt and jacket gripping his belt as he helped her with the rest of her attire.

Originally posted by properseduction

Watching avidly as Caroline’s breath’s grew to heavy pants while he touched her. Tense muscles. The feeling deep within coiling. Burning uncomfortably hot.

Originally posted by god-please-save-my-soul

He pushed back lying over the mattress as she climbed over him.

Her smile told him everything. Her kiss. Promised him more. So much more as she helped him slide inside of her.

Originally posted by natasharomanoff

“I love you,” she whispered. She vowed. He smirked flipping them over. Growled at the thrill of her nails down his back.

Originally posted by god-please-save-my-soul

Klaus caressed and captivated her. Reminded Caroline of the lover he could be. Smoldering. Domineering. Asserting. Pleasing. Enticing. With every kiss. Every stroke. Thrust. Roll and grind. Every love bite and lick.

Originally posted by allexa-leo


Until they were breathless and sated.

And in the morning. His hands still lingered Still stroked.

As he watched her sleep. Body pressed against him.

Still held to her. Like they always would.

The Shape Of Us (The Prologue Or The One Where We Begin To Be More Than Just Friends)- Darling I’m Thrilled To Have You By My Side


She was the one who loved more. That was the answer to the age old riddle. She loved him more than he loved her, because he loved her as a friend, a little sister, his partner in crime.

She loved him in a big way. The pretend to like your taste in music, let you eat the last piece of cheesecake, hold a radio outside his window, unfortunate way that makes her hate him, love him. And she never meant for it to happen, she didn’t want it to happen because she knew he’d end up hurting her even if it was the last thing in the world that she wanted to do.

And now, what he was doing… what they were doing… it was all an act and she’d rather have him back as just her bestie James who was her rock instead of this James who acted like he loved her the same way she did when in reality she was just his best friend.

“So why did you agree to it? Why did you agree to be his publicity stunt? Nadine…” Q asked her while they sat around a table at a party James was supposed to host with her. They agreed that spending the holidays together was going to be part of the act their management forced them into. The friends turned into lovers act.

She sighed and set aside her phone. She’d been trying to reach him for the past hour but he wouldn’t answer her calls. She couldn’t blame him, not after what she did.

“Mahal ko eh. Sobrang mahal ko. May magagawa pa ba ako?”

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