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NurseyWeek Prompt #2 - Surprise

Bitty almost jumps out of his skin when the Haus’ front door bangs open, the loud slam of wood against wall echoing through the hallway and reaching Bitty where he had been sitting placidly at the kitchen table. He relaxes when he recognizes Nursey in the archway of the room, but something about the way he’s standing makes Bitty double take.

It looks like someone took Nursey and gave him a good shake, sloughing off all that hipster cool that he so carefully cultivates for his everyday persona. Nursey’s lost the regular slouch in his shoulders, the serene look on his face; now, he’s swaying slightly, legs and arms tucked tight into his body. It’s like he’s unconsciously trying to take up as small a space as he can, which, being a 6’2” college athlete, isn’t all that small. His curls are slightly mussed, and he has lines of exhaustion written across his face.

“Bits,” he says, a note of solemnity in his quiet voice, “I need your help.”

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bughead fanfiction - one-shot


“the mind can calculate, but the spirit yearns, and the heart wants what the heart wants”
-Stephen King


She doesn’t think she’s heard him right. There is literally no way she’s heard him correctly. Not after all this time—not after everything that’s happened…

Standing at the curb of her driveway, Archie before her, Betty stares, mouth agape at his confession.

I was blind before, Betty. I couldn’t see what was right in front of me this whole time.  

His eyes search hers with a desperation, feet moving forward before his hands rest gently on her shoulders. The gaze he gives her is one she would’ve swooned over months ago, one that would’ve had her knees buckle and her heart stutter, but now—now, she just feels ill. She feels blindsided. Confused and upset.

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Sassy Stark Pt. 3

Pairing: Dad!Tony x Daughter!Reader, Pepper Potts

Warnings: Angst, swearing (I wrote this people)

Word count: 976

A/N: This is Part 3 of this series - hope you enjoy it! @fandommaniacx has betad this - she is the most wonderful friend and if you don’t follow her already you are seriously missing out! xx

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7

Malibu, California.

The black limousine rolled up the hills to the mansion, coming to a halt before its gates. You thanked the driver, before slipping out of the sleek-looking car and walking to the entrance, where Pepper, your father’s assistant was waiting for you.

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I’m Fine

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Donatello x Reader

I’m Fine

Prompt: Donnie x reader. Like he meets the girl at April’s on accident and he thinks she’s about to freak, but she blurts out she likes his eyes and a relationship snowballs and she’s in his lab one day and he asks her to get something but he doesn’t realize she’s so short (5’2”-ish) so she has to stand on something and nearly gets hurt but doesn’t because she’s a gymnast. He’s worried, but she grabs his mask and kisses him or something fluffy like that?

Note: Awwwwwww some Donnie love <3 I love my tol nerd!

“Hey April?” Donnie called as he walked through the window to her apartment. “I brought some new tech I developed. It should help with your-”

Donnie!” April hissed as he walked out into the open, right into your line of sight. Your eyes widened as you took in the sight of the tall creature. He was at least 6’7” and covered in lean muscle and loads of tech. A thick pair of glasses sat in front of a pair of gorgeous amber eyes.

“Um…” Donnie’s eyes flicked nervously from April to you and back again. “Uh, hi.”

You sucked in a large breath, and April and Donnie prepared for the scream, but it never came.

“You have gorgeous eyes, holy shit.” You stated. Donnie looked at you quizzically. He pushed his glasses further up his nose.

“I- uh, what?” He looked through his scanners. You weren’t exhibiting any signs of fear, no rapid breathing, no accelerated heartrate. In fact, he was the one with the quickened pulse. His cheeks flushed pink, and suddenly he felt as though his mouth was full of cotton.

“Brown with little flecks of honey,” you rested your chin on your hand. He was still dumbstruck.

“Donnie, this is (Y/N), my new roommate. (Y/N), this is-”

“D-Donatello.” He offered you his hand. “But, uh, everyone calls me Donnie.”

“Nice to meet you, Donnie.”

“N-nice to meet you too. I’m just not used to people reacting to me…that way. Usually it’s more screaming and um…” he looked to April pointedly. “Passing out.”

“I like to think I’m pretty open-minded.” You smirked.

“Well, it’s refreshing to say the least.” He smiled and then looked to April. “So now about that tech…”


After you met Donnie, it was only a matter of time before he asked you out. Or more realistically, until you were dropping so many hints that he finally realized you liked him and that he should ask you out. And so he did, and he had never been happier. Now, every time you walked by him, he earned a peck on the cheek. Anytime he was sitting on the couch was an excuse for you to sit beside him and hold his hand or pull his arm around you or sit on his lap. Every act of PDA, no matter how small, always flustered him without fail.

It was adorable.

Today, you were camped out in his lab, half watching while he worked, half reading a book you had brought.

“Hey darling, can you hand me the vial on top of that shelf?” Donatello, being 6’7” had forgotten that you were 5’2”. Despite this, you replied.

“Sure, babe.” And pulled him waaay down for a kiss on the cheek before dragging the extra stool over below the shelf. It took you a few seconds to steady yourself on the haphazard hunk of wood. You reached up on your tippy-toes, wobbling the slightest bit, and once you grabbed it, the stool tipped backward, causing Donnie’s head to whip around in your direction at the sudden noise. But being as nimble as you were, you had managed to land on your feet.

“Oh my God, are you okay? Are you hurt? Did you twist anything? I am so sorry, I forgot you were so short! This is my fault! I-”

“Donnie, I’m fine.” You assured him. “It’s okay. Here’s your thingy.” You handed the thing to him and he set it on his desk before returning to dote on you some more.

“Is it swollen? Can I look? Get up on the desk and let me-”

Donnie, I’m fine.” You told him, although more exasperated this time. He looked down at you from his towering height. “Really, I am. Gymnast, remember? I always land on my feet.”

“I’m sorry. I just want to make sure that you’re okay. I don’t know what I’d do if you ever got hurt.” He rubbed the back of his neck. You reached up and grabbed the tails of his bandana and then promptly pulled him down for a long, soft kiss. His face flushed three different shades of red.

“I’m fine. I love you, Donatello.”

“I l-love you too,” he stuttered, a shy grin tugging at his lips. You pecked his snout for good measure.

“I smell pizza. Wanna go check it out?” you offered him your hand, which he gladly took in his own.


imagine if m'gann had been in the pod alright listen this is cool bc like:

- she could have pretended right from the start to be a green Martian bc j'onn was there so that plot point is safe
- she could have said she didn’t want training she just wants to hide cue Kara wanting her to be safe & to learn how to use her powers so that she doesn’t hurt someone or herself
- maybe she slips & turns into a white Martian & Kara is like . oh no & m'gann runs & shes become close to everyone so alex & Maggie are like yeah we will help find her & j'onn says he won’t & Kara understands but then later when they do find m'gann he appears & hes like come back ur training isn’t done & they get to have a proper talk later
- m'gann gets comfortable w her powers & with the super gang & she helps Kara defeat a big bad & eventually it gets to the point where she’s like i have to go home & help ppl escape & Kara tries to talk her out of it they all do but she is adamant so Kara pushes her hard when they’re training & then leaves & it’s m'ganns turn to go after her & Kara is like everyone leaves & m'gann is like im coming back. I can stay a bit longer & Kara is like tonight u stay bc we have a goodbye party planned that u totally weren’t supposed to know abt sorry but tmrw u go bc I am not going to stop u from saving ur ppl. I wouldn’t let anyone stop me if there were the slightest chance to save my planet

Spilling Coffee

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: You are getting coffee before a long day of work and you spill your hot caffeine all over a handsome stranger!

Warnings: None!

A/N: I’m back in that fic game, y’all! I’m taking requests and feeling specifically into Marvel lately (especiallly Bucky <33333) Gif not mine

The day never truly felt like it had started until you got your first hot coffee. You were usually almost always too busy to brew a cup at home in the morning but fortunately there was a coffee shop just on your way to work that you stopped in every day. By now, the baristas knew your name and order by heart.

“The usual, Y/N?” The cashier greeted you with a smile. 

“You know it,” you reply handing the cashier a five dollar bill that you always tipped whatever was left over. You stepped away from the register and then waited for your coffee at the opposite end of the counter. When you got it, you mixed in your sugar and just as you were putting the lid back on you turned around only to collide into some poor stranger’s left arm and effectively spilling your coffee all over them.

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The Club (Miniminter imagine)

A/N: Heyy everyone:) This was an imagine my best friend @sdmntrxsh requested and it got longer than i thought it would be.. anyway i hope you enjoy bae<333

I hated going to the club. There was always too many people there for my taste. I enjoyed cuddly nights on the couch with a good movie on.

But for some reason satan had decided to take over my body and say yes to Simons stupid invitation to going out with him and the boys. Right after i agreed i regretted my decision. And of course i haf tried to get out of it ever since. It didn’t work.

Now we were on our way and i was freezing. I should have known to bring a jacket or something. None of the guys seemed to notice my almost blue fingers. Or well all except for Simon, after he had noticed, he started to take off his jacket getting some looks from especially Lewis that had his zipped all the way up. He was the best boyfriend i could ever wish for. But you couldn’t take his jacket! Then he would freeze as well. Your struggle didn’t last long though, seeing as he was a lot stronger than you.

Once you reached the actual club and had payed the driver. You had taken an uber here since you all planned on getting totally wasted and didn’t want to leave a car standing here.

Right when you walked in most of the guys disappeared. Some up to the bar, others to a booth and lastly Tobi and Freya walked out on the dancefloor. They took a complete piss out of all the sexy dancing going on, with them looking like they were going to dance salsa. It was hilarious to look at.

Your fun didn’t last though because soon you felt an unfamiliar hand on your waist. Disgusted you shoved the hand away and continued out on the dancefloor to have some fun with your friends. This didn’t last long either though since another guy or possibly the same one, started to dance dirty up at you.

You were getting mad. The one night you decided to go out with your boyfriend and friends you were almost getting what you could call assaulted.

Tobi and Freya were oblivious to the scene happening right next to them and continued to dance. You didn’t feel like dancing anymore. So you once again shoved away his hand and made your way to the bar.

The guys that had previously been here had disappeared to who knows where. You got a bit upset since you knew Simon had been amongst the guys. You didn’t feel like partying even the slightest anymore and just wanted to go home.

Just as you had turned around to find one of the others and tell them that you were gonna call a taxi and go home, someone stopped you. “Hey there gorgeous,” a very drunk man said, whilst blinking to you, “Why have you been ignoring me all night? Didn’t you feel my hand or what?” His breath was awful, it seemed as if he had thrown up, which wouldn’t surprise you. “I’m sorry, i have a boyfriend, who i am looking for right now actually, so if you wouldn’t mind…” you trail off trying to go past him. He didn’t budge, not even the slightest.

Suddenly you feel an arm around your shoulders. This was familiar to you, so you didn’t move one bit. Reassured that everything was going to be be okay, you relaxed.

“Hey babe,” Simon said, you could hear on his voice and feel in the way he clenched your arm that he was angry. “Is he bothering you?” Simon continued. You just nodded, suddenly very tired and you hadn’t even gotten a single drink! The guy finally seemed to get the hint and quickly muttered something that sounded like “she could’ve told me her boyfriend was here” or something as he moved away.

“Thank you Simon! He had been pestering me all night” you told Simon as he hugged you. “It’s okay, but what do you say about us to going home and watching a movie?” He answered. Still tired you nodded your head and looked forward to sleeping against his chest.

the aeon

REQUEST: anon: “Do u take requests? If u do I was wondering if u could do something with credence x Metamorphmagus!reader?”          


WARNINGS: none, mentions of scars if you consider this a warning.

A/N: At first i planned to make a headcanon, but it turned out to be something more. I very much like this piece, tbh. Its couple of years after events of the first film. I’m not sure how Metamorphmagi were treated back then, but considering rarity and all that atmosphere we have what we have. Hope you enjoy!

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Headache in Heaven [ Hercules Mulligan x Reader]

[A/N] have some Hercules Mulloveofmylife ! hope you like it, and keep sending me requests 😄✌

Summary: an awkward encounter with your crush…anon requested prompt 75

[You fainted straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.] with Jmads or Herc. ✨

Warnings: language.


Big, bright eyes were the first thing he saw when he came to his senses. It felt like forever since he was awake but in reality it’s been barely a minute. Hercules looked around for a few seconds and settled on your face again, noticing the slightly worried expression on it. You smiled with relief and opened your mouth to say something but he was the first one to speak up.

“Am I in heaven?” Hercules’ voice was a little hoarse.

“I don’t think so,” you laughed, pretty relieved, “last time I checked I was alive.”

Hercules shuffled a little bit, just noticing his head was actually in your lap for some reason, and he debated whether to stay like that or get up.

“What happened?” He asked, still not sure what had happened and why the two of you were in that position.

“Oh, you fainted straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” You joked in a flirtatious manner. “But seriously, are you okay?”

“I guess I am,” Hercules sat up, pressing a hand to his forehead, suddenly feeling a little light headed. “Damn it.” He exhaled, leaning back so his head was against the light blue wall.

“Are you being serious right now?” The boy asked in disbelief, making you shift your eyes away from his tall frame.

“Yes. My friend needed to see the nurse so I came with her and sat here to wait, when you came in and mumbled something about…getting hit in the head?” You offered with a shrug. “Then you sat beside me and after a few moments you fainted.”

You fiddled with the hem of your sweater, growing nervous in Hercules’ presence. You liked him a little and the whole situation was very awkward and frankly, you didn’t know what to say. Eventually you decided to break the silence with a chuckle.

“I didn’t know you fainted, I thought - hey, maybe he just fell asleep or something - but after a few seconds you weren’t moving and I started getting panicky.” You bit your lip, your eyes finding his again. “I don’t really know what to do in stressful situations.”

Hercules finally laughed and patted your shoulder. “In all honesty, I don’t know what I would do either.” He touched the side of his head again and shut his eyes. “Stupid tryouts.”

“Ohh, that’s awful. I guess you didn’t get in the football team?” You offered with a hesitant smile, sliding a little closer.

“No and I’m never gonna go close to that pitch again.” Hercules let out a deep chuckle.

“So you’re not mad?”

“Because of the tryouts? Not the slightest bit. But I am a little mad because this isn’t the way I wanted to impress the girl I like.” He offered with a smile, making your breath hitch in your throat. You were pretty sure your cheeks were blushing pink.

“Well, at least it wasn’t some overused, cheesy pickup line I’ve heard so many times.” You quipped back, flipping your hair and accidentally hitting Hercules in the face with it. “Sorry.” You winced and he just giggled quietly in response.

“I think I would feel much better if I could get your number.” He winked at you and you playfully rolled your eyes.

“Of course you would.” You took out a piece of paper from your shoulder bag and wrote down your number. Just when you were done and handed it over to Hercules, your friend exited the nurse’s office and you had to leave too.

“Call me,” you said, getting up from your chair, “and get better soon.”

“You bet I will.” Hercules gave you a small wave and blew you a kiss.

Save The World

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Peter Parker X Reader

By: The Daydreamer

Warnings: Just a small injury

Word Count: 1, 096, sorry for it being a little short

A/N:  I apologize for the crappy writing.  I have been very stressed recently and have had a bad case of writer’s block.  Here is something that I wrote and I hope that it is the slightest bit acceptable.  Also, can I just tell you how excited I am for Spider-Man Homecoming!  With the press tour it is getting right now, I can barely wait for it to come out in just under two months!!! I willing to accept requests and my tag list is always open.  Thank you all so much and enjoy!


As you walked into the tower, exhausted after a mission, and glad to have the comfort of your own room.  You went to call after Peter to see if he wanted to watch a movie with you, but instead, he was already headed off to his room.  Peter usually stayed with Aunt May, but this weekend he was staying at the tower while May was out of town.  You wished Peter didn’t go straight to his room.  Something seemed off with him.  You went to your room to change, this thought pressing on your mind.

You knew Peter had taken a hurt during the mission.  So, maybe he had gotten hurt.  You knew you had to go and talk to him.  You quickly changed and found your way to his room.

“Peter?”  You softly knocked on his door.

“Y/N?”  You heard a muffled response from inside.

“Are you alright?  Can I come in?”  You waited quietly for a response.

“I am fine.”  You heard a quick intake of breath and a muffled scream.

“Are you sure you are fine?”  You opened the door to see Peter stitching up a wound in his arm.  You rush in.  “Oh my gosh!”

“Y/N.  It is nothing.  Just a little scratch.”  He shrugged it off, trying act brave.  You sat next to Peter on the bed and took his hand.

“Peter, this isn’t just nothing.  You were seriously hurt.”  You looked into his brown eyes and saw the pain in them.

“Well, I am fine now.”  He finished up stitching himself up and cut the string.

“Okay.”  You sat in silence for a second before remembering why you were there.   “Hey, to take your mind off of the pain, do you want to watch a movie?”  You looked up at Peter slightly.  You saw him nod and smile at you.

“I would love that.”  You flashed a smile back at him.

“Okay.  I will give you a minute and get some popcorn ready.”  You slipped out and closed the doors behind you.  You grabbed some blankets and popped some popcorn.  When Peter got there, you curled up next to him on the couch, turning on the movie.

Halfway through the movie, you looked at Peter sincerely.  “Peter?  Next time you get hurt, tell me, okay?”  Peter looked at you, some pain still in his eyes.

“Okay.  I promised I will.”  He gave you a smile.  You smile back before going back to the movie.  Peter would tell you, you could trust him, right?

*  *  *  *  *

A week later, you and Peter went on another mission.  It was one of those difficult ones the team loved to give you to challenge you.  You were worried he was going to get hurt and hide it from you, again.  After you got back to the tower, you searched for him, but Peter was nowhere to be seen at the facility.  You thought he might have gone back home.

“Hey, Peter!”  I didn’t see after the mission.  I miss you.”  You were glad Peter answered the call.

“Ya.  I am sorry.  Aunt May was wondering where I was.”  He seemed that he was hiding something from you.  Did he get hurt again and wasn’t telling you?

“Oh.  I was just wondering if you wanted to do something.”  You bite your lip and sighed under your breathe.

“Do you want to come over for dinner and movie night with me and Aunt May?”  This made you smile.  “I am sure she will be fine with it.

“I would love it.  What time should I come over?” Maybe Peter wasn’t hiding something from you.

“How about five?”  You glanced at your watch.  You could wait an hour to see Peter again.

“Okay.  I will see you then.”  Smiled and hung up.  You rushed to get ready.  Peter had been somewhat distance and maybe this could help you get to the bottom of it.

*  *  *  *  *

“Delicious meal, thank you, May.”  You pushed back in your chair and smiled at May.

“You are welcome, Y/N.”  She smiled back at you.  “It is nice to have you join us for dinner.”

“How about that movie now?”  Peter stood up with his plate in one hand and the serving dish in the other.

“Sounds great.  What are we watching?”  You stand up taking your plates as well as May’s.  

“Empire Strikes Back, my favorite.”  You laugh. Peter loved Star Wars and watched it whenever he could.  Tony had told you the story about when Peter stopped Ant-Man using Star Wars tactics.  You walked to the kitchen.  You started washing dishes, Peter cleared the table, and May popped popcorn.  You had gone over there a couple of times for dinner and a movie and you had the drill down.

When you were all done and settled on the couch, May put on the movie.  Peter put his arm around you and you settled down.  You heard Peter wince under his breath, trying to hide it.

“You got hurt today, didn’t you?”  You turned your head to whisper into Peter’s ear so May didn’t here.

“No.”  You looked up to Peter not looking at you.  You glanced up at May to see her watching the movie, so you turned toward Peter.

“You promise me you would tell me if you got hurt again.”  There was a slight tinge of pain in your voice.

“It’s nothing.  It gets them all of the time.  They are just consequences of saving the world.”  He still didn’t look you in the eyes.

“Peter, if you keep getting hurt and not fixing it, you are not going to be there when the world needs you.”  Then in even a quiet whisper, you said, “You won’t be there when I need you.”  This made Peter look at you.

“The world needs us, the Avengers, to save it.  I promise I won’t let anything too bad happen to me.”  You turned back to the movie, but you felt Peter’s eyes on you.

“I don’t need you to save the world, Peter.  I just need you to save me.”  You felt tears in your eyes.  One slipped down your cheek.

“Y/N.”  He turned your head with his hands to look you in the eyes.  “ I promise, and I always keep my promises, I promise to be there to save you.”  He pulled you close and kissed your forehead.  “Whenever you need me, I will always be there.”  He always keeps his promises and he would keep this one.  You depended on him, and he needed to keep this one.

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Uhm, could you pretty please do a headcanon (or fic, I guess) where gladion finds out that you had "not the best" parents? I really love your writing style and it'd really cheer me up, thanks for reading my ask either way!

After like… forever, I’m finally working on new things! Yay, me! I should be doing my online quiz and studying for the other quiz I have tomorrow but whO CARES? WAHAHAHAHA.

Also, I made the reader adopted. Because, there is a nice canonical mother in Pokémon SuMo that I can’t overlook.

Never Be Like You (But Maybe That’s Okay)

Summary: “Gladion, I’m back-” You freeze at the familiar clearing of a throat. The throat of the person you’d once wanted to strangle an unhealthy amount. “Hello mother, father.”

Pairing: Gladion x Reader, or Gladion x Moon if you prefer.

It was the damn wedding invitation.

You wrote one for them, of course. They were your parents, until they left you with your infinitely nicer and more caring mom. You didn’t really know why you wanted to invite them in the first place. Maybe it was because Gladion asked? You knew Gladion hadn’t had the best relationship with his mother especially after his dad disappeared and he’d just wanted you to have that, to have a chance to reconcile with your parents like he’s desperately trying to with his mother.

That’s why you love him.

Gladion appears so cold, but he hides such a loving and sensitive heart.

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ok just sayin that ur like u l t r a cute and ily but could i request perhaps a noctis drabble or imagine where your mother works for the king (ur both like 16/17) and you need to take something in or visit her for something and you bump into noct (literally or not literally i don't mind) and he legit loses his breath and he chokes and maybe drops something valuable (probably his phone or something silly boy) and it's cute and the king or her mum see's it happen and basicaly awkward teen!noct

Here you go dear nonnie!  I hope you enjoy :)

You could feel your stomach jump into your throat when you arrived at the steps of the Citadel.  You’d been here a total of two times prior to this, so for your mother to ask you to come in by yourself because she had forgotten a file at home was enough to send your nerves flying off the walls.  She couldn’t go back home in the middle of the day to get it herself, she’d said.  She had no time where she could get someone to cover her shift and considering you’d just gotten your license your mother deemed this the perfect time to make you useful.

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Hartwin & "T - Coming into contact with a curse" for the Horror/SciFi AUs ❤️

“Tell me,” Valentine says, “what do you wish?”

Harry leans forward, his expression a careful picture of desperation and uncertainty. With Merlin’s talents, Harry’s appearance is that of a slightly older man with greying hair and blue eyes, dressed in tattered clothes. Valentine allowed no weapons in his tent, and Harry took care to leave his sword with Valentine’s assistant, a young woman with dark hair, a cool gaze, and silver legs. Rumors had it that the woman, Gazelle, had lost her legs after an attack on her village, and Valentine had transformed two broadswords to replace them. 

They were feared equally, though, so Harry took precautions. He still has a dagger strapped in his boot and a few protection spells cast upon his person, and he’s careful to appear meek and unassuming to Gazelle watching him from the shadows. The wizard himself seemed to have bought it, smiling eagerly in anticipation for his wish. 

“I’d like to be young again, enough to fell trees and carry the lumber without my hands and knees aching. It’s been a hard winter, and I can’t manage the farm by myself, nor dig up enough coin to hire help,” Harry says, adding a wizened note into his voice. “If you could shave off a few years, that will mean very much to me.” 

Valentine considers, then shakes his head. “I don’t see that. No offense, but I don’t. That’s not your wish.”

“I beg your pardon,” Harry says, not having to pretend to be startled. He’d never heard of Valentine refusing anyone’s wish, no matter how gruesome or selfish. “But this is my wish.”

“No,” Valentine replies thoughtfully. “it isn’t.” 

Harry has to resist the urge to start cursing. “What do you mean?” he asks instead, appropriately baffled. 

“You want something else,” Valentine says, playing with one of the silver rings glinting on his fingers. “Yeah, you want to be younger…who doesn’t? But that’s not your heart’s desire, and my job is to grant those heart’s desires.” He leans across the table, the long sleeves of his purple robe trailing on the red velvet tablecloth. “You want something else.” 

“What do you think that is?” 

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hello!! do you have any headcanons about ax's childhood

hey there!! I absolutely do!!! (I’m gonna seperate them by the “stages” of childhood)

so sorry it took so long to get to this one!

I’m not too sure about canon chronological order but certainly Elfangor was a hero when Ax was first born. i think Elfangor was closest to his brother at this time. He makes time between his busy life to visit Ax as much as possible.

Early childhood
I think Ax was honestly THE most active and wild Andalite child. Like, he’d be the type to trample all through the scoop and make a mess of things, exhausting his parents. Baby Ax absolutely idolized his big-brother Elfangor and proclaimed he was gonna be just like him when he grew up.

School age
I think this is when Elfangor reached prince-status and probably began to interact with Ax less. I think this is also when Ax fell beneath the shadow of his brother. I like to think Ax was really the social-gossipy-opinionated type in school (after all, he’d want to stand out so people would stop comparing him to his brother). I think he may have been a little bit of a troublemaker at times too! We know there were lots of times when he told the Animorphs he was distracted during a lesson and thus didn’t have any information he could give them… 

Ax flirting with fellow peers during a lesson? Yes. Ax getting distracted and goofing off during a lesson? Yes. Super popular socialite Ax? yes. 

However, I also feel like Andalite war culture at that time would cause people to look down on Ax- after all, he is the brother of a war prince. I’ve always seen Ax as the type to act one way yet feel another. So he feels particularly inclined to smooth over his feelings by acting a certain way. 

At the same time, I feel like he probably wasn’t aware he did some of these things. Ax may have been a bit of an oblivious kid at first, just trying to differentiate himself from His Older Brother, The Prince. And maybe some actions unintentionally slipped out from that

This is when I’d assume the Andalite society started training arisths for war. I like to believe this is when he’d wise up, knowing that he has a big standard to live up to. I think during all this time he still really admired his brother. But I also think that maybe the culture around Elfangor’s life didn’t allow him to show Ax even the slightest bit of affection.

This is basically all the times spent with the other Animorphs. I don’t have much for hcs here, but @chlorentine believes that Ax was physically stunted for growth because of all the time on Earth (different environments, grasses, air, etc). I absolutely agree with that!

evilqueens  asked:

for the ask prompts: oq - 8 <3

This has been sitting in my inbox for anywhere between a truly shamefully long time and an eternity, right? I promise I absolutely love getting prompts, and loved filling this one, too. Thank you for sending it, and I hope the result’s worth the wait!

Sometimes Robin wonders what kind of sorcery it is that draws him to the Queen with such relentless, irresistible, unfathomable force.

More often nowadays, he simply succumbs to the feeling: the attraction, the remarkable sense of kinship, the desire to see more of the complex woman under the armour—all of it. Following his heart, his gut, his instincts, has always served him rather well after all. So he no longer tries to resist the mysterious pull.

But oh does she ever. Fights it tooth and nail, attacks  it with rage and bile and haughtiness, staves it off with cold indifference, hurling jagged words and piercing looks his way in a valiant effort to deny the undeniable.

All for nought.

All she accomplishes—all they accomplish, for Robin, much as he craves her company, removes himself from it when she so wishes—is a brief respite as they drift (tear themselves, more accurately) apart before they inevitably come back together time and time again.

Tonight she’s in his arms once more—Regina, just Regina when they’re like this, body and soul bared before the other. She’s quiet, pensive, that perpetual cloud of wistfulness ever hanging over her as her fingers ghost over his arm in swirling patterns chased by shiver after shiver. She’s present enough to catch them despite her mind clearly wandering, for he feels her blink rapidly with each pleasant shiver of his, her long lashes tickling his chest. Robin breathes her in, the cinnamon clinging to her skin and the faint whiff of apple from those dark, luxurious locks he can’t but card his fingers through over and over again, scratching her scalp just so and feeling rather than hearing her content sigh. He tries not to think of what will inevitably follow—what always follows—these precious moments that are much too few and far between.

If you ask him, that is.

Regina on the other hand seems to be of the opinion they’re entirely too frequent.

“This needs to stop,” she says even as she buries her nose into the crook of his neck in what she’d no doubt deny is a nuzzle.

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