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Honestly I feel like I’m the only one who watches and loves bbc Sherlock for what it is, rather than whatever personal fandom ship agenda. And by “love”, I am in fact very much including the phenomenally moving series 4

Seriously, am I really the only one in this blue hellsite that ACTUALLY loves the show for what it truly is?? For the story that moffat and Gatiss WANTS to tell??

Professor Daddy - Namjoon (BTS) (M)

Summary: ahhh hiii! Could I request a daddy!namjoon smut where he’s also your teacher?? Ahhh

Pairing: Namjoon (BTS) x Reader

Word Count: 2.4k

Genre: Smut, (not so) pure and simple

Warnings: Smut, of course; Daddy kink; Professor kink (is that a thing?)

(A/N – I’m sorry. Truly I am. I’ve never written Daddy! anything before so I’m truly sorry if it came out horrendous)

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Lucky fan report of Day 2 Rehearsals (translation provided by yuzu_yuzuru):

“It just ended! I was happy just to be able to watch it, but I got a surprise from P&G! At the end of the practice, we were handed carnations from the performers and got to take a group photo together! (((; ゚ Д ゚))))))) … I am sorry 💦 I was beside Hanyu-san by chance, and I received 🌷 from him. I got to shake hands with everyone ✨ ‘I’m sorry I am so sweaty and I must smell of sweat~’ ‘The T-shirt is new so maybe the smell of the T-shirt?’ Everyone around me went “It’s okay! It’s okay!” 😅 … no one smelled bad or anything, actually 😅 When the photographer said ‘Cheese!’ during the group photo session, Hanyu piped up ‘Tanaka-saaaan, say something funny–!’ After that, he made the 👐 pose from LGC 😽

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hey hey hi i just confronted my mum about why she never tells me she loves me and she replied with "it's just apart of our asian culture" and now i'm crying because she has never told me in my 15 years of life that she loves me or is proud of me or anything any other parent tells their kid and wow i am Crying now yikes sorry

wow thats cruel.. im so sorry anon… im sure she loves you

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Prompt where Bedelia get high ( like in dolce ) and hannibal isn't very happy about it

Warning: angst ahead. Unfortunately, this was the only way I could make this work in character, I am sorry. (I really am, I don’t like angst.)


The plan was devised before they reached Florence. Her alibi. Bedelia did not want to leave anything to chance. There was something reassuring in placing the small bag in the bathroom vent. Like a safety net she could fell back on. She was planning to put the drugs to test; she needed to ensure she would still be in control. Yet she kept postponing it, without reason, she convinced herself.

Just as the package she hid within the walls, there was a thought hidden deep in her mind, hoping she won’t have to use it. She tried to banish it, not letting herself succumb to the sentiment, any sentiment, but the only thing that was forgotten was the plan.

Until the day, she knew the end was inevitable.

“You’ve met Inspector Pazzi before.”

“In my youth.”

She made a last attempt to warn him, help him, somehow more heartfelt than before. Her heart suddenly grew heavy. It felt thick and strange, a foreign sensation she could not suppress.

Bedelia retrieved the bag from its hiding place. It felt like a relic from a different era and in a way, it was. Nothing more than perfecting her alibi, she continued to tell herself, as the needle pierced her skin. But as the world in front her eyes turned to haze, the heaviness taking hold of her heart lifted and it was what she truly wanted. Her head felt back as she reclined in the chair.

All the colours around her were amplified, the lights melted into rays of gold, stretching along the walls. The lights became brighter and instantly she was no longer in the apartment, but flowing across the dance floor in Hannibal’s arms. The world around them nothing but a blur as he held her tightly, smiling. She had never felt that way before, the exhilaration of living life at the edge, without a safety net. She felt invincible.

He called her name, but it seemed to be coming from afar. Bedelia blinked and the ballroom disappeared; she was back at the apartment and Hannibal was standing in front of her.

“Bedelia, what have you done?” his voice sharp, but she hardly noticed.

“I am fine, Hannibal” her own voice muffled, as though belonging to someone else.

He looked at the unmarked vials, before kneeling next to her. She felt his fingers examining her arm.

“What have you taken?”

“Does it matter?” resignation poured from her every word.

“Yes, of course it does. I care about you.”

Bedelia gazed at Hannibal, his face coming in and out of focus, yet his eyes remained a sharp focal point. Behind the anger in his eyes, she saw true affection. The heaviness returned, denser than before, spilling over her heart and rising to her throat, making speaking hard.

“Do you?” she pushed his arm away and stood up, legs unsteady, leaving the room before he saw the tears filling her eyes.

This was not part of her plan. It should not hurt.

It did.

I am sorry

I really am, cause I suddenly disappeared without saying anything and I just didn’t really know how to come back after a while, it just made me so anxious but at the same time I really couldn’t stay away from this community.
I apologize and I’ll now try to catch up with all of you…
I’m not dead but I’m so busy I really can’t find time to play and create my story as I’d like to. I’ll still try, mostly for the 718 of you that are still with me (and also for all of those who unfollowed because how can I blame you for it I mean I’m such a mess).

And nothing, I guess this is all?

When he returned back to their bedroom she was waiting up for him, fresh tears staining her face. He hated seeing her like this, even with all she’d done. He wrapped her in his arms.

Lawrence - “’Till death do us part’ I meant that. I’m willing to work on this, but I can’t be the only one.”

Mira - “I meant it too. I’ll do anything it takes to prove that to you. I don’t deserve your forgiveness. I am so so sorry.”

He held her as she cried, and did a good job hiding his own emotions. He was going to try and make their marriage work, so he wanted to begin putting this behind him, for his own sanity.

Well … at first … it wasn’t supposed to be creepy? but like at all? annnnd ~ then I f-ed up ’-’ sorry
So yeah , dan and phil … the sims 4 ..  a happy little world VS me xD that wasn’t a good idea x’) not that there is anything graphic but … just the face of regrets x’)
And yes I usually don’t draw that … whaat happened ’-’ it maaaaay have been a mistake

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Hi, I have no one else to talk to about csa, I haven't told anyone except my boyfriend. Except when I told him that I couldn't stop thinking about what happened to me and that the memories were bad today he said "you're playing on this way too much" . It made me upset to read it but am I overreacting? I dont have anyone else to ask and i feel like I can't stay mad at him because I have no one else to talk to about it. I'm sorry if I'm bothering you :/

I’m sorry for the late response and I promise you’re not bothering me. I’m here to listen and help as best I can. Let me preface this by saying I am not a medical professional and please take anything anyone on the Internet says to you with a grain of salt. Now. I wouldn’t consider that an overreaction. You feeling upset is completely valid.

I spent about 22 years “playing on” the abuse I experienced in my past. And therapy can be a really scary thing. You’re opening a wound that you’ve forced closed. Going to therapy is a lot like a doctor having to re-break a bone that has healed incorrectly. Sure it’s still your finger, but it isn’t functioning to the best of its ability. A therapist/counselor/psychiatrist won’t make things perfect or “cure” you. But they will give you the tools to re-break your soul and set it on a path of healing. (Sorry for the lame analogy.)

Basically what I’m saying dear is cas is something that happened to you. It was beyond your control. You will be stuck on it until you acquire the tools to heal yourself.

I hope this was at least somewhat helpful. Please feel free to talk with me all you want about this on or off anon. Be well♡

The rasp, the passion, the guitar, his nose bopping the microphone, his neck vein, his ring, his eyebrow dance, his smile, his dimple, his lips on the microphone, my cause of death :)

my nayme is Deen
in al the lande
no grayter dood
than bruthr Sam
and wen he falls
but is not ded

i hold his face
i lik his hed

[ oops there’s a sam version

I am bored of nationalism and I’m bored of racism. It’s over. Nationalism, religion, all these regressive things, they’re over. We can’t carry on in the way that we’re carrying on…
We’re from Manchester, right, and where we used to hang out, the actual place that we used to hang out, someone put a bomb in there tonight and then killed a bunch of kids, who were going to a fucking show in Manchester.
I don’t need to be educated on fucking anything to say that, that is fucking bullshit and I don’t know what it’s in the name of so I apologize if it’s not in name of religion or nationalism but these are the things that keep happening and I am fucking pissed off about it, and I am sorry.
—  Matthew Healy’s speech

The God of Poverty ||  小福

Dedicated to @dirkgentlyx
Happy belated Birthday Uliana-chan~! (ɔˆз(ˆ⌣ˆc)

The ways in which I will love you

1. Truly
I won’t keep writing cheesy love poems or keep complimenting you. I will say what I think and be verbal about things you can work on, about what I don’t particularly like because there will be somethings I won’t.

2. I will love you.
There will be no reason.
Not any particular thing but you as a whole.
So you can change and grow, you can progress and you can evolve. As long as you’re you at the core, you have all my love.

3. I will be open to exploring your interests.
I may not care about sports but if that’s something you care about, I will ask you to teach me and I will sincerely learn and take interest.

4. Whatever path it may be, you won’t walk alone. On rainy days, I will share my umbrella and on windy days I will not make fun of your hair. On sunny ones I will share my ice cream and when your shoes are worn out, I will stop with you and help you fix them. Or wait until you find new ones that are just the right fit.

5. I will accept and try to love your crazy family as my own. I understand how complicated and unbelievable families can be but I do know the base is always love.

6. I will give you all my maps and some flashlights too so you can go on to explore parts of me I don’t display. There won’t be anything you will not know if you want to. I won’t let you read my diaries but I will let you read my soul.

7. I will step out of the goof closet I have been living in all my life and show you who I really am and make you laugh and smile and blush and yell.

8. I will say yes to adventure and to crazy sexual desires and have long lists of my very own I will like to explore with you.

9. I won’t cook or clean and I won’t be sorry about it. But I will keep your heart fed and the dark corners of your mind clean.

10. I won’t demand your phone/social media/bank passwords because all I really want is to look in your eyes and know what you’re thinking, to touch you and know what you’re feeling and to love a person I know as well and as little as myself.
As little as myself is only stating the disregard for the expectations and standards of the society and people and the masks we are given to wear on every birthday.

11. I will love the lazy Sundays at home as well as all the days we forget what day of the week it is or what time it really is because we are lost in time zones, on airplanes and in between magic.

12. When we argue I will never not stay silent or keep anything on the inside. I will get it all out so that there is never anything ugly left to grow on the inside.