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A Battle of Wits

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Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: A battle of wits, a bit of Sherlock-level deductions on both ends

Warnings: none

Word count: 509

A/N: ok you guys I am so sorry but I’m not gonna be able to post imagines for the next couple of days, I have a lot going on in school right now so I won’t be able to work on requests or anything.  so to make it up to you guys, I’m posting a short drabble that I wrote before I even created this blog.  So sorry again, hope you enjoy!

“Cliché,” he muttered under his breath, turning back to his laptop.

“Excuse me?” she demanded. He rolled his eyes as he continued typing. “Please, do explain.”

“Listen,” he starts, closing his laptop lid, “I’ve seen it. There’s at least one in every small town.”

“One what?”

“A tortured artist,” he proclaimed, doing sarcastic jazz hands. “You had a miserable childhood, guessing some daddy issues? Abandonment?”

“Dad and mom, actually, but do go on Sherlock Holmes,” she corrected, leaning back in her seat. He pursed his lips before continuing.

“Because your life is so sad you created an outlet for yourself, an anchor of sorts where you can channel all of your negative emotions. Lo and behold you just so happen to have a knack for art, and thus begins your journey as a tortured artist.” He finished with a small smirk as he imitated what she had done before and leaned back into his seat, crossing his arms.

“Very good,” she drawled, leaning against the table. “You got me spot on.” He nodded nonchalantly. “Although I must say this entire tangent was very hypocritical.”

“Hypocritical?” he questioned, also leaning in.

“Oh yes, you see you’re quite the cliché yourself. The tragic writer.”

“Tragic writer?” he mused, taking a bite of his sundae. “Explain, please.”

“You, too, had a rough childhood. Not abandonment like me, though. No, your family had money issues. Mommy was never around so daddy had to do all the work, and he wasn’t the most responsible and reliable parent. You’re the oldest, so you take it upon yourself to act as a parental figure for your younger siblings. However, you quickly learn that it is much too difficult for you, not even a legal adult yet, to take care of yourself and others. You come to the decision that your family is better off without you. One less mouth to feed, one less occupied bed, one less person to buy necessities for. You run away and take care of yourself. You try your hardest to find a job, and you eventually find one at some run-down place where it’s not busy enough for anyone to give a damn about your age. You work as hard as you can, saving up as much money as possible until finally you made enough. For months you’ve been dying to buy yourself a laptop, a place where you can create and store your writing. You buy it and immediately start writing, isolating yourself from the world and finding solace and comfort in your own writing, where you can play god over any character you create. This eventually turns you into quite the brooding guy, hence the sardonic humor and lack of close friends.” She finished her analysis with a smirk and sipped on her milkshake, eyebrows raised. His mouth was slightly agape.

“Just one sibling,” he mumbled.

“What was that?”

“I said,” he spoke up, “just one sibling. You said siblings. With an s. Plural. I just have one.” She shrugged, unbothered by his correction.

“I’m not Sherlock Holmes, Jughead.”

i am Still. very tired and i am sorry i dont have the energy to reply to anything at all right now but @ everyone whos  sent me supportive messages i really want to thank you w all my heart and @ everyone who initially blocked me after seein th callout and later sent me a message abt it i want u to know its alright im sure its a mistake anyone could have made and theres no hard feeling alright? i love you all very much and i hope ur day goes well <3 

Damn straight.
For anyone who’s ever been called a ‘fake fan’

Stop turning on each other, you guys.

If any of y'all receive hate for liking/disliking season 4, shipping or not shipping a certain couple, or just expressing your opinion in a healthy, non-malignant way, I’m sorry. I really am. You don’t deserve it.

We’re all in this together. If someone was disappointed with season 4, they have the right to express their opinion in a healthy way. The 'norbury’ tag was meant to do that. They didn’t tag people associated with the show or send death threats or anything; they raised GENUINE questions about plot holes and character inconsistencies. The producers have the option of ignoring it. ( @arglocked thanks for organising this, btw)

Similarly, if someone liked season 4, that’s their opinion and it’s all fine. I’m glad they’re not burning in hell like the rest of us.

Basically, don’t be an anti-anything. Keep making your fanart and fanvids, writing your fanfic and metas, cracking your jokes.

We’re gonna need each other to survive this indefinite hiatus.

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quick question, but what is your favorite b99/peraltiago fic??


like okay. pretty much anything @phil-the-stone has written is like, a guaranteed fave. but tbh her fic all that laughter crumbling through your fingers changed who i am as a person

also noah fence but @wagamiller‘s hollywood ending is also life-changing. 11/10

jake peralta’s quest for true love by @littlegreenwomen is also really good and it has a heavy dose of jake/gina friendship which is just like. dang it’s already so good and then u add that brotp to it and u got urself an a+ au

for you are my fate by @gabby-dawson is quite possibly the best slowburn peraltiago fic i’ve read thus far and it has SO MANY TROPES I LOVE WRITTEN SO WELL REST IN PIECES BLESS

this one isn’t really peraltiago but like oh my god it’s so good - influence by vivarocksteady (i’m so sorry if u have a tumblr, i didn’t see it listed on ao3!!!) is an au in which kevin and holt adopt jake when he’s a baby and!!!! oh my god!!!!!! just read it do urself a favor and read!!!!!!!!!!!

i’d say those five are like. tippy top for me. like if i was only allowed to read 5 fics for the rest of my life it would be those five. but yeah basically anything on my fic rec page is hella good and all those authors deserve all the love in the whole entire world

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I asked you a really emotional question and you haven't responded for 3 weeks,

I’m sorry anon. I’ve explained time and time again that I can’t answer asks in the same fashion I used to. A few thousand followers was one thing, but 23k? Think about that, and think how busy I am. I can’t give everyone advice and answer every ask like I used to, it takes a big mental toll on me and I’m not going to strain myself like I used to, it was just way too much for me. So I’m sorry if I failed to reply to you for that long, I also may not have received it because tumblr eats a lot of asks. Also, I can refer to you some other advice blogs who would be more than happy to give you advice as well.

This wasn’t meant to sound nasty or rude or anything! I hope it didn’t come out that way. Now, tired? Yes, I’m tired. I’m not really sure what you guys want me to do besides spend every hour on here and answer every ask, and let me tell you that isn’t fun. I also want to enjoy tumblr on my personal blog.

In summary: please don’t pressure me to answer your ask, and please consider my side of things. 

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hi!! this is not meant in offended way, but you never answer my asks and i just wanted to know why? i just wanted to know if i did something that made you not want to answer my asks. i love your blog !!!

omg hi there!! nooooooooo u didnt do anything!!!!!!! im the bad 1 ok :’-( sometimes i get a lot of the same question so i dont answer…sometimes idk how 2 answer…sometimes i dont even see the ask till 2 late tbh!!!!!!! AND!!!!!!!!!! i feel shame after i post a lot of asks so……..im trying….to slow……..down…….eek…. if i dont answer i hope no1 takes it personally!!!!!!!!! its nothing personal ok pls i am sorry :’-(((((( im bad!!!!!!!

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while I’m in the process of moving and I'ts just a lot easier for me to post to Instagram and forget about it. Anyways.. I’m STOKED for the new Legend of Zelda game and am oddly optimistic about the Nintendo Switch. Here’s a sketch of Zelda herself 😅

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I'm curious about what gender you were presenting in the selfies you've posted so far, and also if you change your appearance at all when your gender is different. Also, sorry if any of this is rude or offensive, I'm not trying to be, I'm just ignorant and trying to learn. 😬

Nah nah it’s a perfectly liable question! It’s awesome you’re trying to learn! I am always here for questions about it!!! I’d love that. I actually, contrary to belief, love being asked anything about myself  LGBT stuff. I usually present as a female most of the time because that’s what is easiest because of my current closet (not enough money or guts for a total closet change since I’m female at brith) for example I had female presentation in my Alex Fierro cosplay pics, but sometimes- like in my most recent selfies, I was presenting agender. Fortunately since it was a selfie it wasn’t hard to. And yeah I do change my style for my gender. Not all do and for some people clothes aren’t gendered! Which is also valid.

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I'm so sorry if I sounded rude in that ask omg, I feel really bad if I offended you, I was just wondering really, i wasn't meant to sound like angry or anything so again I'm really sorry

woah my guy don’t worry about it!! im sorry that i sounded rude or smth!! it was like 3 am for me so i was blindly trying to express what i meant so i could pass out ;; i wasn’t angry you absolutely have nothing to apologize for!! 😘and thank you for sending that and this ask~ 💖

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hi um this is my first time doing this but i love you're blog (: its a lifesaver. um do you have any fics where the pack walk in on sterek sexy times? um thank you for all you do (: also sorry I'm so awkward.

Hi there!  I did a similar fill a couple weeks ago, and am not really finding anything new.  You can find the link to the previous fill here, and there’s a link in there which will take you to a list where the pack specifically walk in.  Enjoy!

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Laylaaaa! What happened with Luca? =(((

:( I am so sorry I killed him off in the story! BUT you will at least find out who did it on Wednesday this week and I will tell you right now, the person is punished for what they did. Not that it brings him back or anything, but at least they don’t walk free. ♥

i got tagged by @hleclercq and @lord-seapancake thank you !!!

1: Are you named after someone?

i dont think so? i do remember there used to be this news channel called nova and when i was born they talked about me but that doesnt count i think haha

2: When was the last time you cried?  

not to be emo or anything but i am always crying about shelter. did you know theres only two shows left? what the fuck

3: Do you like your handwriting?

its……absolutely terrible…..ive been trying to change it but it just doesnt work i simply cant write

4: What is your favorite lunch meat?

i never rlly eat lunch meat?? i guess ill have to go for salami

5: Do you have kids?

no, and i dont rlly want any. maybe someday through adoption, but i dont want to give birth to a fucking gremlin yikes (im sorry but being pregnant just totally grosses me out)

6: If you were another person, would you be friends with you?

haha that really depends on what kind of person i’d be? like idk if i could keep up with my own antics if i didnt understand what causes these antics, you know?

7: Do you use sarcasm?

never heard of it (yes)

8: Do you still have your tonsils?

hell yeah

9: Would you bungee jump? 

if i can sabotage the rope and die

10: What is your favorite kind of cereal?

the minions banana berry flavor nick ate in that vid (jk i dont eat cereal like at all)

11: Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?


12: Do you think you’re a strong person?

physically NO emotionally???? idk?? what is emotionally strong? does the fact that im dealing with mental illnesses make me weak or strong? we’ll never know

13: What is your favourite ice cream? Ever, ever?

just plain good ol milk chocolate, or maybe lemon?? but with lemon im really specific!! like theres this ice cream shop around the corner that has terrible lemon, but one time i went to one place that had the Best lemon flavor EVER. id do anything to taste that again

14: What is the first thing you notice about people?

that really depends on what their most noticable feature is haha. like when they got pretty eyes or a cool nose or nice hair thats what i notice first

15: What is the least favorite physical thing you like about yourself?

the fact that my hair and skin get really oily and greasy very quickly… its uglie and annoying. and maybe that im so small lol. overall im p positive about my body tbh

16: What color pants and shoes are you wearing now?

none shoes grey pants

17: What are you listening to right now?

snail’s house is the shit

18: If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

a darker shade of blueish green? like midnight green or something? thats not exactly what im looking for tho

19: Favorite smell?

yknow when it just rained after a long time without rain and you go outside

20: Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?

my sister i think?

21: Favorite sport to watch?

i dont rlly watch sports like at all….. i do like…. swimming,,,,and ice skating….yeah those are anime references and i am sorry

22: Hair color?

my natural color is blonde but once that started fading into this uglie gross blonde i just dyed it orange, and its been like that for a couple years now. recently i dyed it pink, but you cant rlly see that anymore

23: Eye color?


24: Do you wear contacts?


25: Favorite food to eat?

anything pasta, nasi goreng (without the egg ew), or just plain ol fries

26: Scary movies or comedy?

that really depends on what movie it is but overall i prefer scary movies

27: Last movie you watched?

spirited away i think ;w; i cried a lot 

28: What color of shirt are you wearing?

dark gray, with a deathly hallows print lmao. once youre in the hp fandom you never get out

29: Summer or winter?

summer, but i do love winter when its actually snowing. when its just rain and grey skies i hate it

30: Hugs or kisses?

why not combine the two??

31: What book are you currently reading?

a couple days ago i started reading harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone again lmao

32: Who do you miss right now?


33: What is on your mouse pad?

dont have one lol

34: What is the last TV program you watched?

bates motel

35: What is the best sound?


36: Rolling stones or The Beatles

dont rlly listen to either tbh

37: What is the furthest you have ever traveled?

to turkey was the furthest i think?

38: Do you have a special talent?

i guess i can draw?? and im p good at writing even tho i never do it

im tagging @void–star @synthettique @mlemilly @comeonandsmash @dogtracksjacks @passiphae @daniandpuffins @trashdotpng assuming you havent done this one already lol

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Im the anon who asked about if it was ok to be a witch if I'm a boy and stuff and I didnt know you were a boy I'm so sorry if I offended you or anything! 💖

Not at all! I just wanted to prove a point, tens of thousands of people respect me and I am a man and a witch.

OOC: Hello and a happy Munday to you all! You do not have to read this in advance, I tend to ramble on so it is not anything important xD! 

Today I failed my quiz that I studied for this past weekend, I am disappointed in myself because I could of spent more time on it - but got rather lazy and kinda blamed it on me being sick. Luckily it is just a quiz, but it is still not an excuse for me ;__; I am currently an LPN but I am bridging over to RN, and this is my last year - I’m done in December! I’m very happy because when I did move to America, I did not think I would last this long because of my language barrier. So I am upset that I am letting myself slide through the cracks. I have another quiz on Wednesday, and then my big exam on Friday, so I think I will try to spend more time studying then I am spending here sadly. 

That does not mean I will not be here, I will try my best this week to get to the replies I owe! I drafted everything, and have the starters I owe - so I please please please hope you do not feel that I am ignoring you! I would never want you all to ever feel that way because you have been so nice and sweet to me, so I cherish you all. So I will be here and there, and if you at all want to talk to me my IM will always be there! ^^

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(( hey mun if you aren't okay with the davekat questions I will stop! I'm sorry for upsetting you I shouldn't push my ships into someone else with out having consent to do so.. again I am deeply sorry!))

((mun: oh no sweetie don’t worry about it!! i love davekat with all my heart. please remember that mun and muse are two separate entities. you can harass karkat about anything you want, i honestly do not mind.))

Sorry and thanks

I havent posted anything in awhile and honestly i havent felt the want to. I will be honest here my drive to rp and really do anything but crawl into a hole and dissipear forever is all but gone. I dont think i will be writing another rp post for awhile i hardly do anything in game anymore. I have been trying to fix that but sadly all i do is push away the people who try to help me. A cycle i dont really wish to repeat anymore but have no real control over. I dont think many people will read this but i am still open to rp with people in game and will continue to run my guild until either it dies or my steam is completly gone but i am just sorry for anyone my jadedness and paranoia hurts along the way.

Dont have much more to say but thanks for the people who are still around and im gona try harder. At least i hope and if i cant fix myself then i will make sure i leave quietly as to make sure no issue is casued and people can forget anything ever happend. Thank you.

putting on some lipstick before the show for a lil extra good luck! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑ (Viktor totally bought some expensive cosmetic brand makeup for his fav student /winks)

ayyy whatever makes a boy feel good yea