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Heyy!^^ How would the Nordics calm down their s/o, who mostly shakes, trembles and whimpers when they are scared or stressed? (Oh god, i am so sorry if i wrote anything incorrectly ><)

Hello!! Everything was written perfectly, don’t worry c:

Denmark (Matthias Køhler): He’s not the best when it comes down to dealing with others and their feelings! This poor baby will be so panicky himself, just trying to get his love to calm down. He’ll hold them and let them cry, play with their hair, rub their back– just anything to get them to stop the whimpering and crying and shaking. Seeing his S/O in such terrible distress causes him distress too but he makes sure that doesn’t show. When they’re done, he’ll bombard them with questions.

Norway (Lukas Bondevik): This boy understands. Matthias has dealt with him. He tends to whimper and shake whenever he’s crying and stressed out. He can’t stand to see his S/O like this. He’s not the best with his emotions, so he’ll most likely do what Matthias does- except he doesn’t bombard them with questions. He’ll ask them if everything is okay, and if they need anything.

Sweden (Berwald Oxenstierna): Thanks to Tino, he’s quite good when it comes down to dealing with things like this. He’ll pull them aside into a safer spot and sit down with them. Depending on what they want, he’ll either give them space or be as close to them as possible. He just needs to be there with them so they know they’re okay, and so he knows that they’re okay. He’ll give them blankets, cuddle with them and give them some good food.

Iceland (Emil Steilsson): This poor boy… he’s the worst when it comes down to dealing with these sorts of emotions from others, despite understanding the feelings. However that doesn’t stop them from trying. He’ll most likely tell them to breathe while holding their hands and just… assuring them that they’re okay, and that nobody will harm them and that he’s there.

Finland (Tino Väinämöinen): It’s no surprise that he’s the best when it comes down to dealing with things like this. He pulls them into a safer space before covering them with blankies and putting on a good TV show. He makes them some good food and gets them a lot of water before laying down with- or around -them. If he’s laying down with them, he cuddles them and strokes their hair. He gets super close. When they ask for space and just want him around, he tends to stroke their hair without getting so close. Either way he’s saying sweet things and assuring them they’re okay.


Ahn Min Hyuk’s hair pushed back (´⌣`ʃƪ)

okay one last thing about bootlegs before i’m off for the night

hamilton could literally give out professional recordings for free tomorrow, and it would not put a dent in any of it’s profits. there’s literally another album for it coming out on friday, it’s made three million dollars, it’s double platinum, people up charge tickets in resale to like 400 bucks and people still buy em, the lotto, merch, hamilton chicago/atlanta/los angeles/wherever else it’s gonna be next year. 

this isn’t some small show like tuck everlasting and american psycho was. it’s not gonna close anytime soon like fun home. it’s not being overshadowed by any other show like waitress and school of rock. and it sure as hell isn’t gonna lose any money if they put out a professional recording, free or not. 

so bottom line: if you’re one of those people that’s still bashing fans that watch bootlegs, not just of hamilton, but of any musical, you’re elitist/classist/and probably racist (cause yes, these things do go hand in hand believe it or not), and really just need to shut the fuck up cause the hamilton bootleg isn’t hurting a god damn soul. 


Mystic Messenger Stickers { 4 / 7}

Yoosung Kim || ★ || LOLOL Gamer

The rasp, the passion, the guitar, his nose bopping the microphone, his neck vein, his ring, his eyebrow dance, his smile, his dimple, his lips on the microphone, my cause of death :)

Fem!Mint Yoongi feat. Unnecessary Space Background

I’m sorry for every person I’ve ignored,
For every person I’ve hurt,
For every person I’ve caused pain,
They say, hurt people, hurt people
Maybe that’s the reason why,
I’ve hurt every people that gets too close to me,
And maybe that’s also why,
Of all the ones that I’ve hurt,
It’s been really me who I am most sorry for.

For I’ve hurt myself more than you’ll ever know.
—  cynthia go // I’m sorry [98/365]
Sex with the Avengers

Request: In your opinion, what is the favorite sexual position of each guy (Steve, Bucky, Pietro, Clint, Bruce, Tony) with a female partner? And for Natasha and Wanda (ONLY if you’re comfortable with)? I’M IN LOVE WIH YOUR BLOG! -Anon

A/N: Oops, I planned to write this quickly -like just tell you the positions, but now here I am, four hours later and all of the descriptions aren’t even containing one exact position. Sorry, I hope you like these anyway haha x AND THANK YOU DOLL ♥

Ps. Gosh, I’m such a trash for Steve.

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Keyword: His speed. Oh god, that speed. He would take time to have sex with you, but he would use his speed while teasing you –first, he’s kissing you against the wall and before you even realize, you are laying naked underneath him, his mouth devouring your dripping wet core, causing you to scream his name from the sudden contact.

Pietro would love to be on top; pressing you against the mattress, kissing your lips or sucking your neck demandingly. This position gives him everything he wants; chance to see your expressions, eventuality to touch you and the oh so good possibility to use his speed on you, fucking you hard while you tangle your fingers to his hair or dig your nails to his back, leaving marks he loves to see at the morning after your heated night together.

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“We’ll figure this out”

So sorry for the lack of posting yesterday, I bring you this as a peace offering!

Here is a pregnancy fic as a little precursor to this fic. I am so in love with the baby AU’s, I just had to do another one. I’ll try to continue this as a little drabble series written out of chronological order.

Warning: panicky fluff :)))

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You woke up today incredibly nauseous and uneasy.

As of now, you were exactly nine days late, which you never were. It was something you took great pride in.

So when a pang of dizziness washed over you, causing you to run to the bathroom, a sudden realization dawned on you, one you couldn’t quite bring yourself to believe.

You couldn’t be…pregnant? That was impossible, you and Newt were so careful.

You threw up the remaining contents in your stomach, and it became a little less convincing to say you weren’t.

No, you were just a little late, and you must be catching a cold. Didn’t someone at the ministry catch the flu? It’s nothing to concern yourself with.

You brushed your teeth thoroughly, attempting to mask the smell from your breath.

You knew Newt would immediately turn into a disarray of panic if he learned you were pregnant.

Sick…you were sick, not pregnant.

You attempted to go throughout the rest of your day at work normally, but you couldn’t ignore how easily you became fatigued, or how fast your mood could switch over the smallest things.

When you finally got back home, you were cranky from your aching feet, and had a strange craving for potato chips and chocolate.

But not because you were pregnant.

You found Newt waiting for you in the kitchen, tidying up by hand rather than with his wand. You often wondered why he found muggle nuisances so fascinating. He looked up from his work, and  immediately noticed your pale complexion and dropped his rag in the sink.

“(Y/N)? A-are you alright?” he began to run to your side, but you put out a hand to stop him.

“You don’t need to worry, I’m only a bit nauseous.” Pregnant, I’m only a bit pregnant.

He looked entirely unconvinced, but proceeded with your lie anyway.

“Well, you can go lie down and I’ll bring you dinner” he leaned in to peck a kiss on your cheek, but you jerked away, suddenly furious.  Why were you so furious?

It’s because you’re pregnant. You willed the voice to stop nagging at you.

“I can manage just fine. Have you fed the Occamies yet?” He blinked, then widened his eyes.

“Are you really considering working while you’re sick?”

“I’m not sick, Newt. I can take care of myself just fine” You replied, irritated with how protective he was becoming.

Oh god, how was he going to be if you really were pregnant.

But you weren’t pregnant, so you would never have to find out. Then why were you so worried?

Newt frowned deeply, but returned to his dish washing. You sigh, all your frustration vanishing.

You walk up behind your boyfriend, and wrap your arms around his waist.

“I promise I won’t push myself too hard today” you heard him suppress a laugh.

“When have you ever said that and meant it?”

You felt the warmth radiate out of his back, and a sudden wave of emotion washed over you. Your lips started to move without censor.

“I think I’m pregnant”

He suddenly froze, and spun around.


“I-I don’t know…” you were honestly shocked with yourself, it was as if your mouth had a mind of its own.

But for some reason, saying those four words filled you with joy.

“I-I just know that I’m late…I’ve been feeling exhausted and my mood is all over the place…so yeah, I’m pretty sure”

His eyes immediately lit up, full of excitement.

“I-I’m going to be a father?”

You smile, grabbing a hold of his collar.

“Don’t know who else it would be, unless it’s Nick’s from the ministry” you joke, and he pushed your arms away playfully.

“Don’t kid about that. We’re going to be parents! We’re not even married yet” he frantically searched around, eyes landing on a hoop earring on the dresser. He fumbled for the piece of jewelry, then sank down on one knee.

“Whoa there tiger! What are you doing?” You started waving your arms. He looked a little taken aback by your sudden outburst.

“I-I’m proposing to you? Why, am I doing it wrong?” You shake your head, and pull him up off the floor.

“You are the sweetest, but I don’t want this to be the reason we get married. You’ll ask me, and I’ll say yes, just not out of wedlock.” He seemed a little disappointed, but nodded, placing the earring back on the counter.

“You were going to propose to me with an old, dusty earring? How romantic” he blushed furiously.

“I suppose I got caught up in the moment…but you’re pregnant! Are you feeling ill? Do you need to lie down?” His questions went a mile a minute, and you gave him a stern look.

“Sorry… I’m just not quite sure how to handles this”

“Neither do I…” you suddenly breathed, realizing you two were nowhere near ready to be parents. You two couldn’t even take care of yourselves, much less a baby.

“We can’t take care of this child…”

Your spirits fell, shifting back into reality.

Newt, concerned with your change in attitude, cupped your face in his hands.

“We’re going to figure this out, (Y/N). I know it. We do it all the time with our creatures, how hard can one human be?” You smile lightly, trying to feed into Newt’s optimism.

He suddenly gasped, “We can show them to our creatures.” Your eyes widened.

“Absolutely not, they get far too excited”

“What if we’re extra careful?”

You pondered that for a second, but quickly changed the subject.

“They’ll be expensive”

“Then I’ll take on more work at the ministry.”

“You know I can’t ask you to do that”

“You don’t have to. I will love this child more than I’ve loved any other, and I will do whatever I can to make sure he…or she knows it” he pressed his lips to your stomach, as if speaking directly to the unborn child. It made your heart flutter.

“We’re going to figure this out” you repeated, running a hand through his hair.

He gazed up at you, and your expression immediately softened. 

“We always do.”

First of all, Sorry for drew it without saying anything.
I am really looking forward to this AU. I really really love baking (Well, I have no talent for that tho) Bread, cakes, cookies.. They feel nice just thinking about it. Actually I wanted to draw bakery to background but I quit it cause I thought It was kinda overdoing.

Anyway, This is a fanart of Eddsweets. @ask-ew-bakery-au
I think it’s still ready now. Break a leg! <3

now the girl knows what it feels like being fan of louis tomlinson: he hits you straight in the face using maximum strength with a big cake and you almost die so then he’s like I AM SORRY THAT WAS TOO HARD I’D LOVE TO CUDDLE YOU TO SAY I AM SORRY while you are dying on the floor saying ‘no no it’s fine, i’m alright’ and you lie cause you don’t want to make him feel guilty even if HE ALMOST KILLED YOU 

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AND FYI… I am a 100% Female, yes i kno im pretty n freaky its hard to believe lol. But im tired of being asked “Are you a Tranny” cause i have an ass play fetish!! I was born Stephanie Myriah Brown i am not a man! N I DO NOT HAVE A PENIS :)

Thank you for love from all my followers!!!

So I admit freely I am in love with Newt Scamander and I got the fanfiction bite to write him.

I was watching Hercules and the song I won’t say I’m in love came on and suddenly an idea hit me.

Newt and Reader. Both not wanting to admit feelings, reader gets jealous but so does Newt on a night out. The music lyrics in the fanfic kind of describing the situations…

Then at the end of it all they admit love. Then just pure smut…

Of course this will be a long very lengthy fanfic cause I am terrible at writing short ones lol sorry…. I get too into it sometimes.

I am horrible and will burn for this but I really wanted to know if anyone would be interested in this? I have not written anything in a few years but I would love to write this out.

Any prompts, ideas or quotes will help! I just am shy about my writing.


Would someone be interested?

Bucky Barnes Imagine; She’s Electric

Back with another Bucky imagine! I just love making these, i’m obsessed with him! Anyway, if you find any mistake or grammar error i’m sorry! I made this at 2 am! Anyways, love you all! Hope you like it!

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, near-death experience, angst.

Word Count: Lots.

Request: Oh please let me send you a request :) I thought about something where the Reader is also an avenger (maybe something with electrical powers) and during one Mission in a fight against Hydra, you get attacked and thrown in a nearby lake while saving Bucky. You nearly drown and also cause of your powers you get into some shock. The others almost realize it too late but Bucky Comes after you to save you. You have to be revived but you survive and Bucky finally tells you that he loves you ? :)

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This was supposed to be an easy mission, extract some files from Hydra, leave without been seen and go take a nice and warm bath in your room at Stark Tower.

But of course, life wasn’t that easy as you expected.

At first, both you and Bucky easily managed to get inside a laboratory were Bucky remembered that they had the files from his missions and all archived there. 

The rest of the Avengers were busy taking care of some other things around the installments of Hydra, and you were the lucky one to come with Bucky. 

You’ve been terribly crushing on him since you met him, you remember seeing him for the first time in the Smithsonian, in the gallery made for Steve and once you saw the picture of him, you felt your tummy flutter. 

And you can already imagine once you started to work with him how the things were, you blushed easily around him but you tried to shake it off, it seemed like he didn’t reciprocate those feelings cause he always was kind of serious around the rest of the Avengers except for Steve, you knew it was hard for him to open up with someone else but you were slowly making your way inside his heart. Sometimes you could see him stealing glances at you and he would just turn around his face, but yet you weren’t that sure if he liked you or not. 

Various times you tried to get over him but it was just impossible.

“Okay, I just need to find one more file and we are out of here.” Bucky said, rummaging through some drawer as he then pressed down a button, a button you knew he shouldn’t have pressed cause when he did, sirens stared to sound throughout the entire building. 

“Fuck.” you mumbled as the sirens got louder, Bucky stood still for a moment before his search was more frantic, he started to open the drawers like crazy. 

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Dear Catherine, I’ve been sitting here thinking about all the things I wanted to apologize to you for. All the pain we caused each other. Everything I put on you. Everything I needed you to be or needed you to say. I’m sorry for that. I’ll always love you ‘cause we grew up together and you helped make me who I am. I just wanted you to know there will be a piece of you in me always, and I’m grateful for that. Whatever someone you become, and wherever you are in the world, I’m sending you love. You’re my friend to the end. Love, Theodore

Just Peter

Peter Pevensie x Reader

Words: 826
Plot: Being King of Narnia isn’t easy - when the girl Peter has a crush on falls from a ladder, he has to dash to the rescue. Fluffiness ensues.
Prompt: (Anon) COULD YOU WRITE ME A PETER PEVENSIE THING PLEASE??? like maybe she works in the castle library, and she’s really shy and hiding behind books, but he keeps coming in to try and talk to her cause he likes her, and she’s up on a ladder organizing books one day, when she falls and he catches her and it’s a completely cliche moment except he wasn’t prepared to catch her and they both fall and they’re both laughing and he finally asks her out? i’m sorry if that’s too specific, whatever you write will
A/N: I am not ashamed of my love of William Moseley and all that he is. So the idea of him as a 20-something King of Narnia is adorable and great. I hope I can do it justice for you!

Despite the howling storm beating on the castle windows; when Peter Pevensie entered the library, the warm air filled his lungs and soothed his cold muscles. He’d been out hunting this morning, and naturally, he’d made a complete arse of himself. You’d think being King would have given him some sort of grace.
Apparently not.

The walls of the library were filled with mahogany shelves; floor to ceiling, stretching up endlessly to the curved stone roof. In the centre of the room, the stone fireplace blazed, shining a halo of light against the stormy world outside the windows. 
Ladders dotted the shelves, the only route to the highest books. And atop one of those ladders, there she was.

They had first met several years ago; Peter had been nervously browsing for information on Narnian languages and had no idea what he was doing. She’d given him a warm smile, a gentle look, and she’s shyly taken him to the right section. Even then, butterflies had filled his stomach.
Just a little at first; soft sparks on his skin as she brushes his shoulder. And then, over time, he’d found himself wandering into the library whenever he felt as though a task was insurmountable and he’d sit and read by the fire while she worked.
It brought him unsaid comfort. In this room, he wasn’t King of anything.
He was just…Peter.
Just Peter.

“(y/n)!” He called from the bottom of the ladder “I just finished the novel you recommended on Centaurs, and I had to let you know how much I loved it.”
“Your majesty” she nodded, a smile softening her features “hang on one moment, I’ll come right down”.
Peter laughed “you know I’ve asked that you call me Peter.”
(y/n) began climbing down the ladder with ease, her boots clinking on the wooden platforms. 
“I-” she began, before stopping immediately.
An audible creak echoed off of the walls, and in a sudden blur, the rung she was standing on snapped. She cried out, hurtling through the air.
Peter felt his heart catch in his throat, reaching up his arms to soften her fall reflexively.
When she fell into them, Peter felt his centre of balance shift. With a loud yelp, they both crashed to the floor in a heap, Peter’s arms supporting her as he lay sprawled over her.
For a moment, they were both in shock. 
And then, (y/n) burst out laughing, the musical sound echoing off of the walls.
Peter snickered, before falling into hysterics, the pure madness of the situation overcoming them both.
When they managed to regain their composure, (y/n) reached up and brushed the tears of laugher out of her eyes.
“A good catch” she grinned “you may have just saved my life”.
“I suppose there is a first time for everything” Peter smiled, biting his lip briefly.
Silence fell between them, and Peter felt something stirring in his chest.
Looking down at her, her wrapped in his arms, he felt a force unlike any he’d known. To protect her, to always be there to catch her when she fell. His blood felt as though it were on fire and he-
“I’m still…I’m still lying on you” Peter stuttered, before moving his arms out from under her so that he could sit back. She breathed out audibly, sitting opposite him, her face still inches from his own. He could see her dark lashes, the curve of her lips. The brilliant colour of her eyes; shining sharply in the firelight.

“Your M…Peter. Thank you” she swallowed, her eyes moving to his lips “I didn’t know if-”
Peter leaned in then, slowly, softly, his lips touching against hers for only the briefest of moments. She tastes like peaches and walks in the rain, and it took all of his restraint to pull away, to lean back.
But he wanted to do this right. He knew his title could scare her off.
“I’ve wanted to do that” he breathed “for a long, long time”.
She laughed, clasping a hand to her mouth in giddy excitement.
“I’m not sorry you did” she whispered, her happiness audible in her voice.
Peter felt his heart leap in his chest, the world falling away to nothing. There was only she and him, alight by the fireplace, burning brighter than the flames themselves.
“Did you…I mean, did you want to perhaps come to tea with me sometime? We could go on a picnic, or go for a walk, or-”
(y/n) moved forwards, her lips pressing against his, her hands folding atop his own. He felt as though he were on fire; his skin pricking with ecstacy. He opened his hand to lace his fingers with her own.
When she pulled away, he was left blinking away the headrush he’d had, the shock plain on his face.
She laughed, her cheeks flushed red in the firelight.
She was so beautiful.
“I’d like that, Peter. I’d like that very much”.

Playing Dangerous

Joker x Reader

Request by Anonymous: you and j had a huge fight and he doesnt want talk to you at all. then you are pretty much begging him to well fuck you but guess what he just wont, then after a lot of begging he finally give up not much happy so that he is super roughly hurting you but you couldnt care less then in the morning you feel all the pain and he feels kinda bad, but I said kinda cause after all he is the joker. thats it, and i really mean it when i say i love your work!!! ur amazing

{A/N} Hope I could make your day with this nonie! Thank you! <3

Warnings: Cursing, smut, a bit of violence and the way I turned Harley into some monster for this I am so sorry.

You chew on your lip slightly as he shouts at you, the violence in his eyes is plain as day as he stares daggers back into the {E/C} pools that lay upon your face.

“Of all people on this great big hunk of earth, Batman?” He questions angrily, pushing all of the papers on his desk off the side, causing them to fly into the air around you. You two decided to stay at the club tonight while J waits for his ‘visitors’ to arrive with some dough they owed him. Tension was already high enough with him between the voices and the waiting, so when he got word through Frosts big mouth that you’d been seeing Batman behind his back, his stress levels only get worse. You jump at his sudden reaction, stepping back and wringing your hands in front of you as you turn around. Your attempt at a slow exit from his office and back into the thriving nightlife of the club was ruined when he opened his mouth again.

“Ya know,” he starts, the fake calm laid thick over his vocal chords, “I thought Harley was a whore, after what she did.. but you? Well.. fuck me..!” he exclaims, causing you to draw into yourself slightly, “for thinking you were better than that!”

Hearing those words spilling from his lips like venom from a snake only angers you, causing you to pull a knife from the lace garter he likes on you so much. You spin on your heel and throw it at him, ultimately missing as you notice him sway to the side. The audible thud rings out in your ears as the silver blade sticks into the wall behind him.

“Don’t you dare compare me to her! I’ve done everything for you! I left friends, family! I’ve killed innocent people, families! In cold blood, just to prove myself to you! To show you that I love you! You have no right!”

“And yet there you were, sweet talkin’ that god damn bat!” He interrupts.

“Whore.” He spits out shortly after. His brashness is something you’re used to when he speaks to everyone else. He has no regard for people’s feelings or how they’d react to his harsh words. He’s insane, and you know this. But even though he often blows up on you for things, whether they’re your fault or not, you’ve never seen him quite like this.

“I wasn’t trying to do anything with him! I was trying to get him to trust me to help you!”

“I didn’t need your help, doll face.” He says, his gritted teeth turning his pet name for you into something of hatred.

He slams his hand against the wall, leaning towards it as his jagged breathing fills the silence between you for a moment. You don’t like the way this is going. Not one bit. You know there’s one surefire way to get him to forgive you. It works every time there’s a disagreement, why wouldn’t it work now? You ponder briefly.

You slink over to his desk, hopping onto it and crossing your legs as you lean on it with one hand. You slide the strap of your {F/C} dress off your shoulder and run a hand back through your {H/C} hair.

“Come on, Mister J, don’t ya want me to make it up to you?” Your tone is sultry and sweet as you coo at him, hoping with all your might that he’ll bite your line.

He stays silent, an audible sigh emits from his chest as he walks past you, carelessly pushing the strap of your dress back onto your shoulder. Your brow furrows and you frown, your abrupt sigh coming off as frustrated.

“No.. come on, talk to me!” You beg, your voice hushed as you sit back up straight.

He walks towards the windowed door back into the club, peering out from behind the velvet curtain at the activity gracing its floors tonight. He sees the dancers, grinding against each other.. the patrons, drunk and sweaty, throwing dollars at the dancers and touching the girls that came to find a good time for the night when they were done at the club.

You shift closer to the corner of his desk, shrugging out of your strap again and scanning for something to throw at him to catch his attention. Your fingers lightly graze over papers that didn’t manage to zip through the air, stray pencils, pens, two tumblers from the whiskey you poured yourselves before the bad news.. the bottle! You think, picking it up. He was going to kill you if you wasted this $350 bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, even if it wasn’t the most expensive liquor he kept on hand and it was stolen, but it was worth it to get him to talk to you, no matter the consequences.

You take a deep - but quiet - breath as you reel your hand back, throwing the bottle with all the power in you, aiming it next to him.

The sound of the bottle shattering and the amber liquid splashing from it next to him jolted J out of his self-inflicted trance. His eyes were wide and full of fire as he saw the bottle’s remnants scattered across the floor. He turns to you with fury radiating from his entirety.

An unhinged smile places itself upon his lips as he starts stepping closer to you.

“Ya really want a reaction from me, {Y/N}? Really, really, really, really?”

You gulp, you can’t hide the sudden fear in your eyes, but this is what you want after all.. You spread your legs on the edge of the desk, nodding in his direction as you now let your fingers trail along the inside of your thigh, teasing him with what he could be having.

“C'mon daddy.. You can’t stay mad at me..” you purr, a pang of hope settling in your stomach as he stands directly in front of you.

His hands immediately move to grip into your thighs, causing you to inhale sharply. He’s always rough with you, but the look in his eyes and the roughness of his hold on you feels different this time.

He stays silent again, and you can see the color changing on your {S/C} skin where his fingers are digging into you. He pushes your legs shut, turning around and scanning the floor in disgust, stepping onto the shards of glass. The cracking noise dancing against the quiet thudding of the music outside of the room driving you insane.

You huff, standing up and shaking your hair out again, preparing for a second attempt at seduction. You step behind him, running your {F/C} fingernails against the fabric of the white dress shirt on his back, sliding your hand over his holster and to his arm. You wrap your fingers around it, and he yanks his arm away. Defeated, you pull his shoulder back, causing him to turn to face you. Your have no other option than to beg now.

“Don’t you wanna fuck your little girl, J?” You ask with a frustrated pout. “Please..? You know I’m not gonna stop asking.. Just fuck me..!” Your voice sounds as though you’re about to cry, only furthering his anger with you.

He rolls his eyes and snarls, his lips revealing the silver teeth behind them as he clenches his jaw. You feel the gruffness of his tattooed hands pushing against your shoulders, giving you no time to react as you find yourself stumbling backwards onto the desk. His hand slides across the desk behind you and a glass of whiskey hits the floor as he leans into you, his fingers tangling into your hair and pulling your head back as he stares into your eyes. His touch is now on your inner thigh, sliding up slowly toward your essence as he continues to keep his eyes on yours. There’s that wicked grin again..

“It’s a reaction you’ll get then, honey.” He growls as he presses his hand onto the nape of your neck, digging his nails into it and slowly dragging his hand down your back. You wince slightly as his lips press onto yours. His kiss was suffocating as you returned it. I’m off the hook, you think as you lift the arm you were leaning on to wrap it around his neck. In a rugged haste, he yanks it away, gripping into your side as he unzips your dress. You whimper slightly at the pain of his fingertips already bruising your flesh, but getting exactly what you want means more in this moment than the pain he’s causing you.

J slides the dress off of your frame, licking his lips as he does so. “Mmm…” he groans, his eyes studying your {B/T} figure, pleased at what he sees. He tosses the dress aside, shoving you back down onto the desk with ease. Your head bounces off of it slightly, and even though the pain radiates along your back and shoulders, you can’t help but moan.

“Oh.. yeah..!” He says, a hint of what sounds like excitement tapping into his voice. “Tell daddy how much you like when he, thrashes you around!” He undoes his belt, looking at you as rage courses through his veins and vexation gleams through his blue eyes.

“Who do you belong to, {Y/N} Who owns you?” He demands, whipping his belt off from around his waist and snapping it above you, positioning his muscular frame between your legs.

“You..” you whimper, only slightly terrified now. He wouldn’t.. really hurt me.. would he? The thought fills your head, and suddenly you feel the cold side of the leather against your mouth as he sways over you, holding it down on either side of your head.

That’s right… Now tell me, why.” He prods, only slightly lifting the belt from over your mouth to hear what he’s been dying to come from your lips since he heard of your outings.

“Because I’m your.. your favorite little fuck toy..” You moan softly, the suspense of his caving killing you.

Your eyes remaining locked on each other’s heighten the tension between you, a grin slides across your features, and you reach to slide your fingers across your own sex. He slaps your hand away, slamming the bone of your wrist against the hard desk as he shakes his head.

Nah-ah-ah.. I’m the only one who gets to touch you there, baby doll.”

“Give it to me then, Mister J.. I’m beggin’ you..”

He trails the end of his belt along your skin. In a flash, your bra and panties are being ripped off of you and you and sit up slightly to undo his pants, sliding everything down with them. Seeing his taut length made your mouth water, and your entrance wetter.

J grabs you up into his arms as though you were being ripped away from him as he slides his shaft into your core. A loud, lengthy moan escapes your chest as you clutch onto his back, his body rubbing lustfully and hatefully against your skin, exhilarating every sense in you. Everywhere he touches leaves a tingling trail.

His tight, possessive grip on you would be excruciating if the euphoria he was inflicting on you wasn’t hazily clouding over it. The anger he holds only makes him tougher on you, yanking your hair back as he trails hard bites on your neck, leaving traces of blood down to your breasts. You try to pull away from his grip, but his hand connects with your ass as he pushes himself deeper into you as far as he can with a moan. “You feel so fucking good..” You catch him saying between breaths.

His grunting gets louder, only matching the loud screams coming from you now. It doesn’t cross your mind that anyone close to the door could possibly hear you. It never bothered you before anyway- you’re almost sure thats the only reason your neighbors know either of your names.

“Oh fuck..” you mumble under your breath, over and over again. You wrap your legs around his waist and he takes the opportunity, quickly picking you up. His muscles bulge around you as he turns around and slams your back against the wall. A sharp exhale from the pain is quickly mulled by a hand on your neck as he thrusts into your soaked center even harder.

“{Y/N}… Come on.. Cum for daddy, baby..” he demands in a growl, needing you to reach your climax before he reaches his own. Your fingers dig into his back, and you feel the pop of his skin breaking as you slip into your sweet, sweet desires. Your throbbing around his rigid member pushes him over the edge, and your hands grab desperately onto the sides of his face as you watch his reaction the best you can, relishing in every moan and groan he can manage.

His weight against your frame as he pins you to the wall is satisfying. His thrusts grow slower and slower until he can tear himself away from you again, pulling out of your wetness and setting you down with a thunk.

“Happy?” He asks, but his tone makes it sound more like a statement.

He’s still mad at me… You slide your back down against the wall as you sit, naked and utterly exhausted. His hair is a mess and the parts of his body that are showing still manage to arouse your senses again. You close your eyes for just a moment, panting heavily as he gets redressed. We’ll go for round two if I play my cards right, you think to yourself.

Black faux goose-down comforters and pillows surround your face as your mascara smeared eyes reopen slowly. A sharp inhale leaves your lipstick stained lips as you realize you’re not where you fell asleep last night. You jolt upward, suddenly cringing in pain. An involuntary inhale draws in between your gritted teeth. It hurts just to move, and you’re still trying to put the pieces together.

“That’s gotta hurt,” his voice rings out from the adjoining master bathroom. He must’ve heard your whimpering while you tried to recall just what he did to make you feel this way now. He steps out and walks over to your side of the bed.

See what I have to do when you let a stupid bat ruin my fun? Play with my toys?” His face is stone cold before a red smile cracks along it.

You frown, shaking your head as you stand by the truth. “It was nothing with him.”

His fingers trace along the dark purple and blue bruises that grace your {S/T} skin, putting pressure on ones he particularly liked giving you. His smile twitches as he watches you flinch and place a hand over the one on your neck that his finger had just touched. Your groan is collective from his aggravating the bruise and the movement of your arm.

“You shouldn’t have seen him, at all,” he states, clearing his throat, “Or you wouldn’t end up looking like a fucking leopard.”

He wasn’t sure about the stirrings happening in his inner workings. The voices were all laughing now, praising him for a job well done on you. But he felt something, seeing you this way.

“I could have killed you.” His tone is harsh, as though overcompensating for whatever softness that was running through his emotional wiring. Or lack thereof, really.

“I’m sorry,” you say quietly, noticing the change in his demeanor.

The night you just had was amazing on your end of things, but you hadn’t realized the damage he was truly causing on you from his own rage. Caught up in the heat of the moment, you didn’t really care. You lift a hand to cover your body with the comforter, wincing again at the pain.

“Ugh.. Shit..” you mutter, “I’m not moving until it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

“Well,” he turns around, running a hand back through his green hair as what could’ve possibly been the beginning of guilt fades, “take a coupl'a Advil honey, we got work to do.” He says, eliciting a huff from you.

He cocks his gun, turning back to you with a large grin. “Those mother fuckers didn’t show last night, so it’s time to bring the circus to them.”


To all my Muslim friends, Hispanic friends, people of color, anyone else who is hurting because of last night’s results: I love you. I am here for you. I am sorry that this has caused your life to be thrown into question. I’m sorry that the first thing people started chanting when results came in was “build the wall.” I’m sorry that you have to live with such uncertainty and fear. Whatever Trump says, that kind of treatment is NOT Christianity, that is not representative of Jesus. The last thing in the world I want to happen is for anyone to be afraid they will have to pack up and leave because of their race, nationality, or religion. I don’t have a point to this status except to say that I love you. God loves you. If anyone needs to talk, I’m here.

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So I recently hit 500 followers and this is crazy, I started this blog a few months ago and the support I have received has been amazing, I love you all. I have met some pretty incredible people in this short time who I love with all my heart.

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