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Behind the Shifty Scenes: Admin is a giant Pokemon nerd

Some of you know that terrible bootlegs are the key to my heart, but terrible Pokemon bootlegs will get me to lay down and die for you.  It’s not just bootlegs in this house of fuckery though, there are Pokemon in every single room of this house.

Found at the thrift store, I’ve never managed to get it working.  If it’s anything like the bootleg Pikachu calculator I had, it just screams random songs at an insanely high volume.

My plushies were getting out of hand, so we got a hammock.  Please note 1998 Chinese bootleg Pika, almost like the real thing but sorta wonky.

The hammock overfloweth, so we got an Ikea rack.

Some of my non-bootlegs came direct from friends in/visiting Japan.

The easiest way to spot me when I’m out thrifting is my Pika bag and wallet.  They’re always with me.

It may seem like I’ve got some sort of Pikachu problem, but my favorite Pokemon are Jigglypuff and Combee and idk how this has happened.  There’s so much more Pikachu shit than anything else.  I am literally wearing Pikachu socks right now.

I spend my evenings raising and breeding shiny pokes.  Now you know the depths of my nerdery.  Real talk though, Pokemon has been with me since I was a teenager and all through my adult life.  It’s still great and I’ve never lost interest in playing the games and collecting the merch.  If you have some good Pokemon bootlegs, let me see ‘em!

The skam girls as troubled birds






1k Followers Milestone: Writing Raffle

I tried to book a party at Denny’s but it didn’t work out sooooooooo I have decided to do one of the other suggestions: A writing raffle. Because apparently some of you like my writing and probs followed me bc I wrote that one Whizzvin college au?? If you don’t know who I am (read: a loser), here is some examples of the kinda famous fics I’ve written: 30 Days In Falsettoland, I’d like to believe that I’d do it again, A Collection of Firsts, and Games I Play. I have also written about ten or so one-shots that you can see/read on my profile.

Anyways here’s how to enter:

  • Must be following me (bc this is literally for/bc of my followers)
  • Like/Reblog this post (each reblog/like is considered one entry. You can reblog this as many times as you like, but the max amount of entries that you can have is five).
  • The deadline to enter is a week from this post. So the deadline is August 28, 2017. If this post gets less than at least 20 notes, I will extend the deadline.
  • If you win, direct message me your prompt (this includes which fandom and pairing you want). 
  • I will rb this post and tag the winners. If you win, you must message me in 72 hours (3 days) with a prompt or I will choose someone else.


  • 1st Place: two 5k-10k word oneshots written with the prompts you have given me. I will post them on my tumblr and tag you in it.
  • 2nd Place: one 5k-10k word oneshot written with the prompt you have given me. I will post it on my tumblr and tag you in it.
  • 3rd Place: one 1k-3k word oneshot written with the prompt you have given me. I will post it on my tumblr and tag you in it.

Other Information:

  • I will be choosing the winners completely at random.
  • I will prioritize the winners by descending order (I will start writing for the 1st place winner first, and then the 2nd, and then the 3rd). However, I am sure that I will be able to finish all the prompts within a month.
  • Fandoms that I am actively apart of: Falsettos and Book of Mormon. But I can also (if you prefer) write for Hamilton, Heathers, Dear Evan Hansen, Great Comet, Kinky Boots, Groundhog Day, Wicked, Jersey Boys, and tbh - if you give me a musical that I haven’t heard before, I will listen to it and try to write for it. If I discover that I cannot write for a certain musical, I will dm you so you can choose a different fandom. 
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REJECT A PROMPT AND ASK YOU FOR ANOTHER ONE. Also, I will not write dirty, gory, non-con, smutty stuff, okay?? So don’t ask for those bc I will say no.


I am away for like 30 minutes to bake some cake because what else are you doing at 12 a.m. and Harry dropped this pic. Like are you fucking kidding me??? I swear I just fainted when I saw this.

I am so not ready for this. Or season 3. And this is only day 1 of filming.

Oh God………

James March - Mannerisms & Phrases.

This was requested by my friend @caylensgurl42 and I hope this is close to what you had in mind as I may have rambled slightly. @gingepeters @smarterandbolder @suckerforpsychos @ahstatejames

Being born in 1895 his use of language would be considered incredibly formal by today’s standards. But I think even at the time he would be considered to be quite formal due to his religious father and his time spent in church as a child.This would also influence the language he uses when discussing more visceral matters like death and suffering due to the graphic nature of some parts of the bible.

He’s very comfortable in his 1920s style so has tried to retain as much of the class and elegance he loves so much in his dress, speech and general behaviour. Most of the slang terms we associate from the 1920′s would have still been considered too informal at the time for James though. I think because of this, despite having the time and perspicacity to learn modern slang he has no intention of doing so. 

He hates small talk but he also excels at it, his extensive vocabulary makes it easy for him to fill any silence without ever saying anything of true meaning. It’s a skill he’s always possessed but it has been perfected over time as it would be uncouth for a hotel owner to be dismissive to any guest. The keys is generic phrases that could be seen to agree, or at least sympathise, with any point of view such as “one can simply never tell in this economy” or “one cannot help but lament the choices of the younger generations as I’m certain our parents lamented ours.

As a partner James would be extremely formal with you in public either calling you by your proper name or dearest and he would expect you to call him James. This would be partly because of tradition but also because he’s a very private man and wouldn’t want his affections shown in public.

When the two of you are in private it would be different, he’s still not going to be mushy or cutesy with you but he would be less formal. He’s not the type to end every sentence with “I love you” instead saving it for moments of significance. His pet names for you would be traditional like darling, dearest, sweetheart. He’d find modern pet names like babe abrasive and would discourage you from using them, even ironically, as he knows “You’re better than that dearest.

When the two of you were to argue, and you would because his moods are very changeable, he would still retain most of his eloquence. He’s not going to curse at you but he will raise his voice if he feels he’s not being listened to. He’s very set in his ways and would not be willing to back down in an argument unless he could be certain he was wrong. However he will calm quickly, once he’s said his piece, and then will be more open to listening to your side of the argument. Such as “I’m sorry my dearest, but I simply hadn’t considered your side of it, please do go on.” 

NSFW Headcannons

James very much enjoys whispering sinful things in your ear during foreplay to make you shiver. He would avoid using base language and would instead be very descriptive with words such as devour, ravage and ecstasy. He wouldn’t  be afraid to take the dominate role using expressions like “I shall have you for my very own,” “I shall make your body sing for me little one” or “I shall make you want for nothing but me, my Godess.” 

I don’t think he would be particularly talkative during the actual sex as he would instead try to relax and let go of his public persona. This would lead to more animalistic growls, moans and whimpers, occasionally interspersed by your name.

After sex he would be at his most affectionate, but still not in a overly sugary way but with statements like “I simply can’t imagine my life without you darling” or “you are the only salve upon my tortured soul, dearest.

yooseven getting arrested
  • Policeman: I finally caught you two! Okay, tell me your names now.
  • Seven: don't tell him, Yoosung
  • Policeman [writing down]: Yoosung...and?
  • Seven: shit
  • Yoosung: wow, good job, Saeyoung
  • Policeman: ...
  • Yoosung: oh fuck

negloves  asked:

Angus, 6, 7, 18, and 22! <3

I had hoped someone would ask questions about America’s favorite boy detective!

6: Their vices (physical or emotional)

This is a weird one! I think Angus, both as a child and as an adult, doesn’t have many traditional vices; he drinks coffee and brandy, but only in moderation, he’s tried some of Taako’s dank kush and found it not to his liking, he’s not an adrenaline junkie and in all honesty, I think if he’s not asexual he’s pretty darn close.

Emotionally, though… that’s complicated.

I think when he’s still young, Angus thinks of his more childish desires as vices. Wanting to draw cartoons or play with toys or be carried in someone’s arms. They aren’t things he had very often, growing up, and by the time he was ten, he wanted so desperately to be taken seriously, treated as a person and not a child, that he set aside those things very firmly.

In my self-indulgent AU, touring with Taako and Kravitz is… not necessarily helpful in this regard. Taako certainly comes to care for him as more than just his protégé, but outside of rare, largely unspoken occasions, he treats him the same as he’d treat anyone else. Because that’s how Taako is, and he just happened to luck into a kid who appreciates that. Kravitz follows his lead, albeit more gently; alone among the three of them, he still views Angus as a child. A mature and gifted one, sure, but still.

So I think Kravitz encourages him to engage in childish pursuits more than Taako does. Things like playing games, or spending time with local kids when they’re in town for a show, or carving little animal shapes into the walls of his wagon. I think he probably even tried to buy him a toy or two, but Angus’ response was basically a polite smile and a “thank you very much sir” and then they sat on a shelf in his wagon unused. Yeah, he’s eleven, but Angus is still Angus.

(Now, grown-ass Angus… I think he hates not knowing things, feeling like he doesn’t have all the information, or secrets in general. He’s gotten better about respecting privacy, but he still has to resist the urge to eavesdrop or pry. He’s also got a bit of an arrogant streak, when he’s on the job. Taako’s influence, sure, but also his own – Angus called himself the world’s greatest detective at ten years old, he fought long and hard to be taken seriously, that’s gonna lead to a bit of egotism. That being said, he probably went through a harsher phase of that during his University days and mellowed by graduation.)

7: Their tickle spots

Angus DOES NOT ENJOY being tickled. It’s probably a control thing. Magnus tried it once and Angus kicked him clean in the face. This persists into adulthood, and by the time he and Silvia are together, he’s secretly dreading that she’ll try it at some point and he’ll end up popping her in the nose on accident.

18: Things they’ll never admit

Angus messed up those macaroons on purpose. Of course they needed sugar, he’s not an idiot. But he wanted to make sure his lessons with Taako continued, so he baked those cookies to (not so) subtly encourage Taako to teach him Prestidigitation.

Also: Angus doesn’t particularly care for macaroons to begin with. Taako’s are just “okay.” He’s never told Taako this, and he never will.

Oh, and he had a brief pre-teen crush on Mavis. That is a secret he will take to his grave. (They became pen pals, though, which was nice)

22: People who’ve influenced them greatly

God. So many.

His parents were the earliest – his mother in particular, a brilliant and indomitable woman who taught him the foundations of who he was, what he wanted to be. Neither of them were particularly warm, but they weren’t cold-hearted or abusive, either – he always had their love, it was just a matter of when they chose to demonstrate it to him.

His grandfather, VERY much. An old adventurer with a million stories and all the advice in the world, though never controlling or overbearing. A caregiver and a mentor, before he died. Angus doesn’t like to think about his parents much – that spot’s still tender, and acknowledging it at times feels like a betrayal – but he still thinks about his Grandpa.

Each of the THB, in their own way, though Taako was the largest in his life. He inspired a love of magic and of cooking, and enjoyment in the craft of both. And more deeply, the importance of things like loyalty (to friends and family, against the world) and brotherhood (towards those you choose, who matter most) and even a kind of a bravery (trying when you don’t think you’re up to the challenge, being there even when you’re afraid to be)

Kravitz was an influence too, though in more subtle ways – he was a model of patience and care, particularly in how he dealt with Taako at times.

Uncle Magnus remained his inspiration for the simplicity of morality – lead with your heart, go with your gut, and never stand by when you’re pretty sure you could do something.

Aunt Carey taught him how to fight smart, Killian taught him when to shoot and when not to shoot, Lucretia taught him dedication and endurance through hardship (even when that hardship is as simple as dull clerical research) and Aunt Lup taught him to never take any disrespect lying down.

Really, everyone Angus knew influenced him in some way or another. He was like a sponge, growing up; he loved to learn, loved to know things, and he took everything he felt was valuable.

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