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I asked this on on another blog and haven't had a response. In the picture is seems like "Sam" has a backpack,two straps showing in that pic. The video guy only has one strap over his shoulder. Am Correct????

No, I think there are two straps but the picture is kind of blurry which makes it hard to see. Regardless, homeboy has brown hair and then became super blonde in other pictures. Elvis looks to be wearing a denim shirt whereas MaybeSamMaybeNot was wearing a jean jacket. I can’t tell if the shoes look similar or not. Elvis has on slides/mules and I thought MSMN had on tennis shoes but I don’t know.

Regardless, why was this video JUST posted from an event that took place over two months ago and submitted to almost every single shipper on tumblr? Give me a fucking break. Someone was working hard here. Hope they got paid double time.

Soulmate AU Klance

(I am actually taking the basic idea for this from a picture I re-blogged on my page. I couldn’t figure out how to actually integrate the picture, seeing as it was about shirts, so this is how I did it practically.)

Keith glares down at the red tattoo on the inside of his wrist. It symbolizes everything he hates. It represents a shackle, takes away his control over his life. It’s shaped like one half of the yin and yang symbol, the image itself composed of licking flames of red and orange, gold and yellow, with a single white dot in the center of the widest part of the comma shape.

He hates it with a passion.

Shiro tells him often enough that it isn’t as bad as Keith is making it out to be, but Keith always chooses to ignore him. Shiro is all about stuff like soul marks anyway.

Keith stands up from his table at the cafe, tugging his glove back up over the mark, then his jacket sleeve down over that. Double protection from anyone seeing it. He glances up at the sound of an annoying voice.

“Would you mind grabbing my arm?” a brunette boy with tanned skin asks the girl behind the cash register.

She hesitates, confusion sweeping across her features. “Sure.”

Once her hand rests on his forearm, she asks, “Why?”

Keith can only see one side of the boy’s face, but he assumes that he winks as he says, “So I can tell my friends I’ve been touched by an angel.”

The girl blushes and titters, looking away as the boy smirks at her. Keith rolls his eyes. This guy is exactly the kind of person he could never hang out with without punching at least once. At least there is one person he knows for certain isn’t his soul mate. Unless the universe hates him. He tunes out, because if this guy is gonna start flirting again, Keith doesn’t want to hear it.

He slings his bag up onto his shoulder and begins to make his way over to the trash can to throw out his paper cup. The trash bag crinkles as his cup drops in.

Keith turns and finds himself practically chest to chest with the guy from the counter. Keith’s gaze flicks up and their eyes lock. The guy doesn’t look more than a year older than Keith, but he could be, since he looks really young, if only because he has no visible scars or blemishes on his narrow face. Keith is even more annoyed by him because the guy is actually attractive, with his tan skin, wide mouth and long nose with it’s little upturn at the end. The part that really bothers Keith is his blue eyes. Ocean blue that glittered and danced even as he looks at Keith.

Then Keith’s wrist begins to tingle.


The guy must feel the same thing, because he wonderingly lifts his arm and pulls down the sleeve of his green jacket. Keith refuses to look at his own soul mark, but that doesn’t stop him from looking at the other guy’s. It’s shaped like a comma, but it’s made of foaming waves with a single black dot in the center of the widest part. Keith watches in growing horror as the soul mark expands, the lines shifting to complete a circle. The blank comma begins to fill in with red and orange, gold and yellow. A white dot.

Keith meets eyes with the guy, who grins dazzlingly at Keith. “The name’s Lance. I was wondering if you had an extra heart. Mine was just stolen.”

Yeah, the universe definitely hates Keith.

trying to farm star fragments but they keep landing in the water or falling through the fuCKING WORLD WHEN YOU GET THERE


starters from the first episode of the first season of amc’s “mad men”! feel free to change names/pronouns/etc.! 1x02

  • “We’re actually just having a conversation, is that okay?”
  • “So, you obviously need to relax after working here all night.”
  • “That’s a sad story.”
  • “You weren’t worried about waking me, were you?”
  • “Am I interrupting anything?”
  • “You’re lucky I’m still up working… and I’m alone.”
  • “Can I run a few ideas past you?”
  • “I’m familiar with most of your ideas.”
  • “Wow, you really are here to talk.”
  • “I don’t want to go to school tomorrow.”
  • “I am over, and they’re finally gonna know it.”
  • “That’s a pretty picture.”
  • “What’s your secret?”
  • “We should get married.”
  • “You know the rules, I don’t make plans and I don’t make breakfast.”
  • “What did you do that for?”
  • “You’ve got to let them know what kind of guy you are.”
  • “I have an important appointment right now.”
  • “It’s just a bachelor party, dear.”
  • “No, I really don’t know what they have planned.”
  • “Of course I love you. I’m giving up my life to be with you, aren’t I?”
  • “I’ll tell you, boys, she stole my heart.”
  • “In a couple of years, with the right moves, you’ll be in the city with the rest of us.”
  • “Keep a fifth of something in your desk.”
  • “Most of the time, they’re looking for something between a mother and a waitress.”
  • “Really evaluate where your strengths and weaknesses are. And be honest.”
  • “Now, try not to be overwhelmed by all of this technology.”
  • “You’re really wonderful for looking out for me this way.”
  • “You look like a hundred bucks.”
  • “If I was worried, I’d ask you what you’ve got, but I’m not, so I’m just going to assume you’ve got something, which means you should be worried.”
  • “So you came here because you wanted to watch me get dressed?”
  • “That’s very funny, it’s not what I meant.”
  • “You missed a button.”
  • “Should we drink before the meeting or after? Or both?”
  • “You seem more relaxed than I expected.”
  • “We must police ourselves.”
  • “We’re supposed to believe that people are all living one way and secretly thinking the exact opposite? That’s ridiculous.”
  • “Just give me the damn report.”
  • “I don’t want to hear about it anymore.”
  • “Good luck at the meeting. I’m sure it’ll be a quick one.”
  • “I know it’s my first day, and I don’t want to seem uncooperative, but do I have to?”
  • “I brought you some aspirin.”
  • “You are tough to take first thing in the morning, Pete.”
  • “Sorry about Mr. Campbell, here. He left his manners back at the fraternity house.”
  • “You are good with words, Draper.”
  • “Keep it up, and even if you do get my job, you’ll never run this place.”
  • “No one will like you.”
  • “Well, why don’t we make ourselves comfortable?”
  • “I’m not here to judge you.”
  • “I really am a very responsible person.”
  • “We obviously have very different ideas.”
  • “Gentlemen, I really thought you could do better than this.”
  • “Let’s not get emotional here, there’s no reason we can’t talk this out.”
  • “I’m kind of counting on you to help me out.”
  • “There’s plenty of room at the top.”
  • “A man like you, I’d follow into combat blindfolded, and I wouldn’t be the first.”
  • “What the hell are you talking about, are you insane?”
  • “At least we know that if we have this problem, everybody has this problem.”
  • “Before you leave, can I just say something?”
  • “Well, gentlemen, I don’t think I have to tell you what you just witnessed here.”
  • “Advertising is based on one thing: happiness. And you know what happiness is? Happiness is the smell of a new car. It’s freedom from fear. It’s a billboard on the side of the road that screams with reassurance that, whatever you’re doing, it’s okay. You are okay.”
  • “Haven’t you had enough of my magic for one day?”
  • “You’re a whore.”
  • “I heard you were amazing in the meeting.”
  • “Fear stimulates my imagination.”
  • “So, you’re going to ply me with drinks and convince me what a terrible mistake I’m making.”
  • “You got in trouble, didn’t you?”
  • “Can I ask you a personal question?”
  • “Are you asking what’s wrong with me?”
  • “She won’t get married because she’s never been in love.”
  • “For a lot of people, love isn’t just a slogan.”
  • “The reason you haven’t felt it is because it doesn’t exist.”
  • “You’re born alone and you die alone and this world just drops a bunch of rules on top of you to make you forget those facts, but I never forget.”
  • “I’m living like there’s no tomorrow because there isn’t one.”
  • “I guess we’ll be seeing each other again.”
  • “I’m getting married on Sunday.”
  • “I wanted to see you tonight. I had to see you.”
  • “I’ll be right back… don’t move.”

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i am literally so S I C K and T I R E D of Jonathan getting the hate. And i just really wanted a place to vent. I am baffled by how strong the hate is and i DO NOT understand how you can even hate him in the first place. Seeing this on the internet is common but when you're actually talking to a friend who is one of these haters. its just...i can rebut every one of her reasons but i know that in the end, everything comes down to his looks.

I am here for your venting; it’s been a bit rough lately if you like Jonathan, the hate has been over the top. I think the Jonathan hate comes from a combination of 1) the pictures and somehow totally missing his arc afterwards, 2) that people don’t like how he looks and get bizarrely angry and unforgiving and annoyed with everything he does 3) I think all of these get more intense the closer he gets to Nancy. Like would they hate him as much if he had stayed alone, or been with Goth Girl Sam? IDK. Jonathan needs character development and I wish the writers cared about him, because they don’t seem to. But he’s a wonderful character, his emotion makes him unique, he’s been a caregiver and is a wonderful brother. It confuses me that people try to take away those things from him just because what, they don’t like how he looks? They wish Nancy was with someone else? What exactly did Jonathan do wrong in s2? 

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Fluffy headcanon time! Ed and Winry totally take their kids to Central when it's had snow during winter, since Resembool doesn't get snow as much. So their kids get to have fun snow days while their parents catch up with their friends, who fawn over the kids. Ed and his son also tend to smile in unison a lot, he'll pick him up and they'll both beam identical grins at someone. Their daughter is also enamoured with Winry's ear rings & loves touching them when Winry picks her up.


I’m just picturing the Edwin babies running around in the snow, especially when they see snow for the first time.  And you just know Ed will be the cutest and most overprotective dad, and you know he’ll barge into Roy’s office any chance he gets so that he can pull a Hughes and show everyone pictures of every little development of the kids.

But first (A Serirei (short) fanfiction)

let me take a selfie

“What. Are you doing”

Fancy restaurant. This is one nice date, he even showered for this. But is Serizawa appreciating his clean clothes and imitation-but-very-close-to-original perfume?


No he’s not.

And what is he doing instead?

Phone in hand, peace sign, and a wink – a wink, he’s a grown man for crying out loud! –, he snaps a picture and immediately checks it. He doesn’t seem satisfied with the result (how come, Reigen couldn’t possibly know – he’s fine as hell); so he takes another. And another one. And a few more over their date.


“Weren’t you supposed to be studying?” He complains.

“I… am studying…?” He can almost see Seri frowning in confusion over the phone, and lets out a sigh.

“Then why are posting selfies instead?”

He could have not predicted the excited gasp coming from the other side of the line.

“Arataka, do you finally have a twitter?!”

What? No he doesn’t, but that Hanazawa kid sure does, noisy enough to shove his glittery phone on his face to show him his “precious boyfriend how do you even manage to keep him??” and he would have been ofended if he weren’t wondering the same thing, and weren’t too distracted by his indeed precious partner sticking out his- he was. Sticking out his tongue. Out of his own volition. Like, for real. So of course he had to whip his own - old - phone to scold the man, but it wasn’t working because!

“Did you buy a new phone? Or, are you on your computer? What’s your handle? Are you following me?  Can I tag you on a tweet? Do you wanna get matchi-” clat. Bless flip phones and their ability to shut conversations.


He makes a twitter account. He doesn’t tell Serizawa. He gets to see what the other is wearing before he even gets a “good morning” text. In one selfie, he catches a tuft of so-blond-it-has-to-be-bleached hair, and that’s how the surprise flower gift gets spoiled. There is even a picture from his own bathroom mirror.

Damn that guy knows how to look good in pictures, but that isn’t the point and it is probably getting out of hand.

(But still. So damn hot)


Reigen knew this day would come. It was written on the stars, told by tarot cards, inscribed on bird’s guts – actually that one’s gross, better leave it out.

Serizawa is in bed, with him, and not precisely for sleeping, and that cursed phone of his…!

“Katsuya I swear to any available god out there if you d-”

“Can I… take you a picture… please??”



That is new.

Sit down lads and listen to my tired fueled rant on why Steven Yeun is a pure man and loves Keith!

So, its been bugging me for a while (especially with the new season just being released) about the fact that almost all the voice actors promote the show and how much slack my boi Steven gets! We all know how much Jeremy Shada, Bex T-K, Josh Keaton, Hell, even AJ whos new to the team go full out and are full of thoughts and words to say about Voltron and their charterers, SO, I am here today, ignoring every piece of homework i have due four weeks ago to tell y’all why none of the slack he gets is deserved!

Way back when in may of this year, a local (ish) convention guested Steven Yeun as a guest, and even though I may be a Lance stan before a human being, I cried cuz I loved this boi since the walking dead. 

I had saved all my $$ just to get this boi’s autograph (on top of picking one up for my friends sister) and waited in his line for almost 2 hours just so i could be first.  And as I sat in line, i noticed that the growing amount of walking dead fans where starting to get extremely high (i don’t think a single person in that line even KNEW what Voltron even was!).

So, b/c i am smart and don’t want to make a rash choice, i sneak a pick at the photos he has lined up before hand to see if they had any rad Voltron for him to sign. and OF COURSE there is no Voltron or Keith anywhere on that table.  But Worry not fellow nerds!  I did the smart thing and printed off a picture of Keith at home!  But my printer is shitty and the quality wasn’t the best

So after almost two hours and him being 20 minutes late ( i could never hate, my boi was on his lunch break) the line starts movin.  So here i am, about to meet Steven FREAKING Yeun, dressed as Kim Possible (not relevant but anyways) and I have practiced over and over what im gonna say to this man.  

“Talk about the Walking Dead, you can do it, tell him you love the walking dead”

So i get up and pay for my autograph, and they let me have two photos and his manager, when he gets to me, tells him that he can only sign one.

NOw, before I got on, my boi looked tired.  Like HELLA TIRED.  idk what he be doing, but he was doing his best to fake a smile and get through another line.

And when i get up in front of him, I FROZE!  like, BItcH, What you DOIN?!?!?  anyways, i shake his hand and all i manage to say is 

“I loved you in Voltron!”

And the look on his face gave me ten years of my life back!  This boi (whose entire autograph photo selection is just walking dead and head shots) hears Voltron, and i saw a smile that was genuine rush over him.  And the MOMENT i notice this, I just go back to talking about Voltron with him

Anyways, he signs my friends photo (which was hella aesthetic) and he looks over at my two and i explain to him the deal 

“So, heres the thing: i only have enough money for one autograph and you are my favorite character in the walking dead (bitch was already dead at this point too) but I got really sad when there was no Keith photos. SO i printed this out at home and I want you to decide.”

he looks at the two photos and tells me

“heres what we’re gonna do.”

and he reaches for the Keith picture and he starts to sign it.  I’m already close to tears at this point, and he is just signing away.  And then he glances over at his manager and quickly signs the other one, pushing both towards me before she had time to react and pull the other one away.

ANd at this point i am IN TEARS.  Crying in the con, god bless this random lady who gave me a tissue or my makeup would have been a mess.  

My friend and I sit down and we look at the pictures and he FUCKING SIGNED THE KEITH PHOTO FROM KEITH!!!!  I might be a Lance stan, but jesus fuck do I love Steven Yeun and everything he is!!

And this boi loves Keith! all the stories I heard from others who met him said that when they mentioned Voltron he would become ten times more happy.  Steven is a gift and I want nothing but happiness for that man.

Oh, and also…

Stevn Yeun loves Keith, he cares for Voltron, and I will NOT tolerate hate towards him any longer!

I rest my case

Drake Holds a Star-Studded 'Re-Bar Mitzvah' For His 31st Birthday
Drake's alter ego Champagne Papi came out to play last night (Oct. 24) for his 31st birthday, which the rapper decided to celebrate properly with not just a party but a "re-bar mitzvah."

Drake: I’m Jewish.

Goyim: Why hasn’t Drake done a Christmas album?

Drake: Anyway, here’s a music video where I recreate my Bar Mitzvah. You know, because I’m Jewish. 

Goyim: Here’s an illustration of Drake over the Lord’s Prayer, for…some reason?

Drake: Look at this instagram picture from my family’s Seder. The Seder we had for the Jewish holiday of Passover. 

Goyim: Drake is Muslim, right? He has a beard. Totally Muslim. 


Okay so bare with me on this! I know some of you are probably thinking but studyblrs are amazing and great and just all round so helpful, which they are! The studyblr community on tumblr is amazing and I get so much out of it but there are a lot of sides to it that are unrealistic.

When I had my first studyblr account over a year ago I was focusing on the aesthetics of notes and pictures rather than being helpful and talking to people. This quickly became too hard to keep up and I deleted the account. I did this because I had seen so many studyblrs doing it and I thought if they can do it so can I but obviously I was wrong. I am not being hateful towards any studyblr because I know some people find having pretty notes helpful but I don’t have the time or find it helpful.

Fast forward to now. I have taken a complete different route. I make somewhat helpful posts(are they?) and I stick to what works best for me. I don’t use fancy expensive stationery and I post when I can and so far it has been working for me.

I find many studyblrs brush over the fact that some people can’t afford expensive stationery, don’t have the time to do pretty notes, don’t all have iphones and that some of us just wing it rather than spending all night doing a subject. I think there are many expectations in the studyblr community that need to be left in 2017. I think we need to speak out about our mental health, stop doing all nighters and break the stigma behind the aesthetics of the studyblr community. I’m all for messy desks, crappy photos and messy writing.

I want baby studyblrs to feel less pressure than I did when I first started because you don’t need pretty or expensive stuff to do well in the studyblr community. None of this is important what is important is the help you give others, the advice you get, making friends and learning things.

Basically all you need to do to be a studyblr is to study and do your best because that is all anyone can ever ask of you no matter what!

Find what works for you and go with that don’t go with the flow that never gets you anywhere! If that’s pretty notes go for it! If that’s a messy desk who cares!

Message me if you ever need help or advice or just want to talk because I am willing to help with anything

My feelings on Gotham 3x20

I just found a very nice picture,with dramatic lighting, and thought “ Could this make Lucio look creepier?”…idk….but I like it XD

…..Doesn’t he look a little…blood elfy?….


@thelostmoongazer I may not have access to a computer right now but you inspired me and so I tried traditional for the first time since 2013. My name on another site is Starbits and I follow people who have posted art of their objecthead ocs I am amazed I didn’t think of this sooner.

I was just about to post and then I remembered your friend had a sun head persona and it was like “I gotta.”

Pain Covered with Skin

Sergeant!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Reader meets Sergeant Barnes on her way to New York. He’s shipping out for England, but it’s only the beginning of their love story.

Word Count:2,252

Warnings: Fluff, Angst, War, Injuries, Loss of Limb, Bittersweet

A/N: My entry for @just-some-drabbles Rom-Com challenge. Thank you and I hope you like it.
This is not canon, also the plot was adapted from an episode of Cold Case (7x20 if I remember correctly) 

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You were vaguely aware of someone making their way down the aisle of the bus, too preoccupied with your book. They cleared their throat softly, catching your attention.

Your heart kicked up as you met the stranger’s soft blue eyes. He was wearing a military uniform; a dark olive-green suit and a matching hat. He motioned toward the empty seat beside you.

“This seat taken?”

You shook your head.

While he placed his bag in the overhead storage space above the seats, you glanced around the bus. He could have easily found a seat somewhere else. The bus wasn’t anywhere close to crowded.

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Hi! I'm sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you've ever done an icon tutorial? Your icons are really the most beautiful I've seen, and I'd love to know your secrets 😊. But if you aren't interested in posting them I totally understand. I hope you're having a great day!!


Hey sorry this took so long to get around to but I finally felt inspired to make this. A couple things first. I want to give a special shout out to argetnallison cuz I learned how to make icons from her tutorials here. I picked up a few tips and tricks that aren’t included in other tutorials so we’re gonna call this an extended icon tutorial. I’ve also been told I explain things well but if there’s anything from this that needs clearing up later just send me a message and i will be happy to help guide you through it. This Is my first time making a tutorial so bare with me if I ramble. 

we will be going from this:

to this

to this 

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Sawamura Sundays

His captaincy and why he deserves more recognition

Alright, so first of all, I would like to thank you guys for sharing your thoughts! And some of you have raised some fine points, ones which I would like to include in this installment.

For the official kick off of this… whatever this is, I want to talk about Daichi as a volleyball player, particularly his position as captain, and how important his captaincy is for the entire team.

(I just wanted to include this picture because he looks so damn fine and wow how do I breathe but anyway)

The thing is, for Daichi, leadership comes naturally. I mean, he’s the captain of his junior high team, one where he played with Ikejiri, and from that flashback, it was very obvious that Daichi has wisdom well beyond his years.

He already has this maturity and his stabilizing presence is already apparent from the get go. But see, the thing is, and this has been accurately said by @monkeyingaround, “his character could have been so typical, but Furudate did, as Furudate does”, which is to give characters the dimensions and more colorful facets of personality. And this couldn’t have been truer for Daichi.

He could have been easily the strict, boring captain, but he’s more than that. He could’ve been someone who’s probably super powered, because he’s a captain for a reason, right? But the thing is, what makes him the perfect captain for his team, is because he’s not actually any of that.

And for him, it’s not a bad thing.

Believe me, he provides the team with more than just support! That’s why I am still so grateful for the Daichi centric chapters, because they emphasized how big of an impact Daichi’s responsible nature is for Karasuno.

Valor and Simplicity. 

(I still cry about this.)

It really hammered the point that instead of seeing him as just this boring character, his stability provides the team with the solid and stable foundation that they need. But he does so in various ways. 

A few cases in point, he can be like this:

But he can also be like this:

Coach Ukai and Takeda-sensei thought it best.

(On an unrelated side note: I absolute love how his centric chapters are called Playground and how its cover page is this:

(It’s like basically saying that Daichi owns the game, not just in terms of volleyball, but also his teammates. And I digress, but anyway…)

Aside from being captain, he’s also a wing spiker, although Daichi stands out more, and he’s actually notable because of his solid receives. I cannot stress how much this skill have been so crucial in Karasuno winning their matches. While it is the point that goes over the net and to the opponent’s side of the court that technically counts, not letting the opponent score and keeping the ball in play counts as much. And Daichi, what with the numerous times he’d saved his team by saving the ball during critical plays.

I find this picture kind of ironic though, but oh well.

He’s well lauded for that, and boy am I proud when characters also recognize him for this, but I still agree with @rubysfavorites, that Daichi gets set aside for more popular, flashier characters, and isn’t seen as special or unique. It’s one of the reasons why, as @narubabe mentioned, that Daichi doesn’t get enough credit for being a catalyst for Hinata and Kageyama working together.

Actually, we can go way back than that. Because, honestly, and I will never get tired of saying this, if it weren’t for Daichi, the whole Karasuno, the Karasuno that we know and love today, wouldn’t have been possible. “Chemical reaction of encounters” chapter, remember? Daichi, and the rest of the third years, didn’t let the roots hold them down. They fought their way through it, they gritted and grinded their teeth, just to be able to reach the place where they are right now.

Or when the second years quit the team, but he didn’t lose out hope, and was thankful for having them back?

Even Old Man Ukai knows.

And if that’s not enough for you, Daichi served as the coach. THE COACH for the team, when they didn’t have one. He took on the responsibility of being the coach and captain, and if you don’t think that’s amazing or don’t deserve a high praise and utmost recognition then I don’t know how else to convince you.

In conclusion: Daichi is a great captain, who deserves more love and more recognition than what he’s getting. Karasuno isn’t Karasuno, wouldn’t be the Karasuno without him.

Feel free to add your thoughts! :)