Gods, that was such a calculated move on Adam’s part. He was so careful with where he stabbed Blake-he wanted her to cry, to scream, to draw Yang’s attention, because he knew that all she wanted was for Yang to be far, far away from that place. And he was careful to not hit anything vital, because she needed to watch him tear her heart in two, otherwise he wouldn’t get his full revenge.

And then when Yang came charging at him, he cut off her right arm. Her right arm. He had all the opportunity in the world to slice her in half, or cut off her head as she flew past, but he specifically targeted the right arm, and he did it on purpose. Because now, it’s a failsafe.

He’s going to kill both of them, starting with Yang. But if Blake pulls something, which she did, in order to escape with Yang (because he knows Blake would never leave behind a loved one), he needed some way to ensure that Blake would still suffer.

So he looks at Yang, in all her rage, all her passion, all her strength, and he recognizes that this is a woman who lives to fight. This isn’t a huntress, this is a warrior, a living weapon who firmly believes that the best defense is a good offense.

And he takes her greatest weapon from her.

He takes her ability to fight from her. Her greatest possession, the thing that defines her-because Yang may be a great friend and a wonderful sister, a comedian with a heart of gold, but the first thing anyone notices about her is her love for fighting-stolen from her in an instant.

Even if she survives, she’s out. Out of the fight, out of the war. Out of the one thing in life she thought she would always have.

And Blake will have to be there. She will have to watch her closest friend fight for her life against an injury that, to Blake’s mind, she caused. She’ll have to be there when Yang is told that she can’t fight anymore, that even if she did get a prosthetic arm, she’ll be out of commission for the rest of the war.

Blake will have to watch that indomitable spirit crumble, and pray that when the dust settles, there will be enough left of the woman she loves to rebuild.

And Adam knew all of this, from the moment Blake caught sight of golden hair through that window.

Hook tried to use True Love’s kiss on Emma with one of the steamier kisses we’ve gotten to see in Storybrooke. Unfortunately it didn’t work because Emma has embraced her dark power. That said, she was still more than willing to take her pirate for a roll in hay, but Hook wasn’t interested. He wants the Emma he fell in love with. Spunky, sometimes difficult, beautiful but most of all, good.

TV Fanatic (x)

Also: “Despite the huge obstacles they face, Hook isn’t giving up. It’s hard not to love a man with that kind of determination and persistence.”

Aside from crying over how pathetically sad Loki’s fantasies are, I’m also reliving every time someone has caught me daydreaming.

Because yes. I have had my mother ask me those four dreaded words - “What are you doing?” - when she caught me running around my room in circles because I was so excited by what I was seeing in my head.

And the thing that kills me is that Loki doesn’t care when she catches him. He doesn’t look embarrassed. He keeps going.

I think that might be the least sane version of Loki we’ve seen to date.