i am not muscly :(

“No Robbie. No.” Sportacus tugged Robbie toward himself and wrapped his arms around him as securely as he could.

This was so wrong.

“I’m sorry Robbie. I’m the one who is sorry. I made a mistake -”

Chapter 3 of This Isn’t a Trick

Three times and one (Part IV)

Being an ordinary human girl among a group of extraordinary people with peculiar abilities on an entirely different planet can be much of a challenge, more so that you have taken quite a liking into a certain God of Mischief, with whom you oddly seem to get along with very well. Sounds like trouble? Well, you kind of asked for it.

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Part I | Part II | Part III

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Third times a charm (Part 2) – Jughead x Reader

The second time I saw her, she looked breath taking. I was sat in my regular chair in the back of the student room, hiding away from the cruel harshness which is reality, or more specifically, meathead jocks like Chuck and stuck up, prissy princesses like Cheryl. I was so busy typing away on my computer that I nearly missed her enter the room.

But there she stood in all her glory, the most beautiful girl I had ever laid eyes on. (Y/N) (Y/L/N). Riverdale’s newest member and interesting person I have ever met. She was wearing a knee length white sundress, nude wedges and carrying a variety of large textbooks, clearly struggling.

I smirked at how adorable she looked in this moment. Pushing my chair away, I began to walk over to her and offer her a helping hand when I am cut off by a large, muscly figure, shoving me out of the way and striding towards (Y/N).

I stopped and watched as Reggie pretended to be distracted by his obnoxiously loud red Nike shoes and purposely bump straight into (Y/N), sending her books flying across the floor.

Sighing, I turned around and slumped back in my chair, crossing my arms and glaring at Reggie as he helped out my girl. Who am I kidding? Why would she ever like me? I’m just boring, old Jughead with a stupid hat and way too many jackets.

I scowled at Reggie as I watched him and (Y/N) talking and giggling as they rushed to pick up her books. Once standing, (Y/N) thanked Reggie but excused herself to go and find her seat. Reggie grabbed her arm and murmured something to her. Expecting to see panic and stress littered all over (Y/N)’s features considering what happened last time round, I was shocked to see annoyance written all over her face. “Thanks for the offer ‘Mantle the magnificent” She Mocked, “But I have better places to be!” She sassed and then pulled away from Reggie and began walking slowly to find a vacant seat.

As (Y/N) walked past the ‘Jock’s couch’, a hand reached out, grabbing her waist and pulling her onto their lap. I watched with warning eyes as she struggled against the harsh grip of the guy who pulled her onto his lap, Chuck.

“Hey Cutie, remember me?” Chuck laughed, grabbing a strand of (Y/N) hair and slowing pushing it behind her ear. “How could I forget?” She mumbled, shuddering at his unwanted, sensual actions.

It was like watching a car crash in slow motion, some people stop and stare whist others look away. I was gapping and staring at the scene unfolding before my eyes and was only able to look away when Chucks hand began to wonder from her waist and towards her upper thigh.

I couldn’t believe that even after what happened at Pop’s the other day, Chuck still has the nerve to treat women like that! All of a sudden I see this power and determination in (Y/N)’s eyes. She tears Chucks hand off of her thigh and she turns abruptly to face him. I could see that she was wanting to say something, to yell and scream at him for touching her. But it never came. (Y/N) sighed sadly and turned around to pick up all of her books which are scattered across the floor.

As (Y/N) was cleaning up her books, Archie, Betty, Veronica and Kevin entered the class and found their way over next to me. “Hey Jug, what’s up? You look a bit pale,” Betty asked concerned for her friend and partner in crime.

“I’m fine. Chuck’s just being a jerk as per usual” I replied, eyes glued to (Y/N) as she continued to pick up her lost sheets of paper. “Oh. My. God. Does Mr. Mysterious, brooding Jughead have a crush on the new girl?” Veronica gasped like it was so unbelievable I would like (Y/N). But I mean come on, look at her! She’s beautiful.

Betty and Archie looked at me stunned, unsure of what to say. “Yeah right Veronica, as if…” I said, trailing off as I watched (Y/N) finish picking up her stuff and begin to stand up.

Like déjà vu, (Y/N) stood up and began her journey to find a spare desk, this time as far away from Chuck and his goons as possible. Before she could get anywhere, Chuck again, forcefully grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him so that her face was inches away from his own.

“You are going to live to regret this (Y/L/N)! I always, always get what I want and frankly” he pulled her closer and whispered in her ear, “I want you”. He chuckled, a sick and menacing laugh before (Y/N) pushed herself away from him.

It was back. The look (Y/N) beared upon her face was back. I hadn’t seen it since the first day I met her. She had this look of pure and utter disgust and I could tell she had some very choice words for Chuck.

“Well guess what Chuck,” she started, placing her books down and crossing her arms. By this point, nearly everyone in the student room was watching the scene unfolding before them. “I’m not scared of you. I know you, Chuck and I know how you work. You would rather people fear than like you. So you traffic in terror and intimidation, you’re the principles son so you’ve never been held accountable for but this,” she gestured to Chuck and herself, “… this has to stop. This power, this entitlement that seeps and runs through your veins needs to stop because it won’t last. One day, you’ll fall off your pedestal flat on your face and no one will be there to save you. Not your big headed, rambunctious jock friends, not Reggie, not me”.

She paused, taking a deep breath but not backing down. I had noticed though that throughout her amazing speech, Chuck had stood up and began to corner her into the set of cabinets behind her. Looking around, I had noticed that Kevin, Betty and Archie were all sat down mouths agape, watching (Y/N) give Chuck exactly what he deserved. But I could see that this was getting out of hand and I felt as though I needed to do something.

“This is riveting. I can’t breathe!” Kevin gasped, repeating a statement I’m sure he’d said before. “Someone should really do something. This could get ugly.” Archie stated the obvious yet made no attempt to control the situation at hand.

“You think I’m entitled!” He laughed, “Take a cold hard look at yourself (Y/N), you think you’re better than everyone in the room. It’s hard enough looking at you, let alone listening to your gaping mouth spit boring, useless facts about nothing. If I’m entitled then what does that make you?” Chuck inched closer, “Spoilt? Superior? A ruthless bitch? You’ve been here for all of 6 minutes (Y/L/N), know your place and stick to it or so help me I will –“, “Alright Chuck, that’s enough!” Betty spoke suddenly, afraid of what Chuck is capable of.

“Can it Betty, or should I say Polly?” Chuck laughed causing betty to retreat back into her shell, lowering her eyes and flipping through her notebook.

This has gone way too far. Sighing, I stood up and made my way over to Chuck. “Alright Chuck, you’ve had your fun, I think it’s time to go” I said, placing my hand on his shoulder and pulling him slightly to face me. He was still to ridiculously close to (Y/N) for my liking.

“What is it with you and this girl Dracula? She’s not your damsel in destress, she’s a nobody!” Chuck turned around slightly to face me, keeping the same unbearable close distance between him and my girl.

“Nothing. Just leave her alone, go find somebody your own size and IQ to mess with!” I threw back, sick of his antics already. I could hear the gang gasp at my words, my usual shyness hidden behind this newly found façade I had put on.

“That’s it. I’ve had it with you Wednesday Adam’s! Somebody ought to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget!” Chuck grew angrier and angrier by the second and by now I had slid myself in between him and (Y/N) in order to keep her safe. This girl just can’t stay out of trouble, can she?

All of a sudden Chucks fist came flying up towards my face and hit me straight in the eye, the sheer force of the blow knocking me over, causing me to fall to the floor. The whole room stood still, on lookers watching over the scene but too scared to intervene.

Instantly, (Y/N) ran over to me and stood right in between Chuck and I, like I had done with her moments before. “Get out of my way freak, or so help me-“ Chuck lunged forward and it looked as if he was going to hit (Y/N). The whole room quacking in fear, one question on their minds. Would Chuck really hit a girl?

“What?” (Y/N) spoke loudly for the first time in a while, “What are you gonna do? Hit me? Go ahead Clayton! I dare you, make my day!” She stood tall and certain. There was no sign of fear or doubt in her eyes in this moment, like protecting me was a natural, sure thing. Like it was something she wanted to do. I couldn’t help but smile at how adorable she was but then instantly regretting it when searing pain shot through my cheek bone, but it was all worth it.

Chuck edged closer and closer towards (Y/N), towering over her with spite in his eyes. “Oh how I would love to wipe that smug grin off of your beautiful face,” Chuck whispered as he stroked her cheek. Suddenly, he grabbed her chin and pulled her closer. “But I’m afraid your boyfriend would turn all Billy Loomis on my ass and murder me into next Tuesday!” He spat those words right into her face.

I was livid. How dare he speak to her in such a manner! I could tell Archie knew that I was ready to pounce because her ran over and pulled me away from the two. Just as Betty was about to do the same with (Y/N), Cheryl waltzed in and interrupted the two.

“My my, what do we have here? The new girl and Riverdale’s most obnoxious Jock going head to head? If you asked me, I would say that there was some chemistry going on between the two, wouldn’t you Judhead?” Cheryl giggled, loving every minute of this game she’s playing.

“(Y/N) is it? I would just love it if you came and had lunch with me and my girls today!” Cheryl asked, pushing her way through the crowd the get to (Y/N). “Ummmm, I’m sorry but I’d much rather sit with Betty and –“ “Right. You’re new so I’ll let this one slide but here’s a hint. I’m a blossom and what a blossom wants, a blossom gets. You’re having lunch with me today, okay?” Cheryl asked as happy as ever, although if you ask me it sounded like more of a demand.

Sighing, (Y/N) grabbed her books and walked away with Cheryl and her pose, giving one last look of gratitude towards myself. I couldn’t help but smile back, a blush creeping onto my cheeks.

The crowd of people all dispersed and I was finally able to sit down and relax for a moment. I shut my eyes and remembered the events that just occurred. Or more specifically, (Y/N). How gorgeous she looked in that dress and how her eyes lit up when I came over to rescue her once again from Clayton.

When I opened my eyes again, I jumped. Betty, Kevin, Archie and now Veronica were all staring at me intently, grins spread across their faces. “So, (Y/N) huh? I didn’t picture you for the glamourous type Juggie!” Archie stated, laughing his iconic laugh and punching me lightly on the arm.

“Shut up!” I laughed nervously, heat rising to my cheeks, causing me to look down. “He’s so smitten!” Kevin giggled. “I am not! I protested as I picked up my books and walked off to class, the gang following closely behind me teasing me relentlessly about my interest in (Y/N).

They don’t get it though. They don’t get just how amazing she can be. In all of two times I have seen her, she’s managed to capture my heart and keep it under lock and key. I may not be smart or funny or perfect but I do know one thing. If the third time I see (Y/N) is anything like the last, then I guess third times a charm.

yikes-anotherkpopblog  asked:

British people be like coloUr grEy favoUrite gosh make up your mind Anna jfc (also I love Florence and the machine what's your favorite album pls tell me IS IT LUNGS????) 🐸🍵

Let me ask you this. Do you say col-OR or col-er when portrayed phonetically. When you ask someone for a favoUr do you say fav-OR or fav-er. I am a small ball of semantics my friend with tendencies to never commit so your question is therefore where I shine. AND YES FLORENCE IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL and choosing between albums hurts (hahah I cannot commit) but as it was the first full album and when I saw her in a tiny little intimate venue where I could practically see her eyelashes I will cite lungs as my fave album. (How Big How Beautiful though. Is. just. nnghhh)

just like… mara as an inquisitor. please.  p l e a s e  mr filoni yOU’VE BROUGHT BACK THRAWN HAVEN’T YOU

themissimmortal  asked:

Hot or not? *I am curious tbh xD* Gladio, Ignis, Noctis, Prompto, Ardyn, Ravus, Cor, Regis and Clarus 😂😆

Ok so I’m gonna go off purely physical attributes rather than character qualities. Because LOL.This wouldn’t be as fun. Or positive. 


Gladio: Not. Ok but hear me out. He’s an attractive dude, anyone can see that. BUT, he just doesn’t do it for me. I honestly, am not a fan of immensely muscly guys. Meaning, I’m not particularly attracted to them. lol. I love me some lanky slender nerds. 

Ignis: Totally completely omg hot as a mofo marry me now hot. TALL SKINNY LADS WITH CLASSES ARE WHAT’S UP IN BLINDBAE’S BOOK Y’ALL. WHAT UP. Though, surprisingly, I’m not usually attracted to light haired dudes. But man. Ignis. Oh man.

Noctis: HOOOOOoooOOOO MAMA. Noctis is literally the perfect example of exactly what I find attractive (minus glasses). If Noctis wore glasses I’d probably be dead honestly. Black hair, blue eyes. *faints*

Prompto: Both? EH? I don’t know. I definitely find him attractive but I don’t necessarily find him hot. Imo, there’s a difference between the two. LOL, as you all know my mind is a strange place.If we were going off both characteristics and physical attributes; I’d say, fuck yes. Hot mofo. But, if I saw him in a store somewhere as a strange, I wouldn’t really stare at him like a totally creep like I would Noctis and Ignis.

Ardyn: Not. My first reaction of him in the game was that he was a creepo homeless man that was low-key a pedophile. So. Nope. lol. I’m so mean to Ardyn.

Ravus: Same thing with Prompto. Both? Kinda? I think his eyes definitely make the call of HOT rather than not. I am obsessed with eyes. Like wow. Eyes are like the number 1 determination if I find a man attractive or not. And Ravus wins that competition hands down. He’s also gotta a nice head shape.

Cor: I have been debating this for a long while. Physical attributes are definitely hot. I enjoy dark hair and blue eyes. *Heart eyes*

Regis: ehhhhhhhhhh not.  I don’t even have an explanation. I just #nope

Clarus: nope nope nope. Still dont have an explanation. BUT NOPE. LOL

anonymous asked:

Tall muscular girls are AMAZING, but what about tall chubby girls?? I feel like tall girls are always either thin or muscly and I (who is 6'1),, am not

tall chubby girls?? AMAZING. the light in this dark world. ya’ll are angels and i love u all

sammit-janet  asked:

Am I too late? Sam and his muscly arms.

Oh, silly sammit-janet. It is never to late to talk about this:

Sam’s arms are downright dangerous. You’ve seen how tense and taut those muscles are when he raises a gun, when he slams a monster around, when he digs a grave.

You’ve watched him stretch his arms over his head when he’s tired, flex his forearms when he’s mad and trying not to show it, lift things that no human should be able to lift.

And every time you look at his arms, all you can think is how big and powerful they are. Big enough to practically swallow you when he pulls you close, and you never really noticed how long they were until they began stretching across your shoulders constantly, trapping you ( a totally willing prisoner) in their cage. Powerful enough that one of them underneath your ass is enough to hold you up while he fucks you senseless- he doesn’t even need to brace you against a wall.

And the way they feel when you are grabbing and clawing at them, holy shit. It’s nothing but silk stretched over steel, slick with sweat, tan practically glowing…

But your favorite thing about Sam’s arms are how they feel when they are wrapped around you when he’s sleeping. His muscles are relaxed and loose across you, but you still feel them twitch and tense every now and then, as if they are trying to protect you, even when he’s practically unconscious.

Sam’s arms are exactly where you want to be, all the time.

sublimelem0n  asked:

aaaa congrats on 2k!! i dont recognize ur url anymore but I remember reading shot in the night & it RUINED ME. Could I get a ship please? I'm bi(though generally prefer guys or muscly girls,,)& am a cancer e/infp! I love drawing & doing makeup, but am always 2 tired. I'm always imagining elaborate plans but am honestly happy staying home to snuggle. I also have, the WORST sweet tooth, it's out of control man. I'm super loyal & SUPER affectionate. I also have too many #aesthetics rip- ty!!


shipped with: Ororo Munroe

song: read my mind by the killers


  • whenever you do things For The Aesthetic she just sort of goes along with it because [shrug emoji] if it makes you happy then it makes you happy 
  • sometimes you draw her and honestly? she’s never been so flustered in her life
  • you nag her about whether she can bench you 
  • “plllleeeeeaaaaasssee? can you tryyyyyy?” “how strong do you think i am, gorgeous?” “strong enough?”
  • she’s not a touchy feely person but like? She Is For You
  • she’s so soft with you and also she 100000% buys you like cookies or candy or something when she’s out because she sees it and thinks of you 
  • couples who nap together stay together

2k celebration ships

Secret Love Song

Y/N and Daryl has been seeing each other since the prison, with their differences, Daryl thought it would be best to keep their relationship quiet until they were ready. After getting caught in a heated moment, he has avoided her and was confronted and the truths were spilled.

Inspired by ‘Secret Love Song pt.2’ Little Mix

Daryl x Reader

Originally posted by reedusgif

Y/N’s POV:

I looked out the window, above the sink as I washed the dishes, catching a glimpse of Carl pushing Judith’s stroller around. He was a good kid, though I wasn’t much older, at the age of twenty two.

I chuckled after seeing him tip his hat at a boy who waved at him. Life at Alexandria was luxurious, something I never thought we’d come across after the outbreak, most importantly with the group, which became family.

Feeling arms wrap around my waist and my neck peppered with kisses, I rinsed the last dish smiling at his gestures. I turned around only for my lips to be attacked hungrily by Daryl and I couldn’t help but giggle in the kiss as his beard tickled my chin.

Arriving at Alexandria made it difficult to have our alone time, as there was more human interactions. It’s not only because we constantly wanted to fulfill our sexual desires, which was it partially, but also because we had kept our relationship quiet since we’d established one.

I didn’t understand why we couldn’t tell the others but Daryl said keeping it only for us to share was for the best, so I didn’t oppose to his decision.

He lifted me onto the kitchen counter as he tugged at the hem of my shirt and made his way down the valley of my chest, sucking lightly at the spots he had grown to be familiar with. I ran my fingers through his sweaty hair and tugged, pulling him closer to me. “Mhmm Daryl, baby..”

He lifted his head up and kissed my lips one more time before pulling my shirt over my head and was about to unclasp the hook of my bra until the door unexpectedly opened. “Y/N, stop cleaning for once and come outside, it’s a nice ev- well I see.”

I jumped off the counter and sheepishly smiled at Sasha. I had managed to put my shirt my back on, with her still standing there, a smirk plastered on her face. I realized that Daryl was still in the room with us also, as I turned around to be met with a red faced redneck and his nostrils flared.

“Hey, it’s okay. She won’t tell anybody, right?” I turned back to Sasha, emphasizing ‘won’t’ as she quickly nodded her head.

I put a hand on Daryl’s arm, lovingly grazing my fingers on it, in hopes he would calm down. He only jerked away and made his way past me, grabbing his crossbow and was out with the door slammed.

“How long has this been going on?” Sasha asked curiously, making her way over to me, as she saw how shocked I was that my boyfriend had just done that.

“Since the prison, before the residents of Woodbury moved in.”

“What? Girl! That was so long ago, how come you guys never told anyone? Or have you and I just wasn’t up to date around here?”

“No, yeah we haven’t told anyone and I don’t really get what the big deal is. I mean I’m certain he doesn’t just see this as sex or maybe he does that’s why he doesn’t want to tell the group.”

I rested my hands on the counter to steady myself as my mind flooded with the endless possibilities of why he’s been keeping us hidden. “Let’s not jump to conclusions, Daryl’s not like that and you know that Y/N.”

“I do, you’re right maybe I should just wait for him till he’s feeling better then discuss it with him. Thank you, Sasha.” “No worries, we’re family now. I see you so much like a little sister anyways.” She smiled and pulled me in for a hug as we made our way upstairs to rest.

That was weeks ago. After the incident, Daryl has been avoiding me and it has driven me insane. I didn’t know what to do and I couldn’t go to Carol or Maggie to ask since they didn’t know, I figured it would only worsen the situation.

So for weeks, I was stuck at the house Sasha and I shared, occasionally taking watch, and sitting at my porch hoping Daryl would see me and talk to me. Though I haven’t seen him at all and when I asked around, he was always on a run. One night I was looking out the window from my bedroom and saw Daryl only a few steps from my house, I’m guessing on his way to his. I ran downstairs and out the door to call for him.

“Daryl! Daryl! I know you can hear me, can’t you just stop and listen! Please.” He only continued to walk as I walked after him, finally catching up to take his arm and turn him around to look at me.

“Why have you been avoiding me?” “Not now Y/N, it’s late and I just want to get home.” He took his arm out of my grasp and kept walking.

I ran in front of him and kept a hold of both his shoulders, to keep him from moving. People started appearing at their porches to watch the scene, as ridiculous as it probably looked to see a girl as short as I am holding back her tall and muscly ass boyfriend. Of course they didn’t know that, but I had so many questions that I’m sure will answer themselves, keeping the secret we’ve kept for so long revealed.

“Then when? Let’s be honest here Daryl, if not now there will never be a next time, since you’ve been acting as my existence never mattered to you.” I spat out, hearing people murmur, obviously about us. Daryl looked around and sighed, “What makes you think it ever did? We’ve barely spoken to each other.”

I have to admit that one hurt like a bitch, hearing it come from him. “Oh stop! Drop the fucking act Dixon, Sasha’s caught us and you still don’t see a chance of telling the rest?”

“Why do you want them to know so badly? There! Everyone, Y/N and I have been seeing each other since the prison. Happy now!”

I scoffed and shook my head, as I felt tears slide down my cheeks like a damn waterfall and I hated that. I wanted to appear strong for this one, but before I could hold them in, sobs already escaped my mouth.

His face softened but he kept it together, knowing well he’ll give in later on anyways. “I don’t wanna live love this way, Daryl! I don’t wanna hide us away! I’m kept wondering if that will ever change and I’m living for that day, someday!”

“Here it is Y/N, don’t you think I have reasons to why I’ve kept us hidden? It’s because I don’t want anyone to think our love isn’t right and I’m afraid of losing you! Have you ever thought that maybe someone will bring up how young you are compared to me? Or that maybe this isn’t love because you’re naive and stupid for loving me, someone who has never experienced what that is.”

I looked up at him seeing he was also on the verge of tears, “Daryl-” “I don’t deserve you Y/N! I’m scared one day, when we tell people, you’ll realize that!”

“Listen to me, goddamnit Daryl! I’m so tired of you and I having to hide on the outside where people can’t know I’m yours and you’re mine! Why does age have to be the thing that stops me from saying I’m in love? That I’m in love with you because I am!”

I cried harder and let my arms fall as he pulled me into is his arms and embraced me tightly. “I love you Y/N and I’m sorry we had to hide this and I had to keep it from everyone that I loved you, so much.”

He cupped my face in his large hands, wiping away my tears as he connected our lips together, in the most passionate kiss we’ve shared. “And from now on, I’ll claim it for as long as I can.

“I’M IN LOVE WITH Y/N SOON TO BE DIXON!” I was still crying but I realized I was just too happy, collecting myself and clearing my throat to scream out with him, “AND I’M IN LOVE WITH DARYL DIXON! Always will be.”

I whispered the last part, loud enough to him to hear as the people in the streets, clapped and Rick’s voice can be heard, “it’s like a damn romance novel!”

A/N hello everyone ! Did you like it? I didn’t! Lol.. I love the song but this was so rushed and I didn’t really have a steady plot but I did my best. If you read all of that without cringing, you’re a trooper, thank you guys for reading if you did anyways! I know it was Daryl that said the last quote but I thought it was fitting. Have a safe marvelous day! :)) 

Lilredcometolife sent in this lovely submission. Here’s what she said:

“I am short and curvy. 
I am strong and healthy. 

This photo is a year old now. when I first saw it I almost cried. I refused to let anyone see it until recently. why? 
I hated how big my legs looked. 
I look at this now and my legs look no where are horrible as I had imagined. 
I always struggled with this because most short girls I know are naturally extremely skinny and I wasn’t. for years I hated it. hid my legs in clothes that made me look worse. 
But as I have come to accept. 
I am curvy and short (5ft 1) 
there is nothing wrong with my muscly thighs. they have carried me through so much intense sport. I don’t always have amazing confidence. 
But, I am curvy and I love it.”

Sounds like you’ve made some great progress! Keep working towards body positivity :)

Things I see in this picture:

1. Four very attractive men who happen to be in my favourite band

2. The adorable man who doesn’t age and is father to Declan Stump and made a really amazing solo album that I am obsessed with

3. A muscly man who does a lot of crossfit and looks like he can kill you if he wanted to, but is actually a really sweet teddy bear

4. A curly haired guitarist that has a brilliant sense of humour. He’s so under appreciated, so we need to give him more love

5. The meme