i am not liveblogging this movie

Four years.

199 episodes.

Three movies.

50,000 posts.

Millions upon millions of words.

I don’t know what I expected when I began this rewatch project, but I know it absolutely was not all of this. I can’t go into it now, as I am a creature made of emotions and it’s too early to unleash them all. Later, though. Ohhh, later.

It’s time to bring the anime to a close.

Episode 200 liveblog begins next Wednesday, 7 December 2016.

Join me for the end.

guess who watched kamen rider

hey y’all it’s kat @powerprincesses’ birthday on MARCH 24TH (but since that’s movie day, i’m giving this to her early) and i, being the dutiful-slash-whipped wife that i am, thought i’d do something special for it and i was like, well, pearl, you’ve already written her shit for the past two years, why not do something different?

so i watched an entire fucking series of japanese power rangers: bug eyes edition for her. can you believe that? me??? watch kamen rider??? i know

but here i am on the other side of kamen rider decade which i watched because a) he’s pink b) kat loves it c) it only has like 30 episodes thank god and d) he’s pink

i have great decision making-skills. anyway below the cut are all my honest unfiltered thoughts on what kat pitched to me as “kamen rider megaforce”. fair warning, it’s long, with pictures, and tailored for kat. read at your own risk.

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I went and saw Star Wars again, and decided to liveblog it.

Before the movie:

  • “Ma’am, you’re hiding something under your jacket.” “I’m sorry, it’s a notebook. I’m taking notes for tumblr.” “…what.”
  • “Oh, I like your bag. Is this your first time seeing the movie?” Do you really think that someone who has a Darth Vader bag would only just now be seeing the movie for the first time? “Oh, no, I’ve seen it before!”

In the movie:

  • Let me tell you, I love the stormtrooper in the background in the village on Jakku. Kylo Ren lets Poe’s bolt go and it explodes and this stormtrooper immediately raises his gun. “Oh shit, more fire, gotta get ready!” Is that you, TR-8R?
  • I often wonder about the old lady that Rey looks at when she’s cleaning her salvage. Is Rey just thinking about growing that old here on Jakku?
  • The number on the helmet she wears is 73 something or other. Do we see that number anywhere in the originals? Time for a rewatch.
  • So why did Daisy get to keep her accent, while John gave his up? Is it because she’s a Kenobi?!
  • I kind of like that Rey contemplates selling BB-8. It makes me feel like there’s a little darkness in her. She just bitched about how that dude just wanted BB-8 for parts and here she is about to do the same thing.
  • I s2g everytime Poe smiles I die a little bit inside because why can’t someone smile at me like Poe smiles at Finn?
  • Wait, Poe says he woke up at night, what the fuck? Was Finn out that long? Was Poe? If that’s the case, how was neither found?
  • I love how impressed Finn looks when he sees Rey fend off Unkar’s boys.
  • Okay, but does Rey see right through him or nah? She looks like she’s about to crack up when he first talks about being resistance.
  • I love the look on Rey’s face when Finn asks if she’s okay. I can’t imagine anyone has ever done that for her before.
  • I always laugh when Kylo says “The droid… stole a freighter.”
  • It’s interesting to me that she says “none of your business” when Finn is questioning her about going back to Jakku. Like, what’s so secret about “I was bailed on, waiting for them to come back.”
  • My friend think that the panel Rey uses to save Finn from the Wrathtar is all in her mind. That this is just how her brain is interpreting the force because she doesn’t know anything about it yet. I dig that theory.
  • I love Rey’s smug little face when she’s waiting to see if Han will figure out the compressor.
  • I like that Kylo has to reassure everyone that he won’t be seduced by the light side. Like it’s such a wonderful inversion of characters that constantly dart at the edge of darkness, but to see someone who SO DESPERATELY WANTS TO BE GOOD but isn’t it is really a great dynamic for me to see.
  • Daisy Ridley’s squinty scrunchy nose face is adorable.
  • When Kylo says “I will finish what you started.” my hope is always that he means taking down the evils that plague the galaxy but you know whatever.
  • Rey looks SO HEARTBROKEN when Finn talks about running. Like here’s her best friend in the world, the first person to care about her and ask if she’s okay wanting to run away.
  • Even BB-8 doesn’t want Finn to leave.
  • Darth Vader breathing in this vision always scares me.
  • Okay but seriously, it looks like Kylo kills someone about to kill her or… whoever the memory is in the POV of. What is happening here. Someone explain this. Why would he save her, and why would the knights of ren just be like OKAY COOL.
  • I think it’s cute that Rey has continued to do her hair the exact same way since she was abandoned. Like she wants whoever left her there to recognize her.
  • It’s interesting to me that they show Kylo on the ship watching the starkiller attack. Like I feel like they’re trying to show that this is affecting him greatly, like he can’t believe he’s party to the murder of that many people. Or something.
  • Okay, but straight up, Maz Kanata gives Finn the lightsaber and also encourages him to use it as a weapon even though he’s far more capable with a blaster. Does Maz sense the force in him too?
  • I like how even though Finn has seen Rey pull off some bombass pilot moves, the second he sees an amazing pilot, he’s like THAT’S POE MOTHERFUCKERS. THAT’S MY BOYFRIEND.
  • Okay but Kylo Ren is explicitly going against the wishes of the First Order. He doesn’t care if the resistance gets the map, so long as he does too, whereas the First Order just want to make sure the Resistance doesn’t get it, whether they get it or not.
  • Jfc, why does no one but Finn give a damn about Rey? these people are not her family, I’m sorry.
  • Finn knows it’s Poe. He can sense it in the force. Look at that hopeful face, omg why are you babies so precious.
  • Straight up though, the jacket gets firmly tightened back onto Finn the second Poe says keep it. That means Poe must have been the one who reached out to put it back on him.That would be the first and only time Poe would be putting on Finn’s clothes instead of taking them off.
  • Okay, but why would BB-8 not know that R2-D2 was down? BB-8 has been to the base before right? How long has Luke been gone?
  • “That’s why I wanted him to train with Luke. I shouldn’t have sent him away.” So wait, what you’re basically saying is that Kylo Ren went bad because you took him from his family? You said nah, bitch, go hang with Uncle Luke. So what, Ben, Snoke came in and convinced you that they didn’t want you?
  • Han’s face is so resolute. He is determined to bring back Ben and reunite their family.
  • Rey’s face when Kylo takes off the mask is so obviously all of our faces. “Oh shit, I thought you were going to be hideous. But no, you’re pretty damn hot.”
  • Damn Kylo, did you need to be that close for the memories? Because damn.
  • Sexuality: “Don’t be afraid. I feel it too.”
  • Jfc the fear on his face is intoxicating in a way.
  • Man, when Hux shows up when Kylo is talking to Snoke, he immediately drops his eyes. He is straight up the child in all of this, getting yelled at by everyone. Everyone hates him. The good guys hate him. The bad guys hate him. He’s so truly alone and no one wonders why he can’t cope.
  • Confident Finn is so sexy. Poe thinks so too
  • Omg fucking boyfriends.
  • “If I get any higher, they’ll see us!” Ah yes, good thing they completely ignore tree explosions.
  • Chewie believes in Finn. That’s why he interrupts Han and Finn arguing.
  • How the fuck does Rey know she’s not going to get crushed in that compartment, that is not safe young lady.
  • “Thank the maker” C3PO? Your maker was Darth Vader. Are you and Kylo Ren going to be best friends now?
  • The stormtroopers with the all-white faces freak me out man.
  • Poe is always saying “We’ve got company.” I just imagine he and Finn living together and always entertaining guests. “Finn? Yes, hi, can you put the tea on, we’ve got company.”
  • Was that Kylo gasping for air, short little breaths when Han yelled his true name?
  • “We miss you” I love Kylo’s “don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry” expression.
  • So, Kylo has this like sudden jolt sort of thing, and then we immediately cut to Leia looking pretty distraught. Everyone assumes that she’s feeling Han’s death, but combined with Kylo’s reaction, I wonder if she’s feeling Kylo’s turn to the dark.
  • I love how Finn’s face is like “Wtf dude, how did you beat us here?”
  • “Han Solo can’t save you now.” followed immediately by pounding his wound. Were you talking to yourself a bit there, Ben?
  • God the look on his face. He wants her to accept his offer so badly. He doesn’t want to be alone anymore.
  • Okay, but how nice would it have been for this grabby struggle with the lightsabers to end in a kiss instead?
  • Omg poor Poe, you don’t even know Finn is hurt yet do you? Well you look pretty distraught once you land.
  • “May the force be with you.” And also with you.
  • Rey’s new clothes are straight up just a new version of her old ones. You could wear anything Rey. Why this?

Post Movie

  • Total Cry Count: 26 times. I’m getting better. We’ll see if I can get down to 5 by the time the blu-ray comes out.