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I really, really appreciated Jared’s thoughtful answer to this question (SDCC 2017) (for @semirahrose, who I know feels the same)


With all of the sadness/suspense currently going down in TAZ, I could use a healthy dose of Taavitz. Also trying out my interpretation of Kravitz…

And yes, his socks are a shameless nod to @astriiformes fantastic cosplay. 

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Sorry to burst your bubble but Naruto never reacted to Sasuke being in danger the way he reacted to Hinata. In the Pein arc and in the Last he looked like he'd lost his effin world. Your ship can't top that.

I’ve got bad news for you, anon. You might wanna sit down for this one.

Who am I kidding? You’re right-

My ship-





So either we didn’t watch the same anime/read the same manga, or you’re trolling me. Sorry to burst YOUR bubble.

Ok ok I’m gonna give y'all my two cents about That Ending real quick, and I’m gonna try to be positive.

First, let’s start with what we know from the ep:
-Cas fucking died. There were wings and everything.
-Dean and ONLY Dean collapsed next to Cas’s body and stared at the sky with what I interpreted as a look of betrayal, for Chuck, for the universe, whoever.

Now, I haven’t seen a source for this myself, but rumor has it that Misha’s been confirmed as a regular for s13. I’d say it’s a safe bet that that’s true.
-Jack chose Cas. We don’t know yet if I’ll be for better or for worse(who am I kidding it’s spn it’ll always be worse), but either way, he needs Cas for some reason or another.
-Somehow and at some point, Jack will revive Cas.

This brings me to my point: imagine the reunion scene when he’s back. With Sam too, of course, but especially with Dean. After that whole collapse-and-gape-at-the-sky deal, imagine the relief when he realizes Cas is back.

tl;dr: I’m trying desperately to cling to the positives here and I’m excited to see what s13 has in store for us

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Oh gosh I saw the vintage mutual pining gifset and now all I can think about is sound of music victuuri like I can see it going either way? Yuuri would be the sweetest nanny but also I think Victor would be the nanny that's taking the kids out tree climbing? And Yuuri was just sad and lonely after losing his wife but he doesn't know how to deal with it and doesn't really know how to deal with his kids?


  • I feel like you get the spirit of the original more with Victor-as-Maria and Yuuri-as-Von Trapp, because Yuuri’s more likely to come off as cold and imposing at first? He’s lonely, he’s stressed about being a Good Single Parent (and which has the unfortunate side effect of making him less warm to the children) and then BEAUTIFUL FREE-SPIRITED DANDELION VICTOR sweeps into his life twirling across mountaintops and brings music back into the house. Victor gently goads him into the Edelweiss duet and then he has a halting but beautiful voice, RIP Victor.
  • “Yurio!” Victor chirps. “That’s the one I left out! God bless Yurio.” (”THAT’S NOT MY NAME” Yurio howls.)
  • And then if you do Yuuri-as-Maria you get the story of lonely Captain Victor and his passel of adopted children who fall hard and fast for Beautiful Governess Yuuri as he gently sasses his way into all their hearts. He takes half the movie to get on the same page because self-esteem.
  • “I know Captain Nikiforov and the Baroness will be very happy together,” Yuuri says sadly. Captain Nikiforov and Baroness Giacometti are just good friends. In reality Victor has been up on the balcony for the past half hour whisper-screaming ‘marry me’ at Yuuri while he gardens.
  • Moment of silence for Yurio’s profound anguish when Beautiful Governess Yuuri becomes his stepfather.
  • I know I just cast Chris as the Baroness but would he or would he not be an amazing Max.
  • “There were times when we would look at each other - oh Mother, I could hardly breathe!” “Vitya you have told me this six times now”
  • Please imagine either Yuuri-as-Maria or Victor-as-Maria singing I Have Confidence because it is devastatingly pure in either case.

I can’t wait until J-Hope drops his mixtape because then I can play all three rappers’ mixtapes back to back as I’ve been doing, but instead of playing 1Verse 15 times in a row as Jhope’s album, I’ll play 1Verse 15 times + his new mixtape songs and be LIVING

In a totally unrelated note to anything I’ve posted tonight, I finally watched “Sing” this week. And let me just say, I don’t care how much or how little they had to edit Taron Eggerton’s voice to make him sound good. I am ooooobsessed. I am so excited for Kingsman 2. I just adore him in the most childishly fangirly sort of way.

True Father or A Fake Uncle

Originally posted by hvproductions

Warning(s):Cursing, Accusations of Bad Parenting, and Failed Parenting.

Note: Ya’ll I am so sorry for this taking forever. I hope yall enjoy it, it is a little OC-ish. And sorry for the John stans but he is kinda a dick in this. Also show it some love on my Ao3!

Requested by anon:” Hey can I request a peaky blinders imagine where You had a kid with John Shelby when you were a teenager(6 or 7 years ago) but ended up marrying tommy but stayed friends with John and when your kid calls Tommy dad by accident John goes crazy at you?? If you want to change it in any way please do!!”

Nodding your head at a few people who greet you while you walk hand and hand with your son who is currently talking about what his friend had done during class. You two are heading to the Shelby Company’s building to see your husband, Thomas. While you and Tommy are married, your son is your and John’s child. When first becoming friends with the Shelby’s you and John had a relationship, although it did not last long. Early in the relationship you both noticed you are completely different from each other, but it wasn’t early enough; you had already gotten pregnant. Even though you knew you and John’s relationship wouldn’t last, you decided to keep your baby. As you and Thomas fell in love, you were surprised he accepted both you and your son with open arms. Of course you aren’t complaining, you are very happy that Thomas is there for your son because John barely bothers with your son.

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i worked up the courage to talk to my dad abt being non-binary and how i dont feel like a boy but i dont feel like a girl EITHER,,,, and my dad knows about EVERYTHING and so he started talking about how the native americans have had the term “two-spirit” for DECADES and he knows abt it and i was like !!!! yeah !!!!!!! exactly like that !!!!! and it made me rlly happy that he understood

If you’re still doing the gif drabbles… here’s my gif. Dorky + Fluff?

Yup and yup @dacianamusik23. Just some cuteness with this hottie. Also, this is for @wayward-mirage RPF Appreciation Challenge.

Nini’s 1K Gif Celebration Masterlist

The Wand

“So, of course, you play the EVIL Draco Malfoy. How do the fans react when they meet you?”

He opened his mouth, wondering how to answer your question.

“I mean, is it positive? Or do the kids go running in the opposite direction?”

He let out a chuckle, looking down at his lap.

You couldn’t help the smile that graced your face, finding him so damn adorable.

“Well, I guess it’s a bit of both. On one hand, there’re some terrified kids. Especially after Half Blood Prince. I think that made them more frightened of me, instead of just hating me. But on the other hand, there’s some kids who either realize that I am just an actor. And they’re fine with me. Or there’s those kids who love Draco, even if he is ‘EVIL’ as you say”.

You nodded absently, too distracted by how bright his eyes were.

Tom seemed to notice, smirking as he picked his wand up.

He looked into the camera, nodding, before waving the wand around and pointing at you.

“Attentionus Returnus!”

He patted you on the knee with the wand, bringing your attention back to him, a knowing look on his face, as your face heated.

“I-I see”, you stuttered, not sure what just happened, praying you hadn’t missed much.

The rest of the interview went without a hitch, as you made sure not to stare at him for too long.

Once you were done, you got off your chair and shook his hand, your heart fluttering at how soft they were, despite being a little clammy.

You were just about to leave, when someone called your name.


You stopped, turning around, to see Tom running up to you.

“Oh, hey. Did-did you need something?”

He shrugged, handing you the wand and winking at you.

He walked away after that, leaving you totally confused.

Did he just flirt with you? 

No-that wasn’t flirting.

That was a wink. He didn’t even say anything.

You turned back around, pushing the door open, when you heard Tom yell something at you.


You stopped once again, inspecting the wand close, only to notice that there was something carved into the handle of it.

You looked closer, realizing they were numbers.

A phone number.

His number.

You bit your lip, turning back around, to see Tom holding his hand up to his ear, mouthing ‘call me’, to you, before he turned to the next interviewer.

You left the room, a huge smile on your face, a wand in your hand, and a new number that you’d make sure to get down, eager to see just what Mr Tom Felton had in store for you. 

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No Good (Notorious) part 2

Part 1 - Part 2

Rated - angst, gang au ~ some not so very nice words included

Artist - DΞΔN

Word Count - 1676

Summary - after that night, dean disappears and he suddenly comes back. that kinda messes up your emotions

Okay I finally managed to put this up and get it done! Thanksyu all for your support and encouragement you send me to continue this story (@baekslutt, @alovelie, @noir-locke, @pandacorn19985, @muneo-ah, @l-jimin-son and all the other lovely anons

For this part, I decided to put together two other jealous Dean scenario requests that we had gotten

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It’s a no from me.

[-Back at it again with that fanfic writin’ yo. Luckily I got help editing it. {You know who you are. ;) }

Creds to @onlyonecanbeking for the writing prompt and some quotes, you’ve been so kind to offer to give me prompts. It’ll keep me occupied on late nights so I can pass out resting easy that I’m successfully fulfilling my Darkiplier obsession every day of my life in some way. Am I kidding? ((Probably not. What’s wrong with me)) 

Either way, enjoy the fic~]

“The answer is no. I in no way approve.”

Dark’s voice was firm, low, absolute - growing closer to a snarl. It was layered, as it typically was when he was intense. His expression teetered between disapproving and angry while he shadowed the figment before him, towering far over the small body. His spine was straightened, his shoulders were back, and his chin was angled up. Typical for the pompous, stern Dark.

Though a majority of figments in Anti’s position would cower, Anti was anything but meek as he craned his neck to narrow his eyes at Dark. He rolled back on his heels and then forwards on his toes, looking as if he was trying to work up to Dark’s height. “C’mon, Dark, you’re barely around to visit me anymore. What am I s’posed to do when you’re busy with work or whatever else it is ya do when I’m not around?” He said, raising his eyebrows quizzically as he crossed his arms.

Dark grimaced, his face scrunching up into a deep scowl, “Though you are free to do as you wish, I would prefer if you wouldn’t fuck another figment for leisure when you are well aware- …” Dark stopped himself then, growing too frustrated to word himself properly for a brief moment. He could hardly even wrap his mind around it.

How could Anti even consider it when he knew perfectly well he was already owned?

Dark took a moment to gather his wits about him. He paused to run a hand over the bridge of his nose, over his eyes. Then an exasperated sigh left his lips and he finally just whipped out his hand to take hold of Anti’s chin, his thumb and index finger gripping it firmly and tilting his head up by it. Now he could successfully bore his eyes into Anti’s. “Do you consider me not to be enough for you?”

Anti was at a loss for words; Dark had hardly been paying him any mind for over three weeks, and now he chose to be possessive? He had hardly cared what Anti did up until now. All it took for Dark to bat an eye was a question to be in a polyamorous relationship. Anti would remember that, and likely use it again to his advantage.

“It’s really not about that. I jus’ get restless when ya aren’t around for so long. If ya didn’t want me to think about this, you’d visit me more.” Anti retorted, setting his jaw with a quiet click against Dark’s fingers. He always ground his canines when he was anxious, he had to break that habit. “I want to be with someone else while you work, so at least I won’t be doing shit-all while I wait for you to beckon.”

Dark’s fingers tightened around the lower half of Anti’s face, nearly squishing his cheeks as he snapped back his response, “No, Anti. I will not allow some other… idiot… to attempt to get involved somewhere they don’t belong.” Dark growled, his voice gruff as he glared at him - all in the name of his damn possessiveness.

Anti winced, and he squinted up at him; lifting up his hands to tug at Dark’s wrist, but it wouldn’t budge. Anti grumbled to himself, “Why do ya care what goes on while ya aren’t around anyway? You’ve never cared before.” He sneered back, his words slightly fumbled due to the fact his cheeks were nearly pressed together.

Dark raised a brow at him and swiftly decided to use another approach. “Anti, I owned you the second I laid eyes on you. You are mine.” Dark whispered then, coming close enough that their lips almost brushed as he spoke. His cool breath washing over Anti’s lips and chin.

Anti frowned up at him, his stare flickering between both of Dark’s eyes. “‘Kay,” He said, his eyes wide as he felt a blush spreading like fire across his cheeks.

“I won’t deny your visits, and my breaks are open.” Dark told him, his words cascading from his lips almost gently to meet Anti. “You understand now, don’t you? Who you belong to?” Dark asked him, cocking a brow.

Anti pursed his lips, nearly closing the distance to Dark’s. Then he smirked; “Might need a little more persuadin’ for that.”

Dark narrowed his eyes at him, though it was more playful than annoyed. “Now you’re just playing games, boy.”

“Aren’t you?” Anti fired back, quick enough on his tongue to keep up with Dark for the time being. He squinted at him further, rolling onto his heels.

Dark’s lips cracked into a wide, almost unsettling grin as he responded, “Without fail.”

Anti leaned up then, and with that, the distance was closed.