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My overall internal turmoil regarding Moana

It seems that I can’t stop writing about Moana because I haven’t quite expressed how I feel about it: idk, it’s super complicated, but I expected to feel this way, despite supporting the film. Ultimately, I think that there were more positives than negatives for me, but still. The action of taking elements of multiple islands and passing it off as something vaguely Polynesian is something that can be tremendously harmful.

You’re kind of stuck between: well, do I take this representation and be happy that it’s here or do I completely reject the act of homogenizing Pasefika peoples and commodifying our cultures? 

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Bad boys and good-byes chapter 1

There’s no way Jimin’s a bad boy when his smile makes Jungkook’s heart feel so warm.

Pairing: Jikook
Author: blt_prf
Words: 3206
Genre: Highschool au
Summary: Jungkook’s life as a newly debuted singer is way too busy and he can’t afford to get distracted by Taehyung’s noisy friends, never mind fall in love with one of them.

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Jungkook hates winter. 

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