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Omg, I love this mermaid au! Could you do some headcanons for Kageyama with a fem human s/o pretty please?

I am so loving this Mermaid AU right now like you guys don’t know. Not only am I enjoying writing scenarios/headcanons, but people are also sending me fanart and it’s wonderful. I really love you guys! <3

  • Trying to befriend Kageyama was a real challenge, but dating him was an entirely different story. At first he wanted nothing to do with any humans ever since he saw one of his own captured by a human. However, after meeting you, you were able to convince him that not all humans were cruel.
  • He’s really shy when it comes to this, but he has an amazing voice. You were surprised to know that he was a merman instead of a siren. If he’s in a good enough mood or you’re feeling upset, he’ll sing to make you feel better. His voice never ceases to amaze you.
  • Sometimes it’s hard dating a merman seeing as how you can’t go on regular dates which led to an argument; Either you turn into a mermaid or he becomes human. Well, there’s a way to make both of you happy. He ended up convincing the Sea Witch, Lana, to work her magic in aiding you in your problem. Whether you became a mermaid or he became human is up to you.
  • When he comes to visit you sometimes he returns with a little trinket that reminded him of you. Usually it’s a rare shell or something from a ship wreckage that you can’t find anywhere else.
  • One time you got into a huge argument over something trivial and didn’t talk for days. Kageyama couldn’t take it anymore and had to make it up to you. After telling you to meet him by the docks, he showed up with a dolphin for you to ride. You easily forgave him because it’s not everyday you can say that you’ve ridden a dolphin.
  • One time Kageyama decided to come up on leg using his legs for the first time which was certainly a sight to see. He was like a baby deer learning how to walk. You certainly did not record him what are you talking about.
  • When you join him in the water for a spin, underwater kisses happen more often than not. It’s like a scene out of a Disney movie.
  • Was horrified when he saw you eating fish one day and made you vow not to ever do it again. Fish are friends.

The intoxicatingly alluring @apricotica tagged me to share my idiosyncrasies. Feeling super naked right now. Avert your gaze, please. I’m a grow-er, not a show-er.

  1. If we’re at a rock show of somebody I like a lot and am familiar with, I’m going to sing along—very loudly, and quite well. Enough to attract the attention of everyone around us in the crowd. Be ready for that. Also in the car. You’re going to be serenaded, and I will surf stations aggressively/manically until I find something good for singing.
  2. The idea of getting a manicure fills me with anxiety and revulsion. Not because of some kind of toxic testosterone poisoning, but because I’m extremely particular about how I keep my nails for musical reasons and I absolutely cannot imagine entrusting another human, even a professional or a loved one, with something so important. (Pedicures don’t bother me, but I have horrific runner toes and nobody, professional or loved one, wants any part of that scene.)
  3. I’m not a picky eater by any stretch. But if it’s supposed to be served hot, I need it served fuckin’ hot, like surface-of-the-sun hot. Anything less is, as the tumblr kids say, problematic. I’m that guy at restaurants. And please don’t be offended if you serve me dinner at your house and I ask where your microwave is.
  4. I can’t sleep or even rest if there is some aspect of my home’s technology that’s not working 100%. I must fix it. Now. And please don’t talk to me while I’m working on it, because this is the most important thing, ever.
  5. Expect me to look directly in your eyes a lot when we’re talking, possibly to the point it makes you a little uncomfortable. I’m not trying to make it more serious than it needs to be, it’s just what I do. Your eyes tell your whole story. And they’re pretty.

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I’m taking biology right now and I am trying so hard to conceptualize a world in which any human being mentions anything at all about science to me and I find even an ounce of space within my heart to care about it… I cannot stress enough how little I care about science. it’s not like math where I HATE it. I just genuinely cannot make myself give a fuck. alright, I get it, cells divide and genes are passed down and we all die eventually. who cares! I’m glad science happens and I’m glad SOMEONE cares bc I want my car to move and endangered animals to be saved and medicine to work and all, but I just wish that all science would be done far away from me and I would never have to think about or hear about it being done. I hate Real Concrete Things. just wanna look at paintings all day and talk about feelings and history and fiction tbh.