i am not going to post all my pics today


okay so… apparently my tags didn’t work the first time I posted this.. so we’re trying again, fingers crossed🤞🏼
📸first pic: ignore my dirty mirror putting fluff on my nose, otherwise I was feelin myself
📸second pic: all smiles because bellarke + squad will be back on my screen tonight🙌🏼😍

posting super early because I’ll be avoiding tumblr for the most part later tonight (can’t watch live) and only going to my mentions to reblog all your lovely faces❤

also warning - I overdid it with the tags.. BUT, today is a day to be extra af so I don’t really care. love you all & let me see your beautiful faces🤗🤗 unfortunately the read more isn’t a thing now because I’m pretty sure it screwed up my tags last time

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bluberry-sims  asked:

I don't mean to be annoying or clingy, but I love your story SO much I actually check my tumblr every 15 minutes in case you posted again. I was just wondering when the hiatus starts??? Are there gonna be more posts today or tomorrow? So I don't waste my time checking tumblr all day long lol :3

LOLOLOLOLOL i love you so much you are not annoying - i love hearing from all my followers! I am stunned that you even wanna read my story so thank you! and I haven’t decided if i am going on hiatus yet i still have Thursday and Friday to take pics and edit so if I manage to get good pics and then i will fill my queue while I’m gone :D - there’s only one more post today in an hour :)) 

Send me quick prompts

Hi All!

I’m currently burnt out on all SPN art prompts.  I need a night of something different.  Starting now and running until my @weekendartmarathon studio session ends at 11pm I’m going to take quick prompts.  Random simple things I can draw in like 10-20 minutes. Fandom related or not.

Send me an ask with a prompt, I’ll sketch it out and post a (probably crappy) phone pic of it.  This is a wonderful exercise if you’re blocked or burnt out on a subject like I currently am.

If it’s fandom related (any fandom) and happens to include a person, it will not be drawn well lmao….portraits are beyond me today.

In between prompts i’ll be trying to figure out this master page thingy, so I can collect all my art in one place.

So send in an ask….or 10. I’m going to go grab a bowl of cereal and some tea and see if anyone has sent me anything when I come back.


Alright, I’m getting way too excited about this to keep it under wraps any longer. I’ve been working on a set of lovely black wings for my Castiel costume, and they’re turning out kickass and I am so pumped.

The focus has been:

  1. lightweight
  2. cheap
  3. easy to wear

The frames are built with wire wreath forms, and the feathers are made of craft foam and floral stem wire. I had no idea how I was going to actually wear them, though, until I found a big sturdy set of suspenders during my thrift store search today. The primary feathers are 18" long, and at least I have those out of the way, but I still have to make all the rest of the feathers that will get individually laid out and tacked on. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me.

I plan on posting a full set of progress pics eventually, maybe a tutorial of sorts. Can’t wait to wear them! :)


Happy Birthday to Mattsun~ Here’s the next part of translations to celebrate his birthday (not, I am just too lazy to draw him a pic this year XD)

As today marks the first day of my Winter sleeping break I am going to start getting all the Christmas card requests done, so the next part of translation will be posted later.

AxK Chapter 45 Part 7. I will try to translate and edit a few pages a day if possible.  I hate redraws. English is not my first language so sometimes it may not be that fluent… There may be errors so read at your own risk~

I was going to post this tomorrow but it IS almost midnight and I am probably going to be up until 4AM online then sleep in until 12 in the afternoon soooo….

Here’s my birthday pic for Dan’s birthday! He’s one half of an awesome duo who honestly make me smile on some of my worst days. So here’s some birthday peer pressure with all those doughnuts and cake.

PS, the rain is because it has been raining where I am for 3 days and only let up today XD

A KCON Love Letter


Hello KCON-ers,

You’ve heard me speak from this blog-pulpit for over 5 months, which is how many ever weeks and how many ever days. We’ve talked about K-Pop idols, we’ve talked about Twitter, we’ve talked about that big event that just happened in Los Angeles—KCON. In between knowing each other, there was that.

After two days, we arrived at the end. The final moments of the concert fell away, our friends jumped into a miraculously waved-down cab, and we passed people for the final time with whom we shared fleeting glances. But, you know what, before all of that bittersweet emotional people-stuff, there were 2 amazing concerts, and there were 30-something panels and workshops that we planned with the single thought of bringing you happiness. While all of the people who plan KCON do it to give you happiness—they are truly in it for the fan-service—I work for KCON with the single hope of seeing you happy. The slightly selfish reason of a too-visual mind.

At KCON 2014, none of my favorite moments included idols. They included a fan yelling “thank you” to me (man, I hope it was me. I need to start looking over my shoulder more), each selfie I happily and hurriedly took with LiveChat watchers, and even receiving the kindness of a tray of cookies from one of our panelists—shout out to the Creator Group’s Banatule! Wait did I look like I could eat a tray of cookies?

Just what went on behind the scenes planning KCON 2014? I wish I could say that it was like one of those trendy dramas where there’s a stupidly hot manager who manages to leave work every night while it’s still light out—but there were many days of not seeing the sun (whether there were any hot people, I will leave up to you ;)) and working to your limit. But those days I loved most; they were adventure days.

Conventions are the hard work of 2-month long research being scrapped and remade, of 1,000 cell-spreadsheets which somehow always have a single mistake that you can never catch, of conference rooms filled with boxes of ramyun (wait…that kind of is like a K-Drama) and trays of Sprinkles cupcakes. But, there is nothing that can’t be accomplished by a group of people working hard—whether it’s powered by ramyun or adrenaline. I feel equally honored to have contributed to the massive fan-love event that is KCON and to work for this company amongst so many tirelessly toiling coworkers.

Most of all, what I want to say in this post, is thank you for being so kind, for rolling with delays, and for not being sasaengs (I am really thankful for that). While I was watching your tweet-responses to my tweets roll in, in between some of the negative tweets (some of you got really creative with “#kconselfie”) there were some truly spirited tweets and selfies in the midst of heat and long lines. Thank you for being the spirit of Hallyu.

Tomorrow, we are going to upload our own concert and convention recap with all of the pics that you’ve been waiting for, but today, this post is for you, KCON-ers. One convention, Limitless Fun, Fantastic Fans.


Peace out,


Okay, I normally don’t do selfies, but today I am coming to you live from the parking lot of the post office BECAUSE MY HANNIHOOP HAS ARRIVED AND I’M SO EXCITED. IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL. Thank you, @bishybarnaby!!! I’m going to review your store properly on Etsy when I’m at home and not freaking out at the post office, but for now please accept all my love because this is even more beautiful than the pics. I’ll probably be accosting you for a custom order before long. ;)