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Week Three: BOOKS
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Week Eleven: RESOURCES

Week Two: Welcome back to the LGBT+ Masterlist Project

Before I get into this week’s category I want to thank you all so much for the critical support and contributions you’ve given me since making my first masterlist on LGBT+ characters in television. These masterlists will only get better as you help me along my journey to finding more LGBT+ media. Feel free to inbox me, to suggest and add commentary to my growing list. I can’t promise I’ll edit the lists regularly (I am a tiny college student; you can imagine my stress) but I will certainly share for my followers to see. It’s all still greatly appreciated.

This week, I tried to bring down the list to be exclusive to only movies with leading and supporting LGBT+ roles. I tried to avoid movies with cis people playing trans characters, and altogether tried to avoid problematic representation, which should never go unnoticed or without criticism. Please note, I have not seen all of these movies, so I can’t be the judge of how good the representation is. This is why I welcome you to respectfully inbox me or reblog with comments. 

Thanks again to @mightyachillis for the gifset. Next week’s category: LGBT+ BOOKS

And without further ado: LGBT+ MOVIES!

  • Private Romeo (2011) - A modern gay reenactment of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.
  • Frieir Fall (2013) - The life of a father-to-be and police officer begins to fall apart after he falls for his fellow officer (played by Max Riemelt). English distribution name: Free Fall.
  • Pride (2014) - This historical comedy drama follows the true story of a group of LGBT+ activists who supported the British miners’ strike in 1984.
  • Black Swan (2010) - Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis star in this psychological thriller-horror film about a dancer who’d do just about anything to get the role of the Black Swan.
  • Mosquita y Mari (2012) - Two Mexican teenagers, Mari and Yolanda, form a strong bond as they navigate their way through high school.
  • Joven y Alocada (2012) - This Chilean film focuses on the promiscuity of Daniela and her love affair with a boy and a girl. English distribution name: Young and Wild.
  • Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho (2014) - This Brazilian film follows the coming of age story of blind teen Leonardo, his best friend, and the new boy in school with whom Leo has an immediate affinity for. English distribution name: The Way He Looks.
  • Cuatro Lunas (2014) - This Mexican film explores four different storylines: an 11-year-old tries to hide his sexuality from his family, a young man is afraid of his gay relationship being found out, another couple of gay lovers are challenged by a love triangle, and an elderly man raises money to buy services from young male prostitutes.
  • Kill Your Darlings (2013) - A dramatization of the true story of Lucien Carr (Dane DeHaan) and Allen Ginsberg (Daniel Radcliffe) of the Beat Generation.
  • Jongens (2014) - A gay teen athlete finds himself in a budding relationship with his mutually attracted relay race teammate.
  • Weekend (2011) - A romantic drama about two men who have a sexual relationship for just a weekend.
  • J’ai tué ma Mère (2009) - This Quebec film by Xavier Dolan explores the bond between mother and son. English distribution name: I Killed My Mother.
  • Les Amours Imaginaires (2010) - Another Canadian drama film directed by Xavier Dolan about two best friends who fall in love with the same man. English distribution name: Heartbeats.
  • El ultimo verano de la Boyita (2009) - In this Argentinian film, a young girl befriends a farm boy when she visits her father in the countryside. One day, she finds blood stains on the boy’s saddle and trousers. The boy, though ashamed and confused, finds comfort and safety in this newfound friendship.
  • Wet Hot American Summer (2001) - A satirical romantic comedy about the last day at a summer camp in 1981.
  • The Birdcage (1996) - A romantic comedy about an owner of a drag club in South Beach, Florida.
  • Kinky Boots (2005) - This British-American comedy drama explores the unlikely story of the owner of a dying shoe factory, who finds that making shoes for drag queens could be the niche market that saves his business.
  • The Bubble (2008) - A romantic comedy about two men who fall in love. One man is Israeli, and the other is Palestinian.
  • Out in the Dark (2012) - A similar premise to The Bubble, this drama centers around the romantic relationship between a Palestinian student and an Israeli lawyer.
  • But I’m a Cheerleader (1999) - A satirical romantic comedy staring Natasha Lyonne, who plays a cheerleader sent to a gay rehabilitation camp.

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What to read after Throne of Glass

If you, like me, are still going through complete Sarah J Maas withdrawal, and can’t really stand to wait for her next books, check out the list below to tide you over! Each book has many of the things I adored about both ToG and ACOMAF: strong and interesting female characters, magic, deeply beautiful writing, love stories to cry about, and an all around sense of adventure. If you have any more recommendations to add, definitely let me know!

Black Jewels: Anne Bishop

I just finished this series, and I am still amazed by how masterfully Anne Bishop weaves her stories. Welcome to the Dark Kingdom, a matriarchal realm ruled by strong queens and the males that support and serve them (Rowan and Aedion anyone?). There is a prophecy fortelling the rise of a Queen with more power than even the High Lord of Hell himself, which gives us a wonderful story full of scheming, war, adventure, and a badass court I would kill to be a part of. Prepare your heart!

Graceling by Kristian Cashore

Graceling is the best series for all you folks who couldn’t get enough of badass assassin Celaena. Katsa is an assassin Celaena would be proud of, due to her rare ability as a Graceling. She is Graced with a killing power, and has spent her life as the king’s tool in doling out his reign of terror. In waltzes Po, Graced with fighting, and here to shake everything Katsa knows about her world. Cashore definitely gives us a twist Sarah would most certainly support!

The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski

This book aligns more with the romance and court mystique that Sarah presents so wonderfully in ToG and ACOMAF. Kestrel is the daughter of a general who helped the emperor conquer territory after territory. As she is faced with a choice, marry or join the military, Kestrel finds a friend in one of the slaves from the conquered people, and so begins one of the most interesting political schemes I have read in awhile! I haven’t finished the trilogy yet, because I am out of the country and can’t get my hands on the final book, but I would highly recommend it.

Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

Cue another really cool empire written by an author who isn’t afraid to be inventive or go beyond the normal realms of fantasy. Vin is another Celaena-esque character, as the abandoned street child who turned thief who struggles to stay alive. When a mentor takes her under his wing, she discovers that her luck on the streets might be more than she could ever explain. Magic, mystery, and of course, a few court balls thrown in make for a wonderful mix. Warning: the last book made me cry. Like really cry. But in a good, I’m-still-mad-at-you-but-I-understand-and-respect-your-story-line type of way.

Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima

Raisa is everything that I have ever wanted in a princess. She is intelligent, passionate, feisty, and super compassionate. So when a war arises between the clans and the wizards, you can bet she has goals to achieve and empires to shake up. Throw Han Alister into the mix, a street wise leader, and things get tricky and fireworks explode. One of my favorite love stories in a long time, because it isn’t a story about just romantic love, but also what the love of a princess for her country can do. 

Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder

Yelena is set for execution for murder, but is given the choice to be the next food taster of the Commander of Ixia. As if the threat of having poison in her system wasn’t enough, she is also given a dose of Butterfly’s Dust, which she needs every day to stay alive, and can of course only get from the chief of security. Fighting for her life soon becomes more than just guessing the right poison, but also a game of magic, love, and all out war. Best kind of combo out there!

Legend by Marie Lu

This is the only book in the list to be set in a dystopian universe as opposed to a kingdom, but with a prodigy like June, no one can make any complaints. After a war tore the country apart, the Western United States is under the martial rule of the Republic, and June is their perfectly groomed soldier golden child. Day, on the other hand, is a slums boy who has become the Republic’s most wanted criminal. What happens when their paths cross is enough to make any country tremble, and to keep me hanging on to every word!

And finally:

Literally anything by Tamora Pierce!

Tamora Pierce has been my favorite author since I was a little girl. Each of her series is set in the same universe, based around the story of an interesting and kickass female character, from the first female warrior to a wild-mage. I first found these stories when my mother decided my sister and I didn’t have enough strong women in our literature and Tamora really rose to the occasion. Start with the first series, Song of the Lioness, and work your way from there! I have reread her books at least once every year since I was a little girl and they get better every time. I cannot recommend these books enough!

If you read or have read any of these books, feel free to shoot me a message; I am always ready to geek out over them. 

Boruto the manga

I am going to give you a list of things that will happen in the series.. 

- Borusara
- Sarada becomes hokage
- Boruto becomes emo
- Boruto, Op as fuck.. 
- Sarada, Op as fuck
- Shikadai gets with yodo
- Naruto dies
- Op god, that only boruto and sarada can save together. 
- ChoCho is the pun/stereotype character
- One major bad guy that turns good
- Stupid ass flashbacks from the original, so it makes the reader think they are reading something good
- No female development
- Gay asf moments, but that will lead no where..
- Hetero stereotype ending, where all the characters get married with kids
- Making more irrelevant characters, to have that hetero ending 
- Naruto saves sasuke from his darkne— Oh wait, got confused.. Genetic clone Sarada saves Asswipe Boruto from his ‘darkness’ 

There, saved you 15 years of bullshit.. T  T

MCGA HAMMER OF THOR SPOILERS bullet list for all your Fangirling Needs™ BELOW

Come rant with me about

  • Samirah’s flying lessons 


  • Samirah failing at Valkyrie vision hahahahahahahaha
  • The crowd going OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH at Amir saying I love you LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  • Samirah blushing in general yes give me more thank you
  • Otis the goat turning up in
  • a trenchcoat and sunglasses
  • The chapter titles, Exhibit A: Your Standard Rooftop Chase (WAS THAT A FUCKING PUN) Scene with Talking Swords and Ninjas
  • Hearthstone? More like Hearthrob. Am I Right?
  • Another sword had a point pun
  • The Return of Falafel


  • UNDERCUT?!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAGNUS?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • The name is Alex Fierro
  • Hearthstone’s ASSHOLE, HORRIFYING Father, backstory
  • Hearthstone is a hearthrob lmfao
  • Heimdall taking selfies
  • More Shipper!Magnus
  • MalloryxGunderson is canon
  • Calling asshole parents out for abuse and kicking out their children
  • How a lot of queer children experience homelessness
  • because of the asshole parents
  • SO MUCH ABOUT GENDER FLUIDITY IN GENERAL, Mythologically speaking or present day 

Alex Fierro is so fucking badass 

  • S/he decapitated Magnus with a garrote to save his life, to explain the chapter title
  • I Am Saved From Certain Death by Being Killed
  • Shipped Alex and Magnus at the speed of light
  • NOT EVEN KIDDING. And the 19 hallmates are all like it’s okay to be attracted, Magnus, the cheeky bastards I love them
  • Thor in PIGTAILS?!!! 
  • Backstory of Thor in a wedding dress O_O bahahaha
  • Loki gets freed -_- 
  • Magnus never flew by plane before *laughs at fingernail impressions on seat handles*
  • Alex is also a shape shifter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With seemingly a lot more control over her/his powers
  • Alex can sculpt!!! S/he is a sculptor!!! 
  • They petrify Blitzen so that the stab wound inflicted by Randolph doesn’t kill him holy crap
  • That’s why they had to go see THE ASSHOLE Father of Hearthstone the dickhead to get a stone to save him basically


  • Anyway, RIP Randolph 
  • The humour was just as brilliant as usual, I enjoyed the book so much!!!
  • More of Blitzen’s fashion
  • Cheese graters gonna grate grate grate grate grate
  • And Jack, I quote Magnus, has a better social life than him
  • Like he goes on dates and crushes on other swords and spears and everything. 
  • He’s so hilarious! at one point there were a bunch of daggers and Jack started spazzing over them like they were puppies
  • LMFAO I like Jack a lot hahahahahaha
  • Squirrels in the Window May Be Larger Than They Appear
  • hahahahahahahahahahah

I just had a blast reading this book WHAT AN EXPERIENCE <3 

The next book is going to be titled The Ship of the Dead



Card Suits AU - King of Hearts, Ouma Kokichi

Ok so I came up with the idea for this au at like 3 in the morning and it stuck with me for the entire day, so now here I am. 

I’ll probably post something separate explaining a little more about this au, but basically all of the ndrv3 characters represent one of the four card suits and hold a position of either King, Queen, Jack, or Ace.

The Contest-Part 15

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest.  They are doing open casting calls all over the country.  Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N: My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only red, @oriona75.  So I am actually telling two stories here, Jared and Readers, and Sam and Gemini’s.  It flips back and forth, so try and keep up! :)

Characters: Jared Padalecki, Reader, Best friend Nikki(OC) Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, PA Emily (OC) Cliff, Other Supernatural cast and crew

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

I had tried calling Nikki several times, but she wasn’t picking up.  Jared and Jensen had both tried Misha, and he wasn’t picking up either.  

“What should we do?” Jared asked me.

“Nikki just texted me an address.” I commented, peering at my phone in the dim light of the bar.

“Misha just texted me one too.” Jensen said, looking at his phone.  He showed it to me.  It was the same address that Nikki had sent me.

I let out a groan of frustration.  “I guess we had better find a cab.  This had better all be a big, fucking joke.  They are probably both drunk off their asses. I swear, I am going to wring her neck!”

“What if they are serious?” Jensen asked, rubbing his hand across his face tiredly.  “Those two idiots deserve each other.”

“No…this is so not happening.” I snapped.

Jared threw some money on the table to settle our bill as we hurried out to find a cab.  “You know Y/N, they are consenting adults, so if they really want to do this we can”t stop them.”

I took a deep, calming breath before speaking.  “Jared Padalecki, there is only one person on this planet I am afraid of….one.  If I don’t stop this, she will come here, and destroy us all.”

Jared and Jensen both looked confused.  I smiled ruefully.  “You two think Nikki is a handful?  You haven’t met her mother.”

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The Contest-Part 16

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest.  They are doing open casting calls all over the country.  Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N: My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only red, @oriona75.  So I am actually telling two stories here, Jared and Readers, and Sam and Gemini’s.  It flips back and forth, so try and keep up! :)

Characters: Jared Padalecki, Reader, Best friend Nikki(OC) Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, PA Emily (OC) Cliff, Other Supernatural cast and crew

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

The five of us ended up at one of the casinos on the strip.  Don’t ask me which one, because the next day it would all be a blur.  Jensen bought the first round of shots and we toasted the happy couple.  

“I still think you guys are nuts and totally deserve each other.”  He said before downing his shot.

“You call that a toast, Jay?”  I commented with a roll of my eyes. I signaled for the bartender to bring another round.  I raised my glass and everyone followed suit.  “Here’s to Nikki and Misha.  She is officially your problem now.”

Everyone laughed as we downed our shots.  Nikki made a face and gave hers to Misha to finish. “I’d like to remember my wedding night, thank you very much.”

Then a group of fans recognized us and bought us a round.  Things started to get a little fuzzy after that.  I remember Misha reminding us we all had panels in the morning. 

 Jensen, who didn’t have any official duties until the Saturday Night Special the next night, said it was early yet and ordered another round.  I remember Nikki and I dancing with a bunch of fans who sent over a congratulatory round when they found out Nikki and Misha had eloped.

Jared and Misha finally came over and pulled us from the dance floor.  “Come on Dancing Queen, time to go.”  Jared told me as I stumbled into his arms.

“But I’m having funnn!” I giggled.  “Hey Mish, guess what?” I whispered drunkenly.  “You and Nikki got married!”

I don’t remember the ride back to the hotel at all.

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Title: Love At First Sight? (Part 9.)

Character(s): Denny and Jess (fictional/original character).
Summary: Denny has a sudden sense of realization from an acquaintance.
Word Count: 2,769
Author’s Note: I added two gifs because why not??? Are you crying yet bc I certainly am :(. Also, if you want to add more tears, listen to All I Want by Kodaline then listen to I Won’t Let You Go by James Morrison while reading this. It’ll definitely hit you right in the feels. Also, I used some familiar quotes from Grey’s Anatomy so that solely belongs to Shonda Rhimes. 

Tag list: @memphisgirl1977​ , @clinicalkayla​ , @lostxwanderess , @negan–is–god , @trashforwinchesters​ , @heartfulloffandoms

Gif belongs to @heartfulloffandoms and @mypapawinchester

“So, I told my mom about you.” I tell him, looking at the ships on the board game. We have been avoiding the subject of our last argument, but I knew Denny was still upset. He didn’t show it often, but I could tell when his demeanor changed when a nurse came in to check his vitals.

Denny looks over at me, smiling softly. “Oh, yeah? What’d she say?”

“She wants to meet you. I don’t usually tell her about my boyfriends because she tends to bring up the subject of marriage all the time. She married young. Had me young. I guess she assumed I would follow in her footsteps.”

One of the things I enjoyed about my relationship with Denny was that we were able to talk to one another without having to worry about what the other may think. Bringing up marriage was a risk I was willing to take. Besides, it didn’t seem like he was going to run away at the mention of long-term commitment.

“What exactly is young?” Denny asks.

“She had me when she was nineteen then married my dad a year later.”

Denny arches a brow, smiling. “So, you’ve got a young mom?”

I playfully smack his upper arm, shaking my head. “Don’t get any ideas. You’re mine and she’s still happily married.”

Denny takes my hand, kissing my knuckles gently. I stare into his eyes, instantly noticing the twinkle it always seemed to hold in his brown orbs.

“I’m joking. Besides, I like them young,” he winks.

I laugh quietly, dropping my eyes to my ships on the board.

“We’re not that far apart in age, you know.”

“But you’re younger than me regardless, so your argument is moot point.” Denny grins pride fully; he always loved being right.

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anonymous asked:

Naf, do you have Playlist for your characters? Cause I absolutely adore the ones you sometimes put as captions on your drawings and am curious about more, specially songs you think fit elliel

I DO! Oh my goodness you have opened a can of worms. I’m just gonna list the ones for Elliel because I have songs for a lot of my characters and I couldn’t fit them all in one post without it going on forever… (ι´Д`)ノ

The order of her list is also important because it kinda goes outside in. The earlier songs are her persona, what she projects to others and usually the first impressions that people get, and it slowly goes into the more tender aspects of her personality/story, even some of the bad stuff (mainly “hustler” and “wonderful”)

Thank you so much for asking! I’m a total geek for this stuff…  ò///-//ó;;

Has anyone posted this? It’s the scrapped hidden ending for DR1 contained in the BD booklet.

If you were to go into the gymnasium before the first victim appeared, Monobear would be there and tell Naegi, “The real ending wasn’t good enough so you want another?" Monobear then hands him the escape switch and tells him there are two necessary points to it:

1. Hope has to be amassed (completed everyone’s FTE ), and; 

2. The true ending leads to true despair

Naegi leaves and at the entrance hall an event occurs.
Everyone is waiting there. Monobear told them all to go there if they wish to escape with Naegi and abandon their hope, meaning abandon their SHSL titles. 

They list all the character’s motivations for abandoning their titles, but Mukuro’s is the only one I have:
"Ever since I was a child I was always compared to my talented little sister. I ran away from that. Into a meaningless world. But I was always lost, and still am. I though to myself "It would be nice if I could pretend to be my sister forever” maybe a new life would give me a new chance! I actually do have a bit of an interest in make up. Maybe I could run off to the countryside where “they” won’t notice and I could be a beauty artist.”

anonymous asked:

Hello I am making a request for cassian andor x reader! From the Drabble list 51, 63, or 85?! Por favor! Muchos Gracias in advance! Love your stories

Characters: Reader x Cassian Andor

Warnings: injury

Prompts: 51: “Why are you always pushing me away?” 63: “I never believed in soulmates until I met you.” 85: “Wake up! Please, please wake up.”

Word Count: 472

A/N: Thank you so much !! I didn’t know which prompt you wanted, so I did all three !! 


“You can’t go on this mission, Cassian! It’s too risky!” you rushed after him, but he shoved you aside. “Cassian, listen to me for once!” 

“I have to do it, for the sake of the Rebellion.” Cassian grunted, and you sighed. You admired his dedication, but at times like these it seemed like just plain stubbornness. 

“You’re risking your life!” you exclaimed, but he ignored you as he boarded the ship. “Please! I care about you!” 

“Don’t.” he responded, finally turned around. You stared at each other for what seemed like eternity, before he finally turned to go deeper into the ship. The ramp began to close, and you threw your hands in the air, frustrated.

“Why are you always pushing me away?” you screamed, but the ramp had already sealed shut, closing you off from Cassian.


It had been far too long. He was supposed to be back by now. You were sitting in the hangar, nervously biting your nails as you waited for Cassian’s return. Finally, you saw a ship enter from hyperspace, and you breathed a sigh of relief. You relief was short lived when you saw the ship was in flames, and you yelled for everyone to get back as the ship made a crash landing. 

Your team of medics immediately went into action. You rushed to the ship as a few mechanics forced the ramp open, and you saw K-2SO walk out with Cassian in his arms. Quickly placing him on a gurney, you rushed him to the med bay. He was unconscious, and you could tell he was getting weaker. Tears rushing to your face, you grabbed his hand as you ran alongside him.

“Wake up! Please, please wake up.”


Cassian remained in a coma for a week and a half, and you were by his side when he finally woke up. Crying from both relief and frustration, you feebly punched his arm. 

“I told you the mission was risky.” you snapped, but you were overjoyed he was alive. Cassian gave you a weak smile and shrugged, and you sighed. You leaned on the side of his bed, remembering your fight before he left the base. “You never answered my question, Cassian.”

Cassian looked down at his hands, sighing. He fidgeted with the edge of the sheets before he finally spoke.

“I am afraid of my feelings towards you.” his voice was quiet. “I’ve never had these feelings towards someone before. I never believed in soulmates until I met you, and I just don’t know how to deal with it.”

“Well shutting me out is definitely not the way to do it.” you joked, and Cassian chuckled.

“Do you forgive me?” he asked, and you pretended to think hard.

“If you promise not to do anything stupid again.”

“I can’t guarantee that, but I’ll try.”

Common Japanese Anime tropes in Hetalia

As of recently, i talked about a very popular anime trope: the yandere. Today, i am going to talk about other -dere tropes in Hetalia. If you all really like this post, I’ll make a part two with more than just the -dere tropes. I’m only listing the -dere tropes in Hetalia. If you want to know all of them, i can make another post about that one too. With that let’s begin.

Let’s start with the most common and most famous trope: the Tsundere. 

The Tsundere is someone who secretly cares for someone, but acts cold and rude towards them. Tsunderes are EVERYWHERE in anime. They most likely the character that says the anime B word the most. You know: Baka. They are best described with this quote: “I-It’s not like I like you or anything…Baka.” We all know the tsundere in hetalia:

Iggiritsun. He is pretty much confirmed to be a tsundere. Do you know how many times this guy says “Baka”? A LOT. He acts rude and stubborn to people like America or France, but he secretly does care for them deep down. 

The Dandere

A dandere is someone who is really shy and does not really talk unless the right person comes along. I’m a little unsure about this one but I think you know who I’m thinking of, but there’s someone else that is also on my mind that I think fits into this category:

Canadan? …No? Okay then. I guess you can say Sweden might fall into this category since he’s too shy and silent to really talk to anyone except Finland. And even then he gets really nervous. But his emotions aren’t shown very well. Since he has a love interest, that may make him a true dandere, however, he has an intimadating aura and most danderes don’t really have that. But not all danderes have to be the same I guess.

The Kuudere
Kuuderes are “cool” and serious on the outside and rarely show emotion. However, on the inside they are warm and soft. We have quite a few people who fit this trope. 

Iceland was going to go here too (That would have been funny. Ice…cool…get it?), but I thought Norway REALLY fit the description and Iceland is really fiery deep down. That means I am also void of puns. Whenever Norway speaks there is little to no emotion in his voice, even when taunting Iceland or getting mad at Denmark. We all know that Vietnam is practically Kristen Stewart. She even struggles to smile when Thailand asks her to. 

So caught up in her kuudere complex that she can’t even smile. 

The Deredere
A deredere is someone who is always super sweet and energetic around everybody. They often fall in love pretty fast too. 

…Again I am lacking puns. Even when dealing with chibi romano, he remains positive and is always trying to cheer everyone up and make everyone happy. He is almost always happy and smiling. He also has been in a lot of marriages and gets overly excited about a lot of things. 

Even when telling America to go to hell, he’s smiling. Oh Spain…

The Yandere
We talked about this one already in my yandere post here. 

…I can’t think of a pun for this one. Remember how I talked about how people always mistake Russia for a yandere or a yang’re? While he does have the potential to become a yang’re, he fits a lot better into this next trope.

The Dorodere

A dorodere is someone who is sweet and loving on the outside but “messed up and disturbed on the inside”.

I think this description just fits him so perfectly. “Ah~My dream is to have a bunch of friends and frolic in a field of sunflowers.” “I also can’t wait to see everyone beg for their lives and submit to my enormous power…” I think that’s enough said. Doroshia? Is that a stretch?

The Bodere
Boderes aren’t very common. They lash out when embarrassed and usually threaten to use violence a lot.

Bolossia is so wrapped up in his Bodere complex. When the other micronations see him being soft, his immediate reaction is to curse them out, threatens them, and flips them off throughout the rest of the comic. He is a perfect fit.

SEKAIIII DE ICHIBAN OHIME-SAMA! These tropes are used to describe characters that act very princess or prince like. In this case, we just have an Oujidere. 

Though I wouldn’t call him a prince exactly, he definitely acts like a spoiled prince. He has an aura that says “I’m superior” and is constantly showing off his money. If he were a girl, he could be Hime River…My pun skills are failing me. 

The Kamidere
The Kamidere acts god-like and wants to be treated like a god and are very egocentric obviously.
I’m not absolutely sure about this one but I think this is the closest to a Kamidere that we will get. 

Or so I thought…

Prussia has obvious reasons. But Ladonia is a little harder to see. When Ladonia first met the micronations, he claims he should be leader and commands all the micronations follow under him. Like he’s some sort of god… Just a thought. 

That’s about it. That’s all I got. I may not be correct and I may have missed a few characters, but these are who I think fit into these tropes. If you think I missed someone, then reblog and let me know. If you want a post on ALL the -dere types, let me know. Otherwise, that’s about it. 


So I am going to my first con of 2017! :D This con is BishounenCon, which is literally the east coast version of YaoiCon. It is March 3rd to 5th in Warwick, Rhode Island. This year is its first year and I am very excited for it. If any of you are going, I’ll have my cosplay list under the cut ^^ I will be couple cosplaying all weekend! :D

(This con is an 18+ con, though, so I would only see my older followers there!)

- Admin England

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HI HELLO THIS ISN’T REALLY ANYTHING SPECIAL I JUST NOTICED THAT I HAVE 400+ FOLLOWERS ALREADY LIKE WOAH THAT’S A LOT though im pretty fucking sure that most of them are just porn bot blogs. this blog is three months old now and woah??? look at how many people i’ve already interacted with!!! that’s big accomplishment yo. to be fair, i was actually struggling on what to do. i wanted to do something nice like what the cool blogs do: giveaways and all that stuff but??? what the heck can i even give?? am i allowed to give away my depression and internal organs??? because i’m… i’M SO DONE.

but nevermind about that because i don’t wanna disappoint anyone i guess i’m just gonna go ahead and ramble about ailill under the cut. mostly my initial plannings and how i actually ended up with him as final product when i actually had a long list of original characters  i wanted to write as. well, he’s not technically original since he’s mythology based but you all get the point.

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Thinking about reducing down to a single big Multi-Muse Blog

So I am putting some serious thought into going to a single multi-muse blog, one blog for all of my muses, including the ones I stopped playing. This would be my comic book muses, Star Trek muses, Star Wars muses, and my other uncategorized muses.

The basic list of muses would be 

-Comic Book Muses-

Power Girl (DC comics), Poison Ivy (DC comics), John Constantine (DC Comics), Gwenpool (Marvel Comics), Hikaru Ohno (Domin-8 Me!/Take on Me Comic), Aoi Sakuraba (Ai Yori Aoshi Comic), Original Characters

-Star Wars Muses-

Mon Mothma (Rogue One), Force Priestesses (Clone Wars), Mace Windu (Prequel Trilogy), Yoda (Star Wars)

-Star Trek Muses-

Elizabeth Dehner (TOS), Weyoun (DS9), Kes (Voyager), Beverly Crusher (TNG), Sakona (DS9), Original Character

-Muses from Various Sources-

Akasha (Queen of the Damned), W33b0 (Flubber), Metastable Compound (Flubber), Miss Honey (Matilda), Rainbow Randolph (Death to Smoochy), Leland Gaunt (Needful Things), Lone Starr (Spaceballs), Morpheus (The Matrix), Tasha Lem (Doctor Who), Nani Pelekai (Lilo and Stitch), Samus Aran (Metroid), Hawkeye Pierce (M*A*S*H), Several Original Characters


Anyway, I have a lot of muses, most of them I have Icons made for. I think a single big multi-muse blog would work best for this sort of thing.

Like this if you think it would be a good idea. I’m not sure yet.

anonymous asked:

hello do u have any favourite tony/rhodey fics?

oh god, you have no effing idea of what you’ve unleashed i’d probably just go on a rant on each of them but instead i’ll try to keep it to a normal casual list ( just two things 1. i usually always bookmark the fanfics i love to bits so i’m gonna take most -if not all- of the ones listed here from my bookmarks and 2. unfortunately i am super picky with fanfics, especially if it’s two characters i adore like tony and rhodey so -while i can’t be sure until i finish- this might be a short list. on top of that, i actually haven’t gone to ao3 for these two in quite a while -something i’m probably going to fix today, cause now i need me some rhodeytony- so yeah, sorry about that ). 

here it goes, actually under a cut ( except the first three cause i really love them ! they’re definitely my favorites ) cause it got kinda long. my bad for ranting, whops !  also totally my bad because this went from ‘my faves’ to ‘all the rhodeytony stuff i’ve ever read and liked’, sorry !

  • tomorrow, on the beach    — aka the best thing that ever happened to me on ao3. as you can possibly guess it’s a ‘edge of tomorrow’ au with tony and rhodey and i swear to god i went to bed that i still had to finish this and spent the morning after with my phone glued to my hand. i had basically only just cracked open my eyes and i was already back on it. i read it like my life depended on it.  there are lovely cameos from maya hansen and pepper potts which i loved and god, it’ll probably make you love rhodeytony even more
  • james rhodes in 8C       – aka the one that will have you say ‘good lord what good thing did i do in my past life to deserve this’ and also ‘for fuck’s sake i don’t deserve this’ cause the pining is Real my friend and it will get to you. it’ll get to you and it will butcher you like a pig. it’s that good. so fucking good. here’s a quote just to get you going: 
    • “Man, no one said you were funny,” James Rhodes in 8C says. Tony forces a smile and rolls his shoulders inward. “Everyone here is a dweeb,” he says. “They don’t know what’s good. What’d they say about me anyway?”
            James Rhodes in 8C tilts his head, and his eyes are warm and clear, and something in Tony feels cracked and exposed, but somehow free. “Nothing important,” he says with a dismissive flick of his wrist, and that’s when Tony knows there’s never gonna be anyone for him but James Rhodes.
  • below freezing        – aka it’s tony’s turn to be the knight in shining armor, but before that prepare yourself: cause you’re gonna see rhodey like you’ve never even imagined. this fic will gently wrap its hand around your heart and, at one point out of fucking nowhere, will squeeze and twist and you’ll probably beg for the end. cause, god, jUST GET RHODEY OUT OF THERE.  this is mostly rhodey-centric, if i remember correctly, but of course that means that there’s loads of rhodeytony things in it. you’ll sob, man. you’ll sob like a child. and you’ll enjoy it so fucking much & the ending’s too fucking much.  ( someone also did art for this here !  but don’t spoil yourself )

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ok i have to re-upload this as i wanted to make changes to what i have put to make it clear but i will explain here this time.

all art be it full art or chibi/ small bits of art have a base price but if you want to add more characters and/or background it will add the price to the side. 

commissions slots: (send an ask to me)

  1. Taken
  2. Taken
  3. open
  4. open
  5. open

waiting list

  1. open
  2. open
  3. open

what i will not draw:

harmful/bullying work

(know i am new to making a commission list so if anything doesn’t make sense just let me know in an ask)


((It’s about time I did this, because I started saving for the aforementioned expedition a few months ago and this will really help me keep up with it!

The basics are that next summer, I’m embarking on an expedition to Nepal with my school in order to complete community work after the earthquakes in recent years, and experience the culture first hand. I’m super keen on doing this trip, because it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for me, but… it costs a lot of money. £140 a month, to be exact. So commissions are going to be opened!

More Info

Prices are all in GBP so you might want to run them through a converter if you’re not UK based like I am! The prices are not fixed and can and will be raised and lowered if you want to negotiate. The ones listed are the minimum (so far) for art - as in, no fancy background, one simple character, headshot only or whatever. Icons will probably be cheaper - just inquire. I can do blog banners and landscapes on their own too for the price of painting/full shading (and up). Refs for characters are flat-colour price (and up.)

Send me detailed descriptions or references of what scene/character you want me to draw - photos of your pets are welcomed and encouraged, I love drawing animals - and I’ll get started immediately! You can send them through tumblr PM to @ask-silver-valley or @seaspraydragons, or to my email graceluelliott@gmail.com.

I will NOT draw gore, kink/NSFW, or suggestive themes, but otherwise pretty much anything goes. I might have left something out that I’ve forgotten, so I have the right to refuse your request if it makes me uncomfortable/awkward. I’ll give you the full price after I’ve finished so I can check it over and work stuff out. I’ve tried to keep things as affordable as possible but if there’s any issues with my pricing, please please let me know and I’m perfectly happy to make a compromise!

Thank you very much! I look forwards to hearing from you if you are considering it! More examples are to come when I get round to drawing them!

jenniferjuni-per  asked:

26-30 Valentine fandom ask meme

26. Name a ship that ended like you wanted it to.

I answered this one previously here :)

27. Name a ship that deserved better in the end.


Originally posted by blackcanarydinah

Like, I am NEVER going to get over rebelcaptain. Like THIS SCENE WAS THEIR HAPPY ENDING LIKE WTF LUCASFILM (don’t get me wrong, it was actually a really appropriate and beautiful and bittersweet way to end the arcs for these characters but GODAMMIT ALL TO HELL WHY???)

Also on the short list: HAN AND LEIA. Mulder and Scully, Jackie and Hyde, AND FUCKING LUKE SKYWALKER AND MARA JADE (insult to injury! They FRIDGE Mara, then remove her from canon COMPLETELY I AM SO SALTY ABOUT THIS).

28. Is there a character you have several ships for?

Maybe Finn? I don’t actively ship him strongly with any one person, but I think he has good chemistry with both Rey and Poe. I’m a pretty boring canon shipper though, but when I go, I go HARD.

29. What is the ship you ignore 98% of canon for?

Yeah, Rebelcaptain. Like, they’re dead in canon, but in fandom, they live forever. Don’t anyone dare tell me otherwise.


Originally posted by frekkenbok

30. Is there a ship you like but you dislike the fandom?

I fell into this weird RPS this last year where I really loved this one celebrity couple, but the male half’s fans were some of the worst human beings I’ve had the displeasure to encounter. They were bullies, psychos, misogynists, and hypocrites. They actively attacked the female celeb on social media and spread rumors to gossip sites. I should have known better than to RP ship, but I was so fond of them. And then they broke up anyway, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thanks for the asks! These were fun!