i am not exotic i am exhausted

Full offense but it really pisses me off that Mexican immigrants apply for visas and get denied because they are virtually impossible to access. and then they decide to put their lives at risk in the hot desert for literally MILES AND MILES, swimming in one of the most dangerous bodies of water that take lives literally every day only to be called a wetback and other racial slurs. And to top it off the U.S. Border patrol shoot and murder these people who are only in search for a better life for FUN. MASS GRAVES OF IMMIGRANTS have been found in Texas and other bordering states a few miles above the border and literally no one gives a shit about it. There have been documented incidents of racist bastards going to the border and shooting my people for pure fun. That is savage and disgusting and heartless. We as Mexican immigrants contributed so much only to have a history of enslavement within Missions that supposedly were created in the name of
God but yet tortured our indigenous brothers and sisters and forced us into exhausting labor. We as Mexican immigrants work in American fields in the hot sun only to be given poor wages and worse working conditions. We’re made fun of for the way we speak and our women are fetishized for having curves and being exotic. Honestly fuck Donald trump and his nasty ass comments I hope El Chapo comes for u. I am Mexican American. I am Chicana. And I am proud of it. Que viva la raza.