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Why is the timing always fucking shady? What's the thing with March25? Should I erase it from my future ? Just sleep all day?? Honestly it's all very bizarre but for now we just need to step back and see how it goes. From thz beginning of this I was 👀 and *shrug* and now I am ready to embrace a real paternity from my son! Even I am still👀. Can't wait to see how it goes

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:It does look so much more realistic and genuine than Louis’s though. I don’t know if this is a BG 2.0. That picture is so much sweeter than Louis’s, too. It’s about the baby. You can’t see they’re faces really, but the body language makes the baby so central. Louis’s first two pics looked like narcissistic photo shoots. Liam’s looks like a new dad cradling his son. Maybe they learned from BG 1, but I’m not sure now? That picture is actually pretty moving.

Tbh I Was waiting for Liam’s comment on the matter and now I really don’t know what to think 

To Recap:

Bad Things Raphael Did:

  • Kidnapped Simon
  • Threatened to kill Simon after the Shadowhunters already attacked him in his own home, literally risked killing Simon themselves, and put everyone in danger by freeing Camille

Good Things Raphael Did:

  • Saved Simon’s life despite considerable personal risk from Camille
  • Saved Simon’s life again despite even more considerable personal risk from Shadowhunters
  • Overthrew Camille as a way of protecting Simon, the clan, and god knows how many innocent mundanes she might otherwise have killed
  • Agreed to train Simon
  • Gave them blood (which he could also have gotten into trouble for)
  • Helped rescue Meliorn even though he had no personal ties to Meliorn
  • Let Simon borrow his clothes
  • Agreed to help the Shadowhunters find the Book of the White, but drew the line at freeing Camille because she was locked up for their own safety

Does this sound like a villain to you?

i’m about to watch the final episode of avatar: the last airbender… will i cry?? will i be happy???? am i even ready for this at all??? what will i do when it’s all over??? i will miss their universe??? help???

i’ve been thinking about what might’ve happened after the iconic swimming pool scene and i can’t stop laughing because imagine: 

  • even, who wears 38902 layers of clothing to stay warm, in only one, sopping wet, late at night, too freezing to move and ride the bike back 
    • attempting to but toppling over every time
    • isak going in front instead and even sitting behind him freezing cold but laughing so hard he can’t breathe 
    • he tries to use his God Beard to keep warm (does this make sense? no) 
  • and when they get to isak’s home, just hugging each other to stay warm as they stumble through the door, muffling their laughter (and failing), dripping wet and shivering 
  • isak struggling to get his shirt off bc it keeps sticking 
    • even offering to help 
    • isak turning red before nodding 
    • helping each other take off sopping wet clothes but closing their eyes bc they’re both a little bit bashful 
    • the help isn’t even really necessary, but it’s an excuse to be closer 
  • even has to ask for clothes bc isak is too distracted 
    • he gives him his favorite shirt (is the jesus shirt his favorite? it should be that’s a nice shirt)
    • even still has it 
  • eating together bc they’re probably starving 
  • even opening all the cabinets bc he’s curious, looking around isak’s room like it’s the most interesting thing he’s ever seen 
  • making hot drinks to warm up
  • cuddling to warm up 
  • falling into bed and talking and laughing all night until the both of them fall asleep

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Hi! I hope you're doing ok^^ I just wanted to ask, because I'm also completely in love with makoto, what was the moment where you like, fell for him? Was it from the first second he appeared in season 1 or at a different moment? :D You don't have to share of course, but as he's your fav I thought I might ask you ^^ hope you have a good day ~

Hello :D ahhhhhh it was actually in few “steps”!!! <33

When I watched ep01 for the first time, I had no idea what kind of character he would be. But after few mns, this happened:

THIS made me melt for the guy immediately, that was one of the sweetest smile I saw for an anime charac///////// and I remember my cheeks got warmer at this sight ahahah >////<  but I wasn’t seeing him yet like my crush charac, it was only the beginning :)
After some episodes, I could see how kind he was, he became quickly my fav in the anime <333 but it’s definitely the episodes 5 & 6 that made me realize how much I loved him///// With ep5, we could discover his insecurities, so it made me get even more attached to him. But the episode ended like this :

We learnt just before that Makoto was scared of water but at in this scene, he doesn’t even think twice, he reacts right away and just run to save his friend. 
It was so intense!!!  I didn’t expect him AT ALL to react this way, I thought he would freeze tbh. It’s the scene I remember clearly how I was feeling. When the credits appear, I was really shocked, but when I saw the trailer for the next episode…..”shocking no breathing”………it’s so unfair for Rei, but I was terrified for Makoto. Really, TERRIFIED. And the worst, when this episode came, we had to wait TWO WEEKS for the next one :’((  I kept playing this scene again and again to reassure me, that he would be fine//////
I think it’s really at this point I realized how Makoto was important for me. To be that concerned about a anime character……the last time I felt this way was for Fai from TRC, one of my biggest fav charac.

Then, episode 6 finally came.

Do I really need to explain why I was moved at this moment :’) 
I guess it’s because I am someone very unconfident and I struggle to surpass my fears. So seeing Makoto who is trying his best all the time, and moves forward because he knows he isn’t alone and will take the strength and the love of the persons he cares about for this………….*leave to cry for a moment*
This was the moment for me, the moment I knew Makoto was the character I will love all my life and that I would cherish every smiles of him <333

And I fell more and more in love with his character during the rest of the season, and next season, and cd drama and novels ect…

I think it’s really when a character makes you smile or cry, touches you deeply, when your emotions are guided by them, that you begin to say 
“yes, that’s the one”

tbpdfw you hate ur entire personality/identity and want a new one

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Even is going back to Bakka, with Isak by his side. As support. Isak wanted to be by his side the moment Even finally told him. What happened his last year. And now the day has come, where he’s out to finally get closure. Because it’s time to move forward. Because he is READY. Because there is a future. And this future is with Isak. There’s no curtains, no walls anymore between them. And Isak is so proud of his beautiful boyfriend.

And by the end of the season, they will walk hand in hand into the sunset. At Oslo Pride. And both will burn so bright. 

And you will see it. Finally. At the end credits. Director : Even bech Naesheim. Director of his own life. 

one thing i am 1000000% certain and ready to bet my life on is that even will be isak’s first. there is NO doubt or question in it. they’ve been built up too much and have too much of a strong, emotional, soul to soul connection for even not to be isak’s first.

that guy in the clip? IS even. there is no question in this.

so if isak does go and party tonight or whatever, and he hits it off with a guy, he is not gonna sleep with him and i can VOUCH for that. i can put my life on the line for that.