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BUSTED (Tony x Reader + Avengers)

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A/N: So this is very short. Sorry about that. Thanks anon for requesting, I hope you guys wike this. Please ignore any mistakes. And feel free to request anything, I would love to write them! Oh, and sorry if this is not good enaugh, I am doing my best. 

Request: Would you mind writing something where you’re secretly dating tony and Steve and Thor catch you two and tease you two about it infront of the others subtly?


“Hey honey. What are you up to?” I said, smiling  to Tony seductively. He took his eyes away from his computer and looked at me. I got inside to the lab and walked towards him.
“I am busy, baby.”
“You are always busy.” I stood behind him, putting my hands on his shoulders.
“You know I always have time for you. Now is just not the time.” He said. I leaned down and started kissing his neck. After a few kisses, I whispered to his ear: “It isn’t?”
“I changed my mind.” He said, he stood up and picked me up. I quickly wrapped my legs around his waist and put my hands in his hair. He pressed me against the wall gently. He kissed me, first it was gentle. Then it got rough. I opened my mouth for him, we kept kissing. He pulled away from our kiss, and started to suck my neck. I tightened my legs, and moaned in pleasure. I closed my eyes, only to open them back when I heard foot steps.
Steve opened the lab’s doors and walked in with Thor.
“Hey Tony, I–” He stopped talking as he saw us. Tony let me down quickly and started to fix his hair. I fixed my blouse, and looked at the two.
They just stood there, their mouths open. Their eyes flickered between me and Tony, who was trying to pull himself together.
“We’ll just, leave.” Thor said and got out of the lab, pulling Steve with him.
“We’re screwed.” I said, looking at Tony.
“Well, we can continue at least.” He said, more like asked.
“Good idea.” I said as I pushed him to the chair and sat on his lap.
I walked into the common room, to chat with the team.
“Hey (Y/N)!” Steve said, with a way too happy voice.
“Hey Steve. Everyone.” I walked towards them and took a seat, next to Thor, in front of Tony.
“We were just about to tell the others about what you and Tony have been doing today!” Thor said, smiling. My eyes widened. I sent him a ‘don’t do this’ look.
“What? What is it? You two didn’t blow up anything did you?” Natasha asked.
“No worries. They didn’t do anything bad, well, except each other.” Steve said, trying to hold back his laughter.
“YOU ARE KIDDING RIGHT?” Clint asked, way too excited. I threw a pillow to Steve, “Shut up Rogers.”
Natasha laughed, “Pay up Speedy!”
Pietro rolled his eyes and landed a 20 to Natasha.
“You guys bet on us?” Tony asked, raising his eyebrows.
“Of course we did dumbass!” Clint cheered, “Sam owes me 50 bucks!”
“So tell us, have you guys went on a date yet? Did you two kiss under a tree, watching sunset?” Pietro asked, his voice playful. Bruce chuckled. Tony rolled his eyes. I covered my face with my hands, hiding my blushed cheeks.
“I actually think they just hooked up in the lab.” Thor said, laughing. Even Wanda and Bruce started to laugh.
“You didn’t? IN THE LAB? MY BABYGIRL GREW UP!” Natasha said, pretending to look proud. 

“Uh, shut up Romanoff. I remember the time we caught you and Banner under the table.” I said with a cocky voice. Tony looked at me and smirked.

Hope this was what you were asking for anon! Hope you wike it.

Captain America’s Best Girl (Steve x Reader)

A/N: Thanks to the lovely anon who requested this! -I didn’t reply the message because I wanted you people to read this without any spoilers-

Please ignore any mistakes, and I am sorry if it’s not good enaugh. I am trying to improve myself. 

By the way, I really suck at writing fighting scenes. Sorry about that.


Warnings: Torture, pain, blood, cursing.

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“I am telling you, he doesn’t like me.” I said, trying to catch up with Steve. He stopped walking and turned to me, “Baby, he does, just…uh-give him a little time.”
“He won’t want me at the game tonight.” I said. 

Steve was my boyfriend for over a year, and Bucky, his bestfriend still didn’t like me. I didn’t think he actually cared about my existence. 

“Look, I’ll talk to him. I am sure he would love you if he got a chance to know you. So, how about you to go to the game together? I’ll catch up later?”

“No-no-no-no. That’s not a good id-”

“It is. You two will talk, and work it out. I’ll talk to him.” He said, cutting me off.


“I love you babe. I’ll see you tonight.” He said, and gave me a quick kiss before turning around and leaving. 

I sighed as I stared at his fine ass as he walked away.

“I know you are staring!” He said, not turning his back and still walking.

I chuckled, “I can’t help it!" 

He gave me a quick playful look before getting inside the elevator.


(Bucky and Steve)

"She…she is coming?” Bucky asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Well…she is my girlfriend. So she is.” Steve answered.

“Yeah I just thought-”

“I know you don’t like her.” Steve said, giving him a look.

Bucky took a deep breath. “Yes, I don’t.” He confessed.

“Why?” Steve asked, he was confused. To him, (Y/N) was perfect. 

“I, it’s just…I don’t-”

“Okay, whatever. But you two will have some time together, and get to know each other.” Steve said, pointing his finger at him.


“Tonight. You will take her to the game, and I’ll catch up with you two later."Steve added.

"No, look-”

“Buck.” Steve protested, shooting him a look.

“Okay, okay. I’ll pick her up. Alright?”

“Thank you.”

“I’ll see you tonight then, punk.” Bucky said, a playful grin on his face. 

“Yeah, jerk.” Steve responded with the exact same look as they hugged.


“Do I look okay?” (Y/N) asked her friends, Natasha and Wanda, who were sitting on her bed as she changed clothes and asked them for advice.

“Yeah. Sexy legs you got there.” Natasha said and winked at her, she chuckled. She was wearing her denim shorts, and a white t-shirt. 

“And I’ll just wear my sneakers. Casual. We’re just going to the game anyway.” (Y/N) said.

“Yeah. I don’t know why are you so nervous.” Wanda said.

“Bucky hates me.” She said, taking a deep breath.

“He doesn’t hate you.”

“He does.”

“Okay maybe he doesn’t like you but–" 

(Y/N) sighed. Why doesn’t he like me? I haven’t done anything wrong!, she thought.

They were interrupted by the door knocking."It’s him.” Natasha said before getting up. (Y/N) took her purse and wore her sneakers quickly, rushing to the door.

“Hey.” She said, smiling.

Bucky didn’t smile back. “Hey.” He said with a bored voice.

 (Y/N) could see that Natasha and Wanda were trying to hold back their laughter.

“So, bye you two! Have fun!” Natasha said as she pushed her out, shutting the door behind them. 

She looked away from Bucky, and they both walked towards the elevators in an awkward silence. 

“Soo…how are you?” (Y/N) asked when the elevators door shut. 

“Good. You?” He answered, not looking at her.

“Good.” She answered, turning away from him. 

When they reached the garage’s floor, he got out first, walking too fast and not waiting for her. “Such a gentleman,” she mumbled to herself. 

“Pardon?” Bucky asked, turning to her.

“Oh, nothing." 

They walked towards the black Range Rover in silence, and Bucky sat on the driver’s seat as (Y/N) sat on the front seat. 

"Put your seat belt on.” Bucky said as he turned the engine on.

(Y/N) did so, and took a look at Bucky. He didn’t have his seat belt on.

“You should too.” She said to him, and he turned to her, giving her a are-you-serious look.

“What? I have mine on.”

“If we were in an accident, I am pretty sure you would die first, and I wouldn’t, soo…" 

(Y/N) rolled her eyes. "You are being ridiculous.” She said as he drove out of the garage.

He shot her a look. “It’s true.”

 "Whatever, ass.“ She said, looking away. She said the word ‘ass’ so low, Bucky almost didn’t hear it.

”'Ass’? You know, we should be trying to get along.“ Bucky said.

"You are the one that doesn’t like me.” (Y/N) answered.

He didn’t know how to answer to that. 

It couldn’t be more weird. 

Rest of their drive was in silence. 

During their drive to the stadium, Bucky noticed car following them from the mirror. It was a black Mercedes, driving 10 yards away which had men in black inside. (Y/N) didn’t seem to notice, and Bucky didn’t want to freak her out so he didn’t say anything. He acted like he hadn’t seen a thing. But she had noticed something was off.

“(Y/N), can you pass me my jacket from the back seat please?” (Y/N) was confused, it was hot outside, did he even bring a jacket?

“Sure.” She answered, turning to the back and reaching out for the black leather jacket on the backseat. She did see the gun he had in inside the pocket of the jacket. She looked up at him. 


“Just put the jacket on your lap. And pull the gun out and pass it to me when I say so, alright?” Bucky said, he knew they were being watched so he acted like there was nothing wrong. He kept his eyes on the road.

She did as he said so. “Someone is following us, right?” She asked nervously.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let them hurt you.” He said. 

She was Steve’s girlfriend, he had to protect her.

(Y/N) took out her phone, to call for help. It wasn’t even working.  She picked Bucky’s and checked it too.

“Sons of bitches broke our phones.” She said.

“That’s not a surprise." 

”(Y/N), they will probably attack once they get closer. When they do so, hide, okay? Don’t come out until I say so.“ Bucky said with a calm and serious voice.


After a minute,  he noticed the car stopping in the middle of the road. His breathing stopped as the men in a black armours got out of the car, holding machine guns. (Y/N) saw it too, her eyes widened in fear.

“GET DOWN!” Bucky shouted as the man started shooting. (Y/N) got off the seat, sat on the ground of the car, passing Bucky the gun. 

Men managed to shot the wheels, the car stopped, drifting few feets away. 

“Stay here. Don’t move.” Bucky ordered before kicking the car’s door open.

God, he wished he had his suit on.

He ripped the cars door with his metal arm to use as a shield, and raised the gun to shoot the men. They were too many to shoot. He knew he was going to run out of bullets, he had to get close to them. He did so, he walked towards the men, holding the car’s door up while doing so. When he managed to get close enough to one of them, he hit the guy with the car’s door. and took his gun. He used the guy as a human shield, car’s door was damaged.There were too many men. Too many. That didn’t really matter to The Winter Soldier. He was killing every single one of them, until a man in black mask stepped out of the black Mercedes. 

Only a single word fell from his mouth: 


 Bucky’s arms fell on his sides, the weapon he was using fell on the ground. His brain froze, he lost the control of his muscles.He just stood still.The man chuckled. 

“I see you are still useful, Asset.” He said, looking at the dead/unconsicuos men laying on the ground.

“Take the girl from the car.” He ordered to the rest of the men.

A couple of men ran towards the black Range Rover, pulled (Y/N) out, who was now struggling to get out of the men’s arms. She ended up kicking one in the balls as she elbowed the other in the face. But more men came to hold her.

“Look what a fighter we got here.” The man in the black suit said as one of the men pushed her in front of  the man. 

She fell on her knees, only to get back up immediatly.

“I wouldn’t expect any less from Captain America’s best girl.”



With the repeat of the word, Bucky woke back up. He took a deep breath in shock, blinked a few times to adjust to the light. When his vision came back, he saw that he was in a dark room, tied up in chains. When he looked up, what he saw was a lot worse.

(Y/N) was handcuffed to a chair she was sitting on, unconscious. 





He felt his heart beat fastening, this couldn’t be happenning.

"Welcome back, Sergeant Barnes.” He heard someone call, he looked around, and noticed a dark figure standing in the corner of the room. Hearing the name the man called him, he shouted in anger, trying to get up and attack the man.He felt his heart pounding in his chest. 

The man chuckled, his hands going up to his mask. He took it off slowly, threw it aside. Then he took a few steps forward, stepping out of the dark. The light made fell on the man’s face, relieving it for Bucky to see.His whole face had burn marks.


Bucky’s eyes widened. 

“I know, it’s kind of ugly, isn’t it?” Brock Rumlow said.

Bucky couldn’t open his mouth to speak. He knew what he was going to do. Brock Rumlow wanted revenge from Captain America, and there was no way better that hurting his loved ones; his girlfriend and his bestfriend.

“I’ll give you a chance. Let us go. We’ll let you leave, alive.” Bucky said, his voice cold.

Rumlow just smirked in return. 

“You are gonna regret this.” Bucky added, raising his tone.

“I have plenty of time before any of your friends find your lifeless bodies. I’ll escape.” He answered.

Bucky felt his blood boil, his muscles tightened, he clenched his jaw.

(Y/N) opened her eyes slowly, forced herself to wake up. She felt a terrible pain in the back of her head. Son of a bitch knocked me out, she thought as she groaned in pain.

“Oh, there she is, finally awake.” She looked up when she heard a man’s voice. She blinked a couple of times. She started to shake in fear when she looked up. 

There were all kinds of knives and weapons standing on the table besides her, she was handcuffed, she saw Bucky tied up in front of her. Her eyes widened. Then she looked up at the man, who carried a red-skull symbol on his black armour. He had burn marks all over his face, it wasn’t hard to guess who it was.

“So, which one of you want to go first?” Rumlow said, walking over to the weapons. 

Bucky and (Y/N)’s eyes met, he could see how scared she was, he hated it. “If you touch her, I swear to god-” Bucky growled. 

Brock turned to him with an amused look on his face, “I’ll start with her then." 

He said, which made Bucky try to rip the chains off in anger.(Y/N) did her best to hide her fear. She wasn’t going to give the son of a bitch the pleasure of seeing her like scared.She saw him picking up a large knife before walking slowly towards her. When he got close enaugh, she spat on his face. 

"You ugly son of a bitch! I bet you’ll even look worse when he gets here.” She growled, which made Brock stumble back.

“Who? Cap? It’ll take him a lot to find his dead bitch, no worries.” He said before punching her. 

Numbing pain shot through her, black dots spotted her vision. Her head fell, she could feel the taste of blood in her mouth. Tears stung the corners of her eyes, but she blinked them away.

She could hear Bucky shouting in anger among with the sound his chains made as he moved. But it all went blurry for her for a moment. Brock watched her as she tilted her head up again, looked at him like he was nothing, but a piece of shit. 

“Aren’t you an one tough cookie.” He grinned.

“…But I can assure you, you won’t have that same look on your face when I’m done with you.” He added with a cold voice, his eyes showing no emotion.


Hours passed.

(Y/N) lost the sense of time. She didn’t know if she had been there for hours, a day, a few days maybe. She could feel the pain in every inch of her body. She thought she would pass out after a while, but she didn’t, which was even worse.

Bucky was just as hurt as her. No, he wasn’t being tortured. He didn’t feel any physical pain. But after every hit she took, something inside him broke. He hated watching her being hurt, even though they haven’t really been friends. But she was a loved one for his bestfriend, which meant he had to protect her at all costs. He would be feeling better if Rumlow was torturing him instead of her. 

“I’ll kill you.” He grunted as the man sat in silence, enjoying his cigarette. 

“I have no doubt you would, Asset. If you survive, why wouldn’t you?” Brock answered as he exhaled the smoke, and got up, walked towards the door. 

“Now I’ll go get a beer for myself. If I were you, I wouldn’t try anything stupid.” He said before leaving. 

Bucky forced himself to look at the bruised face of (Y/N)’s. He felt his heart ache as he did so. 

“We will get out of here, alive and breathing. I promise.” He said to her, trying to keep his voice strong. 

(Y/N) opened her mouth to speak, but she ended up coughing her own blood. Then she tried to pull herself together, there was something she had to say.

“Bucky…” She started to speak, her voice was coming out like a whisper but she forced herself to be strong, and continued:

“…If I don’t make it, please tell him that I love him.” She said, her voice cracking as tears fell from her eyes.

“You’ll that yourself, okay? They’ll be here. They’ll find us.” He said. 

He didn’t want to think of a scenerio where she died and he had to tell that to his besfriend. He couldn’t do that. 


“Steve,” Natasha called out to her friend, “We will find them.” 

Steve got away from his thoughts as she placed her hand on his shoulder.

“Natasha…” He mumbled, he didn’t know how to answer.

He felt scared.

Captain America was scared. There was nothing on earth to make him so terrified but losing his loved ones; his bestfriend and his lover.

“I know, I know. It’s going to be okay, I promise.” Natasha said with a soft voice as she sat next to him. 

“Cap,” Sam called for him, entering the room. “Stark found something.” 

Natasha and Steve got up quickly, and followed Sam to the lab. 

Natasha could hear Steve’s heart pounding in his chest. 

“What do we got?” Steve asked as they entered the lab. 

“I’ve hacked into some phones, people who were there on the same road as they were. And found some footages…” Tony said, and FRIDAY hologramed the videos.

They stood in a circle as they watched Bucky fight the agents with ease, than stop the moment the masked man said something. The footage was taken from a distance, and clearly by a cellphone. It couldn’t be heard what the man said to Bucky, but Steve knew exactly what it was. 

“Pause.” Tony said and FRIDAY paused the video, Tony scooped in, “I did a few things on the picture,” The image was suddenly a lot clearer. 

“…Aand, look, our guy has a few burn marks.” Tony said, looking at Steve.

“Rumlow.” Steve said in surprise. 


“Do we know where did he take them?” Steve asked with a scared voice, he wished the answer was yes.

“We do. Let’s go suit up.” 


“He still isn’t here now, is he?” Rumlow said, chuckling as he exhaled the smoke. 

(Y/N) was biting her lower lip to not scream. She felt pain everywhere in her body, yet she was still trying to be strong.

A scream ripped her throat as he placed the burning cigarette on her bare shoulder, putting it out on her skin. 

“No!” Bucky shouted in surprise, his yelling was followed by more cursing and threatning. 

As (Y/N) passed out from the pain, he turned back to Bucky.

“Well, now it’s my time to leave, I had a great time. Tell Cap I say hi, okay? Bye.” Rumlow said with a smile and waved before grabbing his weapons, his jacket.

“I’ll kill you. I’ll find you, I swear to god, and blow your fucking brains out.” Bucky growled as he just stared into his eyes. 

Rumlow had no doubt he would. He knew the consequances of what he did, and he was ready to fight.

“Good luck with that. Oh, and one more thing, you two can’t walk out here together. Cap’s gonna have to make a choice.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“You’ll see.” He responded with a devilish grin before walking out of the door. 


“(Y/N), hey, wake up. Please. Please, wake up.” Bucky was calling out for her from his seat, he wasn’t sure if she was still breathing.

“(Y/N)! Hey! Come on!” Bucky called out louder this time, hoping she would respond. 

The third time he did, she woke up. Bucky watched her as she opened her eyes hardly, forcing her eyes to look up at him. 

She had blood everywhere. 

She wouldn’t make it if they weren’t here soon. 

He had also noticed the machine gun behind her, that was hung up on the air towards him. It also appared to be connected with the metalic table she was laying on. 

The moment she would move from that table, the gun was going to go off, and he would be dead. 

He checked his back, and there was another gun in the same position that was pointed towards (Y/N).

Son of a bitch thought it all through. If one of them was going to live, other one was surely going to die. 


“Let’s go.” Steve said as he grabbed his shield, put on his helmet.

“Hold up, let me scan the building first.” Tony said.

Everyone waited information from him as they stood ready.

“There seems to be….Only two people inside.” 

Everyone was confused by the words that left Tony’s mouth. 

“But, it can’t be- this must be a trap.” Natasha said. 

“You’re right. This seems weird, we should-” Clint was cut off by Steve, 

“I am going in.” 


“I don’t care what kind of a trap it is. I am going in.” 

Everyone exchanged looks, “We got your back, Cap.”

He nodded his head before jumping off the jet. He landed on his foot and knee, getting up quickly and running inside the building.

He broke the locks with his shield, ran around the whole building until he finally found them.

“(Y/N)! Bucky!” He shouted once again, but this time it was replied.

“We’re here! Steve!” Bucky shouted back. 

He wasted no time running in. 

He was in complete shock when he looked around. His heart ached when he saw (Y/N), unconscious, covered in bruises and her own blood.

When he made a move towards her, he was stopped by a voice.

“Hey, cap. It’s been a long time, right? Do you like my looks?”


Steve turned to see a big screen, which showed a video of Brock Rumlow.

“Now is the time you choose, Captain; your best girl, or your pal? Choose wisely.”

The footage ended with a laughter.

Steve looked around in confusion.

“The moment you make a move to any one of us, the sniper behind the other one’s head goes off.” Bucky explained.

Steve’s eyes widened in fear as he saw the weapon pressed against the back of Bucky’s head, his heart pounded in his chest. His blood run fast, he had to think of something. 

If he threw his shield towards to any of the snipers, they would still go off. There was a chance the bullet still hitting them no matter how fast he acted.

“Steve,” (Y/N) managed to open her eyes and call out to him with a weak voice.

Save him. Save Bucky.”

Bucky looked at her in shock as Steve froze.

“I can’t let any one of you die.” He breathed out. 

There must have been a way. 

He looked around the room, the system Brock was using to detect movements around the room was working with electricity, which meant it had a source. 

He saw the electricity panel on the other side of the room, and he threw his shield towards it, breaking the thing in two and causing the lights go off in the entire building.

Now there was no camera or anything that could alert the snipers to shoot. 

He took his shield and broke Bucky’s chains before taking (Y/N) in his arms. 


I blinked slowly, trying to adjust to the bright light and open my eyes. Surprisingly feeling no pain, I woke up.

I breathed heavily, feeling so tired and sore. But I needed to wake up and see if Bucky was safe too. I remembered telling Steve to save Bucky, but that was it. I must have passed out again before saying that.

When I tried to get up, I felt hands on me pushing me back to bed, “Baby, it’s okay, take it easy.”

I turned to see Steve which made me feel so much better. God, I missed him.

“Where’s Bucky? Is he-”

“He’s alright doll.” 

“How did you-”

“Don’t think about that. All that matters is that you’re both fine, okay?” He said and I layed back, taking a deep breath.

“How are you feeling? Do you need anything?”

“I am fine. Must be the painkillers.” I said as he took my hand in his.

I looked down at our hands, mine looked so much smaller now, and it had bruises on it which made me feel sick. 

Then I looked at my arms, they were filled with scracthes.

I didn’t even want to think about how my face looked.

“Hey, it’s okay, baby, look at me, you’re alright.” Steve said as he tilted my chin to look at him. 

I blinked when I felt tears in my eyes.

He pulled me into a hug gently, “These scars will heal. Don’t worry. And even if they don’t, they are not ugly. They make you who you are. They remind you that you survivied, that you’re strong.”

I took another deep breath as I wrapped my arms around him.

He was right. I survivied, that was all that mattered.

“And I promise you, I’ll make that son of a bitch pay.” Steve said when we pulled back.

“Damn right we will.” 

Bucky’s voice was heard from the doorstep.

He seemed tired and weak, he had dark circles under his eyes. I remembered how he screamed when I was being tortured, I knew how hard it must have been for him too.

I just nodded before laying down. 

Bucky sat to my other side, “How are you feeling?”

“I am okay. I don’t feel any pain, thanks to the painkillers. You?”

“Me too.”

There was silence before Steve got up from his seat. 

“I’ll get you some food and water doll. I’ll be right back.” He said and I just nodded before he left the room.

“I gotta’ ask you something.” Bucky said.

“Yeah?” I turned to him.

“Back in there, when Steve came to save us, you told him to save me. Why?” He asked.

“You make Steve happy,” I said with a small smile, and added; “I’d do anything for him to be happy. Even if it cost me my life.” 

His expession changed, he seemed to surprised at what I said.

“I was really wrong about you earlier.” He said after letting what I said sink in. 

I just gave him a smile and Steve walked in a minute later.

When he saw our expressions, he asked, “What?”

“Nothin’,” Bucky answered, “It’s just that me and (Y/N) are gonna be good friends after all.” 

He winked at me and I chuckled, “It seems so.”





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