i am not crying.


i just watched a bit of joey (graceffa) play Life is Strange and when it came time for you to either stop or let warren beat nathan he chose to stay out of it and even made fun of his crying??? 

like listen buddy pal i get it the dude is not the best dude but to mock someone in genuine pain???? maybe i’m just too sensitive idk it hurt to watch 

I am not happy. I have fleeting moments of amusement, or small distractions. But I’m not happy. I have nothing left to give and despite how much I try to deny it I am convinced that I truly mean nothing to anyone and even my best friends would rather not be around me. No matter how many times I tell myself that’s not true, I don’t believe it. I’m scared and weak and I don’t know what to do

*throws my drawing of my speedy son under the cut for munday bc im trash and v shy with my art lmao*

pls don’t reblog/repost pls and thank

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Out of the Blue on Facebook: “We just finished our final show at the Fringe — properly dressed up in kilts as per tradition! — and shed more than a few tears as we said our goodbyes both to Edinburgh and to the members who we’ll be losing next year! 😢😢😢 

 Thank you so much if you came out to see the show, or have been supporting us by following us online from afar — it has been our immense pleasure and privilege to perform for you, and there’s more coming from this year group yet before we hand over the baton! xxx”

music to disassociate to

this is fucked up but i am so sad and keep disassociating and i can only listen to these songs and can’t pull myself out of this fucked up mood and i dont know if im gonna cry or scream

polly / whitney

love paranoia / tame impala

paul / big thief

the leanover / life without buildings 

fine, great / modern baseball

avant gardener / courtney barnett 

white rabbit / jefferson airplane 

tchaikovsky & solitude / miniature tigers

linger / the cranberries

I have no idea how to write a curriculum let alone SIX. I am really panicking and I have nothing planned for tomorrow, I don’t know how to review their material from last year when I don’t know what they did last year.. 

I wish someone would have walked me through this- or we could’ve had a class cover how to make up a years worth of content… Am I just looking in the wrong places? Why does it feel like I’m the only one without an idea of what to do for the first few weeks of school?

just imagine a world where bucky, sam, and steve are all captain america at the same time. they each had a different take on captain america and all of them tackled their own section of issues, bucky more undercover ops, steve more in the open with the government and hydra, and sam with societal and cultural issues, but all of them undoubtedly working towards the same goal: protecting the people. 

like…just imagine the looks on villains’ faces when they hear captain america is there, and realizing, they don’t just have to fight one cap, they have to fight ALL THREE. like, THEY’RE FUCKED!! the cap squad could just tackle every single corner of the issues that need to be tackled all at once like i love the idea of them fighting together so much, them having their own shields and at some point tossing the real one inbetween them during a fight, just laying the hurt and the beat down on the baddie of the week. the three of them meeting up someplace in their uniforms and just greeting each other with a nod and, “captain america” to each other. them going to rallies and parades and shit and just being the fucking Holy Triumvirate and the crowd going wild for them. 

Bucky and Sam shooting down the haters who tell them they’re not “the real Cap” by kicking the asses of the enemies who were ready to kill everyone the haters included. Bucky with his guns and Sam with his wings and Steve with his Steveness. them having weekly meetings switching off who gets the real shield for the week and who’s gonna go do what, who’s gonna look into y, who’s going to attend x, etc etc. The three of them exchanging looks when shit’s about to go down or when someone says something and the other Avengers being all ‘oh great they’re cap-mmunicating again’. 

I just need…all three of them to make this beautiful dream a reality…