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donghyun straight up giving us all a heart attack (feat. sewoon and little woojin) 

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summary: you can never trust anything in the wizarding world. not even your own goddamn journal. 


pairing: yoongi x female reader

word count: 8k

genre: fluff

a/n: all poetry in y/n’s journal written by yours truly! obviously, anything written in yoongi’s journal is written by him. also, i know the word count’s pretty short in comparison to my seokjin fic, but a majority of this fic is in messaging format, which explains both the great physical length and the shorter word count. inspired by this drarry fic, which rocks and u should read.

“all art is quite useless.” — wilde, 1890.

The first thing your mother bought you in Diagon Alley, age eleven, was a worn, brown leather journal, its pages tinted and stained but empty nonetheless. She got it off of the highest shelf in the top corner of the crowded bookstore, stretching her arms and legs to reach it, the last of its kind.

“What’s this for?” You asked as she placed it in your open, waiting palms.

“For you to write in while at Hogwarts,” she said. “I find that words always seem to have a better way of flowing when on paper rather than out loud. Don’t you?”

“I dunno,” you responded, shrugging your little shoulders as you placed the journal in your cauldron along with the rest of your required schoolbooks. “Isn’t it dumb to keep a journal?”

“Only if you treat it as such,” your mother replied, as sage as she always was. “Come, let’s get you a wand.”

With the mention of a wand, your mind wandered far from the beaten leather journal in your cauldron as you skipped out of Flourish and Blott’s, unaware of how significant the journal would end up being in your later years at Hogwarts.

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anonymous asked:

Idea: Marcus and Oliver slow dancing to soft music in the middle of their apartment, Marcus whispering in Oliver's ear even though there's no one else in the room.

this weakens me tbh

it also weakens Oliver, really, because the soft weight of Marcus’ hand on his back is so comforting, their socked feet slightly slipping on the hardwood, and the apartment is empty - they’d just moved in a couple days ago, and they’re both not really material beings

so the odd chair and sofa, one small table that has their umbrellas resting on it, the sound of rain coming through the one window that won’t close. the apartment’s kind of dinky, to be honest, both of their reserve salaries not enough for one of the nice ones, but Oliver doesn’t really care.

the games ended and the wizarding wireless has crossed over into some slow ballad, soft and crooning singer filling their quiet apartment with music, and Marcus brushes his nose against Oliver’s temple. 

“this is good”


“yeah,” Marcus says softly, as if there’s someone else listening in, as if it’s their secret, as if what he says next is meant to be kept hidden and treasured, safe. “you. this. it’s happy - it makes me happy.”

they take another turn around in the middle of the room, Marcus winding up resting his head in the crook of Oliver’s neck and Oliver listens to the fading notes of the radio, closes his eyes, and smiles. 

170720 fancafe update, “To leader Hui” (trans)

If I upload this I’m sure he’ll say ‘why did you upload something like this’ but how can I not upload it. I want to boast so I’ve been impatient to say this since yesterday. Last dawn after I finished work, I arrived at the company for a team practice but Hui hyung said 'come here’ while holding a paper bag. Inside of of it were clothes that I saw for the first time so I asked him 'what’s this’ and he said 'you suffer every time until dawn making choreography, so I wanted to do something so I bought this, the size isn’t small right? I hope it fits right’ and he told me I worked hard and hugged me.. ㅎㅎ.. Always wherever I go I always boast about my leader, even my dad always said 'You’ve met a really good leader’, but once again I felt it. He’s a really cool hyung. Whatever I do, even though you’re the busiest and most hectic hyung these days, you don’t know how thankful I am for you thinking of your dongsaeng. Really right away I wore it because I want to show off to everyone! You can think of this as a personal letter but, because our leader is a really cool person I want to show it off to everyone. Whenever I say a lot it seems like I’m just saying a lot of words :( Even so, the clothes match me well right? Thank you hyung. I love you <3 <3 <3
I’ll always believe in hyung.

just as a reminder to everyone if you Did Not Know, in the end notes of orange fic is a collection of absolutely beautiful, stunning, amazing, wonderful, tear-inducing artwork, graphics, and fanmixes based on my silly words by some of the most fantastic people in the whole damn world, that are altogether humbling and inspiring and sometimes i just open them to smile and cry. crysmile. crile. it me. i’m overwhelmed. I’M VERKLEMPT 

The time has come! An overly dramatic post picture! I have finally taking my first dose of estrdiol for my hrt! I am officially transitioning! I am so happy and excited! I can’t want for this adventure of mine to begin. I’m gonna rock this transition, just you watch!
Special thanks to:
@lunchboxgenius or @jerkeline
And @mothfern
For answering all my questions that lead me to this point! Thank you!
Also thank you to anyone that has been kind to me on here through comments and messages!!


I stumbled across this on youtube @ 2 in the morning. it’s a short film Tom is in and y'all already know how much the boy loves drama so enjoy.