i am not complaining

Just curious here, as i will post this stuff later at some point anyways, but - would any of you be interested in seeing some of the world building stuff i’ve been working on for almost two years? It’s nowhere near finished, with how deeply n detailed i’m going with the project, but i could show some things that are finished or being concepted on in greater detail!

My birthday weekend was supposed to be spent at @hudsonwoodsny in the Hudson Valley….instead I will be here in Beaver Dam working. I’m not complaining, I am incredibly thankful for the outrageous number of orders we’ve had this Christmas season…..I do hope you will follow along with @_goinghome this weekend as she posts her adventures at @hudsonwoodsny here on the @folkmagazine feed and story. This photo is by @joestpierre at @hudsonwoodsny. (at Hudson Woods)

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i honestly can’t even find all the words to express how scary and disturbing it is that Trump is going to be our president like…..with every person it appoints i am just in shock

with every one of his tweets

he complained that  Time magazine changed the title “man of the year” to “person of the year” YOU GOT NAMED PERSON OF THE YEAR JUST SAY THANK YOU it’s so dismissive, it’s disgusting. he mocks being “politically correct” when it’s just like being CORRECT the patriarch is outdated, his misogyny is grotesque 

and like, you are taking time to complain about this…but you aren’t taking time to speak out/condemn the countless hate crimes done in your name. you should be actively promising ALL of america that you are also their president. but instead you are complaining and tweeting and trying to force Hamilton actors to apologize for their AtRocIouS behavior when they actually were very polite and shouldn’t have to basically beg their vice president to protect them.

and like every person he is appointing is so terrifying, he is going to destroy our planet like i can’t even believe that climate change deniers are going to be in the white house. opinions =/= fact. it’s so obviously for their own greed, to not lose money from fossil fuels

and he appointed A WHITE SUPREMACIST how are all the “non-racist trump supporters” justifying that? either trump had no idea (which would also be alarming that he is doing such little research) or he just doesn’t care or supports him, both are equally bad. i am wow


  • my brain: you are making up this problem for attention
  • me: i literally haven't told a single person about this problem? i am the only one that knows about this problem
  • my brain: yeah whatever
  • my brain: you are making up this problem for attention

I KNOW THIS QUOTE IS OLD BUT I STILL LIKE IT anyway i hope you had a merry christmas 

Kiss Me (Acoustic)
  • Kiss Me (Acoustic)
  • Ed Sheeran
  • +
the best version of Kiss Me ever recorded I'm actually crying 
so hard tbh.

This particular scene was what 100% convinced me that he loves him. That much pure adoration in his eyes. That’s how my dad looks at my mom. . I wasn’t into Johnlock from the start. I am pretty slow at picking subtexts.. but this scene. I was just like.. God he loves him already..

This scene is pretty special to me. just wanted to share..❤

Confession: I am sitting here laughing so hard at my own fucking nonsense that I am gonna have to compose myself before writing a rambly artist note.

Will you even look at this.

Okay, so: This was a gag gift, you know it was a gag gift, obviously a very well-thought out one that took some planning, but the person who gave it was apparently unaware that while you can take the man out of Iowa, you cannot take the Iowa out of the man.  Even if you manage to surgically excise every trace of Midwest, you’d STILL have someone who used to wear a purple miniskirt to work.

Last statement here is that if you’re new enough to Hawkeye that you don’t recognise the GOSH I LOVE ARROWS thing, I am going to give you the pleasure of Googe-Image-Searching it yourself.  Enjoy!  You’ve picked the right Avenger to love, you really have.