i am not complaining

started getting back into the first persona game (it’s been like a week since i last played it, maybe more), got about an hour into it, remembered why i was so disinclined to play it that i started a third playthrough of persona q instead

random combat is way too frequent, contacting demons is labyrinthine at best, the music ain’t that great, fast travel is nonexistent, and it’s just boring. maki’s sort of interesting and nanjo’s okay and i miss yukino but the story is just. blahhhh. combined with sub-par music and annoying, repetitive combat, this is one of the least entertaining video games i have ever played. maybe it gets better later? hopefully?

persona 2 seems much more interesting and honestly i would just skip to that one if it didn’t seem to be more of a direct sequel than 3 and 4 are. how did this game become popular enough to spawn sequels? was it someone’s pet project? does it get better later?

anyway i’m going back to q for now, which is fun and colorful and has a great soundtrack and basically is just better than its original predecessor in every way

no i’m not bitter about dying in the middle of a dungeon when i hadn’t saved for a while why do you ask


Hey guys!

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting on Tumblr lately! I visit my dashboard everyday and I am updated about everything happening on here but I didn’t have any material to upload.

Before I begin I would like to put this out there that I am not complaining in any form about my life, to be honest it could be a lot worse!

I might repeat some stuff I’ve already posted about but let’s start from the beginning.

As many of you know, I moved to Helsinki, Finland to my boyfriend who I’ve been in a long distance relationship with for over 3 years that time. It wasn’t a hard decision at all, I was 100% sure about it, however I had to give up some things in my life and get out of my comfort zone.

Before the move, I lived with my parents who supported me 1000% about my gymnastics ‘’career’’, I had a really comfortable life, studying, doing gymnastics, not working and food. Yes food, I really miss the days when I had 3 different meals to pick from, because my mom used to cook for every family member’s needs. Oh my god I didn’t even realize how spoiled I was. Long story short I really appreciate all the support I got from my parents, but as I decided to move to Helsinki I also made the decision to start working and my first priority was to make a living on my own.

So I applied for a coaching job at a club, where I already knew many coaches and gymnasts, so I kind of knew where I was going, but there was a lot to get used to. I started coaching one group as a main coach and for an other group, I am an assistant coach. It is obviously not a full time job, but it you’ve ever tried to coach gymnasts, you know how much energy and effort it takes.

That being said, I really needed to focus on my coaching and just life in general. I love being a coach, including being able to motivate children to be brave and learn new things. I had to do a lot of paperwork as well, so basically gymnastics was pushed back a lot.

I did retire from the National Team of Iceland (for now) because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to compete this spring, but I’m not done yet! I would call it a break, because I had to get used to a different lifestyle, but from this summer I will get back to the gym and start competing again from fall. I can’t tell for sure if I’m going to be trying out for the national team, simply because living in Finland makes everything a lot more complicated, but it is a possibility. Also, there are a lot of opportunities to compete here in Finland, so that’s really comforting. I miss training a lot! But this break was necessary.

To get back on track again, I will be training with a competition group, with a coach who has similar style as my stepdad so it shouldn’t be too difficult for me. I start in the end of this month, and for the month of July, I’m going to be in Hungary, training with my friend, Dorina.

I have been training in the mornings with ‘my group’ (mostly conditioning) but I haven’t been on the apparatuses regularly.

Soooo yeah, that’ me. At the moment.

In case you’re about to judge me, just have in mind that it won’t really effect me because I think I’m pretty awesome and I really wish everybody else could feel as confident about their lives as I do. Or even better.

That’s all for now,

Agnes Tuuha (just kidding. not even close)

ps. If you have any questions related to this post or even just some random stuff, feel free to ask!

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4281) I have it too easy to relate to any of the struggles if most trans boys. I can bind with just 5 undershirts and I pass 90% of the time. I need to stop complaining and be thankful for how lucky I am.

Just because your struggles aren’t as bad as others doesn’t mean you dont have struggles

saying “I am seeing a post going around” and complaining about it without reblogging the post…

thats my aesthetic

I am feeling so tired, I’ve been feeling like this the entire day, and I was supposed to study for the test I have tomorrow but I didn’t and that’s basically it. I’m just mentally and phisically too tired.

A sizzler of a Kentucky Derby

I spent Derby Day at Belmont Park– first time I’ve ever seen the Derby somewhere other than my own home– which had its points of interest, likely to be unveiled as soon as I catch up on photo blogs. 

But to recap, no big surprises happened in the 141st Kentucky Derby. The $2 exacta paid out more than $80, so I’m assuming most bettors thought that Dortmund would come in 2nd or 1st. Some conclusions I’ve come to in the first 24 hours:

  • Very solid race, but I would have never called it the best or most hotly anticipated running in decades like some people/experts/fans did. 
  • :23 and change and :47 and change weren’t sizzling opening fractions, but what did you expect? We have no sprinters in these races anymore, which is a good thing. Calm down if you complained.
  • I am still scratching my head as to what to really make of the Pharoah. Yes he won. Yes he pulled away when it counted. But it took twenty something whacks with the stick to get him to win the dogfight and what was with that super wide swing into the stretch? You won’t win the Preakness that way, sir! Third start off the layoff with the class test… he did alright, but nothing super-horse-like. 
  • Still feel like this will be a 2007ish year with three outstanding winners of each leg because this is a very solid group as shown in the Derby. I probably would have said similar if AP didn’t struggle in the stretch a bit. I say this thinking about all the Triple Crown feats, with the vast majority of them being won by horses who didn’t have anyone pushing them to the limit, save for Secretariat and Affirmed.
  • Dortmund ran outstanding as did Firing Line. I don’t like the wording some racing journalists used in describing the replay. Dortmund set solid fractions for 10 furlongs, and was pressed throughout by Firing Line– not an easy task, even on the rail. Firing Line ran the best race, putting the pressure on early and re-rallying in the stretch. He might have won had he been able to change leads…
  • Dortmund may or may not have lost a shoe, rumor has it. If it’s true, time to find a new blacksmith.
  • Key note: American Pharoah clinched a 105 Beyer for the Kentucky Derby win, which equals his best Beyer from the Arkansas Derby. Interesting.

I toyed with the idea of going to the Preakness for a little while earlier in the year, but abandoned it when I concluded I could sacrifice resources for just one big trip… the Breeders’ Cup won. I think after a few issues at NYRA I will happy just enjoying the races at home and then head out to spectate the Belmont.


I complain about working, but then i get a day off and sit complaining that i am bored, i really need to do something, get out or do anything. Help me! what can i get up too?