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Mutual colleagues
( darkiplier / virus!cry )
Mutual colleagues

@signaturecurlymess​: Dark, Virus, What are your thoughts about each other? Do you guys work together at all? Or do you guys do your own thing? 

Dark: VirusCry… He’s definitely much more tolerable to deal with than Anti. They both work with similar capabilities, yet there are some clear differences between the two.

Virus: Like, most of what we do! Anti always goes for the fear tactics, the torture, getting his hands dirty. I on the other hand take a less direct approach to things–All I am is a fucking dick–*laughter* the look on that guy’s face! Priceless. Absolutely priceless.

Dark: (smirks) I admire VirusCry’s subtlety. He isn’t as experienced as the green glitchy gremlin, but he knows how to get the job done. Plus, Virus is usually a lot more level-headed, compared to the most of us.

Virus: And then we have Darkiplier. The guy is like a mixture of Anti’s sadism and Google’s efficiency. And the way he toys with the human mind, beyond just scaring the shit out of them is…artistic–That’s the best word that comes to mind.

Dark: And with that, hopefully this suffices to answering your question. Did we cover everything, Virus?

Virus: Yeah, I think that’s it. Right now I’ve got a date with some monitors over at NASA. 

Dark: Good. I won’t keep you from your assignment, then…

I tried to save you as if
My sorrow was meant
To hold so many things

Trying not to whine, I
Slake, slack, surrender

I stain no carpets yet
Somehow not refined
Save at the micro level

Thinking I am not this -
Salvation in a bottle -

I grow, I grow, I yearn
To be more than this
But you will not imagine

Not a genie full of wishes
Only this, only this, only -

So a while back I felt like crap about many levels of my life..so I started eatting better, and I lost like 4 inches..and I got this beautiful tattoo that makes me feel kind sexy..

but yet..

here I am..

Still feeling like crap about my mental status and life…

Good job Emily, way to do things for yourself for once and still feel like shit..


brightephemera  asked:

SWTOR meme 1 (past starting planet) and 1 (past Hoth), 3, 9, 10.

Thanks for asking :)

1. How many characters do you have?

70 chars survived the last purge, where I deleted every char whose design and/or idea I didn’t like anymore and was fairly certain I’d never play them.

All but 12 of those chars made it past the starting planet. That’s 58? Why does 58 sound like much more than ‘all but 12’?

13 of those chars are more or less below lvl 50, and haven’t seen Hoth yet.

Leaves 45 who have a level higher than 50. With 30 I am sure I played the class story, although it’s been a while, most of the rest were leveled during DvL Event by doing H2 and FPs.

3. Do you prefer to tank, DPS, or heal?

I prefer to heal. You usually have to pay attention to what’s happening and have to be able to react flexibly. Yet you don’t have to know the FP or OP by heart, as is often expected of a tank. I lack the time to be a proper tank. Since our raid group has enough healers, I am playing melee DPS as main role rn. It’s a whole different experience, and I am propably the best behaved marauder in our whole guild :D
Yes, in order to do noteworthy damage, I have to concentrate, but mistakes are usually not as fatal as the healer botching up.

9. How about your least favorite companions?

I personally would have problems with quite a few of them. I prefer nonviolent solutions, so the obviously violent ones like Skadge, Vik, Xalek, Khem, Broonmark… wouldn’t be on board of my ship. Anyone glorifying the Empire would have a problem, too.
For me it’s interesting that my chars don’t necessarily agree with me. While Ciner in headcanon doesn’t take Broonmark along, Thorns gets along with Skadge. He doesn’t like his methods, but the brute can be useful, and so far never betrayed the bounty hunter’s trust. Gault on the other hand was treading on dangerous ground when he tried to scam those poor settlers. You can’t trust Gault, law of nature! Tbh, I was more angry at BH Tatooine than Belsavis, although I like Gault as a character, the story didn’t go well with Thorns’ sense of honor.
While a lot of people don’t like Tharan at all, I have more problems with Zenith. Immo he doesn’t fit a LS consular, and he can’t even blame his cultural background like Qyzen.  

10. Favorite love interest?

Mako! Give me Mako and Thorns, and I am 19 again. I don’t need to write a self insert, it’s already there. (I wasn’t as cute, and nowhere near as gifted with computers.)
Elara is a close second. When I started to play Nikeo I hadn’t planned on romancing her, him being her CO and all. But them growing closer felt so natural. And I adore Elara for her spine and sticking to her principles.
And then there was Andronikos. Immo the most mature relationship, without unnecessary drama, without jealousy. He won’t change for the SI and he doesn’t ask the SI to change for him. They belong together, and that’s that.


This makes me so angry.

If you work in a movie theater and you do this I have no respect for you.

My younger brother is Type 1 Diabetic.

When we go to a movie theater, we always get him diet soda. If he were to get regular when we asked for diet, we would not give him the insulin he would need for it. If that happens, his blood sugar level could go so high he could go into a coma, go blind, or even die.

If somebody gave him regular soda instead of diet without telling us, that person could be responsible for a nine-year-old being killed or blinded.

Just thinking about that makes me so angry. I get scared every time we take him to a movie in case the people working there saw this picture and decide to do the same thing.

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The next gen according to fanfiction
  • Al: I am NOT my father!!!
  • Scorpius: I am NOT my father!!! Or maybe I am?????
  • Rose: I am Hermione with red hair!
  • James: I may possibly be a bigger dick than my namesakes were at this age!
  • Lily Luna: I'm a tomboy with a secret girly streak that something inevitably horrific will happen to.
  • Hugo: I'm basically my dad except with a sixth year reading level. Go Chudley--wait, Lil, I think that's a bad idea!
  • Teddy: I am blue-haired and perfect. *ruffles random weasley-potter child's hair*
  • Fred: I am a clone of my father's twin and James' accomplice.
  • Roxanne: ?????????? I exist???? Maybe????
  • Victoire: I'm a vain yet good-natured popular girl like my mom. Parlez-vous francais?
  • Dominique: Punk rock!
  • Louis: Bow, peasants! No? Fan club, attack!
  • Molly: Untwist my knickers? When goblins fly!
  • Lucy: ??????????????????????????????????? My name makes me sound like a little girl no matter what my actual age is????
  • Lorcan: The nargles stole my shoes.
  • Lysander: Mine too.

“We live in a world where billions are spent on physical health and appearance. But yet, mental health and well-being, which are the most important factors that keep all of us moving forward and something that should be given the same level of care and attention as physical health, get ignored and pushed to the side time to time again. I know we would love to look in the mirror and love to see what we see. Sometimes I struggle on a daily basis to see that, but I know that when I look inside my mind, I know that I am happy with where I am at and that’s the most important thing. We need to remember that is so much more important to take care of our mind and our mental health rather than our physical health.”  —  Demi Lovato accepting the Artistic Award of Courage onstage during UCLA Semel Institute’s ‘Open Mind Gala’.

okay so @andrewminyardpng​ asked me to write a ficlet for this post made by @taktitty​ so here i am at 2am writing a tfc fanfic(let)

The only reason they’re here is because of Kevin.

Well, Neil supposes that’s not strictly true. They’re here because Kevin is in love with Jeremy Knox, whether he wants to admit it or not, for sure, but there are other reasons. For instance, they’re here because the freshmen Foxes can’t handle playing at a college level yet. They’re here because of Neil’s incompetence as a co-captain. They’re here because they didn’t make it to finals. And they’re also here because Andrew allowed it.

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empathy is honestly so exhausting. it makes you take on all this additional heaviness that you didn’t want in the first place. it makes you feel guilty for being angry or upset because it’s so good at making excuses for other people. it makes you vulnerable to abuse or neglect.

and yet, i wouldn’t be the person i am without it. i wouldn’t be as understanding or as level-headed. i wouldn’t be able to read people as easily as i do. to tell the difference between pain and fear, anger and hurt. i wouldn’t know when to see someone’s anger and say to myself that this is not about you. this is about them and their own private war. i wouldn’t be able to sit down deep in someone else’s hurt and wait it out with them like a storm.

“Man, I used to be such a good student, what happened?”-masterpost

Hullo, and welcome!

I have wandered the earth…

…found the secret elixir that makes a once-good student good again…

..tested it for one semester…

…refined it…

…and am now here to present it to you!

This’ll be a long one. See, I think many of us don’t (yet) need help with beautiful fonts, the perfect writing tools, or organizational details. Many of us aren’t anywhere near the level of worrying about these things. 
Many of us have knots in their brains that prevent them from just studying in general. I hope to open some of the big knots, so that you can finally make use of the wealth of studyblrs about specific techniques and approaches out there and can have fun studying again :)

This’ll be a five-part series.
In every post I’ll focus on one particular question/problem and I’ll answer it with an analogy and a solution.
Maybe not all of them will work for you.
Hell, maybe none of them will.
I just know that they worked wonders for me and I suspect they’ll work for other “natural learners”, as well. I’d love to hear your feedback on this, though, so I’ll open my ask box while this series is on-going!

Knot 1: I’m not going in the right direction and/or I’m not going fast enough! (ready to be clicked)

Analogy: Student as a direction

Solution: Slow down to speed up

Knot 2: Why is it so hard to start studying all of a sudden? Pt. 1 (ready to be clicked)

Analogy: Student as a weapon

Solution: Tolerate to conquer yourself

Knot 3:  There are so many things I want to do, I don’t want to sacrifice my whole life just for this one thing and to-do lists and fixed routines scare me! (ready to be clicked)

Analogy: Student as a friend

Solution: Yearn for friendship - not worship, not debasement

Knot 4: Why is it so hard to start studying all of a sudden? Pt. 2, a.k.a. What’s the deal with procrastination?

Analogy: Student as a seperate being

Solution: Layer yourself to merge yourself

Knot 5: Everything I do seems so pointless!

Analogy: Student as part of the whole world

Solution: Engage to empower

So, what you need is to 

S (low down)

T (olerate)

Y (earn for friendship)

L (ayer yourself)

E (ngage)

…to study in style :D 

(….eyyyy? :D This worked out so much more perfectly than I expected!)

So, look forward to seeing at least one of these a week!
I hope you’re all great and I wish you a wonderful new year :)


Sherlock made a quick call to Angelo’s. From the level of noise I could hear in the background the place must be packed. Yet he managed to get them a table.

Now they are both getting ready to go out. John even went upstairs to put on a nice shirt. (Sherlock was already wearing one, otherwise I am sure he would have done the same). I think I can even smell a hint of aftershave.

I don’t believe this. Am I the only self-reflective person in this room? Has everyone else lost their collective minds?


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What do they even THINK they are doing? I just…I mean…HOW do they justify this kind of behaviour to themselves? How…I just can’t.

Originally posted by twocandles

No one can be this blind. Right?

I think John just had the same thought when he found Sherlock looking at him. He quickly averted his eyes and cleared his throat and he hasn’t stopped fiddling with his tie ever since.

J: You know what, this is ridiculous.

He is looking at a spot on the carpet now, hand going up to scratch his head in what can only be described as bashfulness.

S: What is?

J: This!

He gestures at his own appearance and shakes his head.

J: You know what? I’ll be back in a second. I’m just gonna get changed.

Sherlock looks utterly bewildered.

S: But you just did.

J: I…I know, just, I’ll be back a minute.

S: But…

John is already up the steps before Sherlock can get another word out.

S: But I liked the shirt…

Someone save me and them from themselves.

New Langblrs Shoutout #2

I’m doing this shoutout  to help new langblrs find other langblrs with the same target languages or interests, please reblog this post to help them find new langblrs to follow, and it would be great to follow them if you learn the same languages they are learning, let’s help each other, and have fun learning languages together :D


  • Native language: German, fluent in English
  • Target language(s):  Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, and Danish.

“ I’m a German native speaker whose fluent in English and has level B2 in French. I could offer help in these 3 languages. And whilst I haven’t started studying any of the following yet, I am really interested in Scandinavia, especially Danish that is. (But I’m also interested in Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish.) “


  • Native Language: English.
  • Target Language(s):  Persian, Hebrew, Arabic, Hindi, German, Spanish, ASL, and Tamil.

“ My name is Marissa and I enjoy complaining about language learning. “


  • Native language : Arabic 
  • Target language(s) : English &  French 

 “My name is Ra’oof Hawatmah, 27 years old from Jordan”


  • Native language : English and German
  • Target language(s) :  Arabic, Hindi, German and Hebrew.

“ Target languages: (in order from most studied to least) Arabic, Hindi, German and Hebrew. Eventually Tibetan, Russian, Mandarin, Czech and loads more…”


  • Native language: English
  • Target Language(s):  Spanish and French, and eventually Russian, Arabic, Greek, Japanese, mandarin, Irish and Hebrew.

“ My name is Alexander, and my  interests are: languages, math, science, books, comic books, martial arts, mythology, and religion .”


  • Native language: English, and French (fluent) 
  • Target Language(s): German and Japanese and i’m interested in Arabic.

“ My blog is dedicated to helping people in English and French, I’m more than happy to receive messages asking for help or tips!“


  • Native language: Polish.
  • Target Language(s):  English, German, French, Norwegian.

“ I’m a student of English Philology and Scandinavian studies and occasionally I’m a translator and teacher of English, fluent in English and intermediate in French, German and Norwegian.”  


  • Native language: English.
  • Target Language(s): German.

“ I’m Lily, and I recently started learning German after wanting to learn it for a while, so I’m very much a beginner. At the moment I’m focusing on German, but am considering learning Greek in the future. “


  • Native language: Greek,
  • Target Language(s): Spanish and Japanese.

“ Hi, I’m Chrysi, 21, Greek, and i have a studyblr-langblr blog, my target languages are Spanish and Japanese which are i am learning them on my own :)”


  • Native language: Finnish.
  • Target Language(s):  English, Japanese, Swedish, German, Hungarian, French, Arabic, Northern Sami, Ainu.

“ I’m determined to find some langblrs/language friends who’re learning or speaking some of my not-so-popular target languages 


  • Native language:  Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Target Language(s):  Turkish, Kazakh, Korean, Vietnamese and German.

“ Hi! I’m Gabriel! I’m Brazilian and a language lover. I speak English, Portuguese, Spanish, and a little bit of French, Italian and Galician! I would like to meet new partners and learn new interesting things about languages and cultures!”


  • Native language: English.
  • Target Language(s):  Japanese and Spanish.

“ I’m Cassy, I have a studyblr/langblr. I study Japanese (beginner) and Spanish (intermediate) on my downtime and make posts about those as I go.”


  • Native language: English.
  • Target Language(s): Italian and French

“ am a university student studying French and Italian, and plan on studying education later on in order to become  a foreign language teacher. It is my dream to teach overseas. I love languages, teaching, linguistics, learning about other cultures and learning languages! “ 


  • Native Language: English 
  • Target Language(s): French and Spanish. 

“My name’s Maeghan and I’m an advanced French speaker and a beginner Spanish speaker, and I’d eventually like to start Italian/Arabic/Hindi but those will have to wait for now. Hmu if yall need English/French help”


  • Native Language: English
  • Target Language(s): Italian and maybe Swedish.


  • Native Language: Brazilian Portuguese
  • Target Language(s):  Norwegian, English, Spanish (for now).

“ Hi, my name is Jéssica and I decided join  tumblr to help myself with my target languages and others with Portuguese.”


  • Native Language: English
  • Target Language(s):  German and Japanese, and dabble in ASL

“ I am a native English speaker, study German and Japanese, and dabble in ASL. I plan to study German and Japanese at Uni year after next.


  • Native Language: English
  • Target Language(s): Spanish

“ My native language is English and I’m learning Spanish, but I’m much more interested in finding blogs that post about Dutch atm as it’s so easy to find Spanish stuff but Dutch seems impossible to find!”


  • Native Language: English
  • Target Language(s):  Spanish, Turkish and Arabic (and Romanian eventually, but not seriously yet.)

“ I have a Bachelor’s in Spanish language and lit so I’m pretty good there, and a Master’s in TESL. I started learning Arabic in university from international students and now I’m living in Turkey. “


  • Native Language: English
  • Target Language(s): Chinese, Spanish and Russian.

“I’m 18 years old and I’m graduating high school in a couple of months. I love anything to do with art, reading, fitness and my dog! I’m from Melbourne Australia :) “


  • Native Language: Italian
  • Target Language(s): German

My target language is German. I post all things about German study. I’m looking for others German langblr in order to share our study method and improvements. :) “


  • Native Language: Spanish
  • Target Language(s): English, Hebrew, French and Italian


  • Native Language: Spanish
  • Target Language(s): French and English

“ Hello! I’m Meg and I have a langblr/studyblr that focuses mostly on French and Italian.”


  • Native Language: English
  • Target Language(s): Farsi and Spanish

“ I am a native English speaker learning farsi and Spanish. I wouldn’t mind helping anyone with English and hope I can get some help with my language learning as well :)

Note: If you want to be added to the list just contact me, I will keep the list updated.

Women's Intuition

I have no idea what is coming in TFP and things on here are wild right now and I’m not clear on what it is specifically that people want to see or hear as confirmation of an end game (I’m open to any number of eventualities) but I have amidst all the noise this for me feels like something like clarity… and that’s about the women in this show.

Mrs Hudson

What one thing do all these women have in common…

None of them frame this relationship as mere bromance. Not one of them.

At minimum, on a textual level, not subtext, which I am a big fan of, but actually there on the page, they THEY see it as love.

Which is why I have never seen this in conspiracy terms. It’s text. Actual text.

Add in subtext and there are yet more women who are potential disrupters of this relationship and fail or who implicate this relationship as more than friendship: Janine, the nurse who dated the ghost, Henry’s psychiatrist. And last but not least: Molly inside Sherlock’s head in TAB.
There are men too that fit the pattern but let’s just stick with the women for neatness.

Textually, we can draw one of two conclusions about the women and their collective reading of this relationship:
A. These women are not stupid. They intuit and understand the correct meaning of this relationship. They see it for what it is. More than just friendship. They recognize the relationship because they listen to their own feelings and see their own feelings reflected in that relationship. For some, that recognition hurts their feelings. These two men love each other. Really really love each other. Not just best friends. They are a couple. Even if they don’t know it or recognize it for what it is. The women are right.

B. These women are misunderstanding. They are stupid. They are seeing something that doesn’t exist. They are merely projecting their own feelings onto The relationship and are drawing a false conclusion. Making a deductive error. Their romantic reading is matched and surpassed by the non-romantic reading. This friendship is equal to or more important than what they offer romantically. Or what they see romantically. This isn’t just BFFs. This is Platonic in the original sense - this is male friendship being the highest form of relationship there is. The women are wrong.

Let’s look at some the issues raised by option B. What it says about those women.

Think about what that does to Irene Adler as a character. How is it that she can make a lot of money from the highest levels of society by “knowing what people like” (a line that is repeated for textual emphasis) and yet be this stupid? Was she blinded by her own attraction and jealousy? Just projecting? Three words: yes, you are. Is she wrong? If she’s wrong what was the point of that line? What was its function narratively? So she could be proven wrong? Made to look stupid?

What does it say about Molly? Many of us have likely been Molly or (for younger fans) will be. Rejected. Lovelorn. Treated like crap by someone we desire and still being sympathetic and understanding. Just projecting? Made to look stupid?

And what does it say about Mrs Hudson?
Why is she being elevated to more than a civilian while doubling down on her stupid, erroneous intuition that no one else matters to Sherlock than John - over ANYone. Is she just projecting? A bad ass with a fast car but ultimately stupid?

Mary. Let’s talk about Mary. If option B is true why does she understand that Sherlock would die for John? Option A. is potentially a far more sympathetic reading of Mary. She and Sherlock understand each other. They will both kill for John. Would die for John. Both love John. On the same intense turned up to a gazillion, level of love. It is the explanation of why he forgave her. Because he alone can understand why she would shoot him. Because she couldn’t bear not having John. Fucked up, I grant you. But in that reading they are motivated to extreme ends. For ultimately the exact same reason. Love.
If, it’s option B, Mary’s romantic love for John is at best equal too or plays second fiddle to Sherlock and John’s platonic love. What does that say about her? That makes her death really tragic. Not for John but for her and her daughter. All because her spouse and his best pal can’t be apart. Platonically.

There is a critical reading of this show (not itself above critique and feel free to challenge this if you want) that concludes that this is either queer love with a capital L, (worthy of say the Doctor and Riversong,) or misogynistically Platonic.

Even ACD did better than that. And he portrayed Holmes as openly sexist.

But this is 2017.

I hope to God these women are not proved so foolish as the text would then make them.

Sportacus: Wow, you’re up early.
Robbie: I haven’t been to bed yet. But good news, I am now officially a Level 3 Warlock.
Sportacus: All right! Good to hear the career is going well.
Robbie: Aren’t you tired of having exactly the same thing cooked for exactly the same amount of time every morning?
Sportacus: No.
Robbie: Let’s do a little experiment, shall we?
Sportacus: Let’s not.
Robbie: What happens if I do this? *knocks over egg timer* Oh, no, he’s out of his comfort zone! Heart pounding, palms clammy. Embrace it, this is therapy. Embrace the chaos!
Sportacus: Good news, I’m also timing it on my watch!

(Source: You, Me and the Apocalypse)

When I began med school in august, I didn’t know anyone. I sat alone and focused on my work. I still do.

But now, three months later, I can’t help but reflect on how that has changed.

Sitting in the lobby outside the library, browsing instagram on a study break, I am gladly interrupted by peers. Friends from parties, friends from lab groups, friends who sat behind me in lecture.

If you are open and patient and are willing to relate with people on their own levels, you will make new connections. I appreciate my time alone and I also appreciate the spaces I create with other humans.

It sucks to have taken two exams today and now have to study for two finals I am taking this week. Yet in this moment during this little study break I can pause and be grateful for how things have unfolded thus far.

I am doing well academically, socially, and spiritually. I surrender the rest and continue to let the river’s current carry me on.

Namaste :)

I think, or at least I hope everyone experiences this, there’s a pivotal stage during growing up and gaining maturity when you realise just how much you’re worth. maybe it’ll be after you’re mistreated in a relationship or by friends or whoever, but a certain level of confidence will come from it. some people will think you’re stuck up, but you’re not. you’re just over the bullshit, over people undermining you and putting you second when you should be first. it’s when you realise you should be the protagonist in your own damn life instead of the pointless secondary character only there entertain the former – it’s when you open your eyes and go “holy shit, I am worth so much more than how I’ve been treated”. and can I tell you, if you haven’t felt this yet, look forward to it, cause it’s the most freeing feeling you will probably ever feel

I was still getting over the awesomeness that is Richonne from 7x09 and then that spoiler floored me again. So, I’m going to say what was on my mind before I’m so consumed by anymore Richonne goodness that I forget!

Richonne’s slight height difference is my aesthetic 😍 The visuals of 7x09 were particularly pleasing to me and it took me a minute to figure out that the reason was Rick standing beside Michonne for the majority of the episode!

GN didn’t do anything different with his directing, yet I consciously found this episode enjoyable to look at (moreso than others), and it was simply because Richonne were stood next to one another. I mean, I loved the reasons why they were standing side-by-side, but their height difference just does something for me at another level. Ha! What kind of trash am I?