i am not ashamed of my taste in tv shows

So, it’s been three weeks since I got this tattoo (thanks to Heather at The Taste of Ink in London, Ontario for the amazing work!) and I thought it was time to share it here.

Other than being a tribute to my two favourite characters on my favourite tv show and my OTP, but it’s also there to give me hope.

Like many people, I struggle with depression and anxiety disorder and find myself closed off from people, including my closest friends and family. I felt like no one understood that I felt different, odd, and ashamed of who I am. And then I stumbled upon Once Upon a Time and like Belle for Rumple it has become the light in my life. A place that gives me hope when I feel like I have nothing else.

This tattoo was one of the easiest decisions I have ever made and although some people, including my own parents, look at me funny and display their disdain when I explain where it came from, I am so proud to have it.

Hopefully by sharing this and a small part of my story other will have hope and know that there are others out there suffering too. People who are willing to talk to you any time and be there for you, even if you’re strangers on the internet.

Living with mental illness can be a really lonely world, but it doesn’t have to be. And now I have a beautiful and permanent reminder that things will get better, that it is absolutely okay not to be okay, and that no one needs to be or can be perfect. Everyone is flawed, but those flaws don’t define you.