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Because I’m feeling sappy and thankful...

I just wanted to like thank you guys for giving me a chance and sticking with me since I started writing on here for you guys. Never did I ever imagine I’d end up with 2,365 followers on here, never did I imagine that I would make such incredible friends and have a group of followers who genuinely care about me and are excited for my next story. 

I’ve been writing and reading fanfiction for years, I have always written it for myself as a way to practice my skills but I never intended to ever share it with anyone. As a reader of fanfiction I have always found writers that I love, found stories that are an incredible adaptation of the source material and have anxiously awaited the next update or the next story from a writer. I never thought that I would be a writer like that for other people. Every single time I have someone tell me that they have notifications on for me, they ask to be tagged in fics or they just tell me they enjoy my work I get so unbelievably happy. 

I have been lucky that my work has been so well recieved by you guys and I am grateful to you all every day for sticking around and not being scared off by my ideas. I’m blown away when I’ve gotten some nasty anonymous messages and then so many of you quickly jump to my defense and tell me not to listen to them. You guys are the greatest and I am just so damn lucky. 

There are a few people I wanted to thank in particular:

@daveeddiggsit I started reading your work long before I even made myself another tumblr (I had deleted my old spn one) and found you by looking through the hamilton tags. I was blown away by you and immediately bookmarked your blog on my phone so I could check for updates and new stories every day. I never imagined that I would end up being such good friends with you. Thank you for being there when I need you, being someone to scream about Daveed with and just being an amazing friend

@imaginebeinghamiltrash thank you for being such an amazing friend. We talk daily and I absolutely love talking to you as much as we do. You make me smile, you cheer me up when I’m sad, you remind me to sleep and eat when I forget and you help me when I doubt myself. Never stop being as amazing as you are. 

@and-peggy-yall you are the past version of me, one of my closest friends on this website and I love you so much. You’re always the best to talk with, you made me sob because of the outsiders which I still love and hate you for introducing me to it. You’re so supportive and I can’t thank you enough for being such a great friend. 

@hamiltonsquills you are there for me every single time that I talk about being unhappy about something on this blog and I love you for it. Thank you for being such an amazing friend and caring so much about me I love you mon cher. 

@wrotemywayoutimagines my darling little sibling, thank you for always being there when I need you, thank you for standing up to hateful anons for me and just being an incredible friend. 

@love-doesnt-discriminate thank you for being there every time I need encouragment or cheering up. You are an incredible friend and I love you for it. 

@adothoe thank you for being someone I can have fun with and joke with. Thank you for being an incredible person and friend. I love you. 

@secretschuylersister thank you for being the kindest person, for helping me when I was insecure about my writing and always having something lovely to say about me and my writing. You are amazing person and I love you

@fragmentofmymind thank you for being there for me, for being super, super nice and approachable. Thank you for being such a great friend, i love you. (Also i know we haven’t talked in a little bit I feel very bad about that and will message you soon just know that I love you)

@musicalmiranda Thank you for being someone I can talk about obsessions with books with and being there to encourage me when I needed it most. Thank you for being a great friend.

@tempfixeliza I know we’ve only spoken the one time but I can’t tell you how grateful I was when you came to me and helped me when I was so insecure about my writing. It was incredibly kind of you and I’m very grateful for it. 

@anonnymousefangirl thank you for being there to stick up for me, indulging me with STTTG questions and being there for me when I need it. You’re amazing and I love you.

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can i has le snoot smooch ? (i has ugly snoot)



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Did you see that video Jimin posting on twitter with him and Jungkook? There's just something about it, I can't really explain it. Like it was soft and so comforting the way Jimin just lean on Jungkook's shoulder.I feel something different, like the opposite of the intensity I am used to seeing in a lot of Jikook moments.The viedo somehow makes me feel that's what their relationship is like behind camera, just simply being in love, like an ordinary couple. Sorry if I am just talking rubbish :/

Gwaaaaaaah I knoooow right, they were soooo cute idk what to think ^///o///^ And I’m pretty sure anyone would think the same: just show your non-kpop friends the video without context and I would really like to see what they think  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

but honestly idk what to feeeeeel with their recent posts lately. like who even does that? post repeated videos of them being in each other’s presence. it’s like jimin is proud that jungkook is with him and wants to show him off every time, and i think that’s so simultaneously funny and adorable. they’re just so…floofy <3 and the ambiance between them is just….gaaaah. 

I mentioned it in my tags but have you ever stopped to imagine how many of these vids Jimin/Jungkook have in their phones? And how many of these cute moments they have in general without filming them at all? It’s so hard to picture, because on camera they’re almost awkward with each other sometimes…but in moments like these where it’s natural or when the camera is not focused on them, they’re not. Even now, my sister is confused about their relationship. She keeps saying things like “Since when did Jungkook become such ‘good friends’ with Jimin?”, which we know they always were since debut days…but how come their on-camera interactions show such a drastic change/?

idk man i couldn’t tell you  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but i have so many questions because of them…and from what I see, more and more people have been questioning as well recently ;)

It’s interesting you know, I’ve always strived to be honest about who I am, and I have nothing to hide, but there is a balance that you have to strike, as anyone in the public eye would agree with me, and yes, so it’s something I am still learning.
—  Tom Hiddleston. Access Hollywood.

I am already the king. I simply made that known today. Yes, I was hiding in your shadow. I know that I am alive thanks to you. There was a time when that shadow was comforting..and times when I was glad for it. However, I was not always happy living like that. I came to stand on my own now. I came to endure it myself…without anyone standing in front of me, hiding my face. I came to create the Silla that I dream of and the future of Silla! I shall endure it.


I am by no means an exemplary ally. In fact, I am far too silent most of the time for anyone to consider me an ally at all. However, I want to point something out to all of you who think that marginalized people calling you out is “bullying” or “policing”

You are angry at the wrong people. 

Let me say it again just in case you weren’t paying attention: 

You are angry at the wrong people. 

You SHOULDN’T be angry at marginalized people for pointing out a book’s problems. 

You SHOULD be angry at the author for writing a problematic book and not taking the time to properly represent the people or events they are writing about. Or writing about it at all when it’s not their lane. 

You SHOULD be angry at the publisher for publishing such a book. 

You SHOULD definitely be angry at the publisher for choosing that problematic book OVER a book by a marginalized author. 

Hell, you can even be angry at yourself for reading/buying/supporting it! 

But you know who you shouldn’t be angry at? 

The person calling out the book!

So, stop wasting time and hurting people who don’t deserve it and get angry at the right people. We need elevate the voices of the marginalized and get angry WITH them not AT them. 

Personal Rant

SO besides the episode disappointing me in the lies it told us
Maggie’s backstory we got hit home with me and I bawled my eyes out from seeing it.
I am not technically out to my parents right now…nor will I be BUT that is for personal reasons aside not because they will react the way Maggie’s parents did.
…..but a few years ago that was my situation. AGAIN I am not out…but they themselves mentioned they wouldn’t support such disgrace and disgusting behavior and wouldn’t want me or my brother in the house if we were gay. AND around that time I had just figured out I was bisexual myself so I didn’t come out to anyone but myself. 
They themselves started to go to church about 3 years ago…and I thought to myself that “wow I REALLY am never going to come out to them” but here is the thing….they are more open minded thanks to their church and literally told us that if we were gay or bi or anything they would accept us because who are they to judge who we can or cant love.
After hearing that my chances of coming out to them is more likely but I just need time to figure out how to tell them. AND that is my own issue to figure out
ANYWAYS out of this whole rant I really just wanted to say that…seeing maggie share that story with Alex really hit me hard because if I had come out around the time I figured myself out I would’ve been homeless too and without help because my whole family is homophobic.
I just…I really do appreciate these scenes supergirl does give us about Maggie and Alex no matter how minimal.
A show that makes me feel any sort of emotion this hard is pretty darn awesome. (IGNORING the Karamel Stuff)

20 Questions Tag

I was tagged by @wild-pixel (sorry if anyone else tagged me, this is the latest one I can remember)

Name: James
Nicknames: Loni, Loniden,
Zodiac: Tauras
Orientation: Pansexual
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Fav Season: Winter
Fav Book Series: people read??
Fav Flower: i am not a nature person..
Fav Scent: i don’t even know.
Fav Color: my whole bittersweet palette that I am making ;P
Fav Animal: Dogs
Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: Coffee or Hot Chocolate
Average sleep hours: 4-6 hrs
Cat or Dog person: Dog
Favourite fictional characters: everyone over here –> @dani-paradise
Number of blankets you sleep with: Three
Dream Trip: NYC and France
Blog Created: somewhere in May of last year??
Number of Followers: 1197

Consider yourself tagged <3

Gale Anne Hurd blocked me on Twitter at some point, no doubt because I have expressed my disappointment with the choices the show has made at times. Is that really the way to treat the fans? Block them if they don’t fawn all over you 100% of the time? If they say they didn’t like something?

It’s not just me as one lone voice in the wilderness. The ratings are tanking for a reason. Maybe–MAYBE–they improved with the anticipation of Caryl last night; I have no idea. But there’s no denying that they’ve been tanking overall this season, and that just wasn’t enough Caryl to keep us going when we most likely won’t see anything between them again for at least another season.  And when all we ever get anyway is ambiguous. I think many of us are at the point now where we need more than hugs. I know I do.

Why do I even watch this show? I’m not a masochist. At least I never thought I was before. 

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Hi! I'm fairly new to the SPN fandom, but i follow you and a lot of other fic writers that you interact with. I don't really interject much, a little shy haha. Just wanna say that you and everyone you talk with radiate such positivity and are always so caring towards each other (and your work is gr8) I can't imagine why a bad rep would be spread about you (or anyone really, you guys really show that this is a family). However, bad always follows behind good. You're doing something right.

Thank you so much. It means alot to me that the blog reflects who I am - I am glad you guys see that and I am glad you see the real genuine love there is between me and other writers. 

Originally posted by castiel-my-bean

However, bad always follows behind good. You’re doing something right.

That might be the truest thing I have ever heard. Not that I am anything special but the friendships I formed here on tumblr and in this fandom surely is. 

also, this means i am now looking for someone to do the 9 of cups card. i have a couple artists whove been recommended to me that i am looking at, but if anyone who is already on the project would like to do a second card, get in touch with me and ill definitely consider you. i dont want to double anyones workload, but if i cant find a new person to fill this empty spot then unfortunately i will have to :( so if you feel thats something you can handle, message me or email me.

Taking an exchange year??

Hey! I am really indecisive and need some advice. I am from and live in Sweden and I am thinking about going my junior year of high school as an exchange student in America. I really want to do this but there is a lot of things that make me doubtful ex. the fact that I will have to redo that year when I get back and therefore will be in a new class. I’m afraid of how my relationship with my current friends will be if I come back and start in another class. Honestly I sometimes feel a little misplaced in my current group of friends in school but I am afraid it’s going to be awkward between me and them when I come back.
I know I would still be able to keep close contact with my parents but I would barely see my little sister for nearly a year :/ (TBH I am also terrified that my cat is going to forget me haha).
If anyone has any experience with doing thisor just has some thought please message me and share them!!

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I know you won't rp ships with anyone except your boyfriend -- I completely respect that, so I ask this as in general outside of rp: who do you ship Karin with?

I appreciate a lot of things about you, anon; let me first say that I am grateful that you have read my rules and also have taken my comfort into consideration. I praise you for the manner by which you approach this particular topic. I am more than happy to answer this question.

                          In all honesty, I ship K/arin with a lot of people. I have been the type that often ships chemistry, thus causing me to have a lot of “crack ships.” However, I don’t consider them to be crack, as I feel as though if the characters did have a chance to meet, they would genuinely get along to eventually craft a wholesome connection. That is why I believe ships like I/no and K/arin would work or even connections, although potentially platonic, like S/asori and K/arin are plausible. I don’t like the idea of being limited, especially with someone as empathetic, deep, and genuine as Karin. She sees someone for who they are, especially through their chakra and if she can stand that rawness, if she can stand to cipher through the ugliness in order to place value in those hidden, favorable qualities, then it’s totally possible for her to have some kind of relationship with anyone. By relationship, I mean either romantic or strictly platonic.

                       In addition, my headcanon is that K/arin is demisexual, which is a sexuality that emphasizes strong, emotional bonds. Thus, she does not allow things like gender to interfere with who she falls for or expresses interest in. So long as that powerful connection is there, she’s down. 

                       But if you want me to be extremely specific, I really ship K/arin with S/asuke, S/akura, S/uigetsu, J/uugo, H/idan, D/eidara, I/no, I/tachi, and K/isame.


Name: Dalia

Age: 24

Location: CA, USA

Looking for: ANYONE FROM ANYWHERE (Yes I do international mail bruh) 20 and up! If you’re younger and would like to connect feel free to message me privately on tumblr and we can possibly work something out.

About me: Heyyy guys whats up, I used to pen pal a while ago and randomly stopped and well.. shoot! I miss it so I am trying it back again. Im a full time fashion stylist in the bustling city of San Francisco and I am looking for a snail mail/ package buddy who is artsy fartsy craft crazy like I am. Let me explain. I’m a very creative person and I LIVE OFF OF getting little artsy craft thingies from my friends and pen pals. So photo / post card / doodle exchanges. I also will send stories and poetry too. Or basically anything that can fit in a send-able box. 

I prefer only physical mail so if that’s not your thing, like I said message me and we can work something out! I would appreciate if you guys kept an open mind about this and only message me if you’re determined to keep in contact and build a friendship. Honestly, I’m tired of people saying they will be my pen pal and just cut me off after like the 4-7th letter because they’re not in the mood to try or just get bored of where the conversation is going. 

Anyways, my interests are all over the spectrum so im sure if we start chatting you’ll find some similarities between me and you. But you gotta talk to me first or you’ll never find out!

Dislikes: Close minded people - talking about politics - talking about religion - spiders.

Random Fact: I met Ashton Kutcher once when I used to be a Restaurant Hostess many moons ago- he’s super tall and a big goofball.

Email: daliaghannoum @ me . com
Insta/tumblr: @starrygazings / starrygazings.tumblr.com/

My mom ruins everything. Now I see where I get it from. When I get sad, it’s like I just have to be alone. These feelings come out of nowhere. And I let them
stay for a while. My friend Jarvis told me that I can always be there for people but I never let people be there for me. Months go by without me reaching out to friends. I don’t do it to be cute, or for attention. I do it so I won’t burden them. I do it so I don’t have to find the words to tell my loved ones that I am tired and ready to die. I’m sorry to anyone who I may have hurt. I am sorry for calling myself your friend and not being able to open up to any of you. How exactly does a friend pick up the phone and call someone to say ‘hey, I feel like I want to die’. Can anyone tell me that. This is why I like to be alone. This is why I tend to disappear, just so I don’t have to keep explaining these feelings that have plagued me for years. I think it’s depression that tricks me into isolating myself. My friends all seems to be dealing with school, work, and building their lives. And I just feel stuck and lost. So when I talk to them, I prefer to jus talk about them. Tell me about your life, so that I may forget about mine for a while. It’s like I’m just trying to escape. I’m running in the dark. And I don’t know what’s chasing me.