i am not an exception

I am what I feel

Well what can I say about this, some important talks happen, one will just about to happen and there’s a lot of feelings, just Gastina and Lutteo this time. Hope you guys enjoy it. 

Chapter 9  (Find the other chapters here)

Being away has never hurt so bad

Matteo sighs again and Gastón throws him a look. He has never seen his best friend so obviously upset about a girl and he is sure that in general he could count with the fingers of a hand the times he hasn’t been able to at least pretend he isn’t upset about something and all of those other times it had to do with his parents. Gastón takes a book off the table and stands up to leave it on the shelf, he has spent the whole week trying to find a way to cheer Matteo up or make Luna talk to him and at least explain what happened but the girl has disappeared off the face of earth and she has done such a great job at it that he hasn’t even seen Nina around.

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Okie dokie! Thank you.

It’s weird though that people go out of their way to dislike things, like if it’s not affecting them or their beliefs directly then why bother saying anything about it, yeah? I used to think the MLP fandom was pretty odd, when I was in high school I’d see guys older than me bringing in lil pony figurines, but if that’s what floats their boat *shrug* none that stuff seems bad to me and I’d rather their boat float then sink, you never know who’s gonna help change the world for the better, y'know?


Batim head canon: Bendy HATES being called a cat. He gets mad and grumpy if someone even mentions a cat around him while ironically Boris the Wolf is cool with cats.

Another Batim head canon: making Bendy a cat will make him worse. (Warning: Don’t try this at home kids. Bendy and cats can both be pretty mean when they want to.. it’s worse when you combine the two)

Aimer (Multilanguage)

Spanish (Mexican)
French (Revival)
German (Austrian)
German (Austrian)
Japanese (Takarazuka)
French (Revival)
German (Austrian)

A blog for the comic !

Hello everyone this is me

I want to say as most of you know Of minority of you know..

I am doing comic which is golden tragedy

I don’t mind If I get asks about it or comments

anyways I am making a blog which is @they-were-here-once

I am re-blogging the pages there

so nothing will be there except the comic so yep !

Lately I’ve been having entirely vivid dreams wherein reality is altered only slightly and to a very believable degree. I am having exceptional difficulty knowing what is and is not real. This is a degree of bullshit that I don’t fucking need in my life

Abiding in Christ

It is so important to ask God daily to search our hearts. Asking Him to make known to us what is not of Him. So that we may grow closer to Him and His word. Abiding in Christ is the only way we can bear fruit and grow.

“Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in Me. I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in Me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.” - John 15:4-5

i! dont know who i am! who the fuck am i!!! what the fuck do i want to do in life!!! what are even my own interests besides the things i cling to!!! i dont know !!!!

i just pledged 10 bucks (which means 34 of my currency) to The Arcana kickstarter. please please  please  pledge to those guys because idk man i have the feeling this could be really awesome. there’s only little more than 5 days to go and they’re only 55% backed. please. for 10 dollars you get the entire pdf of the artbook, and if like only half my followers pledged we’d have nearly 4k donated

perks of backing The Arcana

  • you get to choose your (the main character’s) pronouns
  • the creators say you can have all flavors of romance gender-wise
  • you’ll be supporting lgbt adults to make an inclusive game
  • as in: lgbt people doing lgbt material
  • it’s got choices
  • it’s got beautiful artwork with beautiful colors and beautiful lines
  • you’ll only get charged if they reach their goal, as is kickstater’s regular thing
  • it’ll be in your phone so whenever the artwork is too beautiful you can just screenshot it to gawk at it later (no shame. i do it way too often)

downsides of backing The Arcana

  • literally i don’t know

here’s some official artwork and screencaps of the game to prove my point about the gorgeousness

so please just?? back it??

here’s the link again if you dont wanna scroll back!

When you voice your support for Donald Trump, you are telling my black professor that he is inherently dangerous and should be stopped and frisked.

When you voice your support for Donald Trump, you are telling my transgendered sister that she is inherently dangerous and should not be allowed to pee in her prefered bathroom.

When you voice your support for Donald Trump, you are telling my gay scenes partner that he should not be allowed to marry his boyfriend of several years (despite Trump himself being on his third wife).

When you voice your support for Donald Trump, you are telling my Muslim lab partner that she should not be allowed to enter the country because the 1.6 billion in the world who share her faith are terrorists.

When you voice your support for Donald Trump, you are telling my Latino coworker that he should not have been allowed to enter the country because his countrymen are rapists and murderers.

When you voice your support for Donald Trump, you are telling my doctor husband that he everything he learned in medical school was wrong, that he is either stupid or a liar, and either way he is willfully giving your children autism every time he vaccinates them.

When you voice your support for Donald Trump, you are telling my disabled uncle that his disability is grounds for mockery.

When you voice your support for Donald Trump, you are telling me that I am not intelligent enough to make my own decisions regarding my reproductive system.

When you voice your support for Donald Trump, you are telling the world that you are racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, and probably sophophobic.

If you do not think that’s who you are, if you truly believe that those words do not define you, then you need to seriously reevaluate your endorsement and what you plan on doing tomorrow.


Isak season 3 + hostile_goose tweets

on a scale of snape to snicket, how well are you gonna treat the orphaned kids of the married woman you loved?