i am not a science experiment


“First, do no harm. Respect those physicians in whose steps i walk and gladly share such knowledge with those who follow. Remember that i do not treat a chart or an illness, but a sick human being. And if i am to care adequately for them, their family, too. Remember that there is art to medicine as well as science and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon’s knife or the chemist’s drug. Tread with care in matters of life and death. This awesome responsibility must be faced with great humbleness and awareness of my own frailty. May i always preserve the finest traditions of my calling. And may i long experience the joy of healing those who seek my help.Heather Pinkney

The science is problematic

Physics: Keeps me on the ground

too many rules/equations

????Dark matter????Dark energy????

Astronomy: I want to know all the stars

Space???? Too big.

I cannot touch the sun

Geology: Nothing.

Rocks are perfect.

Just trust me on this one.

Chemistry: Too many chemicals I am not allowed to touch


Cool experiments are “too dangerous” and “could kill you”

Biology: Living things are problematic.

Like seriously.

Just look at humans.

Oceanography: So much we do not know

The ocean is deep

Things will eat you.


Also, fixing things make things worse


This is the Script Hacker. I’m in.

I was going to wait until after finals to officially post this, but screw it right?

In the same vein as the rest of the Script family, this blog is a resource for writers. The Script Hacker can help with questions pertaining to data retrieval, steganography, cryptography (both making and breaking), hacking (both white and black hat), and general purpose computing. Any technology question is welcome, cutting-edge included, and I’ll do my best, but the aforementioned specialties are my bread and jam.

As for me, I am a student currently working on a Computer Forensics and Computer Science double major, with dabblings in Computer Engineering. I have many years of experience with coding, tinkering, and playing tech support for my less informed family members.

Yes, my current theme is under construction. I plan to bootstrap it when I don’t have finals sucking up my free time.

Real quick disclaimer: This is a writing advice blog, and not meant for real-life application. I will not teach you how to hack into something in the real world. I do not advocate black hat hacking, any kind of cybercrime, or breaking the law in general.

That said, the ask box is open.

We’re multiplying, @scriptmedic, you’ve started a movement of knowledge!

Other members of the Script family as of now: @scriptmedic@scriptlawyer, @scriptecology, @scriptphysicist, @forenscripts, @scriptshrink, @scriptbrainscientist, @scriptsoldier, @script-a-world.

i just wrote two essays in a week and it was relatively painless and i am so happy and Not Stressed so here’s my process:

1. The Quotes

have you ever had an absolutely amazing claim, one you know is gonna win you all the awards with how insightful and great it is, and then run headlong into the giant brick wall of “I only have one quote to support this claim”?

Yeah, me too. That’s why you start with the quotes. No, seriously. It’s like a science lab conclusion - you gotta run the experiments, then draw the conclusion from the data. Similarly, you gotta look at the quotes, then make a claim from there,

My strat? As you read the book, write down quotes that stick out to you in a google doc. Organize it by theme or w/e, but just write them down!!! it makes you think more about the text, AS WELL as saves you that boring and tedious task of hunting down quotes and rereading the text.

2. Figure out your thesis

If you get to chose what you write the essay on, this will be easy. Just pick whatever topic you have the most evidence on. If you have topics assigned, you probably will have quotes if you were thorough, but some text rereads may be necessary. ugh.

In either case, you’re going to need to look through your quotes. Find a pattern in there or a side of the topic it leans more towards. Clear out all the other quotes, and focus on putting the ones you have in an order. If it’s something like “The feud in Romeo and Juliet caused the deaths of Mercutio and Lady Montague, and doomed the titular couple,” group the quotes by each event. If it’s something a little more like “The propaganda of the Cold War lead to fear mongering, which caused uneasy alliances, which finally engendered diplomacy,” then highlight bits of the text that relates to each side in different colors. (ex: if one part of the text shows alliances causing diplomacy, highlight the stuff about alliances in pink and the stuff about diplomacy in green.)

Seriously. Just bust out the color coding. It will make your life so much easier.

3. Add in the analysis

If you’re super extra gold-star about this, you might even include bullet pointed thoughts about the quotes as you put them in. If not, it’s not too hard to flesh out exactly what you were thinking. Just figure out the point you’re trying to make and apply it to the quote. Listen. You’ve done essays before. There isn’t any getting around this.

Oh, one trick for Lit. Essays: Analyze the word choice, it can help pad and flesh out points. 

4. Write the Intro and Conclusion

This is easy, because now you have body paragraphs to add in. You have an actual essay to introduce. You have this shit in the bag.

5. Edit, then Celebrate

I would read things out loud, stopping at commas and pausing to take breathes at periods. Does it sound natural? Make sure your commas are in the right place.

Read your essay backwards, line by line. It interrupts the familiar material that your brain just spat out. You’re more likely to catch a left out word or grammar error if your brain isn’t filling in the gaps for you.

Now go do something that makes you happy. You just wrote your essay.


Fluorescein is a popular chemical for flow visualization, and, as this video from Shanks FX demonstrates, it’s not hard to extract from highlighters if you’d like to experiment with it yourself. Fluorescein can also be purchased in powder form, but it’s typically rendered into a dye before use. When dripped into water, it can leave behind ghostly glowing wakes. Happy Halloween! (Video credit: Shanks FX)

In other news, I am back from my vacation! Thanks again to Claire from Brilliant Botany for looking out for everything while I was gone. - Nicole

consider this

Prussia takes new little Germany to his first meeting

And everyone fREAKS THE FUCK OUT because they think it’s HRE who’s supposed to be DEAD

And so they start arguing and yelling and throwing their scientific journals at each other because no one can be brought back from the dead

And tiny Germany is so frightened and he tries asking his big brother questions like “why am I supposed to be dead?” “Why are they so mad at you?” “Did you do something bad?” “Why is he so scary?” And Prussia kinda skirts around this because he doesn’t want to explain to his brother he was actually a science experiment and he used to be someone else and he has to answer everyone else’s questions. 

So Romano of all people, Romano who wasn’t involved, Romano who was intrigued by this tiny resurrected nation, Romano who was surprisingly very calm and quiet during this, goes over to tiny Germany and pulls him gently away, trying to keep him out of harms way. He calms tiny Germany down and tries his best to answer his questions, and leads him out of the meeting room to the coffee room and makes him hot chocolate with lots of sugar and whipped cream and marshmallows. Within the hour tiny Germany has calmed down and is asleep on the elder’s lap. 

Years later, Germany wasn’t able to recall which brother was the one who helped him out that first meeting, and just assumes it was Veneziano because he was the nicer one. 

Romano hasn’t stopped hating himself. 


In which Kratos also got wet in the name of science.

replication of this experiment.

G’ys, I am just flooded with Cophine feels rn.  Like, I hope everyone watching this show takes a moment to consciously realize that Cosima would absolutely be dead already were it not for Delphine.  Also, these two would not fight the way they do if their love were not real or their situation were less stressful and dire.  But mostly, like, I know that if someone hasn’t been through traumatic experiences, they don’t know how much getting love, tenderness, and solidarity from someone during that time actually means.  

Like, Cosima has been having a fucked up experience on an epic scale.  Sometimes people are like, oh Cosima is so sheltered, like Sarah is fighting in the streets and Helena is even worse off.  But like, this person found out she was patented by a corporation, knows they are directly responsible for creating her illness by design, knows exactly how she’s going to die from that illness, knows how difficult and unlikely finding a cure will be, believes she can overcome that challenge, and she is coughing up blood and slowly suffocating more as time passes.  Like, that’s not external, fighting action drama.  That’s another kind of conflict and suffering.  But like, Cosima’s situation is fucking terrifying and overwhelming, and she is as brave as Sarah and the others.  

Imagine Cosima trying to orchestrate events from within the Dyad without Delphine telling her she has leverage and exerting her own along with it.  Imagine Cosima getting that experimental, invasive stem cell treatment without Delphine.  I know, like, the show is saying they’re soulmates and Delphine is tied to Cosima’s will to live and whatever, and that’s cool.  But, like, on a purely rational level, the freak, coincidental miracle of finding this one person with this unique love and solidarity with Cosima in this particular position at the Dyad actually gave Cosima a chance to live, find a cure, and change the game.  

What goes wrong in this relationship is all about conflicting strategies for dealing with power differences created by unequal positions within structures of power.  Delphine’s position in the Dyad gives her power over Cosima’s life and her willingness to use institutional power without transparency to minimize harm and maximize the chance of their success conflicts with Cosima’s ethics regarding autonomy.  It seems like betrayal and not solidarity to Cosima.  Delphine doesn’t get that.  And it’s so hard to watch when it blows up!  

Delphine felt deep remorse over her own choices only when Rachel outmaneuvered her strategically.  Rachel used Delphine’s predictable solidarity with the Ledas to make her an instrument to kidnap Kira, then she took all Delphine’s power to help Cosima away.  And Delphine’s response was to have a will to take on even more power when it was offered to her, enough to make a deeply intimate relationship with Cosima impossible.  I wish Delphine had spent like half a freaking hour talking to Cosima and stopped Cosima from blatantly lying when she said, “OK. I get it,” when clearly Cosima DID NOT get it and was infinitely freaking upset.  Then Cosima failed to use Delphine’s new position to their strategic advantage, until Sarah finally did.  Like, why was that not Cosima’s realization to work with Delphine, show runners?  

Going into s5, I am hoping this terrifying camp will be a place where these two are finally equal in power, so they can be badasses together against some nemeses.  Watching this show, I am saying, please just let these two both survive until they actually dismantle the entire power structure they’re entangled with now.  Because, obviously, they will be amazing with each other.  In this story, everyone might die every second.  They all have to defy crazy odds.  Let that end by the end!  And don’t make them self-sacrifice to bring it down!  

Creature's Cookbook Official T-Shirt

I am a monster and my work here on Tapas is an experiment with a purpose, but it hardly makes for good science to accidentally eat one’s subjects.

So to that end, please find some way of distinguishing yourself as being a reader rather than a potential meal.

I highly recommend a button, a hat. Perhaps a t-shirt?

Tapas agrees with me and has been kind enough to lend a hand in that regard. Please do, my gentle readers, take a moment to consider their offerings.

More AU prompts

So my last list of unconventional aus got really popular???? SO HERE ARE MORE

“I’m the slowest on the track team and you’re the fastest and we were doing this run through the wilderness and I was super far behind so no one noticed when I fainted but then you found me when you were somehow ALREADY GOING THROUGH A SECOND TIME???” AU

“You think I’m a literal genius but we got partnered up for labs in science and OH SHIT you can’t know that literally every time I do a lab something goes terribly wrong GOD dammit I’m supposed to be the smart one” AU

“We’re sitting next to each other at a classical concert and oh my god I am so pissed at the people clapping between movements that is nOT GOOD ETIQUETTE oh shit I think the security realized I snuck in please help” AU

“I work at target and you’re doing one of those projects where you live in target for a week as a social experiment, I guess…I don’t really care, but dude you need to spread the beds the right way I keep getting in trouble and yes of course I notices you’ve been fucking living here” AU

“You’re a painter trying to sell art at the Art festival in my town and I really loved your art and I was going to buy one the next day but you were gone so now I have to go on a quest trying to find the next town the festival is in so I can find you to buy your freaking painting” AU

“You’re so freaking closed up and serious I’ve never heard you say more than two words what are you doing in this nightclub??? Oh wait dang you can dance” AU

New Year, New Blog

Monday, 1:45PM

I figured during my orgo chemistry studying was as good of a time as any to write up my first blog post. I clearly still have a lot to improve on in the ways of time management. 

You can find out more about who I am here, but in a nutshell, my name is Jackie, and I’m a 19-year-old sophomore in college. I plan on majoring in computer science and eventually, hopefully, going on to med school (and beyond)!

I have a lot of passions, many of which don’t easily fall under my pre-med plans, hence the “et al.” The past year and a half of college has only opened up doors to more and more new experiences. I’m learning a lot about myself and everything around me, and I hope this blog can be a place to document (most of) it all, medical and otherwise. 

Consider following to keep up with this little college journey, and please feel free to send a message if you have a question, or just want to talk!

whoo! just got home after being a judge at a local elementary school’s science fair. i was one of the judges for grades kindergarten through 2nd and wow. i have to say that i am so impressed by these kids and their creativity and curiosity and thoughtfulness. i think i told almost every one of them that they would make an amazing scientist–and i meant it whole heartedly. i can’t wait for the upcoming generations of scientists. 

oh, btw, if you ever have the chance to be a judge at a local school’s science fair, please do! it’s such a rewarding experience and your time and feedback is extremely valuable and appreciated. remember: these kids look up to you for their inspiration! 

SpockFact #42

Spock is an excellent baker. Although he doesn’t do it often, Spock has an affinity for baking pastries and cakes, his lemon loaves are to die for. The specific measurements involved in baking make him perfectly suited to the practice and his creations always come out perfectly, the decorations he adds only enhancing perfection. Bones, on the other hand, is much more suited to cooking than baking. He prefers to experiment, mix and match, he likes to throw seasonings together and create whole new flavours, preferences that do not go well with the strict chemistry of baking pastries. While the two of them have extremely different techniques in the kitchen, combined they can make the most delicious three course meals that the crew has ever tasted.

anonymous asked:

I feel like Tim would would become an astronomer for fun, just so he could say: "Calm down, this isn't rocket science," He quit the next day with one thing off his bucket list.

Tim “I am literally a rocket scientist and honestly rocket science is easier than dealing with all of your drama” Drake 

(I mean, he’s already canonically able to perform advanced experiments with cloning and genetics at sixteen so honestly I don’t think astrophysics would be that difficult for him.) 

The Science of Procrastination, and How to Beat it!

Last time I checked, laughing at Seinfeld and studying for my Psychology exam have as much in common as a banana and a tricycle, however, they are more connected than you might think. When our brain encounters and interacts with a pleasurable external stimulus, a signal is given by the cerebral cortex to release dopamine, and hence we experience happiness and gratification. This is part of the brain’s “reward system”, and reinforces that behaviour, ensuring we make the connection that repeating it will give us pleasure. Obviously the brain chemistry here is very simplified, but I am refraining (barely) from writing a three thousand word essay.  

Now, activities we do while procrastinating, e.g. watching Ellen on YouTube, give frequent, shorter bursts of dopamine, and since we generally base things on their temporal proximity (i.e. we see things with a closer reward as having higher value), we find procrastination often more pleasurable than working towards a larger goal. The larger goal, although it may produce a greater satisfaction than the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy, is further away, and hence we tend to undervalue its importance until the deadline approaches.

BUT NEVER FEAR MY FRIENDS! There are well established methods that can counteract these tendencies.

1. Break Up Your Goals

Breaking up your goals can ensure that we receive timely “rewards” each time we complete a task, and hence counteracts the pull of procrastination. Rather than wait for the huge surge of adrenaline then relief and happiness before a deadline, chunking your work ensures that you remain motivated consistently, as it releases dopamine timely and you feel and that you have a pathway to accomplishing your goal.

2. The Pomodoro Technique

This is a time management system which allows us to break up a larger task into smaller ones. The system encourages short, frequent bursts of work which increases efficiency remarkably, and allows you to maintain your stamina, whilst having the promise of timely “rewards”, i.e. the satisfaction of completing a task. From experience, these are hard to keep track of in daily planners, so I suggest you download an app on your phone or computer – there are many out there. Personally, I use Pomodoro on Android. Essentially, all you have to do is decide on a task, set an alarm for twenty five minutes using an app or watch, work on that task for twenty five minutes with good focus and pace (don’t worry if you don’t feel like the Terminator here) and then take a short break (three to five minutes) after the time is up. Repeat this throughout the day, and every four times you do this, the break should be longer, i.e. fifteen to twenty minutes. 

Love from,

Little Tealeaf

i’ve said this before and say it again, i’m so glad i’m not american lmao. i can’t go on a simple video without a person from the US over 40 ruining it on the comment section when they see a triangle or some fucking black paint. the adults from twitter and youtube with names like ‘MikePatriotChristian’ actually seriously believing in the devil and illuminati and bible stories? i legit could not cope with that amount of egotistical drivel, delusion and idiocy.

Experiments (Leo Valdez Fluff)

Summary ~ Confess your feelings then get jealous, you confuse me?

Words ~ 1174

Request ~ Yes

I sat in the science labs after school, looking from the test tube to the book. I was suppose to have this experiment done for today, but with me being the procrastinator I am I didn’t. Luckily Mrs. Dodds said I could stay behind after school and finish it. I sighed knowing I was missing one chemical. I went to the back of the classroom opening the chemical press trying to find some hydrochloric acids. I picked up the bottle making my way back to my desk looking down at the label until I walked into what felt like a wall. I looked up to see my best friend Leo.
“Hey Leo” I said instantly smiling.
“Hey Gorgeous” He said sitting beside me. My stomach fluttered at his nickname and at the same time I felt a knife go through my heart. This crush was getting out of hand at first I could control the butterflies, the smiling, the blushing constantly, the almost fainting when the hugged, cuddled and kissed my cheek, but I am losing control more and more everyday.
“Hello Y/N, are you listening to me?” I snapped out of my daydream and looked over to see Leo raising an eyebrow at me.
“Sorry what did you say?” I asked.
“I said are you going to Nico’s party tonight?” He laughed.
“If I can finish this experiment in time to go home and get ready in time, I will be defiantly be there” I said pouring out some of the hydrochloric acid on to different rocks.
“I’ll stop distracting you” He laughed and sat on the desk behind me looking at his phone. After 20 minutes he was already bored so he decided to annoy me.
“Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey Y/N” He kept poking me.
“Leo if you don’t stop I will pour this acid over your head” I warned. “Just go back to looking at your phone”
“But you are distracting me from my phone” He whined.
“How am I distracting you?” I said turning around.
“Dat ass” He laughed. “I mean could you drop a pencil and pick it up” He kept laughing at his stupidity.
“Shut up” I said shoving him but he caught my hand and pulled me close.
“Haha very funny Leo, come on let me go” I said even though I was loving the closeness and the smell of his cologne. He didn’t release me, he just moved his hands and wrapped them around my lower back.
“Come on Leo, if I don’t finish the experiment I can’t go to the party” I said looking down, I didn’t dare look at his face because God knows what I would do.
“Y/N” He whispered.
“Look up”
“I could look at you if you let me go” I laughed. He moved one hand to my chin keeping the other one on the small of my back. He tilted my chin up so I was looking into his eyes.
“I want to try this experiment” He smiled before pressing his lips to mine. I was shocked but I made sure that I was kissing back. If he decided he didn’t like this ‘experiment’ I was going to make sure that I remembered this kiss. He pulled away slowly placing his forehead to mine.
“I think these two chemicals have a lot of chemistry” He smiled.
“I concur” I laughed.
“I like you Y/N a lot. I have for a while and I didn’t want to risk the friendship, but I decided that a kiss with you was worth it even if you don’t like me back”
“Leo I have been falling for you for 3 months, if I never get to kiss you again I will cry”
“Well I don’t want to see you sad” He smiled pressing his lips back to mine.
“Be. My. Girlfriend” He whispered between kisses.
“Of. Coarse” I whispered back. He pulled away from the kiss and wrapped his arms around me hugging me tight.
“How about we blow off the science and go help Nico set up for his party” Leo suggested.
“Sounds good” I laughed grabbing my school bag.
Leo dropped me home and told me to meet him at Nico’s when I was ready. I took a shower and got changed into some party clothes which wasn’t mush different to my normal clothes, maybe a bit more fancy.  http://www.polyvore.com/chill_hunter/set?id=148690191
I walked to Nico’s house and let myself in.
“Nico where you at?” I yelled. He came out of the kitchen with a smirk on his face.
“Hey Y/N” He said wiggling his eyebrows.
“What?” I questioned.
“You banging my bed friend” He winked.
“What? All we did was kiss”
“Yeah but I can see into the future and your getting the D” He joked.
“Shut up Nico I came to help you set up for the party”
“Okay sorry go turn on some music” I walked over and pressed play on his ipod and immediately 'Wiggle’ came on.
“OH YEAH BABY” I heard Nico scream from the kitchen as he ran into the sitting room, which he had moved all the furniture out of for the party.
“Come on Y/N, you know what to do” He said pulling me over to him as we started dancing.
When the song finished I gave Nico a hug laughing, I looked over his shoulder to see Leo frowning in the doorway. I ran over to him.
“Hey Boyfriend” I smiled.
“Hey” He said walking into the kitchen. I followed him confused.
“Leo what’s wrong”
“Nothing” He said opening the fridge to get a drink.
“You’re not regretting kissing me are you” I said almost on the brink of tears.
“What” He said shocked..
“It’s okay I should have seen it coming, you’re you, I’m me, it wouldn’t have worked” I said turning and running to the bathroom. I started taking deep breaths, as much as this was like a knife to the heart I didn’t want to ruin my make up and leave here looking like a raccoon. I heard someone knocking on the door.
“Occupied” I yelled slightly. But the knocking continued.
“I said, someone is in here” I said opening the door slightly. There stood Leo frowning, he pushed me into the bathroom kicking the door closed behind him. He pinned my against the wall smashing his lips against mine.
“I would never regret this, you are everything I want and I finally have you. I just got a little jealous of you and Nico, but I know now that, that was stupid because he may be allowed dance with you, but he can’t kiss you or hold you like this because you are mine” He smirked.
“Say that again” I whispered as leaned back down.
“You. Are. Mine.” He said in between pecks.
“You better not be having sex in my bath tub” I heard Nico shout through the door.
“Shut up Nico” We shouted at the same time, before looking at each other and laughing.

Requests are open

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first time for everything

genre: disgusting parent!phan fluff

warnings: None

words: 4k

summary: When you’re new parents, every single thing your kid does is iconic and amazing. Dan and Phil’s experience with their child is the same thing.

a/n: thanks to my bud Nikki for the idea! it was supposed to be a drabble but then it escalated. I should be studying for Science. 

also this is a shameless plug for you all to go listen to Rockabye Baby aka the best thing that has ever happened to me. Phil actually liked the Knights of Cydonia version of them, it’s on his youtube likes. The More You Know.

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I realized recently that I’m actually not that into cuddling???

Like, unless it’s immediately post-coital???

I don’t care for being smushed on the same couch having my hair touched or sharing my bed or my blankets or my general…space? Idk.
I’ve been on my own for so long and I value my bubble so much that it just feels kind of invasive. Have I been single for too long? Have I become truly cynical? Afraid? Closed off?
Maybe it’s just the person? It’s a science experiment I don’t feel like doing tbh.

It’s just such a weird thing to learn about myself.