i am not a good enough feminist

Does the sun ask itself, “Am I good? Am I worthwhile? Is there enough of me?” No, it burns and it shines. Does the sun ask itself, “What does the moon think of me? How does Mars feel about me today?” No it burns, it shines. Does the sun ask itself, “Am I as big as other suns in other galaxies?” No, it burns, it shines.
—  Andrea Dworkin, Our blood: prophecies and discourses on sexual politics (1976)

Ok I have lots of thoughts about that episode:
1) I could watch cheerleader Waverly for approximately 1728392y3828 hours
2) revised my earlier theory… waves isn’t helping doc, she’s obv hoarding shiny things like a weird Dragon
3) Waverly not remembering gooverly moments is critical
4) where the fuck did dolls come from in that last scene? Why was he in the barn w Waverly?
5) I am SO HERE for feminist Nicole becoming badass sheriff. That moment between them was so fucking amazing

I literally have 1000 things to write here but my brain is too ecstatic to focus enough to write them all down

Holy shit this show is so good… next week is gonna fuckin rock

I need to rant

I watch Supergirl, Flash and Arrow and recommended all three for my boyfriend to watch too.  He watched Arrow and Flash on his own time and we watch Supergirl together.

He’s not completely caught up on all of them, (I am,) but yesterday we had an hour long conversation about the shows (mainly Supergirl), the storylines, the characters, etc.

We both loved Supergirl season 1.  We loved sassy and feminist icon Cat Grant putting everyone in their place, loved Kara’s character development, Alex and Kara sister bonding, grumpy space dad, Winn, James, everything.

And then there’s season 2.  

I talked it up because I love lesbian Alex, I love the introduction of M’gann and I absolutely fucking LOVE the addition of Lena Luthor.  I did warn him about the lack of character development for Kara and the unnecessary addition of Mon-El.  

While watching season 2, he immediately picked up on Lena’s obvious love for Kara.  That’s a no brainer, and truly, HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE IT?

We also discussed Mon-El and how he truly did NOT contribute anything meaningful to the first half of season 2.  He ate up screentime from other characters, (especially Alex and Maggie.  They could have explored so much more in Alex coming into her sexuality, she went from questioning, to acknowledging, to full on being totally in it.  Instead of giving Alex and Maggie five minutes an episode, cut the stereotypical white male love interest and give that story line the depth and attention it DESERVES.)

Now that we are on the second half of season 2, my boyfriend has recognized the reason behind Mon-El’s behavior, (him acting like an actual five-year-old because he ‘LIKES’ Kara.) We both think it’s stupid, but it’s more understandable.  


We both agreed that the show is about KARA.  It’s called Supergirl for fucks sake.  Her character has remained stagnant, her story line relying on Mon-El for content.  Her anger, her loss, her want for an identity on Earth, (all these beautiful things they began touching on in season 1) are all gone. Replaced by her, ‘training’ her new student, her getting a love interest, (who, while he has moments of seeming decent, does not listen, has a horrific past of being an abusive, misogynistic slave owner, and overall, is NOT a healthy relationship for Kara.)  

Kara has not grown in this season.  Glimmers of development like addressing her abandonment issues starting with Winn, James, and Alex keeping the Guardian secret, Alex starting to spend more time with Maggie, and the rift caused by Jeremiah’s homecoming.  But that was over before it even started,

Then there is the Super + Luthor relationship that had the ability to blossom and grow throughout the season where the big bad is, (should be? I don’t honestly even know at this point with all the Daxam bullshit,) Cadmus, aka Lena’s MOM.  

(Also to mention Lena is a wonderfully complex character with endless possibilities exploring how she was raised, how that affects her now, what kind of issues does she have from that?  I feel like her and Kara have so many similarities in what they have lost, they only difference being that Kara does have family and friends that genuinely love her.  Lena’s character just keeps getting put in shitty situations that are emotionally scarring.  Leave the poor girl ALONE. Give her some HAPPINESS.)

@ CW.  No one asked for Supergirl to be turned into a teen drama with the good-looking bad boy swooping in to save the day.  

Literally did not ask.

In conclusion, 

Develop your god damn characters.

Give the season a fucking coherent story line.

Give us our feminist, girl-power show back.

(and no, calling an episode, “Nevertheless, She Persisted” and putting Kara in a Girl Power sweater is not enough.)

Barbie says I have a sixteen inch waist Barbie says What?

What’s that you say? How did I get my sixteen inch waist?

Well, I removed two ribs, a kidney, and half of my intestines- 

but don’t worry, Barbie says, I donated my kidney.

Barbie says Look. At. My. Neck. Isn’t it long isn’t it thin Ken loves

to see all that skin Barbie says My neck can’t hold the weight of my head up so I lean on Ken’s shoulder 

Isn’t that romantic ?

Barbie says You want to know how I maintain my figure?
Barbie says I practice breatharianism! Plants are alive and humans are alive and I am mostly sort of barely alive plants survive on light and air, so why can’t I survive on light and air?

Barbie says When I look in the mirror, all I see are my bright white teeth and double d tits!

Barbie says I am the embodiment of the phrase top-heavy and I am proud of it.  

Barbie says Don’t tell Ken, but my back hurts all the time, she says The weight of silicone drags me down 

but you know what they say! No pain, no gain! Barbie says My wrists are three point five inches 

Barbie says Well, no, I can’t lift anything, but that’s hardly the point- Ken loves it. Barbie says Men looove a helpless woman.

Barbie says Ken broke up with me

- am I not good enough? Barbie says I changed myself for him, I killed myself for him, when I look into the mirror I can’t see me.

Barbie says There’s nobody to be beatiful for,

Barbie says It’s getting hard to breathe,

Barbie says I don’t remember how to love myself



These are some more of the patches I printed and added to my Etsy shop recently. All of the patches shown here are printed from my own hand drawn artwork with feminist messages and cats! I’m really happy with how the “My Body My Choice” cat came out, since it was inspired by my beloved Zeppy.

The dress patches are supposed to say “My clothes DO NOT determine my consent no means no” but didn’t come out good enough to sell. I only have eight and I am going to be giving them away to the first eight people to purchase feminist patches from my shop (this includes my Riot Grrrl hearts and other embroidered patches).

Reasons to read The Dream Thieves it has quotes like this

  • Boys like him didn’t die; they got bronzed and installed outside public libraries
  • My sense of self-worth isn’t tied into my occupation.
  • If you never saw the stars, candles were enough.
  • “Did something … happen to you?
    “What? Oh. No. Does there have to be a reason? The answer’s just no! Isn’t that good enough?”
  • When he dreamt like this, he was a king. The world was his to bend. His to burn.
  • While I’m gone dream me the world. Something new for every night.

Also has quotes like

  • I would’ve thought you had more muscles. Don’t feminists have big muscles?
  • You’d talk about this with your grandmother? I cannot possibly imagine discussing my dating life with mine. She’s a lovely woman, I suppose. If you like them bald and racist.
  • One of you two Poverty Twins should touch it
  • You’re a bastard, and this doesn’t seem like a typical bastard activity.
  • I am being perfectly fucking civil
Not good enough even for sexual harassment (OR: The privilege of being "ugly" in society's eye)

“…It was weird and shameful, wanting to be harassed. But if felt that the fact men almost never harassed me in the “I am flirting with you” way meant I was “ugly”. Which, in a way, was true…”

I started writing this, with the feeling that many feminist people will be angry at me for writing something like this, but my friends essurred me that it probably won’t be the case.

So, here you go.


Beeing friends with the Mikaelsons is not easy. All the fights and enemies make it hard to survive. But at the same time you could'nt think of any better family to be friends with. Altough this friendship did cost you your humanity. Now your have to fight to survive another day. And Elijah is teaching you.

You get ready for the fight and get in position. Elijah is preparing as well. You swing your fist back to get the best speed out of the hit. Your fist rams forward in direction of Elijahs torso. Just before it hits him, he catches your fist.

Elijah : “As a devout feminist I refuse to say you hit like a girl.”

Y/N: "Well that´s maybe because I AM a girl.“

Elijah: “That does not mean that you have to hit like one. Now let´s do this again.”

His words made you slightly angry and you get back into position.

After a hour, give or take, you made slight progress. You prepare again.

You hit another time, but Elijah still catches your arm.

Elijah: “Not good enough, again.”

You break free of his grip in a turn and catch him by his collar with your arm and slam him against the nearby wall with all your strength. He looks surprised and defeated but also proud.

Y/N: “So much for not good enough, huh?” *Smirk*

I knew someone like this would show up. 

First off, I never sent any pornographic/graphic/NSFW images to anyone, and whoever claims this has no proof beyond word of mouth. I do not represent feminism, which is correct, as I am a staunch anti-feminist, but I am also not a misogynist and I would like to see ‘proof’ for that.

I have criticized/made fun of other fanworks. If you post something on the internet, publicly mind you, then I can make any response I’d like.

I have made jokes in the past (jokes, not factual statements) and I have used slurs. However, me using slurs was over two years ago and I no longer do that on this blog.

My ‘hate’ (i.e. criticism) of Astrid doesn’t stem from me thinking ‘she isn’t good enough for Hiccup.’ I don’t think I ever even mentioned something close to this.

Apparently in my fantasy world women are held to the same standards of men when it comes to beating someone. What a far out there idea.

Yes, I did hold a contest to redesign Astrid. I never used the words ‘less conventionally attractive’ or said to make Ruffnut ‘more beautiful.’ In fact, here’s a link to it. All I said was to redesign Astrid in a way that fit more with her surroundings, and make Ruffnut have a more newer outfit, not just some copypaste of her old self. I never stated any of what the person above claims.

I never edited Astrid to be darker. I didn’t criticize darker edits of Elsa, I criticize the motivation behind why people were doing it.

Many people have reasons for why they block me, whether it be because I criticize large portions of the franchise or because of factually inaccurate boogey-man tales *see above* I don’t really care if people don’t like me, but do not spread misinformation about me that make me out to be this monster.

~mod Critter

Marina and the Diamonds songs for the types

INTJ: “I know exactly what I want and who I want to be, I know exactly why I walk and talk like a machine.” - Oh No!
INTP: “Can you teach me how to feel real? Can you turn my power off?” - I am Not a Robot
ENTJ: “You can’t have peace without a war.” - Power and Control
ENTP: “Gimme love, gimme dreams, give me a good self-esteem!“ - Blue

INFJ: “You bought a star in the sky tonight, and in your man-made dark the light inside you died.” - Buy the Stars
INFP: “Like the land joining the sea… Happiness, it followed me.” - Happy
ENFJ: “But if the earth ends in fire and the seas are frozen in time, there’ll be just one survivor - the memories of our lifetime.” - Immortal
ENFP: “Do you really want me to write a feminist anthem?” - Can’t Pin Me Down

ISTJ: “Ever since I can remember, life was like a tipping scale, like an abacus I played with, counting every win and fail.“ - Forget
ISFJ: “Do you think you will be good enough to love others and to be loved?” - Mowgli’s Road
ESTJ: “I’m not the only one who finds it hard to understand, I’m not afraid of God - I am afraid of Man.” - Savages
ESFJ: “You never told me what it was that made you strong and what it was that made you weak.“ - Obsessions

ISTP: “Drinking champagne, a bottle to myself, savor the taste of fabricated wealth.” - Shampain
ISFP: “Hollywood infected your brain, you wanted kissing in the rain.” - Hollywood
ESTP: “Life gave me some lemons, so I made some lemonade.” - Bubblegum Bitch
ESFP: “All I ever wanted was the world.” - Primadonna

Debunking the Alt Right: MRAs and Feminism

This is just a very obvious one, less of a singular point and more of a broad notion but I think this indicative of the larger mindset of the Alt Right….actually no, this is a mindset of the right, I’m just using MRAs as an example because they are ludicrously easy to disprove.  They will talk a great deal about how feminists say this or what beliefs feminists have or how feminists are totally planning to do this or that and how they oppose feminism ideologically.  And then you ask them about specifics and surprise surprise…they can’t name anything other than a few quotes that they saw spread around the internet, and maybe they can name check the SCUM Manifesto.   They don’t know anything about feminism, they don’t don’t know the history, they can’t name any of the major feminist figures and thinkers except maybe Anita Sarkessian.  If you name any of the major feminist writings, essays, theories, terminology, or even fucking basic tenants.  They might say “I oppose second wave or third wave” feminism but they don’t really understand how those movements emerged, who were some of the major thinkers, where they disagreed with each other, what cultural/historical context they emerged in, or even anything more than a single dismissive sentence.  

Gee, its almost like MRAs are just trying to find an excuse to hate women and aren’t an actual valid movement at all but nothing more than a hate group, who would have fucking thought. 

   ANy time you press these people on these issues, they will fucking fold.  THey will spend pages explaining why they shouldn’t have to answer that question, why they don’t need to understand something to oppose something, they might murmur something about how you can oppose the Nazis without reading Mein Kampf, and then get really huffy that you expect them to actually understand something that they oppose.  Then they will slink off going ‘Why would I want to read something written by a bunch of bitches saying how men are evil hur hur” and then they go away.  Tehse are the same people by the away who whine and moan about how universities don’t teach MRA subjects and act surprised when nobody who actually studies any of their subjects take them seriously.  Like when they are like “Oh feminism comes from cultural marxism” and anybody who is remotely educated on the subject points out that the movement existed before Marx was born they just kinda flounder because they don’t fucking know.  Because again, this isn’t an ideology, this is a prejudice that they are painting an ideology over and pretending it is legitimate.

      Just to give an example of what actual grown ups do when it comes to their ideologies, as I have made clear before I don’t like Marxism, in fact my very first Debunking wasn’t against the Alt Right, but Marxist political theory.  But I understand what Marxism actually is and specifically what it is not.  I’ve read most of the major Marxist texts, I am familiar with Marxist thinkers, philosophers, politicians, artists, theorists, and economics.  I can explain Party Vanguardism, Proletariat of the Masses, what Marx’s definition of Capital is, and the Marxist interpretation of historical progress.  I can tell you what the difference is between a Trotsist, Stalinist, and Maoist, and I can tell you how Leninism differed from Marxist Orthodoxy.  So when I say “Hey I think Marxism doesn’t serve as a good foundation of goverment” I knwo what I am bloody talking about.  This is also true of Objectivism, despite being the literal worse thing ever made by a Human, I fucking read Atlas Shrugged and so there is literally no reason why these lazy fucks can’t read some basic fucking feminist criticism.

   As a rule, if something is studied in universities and people spend their lives talking about it, a random meme online is unlikely to provide you with enough information to make an informated rejection of it.  Except for Post Modernist Philosophy 

I am a feminist because sometimes when I’m at work, I’m afraid to check for drink refills at my male-dominated tables because I don’t want them to think I’m interested.

I am a feminist because when 65+ year-old men come in and ask my 18 year-old hostess for her number, it’s considered funny and quirky.

I am a feminist because when those same men say “if I was 30 years younger!” we’re supposed to smile because “it’s just a joke”

I am a feminist because when men leave me their numbers on receipt, they leave me a 10% tip because they consider their phone number a good enough tip.

I am a feminist because my Hispanic coworkers used to talk about my ass in Spanish, a language I’m unfamiliar with.

I am a feminist because I’m not supposed to take offense to any of these things, because “it’s harmless” because “it’s a joke, don’t take it so hard” because as a ‘server’ I’m considered an easy pick. Someone who will go home with you in a heartbeat. Because I’m not considered a person.

I am a feminist.

I’m so sick of pandering to men with my feminism. Nothing I do is ever good enough. I say “we fight against circumcision,” and they expect me to be accountable for the feminists who don’t.

I say “male victims of rape are even less likely to come forward than women and that culture needs to change” and they want me to answer for the people who say men can’t be raped.

I say “the expectation that men cannot be emotional is cruel. We need to fight for their right to feel something besides anger” and I am asked to answer for the women who want to date tough guys.

They say “what about false rape accusations.” And when I respond with facts and figures that prove that false rape allegations are no more prevalent than false allegations in any other crime, I am sneered at with derision.

I am asked to answer for the sins of all women while they cry #notallmen. I spend more time soothing men that we fight for them too than I do speaking in support of my sisters and I’m finished.

I will no longer try to fit their mold of acceptable feminism when it turns out that mold does not exist.

I will not try to be a respectable feminist for one more day. They are not the gatekeepers of acceptable activism. They will always shout us down because they do not want equality.

They DO NOT WANT EQUALITY. These people who try to gate keep what is acceptable from activists against sexism and racism and homophobia, they don’t want a respectable activist. They want a silent activist. They don’t want equality because equality is a threat to their privilege.

Worst Case Scenarios

You know: There is power in being a pessimist sometimes.

The week since Hillary Clinton lost the election, to a man whose name I still have trouble saying aloud, has been painful in the extreme for a lot of people. “I’m still coping with this. I feel like I always will be,” a young guy told me on Twitter. I keep seeing women, in particular, write about how they’re crying every day, grieving as if they’ve lost a friend. Some admit they’ve been “drunk for a week.”

It’s not that I don’t feel this. I was the one to announce Trump’s win to my friends at our election party. We’d all started out laughing, and then gotten quieter and quieter. In the end, I just looked up from my phone and said well, CNN is projecting Trump for Wisconsin, so it does appear that he has won. My voice was deep and flat, and I didn’t cry. I didn’t feel much at all. We filed out in silence. My mother called me while I was in the cab. This is just how it is for women, huh?  This is how it always is, I said. She told me this was a temporary setback. I didn’t believe her, but I also didn’t argue. I got into bed, still wearing the off-white sweater I’d thrown on at the last minute to commemorate the day — there were so many conflicting plans, with the pantsuits, and the suffragette white; the white was more #problematic, but at least I had something lying around the house — and watched the results on Twitter until I fell asleep. When I woke up, I peeled the “I Voted” sticker off my sweater.

Taking the sticker off. That was when I cried.  

So I let myself cry a bit. I took a day to feel hopeless and petty. Maybe, next time, I just won’t vote unless there’s a woman on the ticket! Maybe, for the rest of my life, I’ll only vote for women! How’s that, huh? But that lasted for about five minutes. You don’t vote for yourself; you vote for your fellow citizens, especially those who are worse off. You can’t throw the entire country under a bus just because you got your feelings hurt. That was why I hated the fucking Berners so much, because they didn’t get that. I couldn’t repeat their mistake.

I’m actually pretty good in a worst-case scenario, believe it or not. 

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anonymous asked:

Uh, sorry if you've answered this before, I really am but.. I've been a MLP fan for years and I honestly had never heard of PP until a few days ago when I was browsing tags. She seemed funny and stuff so I followed her but now there's holy hell ton of drama that I wasn't aware of, can you give a quick run through of what's wrong with her? It's kinda opened a book in the middle and I've no idea where the first page is haha.

Oh gosh.  Well, I suppose you’re welcome to go through the tag I made so that people following me can avoid this nonsense, but I’ll try to summarize:

  • She decided to wage internet war on a blog called “Ask Princess Molestia”, on the grounds that it “encourages rape”.  The blog in question is a NSFW blog, but it is clearly marked as such (and does not violate any of tumblr’s site rules), and is not set in the show’s canon universe.  From what I saw when I took a look at it, there doesn’t appear to be a single image of rape anywhere - something that has been confirmed to me by others as well.  As I’ve said in the past, the behavior exhibited in the comic is literally no worse than how Mae West acted back in the 1920’s.
  • She makes a frequent habit of posting petty insults generalizing the male side of the MLP:FiM fan base:  These posts include quite a lot of “fedora” jokes, “small penis” jokes (so much for being against sexual harassment), and calling them “scum” and “rapists”.  She actually does this numerous times daily.  Frankly, she spends an unhealthy amount of time on it. 
  • Two of her ex-boyfriends have confirmed that she has a history of compulsive lying:  One of them made this post about her past behavior.  After viewing some of her posts, I can easily believe she has done these things, because she seems to have a genuine personality disorder (if I recall correctly, she has stated that she is on the autism spectrum, though she seems just to want to use this as an excuse for her puerile conduct).
  • Shortly after beginning her “movement” (which, frankly, is a slap in the face to real victims by trivializing a serious issue), she alleged that she was “recognized” in public by “two 6’ tall bronies”, who “harassed her” until she felt the need to hide in a changing room (though sometimes, she claims that it was a bathroom - apparently she can’t keep her story straight) where she proceeded not to call for help, seeing as she was in a public place, but to post to tumblr on her phone.  I find this story wildly implausible, especially because this supposedly happened early on in her “crusade” - beforehand, she was literally no one to the fan base.  She also claims she had her hair tucked up into a hat at the time, yet was still “recognized” (once again - there was nothing for anyone to “recognize” her FOR, so this is incredibly suspicious).
  • She claimed she wasn’t trying to have the Ask Princess Molestia blog taken down, but later posts of hers show her blatantly stating her intent to do so, as well as encouraging people to report it.
  • She allegedly tried writing to Hasbro over this.  Either she didn’t actually do it, or they didn’t care, because nothing has changed.
  • She has, on numerous occasions, expressed her hatred for show creator Lauren Faust.  God only knows why.
  •  It is constantly pointed out by her and her followers that a handful of idiots (whom do not, in any way, represent the behavior of the rest of the fan base) went so far as to send her death threats.  Meanwhile, they never seem to want to comment on the fact that they’ve made just as many, if not more death threats (and other threats of violence) at any who oppose their “movement”.  They have not only made threats against the artist of the Molestia blog, but against a teenage boy for 20 seconds of animation that was actually less crass than the average South Park episode, and even against a man over the nominations in a fandom poll that were submitted by other fans, and not him.
  • Her and her followers make a point of belittling anyone who goes on anon to ask questions.  Meanwhile, when anyone uses their screen name, they become relentlessly harassed by her followers, who then feel the need to spew vulgarity, and make baseless judgements on that person’s moral standards, no matter how politely and reasonably they have conducted themselves.  I have experience with this firsthand.  Pinkiepony does nothing to dissuade them from this behavior, and even encourages it.
  • Her followers have even called actual rape victims (including popular fan artist pixelkitties) who didn’t agree with their methods “rape enablers”, and “rape apologists” (as if they had ASKED for the trauma they endured).  They also tell these victims they “didn’t matter”, and that they “didn’t speak for all victims”.  This is from a “movement” that claims to be fighting for “victims to be heard”.  Apparently, they only believe in viewing members of a group as individual human beings when it suits their needs.  They are also quick to assume anyone that speaks out against them is male, and are so insistent upon crying “MISOGYNY!” that, if they find out the dissenting opinion is that of a woman, they will just alter it to “INTERNALIZED MISOGYNY!”.  Again, PP does nothing to stop this.  Meanwhile members of the fan base (myself included) have not only spoken out AGAINST the people that sent her death threats, but some of us have even personally gone onto the /mlp/ board to convince them not to send her or her parents letters in the mail.
  • Her and her followers have been passing around articles as “proof” that “rape jokes cause rape”, even though they are either from dubious sources, or actually say right in the article that rape jokes don’t cause rape.  They frequently pass around the “One in three/four women will become a victim of rape” “statistic”, which is also outrageously false.  They also make a point of ignoring any and every legitimate point, as well as multiple, credible studies, that discredit their claims.  Let’s not forget the backlash against video games, movies, and television being blamed for violent behavior in the early 90’s - no one could legitimately prove that, either.
  • Pinkiepony blamed “bronies” for “hacking” her computer and stealing $10.  What really happened is this.  A program that was already on her computer merely withdrew their renewal fee, because no one cancelled the service.  She claimed this withdrawal was caused by “a virus”, and was accompanied by her computer filling up with files named “Dumb Cunt”, and that it gave her the “blue screen of death”.  She then claimed that she was able to get a hold of Paypal on a Saturday afternoon, and have them respond back quickly.  Given their 24-hour waiting period for customer service, I highly doubt this.  She then alleged the entire problem to be cleared up within hours after she first posted about being “hacked”.  Needless to say, this is suspiciously convenient.
  • She and her followers had attempted to ban people from the /mlp/ board on 4chan from having vending tables at BABScon.  The proceeds from sales at these tables were to go directly to RAINN (the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network).  This was accompanied by statements such as “donating doesn’t make you a good person!”, despite her assertions that her alleged donations are “proof” that she is a “good person”.  While their argument was “don’t give them your money - donate directly!”, they failed to take into account how many of the buyers likely would not even think of donating to RAINN themselves.  Their statement is also incredibly hypocritical, since Pinkiepony sells “Down With Molestia” t-shirts.  In the end, BABScon refused the ban request, and are allowing the vendors at the convention.  Meanwhile, this fan base that they claim is so “terrible” has donated tens of thousands of dollars to numerous charities, and all without wanting or needing recognition for it.  “Down With Molestia” has yet to show any figures in terms of donations, nor do any of them donate their time to worthy causes.
  • This “movement” promotes not only unwarranted harassment of the male side of the fan base (including sexual harassment, with comments not only about penis size, but about masturbation), but also the harmful idea that “men can’t be raped”.  They continue to vilify males in the fan base “daring” to enjoy a cartoon that’s even slightly feminine, as well as making other sexist commentary (from people who, again, claim to be against sexism).
  • Pinkiepony alone is wrought with double standards - she claims to be a “feminist”, but is extremely quick to play the “I’m just a teenage girl!” sympathy card.  She is also emotionally manipulative, and has threatened suicide for attention.
  • Her financial practices are very questionable.  She complains about not having enough money to have a vending table at Bronycon, while at the same time, she bids on pony plushies on eBay.

I have written much about this “movement”, and why it’s not only pointless, but also trivializes a serious issue, and only servers to further stain the feminist movement.  There are numerous links to my thoughts on the topic in this post.  Also, for the record, I am a woman that grew up with My Little Pony in the 80’s.  I have a very good understanding of the attitudes of the people in this “movement”, because I was once just as misguided as they are.

It is because of the type of “feminist” in this “movement” that I no longer wish to associate myself with that label.

anonymous asked:

"Adrien is a feminist".... can't he just be a guy with manners? please?

No. He can’t. Maybe in the future when men with manners are equivalents to feminists–where the distinction doesn’t need to exist–then yes. But no, as of now, those two things are not the same. 

There are plenty of men with “manners” that look at women as though they’re incapable, different, and should be in a different place–the home, the kitchen, just “lower” in position. There are plenty of chivalrous men that think chivalry is a necessity because women are weaker and require it. There are plenty of nice men that look at a world where women are daily abused and think their “manners” require payment, as if they should be congratulated and given attention merely because they’re “nice.” As if women don’t naturally deserve “manners.” 

I don’t know why you’re asking “please” for merely a “guy with manners.” What’s wrong with a man that’s a feminist? What’s wrong with recognizing that women are at a natural disadvantage in our society? What’s wrong with wanting guys in media who represent a sort of man that combats such realities? That teaches young boys and girls that being so–being a feminist–isn’t a bad thing?

Guys like Adrien are rare. Those who I’ve met have been but a few–they’re far outnumbered. I’ve met men who try, who are feminists and who are good and safe, but who are still plagued by a patriarch that has taught them women are weaker. 

Until I can safely walk out of my house at night and not be in fear of the men who think they’re entitled to my body, until we can live in a society where girls aren’t told “be careful of boys,” but boys are told “don’t hurt girls,” I will point out the feminist characters I see and I will celebrate them. And if you have a problem with that, I suggest you get off my blog. 

I’ve gotten hate, I’ve gotten critique, I’ve dealt with wank, but, to be quite honest, your message has made me angrier more quickly than any of those. It’s ignorant and just plain insulting. If you don’t agree with what I have to say, then please feel free to get out, because there are no points I have any interest in debating as far as my Adrien is a Feminist essay. I’m usually down for a good argument, but if my points weren’t clear enough in that essay, then I have no desire to even speak with you. 

I am a woman–I have dealt with the inequality, I have seen opportunities slip through my fingers because of my sex, I have walked around in fear of the men around me. And so I will celebrate those, fictional or not, who stand against such threats. 

Feel free to take your entitled manners and go.

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Women are indeed part of humanity you stupid cunt. Literally within his first sentence he states his intent to take revenge on all of humanity. If you have any comprehension ability you might notice he doesn't even blame "women" for anything, because this had nothing to do with gender roles or feminism - he blames "you girls" who ignored him. He's the same as every other school shooter - a lonely fucked up kid. The only difference is this time the media brainwashed you into a feministic rage.

Oh so basically what you’re saying is you’re a moron and you didn’t listen to what was going on at all

Got it

EDIT: okay no, actually I was going to play this off and just queue it up because I don’t feel like doing this shit but you know what anon, you made the mistake of letting me read this before I had any food or a cigarette so buckle the fuck up let’s do this

To start off, you better fucking believe I’m in a feministic rage. I’m in a fucking rage because my girlfriend is too afraid to go around the corner to the gas station and buy a Monster without me because we don’t live in the upper-class white neighborhood and she’s worried she’s going to get jumped or followed home by some guy. I’m in a blinding rage because my older sister was being followed through a store by a guy asking for her number and wouldn’t stop after she told him no about five times so she had to lie and give him MY number to make him leave. She was still too afraid to give him her own number and just ignore him. I’m pissed the fuck off because most of my best friends in the world are women and they have to live their lives being afraid of almost everything just because of their gender. I was in Speech and Debate as well as Theater in high school, and the past couple of years I’ve been going back to help work with the students and there are seniors about to graduate that I’ve known for four years of my life, and they’re about to be pushed out into “the real world” with people like this guy and they’re so dear to me that the thought of them getting caught up in something like this scares me to my very core.

Speaking of things that scare me out of my grown-ass-man-skin, you wanna take some time out of your shit-eating day to talk about the comments on his video?

Have I been brainwashed, anon? Has the media turned me into a zombie to think of nothing other than the fact that women are poor, helpless, entitled, spoiled brats? Is that really what you think? Am I being fed doctored facts and opinions?

There are other people out there that agree with what he did, and they’re broadcasting it. One even suggests that he should have raped and tortured them? So he’s saying that this shooting wasn’t good enough, that Rodger should have done it differently? But I’ve been brainwashed by the media. I don’t have any reason to fear for my sisters or my girlfriend or my friends.

Make no mistake, you’re right about one thing: I am in a fucking feministic rage.

So let’s get to the rest of this. Here is a transcript of what he said in the video that I’ll be referring to for today’s discussion. It starts about halfway down the page of the article.

Yeah, he does blame humanity in his first sentence.

  • “Hi, Elliot Rodger here. Well, this is my last video. It all has to come to this. Tomorrow is the day of retribution, the day I will have my revenge against humanity, against all of you.”

But maybe you stopped listening/reading after you found one quote you could take out of context? Because he then IMMEDIATELY goes on to say:

  • “For the last eight years of my life, since I hit puberty, I’ve been forced to endure an existence of loneliness, rejection and unfulfilled desires, all because girls have never been attracted to me. Girls gave their affection and sex and love to other men, never to me.

I mean, really. If that’s not enough evidence for you to see that his being denied by women was the cause of this, then yes, you’re just too dense to even argue with in the first place. He literally says, LITERALLY, that his miserable life is because girls have never been attracted to him. Read it again. And again. Just to make sure it sinks in.

And excuse the piss and shit right out of me, but “He doesn’t even blame women for anything, he blames “you girls” “? Anon are you fucking kidding me right now? Are you serious with this shit? He doesn’t blame women, he blames girls, so therefore he’s not a misogynist! Go home, everybody! We lost this one! Or does it not count because he can’t blame EVERY WOMAN ON THE PLANET? Either way, that statement gave me an ulcer. Thanks for that.

Even if we ignore that stunning display of brilliance and how you very effectively contradicted yourself, you’re still completely wrong. He does blame women multiple times for what he’s about to do. Go watch the video again and try to legitimately tell me that you still think he doesn’t blame women. Or better yet, since obviously you’re having some trouble finding it anyway, let me see if I can help.

  • "You girls have never been attracted to me. I don’t know why you girls aren’t attracted to me but I will punish you all for it. It’s an injustice, a crime because I don’t know what you don’t see in me, I’m the perfect guy and yet you throw yourselves at all these obnoxious men instead of me, the supreme gentleman. I will punish all of you for it.”
  • On the day of retribution, I am going to enter the hottest sorority house at UCSB and I will slaughter every single spoiled, stuck-up, blond slut I see inside there. All those girls I’ve desired so much. They [would] have all rejected me and looked down on me as an inferior man if I ever made a sexual advance toward them, while they throw themselves at these obnoxious brutes.”

But you’re right, anon. A guy that generalizes a group of sorority girls as spoiled, stuck-up, blond sluts is just a lonely kid. Of course, he couldn’t possibly have a hatred for women.

  • You will finally see that I am, in truth, the superior one, the true alpha male. [laughs] Yes, after I have annihilated every single girl in the sorority house, I’ll take to the streets of Isla Vista and slay every single person I see there. All those popular kids who live such lives of hedonistic pleasure while I’ve had to rot in loneliness all these years.”

So let’s pause here a second. He says that he will be proving, in his sorority slaughter, that he is the superior man, as opposed to the obnoxious brutes that these young ladies allegedly threw themselves at for so long. “You will finally see that I am, in truth, the superior one, the true alpha male.” He’s saying, to the women, that after he’s exacted his revenge in being ignored and denied his precious sex, that he’s then going to show — TO THE WOMEN — how he was really the one more deserving of their attentions by running through the streets and killing people. So yes, while the lives claimed during his rampage were not strictly female, all of the lives claimed were done so to help stick a finger in the face of women that had rejected him and say, “See? This is what you were missing out on. These boys are who you’re really spending your time on, but you had a perfect man in front of you the whole time.” And the way to do that, in his mind, is to run through the streets firing shots at innocent civilians. Moving on.

  • "You [girls] think I’m unworthy of you. That’s [a] crime I can never get over. If I can’t have you girls, I will destroy you. You denied me a happy life and in turn I will deny all of you life, it’s only fair. I hate all of you.”


Scroll the fuck back up and read that last quote again, I fucking swear to god. Do it right fucking now and if you still think that you can seriously say that he didn’t blame women for his outrage and that this shooting was not deeply rooted in misogyny then you really, truly, madly, deeply need to get yourself evaluated because your bubble of ignorance is so thick it could stop a bullet and you are holding back humanity as a whole.

Fucking fuck I’m so fucking angry.

Okay, YES. He DOES say that he hates sexually active men, because THEY are getting women that HE is entitled to and HE is not. He DOES say that he hates “the popular kids” because THEY were ALSO having more success with the women that HE felt entitled to. “All those popular kids who live such lives of hedonistic pleasure.”(Also for anyone who doesn’t know: hedonistic: /ˌhēdnˈistik/ : adj : engaged in the pursuit of pleasure; sensually self-indulgent.)


I am completely and utterly 100% opposed to the idea that Elliot Rodger was NOT severely disturbed. For a lot of reasons. I think he was incredibly mentally ill, and that he needed serious psychological help. That, however, does NOT, by ANY MEANS WHATSOEVER, lessen the fact that A) he WAS a dyed-in-the-wool, warmblooded, woman-hating man who grew up not being told that he does not have a divine right to enter a woman whenever he feels like OR B) that this entire incident was rooted MAINLY in a very serious and very toxic misogynistic mindset.

I’ve said this before: He WAS a misogynist and I strongly believe that he WAS mentally disturbed. It is possible for those things to go hand in hand, BUT BUT BUT,



Yes, as a matter of fact, I am completely repulsed by the group of people who have taken to the strategy of ignoring his hatred for women by blaming it on mental disability. I truly am. Because he was (most likely) a mentally disabled individual who hated women. Stop trying to make him look like anything other than what he is. And guess the fuck what, I know a few individuals that have been certified by psychiatric professionals as much crazier than Elliot Rodger that are completely harmless.

Long story short, my personal opinion is that he was VERY crazy, but the main root of the problem was still his hatred for women. I think as far as the mental health debate goes (in this scenario) there are arguments either way that are relatively moot without a statement from a mental health professional, but the women-hating aspect of it is irrefutable.

And on another note, you can be perfectly healthy and still hate women.

Not the way I wanted to start my morning, anon. Not on my day off.