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I´ve seen a few presumed outfits for Kylo Ren in Episode VIII. Can I make a suggestion too?

I´ve seen IAMX last sunday and I blame Janine Gezang and Sammi Doll for this terrible fanart. They looked amazing wearing something similar so this is the first thing I´ve sketched the next day at work.

So we got some quality guitar hugs last night. Look at this actual angel jfc

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The very first time Delirious finds the writing hidden in his clothes he thinks he’s going mad.

It’s after five in the afternoon, and he didn’t sleep at all last night, tossing and turning so much that he had to get up and walk around in the hallway outside their apartment so he wouldn’t wake the others because he just couldn’t sleep. He’s so tired he’s nearly swaying on his feet, what if he falls, what if he trips, what he does something wrong and it messes everything up and Wildcat’s designs are ruined and he’s laughed off the stage, what if?

All around him are tall, beautiful skinny models, he’s the shortest of the bunch and he pokes a soft lump of belly fat miserably, he’ll never be like them.

This day has been going on forever, nothing seems to end his head is pounding pounding a rhythm so hard there must be drums inside him and he steps up behind the curtain, nervous to all hell and tugging at his shirt sleeves when he sees it–

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Harry at fabulous magazine
  • Stylist: Harry that jacket is absolutely gorgeous on you. I think my work here is done
  • Harry *peering over her shoulder*: But what of my accessories? What's that? Over there?
  • Stylist: That's my beret, from home, I own it, I wore it here.
  • Harry: I want to wear it.
  • Stylist: But that doesn't reall-
  • Louis *grabs beret*: Harry wants to wear it. Look at him. He looks fabulous
  • Harry: Thank you, love
  • Stylist: I mean honestly I think you look a bit ridiculous I mean-
  • Louis: Don't you dare-
  • Harry: No Lou, no worries, it's perfect and I refuse to remove it
  • Stylist*mutters*: I give up. I swear to god if I get fired....
  • H&L smile while Louis adjusts beret.
  • Louis *bops harrys nose*: Who's my little French fashionista?
  • Harry *hangs head* quietly: I am

‘Kay so I didn’t think this website was going to be any good until I got on the Explore page and started searching through all the tags! I’m following blogs for everything a girl could want: fashion, music, and all of the celebrity gossip - not gonna lie, I was convinced Mr. Schuester had gotten knocked upside his head since this whole assignment seemed like a trap, but it’s not so bad I guess. I’m already noticing my next thing to do is to learn how to block some people from my dashboard just in case; if you stay ready, you won’t have to get ready. And honestly, if #she ain’t sorry, then neither am I. Yeah, that’s right boys & girls - your favorite fashionista just joined the party. 

[STARCAST-BTS RAP MONSTER X WARREN G] EP.03 when the new star of Hip Hop met the legend of Hip Hop!

RAP MONSTER X WARREN G’s STARCAST! I know it’s too sad but today is the last episode of RAP MONSTER X WARREN G. (Tears tears) I hope you enjoyed watching the video and pictures that we have taken at the States.
Revealing the last story of music collaboration work between Warren G who is the representative of 90s U.S.A hip hop and RAP MONSTER who is a rising star of 2015 Korea’s hip hop.

[RAP MONSTER, The king of street photography @LA]

RAP MONSTER “Move your body to the rhythm! Do doom~  

RM: I am on the street of Fairfax Ave in LA! Where street brand stores are located all along the street~ it’s a must come place for shopaholics, especially for those who love street fashion!

There were many street fashionista, but I am so into ‘gothic look’ these days… today’s trend is street fashion… I am just one with the gothic look….

RM: (Huntington Beach)!
With its high wave, this place is also called ‘Surfers beach’ and indeed many surfers visit here to surf. It was the best beach I have ever been! It was endlessly wide with a beautiful bridge, and a perfect amount of sunlight along with moderate breeze. It’s a perfect place to come for vacation. Yet, I just came for a break, so got to go now~

RM: I saw a huge pelican here. It was a pelican that is on the logo of pelicana chicken. It had a huge beak. It was flying over my head and scared me… it was also impressing to see a street musician on the beach, a free spirit!   

RM: This is a Subway restaurant in the States. In fact, taste of sandwich is same as Subway sandwich in Korea  yet, I think having a sandwich on a sunny bright day at the patio is tastier!

RM: I am at ‘Art District’, the place that I have introduced in the last episode. For this episode I am wearing my new clothes. 

RM: I am at the in front of a hair salon located in LA Korean town, this place is very special. Rihanna took a photo shoot here with <W Korea> having a background including Korean words. Her photo shoot almost seemed unreal, I felt somewhat weird looking at the photo. I am at the exact spot where she took her photo shoot of. I tried her pose, ha ha this is embarrassing;;;RAP MONSTER X Warren G’s story ends here. I know we always say this, but going to say again, don’t be so sad. We are going to come back with a greater story. Just wait for us a little~ we will be back soon.