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ams will you help me ;-; my masterlist and rules links keep disappearing when i put them in my bio, how did you do yours ???

EDIT: mobile hecked me up here’s what should really happen oh heck, I just turned off my laptop;; BUT NEVER FEAR! I made a post like this before, but never hurts to go again! (Tho I apologize for the weird formatting;;;) NOTE: this only works on desktop since I don’t know how to do it on mobile :’) Here’s what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna use this code: Link to Whatever In the little description box when you edit your settings. Where it says ‘link’ you’re gonna put your link(..well, duh ams) so your masterlist or your rules or whatever! Then if you want it to show up as 'masterlist’ in your description and not the code; you just take that 'link to whatever’ and put the word 'masterlist’! It’s hella easy and honestly? A lifesaver. It transfers onto mobile but you can only edit it on desktop;;; And you know, if things look weird, separate the links with


before and after the code to space it out. You know, how you usually paragraph things….; I hoped this helped a little bit!!💛
Never Forget You (2)

Part 1

Summary:  It’s been over a year since Dean has gone to Hell. You used to date Dean, so what would it be like if you ran into him one day?

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3800 

A/N: So I’m really excited that you guys loved the first part so much, it really means a lot, so thank you for that. Feel free to tell me what you think or even request things, you never know what will make it into the story. My fanfic schedule at this point is Just Like You (Bucky x Reader) on Tuesdays and Never Forget You (Dean x Reader) on Thursdays. Any other days I am free to write anything out for you guys; I have a link to the fandoms I follow on my blog. Once again, Thanks and I hope you enjoy this next part.  

Warnings: Angst…yep

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I woke up and I was in that forest again, the same one as the first time.

“Hello?’ I waited for some sign and knew better than to leave too quickly.

A man I had met before was greeting me once again. “Y/N, it’s nice to see you again so soon.”

“Do you mean that?”

“I don’t lie. Although I am happy to see you, I’m surprised. I’m not done with you yet.”

“I know, the whole situation took me by surprise.”

“You mean, Dean took you by surprise?”

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