i am never okay with larry

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Okay, I have to say this, I am not a Larry, I never have been and I do not in anyway, shape or form want to hear about Freddie. I am not listening into some radio interview with a musician to hear about a child or anything about his personal life. I want to hear about Steve and Louis and the song and things to do with MUSIC. The kid is not mine or my business.

which is understandable and makes complete sense if people wanna hear about babies they can tune into infants fm

Okay so I’m just feeling really emotional right now thinking about everything I’ve been through with this band, and this fandom. I know directioners get made fun of all the time for being “obsessed” but people just don’t understand. And it’s so fucking hard to explain. I know I’ve never met them, and I don’t know what they’re like away from the cameras and spotlight, and I might never ever know them like that, but what I do know is, the very first time I heard those five boys on the radio singing what makes you beautiful, I felt so connected. It felt so good to just hear them singing those words to me. So I had to look them up, and that’s when they really clicked for me. I watched their video diaries and I had never laughed so hard. They made me grin from ear to ear with their stupid jokes and smiles. I watched them over, and over, and they never got old. Whenever I was sad, I could just think about one direction, and I’d feel so much better. It hurts that I’ve never met them cause they’ve had such a massive impact on my life and I wish I could tell them just how much they really mean to me. As they’ve grown and got more mature, so have I. I’ve been here through all the tours, girlfriends, albums, new hair cuts, drama, new tattoos, interviews, talk shows, twitcams, everything. I’ve watched those young boys who used to goof around on the video diaries wearing onesies, grow into strong, powerful, handsome men, and I couldn’t be more proud. It’s so surreal to feel this close to people you’ve never met before, that you might not ever meet. It’s crazy how after so long, I’m still here, writing about them and loving them even more then when they first started. Those five boys will always mean something special to me. And I’m even including Zayn, because even though he left, he taught me just as much as the rest of them. Zayn taught me that you have to do what’s right for you sometimes, even if it hurts other people. Sometimes, you have to put yourself, and your well being first, and that’s okay. Louis taught me how to laugh at myself, and that you don’t always have to take life so seriously, he taught me how to joke around but how to also be kind, and give, without expecting anything in return. Liam on the other hand taught me how to be serious, and take care of the people close to me. He taught me how to stand up for the people I love, even if I get looked down on for it. He taught me that there’s nothing wrong with being serious and having fun, Liam taught me how to be courageous. Niall taught me how to be confident. I remember when Niall first auditioned for the X-factor, and he just radiated confidence, he taught me how to laugh and be myself, without giving a damn about what anyone else has to say, Niall taught me that my friends are important, and to keep them as close as family, and love them with all you’ve got. Harry taught me how to love myself. He taught me that no matter what sexuality, race, gender, or weight someone is, they’re beautiful and deserve to be loved. He taught be how to be accepting, and that I was worth living, and waking up everyday. Harry taught me how to smile, even when things get rough, but it’s okay to break sometimes, he taught me that not everything has to be for the public, that I can keep stuff to myself sometimes, and lastly, he taught me all about falling in love with myself, before I can fall in love with another person. So I don’t want anyone to ever tell me that one direction has never taught anyone anything, or that they’re just a “"stupid boy band” because through one directions words, songs, actions, and looks, they teach me something knew every damn day, and they helped save my life. No matter how sad I ever am, about anything, thinking of them brings a smile to my face. And yeah, it sucks missing people who you’ve never met so much, but one day, I hope I’ll get to meet them, and if I could tell them a little bit of how much they meant to me, I’d be happy. So fuck all you assholes who think it’s cool to make fun of one direction fans, because if I made fun of the band that saved your life, it wouldn’t be to fucking funny, now would it?

Okay but ever since Teddy called Ahkmenrah and Larry the ‘Mom and Dad’ of the museum Ahk always feels the need to looks strong in front of the others and never show himself being sad or scared or something (also this was deeply ingrained in him as a rising Pharaoh) and one day he can’t take it anymore and has basically a mental breakdown and hides in the security room for the whole night and it takes several hours of Larry’s knocking for him to open the door and Larry immediately hugs and comforts him bUT STRONG MOMA AHK AAAAHHH

Okay, lets analyze.
Louis and Liam drunk.
A vine of Louis apparently saying he is gay comes out.
We get HD elounor at the beach.
Louis’ icon is an egg and apparently he has unfollowed Modest! Management and Eleanor.
Some people also think Liam’s “tomorrow isn’t going to be easy” tweet has something to do.

I personally don’t think Louis would say that, but hey I am not saying he didnt say that because in the video you can hear something way too similar to “i am gay, pretty unfortunate”.
But guys, should I remind you Zayn said “i know you like dick” and Louis laughed jn the weed video? Have you guys forgotten? Its not the first time something like this happens.
On the other hand we have elounor out there. HD papped, of course. And I don’t know about you guys but I am not the kind of shipper who thinks everything is a coincidence because nothing really is.
So think whatever you want to think. All the love xx

Coming to terms with my actions as a larrie.

i think i always kind of consoled myself with the idea that i wasn’t one of THOSE larries. The larries that attacked every girl ever associated with Louis or Harry, i never sent them fan arts or smut or harrassed their family so by that logic i could tell myself that i was a GOOD larrie. That i was fighting for them. That i was a hero just trying to get their freedom. With that logic i could ignore the fact that i was consistently ignoring every denial, every flash of anger and exasperation, the breakdown of Louis and Harrys friendship, i was part of a movement. Now i am coming to terms with the fact that i was very much a part of that, even indirectly and it was never okay. What i did was never okay and i should not have disrespected Louis as much as i did because thats what it is. As soon as Louis posted that picture of Freddie i knew without a shadow of a doubt that he was a loving and proud father and i finally, for the first time, took something Louis posted at face value, something i should have done earlier. I can never take back how i acted but i can learn and admit that i was wrong. I want to be a better person and i am learning and i am grateful for all the Freddies (i refuse to use the term anti and its negative connotations ever again) and the ex larries who have been so accepting and understanding, much unlike a lot of the larries i followed. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you.



if one day, when one direction is already over, louis and harry decide to go public and tell everyone larry is not, and was never real, fine. 

seriously, i’ll be fine. 

but i still want explanations. 

they OWE me this. i spent hours, days and months of my life trying to get the puzzles right, and if i was wrong, okay, but i wanna no WHERE i was wrong. i want them to watch freddieismyqueens top 30 iconic larry moments (part 1, 2 AND 3) in some future ellen degeneres show and i them to EXPLAIN EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM, ONE BY ONE, FUCKING SLOWLY. 

I’M CHILL. really, i am. 

but also, if larry was never real, i just want them to explain why do they have fucking matching tattoos. i mean they fucking MATCH. louis got THE FUCKING DAGGER. COME THE FUCK ON. 

i respect, accept and love you, harry & louis. 

no matter what the truth is. 

but i’m gonna need some fucking answers. 

  • one direction: *does a thing*
  • me: okay this is it. i cannot love them more than i do now. i have reached my official limit. i am unable to feel more affection. i will never feel more love than this. i am fulfilled.
  • one direction: *does another thing*
  • me: okaY THIS IS IT. i CANNOT love them more than i do now. i have REACHEd my official LIMIT. i am UNABLE to feel more affection. i will nEVER feel more love than this. i aM FULFILLED.
  • one direction: *does another thing*
  • me: oKAy tHID iss iT. I CANn oT lOVE Thwm moRE

I can’t stop watching the videos of “the hug” and I am probably never going to be okay again.  Seriously…Harry was waiting and watching Louis for a second before he moved in.  He looked tentative, but also resigned and sure.  And then Louis motioned him over like “get here”.  And so he did.  Their grip was so SO tight and their faces were smooshed up against one another’s necks and you could still see their smiles.  Both of them.  In one another’s arms and smiling.  And the noise when the crowd FLIPPED out….they got to hear that sound and that was all for them.  They got to hear people cheering for them and the simple fact that they were hugging for the first time in years.  Hugging.  I can’t even begin to imagine how they must have felt, how fast their hearts were pounding or what happened backstage afterwards.  It felt like an iconic and very important moment to us so  I can’t even wrap my fingers around how it must have felt for them.  To me, it almost symbolized freedom …like they were crossing an invisible line that had been stringently holding them back and taking a step towards freedom.  And maybe they’re not free yet, but this certainly felt like a move in the right direction.  So I am going to be emo about this basically forever and I’m not gonna be apologetic for that because this was a huge moment and one that deserves celebration.  I’m so happy for them!!!

OKAY I AM SO HERE FOR LOUIS BEING MOODY TOWARDS HARRY AND THEN HARRY NEVER GETTING ANNOYED ABOUT IT, JUST DOES WHAT LOUIS ASKS BC HE DOESNT LIKE IT WHEN HIS BOYFRIEND ISN’T SHINING BRIGHT AS THE SUN..UP UNTIL A TIME WHEN HARRY ACTUALLY DOES GET A BIT ANNOYED AND JUST LEAVES LOUIS ALONE AND LOUIS FEELS BAD AND SNUGGLES UP TO HARRY AND KISSES HIS NECK AND SHOULDER W A ‘i’m sorry for bein’ a prick, luv…truly sorry? :( you know me, i;m a right tit..can’t help it..’ and harry’s already smiling because FUCK HE CANT NOT SMILE WHEN IT COMES TO LOUIS!! and before harry can respond louis ends it with ‘it is why you love me though, innit?” and harry kisses him and goes ‘unfortunately.’ with one of those small shy fond smiles  :((((( 


Even if you are a Larry shipper please please look at this!! She has lost so much weight. Please please this is not okay! I am crying she is literally beautiful! She doesn’t deserve this. Please REBLOG THIS!!!! I ship Elounor because I ship the people they are with. I have never met her before but if I ever did I would tell her that she is my idol, she is so beautiful and what I have heard before is that she is literally super nice and kind. I don’t like seeing that she lost so much weight. Please please stop this.

  • Friend: How was your summer?
  • Me: 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit
  • Friend: ... You are ok? You sure look different
  • Me: *staring in the distance* Nothing changed you just never knew
  • Friend: ... ok? How do you feel about staring school?
  • Me: physically I am fine, emotionally I am bruised.
  • Friend: Come on, we’ll have fun this year!
  • Me: okay... that sounds fake, but ok.
  • Friend: Its gonna go in a blink, just watch
  • Me: This isn’t a ride!
  • Me: Or is it??? =D
  • Friend: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Friend: ... you spent your summer on Tumblr didnt you
  • Me, shoving breadsticks in my purse: I gotta zayn right now, immediately.
Why i am so angry still?

Okay, I’ve been up all night thinking about the last 12 hours+ and how upset it has made me. I’m going to tell you guys my story which only a hand few of people know about.

As a teenager I was a dancer. Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, and free style. As a dancer you are held to a certain body type standard and you are pushed to uphold that standard if you want to make it far. I was always a little girl and I never had a problem with my weight until i was 16. When I turned 16 I wanted to start doing competitions and my group of friends decided to try out for this dancers group. This group was a highly ranked group and you have to be the best of the best to join. Well after months of blood, sweat, and tears, our time came to try out. Everything went fine until the lead girl stopped me and said “Unless you loose a few pounds, you wont make it here. Try again in a few months”. At these try outs you didn’t get weighed, everything was done with the naked eye. I was 16 and she was a girl in her early 20′s, sound familiar?. I looked up to this girl and she was telling me I wasn’t small enough to be on this team. I took it hard. I never had an issue with this and started to think that maybe I did weigh too much to be good enough. I then started to work out more and more. If you ever worked out you know a lot of the time you don’t loose weight if you are already super active, you start gaining muscle weight. That of course made me freak out and start to look into other ways to loose this weight. By the time i was 17 I had a full blown eating disorder because that was the only way i could loose any weight. I counted calories and would skip meals if I was any kind of bloated. It wasn’t good at all. I’m now 22 and I still struggle with it. Everyday is a struggle to look in the mirror and be okay with what i see and that I’m good enough the way I am.

Briana and Danielle (and many others out there) are out here doing the exact same thing. Don’t try and argue with me because they are. they are telling girls they aren’t “bikini ready” or able to wear midriff/crop tops unless their tummy is tiny and flat like theirs. they are telling girls that for you to be deemed beautiful you have to be paper thin. That is not okay. Most of the people following them are teenage girls just like i was and they are in their 20′s with these girls who look up to them and they are telling them to use this product to get your bikini body. NO!!! Don’t they remember how hard it was to be a teenage girl? I don’t want anyone to have to go through what I did because some idiots are promoting bullshit beliefs. You are beautiful because you are YOU  and not because you look a certain way. Since 2014 I have been able to tell myself this and it be enough because its true. I find it disgusting to put this type of pressure on teenagers, period. They have a platform that they could be using for FAR better reasons than to promote irresponsible behavior like this. They, to begin with, are beautiful and don’t need this but here we are. I can not stand by this in any way because I’m a prime example of what pushing said beliefs on young impressionable mind can do. They need to stop and reevaluate their moves here. I hope someone tells them just how wrong this is for them to do and they start to promote better things than these beliefs.

Please always remember no matter what size, skin color, hair color, eye color, clear skin, not clear skin, tall, short, and everything in between that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE YOU ARE YOU!!!! There can NEVER be a more BEAUTIFUL YOU!!!

My asks are always open if anyone needs someone to talk to about anything.

Lots of love,



am I the ONLY PERSON that thinks Harry Styles is attractive? Like I never see anyone talk about his perfect hair or the fact that he is an actual ball of sunshine.

Please reblog to let me know I’m not alone.