i am never gonna fall asleep tonight

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BINCH don't even get me started on sleepy soft Peter!!!! This boy does so much and is always putting 110% into everything which means the moment he's in your arms or around you,,, he yawns and just- out like a light. Especially if you run your hands through his hair?? He LOVES it. Of course he feels bad for always sleeping when he's with you so to make up for it he's always showering you with kisses and affection and ,,,, he's just such a sweet boyfriend??? •Ari•

BINCH (i love that word) 

  • peter can fall asleep anywhere like
  • one time you held his hand in chemistry and he rested his head on your shoulder and he just??? slept like a baby for the entire class
  • it’s fine though because u took notes for him
  • yeS
  • so when he’s being pushy bout something (like “babe, i have to spidey tonight!!”) you just cuddle and run your hands thru his hair & that boy doesn’t stand a chance 
  • you don’t care but sometimes he get’s iffy about it 
  • like “goddamn it y/n, tonight you will be the first to fall asleep come here i am going to cuddle the shit out of you” 
  • u love sleepy peter but also falling asleep in his arms?? unbeatable 
  • either way its a win win

im sorry i cant stop using bulletpoints but also these messages are so pure?? please never stop sending them ari i love u 

Calum Hood Imagine

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Nah except some mild language.

Sorry for any mistakes, I assumed i would be able to write properly today, but I guess being sick is more of an inhibitor than I previously thought.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~II’ll Get Drunk Again 

‘You slowly unlocked the door and let yourself in to your best friends apartment. He was currently at the studio with his band and would be back later, but he told you that you could come over whenever you needed to. There was something about being at Calum’s apartment, rather than your own, when you were upset. Like something about the change in setting distracted you from whatever whirlwind of problems that followed you. It didn’t matter if you were there alone waiting for him to return or it was 10:30 at night, both of you slightly buzzed, dancing around his living room, the only lights coming from the city outside, you felt happy here. He was your rock through every situation and you relied on him more than you were proud of. You knew he was aware of how important he was to you, but you felt guilty for not being able to express it. You were never good with your feelings as much as you tried to be open. Before you moved away from home and started over, your life was just a series of disappointments and heartbreaks and after a certain point, guarding your emotions became second nature to you. Consequently you shied away from any and all emotional situations.Whenever things between you and Calum seemed to be going in a serious direction you would leave and avoid contact for a few days, and when you came back you would use sarcastic remarks and laugh it off in order to avoid talking about it. Of course you had feelings for Calum, one’s that definitely put you between a rock and a hard place whenever you went out with him and his band mates. He was extremely attractive so obviously every girl at the club would be all over him. You would give him a half-hearted smile and a thumbs up whenever you made eye contact, but on the inside you were crumbling in ways that only being with him could fully fix.

Today though it wasn’t Calum that crushed your heart, it was Colin, your now ex-boyfriend. You had met him when you were out with the guys and he basically saved you from another night of watching Calum grind all up on some gorgeous girl, him stealing glances at you every once in a while, and you drowning your pain in a series of shitty tasting berry vodkas. Colin had made you smile that evening and the next day asked you out to coffee. You clicked with him, he never demanded you open up to him and yet you still felt like you had known him forever. After a few months you had began to feel comfortable around him and one night after a few drinks, you shared enough emotional baggage with him for several years. And apparently it as too much. He did exactly what you were afraid of and he bailed. And to make it worse, Calum had warned you that he would. He had told you that no guy who was so ok with you being so emotionally closed would be able to handle you for who you were then. You had laughed off how much it hurt then, but now you realized he had meant it for you best interest.

So now here you were, again, flopped on Calum’s couch, overnight bag at your feet, waiting for him to get home. You had dozed off for about 45 minutes when the door slammed shut, causing you to wake up with a start.

“Jeez, Cal. Are you trying to let everyone in the entire apartment building know you’re home?’ You said with a giggle.

"Shit, sorry, (Y/N). I didn’t know you were here…. What are you doing here by the way?”

“Glad to see I am so welcomed,” you laughed, “but actually I am here because, as hard as it is for me to say it, you were right.” You let out a sigh trying to act disappointing.

“You know I love hearing those words.” He said flopping down next to you on the couch, where you were now sitting cross-legged.

“He left me…. And through a note that he left on my counter.” Calum just looked at you saying nothing, urging you to keep going.

“He is a true cover-child for class.” You deadpanned, indicating that you were not going to be opening up anytime soon.

“Well, (Y/N), why don’t you stay here for the night,” He smiled at you, rubbing your thigh and sending a shock throughout your entire body.

“I thought you’d never ask." 

"You’re always welcome here,” he said seeming a little distant,“ But I am kinda tired tonight so I think I am just gonna eat and then head to bed, ok?” You nodded, slightly confused by his current attitude. He normally would have called up the guys immediately and decided to take you out. 'Maybe he really is tired’, you thought blowing it off.

It was currently 11 at night at and you were still awake. You and Calum had said your goodnight’s several hours ago, but you couldn’t quiet your mind enough to fall asleep. Finally you decided exactly what you needed, a distraction. You got up as silently as you could and went to your bag, taking out the skin-tight black dress you had assumed you would be using because Calum would take you out tonight, but seeing as you could now hear his snores from the room next door, you were fairly sure that wouldn’t be happening. After changing and putting on enough makeup to look presentable, you stuffed you hair in to a ponytail and grabbed your heels, tiptoeing as stealthily as you could from your room to the door. You slipped out of the apartment and checked for the spare key before heading downstairs and hailing a cab. You already had a game plan for this evening, get as drunk as possible as quick as possible and then hook up with someone who could at least get your mind off Colin for the night. After 20 minutes you had downed enough alcohol to feel  more than buzzed and had found this evening’s victim. A tall brown haired guy had been eyeing you from across the club, and you couldn’t lie, he was definitely your type. Tattooed, well-dressed and giving you sex eyes that were intense enough to probably get you in the bathroom in under 5 minutes if he wanted to. You slowly slipped off the bar stool that you were sitting on and made your way over to him. You tried to push you way through to him, but the alcohol had hit you like a wall all of a sudden and you gave up trying to maneuver your way through all the sweaty bodies and just let yourself be carried and shoved by the rhythm of people’s bodies around you. The music as blasting unusually loud and you had suddenly become very aware of how painful your shoes were and how close you were to passing out. You once again took to action, trying to shove your way through people when you felt a cooling grasp on your wrist, it was the guy you had seen earlier. He leaned down and whispered something in your ear that was inaudible over the music, before pulling you out of the crowd and toward the door. As you exited the club you felt the cool air against your skin. The guy lead you to the curb and helped you to sit down. You didn’t know what was going on, but you knew what you wanted so you scooted yourself closer to him, placing your hand on his upper thigh and started placing kisses up his neck. he placed a hand on your shoulder pushing you away from him and looking you in the eye. You whined, not understanding why he was doing this. 

“I’m Brian,”  he said trying to make conversation.

“(Y/N),” you responded, leaning back in to try and kiss him.

“Um, sweetie,” he said shifting out of your grasp,“I’m gay”

“You’re what? But I….” You were too drunk to feel embarrassed, but were definitely aware that you had enough alcohol in your system to think a dog was giving you sex eyes and knew you had misconstrued the entire situation.

“I amsosorry,” you slurred.

“It’s fine, but I saw you downing most of a bottle of vodka and I was kind of worried when I saw you about to pass out on the dance floor. Do you have someone to call?” You nodded reaching in to your clutch and grabbing your phone. You saw that you had 38 missed calls and about 50 texts from Calum, all different variations of “Where the hell are you?!?!” You called him and he picked up immediately.

“(Y/N) WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!?!?!?” He screamed.

“Don’t even worry,” you giggled,“I’m with Brian.”

“YOURE WITH WHO?!? (Y/N) tell me where you are, I am picki-…” You handed the phone to Brian, your head suddenly hurting and your stomach churning like you were on a boat. You heard Brian give him the address of the bar and within 5 minutes Calum was there helping you in to the front seat of his car. You had immediately broken in to a smile when you saw him, standing up to give him a hug, but collapsing in his arms with a giggle. You waved goodbye to Brian like a little child, before Calum shut the car door. The ride home was quick and the majority of it you spent singing along to the radio at the top of your lungs, Calum laughing at your drunken confidence. When you had arrived back at his apartment you had gotten your second wind, suddenly ready to do about 1,000 things at once. You made your way over to the living room, but stumbling on your way there, falling in to Calum’s arms.

“Woah, there cutie pie, we should get you to bed.”

“But I don’t wanna go to bed,” you whined, turning around to face him. “I wanna dance Calum, come dance with me,” you tried pulling him, but he didn’t budge. He picked you up bridal style, causing you to laugh.

“We can dance in the morning if you still want, I promise,” he said, caring you to his room. 

“This isn’t my room,” you stated bluntly.

“I know, (Y/N), this is my room, but I want to be able to make sure you are ok tonight. Besides, your room doesn’t have a bathroom and knowing you, you’re going to need quick access to one very soon.”

“What does that me-” You gagged. Calum was quick to rush to your aid, leading you to the bathroom and pulling back your hair when you threw up. Your throat was burning and your eyes watered as your body convulsed. When you were finally done, Calum helped you up and lead you to the sink, pulling out one of a few spare toothbrushes that you noted under his sink. After washing the putrid taste of vomit out of your mouth you turned to look at Calum.

“Why do you have so many toothbru- toothbrushes,” you stuttered, “s it for all the girls you take home from the club instead of me?” Calum stared at you, like a deer in headlights. 

“It hurts me ya know. Seeing all- al- all the girls you take home that you just met, when you have known me for like a gazillion years and you don’t even look at me.” You stated, the alcohol very clearly still present in your system.

“I- No, but- I always wanted” He stuttered.

“But it’s ok Calum. I still love you, and your little cheeks and your big brown eyes,” You said walking over to him. He wrapped his arm around your waist. “And your hair and your sense of humor and how much you care, and your tattoos,” You said, tracing the tattoo on his collarbone that was peaking out from under his singlet. Suddenly he leaned over and pressed a kiss to your nose, causing you to giggle and blush. 

“You need some rest,” he said, causing our stomach to drop. 

“Oh… yea.” You unwrapped yourself from his grasp and stumbled over to his bed, puling off your dress on the way over and almost losing your balance. Catching yourself on the bed, you pulled back the covers and crawled in. Calum rounded the bed and crawled in and faced you. You stuck your tongue out at him and flipped over.

“Are you mad at me?” He laughed.

“No…Yes…. I told you I liked you and you didn’t say anything. My heart hurts.” You whimpered, a tear slipping down your cheek and on to the pillow. Silence. You felt a strong arm wrap around you and pull you in. You felt Calum’s warm chest against your bare skin, realizing he had taken off his top.

“I love you more than anyone, (Y/N), but I want to tell you are sober enough to remember.” He as rubbing circles on your hip with his thumb, the feeling lulling you to sleep. You wanted to respond, but your eyelids were drooping and your mind too fuzzy to respond. Soon your were fast asleep in his arms.

The next morning, you woke up around 11. Your head was killing you and the bed around you was cold and empty. You slowly sat up slipping your feet out of the covers and placing them on the floor. You stood up and walked toward the door. You grabbed Calum’s flannel from the door handled and put it on, trying to cover yourself up enough in case the boys were over. You opened the door and listened, but the only sound you heard was the murmur off the dryer. You walked toward the kitchen, smelling the coffee and realizing how hungry and oddly enough, hungover you were. As you padded in to the kitchen you saw Calum at the dining table. 

“Good morning, sleepy head how ya feelin?”

“:Like absolute shit, you?? Ya know to be honest, I don’t remember us going out last night.” You said pulling a cup out  of the cupboard and pouring yourself a cup of coffee. You looked up to see Calum trying to hold in a,laugh.


“We didn’t go out last night… You did. And I had to pick you up.”

“Seriously?? What happened?!?" 

"Well you went out, got shitfaced, met Brian ,the gay man you apparently tried to sexual harass,” he laughed, “and then I picked you up and brought you home. And then…” he trailed off.

“And then what?” You said, a sickening feeling forming in the pit of your stomach.

“You told me how you felt. About me.” He stated bluntly, looking at you and waiting for your response. You suddenly felt sick to your stomach and your head hurt even more. How could you have been so stupid?? How could you have ruined everyth-

“And I told you that I felt the same way.” He smiled. “ But what I don’t understand is,if you felt that way about me, why did you date all of those guys, and run away whenever thing between us got even the slightest bit serous?”

“Calum…” you ran your hands over your face, trying to collect yourself. 'You have to tell him, he doesn’t deserve this.’ you thought. “Ok, here it is. I am an emotional wreck. I have never been able to open up to anyone and I have never found someone so willing to put up with me, and care so much about me. Whenever I do I just end up getting hurt so I figured that if I tried my hardest to keep things friendly between us, hence the sarcasm, then I wouldn’t have to lose you…” you trailed off. Calum got up, walking over to you. He pulled you in to his arms and kissed the top of your head. His hand pressed against your lower back. Your entire body was on fire. It wasn’t that you had never hugged before, but this was different. Now everything was on the line and his hug was the only way to hold on to him. You brought your arms up to his neck, and looked him in the eye. 

“Y/N, I love you more than anything. I went out with those girls because I was trying to forget about how you made me feel. All this time I figured you only wanted to be friends and when we would go out it took all I had to keep my hands off of you. Every inch of you is perfection. I tried to drown out memories of you with different girls because I figured that you didn’t feel the same and that whenever things got serious you ran because it wasn’t what you wanted. And I am so sorry for being a dick last night, I should have been there to hold you and cuddle you and watch movies with you and make you feel better, to have 10 'o clock drunken dance parties and watch stupid romcoms with you. But I just couldn’t bare to watch you hurt again and try to pretend like you weren’t. To know that I could have protected you from it…” You reached up and kissed him. Something you had wanted to do since you first met him.The kiss was soft and tender as your lips moved in sync and your ran your hands through his hair. He pushed you back against the counter, the cold surface hitting your legs and causing you to giggle and break away from the kiss. He you looked up at his smiling face as he reached his hand up to cup your cheek. His thumb rubbed small circles on your jawline. You felt yourself blush as you broke eye contact from his adoring stare. All of a sudden he lifted you up, placing you on the counter and placing his hands on your thighs. 

“God, I love that laugh.” He kissed you once again before taking a step back and admiring you in all of your hungover glory. “I think we could both could use my special "Hangover Breakfast. Whatdya’ say?”

“That sounds amazing. Maybe you could cook it like that.” You said nodding toward his bare chest.

“I think that can be arranged, but maybe you could help?” he smirked.You hopped off the counter and walked over to wear he was, placing the pancake mix in a bowl. You dipped your fingers in to the powder and flicked it at him. “I think that can be arranged.” You laughed as he grabbed a handful of mix and clapped it over your head, grabbing you and wrapping his arms around you. Spinning you around, both covered in pancake mix he looked you in the eye placing a chaste kiss on your lips and then licking the powder off his own, as a smirk crept over his face “Or maybe I could just eat you for breakfast.” he whispered in your ear, “maybe that will take your mind off the hangover.” He grabbed your wrist pulling you back to his room, forgetting all about breakfast.