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Summer before my senior year of high school I decided I really wanted to be a champion. I wanted to win, I wanted to be that athlete that always got articles in the newspapers and medals at every meet. That summer I trained the hardest I ever have in my whole life. Every morning I would wake up at 6:00 am to run 8 miles, or do a workout. On the weekends I would do a long run, my longest being 15 miles. I was totaling at least 50 miles each week and each day I would train by myself. Quietly hoping to come in that fall and be great. The first race of my cross country season I ran a 5k in a PR of 20:45. After that things went downhill. I got plantar fasciitis and struggled to simply walk around school. When I would run, my body was constantly fatigued and my foot would be in so much pain. I consistently ran around a 22-23 minute in all my 5ks and was placing no where even close to the top girls. I felt like my entire world was falling down around me. I gave up so much for this, I made so many sacrifices in every aspect of my life, especial socially, and it just wasn’t paying off. As indoor track started the plantar fasciitis went away but the fatigue in my body worsened. I hoped to break my PR of 12:02 in the 3200, but that season I struggled to break 13 minutes, only doing so a couple times. As I went into indoor track, I decided to see a doctor. Something wasn’t right. Sure enough I was anemic due to an iron deficiency. I started taking iron pills and my times got faster and faster and I got stronger and stronger. The picture shown above is me after I won my first race ever. That’s all I ever wanted… all of the passion, dedication, hard work, the early mornings of my pushing myself to run 6 mile repeats on the track alone, the nights of saying no to hanging out with my friends so I could get my sleep, finally it all paid off. It’s silly, I won the 1600 at a small meet with only a few teams running a 5:48 (pretty bad I know) but the whole feeling of winning was something I had always wanted. I couldn’t help but break down into tears after finishing. I am now in my freshman year of college and ran a 5k this season in 18:45. I go to a D2 school and came in hoping I would be top 7, but I am the 3rd place runner on my team right now. I have become a stronger and faster runner. I am proud of myself for continuing to dream even when it was hard. Things seemed hopeless, but you should never ever give up. It may take some time, sometimes years, for your hard work to pay off, but it will. This, right here, is why I run. I want the feeling of winning again and I am so determined to do it. I have 4 years in college to make it happen, and I know I can.

An edit to this: I ended my cross country season as an all american, placing 35th at d2 nationals. So far this indoor track season I have ran a 9:58 3k, 5:08 mile, and 17:28 5k. It’s amazing what can happen if you just believe!

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28 bughead? :)

28. knocking on the wrong door au. (Dang this is a real good one. Hope you like it!)

Jughead, somehow feeling more patient today than he would on any other Friday afternoon, reached out and knocked one last time on dorm number 125. It had taken nearly an hour but he had managed to slip past the ever-present RA with the two Bud Lites Archie had left at his place last night and a bag full of Call of Duty snacks. After four knocks you’d think one of the three people living in the room would have answered by now, but no such luck.

“Arch I swear to God if you’re naked and tangled up with Veronica I am never coming over for COD Fridays again. Do you know how many times I’ve seen her without a shirt on? Way too many.”

Just as he was about to call it quits, turn around and resume the essay for his poetry class that still needed editing, he heard the familiar clink of the door open. But his best friend since childhood, Archibald Andrews, did not answer. Instead, it was an unfamiliar girl wearing a silk set of pajamas. Her golden hair hung around her shoulders, still, damp from the shower that she had undoubtedly been taking before he rudely interrupted.

Jughead’s eyes flipped up to the room numbers again. It didn’t make any sense that-

“This is room 124. Right. And now I look like an ass standing outside a strangers dorm room screaming about naked girls. Classic Jug.”

The girl smiled gently and shook her head, “It’s okay. Funny enough Veronica’s my roommate. She didn’t come home last night but I guess I know where she is now. Your name’s Jughead right? She’s mentioned you. I’m Betty Cooper.” Politely, she extended her hand. It was the least he could do to shake it in return.

He raddled his brain, trying to think if he had ever seen her around before. Brief flashes, a ponytail sitting in front of her during his Graphic Novels course. Those nine am’s really got to him though and he rarely spoke.

“I think we have a class together,” was the oh so eloquent response he managed to string together.

She thought for a minute before smiling, “Oh yeah we do. Have you started your final project for that yet? I’ve got my story planned out but I…I can’t draw. At all.”

“He doesn’t strike me as a Picasso either. I’m sure he’s more content over colors on this one. But if you need any help I live a floor above you: 214.”

Betty bit her lip and opened the door a little further, “I think both our friends are a little distracted at the moment. You want to come in? I don’t have Call of Duty but I’ve been waiting for someone to finally knock me off my Mortal Combat winning streak.”

He looked briefly back at the closed door of 125 before smiling. “You are so on Cooper.”


been wanting to do this specific idea for a while. two chubs visiting a fast food place <3

ok i will be honest and say i am NEVER using this map again because it caused Garry’s Mod to crash three times.. thankuflly i saved the models and poses but i had to REshape with joint tool and add the cosmetics again. soo basically i was on a panic time limit.

BUT, aside form that and some major editing in SAi paint tool. i decided to draw some curves to add some “effect”. hey at least i did it without photoshop XD

anyway sorry for the drama, hope you likey <3

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ok listen... friendo... my guy... i will read anything u write abt anyone ever but can i please prompt u for some egobang (14, 110, orrr 149 maybe?) OR idk i'm a raywood hoe bye (53, 87, 99, orrr 171) AM I GIVING YOU TOO MANY OPTIONS HERE I JUST WANT TO READ STUFF U WRITE BYE

[Egobang, “Oh, wow, you’re not kidding.”]

Danny never really knows how they get to these places while recording. He wants to blame Arin for bringing it up, but either way, he’s the one detailing his masturbation techniques for the general populace. 

If there’s a god in this world, Barry will take pity and edit this out. For now, he’s just going to keep running his damn mouth while he watches Arin kill himself on-screen again and again; that’s basically their M.O.

“I’m just saying, it’s a hundred times better if you draw it out. I edged myself, like, eight times during one sesh and I swear I cried and passed out for a second when I came. It was that good. Don’t knock it.”

“Dude,” Arin says solemnly, “I am super hard right now.”

Danny bursts into laughter. “Wow, okay,” he says, and then he glances over and chokes on air, face flaming up. “Arin, oh my god.”


“You, uh, you weren’t kidding.”

“I said,” Arin says defensively. “You started it, with your, your bordering talk–”

“Edging,” Danny says automatically.

Whatever, tomayto, tomahto–”

“So, like, that’s something you’re into. Like, that’s something you want to try.” Jesus. What are the chances they’re going to be able to pull this recording back from the Brink of Weird?

“Dude, no, fuck no, I’m not giving you the satisfaction, okay, if you won’t stick a finger up your ass for masturbation science, I’m not gonna border myself.”



“I want to show the joy I get when I wake up and say ‘Today is a new day.’ I get to be or choose or make or create whatever it is I am feeling in that moment – and it can never be wrong because it comes from within. What I’m saying is that looking artificial can be honest, being glamorous can come from a place of authenticity and a place of love. My energy comes from excitement. I get to start it again every morning. I get to decide how I choose to express my messages, and my music.“ - Happy 30th Birthday Lady Gaga


Tell me that you turned down the man
Who asked for your hand
Cause you’re waiting for me
And I know, you’re gonna be away a while
But I’ve got no plans at all to leave
And would you take away my hopes and dreams?
Just stay with me

All my senses come to life
While I’m stumbling home as drunk as I
Have ever been and I’ll never leave again
Cause you are the only one
And all my friends have gone to find
Another place to let their hearts collide
Just promise me, you’ll always be a friend
Cause you are the only one

-One, Ed Sheeran


This breaks my heart

thevinylrecordguy's top 25 list

This is a list of my 25 favorite LP’s, EP’s, and re-releases of 2014. I did order and rank them. Tell me what you think! 

1. Between Bodies - The World is a Beautiful Place & I am no Longer Afraid to Die 

2. Another Language - This Will Destroy You

3. “This is What You Learned” - People Like You

4. American Football (Deluxe Edition) - American Football

5. Home, Like No Place Is There - The Hotelier

6. You’re Dead - Flying Lotus

7. Too Shabby - Rozwell Kid

8. Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes - Thom Yorke

9. The Ugly Organ - Cursive

10. Syro - Aphex Twin 

11. Pleasant Living - Tiny Moving Parts

12. This is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About - Modest Mouse

13. Sorority Noise - Sorority Noise

14. Familiars - The Antlers

15. Never Hungover Again - Joyce Manor

16. Play Pretend - Perspective, A Lovely Hand to Hold

17. The Lonesome Crowded West - Modest Mouse 

18. Watershed - Opeth

19. Awake - Tycho

20. Closest Doubts - Logfella

21.  Sky of No Stars - John Galm 

22. Stills - Nouns

23.  I’d Rather Forget - Treehouses

24.  It’s Album Time - Todd Terje

25. Charmer - Tigers Jaw

TMNT Fanfiction Competition 2013 - WINNERS

[Scene is a large warehouse decorated in bright and deep blue, purple, red, and orange. Heavy curtains cover the windows, keeping out the light. Candles accent the randomly placed bulbs in the warehouse. Each table has a simple four-flour bouquet, a blue pansy, a purple violet, a red rose, and an orange daylily. The sweet aroma of pizza wafts through the air. The audience murmurs to each other, waiting for the ceremony to begin. Finally, the curtain covering what has been deemed the front of the warehouse begins to rise, revealing Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo sitting respectfully well, sitting on chairs on the stage, anyway. April and Casey wait on opposite sides of the stage, holding what appears to be the trophies. Master Splinter is standing behind a podium. He taps the microphone, causing it to squeal, catching everyone’s attention as they wince. He leans forward and coughs, then beings speaking.]

“Hello, honored guests, and thank you for joining us tonight. I hope you have all made yourselves comfortable. I am here to present to you the winners of the 2013 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fanfiction Competition. My sons and I are all honored that you care for us so much, even though I hear much grumbling from my sons about the tortures you put them through. I hope you all do not truly wish us harm! But I will not bore you with long speeches. Before I announce the winners, our hosts have something they would like to say.” Splinter gently steps down from behind the podium and gestures forward a woman about a foot taller than him.

The woman steps up to the podium and smiles. “Hi, everyone! Thanks for coming and for your patience with us! The staff behind this year’s competition have worked very hard in checking over nominations, the ballot, and finally the poll, and I just have to say how much we appreciate your dedication and participation! We had a record 62 votes this year! Due to a number of ties, we have decided to cut honorable mentions from this year’s competition. We do apologize, but there simply would have been too many ties otherwise. Certificates are being worked on now and we hope to have word of when those are ready soon! For now, we have some virtual trophies to hand out to you!

Once your name is called, you may step up and give an acceptance speech if you are so inclined. Congratulations to all the winners! 2013 saw some fantastic fics and I so hope we will continue to be able to host this competition, so keep up the good work in 2014! So without further rambling, I’ll hand the show back over to Master Splinter!”

Splinter takes his spot at the podium again. “Keizoku wa chikara nari - perseverance is strength. I am proud of all of you just for trying. There’s no shame to be had in that. I hope we can all be happy for those that won. And, the winners are…”

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being a kpop fan

i was sucked into this magical-black hole-neverland. first time i was into kpop because i had to. i was in this class with my friend, her and her another friend always talk about kpop so… i learnt about kpop from them. at first it was just n00bs fangirling, i wouldn’t try to find any other info about them and just wait for my friend to tell me. my first kpop bias : bigbang

and then we watched shinee hello baby, and i fell for Jonghyun and suddenly… i’m into this obsessed fangirl; tumblring 24/7, crying and hyperventilating about every news (remember shin sekyung? never forget) i was purely in love with him. like, love him literally. 
and then i get drown deeper and deeper; OTPs, biases come popping from every groups, buying albums (well, only shinee) trying to buy fake merch you know their shirt replica and shit), making fics.but then because i moved to a new place with no wifi, i stopped tumblring, and really, stop kpoping. and my life went better. it’s not that i’m saying that being a kpop fan ruin my life, but i always got into this depression about how i’m invicible; i can’t make any edits; i’m not in their official fanclub; i can’t and i will never meet them. i am nothing to them. and then, recently i got back to my tumblr again, and watched… exo showtime. and i’m relapsing. help.